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Download the MBG App. Contents of the guide are not necessarily the official views of or endorsed by U. White Pages civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising. Military Buyer's Guide www. The units and organizations here run the gamut from U.

These homes are situated within welcoming communities with Army Forces Command warfighting units and Reserve component community centers, attractive green spaces and one of the most exten- training units to commands such as U. Army Cadet Command and sive networks of active hiking and biking trails in the local area.

Army Recruiting Command, which are responsible for identifying, The Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation pro- educating and recruiting the Army's newest officers and Soldiers. The vides a wide selection of recreation, fitness, sports and leisure activities. Maude Complex -- manages all ily members. Soldiers' personnel actions, from initial enlistment through retirement. Fort Knox also provides quality health care at Ireland Army Health Fort Knox is home to more than 30 units, commands and organi- Clinic.

The clinic provides primary and specialty care providers for Sol- zations with a daytime population of about 23, Soldiers, civilian diers, Family members and retirees. While each organization has a different There are four schools on post that are a part of the Fort Knox Com- mission, Fort Knox's slogan, "Strength Starts Here," captures a common munity Schools system, including two elementary schools, one middle thread and connects the Army post under a unified purpose and pride.

Based on standardized test outcomes, the Fort As a newcomer to Fort Knox, you are part of the team of teams that Knox Community Schools system is considered one of the best school is making the Army's vision a reality.

Just outside Fort Knox's gates is a districts in the nation. The garrison is committed to providing the best services, programs, support and facilities necessary for quality of life and organizational missions. Some notable Fort Knox features include the Lt. Maude Complex, a youth sports complex, an outdoor amphitheater and a child development center, as well as fitness centers, a library and many administrative facilities.

The post also offers new and renovated Family housing to Soldiers and their Families, military retirees and Department of Defense civilians. All the information you need to know to While traveling, be sure to document all travel expenses for reim- plan a successful move can be found using the tools on this page.

There are a number of actions you should take as soon as you receive Newcomer Orientation and Welcome is a presentation of installation PCS orders -- actions such as arranging for movement of your household programs and services pertinent to permanent duty assignment to Fort goods, requesting on-post Family housing if desired, arranging tempo- Knox. It is provided monthly and is mandatory for sergeants first class, rary quarters for when you are house hunting or enrolling your children chief warrant officers, captains and below.

Newcomer Orientation and in the on-post Child Development Center program, if appropriate. Welcome is open to all Soldiers, spouses and civilian employees. Spouses Newcomers are encouraged to contact their local Personal Property are highly encouraged to attend, and if needed Army Community Ser- Office as soon as possible after receiving orders to arrange shipment of vice ACS will provide a voucher to the Child Development Center, household goods. Most of this process can now be accomplished online Building Bullion Blvd.

You can and Youth Services prior to making reservations with CDC hourly care now schedule delivery directly with your carrier. Call ACS for date, time and location Single Soldiers E-5 and below must reside in single Soldier housing. Information about military Family hous- Fort Knox is 35 miles southwest of Louisville, just off Highway 31W, ing, including application procedures and approximate wait times, is which can be reached from the north by taking Louisville's Gene Snyder available on the Knox Hills website at www.

Information Freeway Kentucky Route west off Interstate If approaching about off-post housing is available through the Housing Services Office. All Those planning to rent off post must report to Family Housing prior to three entry gates are located just north of Radcliff, Kentucky.

If you are traveling by plane you'll most likely arrive at Louisville Inter- Military Families requiring on-post child care are encouraged to national Airport. Assistance can be found for military personnel and contact the Fort Knox Child Development Center at , their Families in an Army Reception Center on the airport's second level.

All firearms are equipped with one queen-sized bed or arrives on weekdays and 9 a. Sat- must be declared upon entry onto Fort Knox two full-sized beds, microwaves, refrigera- urday and Sunday. Refreshments, games, cable and weapons registration permit verified when tors, cable TV, DVD players, and free in-room TV, writing materials and phone lines are entering a gate. If you are declaring a firearm at wired and wireless internet access.

Privately owned center, conference room, business center and able to Fort Knox, but some taxi companies firearms carried in a vehicle will be secured laundry facility. For vehicles without a trunk, Roll-away beds and portable cribs are avail- Details on discount taxi rates are available firearms will be encased in a container to the able to guests on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some of the rear of the vehicle. The weapon and ammu- They also have rooms that accommodate ADA Reserve units offer a shuttle service from the nition must be stored separately. When calling or emailing your reser- airport to the installation. Incoming Reserve concealed firearms on Fort Knox is strictly vation, please inform the reservationist of any personnel should contact their sponsoring prohibited. State concealed weapons permits special needs.

Reservations are recommended unit regarding transportation from the airport. A credit card Gate, Brandenburg Station Road Gate and personnel that are in transit to Fort Knox on guarantee is required for all reservations. Res- Chaffee Main Gate -- all accessible from Military Orders will be provided a seven-day ervations may also be made through our cen- Highway 31W, just north of Radcliff.

All mili- temporary registration. Make sure to have all tral reservation system at or tary members, civil service employees, con- pertinent information ready but do not bring http: Or visit orders or payment with a government-issued will be required to stop at the Visitors Center www.

Pet arrangements must be made at the time Center is closed. The Visitors Center is open All hotel facilities on post are owned and of reservation. Additional restrictions and fees 6 a.

The main front desk check-in http: The first stop for all newly arriving per- the installation must have the weapon or weap- Hotel rooms are diverse in design, available sonnel is the Process Control Station ons registered with the Fort Knox Directorate to accommodate one to five persons.

Monday through Thursday and 8: The facility is closed weekends, all federal Arrange for shipment and storage of In-process through Rockenbach Hall, holidays and garrison training holidays.

All household goods through the Defense Building Soldiers are Personal Property System. Report to Housing Office Building required to have copies of reassignment orders, Obtain name and phone number of to apply for or obtain informa- all amendments and completed DA Form 31, a sponsor from gaining command.

Request and Authority for Leave, signing you Provide change-of-address to the U. Report to Building , if appropriate, out of the last duty station. Soldiers who have Postal Service. Postal Service with arrival. Finance and Accounting, Transporta- Electricity new address. Soldiers are to Phone Enroll youth in on-post youth programs. All in-processing must be destination. Waiting List for on-post child care, as Gas Soldiers with units who do not have a staff appropriate.

Electricity duty desk and are arriving after duty hours Browse helpful relocation websites. The MP Desk Hand-carry important paperwork. Phone can assist with billeting by contacting garrison Military orders, endorsements, Establish local banking services, as for single Soldiers private through staff ser- official records, etc.

All officers, senior NCOs and all mar- Civilian medical records, chil- Make appropriate changes to home and ried Soldiers, upon signing in at the MP Desk, dren's immunizations, passports, auto insurance.

Have you been assigned official spon- Families settle in to Fort Knox as quickly and For outgoing Families, items may be bor- sorship duties? Log on to the CAC-enabled easily as possible. These ser- picked up.

All items need to be returned prior http: It is best to bring your You can never be too financially ready for counseling, pre-arrival information, manda- own linens because the Lending Closet does your move. The government ships your house- tory overseas orientation, re-entry workshops, not provide them.

Program participants are advance within 12 months. The temporary Eisenhower Avenue. The ACS Lending Closet is stocked with basic provided with accurate and timely informa- hardship of relocating may affect your Fam- items needed upon arrival or before departure. Moving expenses you can Dishes, pots, pans, silverware, toasters, irons problems associated with relocating to a new expect include: The program is available to the hookup fees, license, tags, registration, car available on loan.

This program provides basic active Army, the Army National Guard and the rental, transportation from the car shipping housekeeping items on temporary loan for a Army Reserve and to civilian employees whose port if stateside, temporary lodging and food. An extension is available ment of the Army requires a PCS. Service members must report to their units prior to being Information includes application procedures and approximate wait assigned barracks space.

Soldiers reporting to the installation after duty times for your specific needs. The Knox Hills Leasing Office is next to hours will be provided temporary housing until the next duty day.

The Soldier Housing Office is open 7 a. It is closed weekends and holidays. Housing prior to entering into a lease agreement off post.

Free laundry facilities are in each building. Smoking is not is available to serve military personnel, Family members, retirees and allowed in the buildings. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas DoD civilian personnel seeking off-post housing. HSO is the first choice outside of each building. No overnight guests are allowed in the perma- of detailed information when Soldiers and their Families are relocating nent party rooms.

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He alluded darkly to dangers impending over us at Washington that only he could avert, and declared that he had come out to enable him to be our saviour. Thus he spoke and electioneered with the people of the train till he met a return company, who conveyed intelligence to the States of the election of Dr.

His tone then changed. As soon as he arrived, he announced his intention of returning to the States. He said he was sick, and supported the character in the eyes of his fellow-lodgers by eating enormously, without taking any outdoor exercise.

He was hale and busy enough, to our cost He must have obtained his influence over the others almost immediately after his arrival. They soon removed to the boarding house in which he was quartered; and there evidently, as we think we can see now, concerted their schemes and courses of molestation and mischief. We heard now distinctly more of discontent and dissatisfaction, and more of the insufficient compensation and the rest One day Brocchus reminded the Governor that he was going away very soon, and asked him to do him the favor of procuring him as large an audience of the people as possible, as he was very anxious to set before them in style the claims of the Washington monument fund.

I do not know how he made out his case; but, as he was always specious and smiling, the Governor, willing to show him a pleasure, said, "I V ill invite you, sir, to speak at our approaching conference. It is a religious meeting, I suppose you are aware; but I wish well to your cause. Around it then was all naked ground, though it now stands in the heart of the business part of the city. Our semi-annual conferences have always met in it; and our Fall one assembling here by stated appointment, September the 6th; at its opening day, a handsome representation of the people from all quarters being in attendance, Governor Young took the first opportunity of fulfilling his promise "I was respectfully and honorably introduced'" says the published statement of Judge Brocchus I am certain no one of his acquaintance at Salt Lake City was prepared for such a speech as he made on this occasion.

In its way it beat Brandebury's shirt. I would give a hundred dollars for the sake of our cause, to have had a phonographer to take down the stupendous effort.

I can only now profess to remember a few points of it, recalled to my memory by the use that has been made of them since. He began by stating that he had read our history with deep interest, particularly that part relating to our sufferings in winter quarters, on the Missouri River, during the severe winter of ' I intended to have visited winter quarters, he said, but, alas, was not able. A friend of mine brought me these flowers; here they are; it is all I can present you of that sainted place!

At this sympathetic display he forced a tear, and, the careless observer would have said, wiped it from his cheek, but Deseret eyes saw the handkerchief pass to the right and left, while the tear remained on the cheek by an overcast of the head. His reception was next referred to.

Even a kind lady brushed the flies from my forehead; her kindness I can never forget. Twenty minutes of this sort of thing quite naturally introduced the consideration of his personal merits. In the course of an able and flattering autobiography, he displayed all his advantages of experience and public service in important imaginary capacities. This sort of thing took up an hour more, by which the patience of the company was pretty nearly worn out, though they remained quiet.

He began a studied assault upon his introducer, Governor Young, and an argument to the people against allowing the man so much influence as he possessed, the sum of it being that so long as this continued we would have no party divisions, and without party divisions we could not be a worthy object of the notice or favor of politicians. Soon, however he found he could do nothing on this head.

Your smiles should be turned on the contemplation of men who can handle the sword -- George Washington, and Zachary Taylor, the second Washington. Oh, Governor Young can't handle a sword! From bad to worse, disapprobation rose till the orator was groaned.

He tried a few insinuations more, and was groaned again, groaned with a will. At this, instead of taking his seat, he changed his ground, and made a direct and undisguised attack upon the audience itself, men and women, without distinction, accusing them of want of patriotism and attachment to the laws, and reproaching and insulting them to their face. Wells, of Illinois, an impulsive and hot spoken man, but I am bound to say one of our most liberal and public spirited citizens, had delivered an oration on the 24th of July, severely condemning the course of the federal government towards us.

Producing an imperfect report of this speech and commenting on it, Brocchus proceeded to attribute its sentiments to the people, and make them answerable for it, thereupon threatening them with destruction by the whole army and navy of the United States. In the same way he brought up remarks of Governor Young upon General Taylor, threatening the people with destruction for them also, and declaring that his Brocchus's influence should break him from office, the instant he arrived in Washington.

Finally, the women hissing him here, he mentioned Washington, for the first time in connection with the monument, and as if merely incidentally. But in order for you to do it acceptably, you must become virtuous, and teach your daughters to become virtuous, or your offering had better remain in the bosom of your native mountains. The tumult continuing, we looked to the other officers of the United States, who had been invited to the stand, to reply; but, as they failed to do so, the Governor being loudly called for, rose and spoke in substance for I cannot imitate or remember successfully his peculiar style , as follows: Such an orator, I should suppose, might be made by down-east patent, with Comstock's phonetics and elocution primers; but, I ask you all; have we ever before listened to such trash and nonsense from this stand?

Are you a Judge, he said, turning to him , and can't even talk like a lawyer, or a politician, and haven't read an American school history? Be ashamed, you illiterate ranter, said he , not to know your Washington better than to praise him for being a mere brutal warrior.

Washington was called first in war; but he was first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen. He had a big head and a great heart.

Of course, he could fight. What man here will dare to say, with women standing by, that he is a bit more a coward than Washington was? I can handle a sword as well as George Washington. I'd be ashamed to say I couldn't. But you, standing there, white and shaking now, at the hornets'-nest you have stirred up yourself -- you are a coward; and that is why you have cause to praise men that are not; and why you praise Zachary Taylor. President Taylor you can't praise -- you find nothing in him.

And, for one, Ill not have Washington insulted by having him compared to Taylor, for a single breath of speech. No, nor what is more, President and General Andrew Jackson crowed down and forgotten, while I am with this people even if I did not know that one is in one place of punishment , and the other in another of reward. Is it the place of miserable vermin that feed upon its sacred body, to teach us the value of the Union?

Sense enough you have to see we are bound to be its best friends. But you shall not go home to say you were never told so. Against the Union, are we? We want to have Saint Francisco on one side of us, and Saint Louis on the other, fighting and scratching like any other two saints of different denominations, do we?

And the tax on the foreign goods we use isn't enough, to be sure, but we must want to pay one set of duties at a custom-house in New York or New Orleans, and then another at Jefferson City, may be, and an. That will help us, won't it? We have come out from the North and South as well as East and West, and we want our old States to stick together, because we intend to stick to the whole of them.

And we are just the very people to know what tomfool's nonsense it is, the notion of a minority that expects to get into a tight place, going off for safety into close partnership with its next neighbors. Who does not know that there is more bother with a quarrel some neighbor than with a dozen that live further off. And what is a man's chance if, with a neighbor on each side of him, bent upon mischief, he has no other neighbors to help him keep them straight?

It is just the same with States. Let the devil of persecution get abroad against any single one of them, as it did against us at home, and let it be Georgia or Illinois on one side, and North Carolina and Tennessee, or Missouri and Iowa on the other, all ready to join, if one is not enough, to put Charleston or Nauvoo down -- and where is Charleston' or South Carolina either, going to be, if she hasn't then one outsider to help her?

Now, tell all this, when you return, to some of your folks in Alabama, where you say you belong; -- though' if you tell them instead' the Mormons want to get up a union with Selkirk's Settlement, or the Hudson Fur Company, or be annexed by the Mexican half-breeds, or the Indians, say the Crows, or the Blackfeet, or the Snakes , I know they'd rather believe it. You talk of things 'you have on hearsay,' since your coming among us. What it would satisfy you to get out of us I think it would be hard to tell; but I am sure it is more than you'll get.

If you or any one else is such a baby-calf, we must sugar your soap to coax you to wash yourself of Saturday nights: What to make of the strange speech of Brocchus, to this day I am not clear We could not go on with the church business after the disgraceful occurrence, and our meeting had to be dismissed and dispersed After the Brocchus outrage, the story of the misconduct of other officers is Soon related.

First, we found out, to our astonishment, that neither Brandebury nor Harris were at pains to condemn or disavow his course. Soon we were threatened that Harris would return with Brocchus; not long after we heard the same ill of Brandebury, and soon after this They would not communicate with that body or notice its existence.

The Assembly passed a joint resolution directing the United States Marshal to take into his custody the papers, seals and funds of the Secretary, as about to abscond. He disregarded it, and applying to Judge Brandebury, who, for this special purpose, constituted a United States Court for the first time, obtained an injunction on the marshal against interfering with him.

This letter, dated September 25, came to the Assembly next day, or Friday, Sept. What they would have done, or what would have been the course of their debates it would be hard to say.

But the officers, as if they feared the Assembly really might take the Secretary's objections for more than they were worth, and resign and be reconstituted, which could have been done in a week -- the next thing we knew, they were off -- Sunday morning, bright and early, September 28, A. I have concluded my narrative. How far it contains cause of offence, perhaps, I am unable to see; but I am sure it will surprise every one that has perused it, to know that, wretched stitching together of trivialities as it appears, it covers the whole ground of the charges made against us Late in four of the federal officials appointed to the Territorial Government in Utah, left the territory and returned to Washington.

Grant, to Washington, D. Elder Grant was assisted by Thomas L. Kane in writing letters for publication, in which the Mormons and their leaders might be better presented to easterners.

At least three such letters, headed "Truth for the Mormons," were submitted to the New York Herald, but Editor Bennett chose to reproduced only one of them in his paper. Whose business is it? Does the constitution forbid it? New York City, Saturday, April 24, We received, several days ago, the Deseret News and private advices to that date. We have already given the leading points of these accounts in the New York Herald New York City, Thursday, July 15, James Gordon Bennett, Esq.

It is just as virtuous, just as holy, and just as wise, for the Mormons to obey the Scriptures now, as in the days of Moses or Jesus; for Jesus said, 'suffer little childrem and forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven. You could not have the children, unless you had the wives, [and] mothers, to bear them. If you have not received a communication from Dr. Bernhisel, on the plurality of wives, being a dialogue between Bogus-bus, and the king's fool, call on him for it, and let the people have it, and I think your own wife system will sing as small as our racing Gilipons, or, 'dirty cotton court.

Brother Gordon, look into my almanac for this year, and on the 22d page you will observe an account of the 'Eternal Mother,' -- and on the 37th, 'The Philosophy of the Heavens. Should you get the communication I mentioned above, I think that what I have written will do for you and I and others, to circulate that the constitution of the United States, actually allows men and women to love, get and do all the good they can from the Bible, from the Book of Mormon, from the world, and even from one another.

Such is the first Mormon attempt at justifying their long secret spiritual wifery. Even the patience and indulgent allowance Editor Bennett generally extended to the Utah Saints must have been taxed in his reading of this communication from "the King's Fool. He was a contemporary of William W. Phelps in the business when Phelps started his anti-masonic Ontario Phoenix at Canandaigua. While Phelps joined the Mormons and "went west," Bennett remained in the east, giving voice to the pro-masonic cause and conducting some of the very first investigative reporting on the origin and rise of Mormonism.

No doubt Bennett kept an eye on Phelps over the years, and watched with distaste the man's long, slow downhill slide into obsession and obscurity. After so many years of promulgating lies regarding their secret marital affairs, Phelps' professed love of all "language which conveys truth" must have struck Bennett as both pathetic and comical. New York City, Monday, April 25, We had of late years entirely lost track of William Smith, brother of the prophet "Joe.

He was then keeping tavern in Plymouth , a small village in Hancock county, some thirty miles from Nauvoo. A goodly number of the "Saints" frequented his house, but he never had much influence with the great body of Mormons. Compared with his older brother Joe, or his younger [sic] brother Hiram, he was an inferior man. He had much less capacity than the former, and far less cultivation than the latter. Yet he was by no means deficient in that peculiar shrewdness which, from the mother of the prophet down to the youngest of her children, was characteristic of the Smith family.

Bill, however, lacked caution. He had not the faculty of concealment which distinguished Joe and Hiram. Perhaps this was the reason that the two latter induced him to take up his residence outside the holy city.

The weakness of Bill conduced to his popularity where he lived. He obtained a reputation for frankness and candor that was denied his shrewder brothers, and when he became a candidate for legislative honors, he polled many votes outside of the Mormon organization.

After the murder of Joe and Hiram, Bill made a desperate attempt for the succession. But he carried too few guns. Rigdon was a bigger man than Bill, Strang was bigger than Rigdon, but Brigham Young was the biggest of them all. But Rigdon, Strang and Bill were all too big to play second fiddle to Brigham. Each drew off his particular adherents, and set up on his own account. Brigham and the great mass of the saints made their hegira to Salt Lake, Rigdon and his followers to Pennsylvania, and Strang to Beaver Island.

Bill commenced a kind of nomadic life. We met him repeatedly afterwards, upon the Southern rivers, travelling up and down, lecturing on Mormonism in the principal cities and towns, seemingly fond of the notoriety which attached to him. Within the last five or six years we had heard but little of him, and we supposed he had either subsided into peaceful retirement, or had made his submission to Brigham Young, and become a citizen of Utah.

Our first impression was correct. William Smith, as we learn by a late number of the Dixon Telegraph, together with a few followers, has settled in Lee county, Illinois. There he maintains the distinctive tenets of Mormonism, keeps up "stated preaching," and practised many of the peculiarities for which the sect are famous. Last week he was brought before the Circuit Court at Dixon, at the instigation of a "spiritual wife.

On account of the inability of the witness to attend at this term, the case was continued. The defendant says that it all arises in persecution from the Gentiles. As another item on the same subject we may state that Smith has himself now pending in the same court, an application for a divorce, on the ground that his wife, while at Nauvoo, was initiated into the mysteries of, and, as he says, "took seven degrees" in spiritual wifery.

So that it seems, according to his ideas of the doctrines of that particular branch of the church militant, what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander. New York City, Friday, May 4, The negro is damned, and is to serve his master till God chooses to remove the curse of Ham. But as soon as they engage in the turmoil of their daily duties, the hue and cry that 'the Mormons are about to do this and that,' attracts their attention. Formerly the rumor was that 'they were agoing to tamper with the slaves,' when we had never thought of such a thing.

The seed of Ham, which is the seed of Cain descending through Ham, will, according to the curse put upon him, serve his brethren, and be a 'servant of servants' to his fellow-creatures, until God removes the curse; and no power can hinder it. These are my views upon slavery.

New York City, Tuesday, June 17, New York City, Sunday, October 19, Our Salt Lake Correspondence. The following items of news, which you will not find in the Deseret News, will serve to illustrate to the minds of the people in the States the situation in which the United States officers and the "Gentile" residents in Utah are in, and also the importance of immediate action in respect to the state of affairs in this Territory.

In the first place, when the United States' mail was preparing to leave this place on the 2nd of the month, we were much astonished to see a body of fourteen horsemen, with arms secreted about their persons -- among whom were Bill Hickman, Hiram Clauson, J. Little, and Brigham Young, Jr. They escorted the mail in this manner until it reached the mouth of Emigration Kanyon, when Mr. Maxwell, the conductor, stopped the carriages, and, riding back to the posse, told them that he would proceed no further until they gave him the reasons for their unwarrantable conduct.

They gave him as an excuse that when the mail came into the city the mail carriers had shouted and made a great noise, and that to prevent them from doing so in going out they had been ordered to escort them. They then returned to the city, and the mail proceeded on its way. It was, however, rumored in the city, and generally believed, that there were persons who intended to go in the mail carriage whom they wished to prevent from leaving the country.

The following Sunday, Brigham Young told the people in the tabernacle that any man who would sell a bushel of wheat to a "Gentile," would have to give the same amount for the benefit of the church, and that if he persisted in so doing his property should all be confiscated.

Also, in speaking of the Gentiles he said that he hated the very sight of them, "and if you were all," said he, "real good Mormons -- such Mormons as I should like to see you -- not a single Gentile would remain in the place a minute.

It would be too hot for them here. You would make it hotter for them than the southeast corner of a Methodist hell. The facts are these: Here he met Bill Hickman, a notorious member of the "Danite Band," who engaged in conversation with him in a friendly manner, no one having any suspicion that he had the least unkind feeling towards him. He had gone but a few steps when three men, associates of Hickman, stepped up behind him and knocked him down.

Hooper seized Hickman by the collar when the latter drew a knife upon him. He, however, succeeded in throwing him off. Williams in the meantime throwing the other two fellows off, liberated Mr.

Dotson, who carried him in. Hickman and his associates then jumped on their horses and rode off unmolested, yelling and shouting like Indians. Troskolawski was found to be very seriously hurt having received a severe internal injury by being dreadfully cut up and bruised. He had received heavy blows behind each ear and on his forehead.

He passed four days in the greatest agony; his friends expecting every moment that he would die; but under the care of Dr. Lee, the inflammation was arrested, and he is now slowly recovering. No cause was assigned for the attack, except that Mr. Bill Hickman was in town the next day, boasting of what he had done, and saying that he was not afraid; that he could pay damages and stand a trial, for his counsel was a high one.

Towards the middle of the day, Brigham Young, the Governor of the Territory, sent for Hickman, who remained with him some two hours.

There was a great deal of excitement in the city and the sympathy of the mass of the people was for Mr. Hickman was in town every day that week, and no effort was made by the authorities to bring the offender to justice. It is useless for the Gentiles to make complaint, for there is not the least shadow of law or justice in Utah.

Brigham Young is absolute monarch, and his word is the only law acknowledged. On the Sunday afternoon following, Jedediah M. Grant, the second councillor of Brigham, made the following remarks in the Tabernacle, rebuking the people for the sympathy which they had evinced for Mr.

I abhor this sympathetic feeling you have towards the wretches who would cut our throats, and of whom I can say, as I have said of Martin Van Buren, that they should be winked at by blind men, they should be kicked across lots by cripples, they should be nibbled to death by young ducks, and be drawn through the keyhole to hell by humble bees.

After Jedediah had finished speaking, Heber C. Kimball, Brigham's first counsellor, rose and remarked that he agreed with all that Jedediah had said, and then added: They then finished by ordering Thomas S. Williams to go on a mission as a reward for his interference in the affair.

The above are the passages which are fit to be published, for some were too indecent to be repeated. The whole drift of the afternoon's discourses was that the church approved this deed and upheld the "shanpip brethren" not Danite, as formerly, in what they had done -- that the people had no business to be surprised -- that they reproved them for the excitement which had been created, and that the next time such a deed was committed there would be no occasion for any noise to be made about it.

Bill Hickman was sent out to Green river the week after with a couple of wagon loads of goods for Wash-a-keek, the Chief of the Snake tribe. Why he was sent instead of Armstrong, the Indian Agent, remains to be ascertained; but probably it is part of the excellent peace policy which Brigham has found to work so well, and in pursuance of which he distributes presents to the Indians in the name of the Mormons, taking care to make the distinction broad between Americans and Mormons, which presents are paid for by the United States government.

The immediate cause of these presents being sent is that news has been received from the upper country that the Snake and Bonnack Indians are all ready at a moment's warning to make war upon the Mormons, and that they are only waiting to hear of the success of the war in Oregon to commence hostilities.

We give them as received. So long as the practices of Brigham Young and his associates were kept within -- we will not say decent bounds; but such, at all events, as enabled them to steer clear of a collision with the general laws of the country -- we were averse to interference with them. We felt that any attempt to control their peculiar doctrincs, obnoxious though they are to all Christian-minded people, would only react unfavorably on the principle of religions toleration, and produce far worse evils than were likely to result from quietly allowing the Mormon malady to work out its own cure.

The statements of our correspondent show that this view of the case was the right one, inasmuch as the insanity that precedes destruction is now urging on the Saints to acts, which, if true and persevered in, will call for their totaI extirpation from our territories.

It appears that to such an extent is the hatred of these people to the United States employes, and others who have not been inoculated with the beauties of Mormonism carried, that in their dealings with them they treat them in all respects as a proscribed race, with whom it is sinful to have any sort of dealings.

Thus, a Mormon owing a debt to a "Gentile" is openly enjoined from the Tabernacle not to discharge his obligations to him, and allow himself to be sued and have all his property taken from him rather than disobey the injunction. Again, Brigham Young tells his people that any man who sells a bushel of wheat to a Gentile will have to give the same amount for the benefit of the church; and that if such traffic be persisted in all his effects will be confiscated.

This is carrying the principle of religious exclusiveness and jealonsy further even than Moslemism, and further too than the policy of the constitution, in its toleration of religious eccentricities will permit. But the worst of these new frenzies of the Mormon mind remains to be narrated. Not satisfied with this system of social proscription, these desperate men, it is asserted, are now resorting to acts of brutal violence to put down opposition to their creed.

In the letter to which we refer there is an account given of the attempted assassination of Mr. Troskolamki, a United States Deputy Surveyor, by the notorious Bill Hickman and three of his "Danite" associates, for the expression of opinions adverse to Mormonism. Not only was this cowardly act suffered to pass unpunished by the magistrates, but it received the approval of the Mormon elders in their addresses to the "faithful" in the Tabernacle.

In the extravagance of their vanity and self confluence, these foolish people have committed another offence which is likely to bring them into direct collision with the federal authorities. In order to prevent suspected persons anti-Mormons from leaving the Territory, they have had the audacity to send an armed band to watch and interfere with the movements of the convoy carrying the United States mails, in its departure from Salt Lake City. It was not until the mail conductor peremptorily informed the escort that he would not proceed if they continued to follow him, that they were induced to return.

From those statements it will be inferred that the reports which have been current of an intention on the part of the, Mormons to cut the connection with us and set up on their hook, are not altogelher without foundation. If they continue after this fashion to set the authority of the general government at defiance, they may find the movement anticipates in a way that will neither be very convenient nor agreeable to them.

New York City, April 16? Sir -- As myself and Mr. Hanks are the last persons who have come to the States from Great Salt Lake City, I deem it may duty to bear testimony against the lying scribblers who seem to be doing their utmost to stir up a bad feeling against the Utonians.

We left our home on the 11th of December, brought the last mail to the States, and certainly should know of the state of things there. The charges of Judge Drummond are as false as he is corrupt.

Before I left for the States I was five days in every week in Great Salt Lake City, and I witness to all the world that I never heard one word of the burning of nine hundred volumes of law, records, etc. There is only one house between my house and the Penitentiary, said to contain " five or six young men from Missouri and Iowa," and I do know that up to the day I left, there were only in that place of confinement three Indians, who were convicted at the time of Colonel Steptoe's sojourn there, for having taken part in the massacre of Captain Gunnison and party, which Drummond now charges upon the "Mormons," even though Colonel Steptoe and the United States' officers then in Utah investigated the affair thoroughly and secured the conviction of the three Indians alluded to.

This is an unblushing falsehood, that none but a man like Drummond could pen. The treasonable acts alleged against the "Mormons " in Utah are false from beginning to end.

At Fort Kearney we learned all about the murder of Colonel Babbitt, and do know that that charge against the "Mormons " is but another of Drummond's creations.

I have but a short time at my disposal for writing, but must say, that I am astonished to find in the States, rumors against Utah. We left our homes in peace, dreaming of no evil, and we come here and learn that we are the most corrupt of men, and are preparing for war. New York City, Thursday, June 11, The man for Utah has been found -- so our advices from Washington state -- and Colonel Cummings will receive this week a commission from the President as successor to Brigham Young in the government of the Mormon Territory.

Harney is already moving troops across the Plains to support the Governor in taking possession of his new office, should it be necessary, and vindicate the authority of the federal government. Politicians, who swarm round every appointment that promises spoils and safety, have fought shy of Utah, because it was supposed that it harbored little profit for the purse and much danger for the person. This self-condemnation on the part of the office seekers that besiege the White House is worthy of being remembered by the President in weighing their claims for more promising positions.

As for the Mormons and Brigham Young, we have not the slightest idea that they are going to give Governor Cummings and General Harney any serious trouble whatever. They have blustered about what they would do in order to prevent the federal authority from appointing a successor to Governor Young, and their policy has succeeded for a time. Poor Pierce and his Cabinet were outbragged, and dared not show their hands; but a new rule has been inaugurated at Washington, and the federal authority will be duly and properly exercised in the premises.

That is all the Utah question requires. The history of our government shows an abundance of valiant politicians who were determined to resist the federal power to the last gasp; but whenever Uncle Sam fairly put his foot down and said the thing should be so and so, it was so and so.

From the whiskey rebellion of to the Plug Uglies of , the result has always been the same. They load their little swivel with paving stones aud pistol bullets and scraps of iron, and brag most valiantly; but they never fire it.

Every grown man in the country remembers the events of the nullification era, when a State with hundreds of thousands of population, unanimous, almost, in their determination to resist the federal authority, and that, too, upon grounds that were defended by some of the first statesmen and logicians ef the time, quietly submitted to a proclamation of the President, backed by an evident determination to use the military arm if necessary.

We anticipate precisely the same result in Utah. If Governor Cummings goes there with the proper spirit -- to meddle in nothing that is none of his business, but to do everything that appertains to him to do under the law and the constitution -- he will find no resistance to his authority.

The federal government has nothing to do with the religions creeds of men; nor whether they choose one form of social organization or another.

But it has to see that life and property are safe, no matter what a man's belief may be or how many wives he has. And it has further to see that when a form of State government is adopted, every man shall have a free expression of his opinion guaranteed him. As for the religious and social errors of Mormonism, we have no fear that they can successfully resist the lights of civilization and Christianity. New York City, Monday, July 6, Mormon Celebration of the Forth at Norwalk.

The Norwalk and Westport, Conn. The statements made on this occasion are highly interesting, and will throw much light on the complicated condition of things now existing in Salt Lake City and the Territory of Utah.

Believing that a statement of their views will prove agreeable to our readers, we publish them in substance, as given to our reporter: The policy which Gov. Young pursues towards the Indians, Mr. Mackintosh says, is not what it is represented -- one of conciliation with any view to a friendly alliance against the United States authority His policy is simply that he would rather feed than fight them. He finds it cheaper and more convenient, Sometimes, when they steal cattle or molest his people, he is compelled to chasten them, but he finds a wholesome warning and threats of vengeance accompanied by kindly acts, more powerful in repressing them than an open declaration of hostility.

Mackintosh was secretary to Gov. Young for four years; and is now a missionary appointed to travel in the United States. He to one of those who crossed the Plains lately with the hand carts. He describes that journey of six weeks as being of the pleasantest character, the party resting at night under their teats, and conducting every thing with the precision of a disciplined force.

Appleby assured our reporter that the necessity of becoming citizens of tbe United States was universally enjoined on all emigrants to Utah.

Young nor any of the elders desired that their people should be other than loyal citizens of the republic. He could testify to the naturalization of thousands, whose papers he had himself signed, as clerk of the Supreme Court, within a few years. This program provides dogs and their masters with The Canine or assistance with emergency travel or emergency financial aid. Once the training is complete, the dogs are 2.

Access nonemergency Red Cross Behavioral Health assistance then selected for specific programs like Puppy Tales, a reading program including financial assistance and free local workshops for military that helps children to read.

The Reconnection Workshop, Psychological kids and spouses. First Aid and Coping with Deployments are workshops that focus on 3. Provide local resources and information provided by trusted com- individuals and small groups. The workshops are designed to help Fam- munity partners like tragedy assistance program for survivors ily members reconnect with their Soldier and for service members to be TAPS , Blue Star Families, Military Child Education Coalition, able to reintegrate with their Families and communities successfully.

United Way, Goodwill, Easter Seals, and others. A variety of health and safety programs are offered to promote indi- 4. Young people, ages 11 Health Support Services. Other classes include a certified nursing assistance gency, First Aid and Blood apps. Information in the app is available in program, phlebotomy, home alone classes for children and pet first aid. The Red Cross also To report spouse or child abuse, call the ington and Marion counties.

To check on a supports a Thanksgiving Food Program and a hour point of contact, MP desk, business or charity, visit www. BBB the various Red Cross programs. ACS the United States. The MCSS is open sumers and avoid scams designed to part mili- 9 a. Monday through Friday and tary members from their hard-earned money. Monday All vacancies are online at www. Individuals interested in applying for federal Current movie schedules, job opportunities 1. This website also cial readiness classes to service members.

Outreach -- We attend and support cation procedures may go to Building , catalog, as well as various other vendors community fairs, conferences and other 8 a. Data Collection -- We analyze BBB data tronics, toys, outdoor living, jewelry, cloth- Judge Advocate provide a wide range of legal ser- to help identify the threats and needs of our ing and much more. A major renovation was vices to Soldiers on active duty, Family members military community in the marketplace.

Complaint and Dispute Resolution -- resulted in an expanded stock assortment and verify their eligibility for services, clients must Filing a complaint with BBB helps mili- more shopping convenience for the customers.

The office is tary consumers resolve disputes and alert You will find the mall filled with a barbershop, located in Pike Hall, Building The build- us to issues affecting the military commu- beauty salon, furniture store, food court and ing is ADA-compliant with a ramp and elevator nity at large.

The hours of operation located at the rear of the building. Mon- day through Saturday and 10 a. Hours are expanded for holiday and Wednesday and Friday. So that Soldiers can Vault Road, Building , which is adjacent summer sales events. The commissary includes a The Exchange also offers a furniture store in on Thursday are 1 to 4 p. Appointments to large deli, bakery and sushi bar. Building , open 10 a. Monday consult with an attorney can be made either Store hours are 11 a.

Sunday and in person at the office or by calling through Sunday. The Exchange Mall offers many places to The commissary also offers early-bird shop- Powers of attorney and notary public ser- eat, including Burger King Express, Antho- ping, if you are shopping for 40 items or fewer, vices are available on a walk-in basis.

Sunday and 10 to 11 a. Other places to satisfy Tuesday through Saturday. The commissary operates a separate tax center, which is those taste buds on post include Burger King is closed Monday; however, the commissary located at of Pike Hall during tax season, from on Eisenhower Avenue; Taco Bell and Green is open the Monday before Thanksgiving and mid-January through April The tax center Beans Coffee in the mini-mall on Eisenhower Christmas each year.

Membership is open to active-duty The Waybur Theater, on Spearhead Division types of claims will be seen 8 a. Cli- assigned to Fort Knox. Membership is also tenant units. In addition, the Exchange service ents should submit claims in a timely manner, open to any employee of more than select offers two gas stations, Wilson Express on Wil- within two years of the date of the loss, to avoid employer groups or if you live, work or worship son Road, which is open Monday through Fri- unnecessary delays and possible denial of the in Boyle, Breckinridge, Grayson, Hart, La Rue, day 5 a.

No appointment is necessary There are three branch locations and eight Express gas station located in the Van Voorhis for claims assistance. You may send claims to additional ATMs on post. Fort Knox Federal housing area, which is open 7 a. Sat- or call The Mini Traffic tickets not requiring a court appear- surrounding communities. Fort Knox Fed- Mall Express on Eisenhower Avenue is open ance may be paid by mailing a check or money eral Credit Union's on-post facilities are the 6: Monday through Friday; order to P.

Times for worship services and religious education are listed in the brochure titled "Religious Support Activities" included in the Army Community Service welcome packet. Call the Office of the Senior Chaplain at for more information. Operating hours are 7: The facility is closed weekends, all federal hol- idays and Garrison training holidays.

The mailing address is Payments will not be accepted at the clerk's and timely information to various audiences Attn: Any offenses occurring on about the installation, its people and activities. Fort Knox are tried in U. District Court in Production companies wishing to film on Fort http: Knox should contact the media relations office http: The services provided are designed information, community relations and media offer a varied and comprehensive religious to assist Soldiers and their Families in mak- relations channels.

It serves as a guide to inform them of their benefits and privi- and sacramental ministries for many faith tra- to the social, educational and recreational leges after retirement or separation from the ditions that include collective Protestant tradi- activities on post and in the surrounding military. The paper is free and is distrib- dinate, conduct and facilitates detailed sepa- and Samoan services.

It is delivered to the ration, retirement and survivor benefit plan Specialized Chaplain Family Life Ministry Exchange, the commissary, unit dayrooms briefings.

These offices provide information and select off-post locations. It is also available programs, training and counseling are offered related to pre-retirement, such as retirement online at www. Call for an procedures, Career Status Bonus Election and the local community. The office processes appointment.

It also coordinates all requests for complete program, including Protestant Sun- provided to survivors of retired Soldiers and speakers, for displays of military equipment day school for children and adults, religious Soldiers who die on active duty regarding and for Soldier participation in community education for Catholics, a Protestant youth their options, entitlements and the proper events.

Please provide at least 12 weeks of group for middle and senior high school stu- processing of the application. Information notice for visit requests. The center and assistance is also provided to retirees, The media relations office works with news- maintains a resource library, which contains Soldiers, spouses and former spouses regard- paper, radio, television and magazine report- several thousand volumes of books, DVDs, ing the Uniformed Services Former Spouse ers as well as book authors to provide accurate audiocassettes and other materials.

Call to schedule training. Busi- tion, tax filing and withholding status. Maude current Retirement Disability Payments. Complex at Spearhead Division Ave. The hours of operation are 8 a. All unit safety officers and NCOs are services. Both facilities offer full mailing services, P. Forward your mail to Fort Knox prior day is a holiday, the briefing will be given the to your move by renting a P. This briefing is man- post office.

To establish this service, complete requires the Army to provide employees datory for all Regular Army enlisted Soldiers a P. After completing that transaction, call Fort cals used in their workplace, including what Pre-retirement briefings are conducted at Knox's main post office at to the risks are, how to protect themselves when obtain your post office box number.

Their mission is to represent the Military motorcycle operators must attend hours are 8 a. You can grades residing in Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, operating a motorcycle on post. This require- contact them by calling or West Virginia and Indiana. Retiree Appreciation Day is conducted post as well. The office pro- ment benefits and privileges and to foster a feasible engineering controls would eliminate vides direct assistance to individuals in com- good relationship between the retired and the exposure to the job hazard i.

The Fort Knox Safety Office and request absentee ballots. A Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs field representative is in Building and can be reached at Services offered include but are not limited to: The Knox with human resource support for military personnel as well as Center provides hour E assistance and central dispatching continuing education, substance abuse prevention, administrative ser- for all post emergency services -- police, fire, ambulance and rescue.

It ensures the personnel readiness The Fire Division's team is committed to providing exceptional of assigned units, takes care of Soldier's personal needs, and trains and fire protection to Fort Knox. It is responsible for providing fire and develops the garrison civilian workforce. The division also provides a very successful fire prevention The Directorate of Public Works administers all engineering activities program.

Specific activities included within DPW are maintenance of traffic accident investigations, police investigations, fish and wildlife real property facilities, either through contracts or in-house workforce; enforcement, police records, vehicle and weapons registration, and civil operation and maintenance of utility plants and distribution systems; liaison services.

This section also nonresident training, managing the range PAIO is responsible for gathering, integrating, updates our table of distribution and allow- complex, training areas and range modern- synthesizing and analyzing data for use at the ances for manpower and equipment for the ization. It also provides aviation support, installation and throughout the Army, tracking garrison. The Equal Employment Opportunity Office tional assessments.

The 1st Sustainment Command Theater provides mission com- While each has a different mission, Fort Knox's slogan, "Strength mand and operational-level sustainment support to Army, Joint, Inter- Starts Here," captures a common thread and connects the Army post agency and Multinational Forces; sets the theater; and conducts theater under a unified purpose and pride.

The 1st Army Division East was activated Mar. The brigade consists of the headquarters and two bia. The of First Army -- provides the trained and ready Reserve component brigade is made up of Soldiers from the active component, the Army forces necessary to meet the needs of combatant commanders around Reserve, the Army National Guard and the Operation Warrior Trainer the world.

Program, from redeploying Army National Guard and Army Reserve The division and its subordinate units are uniquely staffed by active units. This mission is tremendously important for all types of units including infantry, aviation, artillery, engineer, ord- our nation.

They are led nance, logistics and supply, military police, medical support, military by an active-duty Navy or Air Force officer with an active Army sergeant intelligence and air defense.

Each PRT also has a National Guard Security Force force multiplier is met by the sustained partnerships its subordinate platoon attached to it to provide the capability to move around their units cultivate with Reserve component partners at the brigade, bat- province with organic security. The brigade conducts this mission while talion and company levels.

Key individual training tasks include train- ing and administering the warrior training tasks and theater-specific individual readi- ness training to ensure individual Soldier proficiency. The battalion has deployed in support of Opera- tion Iraqi Freedom and Opera- tion Enduring Freedom and Company Clearance , 76th Engineer Com- countermobility, survivability and general Additionally, the 19th per- Currently, the 19th Engineer Battalion pany, st Engineer Company Sapper and forms combat missions in the role of infantry, consists of a headquarters and headquarters 72nd Survey and Design Detachment.

Also assigned to the 19th Engineer ion is to increase the combat effectiveness With more than Soldiers, the 19th Engi- Battalion at Fort Knox are the 15th Engi- of the support brigades or engineer brigades neer Battalion is the largest engineer battalion neer Company Horizontal , 42nd Engineer at corps and division level through mobility, in the Army. Army Human Resources Com- mand HRC executes distribution, strategic talent management, personnel programs and services Army wide in order to optimize Total Force personnel readiness and strengthen an agile and adaptive Army.

HRC manages Sol- dier schooling, promotions, awards, records, transfers, appointments, benefits, retirement -- one agency managing Soldiers' entire careers from the day they enter basic train- ing until retirement and beyond. HRC is the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel and Army G1's functional proponent for military per- sonnel management and personnel systems, except for the judge advocate general and the chaplain branches.

The Adjutant General of the U. Army, also provides oversight of the U. The school consists of the Retention Department, the Recruiting Department, Proponent 79 , and Training and Doctrine responsible for teaching and training nine 79 career manage- ment field courses located at Fort Knox. The directorate is made up of Soldiers from the active component, the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard, GS special support staff and the office of the command psychologist.

The mission of the RRS is to "train and edu- cate military and civilian leaders and develop complementary concepts, doctrine, organiza- tion, materiel and training across the spectrum of recruiting and retention to support require- ments for America's force of decisive action.

Each recruiting battalion in personnel and Family members. Army Cadet Command's mission is ciplined and effective recruiting force and across America. Army and Army U. As of October , Fort Knox became our nation. Recruiting operations are con- RRS is a multicomponent training directorate home to the U.

The officers, enlisted members and civilian employees of USAREC headquarters work in diverse areas such as personnel, administra- tion, resource management and safety. Many work in specialized fields, such as market research and analysis, advertising and public affairs, and recruiting operations.

The com- mand also has its own inspector general, staff judge advocate and headquarters company. The Recruiting Command's subordinate structure consists of five recruiting brigades and the Medical Recruiting Brigade.

Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Army ROTC is available at more than 1, colleges and universities, including host programs, nationwide. These programs are organized into eight brigades geographically dispersed through- out the nation. Total enrollment is more than 30, Close associations are maintained with Army Reserve and National Guard units in every state. These units provide facilities, equipment and personnel to the programs in support of ROTC training missions. Cadet Sum- mer Training brings more than 13, cadets and cadre to Fort Knox to conduct the Army's largest recurring training event.

It is the largest commissioning source in the American military. In fact, nearly half of the current active-duty Army general officers were commissioned through ROTC. Curriculum and The brigade supports Army recruiters and as the garrison S4, is the sole logistics activ- activities are centered on time management, ROTC programs at universities and in cities ity supporting the garrison commander on all study skills, financial stewardship and char- across the U.

In addition, the The LRC oversees mobilization, deploy- our youth, helping young people from across brigade enhances Army warfighting efforts ment, reconstitution and contingency plan- the socio-economic spectrum. Cadets gradu- through specialized training and research ning in support of Army Force Generation to ate from high school at a higher rate, have and development. The brigade serves as the meet the training, sustainment and surviv- higher GPAs and get in trouble less frequently higher headquarters for the U.

Army Mis- ability needs of the Army. All areas of logistics are supported, includ- a citizenship program, not a recruiting tool, Army Parachute Team, also known as the ing supply planning and operations, ammu- JROTC graduates do enter the armed forces at Golden Knights, at Fort Bragg, North Caro- nition supply, hazardous material, asset a much higher rate than their peers.

These multicom- aeromedical evacuation, combat aviation brigade reinforcement, the- ponent and joint endeavors exhibit the capabilities and collaborative ater aviation support, and coordination of aviation staging and onward efforts of the Army Total Force Policy.

Since , the 84th Training movement in order to support corps, Army or joint operations. It functions as both a warfighting head- ments around the world and it is projected to train nearly 41, more quarters and as a functional command. As a warfighting command, during National Guard and active-component Soldiers in military intelligence, signal, civil affairs, psychological operations and health services spe- 83RD U.

The division includes nearly 2, Soldiers, with The 83rd U. The th Division also hosts the Army Reserve's primary schoolhouse for full-time support personnel the One Army School System, which brings 5,, students to Fort and an accredited U.

These courses include retention, transition, and career management programs to support con- the Unit Administrator Basic Course, Unit Pay Course and Army Reserve tinuum of service. The center's Advance Distributive provides command and control for over 1, Soldiers assigned to 13 battal- Learning Directorate develops and maintains distance learning courses ions that are located throughout the continental United States with detach- for both Reserve and active-duty personnel.

Soldiers graduated from officers manage an assigned Troop Program Unit TPU population these courses are the Army Reserves' key to maintain its end strength by rank and branch, providing person-to-person career management. The center of gravity focus is for the posed of Warrior Exercises and Combat Support Training Exercises, Career Management Office are the "at-risk" officers lacking civilian or which prepares units to support diverse missions around the globe.

It is one of the vault. Cloaked in Located 30 miles southwest of Louisville, Kentucky, adjacent to the Fort mystery, the United States Bullion Depository has established itself as Knox military reservation, the depository is home to a large portion of the most secure facility in the world and earned the title "As Secure as the United States' gold bullion, with the balance stored in the Philadel- Fort Knox.

Construction of the U. The gold was moved to the depository in by rail, through the United States Postal Ser- vice. This was the only method of providing insurance for the gold at the time. Today, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and the latest technological advancements. The depository is headed by an officer in charge who is responsible for ensuring the security of the bullion.

The facility is protected by a group of federal police officers, who are hand-selected by the U. Mint Headquarters in Washington, D. These officers must complete a rigorous training program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, and pass a thorough background investigation. The gold in the depository is in the form of standard U.

Mint bars of almost pure gold or coin bars resulting from the melting of gold coins. These fine gold bars contain approximately troy ounces of pure gold. The depository, commonly referred to as the "Gold Vault," has under- gone many changes during its year history. The security of the depository has reached legendary status with its mystique and mythical folklore.

The actual structure of and content in the facility is known www. In this era and locality of the country, horse-drawn America's involvement in World War I made it necessary to establish equipment was still regularly used along with automobiles. In April , the War Department looked Reflecting its relationship to artillery, the new post was named in to the area of West Point, Kentucky, to establish a permanent artillery honor of Gen. Henry Knox, chief of artillery in the Revolutionary War camp.

On April 6, , the first field artillery units arrived at West Point In September , it was decided to permanently move the artillery from Camp Zachary Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. Additional units camp in West Point to Stithton.

The following month the Camp Knox making up the Field Artillery Brigade of the 84th Division arrived the News was founded as the post's first newspaper. That October, Camp following month. Knox's Godman Field became the first airfield in Kentucky when it was built for the 29th Aero Squadron.

With the number of troops arriving, it was not long before the Army On Nov. That summer the Army leased War I and construction at Stithton slowed down dramatically. Later that 20, acres of property in the area of Stithton, Kentucky, a small month, the first troops were transferred from West Point.

Near the end farming community in Hardin County. Stithton was desired for its close of December, most of the troops there had been moved to the permanent proximity to the railroad and for its higher elevation.

The "tented" camp at West Point would Troops returning from overseas were brought to Camp Knox to be temporarily remain while permanent construction occurred in Stithton.

Much of their equip- The land at Stithton was soon acquisitioned by the Army and more ment was turned in and stored in the warehouses that still remain at land was acquired from Bullitt and Meade counties. Many of the houses Fort Knox. Modest Vic- The Army's force was reduced in the early s, and it was deemed torian architecture once occupied by Stithton residents became homes necessary to close the post as a permanent installation in Although closed as a permanent installation, Camp Knox remained St.

Patrick's Catholic Church was utilized as a church and other pur- an active training center for the Army. Camp Knox was used by the poses today, it is the Main Post Chapel and the oldest building on post. For a brief time, during to , growing population of Soldiers arriving by train. Standardized plans the area was designated as "Camp Henry Knox National Forest" until were used to build most of these World War I mobilization buildings, two infantry companies were assigned to the post in Designed by the Quar- shots and clothing and were trained.

After this In the following year, the War Department termaster Corps, most of these buildings com- induction period was completed, the men were created the mechanized force. Upon the rec- prise today's Fort Knox Historic District. As Fort Knox was constructed, Mechanized tions around the country. Maneuvers were held that These camps were assigned such tasks as Mechanized Cavalry in The size and ter- supported the importance of armored vehi- improving forests, constructing fire breaks, rain of Camp Knox made this a suitable area cles in modern combat.

Other duties were building roads, working in the stone quarry, soil for such training. Two during the great flood that ravaged the area. Trainloads of young men were Administration , another work relief program, combat cars. During World War II, armor made great advancements through the development of new tanks, organization and training. Here Soldiers received a week course, which included instruction in various arms, big tank guns, tank driving and maintenance, chemical warfare and many other subjects.

They were introduced to hills "Misery," "Agony" and "Heartbreak" before graduating and then sent to divisions, additional schooling or straight into the various theaters of war. In all, more than 1, such racial conflicts. While at Godman they were Europe, the American Army prepared with the vessels were built during the war. Today, the allowed to use the officer's club at the airfield creation of the Armored Force and headquar- building, located at Eisenhower Ave.

The following March tered it at Fort Knox in the summer of It used by the Gen. Selective Service was imple- mented and thousands of citizen soldiers were ordered to Fort Knox and introduced to the tank. The post was required to undergo a mas- sive building boom and acquisition of land to support these troops.

In October , the Armored Force School and Armored Force Replacement Center were established, training Soldiers in specific areas such as armor tactics, tank gunnery, commu- nications and maintenance. Rob- ert Brooks, nd Tank Battalion, would be honored with having the main parade ground named for him. In April , Fort Knox served as the loca- tion of an important testing location for the Navy. They would train more than , Soldiers during their time at Fort Knox. It was given the new name U.

The Cold War helped secure the Armor Branch's role in the Army, and the Armor Cen- ter continued to fulfill the role of producing capable and highly trained armor personnel. He is the highest ranking officer bur- Combat operations in Korea and Vietnam pre- first prisoners of war to arrive were Italian. While still classified as POWs, they were on an honor system and given more opportunities. German POWs arrived in June and had a routine camp life, which included work, rules and recreation.

Outdoor and indoor work details were assigned, many times alongside civilian employees. Many civilians and prisoners got along well with one another and some became friends.

It was located in the vicinity of Scott Middle School. The former camp soccer field is the only remaining feature of that camp and is now used for American football by students. A number of Axis prisoners died while at Fort Knox and 18 are buried in the post ceme- tery. One tragic incident involved the acciden- tal shooting of a number of prisoners in which two died, Ernst Schlotter and Frederich Wolf.

At the close of World War II, there were 16 combat-tested armored divisions and approximately 65 tank battalions. Armored units had participated in every major theater of operations that Americans had participated in. The Armored Center was deactivated in Octo- ber but re-established over a year later. Other exhibits examine examples of Army leadership. Through the use of a visitor's smartphone or Wi-Fi enabled device, exhibits come alive with the aid of the museum's augmented real- ity technology.

By scanning a QR label found on most artifacts, the user will have access to audio, video and photos pertaining to the object. These features, coupled with the muse- um's new focus and design, make it the ideal tool to teach ROTC cadets training at Fort Knox important leadership lessons they will use throughout their careers in the U.

Those wishing to visit the museum should enter through the Chaffee Main Gate and fol- low the directional signs. The museum is open 9 a. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a. It is closed on federal holidays. The museum is free and the development and evolution of tactics and at Fort Knox as the centerpiece of the new open to the general public. Group tours are vehicles for armor and cavalry. In , the Armor Center contributed to The museum's mission has evolved to tell For more information, call the development of the Army's AirLand Battle the stories of Army leadership from or visit the museum's website at www.

Patton's personal legacy and http: Guidelines set forth in this doctrine were applied successfully during the Gulf War in the early s. During this conflict, Fort Knox served as a mobilization center and pro- vided combat-ready Soldiers.

With the approaching 21st century, digital technology dictated another transformation in how armor would conduct itself on the battlefield and a Future Combat System was developed. It was during this time that the Stryker Interim Armored Vehicle went through extensive testing.

Military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq prompted changes and termination of the program at Fort Knox. However, to support armor activities, a battle lab was retained. In the s, Fort http: Hardin was the 15th Kentucky county in order of for- Radcliff's annual events include Radcliff Days in October, which mation.

The county was named for John Hardin, a Continental Army features a parade, and Christmas at the Cabins in December, which officer during the American Revolutionary War who was wounded at boasts a holiday parade and caroling.

A few notable historical figures lived in Hardin County, city-sanctioned skate park, a community center and a seasonal public including President Abraham Lincoln, who was born there, and Gen. For the licensed outdoor enthusiast, fishing and hunting is plentiful.

George Custer, who lived in Hardin County for two years as part of a military effort to suppress Ku Klux Klan and carpetbaggers. Its county seat is Elizabethtown. Saunders Springs Nature Preserve is a heavily wooded, natural area located on steep terrain with interesting historic features. The acre nature preserve is owned and operated by Radcliff is conveniently located adjacent to Fort Knox in the "Heart- the city of Radcliff and overseen by the Radcliff Forestry and Conserva- land of Kentucky" -- a historic location known for its accessibility tion Board.

Adjacent to the nature preserve is a acre tract called the from almost every possible direction. There is mately 23,, Radcliff boasts the second-highest population in Hardin no entrance fee to use the preserve and annex areas and they are open County.

It is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as history buffs. Radcliff was once known as Mill Creek, an area that was scouted out There are three vintage cabins from the s , two pavilions plus by the Boon brothers, Daniel and Squire. In , Coleman Lewis built many picnic tables with BBQ grills and a scout camping area available the first section of Radcliff's oldest standing structure, the Haycraft Inn. The inn is one of three major inns, which were used extensively during the era of stage coach transports.

He named the new community after Maj. William Radcliffe, who 30,, is located south of Radcliff. It is central to some of the state's www. The Fort Duffield Memo- historic figures. Brandenburg's tavern later rial Cemetery pays tribute to the 61 Soldiers Thomas Lincoln owned a successful car- became a haven for such historical notables as who died while in service at the fort and pentry business while watching over his son Aaron Burr and James Audubon.

Visitors can also enjoy Civil War -- the 16th president of the United States, When the first railroad came to Kentucky, re-enactments and the fort's park, which offers Abraham Lincoln. John Audubon was a shop- Brandenburg was completely ignored, and in 10 miles of hiking and biking trails.

In hindsight, is Young's Inn, built in , and has served Freeman Lake Park, a acre lake with this was a major factor in its longevity. The park also has recreational opportunities and shares bor- West Point is also home to a historic river three historical learning structures: Otter Creek Outdoor walk and the riverside Veterans Memorial coln Heritage House, a recreated one-room Recreation Area is managed by the Kentucky Park, which welcomes picnickers and anglers.

When traveling south into town, don't be alarmed -- a retired mili- http: The monument was built from the founda- 56 miles along the Ohio River. Most of Meade's sider a visit to historic downtown Branden- tion stones of the historic Grahampton Grind- communities were founded in the late s burg's scenic Riverfront Park, where you'll find ing Mill that once stood where modern-day and early s and still remain today. It is the entrance to Buttermilk Falls Recreational probably best known in the surrounding Trail.

Riverfront Park features a playground, a Fort Knox now sits. As the seat of Meade County, Brandenburg is Perhaps Louisville's most well-known land- steeped in local history. After a brief rivalry with John Rush of lover's paradise. The city is home to the Civil If you're interested in the history of the Claysville, the county seat was relocated from War-era Fort Duffield.

The fort is one of the Kentucky Derby, visit the Derby Museum at Claysville to Brandenburg, since Claysville oldest, most well-preserved earthen structures Churchill Downs, a showcase that features was deemed unsafe by an act of General in the state. It's not the traditional structure clothing and racing equipment that has been Assembly. Once Brandenburg became the either.

It's a horseshoe-shaped earthen dugout used over the years. Samuels distillery and burned the only http: He then crafted a Naturalists will find a sense of serenity and new recipe, using maize and the notoriously knowledge in Clermont in the Bernheim Arbo- mild winter wheat.

The recipe was perfected retum and Research Forest. In addition to more in , and the world-famous "wax seal" was than 35 miles worth of hiking trails and beauti- created the same year. Bernheim's declared the Maker's Mark distillery as a vision is to be a nationally treasured leader in National Historic Landmark in , and in ecological stewardship that inspires the explo- through the distillery expanded, ration of our deep connections with nature.

Clermont, however is the Jim Beam Ameri- can Stillhouse. The name of the bly, in an area that was tentatively named Salem. When the "call me Jim" Beam. Shortly after, prohibition first courthouse was built in , the town offi- paddock for children with thoroughbred and struck the industry, and Beam retired to Florida cially took the moniker of "Bardstown," a deriva- miniature horses.

In tive of William's Family name. For art lovers, Louisville is home to the Speed days, Beam then 70 rebuilt the Fam- One of the most significant Bardstown build- Art Museum, established in It is both the ily distillery by hand; the distillery has since ings -- the Federal Hill mansion -- was the oldest and largest art museum in the state.

The become a household name. There is also the J. Dan Tal- indoor and outdoor cafe, a Family education A city with a lot of "spirit," Loretto is probably bott Amphitheater on the grounds, which hosts welcome center, a museum shop, a pavilion for most well-known as the home of the Maker's "Stephen Foster -- The Musical," an outdoor performances and an art park for sculptures.

Originally created in by extravaganza that features 50 Foster songs and The expansion is planned through Samuels, the secret Family recipe was brightly colored interpretative dancers, swirling more information on the museum, visit www.

A Samu- throughout the historic hillside. In , John Colgan invented "Taffy Julie," later known as bubblegum. Unfortunately, another inventor beat Colgan to the patent, though he is still credited with the invention. In , Bud Hillerich invented the world's first Louisville Slugger in his father's woodshop.

The first use of the term "Louisville Slugger" was in , when the bat became a baseball staple. Thanks in turn to Bud and the Slugger, Louisville is also home to the world's tallest bat, which leans against the Louisville Slugger Museum, in the heart of the historic West Main District. Louisville is also famous for being the birthplace of the cheeseburger.

In , the first cheeseburger was ordered in Kaelin's Restaurant, when Margaret Kaelin's hus- band requested a slice of American cheese on his hamburger.

The "special request" soon became a staple at Kaelin's and started the world-famous trend. More than of Bardstown's build- horseback riding. Enjoy the total experience, and it to its natural state after early industries took ings appear on the National Historic Registry.

Its check out campsites scattered throughout the a heavy toll on the land. The forest has almost success was due in part to a great concentration park. Campsites must be reserved in advance. So it comes as a backcountry use permit is required. The forest includes an arboretum, more than no surprise that the town was the center of the With natural attractions like these, it's no won- 8, labeled plants, an education center and early distilling industry, and many of these dis- der that Fort Knox and its surrounding coun- a variety of programs.

The wildlife and biologi- tilleries remain close to Bardstown today. Since the end of prohibition, a staple of Bard- country. Bernheim researchers study native landscapes, stown has been Heaven Hill Distilleries. Results are shared with the ducing and marketing without notable brands, http: The visitor keter of distilled spirits in the U.

Not only that, Bullitt County, which has a population of center has achieved the highest rating from the but the distillery also boasts the largest inven- nearly 80,, lies just south of Louisville and U. Green Building Council and includes a can- tory of aging bourbon in the world -- more than can be reached by Interstate Bullitt County opy tree walk where visitors can walk among the , barrels. Army post, Fort Knox. It is handicapped-accessible and Before European settlement, the region was senior-friendly.

The arboretum is open year-round, free http: Located roughly 95 miles southwest of made by bison, elk, deer and other game seeking For more information, visit www. Native or call Salt was an important litt County offers live country, rock 'n' roll There are a host of cave tours available of vary- meat preservative, and the first European set- and Southern gospel music at the Shep- ing difficulties and durations.

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