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Hot housewives want sex Tucson

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Hot housewives want sex Tucson

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It is the network's fourth installation of The Real Housewives franchise. The Real Housewives of New Jersey chronicles the lives of five women in and around several communities in northern New Jersey. Danielle calls a dinner date with Jacqueline and Teresa about the comments Dina made toward her at the Botox party. When Jacqueline tries to respond, Danielle becomes very agitated. Dina insists she doesn't care that much about Danielle.

Teresa notes that Danielle attaches herself to her friends very quickly and that makes her hesitant. Dina helps her daughter Lexi pack for her first vacation away, which makes her very sad. Teresa tells Jacqueline that she and her husband want to take salsa and merengue lessons; she invites the rest of the girls and their families. Danielle dances "too sexy" with Caroline's son Albie, which immediately offends Caroline.

Danielle starts an argument with Teresa's husband Joe after he uses the word "gaylord" in conversation; when she says "don't tell me to be quiet, I'm not your wife" with Teresa in earshot, she decides she is done with Danielle. At Lexi's going-away party, Caroline, Dina, Teresa and family discuss Danielle and they all conclude that they're "a little afraid" of her.

Jacqueline and Chris meet with the fertility specialist since Jacqueline has had four miscarriages. The fertility specialist rules out abnormalities and suggests her miscarriages may be due to her pushing Danielle questions who her real friends are; when Danielle calls Teresa to apologize, Teresa hangs up on her, and Danielle is convinced that Dina "got to" Teresa.

Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline have lunch and regret Dina's absence. Caroline's daughter Lauren finishes beauty school, but Caroline's son Albie may not be able to continue his legal studies.

Ashley considers moving home but is daunted by her stepfather Chris' anger at her fight with Jacqueline at the poker game, and by the rules he imposes if she wants to live at home again. Danielle has surgery to correct her third breast implant operation. Teresa and Joe's housewarming party is disrupted when Kim G. Dina Manzo returns as Audriana Giudice is christened in a typical Giudice festival. Chris Manzo has his 1 year anniversary as a Brownstone worker.

Danielle confides to Kim G. A chance remark by Christine tips off Danielle that Kim G. Danielle tells another friend to avoid Kim. On hearing this, Kim apologizes to Jacqueline for ignoring her advice about Danielle.

Danielle asks Kim G. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 1. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 2. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 3. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 4. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 6. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7. The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 8. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved May 19, Retrieved May 28, Retrieved June 17, Retrieved June 24, Retrieved May 4, Retrieved May 12, Retrieved May 18, Retrieved June 8, Retrieved June 15, Retrieved June 22, Retrieved June 29, Retrieved July 13, Retrieved July 20, Retrieved July 27, Retrieved August 3, Retrieved August 10, Retrieved August 17, Retrieved August 24, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved September 8, Retrieved May 24, Retrieved June 1, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved June 28, Retrieved July 12, Retrieved July 19, Retrieved July 26, Retrieved August 2, Retrieved August 9, Retrieved August 16, Retrieved August 23, Retrieved August 30, Retrieved May 7, Retrieved October 18, Retrieved April 24, Retrieved May 1, Retrieved May 8, Retrieved May 15, Retrieved August 28, Archived from the original on October 26, Retrieved July 15, Retrieved July 22, Retrieved July 29, Retrieved August 5, Retrieved August 12, Retrieved August 19, Retrieved August 26, Retrieved November 4, Archived from the original on October 16, Archived from the original on October 23, Retrieved October 21, Archived from the original on October 30, Retrieved October 4, Retrieved November 6, Retrieved November 12, Retrieved December 1, Euro final scores a sizable win for ESPN".

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Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Episodes Season 1 2 3. Episodes Season 1 2. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4. Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Cast members " Tardy for the Party ". Retrieved from " https: Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing potentially dated statements from January All articles containing potentially dated statements.

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In the first episode, we meet the Housewives: Teresa, a shopaholic married to contractor Joe, who is making arrangements to move into her multi-million dollar dream home. Dina, an interior designer and event planner who rebuilt her life in New Jersey after her divorce from her first husband. Caroline, who is Dina's older sister and has a hand in helping run her husband's successful catering business, The Brownstone.

Jacqueline, a Las Vegas native who is a caring do-gooder and married to Caroline and Dina's brother. Danielle, a single mom and former model whose ex-husband was the twentieth man she was engaged to. Jacqueline met Danielle at the salon and became best friends with her, and is nervous about integrating her into the group.

Dina has a charity, Project Ladybug, which aids ailing children with cancer, and she hires an assistant. Dina throws a benefit for her charity and loses her cool, firing Jacqueline's daughter Ashley as a worker at the event. This news upsets Jacqueline and Teresa. Danielle decides to go on a blind date with a man she met on the Internet.

Teresa takes her daughter Gia to a talent representative, who isn't impressed with her overly done photos but is impressed with the natural youthful look she has in person. Dina designs a dressing room for an anonymous "mega-celebrity," and has second thoughts about her career path. Jacqueline learns from Ashley's high school that she failed two classes and as a result, failed her junior year.

Jacqueline has no choice but to send Ashley to summer school and take away her car. Having snagged her year-old blind date as her boyfriend, Danielle maintains her physique by going rock-climbing. Caroline's daughter Lauren decides to pursue cosmetology as a career. Teresa has Gia's portfolio redone without makeup on Gia's face. With her new photos, the talent representative approves of Gia. Danielle becomes offended when Dina politely declines the Botox because Danielle says Dina once admitted she has work done on her face.

When Dina makes one bitchy comment too far, Danielle feels no need to befriend Dina for Jacqueline's sake and when Danielle plans her birthday with Jacqueline, Danielle won't invite Dina. Jacqueline announces to Caroline that her husband Chris felt so bad about Ashley's low self-esteem that he buys her a car, which Caroline vehemently disapproves of, since Ashley just failed school. Tension grows at a triple-date Danielle and her boyfriend has with Teresa and Jacqueline and their husbands, and Danielle confesses to the girls that she wants to end it with him.

Later on, Danielle calls a summit with Jacqueline and Teresa about her love crisis, which upsets both ladies when it becomes clear Danielle doesn't want advice, she just wants them to agree with her. Jacqueline and Teresa discuss "rumors floating around town" that Danielle is a husband-stealer and a stripper. Caroline vows to investigate Danielle, especially if she's coming into the lives of the people she loves. Dina calls a summit with Caroline and Teresa to discuss Danielle.

Caroline notes that her "investigation" hadn't even gotten underway when her niece found a book called Cop Without a Badge , which Caroline and Dina read.

Teresa informs the audience that Danielle had a colorful past which involved kidnapping, dealing with the Colombian cartel , and being a prostitute, which only underscore the bad feelings the women have for Danielle. Danielle finds out that Dina and Caroline know about the book, causing her to call a meeting with Jacqueline. Danielle cops to some of the truth revealed in the book, but not all of it, which has Jacqueline confused as to what to believe. Jacqueline notices subtle shunning on Dina's part, pressuring her to break off her friendship.

Teresa is finishing the renovations on her mansion. Teresa's husband has some words for Danielle at a gala event. Jacqueline, sensing she is not welcome as she has not cut ties with Danielle yet, takes the opportunity to spend time at home with her daughter Ashley, who is improving her grades at summer school. However, when the teenager acts ungrateful and bratty at a photo shoot Jacqueline scheduled to expand her portfolio, Jacqueline feels less than motherly and decides to withhold the car that she secretly bought for Ashley.

Teresa then learns that Danielle's boyfriend is taking someone else to her beach house. Danielle finds herself with no allies after her she breaks up with her shady boyfriend, and Danielle's birthday ends with an argument with Jacqueline.

Teresa, after getting feedback from her friends and family and taking into account her own bodily insecurities, decides to go ahead with breast implant surgery. Tensions rise when Danielle places the infamous book Cop Without A Badge on the table to confront allegations and rumors. This suddenly turns into an argument between the women and concludes with the infamous table flip by Teresa. The directors' cut of what wasn't shown on the Final Dinner. The episode ended in a cliffhanger , with Caroline accusing Danielle of having planned something ominous for Dina.

The housewives were in an uproar about the book, and Caroline confronted Danielle about something she had planned to harm Dina. Exactly what Danielle had allegedly planned was not revealed, and Danielle refused to admit she knows anything about it. Extended footage of favorite fights, funny moments, and additional insights into the women's home lives. In the Season 2 premiere, Teresa gets her girls ready for their first day of school, Jacqueline has a baby boy, and Caroline throws a bash for the local Sheriff.

Jacqueline's husband tells her he would prefer she not see Danielle again and that he doesn't want her in their house.

When Danielle hears of the party, she insists it means nothing to her but starts out on a drive-by of Caroline's house. Her daughters make her abandon the drive-by. Jacqueline and her daughter Ashley discuss Ashley's bad girl behavior. Caroline and Teresa question Jacqueline's continued association with Danielle. When Lauren starts dating Albie's best friend Vito, it causes friction in the Manzo clan, but Caroline does her best to let her babies work it out themselves.

Danielle's daughter Christine gets featured on the cover of Daily, and she and Teresa's daughter Gia are invited to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week. Danielle arranges a luncheon of her close friends to celebrate Christine's success, and she invites Dina and Jacqueline. Although they both apparently declined her invitation ahead of time, during the luncheon Danielle draws her guests' attention to Jacqueline and Dina's absence.

The drama continues when Danielle accuses Jacqueline of not being her own woman, further alienating Jacqueline. Dina is tired of the negativity and sees a Zen expert to purge Danielle from her life. Teresa and Joe welcome their fourth bambina and Teresa asks Dina to be the baby's godmother. Chris Manzo gets an inside look at his dream business, and Jacqueline gets a look inside her husband's safe. Jacqueline will have no more to do with Danielle.

The Brownstone prepares for a charity event, but the Manzo-Laurita family don't know that a friend has asked Danielle to present the check. Danielle prepares by arranging for an ex-convict friend to accompany her as "back-up. Teresa and Joe bring the new baby home from the hospital. Jacqueline meets Ashley's boyfriend's mother, while Caroline's son and daughter go to dinner with the couple.

Danielle arrives at the Brownstone charity event with Kim G. As she was not invited to bring so many people, no table space is available and the event organizers not the Manzos ask that she and her entourage leave.

Danielle claims that the Manzos penalized the young girl whose medical treatment was the object of the event and hints that the Manzos made a "big mistake" in offending her entourage, even though she was not supposed to bring them. After the Brownstone event, Danielle gets what she says is a threatening text from Jacqueline's daughter Ashley, and ponders legal action.

Teresa's daughter Gia fails a film audition and starts dialect coaching for a Jersey accent. At a family dinner, the Manzo-Lauritas and Giudices toast getting Danielle out of their lives.

Dina asks to meet Danielle to discuss their relationship; Danielle fears an "ambush" and has her ex-con on hand. The discussion gets off to a bad start. Dina and Danielle's meeting ends in argument. Danielle and friends including Kim G. Kim asks Jacqueline about Ashley and Danielle's Facebook war.

The Manzos go pumpkin-picking with the Giudices, Ashley and her boyfriend, who is asked to a family poker game where the men will "initiate" him. At the game Jacqueline tells Danielle's ex, Steve, that she objects to his sale of Danielle's sex tape. Steve explains that the tape is of Danielle alone, and that she herself dropped legal action to stop the sale.

Derek holds up well, but a fight between Jacqueline and Ashley interrupts the game. Danielle and friends go for a pole-dancing lesson so she can feel sexy when dating. Dina decides to leave the series to get rid of Danielle and spend more time with her family. Melissa and Joe Gorga are briefly seen at Teresa's housewarming party.

Caroline discusses Albie with her sisters. Danielle hears that Kim D. Caroline wants her husband to retire but he offers only to reduce his hours. Danielle arrives late for the show with Kim G. After the show, Teresa tries to talk with Danielle. Teresa and Danielle's exchange ends in a wild chase through the country club.

Ashley pulls out some of Danielle's extensions. Danielle calls the police. Ashley makes a Facebook comment on the incident. Jacqueline and Chris warn Ashley that another incident will get her thrown out of the house. Danielle's energist calls Jacqueline to remove negative energies, with doubtful results. Danielle mulls legal action against Ashley. Albie's lawyer gives him hopeful news about law school.

Danielle presses charges against Ashley, and takes boxing instruction to protect herself. Caroline and Jacqueline feel Danielle is going after one of their children just because they rejected her friendship. Albie can continue his law studies, but may have to attend an out-of-state school.

Teresa and Joe celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary in true Giudice style, despite money woes Joe admits to Chris.

Joe's new business gets help from some very hands-on customers and his little princesses learn a tough lesson in the process. Ashley gets a summons to answer Danielle's complaint against her and intends to countersue Danielle, but Jacqueline and Chris think not. Danielle focuses on Christine's sweet 16, which is a success. While his law school applications are pending, Albie enters the police academy. Dina Manzo makes an appearance; Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile are shown briefly sitting at a table at Audriana's christening.

Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline and extended families fly to Venice, where Teresa manages to find a chance to spend. On their cruise ship for Naples the generational mix is complicated, and even Caroline and Albert become babysitters for the young Giudices, who are not entirely cooperative. Jacqueline overindulges the first night out and misses Milania Giudice's fourth birthday party, at which Milania falls asleep at dinner and wakes up cranky, refusing her birthday cake.

The Manzos, Lauritas and Giudices arrive in Naples and are on their way to visit the Giudice family outside of town. Joe quickly loses his temper with Teresa about all the things she brought and all the things she wants to buy while in Italy. Caroline and Albert get tired easily due to all the walking in the village where the Giudices live, especially involving the numerous steep steps.

Teresa gets to see the apartment where Joe was born from the street below. The final reunion dinner Teresa planned goes off without a hitch. Finally, everyone returns home, happy from the trip but sad that they will have to deal with Danielle soon enough. At a family dinner, Caroline announces that she will try to save Ashley from criminal charges and try to mediate directly with Danielle. Danielle is surprised to see Caroline has her phone number and is skeptical of the idea, but agrees to meet her.

The meeting starts off quietly, but deteriorates when Danielle says that she will not drop the charges and that Ashley should pay for her mistake. Things get worse when Danielle lists the times she feels Caroline's family wronged her. Caroline asks what she has done to Danielle; when Danielle cannot name a reason, she reverses the question with Caroline stating that her entire family is an extension of her and therefore Danielle wounded Caroline.

Danielle leaves when Caroline says, "When I said you were garbage, I meant that you were garbage. Tempers soon explode over a dispute regarding Ashley. When Danielle makes a remark about Teresa's nephew, Teresa bolts from her couch and yells at Danielle not to bring up her family. Danielle walks off-set, further angering Teresa; Caroline chastises her for "giving [Danielle] what she wanted. Danielle smugly makes a comment about "having her lawyers" put a gag order on Dina not allowing her to discuss the issue, which enrages the other women as they feel Danielle can comment but Dina cannot defend herself.

Danielle is taken to task for various comments, ranging from her pronunciation of "women" to the way Teresa dresses her kids to how Danielle's sex tapes may embarrass her young daughters via classmates' taunts. Danielle claims that the show edits the cast to appear as certain types of people; Caroline responds that they are all who they are and the editing doesn't change that. Viewers are introduced to quiet and caring mother Kathy and bubbly and sassy Melissa, who plans to throw the best christening Jesus has ever seen for her son Joey.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline attempts to deal with two big babies: New wounds are opened as Kathy attempts to talk to a belligerent Teresa, who convinces Caroline and Jacqueline to turn their backs on her family. Teresa goes to the photo shoot for her new cookbook, Fabulicious , and her husband tells her that he saw her brother at the gym.

Jacqueline goes to a tarot card reader, and continues to have problems connecting with her daughter, Ashley. While shopping in New York City with Kim D, Caroline suggests that Teresa write her brother Joe a letter as an olive branch to bring them closer after what happened at the christening.

Thanksgiving is here, and Melissa and Joe buy a turkey at the supermarket. Teresa and Joe go to a live poultry store for their bird, but ultimately opt for an already-dead turkey after feeling sorry for live ones.

Teresa brings out a card Melissa sent her that says "God Bless you guys in your re-done home! Caroline takes to the airwaves with her new radio show.

Meanwhile, the Gorga siblings attempt to settle their differences, but they invariably stir up more tension, and Jacqueline plays referee in a face-off between Teresa and Melissa. Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline head up to the Catskill Mountains for a weekend. Kathy begins exploring the option of opening a restaurant. Melissa and Joe go to Antonia's dance performance.

Christmas day is here. Caroline receives a long-overdue present, and Melissa considers herself Jersey's luckiest woman, but Teresa's holiday isn't turning out to be so jolly. Teresa's and Melissa's children have a play date, while the kids prove to be more mature than their parents. Kathy mulls over how to nurture her daughter, and Ashley's father pays a surprise visit which may come with more than a simple family reunion. The ladies travel to Punta Cana. Later, Kathy and Teresa come to blows on the beach.

In the Season 3 finale, Kathy makes a shocking decision, Jacqueline and an unforeseen visitor work on mending family problems, and drama arises when talk about Teresa's cookbook come into play. The ladies reveal that Season 4 is on production, somewhat explaining Jacqueline absence due to the events that's happening filming. Teresa and Caroline clash.

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