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I couldnt push you

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I couldnt push you

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. So what happens if a woman giving birth doesn't push? Won't the baby fly out anyway? If so, why do we make them push? Thank you everyone, I will be indebted to you all for the rest of my life. The body has natural contractions during childbirth that get stronger and longer as labour progresses due to the release of a hormone called oxytocin.

These cause the uterus to push down and force the baby downwards. As the baby gets lower and lower the woman will have an overriding urge to push using her abdominal muscles as well - she won't be able to help this urge, though with effort on her part she can push harder and thus improve their effectiveness. Midwives or doctors if you're in the US tell women to push in order to provide encouragement and to ensure they are doing it at the right time the height of their contractions.

Okay so I have a question. I've heard that the position hospitals put women in for birthing, on their back, is literally one of the WORST positions to give birth in. If this is true, why are births still done this way? You have way less pelvic opening on your back. It's done because women have epidurals and this no control to maintain other positions.

I was required to stay in this position although I didn't have an epidural. It's forced on women who don't have epidurals too. To "create better access to the area". It majorly increases the risk for complications. We're told not to lay on our backs as it can minimize blood circulation, but then you're made to do it during labor. Also, laying on your back and pulling your legs up stretches out the perineum to start with, increasing the chances for tearing as the baby crowns.

How do they make you do this? I switched from an awful OB to a wonderful midwife after reading around and seeing a friend get treated like crap from the OB for her birth. I would've said fuck off and stayed in a comfortable position Your OB can refuse to work with you.

The OB I had with my son literally walked out of the room and refused to come back. Two nurses attended against his wishes. Insurance only paid him for the time he was actually "helping" me. Fucker tried to sue me for the rest of his fee. I assume by your use of the word 'tried' that he did not succeed? At least I hope he didn't.

He lost and looked like a fool. The judge laughed at him after hearing from me and my witnesses the two nurses who assisted when he told them not to.

I would have thought one of the main requirements to be a doctor is not to be a little bitch. In Australia you birth however you feel like. They encourage on hands and knees, but you move around a lot the whole time. That third world country would be the US, where they also try to make a lot of women deliver by Cesarean section unnecessarily because it's considered less risky for the hospital from a liability standpoint.

A lot of hospitals have alternatives now, such as bars the women can hold on to for squatting positions. Not every hospital of course, but you can also shop around until you find an OB that will at least try things your way. If you're lucky enough to live in a large enough area that OB shopping is possible, sure. But then you also have to find someone who not only has a small enough case load to take you on but will accept your insurance.

I used to live in a small town in Texas. You had one OB choice and one hospital choice. You could drive an hour away for care and to deliver but that hospital didn't have any means to care for any babies beyond healthy deliveries. They could do emergency csections but if the baby needed a NICU you had to be flown two hours to Dallas.

Not all hospitals are run by old-school doctors. It's not the worst but it does impede it to a certain extent. It's easier for the midwife or doctor to get a clear view of what's going on and to do any procedures that need doing in that position. That's a crazy point of view. The best position is the one which maximizes the survival rate of the mother and has the lowest infant mortality.

And in childbirth the more comfortable the woman is, the less stress hormones she produces. Stress hormones act against her contractions, drawing them out and making it harder. Sometimes, just sometimes, our bodies evolve to do what they are supposed to. The best thing that I ever did was go to a birthing center and had my baby with a midwife.

I was able to walk around as much as I wanted and do whatever made me comfortable. But my body did all the pushing. My baby was literally out after less than five minutes of "pushing. Midwifery is definitely woman-centred and we try to ensure that it's as natural as possible the doctor's approach to pregnancy is often that nothing is normal until proven otherwise.

We put emphasis on ensuring that you do all the work, just like your body is designed to! I'm glad you had such a positive experience!

Might I ask what made you decided to choose a midwife I take it you are from a country outside of my native UK where they are the main choice?

I'm from South Carolina in the US. Going to the hospital is pushed a lot more than midwifery, but that wasn't for me. I've always wanted to have my baby naturally, especially in a bathtub. I started off going to a doctor, but I couldn't stand her. She kept telling me that I was gaining too much weight and told me that having a baby in the hospital was much better. I did my research and watched two different documentaries about midwives and the birthing experience that they offer.

She was so rude and when I saw what my best friend went through at the same hospital, I told her that I was switching to a midwife. She, of course, tried to talk me out of it. I had made up my mind and found the most wonderful midwife.

I did have a few complications, but I will never have a baby in a hospital after going to the birthing center. I always find the culture clash so interesting with American obstetrics. In the UK you can have a home or hospital birth but either way you will be seeing a midwife unless you need an obstetrician present. Congratulations to you for sticking to your guns and getting the birth you wanted, many others would have folded, I'm sure!

You don't pay to give birth, you pay to have a bunch of highly trained people use expensive medical equipment to help you give birth. We have highly trained people that use expensive medical equipment for birth in Australia, yet it is still free. Yes yes, it isn't free in that we pay for it in taxes, but our taxes are fair and I can still walk into a hospital with no private health insurance and get the help I need with no bills except for certain pharmaceuticals afterwards.

Honestly, I don't see how the free market is useful with healthcare when all they are going to do is use every little loophole available to screw you out of money as part of their fiduciary requirements to their shareholders. Most people don't pay much out of pocket, their insurance company pays or their state's Medicaid program pays or the hospital provides charity care and ups the prices for the insured populations to cover the losses. Fortunately she is very healthy now and we had great health insurance so our out of pocket cost was less than a hundred bucks.

Everyone pays for their healthcare though, it is just a question of how. The NHS in the UK is free at the point of access, however you are still paying, just through income taxes. In the US employer based health insurance is the most common, with a state-by-state administered safety net program covering the poor there's a federal program for the elderly too, which works a lot like the NHS, but we're talking about pregnancies I'm not arguing one approach is better or worse, just that in the end the hospitals, doctors, nurses and midwives all get paid somehow in every country.

Sure, they both get paid, but one system doesn't bankrupt the poorest people in society who often need care the most. Hang on, you're saying that a child could have cost you nearly a quarter of a million dollars?! The gamut of tests and doctors that both mother and child have, to catch the life-threatening complications.

THAT's what can cost close to a quarter million dollars. That was just the postpartum hospital stay.

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