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Download the MBG App. Contents of Military Relocation Guide: The appearance of advertising in this publication Welcome The information contained in this guide has been obtained from multiple sources and Health Care Information is subject Family Resources Vandenberg Air Force Base is on the central of the late Gen.

In honor of his service to the nation, the lion. It was built as part of America's effort to 2, family members, 1, Department of The st Training Group, Air Education and strengthen its military defenses in preparation Defense civilians, 2, contractors and about Training Command, provides quality training for a war in which it anticipated involvement 8, retirees in the region.

Between March Base Size tors and maintainers for our Air Force and our and September , the Army acquired about The base encompasses over 99, acres, with nation's defense.

Vandenberg is also the only 86, acres of rural ranchland in northern 44 miles of pristine coastline stretching along site from which Minuteman III intercontinental Santa Barbara County between Lompoc and the Pacific Ocean. For more information, cal Directory Assistance at By , additional land parcels from California and the 44th from Illinois.

Cooke's coastal location would allow were acquired that increased the size of the camp March 31, , the camp was closed perma- missiles to be launched into the Pacific Ocean to nearly 94, acres.

With its flat plateau, sur- nently. In August , the Army's Branch without population overflights. Its geographic rounding hills, numerous canyons, ocean access, Disciplinary Barracks transferred to the U. Today, it is known as the into polar orbit directly toward the South Pole populated areas, the area seemed like the ideal United States Penitentiary at Lompoc. Although the camp was still s, an urgent need arose for an adequate Donald Quarles accepted the committee's recom- months away from completion, the Army acti- training site that could also serve as America's mendation.

A few weeks later on Nov. Wilson directed the honor of Maj. George Cooke, a a select committee was formed that examined Army to transfer 64, acres of North Camp cavalry officer whose military career spanned more than potential sites before deciding Cooke to the Air Force for use as a missile launch almost half a century from his graduation from upon the vacant Camp Cooke, essentially for the and training base. Cooke saw considerable service on the frontier during the Indian wars, the Mexican War and the Civil War Also at Cooke was an assortment of anti-aircraft artil- lery, combat engineer, ordnance and hospital units.

More than outfits passed through Camp Cooke. As the war progressed, German and Italian prisoners of war were quartered at Cooke. Having surrendered to the Allies in , many of the Italians volunteered to work for the U. Army, which organized them into Italian Service Units. The Germans and the Italians were kept separate in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and worked on the post alongside Americans at various jobs including mechanical and civil engineering services, clerical positions, food service and the main laundry.

To alleviate the severe labor shortage in the commercial market created by wartime exigencies, the Germans also worked in the local communities at agricultural jobs.

A maximum security Branch Disciplinary Barracks was constructed on post property in Confined to the facility were Army and Navy military prisoners. When Camp Cooke closed in June , personnel at the Disci- plinary Barracks received the additional duty as caretakers for the entire installation.

Practi- cally the entire camp was then leased for grazing U. During the next two years, missile launch and control facilities began to appear, as tons of con- crete and steel transformed the landscape.

Old buildings were renovated and new ones built, including Capehart military family housing. The work was already in progress when the Air Force hosted the official groundbreaking ceremonies on May 9, Five months later, on Oct. Launched by modified intercontinental GT. JIMA ballistic missiles, these operations had clear mil- itary implications.

A SAC , on Jan. In August rying a modified Gemini B capsule attached to tial operational capability IOC for the nascent , the data capsule was ejected from Discov- a space laboratory. Construction work for MOL U. Ocean to become the first man-made object ever South Vandenberg in March Beginning ARDC retained responsibility for the design retrieved from space. A week later, on Aug. A joint decision by the Air of ballistic missiles and space systems. These recovery in history.

Shrouded in a cover story of Force and NASA to consolidate Shuttle opera- activities were carried out by a field office estab- scientific research, Discoverer was actually the tions at Cape Canaveral in Florida, following lished immediately after the realignment, which cover name for Corona, America's first photo the Challenger tragedy in , resulted in the also produced the seeds for later organizations reconnaissance satellite program, which con- official termination of the Shuttle program at including the th Aerospace Test Wing, the tinued until Space launches were to be conducted by Sept.

The following month, equipped On Oct. It also managed the at Vandenberg. Meanwhile, the Strategic On Oct. Beginning in and throughout Force's second chief of staff. Among the that altered these organizational structures. The The most ambitious Air Force endeavors at as separate entities at Vandenberg. Financial Anal- ysis Flight works with other organizations and tenant units by providing budgetary services. These services include assisting managers in estimating financial needs for programs and translating those requirements into financial plans and operating budgets.

This includes the cost validation of proposed alternatives to meet mission objectives. The flight ensures proposed actions do not exceed the installation's resource capability and adherence to proprietary use of appropriated funds. The flight also distributes budget authority to managers based on the U approved financial plan, provides financial. OS Chaplain's Office The mission of the chaplain's office is to The next big organizational change occurred Today, with an expanse of 99, acres, Van- serve as a visible reminder of the holy and to Jan.

During normal opera- Space Command. The wing supports the processing and law enforcement and emergency response redesignated the 30th Space Wing.

In actu- activity, responds to emergency action mes- ality, its Operations Group assumed the lineage launch of a variety of expendable vehicles sages and readiness condition changes from and history of the 30th Bombardment Group including the Atlas V, Delta IV, Delta II, Pegasus, higher headquarters, processes quick reaction Heavy and shared the number designation with Minotaur, Taurus and Falcon.

The wing also sup- checklists for local emergencies and command its reporting unit, the former WSMC. In , the 14th added Defense Agency, st Training Group, National military and civilians working on Vandenberg the parenthetical title "Air Forces Strategic" to Reconnaissance Office NRO and the National installation both prepare for and deal with major its name.

The 30th OG also oper- and tenant units and agencies, and to the per- berg. All contractors doing business with the ates and maintains base communication systems sonnel of Vandenberg Air Force Base. The squadron provides comprehensive fraud, waste and abuse complaints. It is the lift activity at Vandenberg from the beginning This squadron provides responsive delivery single point of contact for new wing programs, of the Cold War through current nonclassified of voice, visual and data information services commercial space activities and wing operating developments in military, commercial and scien- and technologies.

In addition, it performs special projects tific space endeavors. The exhibits incorporate a at the direction of the 30th Space Wing com- combination of launch complex models, launch 2nd Range Operations Squadron mander. The center is at Space Range in direct support of Spacelift Operations, The mission of the Protocol Office is to Launch Complex 10 and is open for regularly Ballistic Missile Tests and Aeronautical Test and provide first-class protocol support for the scheduled tours through the public affairs office.

The office's Internal Information depart- ment links airmen and their leaders by providing timely, accurate, relevant information to act as a force multiplier and enhance airman morale and readiness. The group's acknowledged spacelift experts are shaping the future of responsive launch operations through seamless partner- ship with launch and satellite program offices.

S tion capable of launch and integration of. AIRF numerous launch vehicles. LIO Insight into EELV operations enables the squad- ron's essential mission of providing continuous mission flight rules and, if required, terminating 30th Contracting Squadron risk-assessment and mission assurance for the flight. Range Management Squadron sourcing solutions that provide combat capa- The squadron's mission is to be recognized bility to the joint warfighter for assured access to 30TH MEDICAL GROUP in military, civilian and contractor channels as space, and provides combat-ready contingency The 30th Medical Group provides medical, the premier range management organization in contracting officers.

The mission of the 30th Weather Flight is to mission readiness and quality of life through defend the United States through launch and innovative force support programs and services. The squadron furnishes mis- is the Air Force Component to U. Strategic 30th Security Forces Squadron sile engineering, power production, engineering Command for space operations.

The 30th Security Forces Squadron pro- and contracts, real estate, environmental protec- vides impenetrable security to personnel and Civil Air Patrol tion forces and fire protection for base structures resources, regardless of time or location.

Air Force that awareness and fire prevention programs. It provides disaster relief operations; aerospace education companied housing assignments and mainte- mission assurance, protects critical launch for youth and the public; and cadet programs for nance as well as explosive ordnance disposal. Contact your sponsor and advise them of your If you need immediate assistance th Flight Test Squadron estimated arrival time and flight information if and your unit is not reachable, call the command The Mission of the th Flight Test Squadron applicable prior to your arrival at Vandenberg post at Your sponsor will answer any questions systems capability and Air Force application of Defense installations, unless the cellphone is you have about the base and the local area, make demonstrations.

Your sponsor will be there to help you From Santa Maria Airport The st TRG provides qualification training and your family until you are settled into your Exiting the airport, turn right onto Skyway Drive.

Take space surveillance, missile warning, spacelift If you have not been in touch with a sponsor Highway until it merges into Highway 1 and and satellite command and control operators. It conducts training in joint space fundamentals and associated computer mainte- nance.

The group also conducts qualification and orientation training for Air Force Space Com- mand AFSPC staff and senior-level personnel, as well as instructor enhancement in support of operational units.

Energy Conservation The Energy Conservation program is designed to help the Vandenberg community reach estab- lished energy and water use reduction goals. These energy and water conservation efforts enable the Air Force to be a better steward of the environment and help the United States achieve its goal of energy independence. Transportation is not pro- IRF vided to the base. At orientation, you will be greeted by base leadership, meet local community rep- resentatives and receive all of your mandatory inprocessing briefings, including medical.

The event is mandatory for military members, but spouses and new civilian employees are also encouraged to attend. For information about event schedules, visit the center or call JIMA marriage license, divorce papers, etc.

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Monday through Friday Bldg. Dental care services are available to active- South Dakota Ave. Only emergency dental Main line The 30th Medical Group provides medical, Family members of active-duty personnel Where you are moving will determine which dental, bioenvironmental and public health ser- are encouraged to use the TRICARE Dental Prime option you will enroll in.

If you move to a vices for people assigned to Vandenberg Air Program. Be sure to include all family members health, dental, immunizations, optometry, pedi- who wish to use Prime on the form. Active-duty service Monday through Friday, except on the third active duty and retirees of the uniformed ser- members are required to enroll in one of the Thursday of the month when the clinic is closed.

Patients primary objectives are to optimize the delivery are available throughout the United States, and are asked to contact their primary care manager of health care services in the military's direct enrollment is not required. Any active-duty within one duty day to report any care received care system for all military health system ben- family member who is registered in DEERS at an emergency room to ensure proper follow- eficiaries and attain the highest level of patient may use these programs by seeing any network up.

To report, call the Appointment Call Center satisfaction through the delivery of a world-class or non-network provider that is authorized by at and choose option No.

To receive mail for general ECH. S 4delivery, use the following address: Send and Extra, moving is easy. When you arrive South Dakota Ave. Monday and Wednesday, must be filled out to receive mail at the general new area.

Tuesday and Thursday, delivery address. Here are a few things to remember about using and 9 a. E-4 with less than three years of service. Monday through you'll be using the Extra option and pay furnishings, bed linens and supplies required Thursday lower copayments. The campus is for all government-owned animals. However, most veteri- differ by region. Unaccompanied airmen in the rank of E-4 nary emergency cases are best served through a For a complete description of the different with more than three years of service will move full-service civilian veterinary hospital.

All pets living on base must be registered with visit www. Housing Management Office http: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a. In addition to your http: Use the munity, you may now choose to live in privatized is dedicated to preserving your right to worship. If you are seeking spiri- to you. When you arrive at Vandenberg Air owns the family housing and is responsible for tual support for any denomination or faith group, Force Base, visit the HMO to receive invalu- maintaining, constructing and managing the it will do its best to assist you.

The Vandenberg Air Force Base chapel offers to entering into a written lease or rental or sales For comprehensive information about homes various types of counseling and seminars to contract for housing.

A grief and loss, etc. All counseling sessions are Page 23 for more information. All vehicles to airmen, DOD civilians, retirees and family covered by privileged communication. For hours of operations, menus and special Bldg. Monday through Friday 6 p. To receive Marshallia Ranch Golf Course If you have any questions, call Pass Bldg. Monday through Friday http: California The education center offers quality edu- 6: Programs include weekly, full-time and part- day preschool, hourly and special-needs care.

It does not offer part-day school-age programs. Hourly and drop-in care is available on a lim- ited basis. Limited spots are available, and fees are based on a sliding scale according to annual income. Check with the center for availability. SAIR with information and referral services.

In-home child ES care programs offer comparable care to a CDC but include arrangements for night, weekend and stages of transition and deployment to ensure Cabrillo High School. There is bus service for flexible hourly care.

Providers must be certified children receive every opportunity for quality the middle and high school students. These by the Department of Defense. Monday through Friday fied School District.

There is one elementary elementary schools. All LUSD schools offer a full array between Vandenberg Air Force Base families school are in the East Housing area across of sports, clubs and service opportunities to help and private and public schools.

The office pro- from the main gate. The nearest high schools youth learn leadership responsibilities and have vides support to service members during all for base students are Maple High School and fun. Breakfast and lunch options are offered at each school. Lompoc Unified School District also serves with a deployed service member, with friends 2.

Don't invite people you don't know to be those choosing independent home study for and families in locations around the world or your "friend. Through the Mis- with the bases that you have been stationed at to know details about you or your family. Never share operational information, such guides. For more information, call the district Here are some safety tips for using social as upcoming ports of cal and military exer- http: Such information can compromise http: Never post confidential personal informa- service members.

Youth Center tion such as your date of birth, address, Bldg. Never provide this ance on the type of information that should not 6: Monday through Friday type of information when signing up for a be shared in a public forum, such as a social The center offers a range of developmentally social networking site.

Most sites do not network or blog. A sightsee and enjoy outdoor recreation while keeping your expenses to a minimum with recreation after-school programs, sports leagues The Vandenberg Air Force Base Library FamCamp. Bring your RV to one of the camp's and instructional classes for interests such as offers books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, periodi- 49 spaces that includes water, sewer and electric gymnastics, dance, music, art, martial arts and cals, newspapers and computers with Internet hookups.

The program allows traveling fami- more. The Youth Center is affiliated with the connections. Hours vary with season Bldg. Monday through diving board, a tot pool and barbecue pits. In , Friday, 8 a. Saturday and Sunday or visit the pool's website for details about pro- the name was changed to CoastHills, which now The center offers cardiovascular and weight- grams for youth, adults and families, including serves the Central Coast with 11 branches.

Legal Office Nebraska, Suite C Wills, advance medical directives living wills and powers of attorney for health care are drafted by appointment only. Notaries and most powers of attorney may be obtained on a walk-in basis from 7: Monday through Wednesday, Monday through Friday, IRF noon to 5 p. In-store amenities include a bakery, deli, hot foods, party cakes, plants, rotisserie chicken, sushi and more. Monday through Friday, 10 a. It offers a price-match program that guarantees U.

Hours of operation for S. Monday through Friday, STA 8: Monday through Friday area. Services are available to military ID Bella Flora An Adventure Program organizes Espresso Pad Wed- Military Clothing and Santa Maria Friday, noon to 10 p. Shoe rental, bowling leagues, profes- year-old Marshallia Ranch House. One of sional instruction and a snack bar are available. Member- mobile device and find more Bldg. Monday through Friday, 9 a.

The county sits For thousands of years the Chumash tribe of the north, Ventura County to the east and Kern among a series of transverse mountain ranges, Native Americans lived along California's Cen- County to the northeast. The Los Padres National Forest makes coastal plain.

The Presidio of Santa up about one-third of the county's 2, square Santa Barbara County offers many attractions, Barbara was established in , and Mission miles and includes the Dick Smith Wilderness along with plenty of history, culture and modern Santa Barbara followed four years later.

The and San Rafael Wilderness along the Sierra amenities. In addition to world-class outdoor missionaries associated with Mission Santa Madre Mountains that run like a rugged spine recreation opportunities, there are museums, Barbara are credited with planting the county's up the eastern part of the county. The Santa Ynez theaters and a zoo. Those interested in the now-famous wine grapes late in the 18th century. Mountains trend gently toward the west, from county's history can visit El Presidio de Santa Following the Mexican secularization of the just north of Santa Barbara to Vandenberg Air Barbara State Historic Park, which encompasses missions in the s, the mission pasture lands Force Base and Lompoc, and form the dividing much of the original Presidio site in downtown were divided into large ranchos and granted to line between what's known as North County Santa Barbara.

But the end of the http: The Treaty of Cahuenga, signed Jan. The County of Santa Barbara was one of the 26 original counties formed in California at the time of statehood in He is credited with starting the tourism boom in the s that would lead to Santa Barbara becoming a world-famous resort destination.

In the s Summerland Oil Field was dis- covered, and its development began changing the local economy and landscape. Summerland was the site of the world's first offshore oil well. By Santa Barbara was accessible by both land and sea with the building of Stearn's wharf to allow steamboat access and the completion of the railroad to both Los Angeles and San Fran- cisco. Rail travel put an end to stagecoach travel through the San Marcos Pass.

Santa Barbara was the center of the U. Flying A Studios covered two city blocks and was the largest movie studio in the world; it produced about 1, films. The earthquake hit Santa Barbara hard and caused severe destruction.

In rebuilding, the city took on its unified Spanish character through architectural reform. World War II brought more change to the area. COM war came back to live. During its days of sunshine Precipitation within the county varies by Voters approved connection to state water a year, Santa Barbara's daytime temperatures season and location.

Average annual precipita- supplies in and growth resumed, though range from the mids to the mids, usually tion ranges from 8 inches on the Cuyama Valley housing was in such short supply that less with low humidity, and the inland and mountain to more than 36 inches at the apex of the Santa than 10 percent of the population could afford areas of the county see daytime temperatures Ynez Mountains.

Occasional intense rainfall a median-value house in Santa Barbara. As a about 15 degrees warmer. Proximity to the coupled with the county's topography can lead result, many workers in Santa Barbara com- Pacific Ocean moderates the climate and tem- to flooding, but on average, rainfall within the mute from more affordable areas such as Santa peratures near the coast.

Most rivers, creeks and Maria and Lompoc. Adjacent Snow is common at the highest elevations, more surrounding area continue to grow rapidly. A sweater Santa Barbara County's climate is typically against the mountains, resulting in increased may be needed to keep the chill away in the warm and dry in the summer and cool and wet precipitation with increased elevation -- which early morning, evening and nights. Ocean the hot inland areas toward the Pacific Ocean. A wetsuit is a good idea for and preparation can be lifesavers.

The website provides information on creating the winter and spring months if you plan to get in Be Prepared California is California's official an emergency plan and emergency kit, pet pre- the water. In the fall, Santa Anas, or Sundowner emergency preparedness program led by the paredness and disaster preparedness for seniors. For more information about disaster prepared- ness, visit www.

The following are considered significant haz- ards in Santa Barbara County. Flash floods and other flood events occur regularly during rainstorms due to local terrain and hydrology. Coastal storm surges in the county have histori- cally been associated with tropical storms.

A flash flood watch is issued when flash flooding is expected to occur within six hours after heavy rains have ended. A flash flood warning is issued for life- and property-threat- ening flooding that will occur within six hours.

Use the chambers' online membership sweep you off your feet. If you are driving, directories to connect with local businesses as you settle into your new community. The majority of deaths in a flash flood occur when people drive through Visitor Centers Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce flooded areas.

Water only a foot deep can displace 1 Garden St. If your vehicle stalls, leave it imme- http: It is important to be prepared http: Secure top-heavy furniture to a wall. Secure objects on shelves that could Avenue of Flags, Unit become projectiles during an earthquake. If you are not near a table or Santa Maria, CA Depending on the thickness of the and impossible to forecast so preparation is Some exposure to sunlight is good, even cloud cover, you can still burn on a cold and dim especially important.

Find wildfire tips from healthy, but too much can be dangerous. So be prepared with sunglasses, sunscreen, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department at spectrum ultraviolet UV radiation, listed as a long-sleeved garments, wide-brimmed hats and http: Overexposure also causes wrinkling and etation's conduciveness to wildfires.

Even when into its news and entertainment options online. Wildfires are unpredictable town from the comfort of your armchair at home. Pacific Ocean surf forms the gers' bikes and surfboards. It is home by commercial flights, and Lompoc and Santa Santa Barbara Airport is west of Santa Barbara base for more than general aviation aircraft, Ynez airports accommodate private planes.

Cen- proper, in Goleta, and State Route emerges parking is free, and there's a hotel for travelers. The Spanish-style terminal Travelers can choose from four car-rental com- Santa Maria, Buellton, Santa Barbara, Santa with its red tile roof, dark wood beams and old panies as well as a shuttle, taxicab and limo ser- Barbara Airport and Ventura to Los Angeles mission garden of fragrant jasmine and bou- vices, the Breeze Bus for terminal pickups and International Airport.

Visit Central Coast Shuttle at gainvillea is served by Alaska, American and drop-offs, and bus transportation by way of Santa http: Maria Area Transit Route 8. U Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara, CA State Route 1, the breathtaking Pacific Coast http: The 8-mile- can help riders plan their routes. State Route is an City of Santa Maria buses carry passengers Service is available for residents of Santa Bar- urban connection that originates at U.

On-call paratransit service for and Lompoc. Road, still under the city's sway. The Santa Maria Easy Lift The two- Base, Lompoc, Los Alamos, Buellton and offers paratransit service for those whose dis- laner was the main road before Highway Solvang.

State Route combined effort by Buellton, Solvang and the wiggles southward between Highway International Airport. The main connection between U. Its mostly four-lane, nate at the northern end of State Route COLT provides public transportation within intersection-free roadway gets heavy commuter State Route passes by two of Santa Bar- Lompoc, Mission Hills and Vandenberg Village use from workers to the north traveling to and bara County's three Spanish missions: Fixed-route service and on-call mute, the U.

Census says, is about 20 minutes. Find many of the required RAOS http: Posted maximum speeds drivers, you must rely on your own skil s and Castillo St. Fol owing these 10 rules wil ensure Santa Barbara, CA City of Santa Maria 1. Know where you're going Higher speeds magnify errors and decrease S.

Be well-informed about response times. It helps to maintain a large Santa Maria, CA For longer trips, change lanes safely and to take evasive Military personnel and their spouses who are include a rest stop every two hours, sooner action in emergencies. Pack an emergency ration kit 8. Read your own- tinue to drive with a valid driver's license from of water and nonperishable food items such er's manual and fol ow the recommended their home state, but in general, all California as energy bars.

Rou- residents who want to drive must apply for a 2. Always wear your seat belt: Seat belts keep tinely check tires, brakes, lights, wipers driver's license once residency is established. Pack a flashlight, blanket The state spells out what is required for ardous situation.

Everyone should wear a and first-aid kit. In cold climates, pack extra licensing and insurance under various scenarios seat belt while in the vehicle. Carry a mobile phone for in its California Driver Manual, which can be 3. Put the phone down: A mobile phone is emergencies. Move your disabled vehicle: If your car a phone while you drive drastical y reduces http: Minimize from traffic if possible.

Warn other drivers Vehicle Registration distractions by concentrating on the road, by raising the vehicle's hood or using your Applications associated with driving and not objects, people or events inside your hazard lights, then stay inside and ask pass- http: If unable to move the car http: Scan the roadway out of traffic, get al passengers to exit the requests for driving records and more.

Keep your eyes vehicle and move to the side of the road when moving, looking from one side to the other. California Department of Transportation safe. If you must walk to a phone, keep your Know what is happening wel in front of you; http: Use the mirrors to Visit the California Department of Transpor- keep an eye on traffic beside and behind you. Don't drive while impaired: Never drive tation website for interactive maps, information 5.

Pedestrians, bicyclists, while under the influence of alcohol, pre- about road closures and travel advisories, and to motorcyclists, vehicles of varying sizes, as scription or street drugs, or over-the-counter view live traffic cameras.

Not only al have a right to use the road. Slow down wil you put yourself and your passengers in Distracted Driving and give others time and space to proceed danger, but a traffic violation of this nature California prohibits drivers from using a safely.

Treat them as if they were a dear has the potential to seriously derail a military handheld wireless telephone while operating a friend -- they are to someone. Don't be a driver if you think you are motor vehicle. Drivers 18 and older may use a 6. Be predictable and going to drink. Road rage and normal fatigue hands-free device.

Reading, writing or sending courteous and signal your intentions so other can also impair your response time. Be calm, text messages is also prohibited while driving road users know what you plan to do next. Mean travel time to work for those who America -- Solvang -- Santa Barbara County's 2, square miles. It is approximately miles live there is 16 minutes.

Median rent in the city communities are diverse. Census portion of Kern County are north of the Santa Residents enjoy parks and open spaces such as Bureau. The western and southern border of Santa More than 26, veterans live in the area. The Barbara lies along the Pacific Ocean. Enlist the help Santa Maria. Flower fields light up the ter- of a reputable real estate agent to help you sort Goleta rain with bursts of color during the summer and through the area's home options.

Mean travel time to work for Lompoc sional services for those interested in purchasing lemon festival, the coastal community of Goleta residents is about 25 minutes. The city is the county seat and hub for California's Central Coast.

Six weeks prior to move One week prior to move Santa Barbara's land area is The population is 91, Start by looking in the advertiser directory newspapers.

Decide on valuables and documents together. If the items the type of move best for your circumstances. Residents and visitors alike enjoy waterfront Two days prior to move dining as well as beautiful beaches. Get children's transcripts, paths and trails, passive open spaces, play- expenses and payment to the mover upon textbook list and a copy of their current school's grounds and more than 33, street trees. Santa Maria sent to your new home.

Set aside items you wil need immediately upon arrival -- a few dishes, pots E. Send change-of- flashlights and toilet paper. You wil need to sign it upon comple- home, furnishings and automobile.

Some movers place the boxes. And don't job, your income and your past rental history. Relocating to a new home can be one of the forget the tax benefits. Disadvantages include Dress to make a good impression and treat the most stressful situations in life. Whether moving upkeep, property taxes and fluctuating prop- meeting as though it is a job interview -- be across town or across the nation, preparation and erty value.

First, Renting, on the other hand, makes moving Before you decide to rent, inspect the apart- decide whether to use a professional moving easier and someone else maintains the prop- ment with the landlord.

Look for the following company or make it a do-it-yourself DIY erty. Amenities such as laundry rooms, exer- problems: Some complexes, for example, restrict water damage. When the unit is delivered to painting. Ask any company you are inter- of commerce membership directories, local Buying a home is a complex process and, as ested in for references and use them to inquire newspaper classifieds, online or through refer- the recent housing crisis demonstrated, requires about reliability and customer service.

California's Guide a thorough education on the part of the buyer. Regardless of which method you choose, the to Residential Tenant and Landlord Rights First, fully understand your financial position -- and Responsibilities can be downloaded at first step should be to inventory your personal credit score, available savings, monthly income http: The list, with photographs of any and expenditures.

Subtracting your expenditures http: Bring a list of amount you can afford for housing. You will also need to association fees and property taxes in your Make a rough estimate of your packing schedule provide information and verification about your monthly expenditures.

It always takes longer than predicted to pack. Toss or donate unused items to lighten your load. A top and bottom of boxes. Nothing compares to the benefits of living on base in the Vandenberg Family Housing Community where you and your family will enjoy a peace of mind lifestyle and build friendships that will last a lifetime. There are no The decision to buy or rent is the most impor- application fees or deposits of any kind including your pets.

Purchasing a When you live on base, you'll enjoy first-class amenities and have more time to spend with your family home entails a long-term emotional and financial since you won't have to wait at the gate and with a short commute to work -- and you'll save on gasoline. Advantages include the possibility of provide excellent customer service and ensure that your stay is memorable and enjoyable. How many bed- Santa Barbara County provides housing http: Do you programs and incentives to help residents http: Will you live in the city, with home ownership.

For more informa- Institute loan programs continue to vary on the a suburb or in the country? How close to work, http: Lenders balance debt you want to be? Answers to these questions will Community Development at or against income to decide if an applicant will be greatly assist your search and the next stage -- mailto: Most conventional loans hiring a real estate agent. State Programs income, though there are exceptions, such as First, interview potential candidates to ensure California provides housing programs and for those with significant savings.

The Federal they understand your needs, know your home- incentives to help residents with home owner- Housing Administration has a two-tier qualifying buying and neighborhood preferences, and are http: For more information, visit http: FAA sets its top thresholds at 31 percent readily accessible. Box , Atlanta, GA STOC First, determine your home preferences. C duplex best fit your needs and budget?

Electric shuttles oper- and women have ruled Western skies since the with where workers live and how far they ated by MTD ferry tourists and shoppers up late s. From the first test missile launch Dec. The average travel time to work is Barbara as a Silver Level city. Ventura Intercity In response to continuing demand, aerospace Service Transit Authority bus service offers con- and research and development firms have put Median household income in the county from nections south to Ventura and west to Goleta.

The Clean Air Express bus offers connections to major employers in the county. Lompoc and Santa Maria. Route , is education, with area postsecondary schools Goleta. Amtrak of the mountains is the arid and sparsely popu- Santa Barbara College of Law.

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University of California, Santa Barbara Higher Education 10, in the sunny and mild climate and so do wine 2. County of Santa Barbara Local Government 4, noir varietals, so agriculture, tourism and wine 4. City of Santa Barbara http: City of Santa Maria http: Information on IRF employment opportunities, applications, salaries U. A and more is available online.

City of Goleta forum. The organization also features compa- and copy machines, instructional videos and job http: There are special services for The city of Goleta's website has an "Employ- spouse-friendly on its Homefront Business List- young people just starting out and for seniors ment Opportunities" section with recruitment ings page. The California Employment Development http: The City of Guadalupe, "Gateway to the Job seekers can custom-tailor their searches The Santa Barbara Independent Dunes," alerts job seekers to its openings under on this site, create and upload multiple versions http: There's an online job center, newspaper's classified section.

Information also is avail- Search for posted jobs by category and find able in Spanish. Their and navigational ease, right down to listings IRF resource rooms offer computers, telephones, fax of salary ranges for different positions and an U. Compose -- and rehearse -- your one- http: It's coaches job applicants through the process references.

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Don't take it personally if you're not tion. See Page 21 for a list of chambers of com- absence there will raise red flags. Also be aware notified that you didn't get the job. Federal Jobs different resumes that target specific indus- When you submit your application, a supervisor Visit www. Santa Maria Economic Development Commission http: The organization has provided more than and search for Vandenberg. Search for Vandenberg contractor positions http: Go to Centers of the Central Coast Inc.

Members have gone on outings, gatherings and even vacations as a group and as an extension of their family. The Chiefs Tournament is an individual low net tournament usually split into flights. Description The MBWGC was established in to provide its members with opportunities to improve and compete at all levels, display good sportsmanship, form friendships and socialize.

Members golf every Thursday and play a variety of formats. Description Any male over 18 years of age may join the Men's Club. By joining the Men's Club, you are eligible to play in the monthly tournaments. The monthly home tournament is held at Mountain Meadows on the first Sunday of the month except when it's a holiday weekend.

The monthly away tournament is typically held the third Sunday of the month except when it's a holiday weekend. Each member pays regular walking or riding rate for home tournaments. Players may choose to walk or ride. Away tournament rates are negotiated by the club and vary depending on the course being played. The Men's Club also has a monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. Description Senior men's meet weekly on Tuesday at 7am Various competitive weekly competitions.

Yearly championship competitions Promotion Men only Membership Size: Promotion A fun group with great camaraderie. Ages 18 to 80 play together any given Sunday. Monthly home tournaments and additional away tournaments throughout the year.

Come join the fun! It is a social club intended to promote enjoyable golf among couples of any gender. Tournaments are held once per month during the fall, winter and spring. The Couples Golf Club collects membership dues from the members directly. Club membership dues are not paid to SCGA. Club Address Kensington Ave.

Description Senior group with weekly play. Play includes courses from Pala Mesa to the south to Dos Lagos to the north. Cities include Temecula, Murrieta and Hemet. State of the art website including online signup. Members may play from the tee box of their choice.

We wish to make golf fun to play. Promotion Active membership is limited to men, minimum age of Member's must agree to abide by and support the By-Laws and standing rules of this organization. Membership is from January 1st- December 31st of each year. This club promotes Amateur Golf. Bringing Fun to Work! The Nine Tees play every Tuesday morning, with tournaments and special events held throughout the year. Description Our members meet monthly to play a game of golf at different golf courses.

We have at least 11 outings per year, and a couple are two-day events. Our club was founded in We require that our members maintain an SCGA index. We advocate friendly yet competitive play, and our members' handicaps range from 1 to We encourage golfers who are potentially interested in our club to join us for several rounds on a trial basis before you decide to join. Description This club promotes fellowship and tournaments with golfers at an excellent venue and location in Kern County.

Description Friends and family of Garden Grove Firefighters. Of course anyone can join our Club. Friends, Family members as well. We have been in existence for quite some time now and have enjoyed a great success within the Aerospace Industry.

We enjoy some friendly competition and an opportunity to golf regularly. Description The club is a very diverse group of men and women with a wide range of handicap.

We have a 7: We have two big tournaments a year with food supplied several times a year. Promotion An affiliate club of the SCGA, we hold monthly golf tournaments throughout Southern California, typically with three separate flights. Good golfing, good fun and good people grows the game. We also schedule at least 6 away events annually. We endeavor to provide a college scholarship to a local deserving student annually. Description OCGA welcomes everyone to come out and play. Description The name says it all!

Description Orange County Golf is a Golf Club for men and women over the age 25 who are single, married, retired or new to the area. We offer golf games at a variety of golf courses located throughout Orange County and surrounding areas Promotion Members have access to all website pages and golf games through OCGolf. Promotion Our group is all about playing as much golf as possible. Members enjoy access to weekly tournaments, which include stat tracking, and special golf discounts.

Promotion While this club started mostly with Filipino members, we are open to all. We are non-profit and are active with charitable functions. Promotion Friendly group of players who have Tounaments every Month, usually 2nd Sunday. Description We play every Friday at different courses around San Diego.

Our weekly games change and are competitive. About one-half our members are retired. In addition, we participate in various team play leagues. We include a variety of formats and all sponsored weekly games are flighted, net competitions. Promotion Learn the game so you can be as frustrated as the rest of us!

Seriously, we're all about having a good time and social interaction. Most of our members are seasonal residents of Palm Desert and play during the winter months. The club has an outing once a month in the areas surrounding Idyllwild: Members earn points during the outings that determine the top eight players that go into playoffs for Club Champion each year. We accept members from surrounding locations. Promotion To stimulate interest in golf in the Greater Los Angeles area especially in the Punjabi American community by bringing together a group of golfers desirous of forming a golfing organization and playing competitive golf.

Description Monthly Tournaments January - November Promotion Guys who like to get out and play on a weekend once a month. ParBoilers play approximately 26 weekends and 25 different golf courses each year.

We are a Bi-Weekly Saturday club always looking for new members who love to compete. Current membership is roughly an even distribution of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside county residents. Marine Memorial Golf Course, measures 6, yards from the tips. The course was designed by William P.

Description During the week, we usually play tournaments on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. The 3rd Thursday is played at Penmar usually starting at 9am. The 1st Thursday is an away tournament at an 18 hole Golf Course in the area. We try to play at lots of different courses! Promotion Open to everybody who loves golf, all ages Membership Size: We play both home and away events!

Club Address Rose Ave. Promotion The Palmia Golf Club membership is comprised of residents of the Palmia senior community, both men and women. Medal play tournaments are held monthly at local golf courses and a champion is determined by points accumulated throughout the year. In addition there is a annual match play championship. Scrambles are held twice a year. New members are welcome. Promotion Pico Rivera G C is an challenging 9 hole executive course. We are a co-ed club.

Membership is open to all over 18 who have played five 5 games, one 1 of which must be with a club member on a regulate play day. We meet every Saturday with a tee off at 9: This is a great social environment to meet friends, learn the rules of golf, acquire a USGA handicap thus allowing you to participate in our club tournaments and SCGA tournaments and events.

Description Pigbodies is an eclectic group of people brought together by their enjoyment of camaraderie and competition. Men and women, young and old alike, interacting at your local golf course to see who will be the Pig of the Month. Handicaps are adjusted to allow players to compete from the appropriate tee position for their game.

Promotion Pigbodies is an eclectic group of people brought together by their enjoyment of camaraderie and competition. Description We have players of all skill levels, men, women and couples. We play about once a month with two summer road trips, Palm Springs and Mammoth. The Pine Mountain Golf Club has approximately 20 tournaments a year. We also have social memberships for non-golfers. Promotion The Pinoy Golfers of America promotes unity and camaraderie, enhance interactions between young and old, through the game of golf.

The Pinoy Golfers of America welcomes anyone who has any interest in Filipino history, culture and tradition. Description Fun and casual group, but we take our golf seriously. Just a good co-ed group that likes to play many different courses, mostly LA and OC areas. No profits are made by our group. Promotion Fun and Casual group, but we take our golf seriously.

Just a good group that likes play many different courses around, mostly LA and OC. Promotion Club for bankers and mortgage professionals in the OC. Club Address S. Club Address Carriage Cir. Description Executive 9 hole moderate level of difficulty. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley Mountains. Full restaurant and bar.

Weekly nightly events are karaoke, live bands and DJ from Thursday - Saturday. At least one on a weekday and one on a weekend. Description We are an association of men 60 years of age or older with the goal of enjoying the game of golf by joining together at Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course to improve our golf skills through friendly competition while promoting the true spirit of the game as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.

Low net is played the first Sunday of every month and every Tuesday, and various other games played on Thursdays and Sundays. Call course for start times. Quarterly major tournaments and away tournaments offered. Description Members enjoy entry into competitive yet fair and - most important - fun tournaments. They enjoy the camaraderie playing with fellow amateurs of different skill levels. All tournaments are governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and many are structured in multiple flights so everyone competes against players of the same relative skill level.

The Rancho Vista Golf Course is in pristine shape, challenging and fun to play. Come play a practice round! Our club requires all of its members to have a GHIN number and a genuine handicap resulting from posting every round of golf! Additionally, every round of golf must be played according to the official Rules of Golf.

The important rule is To Have Fun! Several tournaments are scheduled between February and August of each year. Members enjoy Tuesday morning tees times, beginning at 8: We pride ourselves on playing quick-paced rounds. We do a reverse shotgun startjng at 8AM. We are currently operating with 2 flights; Blue Tee and White Tee. Net awards for each flight. Additional unofficial rounds are played on Thursday and Sundays starting at 7: See our website for additional details and contact information.

Description Club of avid golfers who play a lot of golf at dream courses in Asia as well as other continents and try to grow the game by early involvement of junior golfers and fund raising tournaments. Description The club is dedicated to the enjoyment and spreading the game of golf. Promotion The club is dedicated to the enjoyment and spreading the game of golf.

Description Delightful group of energetic and fun ladies who play golf every third Saturday at the River Course at Alisal.

Each Saturday has a different format. We also have a group that plays Thursday morning. Our annual club championship is two days in October. The club holds two golf tournaments a month, generally on the first Saturday and third Sunday with our two 18 holes courses Vineyard and Victoria Lakes allowing tournaments to be played on different courses. In addition we have a monthly Sunday Skins game played on the last Sunday.

Our occasional away tournaments include a traditional two day event at Hunter Ranch in Paso Robles. Annual membership averages about members and our monthly tournaments range from 40 to 80 players. Promotion River Ridge has two great 18 hole courses. Our club has two tournaments a month which will usually fall on the first Saturday and the third Sunday of each month.

Promotion Two courses to play happy, fun, caring ladies who enjoy being friendly and having a good time on Monday play days. Description Golf Association open to members of any Elks Lodge. Description Whether you are seeking a beautiful backdrop for golf with family and friends, a unique setting for entertaining clients or a warm and welcoming ambience for socializing with others who share your passion for the game, Riverwalk Golf Club offers a variety of attractively-priced membership options to suit your lifestyle - as well as your budget.

Members enjoy an array of discounts, privileges and benefits, including preferred pricing in the golf shop and inclusion in exclusive members-only events. We have 3 9-hole courses so there is a nice variety of ways to make up your 18 hole round. We have monthly Saturday events at local area courses, along with occasional travelling 2-day weekend events and a 3-day club championship. Description We are a nine hole executive course located roughly yards below the Greek theater in Griffith Park.

It is an interesting layout with slopes and no cart paths. Roosevelt is walking only. We have an 18 hole away tournament each month on a Saturday and a nine hole home tournament each month, also on Saturday. We also do a weekly skins game at We welcome all handicaps and both men and women. Promotion We are a nine hole executive course located roughly yards below the Greek theater in Griffith Park. Description Our group plays weekly in the San Diego area.

Description Rustic Canyon Golf club is a volunteer group of people dedicated to provide our members of all skill levels, the opportunity to play in monthly tournaments at Rustic Canyon. The annual membership fee includes your SCGA handicap. The Board of Directors meet monthly and any club members are invited. All handicap procedures are followed using the GHIN system. We have over members, a large portion of whom participate in our 3 monthly tournaments; 1st Wednesday, 2nd Saturday and 3rd Friday.

We actively seek new members who are interested in tournament golf, good fellowship and good fun. We offer friendship, comaraderie and fun golf outings that are enveloped in a year-long "Race to the CBMC Cup" competition.

We play once each month in the San Diego area, the courses vary, and we usually negotiate a light lunch into the price of the outing.

Promotion San Diego Dental Golf Group dates back to , when local dentists would play every 3rd Wednesday of the month at local golf courses. We welcome new members and run two travel trips to Arizona, Nevada or Utah every year. Club Address Elmcrest Dr. We want every member to feel a part of the club and to have a good time.

We play at several courses throughout the San Diego area on Wednesdays with an 8: Some of the original members are still hacking away — and we have recruited new members along the way. Many of the original members are still hacking away - and we have recruited new members along the way. We are seeking new members that's you so we can continue to grow and continue our tradition of fun and camaraderie. It's all about having a good time. For additional information about our club, please visit our website at https: Promotion MAGA was established to facilitate the benefits of recreational and competitive golf, as well as, cultural identity and camaraderie.

MAGA is multicultural and membership is open to all golfers in California regardless of ethnic, racial or economic background. There are 17 chapters throughout California. The course features a full service practice range, which includes practice bunkers, greens and grass or mat practice tees. Promotion SJHWGA members participate in weekly 18 hole tournaments, including 3 major tournaments, an alternate-year invitational, team play, and access to SCGA tournaments and activities.

Members can enjoy a newly renovated clubhouse where events are hosted in a very spacious banquet room, lunch in the "SJH Sports Bar and Grill", or dine on the large outdoor patio overlooking the practice green and 18th hole.

This is a great opportunity to play a challenging golf course, socialize and advance their game on the full service practice facility. Description We are a travel golf club. We play courses in Ventura during the summer and throughout the Los Angeles area. We play once a month on Saturdays. We have 2 out of town two day tournaments a year, one if for our annual Club Championship.

We are open to any level of golfer. Promotion We are a travel golf club. Description We are a club without a home course. Started as a Los Angeles County employee base membership. Has expanded in the years to include friends of its members. We meet once a month for a tournament, we play at courses all around Southern California.

Every year for the last 45 years, we do an outing for a week in Las Vegas. Lots of fun and great golf! Promotion Open to everyone Membership Size: Description The primary purpose of the SBMCG is to encourage, promote and advance the game of golf, to enforce uniformity in the rules of the game of golf, to establish a uniform handicap system for its members, to arrange dates and places for and to conduct tournaments.

Promotion The primary purpose of the SBMCG is to encourage, promote and advance the game of golf, to enforce uniformity in the rules of the game of golf, to establish a uniform handicap system for its members, to arrange dates and places for and to conduct tournaments.

We are predominately Native American. We play mainly at Tukwet Canyon in Beaumont. We hold a Tournament every year in February. Club Address Makli Rd. We hold monthly tournaments along with four yearly association tournaments. Description Sea 'N Air Men's Golf Club is composed of male active duty, reserve and retired military members, as well as male DOD civilian employees and retirees possessing a valid identification card; or any sponsored applicant approved and vetted by the board.

Guaranteed tee time every Monday and Wednesday. Guaranteed tournament tee time once a month. Establish and maintain an official handicap. Learn and promote the rules and etiquette of golf.

Enjoy the beauty and aura of a Southern California oceanfront golf course. Enjoy the camaraderie of seasoned fellow golfers. Description Sea Pines Golf Course is recognized as one of the finest and most challenging executive 9-hole golf courses 5 par 3's and 4 par 4's in California. From tee to green, the course is kept in excellent shape. The course offers stunning views of the Morro Bay Estuary, Morro Rock and protected rare coastal dunes.

Driving range, chipping area and two practice greens available to sharpen your skills Promotion. Description Our golf club is open to golfers of all levels who desire to have an enjoyable time meeting and playing together with other golfers in the bond of Christian fellowship. We have at least one event each month. We offer a way for the beginner to the competitive golfer to begin or maintain an official monthly golf index at an affordable rate.

Promotion Our golf club is open to golfers of all levels who desire to have an enjoyable time meeting and playing together with other golfers in the bond of Christian fellowship.

Description Men at least 50 years of age that enjoy leisure golf during non -peak hours are the primary membership base. Monthly tournaments are held at many courses throughout Southern California Promotion Men at least 50 years of age that enjoy leisure golf during non -peak hours are the primary membership base.

Description Sepulveda Men's club consists of two golf course - Balboa and Encino. Our members enjoy monthly away tournament and monthly home tournament. Home tournament are during the week and away tournaments on the weekend. Promotion The Sepulveda Seniors Golf Club is an enjoyable club established for men and women golfers over 50 years old. We are very active with at least one tournament each month held at one of the Los Angeles City Public Courses, and additional tournaments throughout the year at a variety of public and private courses within easy reach of our members.

We also have a monthly match play league that runs from February through December. All teams are made up of our own club members. We are always looking to add members to our club. Club Address Burbank Blvd. Description Establishment in , Our club holds many Regular Club events each month, which are fun, competitive and culminate in a Club Championship, normally held in September or October.

All events are played on a handicap basis, so players at all levels are welcome. Promotion Establishment in , Our club holds many Regular Club events each month, which are fun, competitive and culminate in a Club Championship, normally held in September or October. Description Active Men's club, playing on Tuesday and Wednesday every week.

We have currently active members.. For more info visit our Men's Club website www. With over members our club promotes fellowship, competition and a quality golf experience. Description Open to all golfers, regardless of scoring ability and age. Description Welcome to both men and women in the club. Their schedules make weekend tournaments and tournaments with early tee times impossible to attend.

We address that with weekday tournaments and later tee times. Golfers who don't work weekends and overnights are welcome to join also! Promotion The SoCal Weekday Tour events are designed for people who work weekends and overnights whose schedules make weekend tournaments and tournaments with early morning tee times impossible to attend. Golfers who don't work weekends or overnights are welcome to join also! Description We are a traveling club that plays tournaments occasionally but most of the time we play as a group of 10 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the Long Beach area.

Several players use the club for handicap purposes only. Description Golf Club formed for the purpose of having social and golf outings for individuals living within the Solera Community. Must be residents of Solera. Description We offer monthly tournaments on Saturday's and 2 multiple day events.

There are also several traveling events to play in. The club's primary pillars are affordability, inclusiveness and ease of participation all done online.

The club maintains a fun and light culture and seeks golfers of all ages and abilities. Club Address Keats St. Our members are 50 and over. Our dues are inexpensive and we play the first and third Monday of every month. Once a month we run an internal club competition for low net and closest to the pin contest. Once a quarter, we have a scramble for our members. Description Nine hole course guaranteed tee times on Weekend Starting at 7: Great clubhouse Club Address Fanwood Ave.

We offer Friday morning tee times and a variety of fun tournaments during the year. We want to promote good fellowship with a high standard of sportsmanship as golfers. Members come from all over Southern California. As we have no home course, monthly club tournaments are held at various courses throughout the greater Southern California area. Since then there have been hundreds and hundreds of individuals that have played in this league. None of the original teams are active anymore, but we continue with the same spirit of maintaining a competitive, yet recreational golf league for players of ALL calibers.

Description Friendship, handicap, monthly tournaments, belong to an association 9 Chapters. We have 5 association events a year. The main activities of the club are weekday leagues during the summer, and weekend and occasional weekday tournaments scheduled about every two to four weeks throughout the year.

Regular Club tournaments are competitive and culminate in a Tournament Championship, normally held in September or October. Description We are an affiliate club which is made up of people who worked together for a time, and new members added in the past few years.

We get together when we can half of our members are in San Diego and half in the LA area. We charge only what the SCGA charges us. Description Whether you have been golfing your entire life, or have just begun to appreciate the game, Steele Canyon Golf and Country Club offers a membership option that suits you.

Our challenging course and friendly staff ensures our members will enjoy bringing guests out for a drink, as well as perfecting their game. Promotion We are a fun loving group of mostly retired and semi-retired men from all walks of life, but welcome men and women of all ages to join. Come on out and enjoy the camaraderie and play a round with us!

Promotion We are women who enjoy playing in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. All level of players are welcome! No one is "not good enough" to play with us! Lunch afterwards is always an option where we share our joys and woes! Description Suncrest CC, One of the best kept secrets in the desert.

Description Suncrest Ladies Golf Club is a nonprofit organization. We hold weekly 18 and 9 hole tournaments and annual Club Championship Tournaments. We hold social and golfing activities as the membership may desire. Our officers are committed to serving our members and making the best decisions for the betterment of our club.

Club Address Country Club Dr. Description Our club currently has 40 members. We are located in the Santa Barbara area. Description We have a large group of friends that do not have GHIN numbers and who want to be involved with a club. Our golf activity for the first year we hope to include 2 to 4 fun events and then grow from there. With holes of golf, full locker rooms, bag storage, and more, the Founders Club at Sycuan offers all of the private club amenities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional private club.

As a non-equity club, you will never be accessed for any capital improvements or revenue shortfalls. We do not require monthly food, beverage or merchandise purchases, saving you thousands of dollars a year. As a Member of our Founders Club you will receive the following benefits and countless years of memories. Description Social golf club, set up for comraderie and fellowship. We conduct bi monthly tournaments with rotatating trophy and individual trophies for player of year etc.

Description Men's Golf Club with weekly tournaments. We partner with the best courses of the greater Ventura County to provide our golf community a means to connect and compete amongst each other in flighted, net tournaments on the first Saturday of every month.

Our membership comprises scratch, low handicap and high handicap golfers and many enjoy participating in tournaments, club team play, and skin games.

Promotion A group of friends and family that meets most Sundays for golf and fun in the Inland Empire. Don't get too serious, but play by the rules. Yearly two day event out of the immediate area. And a yearly Championship at the end of the year.

Promotion Gauchos and Gaucho friends who love golf! The club conducts a series of tournaments annually. With the game of golf, we can put aside our differences and play the sport that honors equality and friendship.

Learning and playing the game while honoring its traditions, rules and promoting equality through the game of golf. Description We welcome women of all playing abilities to join in the fun. Learn more about the rules and etiquette of golf in a relaxed atmosphere and expand opportunities to meet new players and compete in tournaments around the area. Or just play for the fun of it! Description The Links at Summerly is a stunning par, nearly 7,yard links style course designed by renowned golf course architect Cal Olson.

The layout was designed to fit seamlessly into the landscape - incorporating natural mounding, pristine rolling terrain and three miles of Scottish-style burns to provide the look and feel of traditional links-style courses of the British Isles. Weekly events at course. The club is not aligned with a golf course so all tournaments are on different courses. The club is open to all golfers who like to have fun.

Current Membership is around 70 golfers. We have 7 net tournaments, 1 scramble and 1 partner tournament. In addition there is a match play event and 2 get aways to Las Vegas. Description We play 12 events a year with a 2 day club championship tournament in May. We also play off Saturdays at various locations and have a skins game every Wednesday.

Guests are always welcome. Promotion We play 12 events a year with a 2 day club championship tournament in May. Promotion Tiny Putters Golf League is a social club for anybody who wants to swing the sticks, crack a beer and enjoy one of the greatest games on earth.

We want the league to always be comprised of golfers of every skill level. Promotion The club is over 80 members strong and open to Toyota associates as well as their friends and relatives.

We do not have a home course so tournaments are scheduled at a variety of Southern California venues throughout the year. Club Address Monteverde Dr. Offer Index maintenance and some tournaments. Promotion We have about members each season and we play on Tuesday afternoon. We love our golf club and enjoy playing with different foursomes each week.

The club also provides a great meeting place to find new golfers to play with. We also enjoy the 19th hole after play. Description Membership is open to women who are residents of, or property owners at, Trilogy at Glen Ivy Community. Join in on the fun and competition. Event format varies weekly with cash and script prizes. Wednesday play is usually 'show up and sign up', so no need to pre-register. Come out an join us for the fun and competition. Membership is available to UCSD students, faculty, staff, family members, retirees, alumni and supporters.

Monthly tournaments are held at various course around San Diego County. Promotion Our club plays once a month locally around San Diego and has a Major Tournament every 3 months with an award presentation afterwards.

Our members Handicaps range from a 34 to a 6. We strive to play by the rule book but we also emphasize to have fun as well. Par 70 course set against the beautiful Mt Baldy Mountains. Not the longest course in the Inland Empire, but offers narrow fairways and challenging greens.

Promotion Our club is all about friendly competition. Members enjoy monthly tournaments, SCGA Team Play, skins games 5 days a week including monthly away games, and reserved tee times on Saturday and Sunday.

Description Monthly tournaments held on Sundays, as well as out-of-town golf trips approximately times per year. Description This is a group of men ranging in age from 55 to the 80's who truly enjoy the game of golf in an informal and fun atmosphere with a touch of competition mixed in.

Our tournaments are set up in flights according to handicaps, so you can be competitive whether your handicap is 3 or the maximum Description We are all ages 55 or older. We try and walk a course once a month in a stroke play competition. Some can no longer walk so they ride. We are a small group with 20 members. We usually get 12 players each month but would like to increase that to at least One member each month hosts by selecting the course to be played and securing the tee times.

We also have a skins game along with the stroke play competition. Description The Waterfront Golf Club has been in existence since the late 's. Promotion Full Service Golf Facility offering: Featuring monthly home and away tournaments, seasonal golf outings and SCGA qualified events throughout the year at various locations.

The club has since grown and is now open to any fellow golfer who wishes to be part of the comradery to enjoy the sport of golf. The club also has an after work golf league that runs typically during the months of daylight savings time. Membership includes discounts on the monthly tournaments, access to a whole in one fund to celebrate if a member scores a hole in one on any tournament or league play round, as well as the standard SCGA benefits including a USGA handicap.

Description The Woods Valley Golf Club is a facilities men's golf club that also enrolls women golfers. Members also enjoy various discounts in the pro shop. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address: General meetings are held in our banquet facilities at 7: Tournaments are held monthly on weekends.

Tournaments are typically two day, hole stroke play competitions played on the best daily fee courses in the state such as Aviara in Carlsbad and Journey at Pechanga in Temecula. For additional information regarding membership, please contact Dan Meherin at Ext. We play all around San Diego County.

The club is very social and players gather together after the round. No additional entry fee is required for our major tournaments 3 yearly and there is a minimal entry fee for the other 9 monthly tournaments.

We have a two day Club Championship in Summer. We allow play on your choice of tee and adjust your Course Handicap accordingly. Friends are typically paired together. We offer prizes for low net, closest to the pin and skins. All level of golfers are welcome! We are open to any male senior with a handicap of 30 and below to joint , but cannot go above a We have to away tournaments twice a year. Once in April and October, where we travel it is up to the person in charge.. But we try to keep it with in a 5 hour drive..

This is usually two days of golf with travel time the day before and the day after. We also have a summer get together and a Christmas party.. Club tournaments held once a month. To foster, encourage, promote, advance, create interest in practice of and the enjoyment of Golf. We have two special events also with the main one being a three-day weekend of golf in the Palm Desert area. We have members ranging in ability from a single digit index to upper 30s.

Our members come from all walks of life. The only true commonality is the desire to play golf and play by the rules.

We have two major tournaments, one in the spring and the Club Championship in the fall, the winner of which get a paid entry into the SCGA's "Tournament of Champions" in the desert. Our home course is Mountain View in Santa Paula, par Monthly tournaments are held at courses in the LA and Orange Counties area and are only open to members and their guests. IBMers of all skills are welcome and currently participate.

Your skill level should not keep you from playing in our tournaments. Rules in one, two and three day formats. Our tournaments are flighted so that you play and compete with golfers of similar ability.

You can also request to be paired with your friends in most events. All other weekend tournaments are for members only. Greens fees, range balls, and prizes are included in your entry fee. Our monthly Guest Days are less formal and are generally held on Wednesdays or Fridays of each month.

Guest Days are open to your friends and business associates, and the formats we select each month are designed to encourage interaction and socialization within your foursome. Handicaps are not required for your guests. We have divided the club into three flights. We play courses you would not normally get up and play on a Saturday morning. We have members from Simi Valley to the north to Vista to the South. We play one Saturday a month, various courses.

All of our players have handicaps ranging from 28 to 39 at the course we play so you don't have to be an ace to join. We do play by the rules. The men use the gold senior tees and the women the red tees. We have a yearly Club Tournament and a Christmas get together.

We offer discounted green fees and preferred tee times. Play the second and fourth Monday of the month. Club Address E Third St. We have tournaments once a month and periodic social gatherings.

Play 5 or more games to obtain a handicap and you will be able to compete for prizes in our weekly tournaments, year-round play days, annual holiday party and annual Guys and Dolls Valentine's Day tournament. Monthly tournaments, giveaways, yearly outing. Annual Events and Socials for ouractive duty families and retired families. Club Championship once a year.

Opportunities to play x a week. Club Address Woodbury St. Open to the Public with a full restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating renovated in Most of our outings and tournaments will be at surrounding courses. Our intention is to have several events each month. Monday and Thursday morning individual rounds Contact. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. Club Address Skyline Rd. Lessons will be held every Tuesday from 5: This is a year round program for juniors ranging in age from 6 to 16 years of age.

Around for more than 50 years. Play monthly on Saturdays around the L. The club has been in existence since the 's. Generations of players have made lasting friendships through our golf club. We are the only ladies club in the San Fernando Valley to enjoy the benefit of alternating courses, Balboa and Encino with 36 of the best kept greens in city golf. Come out, give us a try, have fun and explore some new horizons! Indulge your competitive side with weekly handicapped tournaments; many of our members participate in Publinks Team Play in the spring, the Publinks play-day and the County play-day.

Membership requires management approval and subject to availability. Designed by golf-legend, Gene Sarazen, the par 70 course is one of the few remaining in the desert that can still be walked - a shorter course, but more challenging. The layout balances fairways lined by stately, mature trees with well-placed bunkers and enough water to make you think twice about club selection.

Course location is wind protected, yet welcomes gentle breezes and magnificant views of the mountains. Our members range in age from 35 up with handicaps of 9 to We all enjoy the camaraderie that golf brings. We have an annual dinner banquet to celebrate the year and recognize the club champions and other members. We have an annual weekend event at a private club where members can invite a guest and we have a great weekend and celebration.

Tustin Ranch is more than just a golf club—it is the center of activity for our community. From fine dining to the Golf School, our award-wining culinary team, nationally recognized instructional staff and guest services team offer the highest level of hospitality. As a member of The Club, you are the foundation of our business, and we look forward to providing you with an outstanding experience.

Membership is open to all women 18 years of age an d older. Our weekly tournaments are held on Thursdays. Throughout the year we host major tournaments, special events and socials. The Men's Club is for players who want to establish and maintain a handicap and want to be active in tournaments and other club events. Wednesday tee times are from 7: Saturday tee times are from 7: Once a year we go to the Nipomo area for a 2-day golf tournament.

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