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Gruber had resigned his board position but reapplied and was appointed to fill out the remainder of. None were in office when the salary commission reduced the salaries in March Garret emphasized that the commission only sets the salary for the position, not individuals. The salary commission lowered the salaries for District 1 and 3 in after former county commissioner Diane Wear suggested the county hire a county administrator and use a reduction in commissioner salaries to pay for it.

The county was in the midst of a budget shortfall. The commissioners are working on the budget at this time and so far projected expenses are greater than revenue. Garrett said that by law, the salary commission can raise salaries at any time but cannot lower them until the regular term expires. They lowered District 1 and 3 salaries at the end of the two terms. He said the salary commission discussed lowering the District 2 salary Oct. Manus is currently running to fill out the rest of the term.

Garret said the salary commission will meet in March Garrett said the commission compares commissioner salaries to full time county commissioner salaries in nine similarly. There really is no job description for a county commissioner, nor is there a minimum number of hours to work.

The current commissioners all say the job is more than full time. There were seven salary commission members at the Oct. The salary commission is comprised of 10 members, although there is a vacancy because Billie Goodno resigned.

Kim DiRienz was excused from the meeting. Laurel Christie and Milton Carvell did not attend. The jail was moved in , following the construction of the Hall of Justice. A grant from the U. Economic Development Administration helped make the Hall of Justice happen, constructing a building about one mile west of the courthouse to be used for a District Court, county law library, juvenile department.

Both Comins and Gruber represent commissioner district 2, in mid county. Comins also serves on the planning commission.

There are seven park board members. Vinyl windows were installed, and interior corridors and cosmetic work were upgraded. The elevator was added at the same time, as was the heating, ventilating and air-conditioning HVAC system, which was upgraded in We had a low of 24 at night, and a day time high of only The offices will close Friday, Nov.

Election ballots can be placed in the ballot drop box in the alley of the Courthouse. The Information Technology Services office will also be open. The Diamond Lake access will be closed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife a couple weeks after the fishing season closes Oct. The Sacheen Lake boat launch, which was revamped by the WDFW this summer, will close right after the close off fishing season, at the latest Nov.

The federal funds come from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program. To receive funds under the grant, local agencies must be private, voluntary nonprofit organizations or units of government; be eligible to receive federal funds; have an accounting system; practice non-discrimination; have demonstrated the capacity to deliver emergency services; and if they are a private organization, they must have a voluntary board.

A local board made up of a county commissioner and representatives from area organizations will determine how the funds will be distributed.

In past years, the county has distributed funds with at least four agencies participating. The program is currently looking for one homeless or formerly homeless individual to help serve on the board. Public or private agencies interested in applying for these funds can contact Jo Benham at P. Box , Cusick, WA or call for an application. The kids designed the carving on paper and cut them out with a parent helper.

The seeds were saved to season and bake as a snack. No decision has been made regarding the amount of the levy and the board will make final decisions during their next two school board meetings. The amount of the levy will be discussed Tuesday, Nov. Salaries for full-time counselors at the middle and elementary schools are added into the levy.

Currently, there is a counselor at each school, neither holding a full-time position. Classified salaries for classroom assistants, custodians, a nurse and maintenance personnel are listed in the levy. Extra-curricular activities, including sports, are never funded by the state, Crouch said. This would include software, licensing, classroom technology and support services. Thursday October 31st 3 pm - 6 pm at Station 2: There are several new projects being discussed including new asphalt being laid for the elementary school bus lane, seal coating all of the parking lots in the SEE LEVY, 7A.

West, 35, was convicted of forgery for the check. Deputy prosecutor Dolly Hunt recommended a 17 month prison term.

She said West had a number of prior convictions, including bail jumping, theft and possession of controlled substances. She said West had been given a DOA previously and it was revoked. She said West completed the inpatient part of chemical dependency treatment, but had failed to complete the follow up.

The state allows two DOSAs, he said, and this would be the second. West had started drinking at age 6, Scudder said, and using meth at age He said West had been on and off drugs throughout his life.

Daylight savings time usually comes the final Sunday in October, but this year it falls on the first Sunday in November. Personal computers, smartphones and other electronic devices will automatically adjust to the new time. Clocks needing a manual reset will need to be set back one hour when residents fall asleep on Saturday, Nov. All the citizens of this country asked was for them to help get skyrocketing health care costs down or stabilized.

Democrats in Congress and the White House made the law too complicated and government regulation too heavy. The Republicans should have waited for the inevitable realization that the Affordable Care Act is going to increase health care costs for everyone including those that never paid for it before.

There were plans out there to cut health care costs and cover everyone. They were much simpler than a complex national plan. They included paying to train more physicians and other needed medical workers. They could have forced states to allow insurance companies to compete nationally like they now do for car insurance.

Congress could have increased funding for research into improvements to health care procedures that will cut medical care costs. There are many more things that could have been adopted one at a time by Congress.

But this would have needed the Democrats and Republicans to work together. They would have had to agree that the way to solve the health care problems was to stabilize health care costs and promote a competitive healthy insurance industry.

Find it on the left-hand side of the page at www. The results will be printed next week on this page. You need not be a subscriber to participate.

Though riddled with problems, the Affordable Care Act website is up and citizens are signing up, or trying to sign up, for health insurance, either through state exchange programs or the federal exchange program. The public has six months to obtain health insurance coverage. Those who sign up by Dec.

Most people need to be signed up for health care coverage before about Feb. Have you tried to sign up for health coverage through an exchange? I have private insurance but tried the exchange just to check rates. Yes, I signed up for health care coverage on the exchange and look forward to be covered Jan.

The Miner staff invites readers to comment on select stories on our Web site, www. Commentators have the option of adding their name or writing anonymously.

The Miner staff will review each comment before it is posted and reserves the right to omit or edit comments. If you want to comment only to our writers and editors let us know that you do not want your comment published.

Command center is necessary To the editor: His blistering criticism has been forthcoming in several letters to The Miner, but has he even seen the Command Center and the truck, or even tried to understand how it is to function? How can a person judge something before seeing, experiencing and understanding it? A Mobile Command Center would be needed in the events listed below. In , there was a catastrophic threestate forest fire that blackened much of Pend Oreille County and the region killing and injuring many people.

Such a fire could happen again. There are several large dormant and active volcanoes to the west in the Cascades. Rainier were to explode like Mt. St Helens did, the eruption would be many times greater than Mt. An on-site Command Center would be mandatory.

During an electric power failure, the new PUD fiber-optic internet and phone system becomes inoperative. A mobile Command Center will have satellite communications. Republicans support costly government programs To the editor: Each year billions of federal dollars are spent on drug enforcement.

The underground drug industry creates thousands of government jobs in law enforcement, the courts, and prisons. While Republicans demonize schoolteachers that vote for Democrats, they court the welfare-like jobs they have created with the tightening of drug laws and regulations.

Boxleitner said negotiations will start soon for the renewal of the contract in March The five changes are not hugely significant, Boxleitner said. The letter agreements that have been made add additional wording to the agreement to hire new labor, clarify travel and training time and bring back a retired employee to help out at Box Canyon Dam. A new tree trimming foreman and journeyman tree trimmers are being added to the hiring list by the PUD.

These positions will open up in the near future. Limited Assignment employees were added to the contract. The PUD can now hire employees for short-term projects ranging from six months to two years. Boxleitner said this proposal is not project specific and the employees can be hired as needed.

Hiring on-call flaggers is another amendment to the contract. He said that linemen are qualified to handle flagging duties but having a trained flagger is better. There was some language changed regarding company policy on travel and training time.

This is used when crews are required to travel for work and get reimbursed for their time. The projects and upgrades going on at Box are scheduled to last 50 years and Boxleitner said the employees working at Box need to be trained properly to help the dam upgrades last the duration. The police love Republicans who keep funding their endless war on drugs.

Yes, the police unions are good and the teachers unions are bad. Republicans rant about throwing money at education and praise throwing money at drug enforcement. Have you ever heard a Republican lawmaker complain about the lack of success of our losing war on drugs? Why are crack and methamphetamine used in epidemic proportions? Start with the federal crackdown on prescription drugs. When the narcotic supply was cut off, abusers created their own more harmful drugs.

Yes, drug enforcement has filled up our prisons and made America the country with the most jailed citizens. Chasing after citizens who abuse drugs is like trying to herd cats. Perhaps addictive sugar and fat should be put on the drug schedule as they have certainly been abused by millions of citizens. He started making mead more than four years ago when he learned he had a beer budget and wine taste. The first step Jenkins took was getting a Pend Oreille County conditional use permit.

This permit was forwarded off to the state Department of Ecology and Jenkins was told that he needed a civil engineer to design a wastewater treatment. They told him they are concerned with sugars and acids getting into the soil.

Jenkins said this is an expensive project and this is the current step he is at. Once this is done, he will submit the civil engineer design and the proper paperwork to the Department of Ecology for SEPA approval.

Once done, he has to apply with the state for a Limited Liability Corporation business license because alcohol is involved. The state requires an alcohol related business to be a corporation or an LLC. Applying to the state for a winery license is next. This is the last step Jenkins has to take at the state level to get his business up and running. The federal level requires more paperwork to be filled out. Hurst passed away Oct. She was no doubt the oldest person who made an ornament for the Capitol Tree.

She is shown here, seated, at River Mountain Village in Newport. A brief survey is available online and at the Newport, Calispell Valley, Ione and Metalines branches. Stop by your local branch, say hello, scan the shelves and check out other features available. If you need to use a computer, bring your library card and ask a staff member to set you up.

Each branch provides hotspots for personal electronic devices. Printers, copiers and fax machines are available at a nominal fee. Should you need a library card, bring your identification and sign up. Watch the newspaper, library website or Facebook page for events and programs including story times, holiday crafts and book talks.

Each of the four libraries offer scheduled technical assistance for Kindles and electronic tablets. Interactive educational games and homework help is available for children.

New music, eBooks and audio books are constantly being added for patrons to download. Log in and explore the website, www. The travel distance makes cutting marginal timber economically infeasible, he said. The pilot program is the only one in the state, he said. The two watersheds are adjacent to each other. Hersey because of fire suppression and other policies, many woodlands are in a high-risk condition for insect outbreaks, but the economics of tree thinning and restoration to reduce those risks prove too costly.

It used to be every years a fire would roll through and clear. DNR hopes to use the incentive payment to support otherwise economically marginal thinning and restoration activities.

In order to participate in the project, landowners must have a written stewardship plan. Cost-share funding is also available to help develop forest stewardship plans. Children will be carrying. Every penny collected is sent to the U. More than 18, children under five die each day from preventable causes, a 50 percent decrease from 35, in Competitive Prices, High Value! Brink of Elk, after he fled from deputies in a frontend loader, traveling through yards and over fences, finally fleeing on foot and Brink stealing another vehicle.

While conducting the search, deputies observed Brink driving the frontend loader, stolen from a nearby State Department of Transportation gravel pit.

The deputy was able to back up and avoid the collision and the frontend loader continued forward, traveling for a period of time along Highway 2, in the oncoming lane of travel. While trying to avoid apprehension by traveling off road, the frontend loader finally became stuck in a marsh and Brink fled on foot, allegedly stealing a pick-up truck from a nearby home. After stealing the truck, Brink continued to drive off road through fields and fencing.

Search dogs were used, but it appears Brink received a ride out of the area. Probable cause exists at this time for the arrest of Brink for felony eluding, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen property, hit and run, malicious mischief and burglary. Arrest warrants are pending and the law enforcement is seeking assistance from the public in locating his whereabouts. Brink is described as a white, adult male, 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs pounds, with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Kirchan Road is located off Highway 20, in the middle part of the county. The hearing will be held at the county courthouse at West Fourth in Newport at 2 p. Fire District 2 budget hearing set for Nov. John Rumelhart, administrative assistant for the district, said fire district commissioners will propose a 1 percent property tax increase, as allowed by law.

Rumelhart said the district also holds a spot on the agenda to adjust the budget if needed. November 5th Working to Bob, Ron and Ryan Quaintance placed the pen in the lake and the fish feeding will began Oct. The fish are hand fed during the winter and the Diamond Lake Improvement Association still needs volunteers diamondlk. The event is held twice a year — in November and May. People are invited to get a passport to start and visit the 10 businesses that are taking part and have the passport stamped.

Participating businesses will be marked with flag. There will be 10 gift certificates awarded, one for each of the participating businesses. This year the Pend Oreille County Democrats will be holding. Please come greet Buster and have some birthday cake. Certified Master Tech on duty to serve you! Washington from noon to 2 p. There will be free face painting from noon to 2 p. NEWPORT — The Pend Oreille Public Utility District is working on a fiber maintenance policy, to fix any outages that may occur on the fiber to the premise project which currently has fiber customers connected to the Internet with more each week.

The PUD has been working on installing fiber to the premise on just less than 4, homes and businesses for the past two years. With the grant officially ended Sept. The maintenance policy for the fiber system is not fully developed, as the project is new to the county. However, Pend Oreille County is known for wind, rain, snow and treacherous weather that have caused problems with power outages, and now with fiber outages.

With more than customers live on fiber and the first outage already on the books, the PUD policy states that following unscheduled failures in the PUDs communications infrastructure, the PUD will make needed repairs to restore capacity with diligence and complete such repairs as soon as is reasonable and practical. Rhonda Thomas, PUD director of information technology, said the CNS team is very effective at troubleshooting and getting customers back online.

They responded in a timely manner to the first outage but found areas of needed improvement in the. He said that the RSP companies would contact the PUD for outage information and pass it along to the customers affected. There are two types of fiber service offered, a high-end connection that is offered to the hospitals, sheriffs department and other governmental agencies and a standard service that runs to the homes in the area.

Knapp said the maintenance. If the outage occurs over a weekend, the PUD may or may not send out a crew if it involves one or two individual customers. Knapp said the maintenance policy would take time to finalize. It is a conditional permit until Jenkins notifies them that he is ready to produce honey wine from his business. Selling honey wine produces another set of paperwork challenges for Jenkins. He hopes to sell the honey wine over the Internet and each state has different policies on buying and selling alcohol.

Jenkins said that UPS has a current database of interstate sales online and he plans to use this software whenever possible. He said it was interesting to enter the honey wine into. Jenkins said he is hopeful to be through the permitting process with enough time to debut his wine in He said the honey wine will most likely debut in , but he is hopeful to complete the paperwork earlier and start producing honey wine next year.

There are three other honey wineries in the state, Jenkins said. Typically he said there are 10, bottles of wine made and about 2, bottles of mead. Selling to restaurants and stores personally is also an option, in addition to Internet sales. Citizens with pruning tools sighted Master Gardeners and community members learned pruning techniques at River Mountain Village Saturday, Oct.

Master Gardeners teach classes throughout the year that are open to the public. For information on other classes call Crouch said that the amount of the levy is not set in stone, and could be adjusted once the assessed value of the district is finalized.

In other business, the school board met at Stratton Elementary for their regular board meeting, Tuesday, Oct. One of the big project upgrades that came from the energy grant was an HVAC upgrade replacing the existing single boiler with two new electrical boilers at the high school improving the reliability of the system.

The Creating Healthy Student for Life program will take place over the next three years. Superintendent Dave Smith said this could include new weight room equipment for the high school, exchanging the old equipment for trade-in on the new items.

Also part of the grant is PE equipment for the middle school. The students have to wear the pedometers for seven days three times during the first. The following years require a twice-yearly study for data collection.

Scudder said he would not be released to family members, but would go to Oxford House, a sober living home. West said after he completed inpatient treatment as part of his previous DOSA , that he was living with his sister in Chehalis. He said he saw a family member involved in selling meth and left. The fact that West completed the inpatient treatment meant. However, it was an unpopular to the people and repealed in The community will be better served if West becomes drug free, he said.

Nielson sentenced West to six months in treatment. The ornaments were made by the students with care, And one lucky student will win a trip there. The parties are planned for a trip across the country, Starting in Newport, from Pend Oreille County. Two cranes and volunteers will carefully cut, While spectators watch from media huts.

Suspending the tree in all its glory, Carefully dropping to share the story. Lights sparkle in town and dancing fills the street with joy, Elves and hot chocolate for all the girls and boys.

Festivities start in Newport at 11 a. Carriage rides at 1 p. The Engelmann spruce arrives at 2: Traversing the country on 27 stops, Gracing the West Lawn as thousands window-shop. Carolers will sing from the Visitors Center, As Newport lights up the town among presenters.

The tree leaves at dusk on its journey to share, Waving goodbye to the Christmas affair. All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. Downtown Newport 9 a. Newport fleurdelisfloralandhome. Follow the tree across the United States Nov.

Come see the tree! City Hall, S. Republic Schools, E. SW Washington St. Three Rivers Convention Center, W. American Airlines Center, Victory Ave. Bass Pro Shop, 1 Par Dr.

Receive a ticket for coming in. Drop in bag of prize you want. Bring in ad to enter for Spa Basket. House of Representatives John W. This tree lived three years before succumbing to wind and root damage. In , the capitol architect asked the U.

Forest Service to provide a Christmas tree. Since then, a different national forest. This national forest also works with state forests to provide companion trees that are smaller Christmas trees for offices in Washington, D.

This year will mark the second time that Washington state has provided the Capitol Christmas Tree. In , a Pacific silver fir was provided from the Olympic National Forest. MC - Ron Ragone Stage 2, Washington Ave. Where Christmas shopping is an experience! The girls at Just Because believe in inspiring women to dress with confidence and style through clothes that compliment who they are.

We manufacture a complete line of lumber products specializing in decking, siding, patterns, and trim. Arts and crafts, Christmas decorations and gifts and concessions and refreshments will sold. For more information, call The event is from p. For more information, visit http: The sale is from 10 a. Submit births, weddings and engagements to The Miner for publication at no charge. The Miner can be reached at , minernews povn. Hartwig has graduated from basic combat training at Fort Jackson, Columbia, S.

During the nine weeks of training, the soldier studied the Army mission, history, tradition and core values, physical fitness, and received instruction and practice in basic combat skills, military weapons, chemical warfare and bayonet training, drill and ceremony, marching, rifle marksmanship, armed and unarmed combat, map reading, field tactics, military courtesy, military justice system, basic first aid, foot marches, and field training exercises.

Hartwig is the daughter of Gary and Patricia Hartwig of Blanchard. He will celebrate with a party from p. Schilling was born Nov. He helped with the haying, taking care of the horses and livestock on the farm while growing up. In , his sister Ethel and her husband moved out West and asked Schilling to come with them.

He worked several jobs, and learned to be a body man repairing automobiles in a Chevrolet garage in Pullman. Luella and Buster were looking at a house Dec. Buster knew he would have to go into the Army, so they were married on Christmas Day, Buster and Luella bought a farm in Cusick in He hayed, raised cattle, chickens, and other animals, while working at a sawmill. They purchased an apartment house and moved to Newport in Schilling was active in the Newport Rodeo Association, and he organized the annual rodeo parade for 42 years.

After working in the pole yard for 18 years, he retired and volunteered for Rural Resources, driving people to Spokane for. Belly Dance Fitness is offered on Tuesdays from 6: The class is open to people of all ages and fitness levels above the age of seven years. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable leggings or skirt, crop top or leotard and bare feet. Creative Dance will be taught Tuesdays and Wednesdays from p.

Jessa Ritter will teach a blend of hip hop, jazz, lyrical and funk dance. The class is open to ages 10 and up. Learn to knit with Dorothy Bernard, Monday, Nov.

Learn basic knitting, cast on, knit stitch, pearl stitch and bind off. Participants need size eight needles about inches long and cotton yarn. Pre-registration only for this.

Oil painting classes will happen every Thursday from 9 a. Barry Dumaw will teach the class. Basic painting supplies are needed. Classes will be made according to age groups. All classes are 45 minutes and class sizes are limited.

For more information, email peprmyntpatty aol. Create is helping host some of the festivities during the Capitol Christmas Tree celebration, Friday, Nov. For a complete listing of events in November or for more information, call Create at Buster Schilling is celebrating his th birthday Sunday, Nov. Buster and Luella called Bingo at the nursing home twice a week for 25 years.

They will celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary this Christmas Day, in the nursing home, where they are residents.

Register early for classes, size is limited. Colin will show you how easy it is to email photos, upload photos to your favorite social media site and more, just in time for the holidays. Minimum attendance required at computer classes, call to register. Hanukkah will be held in Blanchard only Wednesday, Nov.

Story Time in Blanchard Wednesdays at Make a unique creation from cardboard during Family Reading Week, Nov. Just imagine what you can build with some tape, cardboard and decorations. Check the library website for more information at http: He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. After graduation, she plans to transfer to a fouryear university where she will earn her Bachelors Degree in biology. She would like to then enroll in medical school to become a.

Nursery Care Available Rev. Russell Clark newportucc conceptcable. Newport, WA - Office Phone: Pastor Mitch McGhee Community Church Directory Newport: Sunday Services - 10 a. Pastor Jack Jones Church Office www. Diamond Lake Church Hwy. Morning Services Sabbath School 9: She is also a member of the National Honor Society and she enjoys playing volleyball, being with her friends and family and warm weather. She has two younger brothers that are also enrolled in the Newport School District.

Worship Service 11 a. I'm just really bored and nobody's doing any thing fun. So I was seeing if there is a women of any age and race around here that would like to take a little walk with me and tell me about yourself. I'm not looking to hook up or any thing crazy to you just a open and honest guy that just want to get to know someone different and out of my circle.

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