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Im 19 i want to bang females only d

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Im 19 i want to bang females only d

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Your baby's father wants nothing to do with you.

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Im 19 i want to bang females only d

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Simple n sweet. Im 19 i want to bang females only d a six four 215 pound black man. Is she out there.

Daddy here with SUGAR for YOU Baby m4w cum'on over and get it. Sex should be fun, and erotic, with a relationship based on compatibility and shared desires.

Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by olorin9alex , Dec 27, Every Friday at 3PM! New episodes every Saturday. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

At what age is a man creepy for wanting to bang year olds? Dec 27, 1. Dec 27, 2. Dec 27, 3. Dec 27, 4. DarthErik , Dec 27, Dec 27, 5. JQuick72 , Dec 27, Last edited by JQuick72 , Dec 27, Dec 27, 6. Actively pursuing year olds? Buhbz , Dec 27, Dec 27, 7. Dec 27, 8. Dec 27, 9. Dec 27, Colon-Dee , Dec 27, Smokky1 , Dec 27, Socom , Dec 27, TheWolfgang , Dec 27, Last edited by TheWolfgang , Dec 27, When hot year old chicks start calling you "sir", that's a good indicator when it is time to stop hitting on them, or you risk becoming that creepy older dude.

DiscountMasonX , Dec 27, AzureFlameX , Dec 27, If they think you're a dad. Superman , Dec 27, FlyThai , Dec 27, HeizenbergBB , Dec 27, I just fucked a 19 year old at 25, It was fun but I don't know. I'd rather closer to my age or older. Zombiedrd , Dec 27, FlyThai and midnight like this. I'm 25 and the lowest I would go is I don't need to cradle rob. VyseTheFearless , Dec 27, BlackKid , Dec 27, AzharOfCircles , Dec 27, I mean, it's legal so who fucking cares. ViolentChemistry , Dec 27, ProfessorPlatypus , Dec 27, Its never creepy, they are both adults.

WilliamRLBaker , Dec 27, PorcelainDream5 , Dec 27, It would only be creepy if you're over 40 and it turns out that said 18 year old girl is the daughter you put up for adoption at birth.

SuperGameCube , Dec 27, I'm sure if or when I'm 80, I'd still love to bang an 18 year old if I can still get it up. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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I wonder if part of that is her upbringing? She might even come from a background that practices arranged marriage. Therapy might help if you want to explore some of these feelings more in depth, but I say do what feels comfortable, explore yourself, and see what happens. Casey April 3, , I read an article once that said we should think of a date as drinks with a stranger.

So I try never to get my expectations too high and keep that phrase in mind. None of my current friends date anyone. They are 33, 33, 32, 29, 28….. They love their jobs, their pets, their home, their parents, siblings and life in general. I truthfully think you are more common than you think. No reason to worry. Elisse April 3, , GatorGirl April 3, , LW, if YOU are happy, then who cares?

None of your friends business. IDK, this seems like some seriously unnecessary meddling on your friends behalves. Sara April 3, , 9: It only has to be a casual meeting to figure out if you enjoy spending time with the other person. And let the chemistry follow or not follow. And, if it turns out you really hate casual dating, you can stop whenever you want. LW, I can relate somewhat to your situation. Its also possible that you may find some therapy helpful to sort out your thoughts and see if there is an underlying cause — such as a low libido.

Sometimes hormone levels are off and can change how we feel about things, and it could be worth checking out.

My doctor had me checked out when I was complaining about low libido. I can absolutely state that high levels of prolactin causes low libido. I have barely wanted sex while breastfeeding and not at all while breastfeeding exclusively. My sex drive only came back a little bit as the amount of prolactin in my system decreased.

Interesting that we have it all the time and not just breastfeeding though. Christy April 3, , 9: Also, you could be asexual and heteroromantic—interested in non-sexual romantic relationships with men. Just something to consider and google. Miel April 3, , I kinda recognize myself and one of my friend in your description.

I think my friend was not even day-dreaming back then. It was just not on her mind. When I turned 18, but mostly around 19, I really began to get interested in guys. My friend is still single. Still never met anyone that she felt attracted to. I think you should follow the same way. Wait until you feel like you want a relationship. Christy April 3, , AllegroFox April 3, , 6: The food analogy is the best analogy!

Diablo April 3, , I wonder whether you might take a fancy to some guy if it was your choice. It tends to be obvious when it happens. KKZ April 3, , LW is allowed to take the rudder and steer herself wherever she wants to go rather than get carried along by the current. Stonegypsy April 3, , 9: The only thing you are obligated to do is be honest about your feelings or lack thereof. Banana April 3, , Stonegypsy April 3, , Well yeah, I mean obviously.

LlamaPajamas April 3, , You need to get out more. Sounds like you could also use an exorcism. Look bro you need to find another girl your sister wont due. Forget about having sex with your sister. Find a nice girl, that looks like your sister if you must. Find someone else to bone. I say bang her. Whats the big deal? Perhaps writing a movie script about it and having Daniel Radcliff playing you and Pamela Anderson playing the sister would help you cope with it.

Not to mention how benefic it would be for both of their careers. And nevermind the negative comments. So you came across as a stumbling sexual pervert with a weakness for big tits and a slight inclination toward incest — so what?? Brie, if I tell you I want my sister will you fuck me? Just go ahead and ask her. Tell her how hot you think she is and how long you have wanted her. Get her to show you how to make a girl feel real good so you can get girls your own age easily.

I had already been fully sexually aroused when she barged in, but seeing my Sister flat on her back, naked, with her legs spread apart, and her furry little cunt wide open and ready for fucking, I decided I was ready for some fucking too!

I just fucked my Sister harder and faster and then all of a sudden she starts having a bunch of orgasms! My Sister is the only female I know of so far that has orgasms while deepthroating my cock. How will this change your relationship with not only you sister and parents but women in general? Family relations differ from culture to culture and while I do not agree with your feelings towards your sister I do not feel its appropriate to judge on this forum. Biologically you are a male, males tend to be attracted to females.

The problem is a question of morality and that question is differs from culture and religious beliefs. Mostly I would be more worried about damaging your relationship with your sister. With chameleons it seems as if conditions of plenty nice warm temps, lots of access to food stimulates them to produce as many eggs as possible. So by using that technique of lowering their maximum basking temperature to the low 80's and restricting their diet to a more moderate amount it tricks their bodies into thinking that it's not a time of unlimited plenty, so they will typically reduce the number of eggs they produce or even halt egg-laying completely.

When Arnold lays this batch of eggs I would let her eat what she wants for days to recover and then cut everything back, so she doesn't have time to start ovulating and make an outrageous amount of follicles. Hopefully that does the trick, because eggs is a huge ordeal! I feed her live food every other day as well as spinach and peppers and grapes which she loves. I have checked her viv and she has already laid about 5 eggs I'm so sorry for the delay, I had family fly in from different countries every day this week.

So I hope your female is doing well! Does she have a good laying bin in her cage? If she's trying to escape perhaps she doesn't quite like what she has to work with. Anna Barnes, feeding spinach to chameleons is not good at all for them. It is a natural binder to the calcium and draws it right out of the body.

Try replacing with kale, endive, dandilion, swiss chard, collard greens or mustard greens. All these are more healthier for your cham. Again, spinach is on the "no feed " list for chams. This comment has been removed by the author. Hi Olimpia I have just rescued a female veiled chameleon, she is my first lizard in years had them in the 80s and 90s a large selection but bit out of touch now. I got it from a friend of a friend of a friends son he was going to dump it.

The thing I am not too sure about is he had it for two years and its 12cm it should be bigger than that? As it is so small to me that is, will I be able to get it up to size it should be, well what I think it should be 22cm ish?

Thank you for your time Trevor. Yes, that does sound like a small chameleon, you're right that she should be almost twice as big without counting the tail. With improper care like improper lighting, poor supplementation, poor diet, etc.

The good thing is that since reptiles don't need to maintain body temperature, nearly everything they eat goes into growth, and since reptiles never quite stop growing if you turned everything around now there is a chance although perhaps small that she could go on to grow a bit more.

It depends on how healthy her bones are, as something like metabolic bone disease can make things difficult. Let me know how she does, or email me if you need any additional help. It's never a bother to answer chameleon questions especially to help rescues so feel free to contact me.

My email is Olimpia gmail. Thank you very much for your help, as far as metabolic bone disease the lags on her look ok. Time will tell, the set up that it came in is not that great it is that Exo-Terra made by hagen. I just purchased a panther and breed her to my male and since she has been less active and her appetite is down.

Prior to breeding her I witnessed her eating. Not sure if she is stressed because the change in environment and her new home or if she is sick. Appears very healthy, eyes are not sunk in, and she is drinking. Thank you so much for this!

I am thinking about purchasing a veiled chameleon for my 12 year old daughter. This is very useful information because she has been asking for one for the past two years, and now I know that they are not as difficult to take care of as I thought.

There are lots of websites to look at, but this one is wonderful. Hi, I bought my female cham two months ago from a local petstore and she was being housed with a male of the same litter.

When i asked someone who worked at the store how old she was, the informed me she was 6 months and that shes lived with the other male cham her whole life. Now that she is 8 months shes nearing the time when shes supposed to lay her first clutch.

All the research ive done says a female can hold onto a males sperm inside her for up to two clutches. Do you this its possible my chams eggs may be fertile when the time comes? My veiled chameleon just laid her first clutch yesterday! I'm so proud of her. She laid 46 eggs. This site has been a great help to know what she needs.

Today she has pretty much stayed in one spot and only eats if food crawls to her. She has been closing her eyes a lot today as well. Im just wondering if this is a normal thing for a chameleon that has just laid eggs. I have never seen her close her eyes so much during her awake time however I'm sure she is exhausted after such a laborious task.

Any info would be great! I've recently been given a female veiled. She's one year and three months and apparently has never laid - her last owner didn't know that they lay with or without a male present.

I've put a big pot of sand in her tank but I can't persuade her to go in it - she keeps walking about on the floor instead. I don't know if she's getting ready to lay, but she does look a lot fatter recently and has been eating a lot more than usual.

The last couple of days she's also turned a bit of a funny colour - more greyish than usual. I'd really appreciate any advice, she's my first lizard and I'm a bit worried about her. My female veiled is extremely stubborn! I took her to vet appx 7 weeks ago. She had eggs visible on the X-ray. I have provided her a laying bin in her cage and covered with a blanket for privacy.

I don't know what else to do. Now I am noticing her raising her head and it looks like she is making a "swallowing" action. I don't know what else to do other than have a c-section and a spay. My female is over two years, and she has been bred three times. The first two clutches she had 80eggs and the second one Everything went well with the process, eggs, and recovery.

Her 3rd clutch she was digging and I didn't realize as I was in my frog room. I left as soon as I saw her digging. I made sure the mixture in the bucket was moistened and she laid 43 eggs a couple days later.

She is having a hard time bouncing back, tomorrow will be a week since she laid her eggs. Her eyes are sunken a little but her coloring is beautiful. She is very tired but has a strong grip. I have had a dripper on her the last few days, the humidifier going, and for the last couple days have taken her in for a slightly warm shower.

She seems to be improving - do you have any insights? My veiled jist laid fertile eggs without the presence of a male. I did some reading and partheneogenesis has been documented in female veileds, she laid 18 fertile eggs roughly 4 days ago. I woke up this morning and she was dead.. She wouldn't eat anything anymore and had food available her cage specs were all bang on but idk what happened. Is it common for them to be so weary especially after asexual reproduction that they just die out?

Or there something j could've done.. I'm sorry to hear about your poor female! It's a bit rare but it does happen in chameleons like it does in women that things just go wrong somehow, that don't necessarily have anything to do with your care or her health. Sometimes their reproductive tract can tear or an egg can rupture and lead to internal infection. The fact that she wasn't hungry tells me that something was probably wrong internally.

A vet may or may not have been able to do anything, in a lot of these cases probably not, unfortunately. I'm sorry again, it's just one of those things! Sometimes something minor goes wrong and it's catastrophic to their over-all health.

My female panther chameleon is just starting to lay her eggs. She has a lay bin in her cage but she is not using it. She keeps dropping them around the bottom of her plant. I keep trying to put her back in the bin but will not stay. What should I do? How is her laying bin? Sometimes if they really don't like the laying bin they will not use it. At this point, however, I would leave her alone because the stress of being handled during this process is probably not helping her relax and lay all the eggs.

Give her a bit of privacy and when she seems like she's done I would after feeding and watering her generously give her belly a feel. If you can still feel any eggs I would go to a vet, as that can be a dangerous situation.

I haven't personally seen this happen but I think it's possible. A lot of other female reptiles will eat their eggs if they know they are infertile anyway. I haven't heard of any cases in chameleons but I imagine that they might. I have a veiled that is definitely with eggs. I took her to the vet two weeks ago and had it confirmed. I have a laying bin set up for her in her cage, large enough for her to have plenty of room to find a spot to dig, filled with moist sand and yet she has no interest in it.

She's acting normal otherwise, eating and drinking, but she is gaining weight. When I brought her to the vet for the xray, she was 96g, now she is up to g. I don't know what to do. I am out of my mind with worry that she'll become eggbound if this doesn't happen soon. The vet even gave mea bottle of Neo-Calglucon Syrup that I've been giving her and there are still no signs of digging at all. I am at my wits end here. Hi Kristin, Female veiled gestation can last about 45 days, so it's possible you still have a little time left to go.

It depends how far along she was when you took her in for her check-up. Is she pacing the cage at all, acting restless, or just doing her normal every day chameleon things?

My females always got restless as they were getting ready to make a nest, they would start exploring the cage for a suitable place. She's not acting restless or roaming around at all. She's just acting like her usual self, has a good appetite, drinks enough, and uses the bathroom daily.

Other than being puffy and knowing for a fact that she has eggs, she's really acting no different. There was a very brief period where she wasn't eating much and was restless, so I put the bin in the cage and all she did was eat the sand I had a camera on her so I could check on her instead of disturbing her when she was possibly getting ready to dig and I caught her eating sand on several occasions.

I first noticed her receptive coloring on September 1st, so it's been about 34 days or so since then. If that's even when the eggs first started to develop. She wasn't bred, so the eggs are infertile. So that makes it a little more difficult to get a clear timeline. My 1 year old veiled just finished laying her second batch of eggs and it took her 3 weeks to lay all of them I feel like that is WAY longer than it should take?! She has spend about the last week near the bottom of her cage and seems very weak.

I've made sure she is hydrated and even hand-watered her. She is eating her gut-loaded crickets that have been dusted with calcium as well. Do you have any tips to help improve her strength? I haven't changed her cage environment at all and she used to hang in the foliage. She has fallen a few times though, as if she doesn't have the strength. Any advice you have would be very much appreciated, as she is my first veiled. Hi Savannah, Unfortunately, that sounds like an emergency and I would take her to a vet as soon as you have a chance.

But it might be something along those lines. My son's veiled chameleon is having trouble laying eggs she has lost alot of weigh and her color is different what can we do to help her she seems very weak not acting like she used too.

Do you have any suggestions on what we can do it's his first time with chameleons. Hi Ana, If she's acting very weakly I would take her to a vet, I worry that if she's losing her strength that there's nothing you can do at home that is guaranteed to help her. Usually they will give them a shot of calcium and a shot of oxytocin like in women to induce labor and she may lay the eggs right there in the office.

But the vet will know what she needs. If she were mine I would make an appointment asap today, if possible. I have just got a female 5 days ago who looks like she has eggs ready to lay but I am yet to see her go anywhere near her lay box any suggestions she's nice and round and doesn't look or act weak or under weight.

Hi, sorry for the couple days of delay in replying. What can you tell me about this female, what species is she, how old, how do you know she has eggs, etc.? Females may not go towards their bin if they are not quite ready is she starting to pace the cage at all?

I have had females that will lay in their plant pots despite having a great bin in the cage, at that point I will let them do that if they want to.

That will make them nervous and hold in the eggs. I have purchased 2 chameleons for my son several months ago. One always seem to get bigger and shed more but to my ignorance, I thought maybe it was a male a would be bigger.

Long story short, woke up this morning to turn on their day light and noticed one of them had dug out a lot of the soil from the potted plant onto the bottom of the cage. And in the dirt on the bottom are very little round things that almost look like tiny rocks.

After checking on both the chameleons, the bigger one had the dirt on her I'm assuming now and was on top of the plant, far away from the dirt. Should I move them to their own incubator? I have no clue with these reptiles and I've goggled everything under the sun on this topic and it seems most people knew right before. Hi, if you can please send me photos to Olimpia gmail. Hello Olimpia, thanks so much for making this blog. A lot of this information is so helpful. My fiance bought my boys a male veiled chameleon for their birthday almost a month ago, he appears to be a 2 months old or so and today surprised me with a female cham that's a little larger than my male.

I wanted to know is their any info or concerns I should know on having them together in the same cage? When we put her in there he Rango immediately ran away but started to check her out once we backed off. I can't stop stalking them because I want to see how they behave with each other. So I just checked on my chams to see how they're interacting with each other and my male cham is black! I've never ever seen him this color and it looks the my new female which appears to be about 4 maybe months old is stalking him.

I opened the cage and he turned green again. Is hethat afraid of her? Is she intimidating him? It's making me nervous!! Now I'm hearing VA male and female shouldn't be in the same housing unless they're in mating session. I believe my chams are too young to mate anyway but my boyfriend told me the man at the pet store said they should be fine and just to separate them if she's pregnant because she may become aggressive to the male!

I'm so lost what do I do. Even though it was a surprise I really wish my fiance would have told me he was doing this now. Hi Alesia, Thank you for the kind words about the blog! Veileds, as you may have read online, can be very territorial.

It's tentatively ok to raise up a few siblings in the same cage for a few months because they've been together since they hatched, so they haven't formed any territorial issues with each other but once you have one guy alone in a cage he has established that cage as HIS.

So when you introduce a second one, even if it's a female, now she is going to want to make it HER cage, and since she's bigger she may intimidate or fight the little male. I would definitely separate them, I wouldn't want either of them to be stressed or worse, get injured because they start biting. If they are both little you can rig up a big plastic tote for right now while you order a second cage for him.

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