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Horney single women wet come slid in

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Mommy puts some puffs onto 's tray. Waiting for someone with these same qualities. I am not seeking for a relationship or a one-night stand, only to find some new friends.

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Horney single women wet come slid in

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I have pictures and would be happy to share them with you when it is appropriate.

We can start off as casual and then see where it goes. I am an American man seeking for a German girl to help me learn the German langauge.

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 13th of March Report. Adventures of a Big Titten Masohist. Once exposed to the exciting and glamorous world of nude dancing, Pinkie repels her inhibitions and thrusts herself into a non-stop quest for extreme sexual experiences including gang-banging, cat-fighting and severe bondage rituals.

As new-born patron of the primitive arts, Pinkie submits her beautiful body to genital piercing and erotic tattooing, leaving indelible proof of her commitment her rebellious biker gang and a lifestyle of hard bondage and pornography.

To prove her resolve, Pinkie sacrifices herself in a series of bizarre and erotic competitions where large-breasted biker babes are pitted against one another to see who can endure the most pain and punishment to their big tits and young bodies.

Beyond brutal and cruel, the bikers stop at nothing to torture the girls, bruising and branding their young flesh and mutilating their breasts - all for their perverted entertainment. There, she meets Larry, a rich young playboy jock who is infatuated with Cindy's enormous young breasts.

He encourages Cindy to dress like a prick teaser, encouraging her wear highly revealing outfits that show off her incredible young body.

With a gorgeous young face, high cheek bones, deep blue eyes and baby soft skin, Cindy has an angelic quality. At 5' X 7" she has a slender 24" waist and stands tall - wearing high heels wherever she goes. At lbs, with narrow hips and shoulders, Cindy has the figure of a model except for two things. On top, her breasts are nothing short of phenominal - bulging over in a size 34 FF cup brassiere.

Hung naturally from her chest, her spectacular young breasts are the shape of large, super-soft liquid-filled footballs with silky pink aureole and thick, pointy nipples..

As cheerleader and homecoming princess during her sophomore year in high school in Indiana, Cindy is disqualified from the squad when her bitch of a coach convinces the vice principal that her huge breast size is a distraction to the team and fans.

She encounters similar bias at dance class as the other girls tease and mock her huge breasts. Rebelling against a society that discriminates against girls with large breasts, Cindy revolts, daring herself to go braless in public - wearing halters, crop tops and oversized tank tops - turning heads and dropping jaws wherever she goes.

The stimulating sensation of letting her boobs bounce and bop without restraint or support turns her on and Cindy finds that she craves exposing herself having men and boys constantly ogling her as she struts her stuff in public.

Her new boyfriend Larry begins to feel out-of-control as Cindy exploits her sexy body with shorter skirts and sexy tops that openly reveal her ample bosom. Then, a whole new world opens up when Cindy's younger sister Annie drops out of high school in Indiana and comes to Los Angeles with a band of bikers.

On a mission to find her younger sister, Cindy discovers the dark side of a biker bar where she gets into a slug-fest with a nasty biker babe named Karen. After brutally fighting the bitch in public and getting her tank top ripped off in front of a few dozen bikers, Cindy discovers her pent up lust for savage cat-fighting and raw exhibitionism.

Cindy's prize for beating the biker bitch, is Karen's boyfriend Crowbar. He's a handsome, rugged biker who loves the wild life and takes Cindy home for her first anal experience. Open to new sex thrills, Cindy vows to satisfy Crowbar with whatever perverted sex and bondage games he and biker club want. Crowbar submits Cindy to mind-bending drugs and the bizarre world of hard core porno where she sees things she'd never dreamed of before - awakening new dimensions of her inner sexuality.

Overwhelmed new with an uncontrollable lust for bondage and perverted sex, Cindy is compelled to experience these sexual extremities for herself. At nineteen, Cindy takes a job as a stripper and transforms herself into "Kinky Pinkie" - pushing herself deep into the world of erotica and extreme breast abuse. Committed to her new image, Pinkie submits herself to every conceivable form of sexual and physical punishment that Crowbar and the Outlaws can dream up.

The Adventures of Pinkie explores the deepest canyons of Cindy's erotic mind and turns her most jaded fantasies into a web of raw sexual experiences. Standing under the hot shower, Cindy fingered her clit as she thought of the hot anal sex she'd enjoyed with Crowbar.

The whole kinky idea really turned her on just dreaming about all the lusty fun she could have with a guy like him. Suddenly, she got a wild hair up her ass and decided to shave off her pussy hair. The idea of a smooth, hairless pussy would surely turn on Crowbar and feel great when he stuffs his big dick in her tight young cunt. Out of the shower, Cindy wasted no time gettin' ready for the big ride. Crowbar had promised a "shit kickin'" good time at the biker meet in North Hollywood and Cindy was ready for anything.

With a dash of make-up, Cindy squeezed her buns back into her tight jeans and stepped into her sexiest high heels - these were red open toe sandals with five inch spike heels. She loved the way the shoes accentuated her pretty feet and matched her red painted toenails. She felt "exposed" in these sexy shoes and she loved that feeling. On top, she wanted to make a statement. One that no one would miss. She was a biker chick now and that meant super "sexy" outfits all the time.

Bras were for sissies and prudes so she had to go braless. She slipped into the black leather vest and liked what she saw in the mirror. Her young breasts were so large and bountiful that they filled out the large open armholes and created a deep cleavage where she fastened a single gold button. It felt so daring!!!! It was obvious that she was braless - but then that was the whole idea!

After all - real biker chicks never wear bras. Or much else it seemed. After a final touch of lipstick - stepped out into her living room hoping Crowbar would approve of her daring new look. Cindy gleamed as she turned and posed with her lips pouting and her heavy heaving chest jiggling bralessly. On the back of Crowbar's Harley, Cindy felt wicked and wild as they scooted through traffic and between cars.

At signals, the people in cars starred at her, some making rude gestures. Others pretending not to see her lewd posture as she splayed her legs openly on the back of Crowbars bike while the vest pulled itself open leaving the swollen curves of her soft boobs generously exposed for the whole world to admire.

Cindy got really excited thinking about showing off her mega-tits to all these appreciative bikers. It seemed so daring and taboo!! With a snap of a button, she popped open her vest and let her pretty boobs hang free in the open air for everyone to see. If felt incredible to expose herself in front of so many people. Cindy immediately noticed a number of chicks wearing outfits that revealed more than hers.

Not to mention a couple of gals with tattoos and one with a ring in her nipple. Crowbar bragged as he looked to Cindy for approval.

Behind the wooden stage, Cindy began drinking beer and smoking pot with the other biker chicks who where cutting up their T-shirts and getting themselves lubed up for the big contest. Not to be called "chicken", Cindy took off her tight jeans and cut away the fabric until they weren't much more than a shredded little G-string cut all the way to her belt loops exposing her buns out the back and smooth upper thighs in the front.

She was tall and thin, with great legs but not much up top. The bikers used beer to wet the T-shirt and she got big applause. The next several girls were all pretty good looking and wasted no time tossing their tops off - giving the crowd the show they wanted. By the time it was Cindy's turn, she was blasted on beer and needed no coaxing to get her hips a swinging and big boobs a bouncing. She loved the sensation of dancing sexy in front of so many people.

As she strutted across the stage she made a point of stomping her heels to make her big heavy tits bounce while the stage hands squirted beer on her skimpy T-shirt totally exposing her stiff pink nipples underneath.

She knew she had the equipment to drive these boys wild and she delighted in ripping away the shredded T-shirt setting her beautiful big heavy melons swing free for everyone to admire. Full of a bizarre new lust for her own public nudity, Cindy continued to dance and deliberately jiggle and bounce her magnificent young bosoms as she felt their substantial weight hanging from her chest.

It felt incredibly sexy letting them swing and sway freely in front of the unruly crowd of shouting heathens. She looked down on her stiff pink nipples and silky smooth soft swinging globes feeling confident that they were a lot bigger than the other chicks in the contest. She had secretly wanted to enter a tittie contest like this before but never had the nerve or the encouragement until she met Crowbar - but today she was bustin' loose.

Letting it all hang out and it felt 'fucking' fantastic. She could feel her nipples harden as they dowsed her again with the ice cold water. As she rolled her shoulders the crowd screamed with appreciation. She blushed a little as she watched Crowbar clapping and shouting with his friends as Cindy put on the show of his dreams.

She could see her sister Anne's face in the crowd. Anne couldn't believe her sister had just flashed her big tits in front of hundreds of bikers. But Cindy didn't care. In fact she loved dancing topless and she felt sexier than she'd ever felt in her life. She knew Crowbar wanted to sexually exploit her publicly and it made her wet thinking of all the rude and nasty things he might do to her in front of these bikers.

She didn't want to be a role model for her younger sister any more. Just once, she wanted to let go of all her inhibitions. Eager to please, she turned around and bent over to show off her cute buns as she finished her number and made way for the next contestant.

She was sure she had it in the bag until a Hispanic chick named "Ramon" came on with a titty shakin' technique that sent the guys wild.

She wasn't nearly as busty as Cindy, but she had a way of throwing her shoulders in rotation that sent her C cups a flying across her chest like a pair of propellers. She arched back her shoulders and whipped her sloppy tits back and forth with tremendous speed and power.

Ramon was hot n' sexy and it was obvious she'd danced like this before. Her thick black hair and bronze body was firm and muscular in places. Her tits were natural and sloppy with long stretch marks from constant abuse. Cindy was turned on be the young woman and fascinated by her tattoos on her ankle and shoulder. But she also saw her as a competitor for every man's lust at this carnal display of lewd behavior. Backstage, Crowbar found Cindy smoking another joint and talking with another contestant.

Both girls were still topless. Finally, all the girls were called back on stage together and Cindy was selected with four other girls for the final competition. The other three girls were hot looking, but Ramon was the chick to beat and Cindy knew it.

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A bouncer came up and spoke to her in a whisper. Larry thought maybe he was asking her to cool it. But instead, he stood right in front of her, blocking her from view. Larry strained his neck and eyes to see what was going on when he realized she was now down on her knees. Larry was thinking "blow job" when the bouncer got distracted by another bouncer and stepped to the side revealing Cindy clutching her huge tits and pushing them together with both hands while this guys stiff cock slid up and down between her soft tits.

Cindy was laughing and teasing her customer as she lifted and dragged her big boobs up and down on the stiff cock. Larry was feeling faint and nauseous as he watched the love of his life "tit fucking" some stranger right in the middle of this bar where anyone could see her now! Larry moved in closer, to get ring-side view of his ex-fiancee driving this dudes thick cock between her silky smooth whoppers.

Her skirt had risen high on her hips with her knees spread wide exposing her pink puckered butt-hole. Cindy obviously didn't care who saw what these days!!

He couldn't believe what he was watching. First, he'd never seen a chick tit fuck a customer in one of these nudie bars. Maybe occasional fondling, but nothing like this.

Second, it was Cindy. The girl of his dreams. The one he'd planned to marry and have babies with for Christ sake. Larry was heartsick, angry and turned on all at the same time. She still hadn't even noticed him and he wasn't sure he wanted her to. Unaware she was next, Cindy jumped up and darted off into the crowd behind the stage.

The crowd was turned on and began cheering and whistling as the hard rock beat began for her first dance number. Larry's heart was pounding as the men lined up around the brightly lit stage. The music for her first dance number had a hard driving beat which seemed to play for an eternity while the unruly crowd chanted "PINKIE" in anticipation.

Suddenly, Cindy burst out from behind the curtain, skipping across the small stage, rolling her shoulders - her pretty face beaming under the spotlights. The crowd cheered as she spun about showing off her outstanding young figure. Still wearing the same red leather mini-skirt and suspenders, Cindy had added a matching red leather cap and red pasties with long flowing tassels to her costume.

Her long smooth legs looked terrific under the lights wearing her red five inch "fuck me" heels. She paraded about in front of each stageside customer slapping her ass with a wide open hand, leaving bright pink handprints on her smooth tight buns.

Cindy was electric, struttin' her stuff about, wiggling her hips and shimmying her bountiful firm tits. The men were cheering and whistling as she bent over and stretched out her long smooth legs. Her young skin was shinny smooth and she'd just had her legs waxed all the way to her navel. As Larry watched Cindy move her body in a sensuous grind that was so sexy he thought he'd bust his pants his dick was so hard. Then she lifted her red leather mini-skirt up to her waist and Larry felt sick again.

On her right cheek there was a large tattoo of the grateful dead skull and rose. Above it read "Property of Outlaws. Cindy knew what they wanted and delighted in teasing them, rocking her shoulders gently as she shuffled about on the small stage.

Her pasties added an erotic touch to her soft melonous tits - and she loved seeing all eyes drawn to her shinny twirling tassels as she bounced her big boobs about the stage. And twirl them she did, in time to the music as she danced.

By her second dance number, Cindy was responding to all the cat calls. She knew what these guys wanted to see and she was eager and ready to show them what they were willing to kill for. Pinkie pinned her shoulders way back, pushed out her chest and began swinging her huge hooters back and forth as the men went absolutely ape-shit with screaming and stomping in approval. With butterflies of excitement, Pinkie pinned back her shoulders, sucked in her tummy and began jerking her shoulders rapidly sending her huge pendulous boobs sloshing across her chest.

She laughed insanely as she watched her long tassels thrashing back and forth - her huge titties literally flying across her chest. She felt intoxicated with lust as she watched her long tassels thrashing back and forth.

She was feeling dizzy as she watched her huge whoppers flying across her chest and bouncing on her slender rib cage as she danced around. As the music picked up a double beat, she recklessly jerked her shoulders faster and further in a boob slinging frenzy that sent her tits flapping in every direction.

She felt super erotic, wild and nasty as her big mams whapped, warbled and whiplashed wildly across her chest, slapping and swinging like shutters in a hurricane. Most of the men were stunned. Never had they seen such radical boob swinging action anywhere.

And definitely not from a girl so young, beautiful and above all - so busty!! With a little hesitation, Cindy smacked her own heavy tit open handed from the underside, sending it quivering and the pastie jiggling. Then without prompting, with one hand, she grips her own nipple and lifts her breast high off her chest, while she slaps it hard on the underside with the other hand waking up nerves and sensations unfamiliar to her.

Then the other, back and forth until she was flogging her own breasts sending them every which way. Then, with knuckles whitened, she grips her nipples intensely and lifts her enormous breasts high off her chest to show the audience her milky undersides, stretching the soft outer flesh and twisting her big pink nipples. With two hands, she kneads her silky breast flesh, pulling her nipple up to her mouth, then bites her nipple with clenched teeth.

Then she lifts higher and just lets go letting it drop splash with a double bounce and a jiggle onto her rib cage. She laughs devilishly into the audience as they cheer her on while she slaps, sucks, stretches and drops her boobs a dozen more times before the song number ends. She smiled, chated and enjoyed acting natural while in the buff in front of all these guys.

In fact, it was a sensation she couldn't get enough of. She had a beautiful body and was feeling compelled to constantly be naked whenever she was around men and sometimes women, too. It was like an inner demon was taking possession of her mind and sole and transforming her into a sexual slave of her own lust. She couldn't get enough of this whole crazy sex lust stuff.

As the rap music began, she winked at the guys in the front row, arched backwards onto her back, reached under her legs and rolled her legs all the way back assuming a yoga position pointing her pink asshole right in the faces of the men in the front row.

With fingers from both hands she pulled her vagina wide open for a close-up view. As the music continued, Pinkie graced her legs and moved with the refinements of an natural stripper as she strained hard to pull her cunt lips apart even wider - stretching them and pulling her labia giving everyone a generous view inside. As Pinkie brazenly displayed her wet vagina for their viewing pleasure, she couldn't stop thinking about all of her classmates from high school.

If they could only see her now, they'd be shocked. Afterall, she had been Homecoming Princess in her Junior Year. Bleacher cut her from the Cheerleading Squad because she didn't think Cindy put enough energy into her performance. She was obviously pleased to be showing her "pink" to all these men as the spot lights shown down into her gapping young cunt.

One by one, the men opened their wallets and placed their bills at the base of the stage. Each guy took his time to let his fingers glide across her wet cavity as he reached between Pinkie's legs. At the conclusion of her songs, she strutted about the stage in her new fuck-me heels, picking up tips.

Pinkie made a point of reaching down between her legs to give every guy a good clean view of her shaved pussy, asshole and huge hangin' hooters, always winking' and smilin'real pretty. After almost twenty minutes, Cindy appeared in the lounge topless wearing only her high heels tiny red G-string.

Larry quickly approached her and asked her Cindy wasted no time in pulling Larry's stiff cock out of his pants and began sucking him hard and fast.

She was hot and loose. Larry's hands were all over her heavy boobs and buns as Cindy caressed his balls and jerked his cock. He freely slid his hand between her legs, driving a finger up her smooth wet hot slot until Cindy was panting from excitement. Straddling over him, Larry reached up and caressed her beautiful orbs.

The skin was so soft and loose on the surface of her breasts, yet firm and full inside. They were big as footballs and seemed even bigger than when they were dating. Larry used two hands on one tit, squeezing, pinching the flesh and pulling on her nipple until she had him sucking her tit like a baby. She pulled her G-string aside and sat down on his huge boner driving the thick dick deep into her hot wet cunt. As she drove the thick cock deep up her cunny she deliberately pushed her huge tits into Larry's face while he sucked hard on her nipples.

For the next two hours, Larry watched the incredible Pinkie lap dance one guy after another and shake her tits on stage. He knew he loved her, yet he wasn't jealous. In fact, it turned him on to see her acting lewd in front of the rowdy crowd. He just wanted her back again and he'd doing anything to get her. At closing time, she disappeared. Larry found her outside in the parking lot smoking dope with some bikers. To Larry's shock, she wore only a pair of black leather pants slit and laced up the sides and her red "fuck-me" heels.

On top she was totally bare-ass topless except for some black electrical tape hardly covering each big pink nipple and a matching black choker. She teased as the bikers pawed her big soft melons while she sucked the little hash pipe - coughing and giggling. Suddenly it lurched forward and Larry watched his sexpot Cindy and Crowbar ride off into the late night traffic. They stopped in several all night gas stations and liquor stores just so Cindy could parade around topless in front of the employees and customers showing off her magnificent big titties.

It was a kinky turn-on to parade around with her boobs a bouncin' freely in public places and she loved the reaction she got from strangers.

She was already accustomed to being topless at the club. Going topless everywhere was not that big of a deal. All she had to do was cross her arms over her chest and she was covered.

It was really quit easy to get away with. Crowbar insisted they cruise into an IN-N-OUT Burger so Cindy could sit among a bunch of strangers and let 'em gawk at her beautiful bare boobs and sexy body.

In about two minutes, there were twenty guys hovered around them, checking out Pinkie's big titties and tattoos. Pinkie didn't really care. And apparently it didn't bother the police either - since they spent almost an hour writing up the ticket - and never did give her anything to cover up with. By noon Cindy was all packed and climbed into Crowbar's old pick-up truck.

Cindy was nervous and excited as she applied her lip stick and mascara in the truck while they bounced along the freeway - heading towards the Angeles Crest Forest. As she held her arms over her head while pinning up her hair, Crowbar couldn't take his eyes off her gorgeous soft boobs bobbing braless under her titillating broad mesh net tank top.

Crowbar realized he was falling in love with this treacherous young prick-tease. While Cindy was falling in love with her own new found sexual power among these bikers as a rude, lewd and tattooed goddess for their club. She couldn't seem to resist her desires to exploit her beauty and raw sex appeal around all these young studs on their iron horses. She wanted to outrage them with her own sexhibitionism, more kinky tattoos, exotic body jewellery and totally bizarre behaviour.

She wanted to taste the dark side of her own pent- up lust, performing lewd, kinky sex acts in front of a large audience. She also wanted to perform some dangerous motorcycle stunts in the nude just to shock them and prove her courage. She starting to get wet just thinking about fighting in the nude. She loved parading around so openly exposed - showing off her big titties to the world.

But now she was gonna seriously abuse herself just for the thrill of it. And, maybe win a thousand bucks if she won. She loved the sensation of baring her boobs in front of so many people. Especially now that she had a tattoo on her tittie.. It was like she now had a special license - to go topless in public places all the time now that she was tattooed. She saw her little sister Anne drinking beer with some scuzzy guys, but decided to leave her alone.

Only a few weeks ago, Cindy was "the prude" and had tried to save Anne from the jaws of the Outlaws. But to everyone's shock, beautiful Cindy had become possessed by the devil himself, now totally emersed in world of non-stop sex, drugs and uninhibited exhibitionism. You should join the other girls for the nude photo session over by the picnic area. Cindy loved the sensation of freedom as she sauntered across the grounds in her high heels as her heavy boobs bobbed about like Jell-O.

Her nipples stiffening in the breeze. The bikers hooted and hollered as she smiled and strutted her stuff. Without the slightest hesitation she pushed her way through the crowd with her tits and found a spot right in the middle of the teasing, sassy girls as they posed for the photographers.

Most of the girls were young, but none as pretty or anywhere near as huge busted as Cindy. Then she turned again and sat down, reared back, raised her sweet ass high and opened her legs as wide as she could - pointed her white high heels in opposite directions.

She loved being photographed nude. The video camera guy zoomed in close, as Cindy continued her cunt-fart exhibition encouraging all the photographers to take pictures of her "FUCK HOLE," as she pulled herself inside-out for their viewing pleasure. The hands were beginning to wander from her legs to her stomach to her big tits while Cindy tried to stretch her cunt beyond its natural limits creating a hole big enough for a whole camera lens.

Dozens of stray fingers were sliding into all of her open cavities when the MC announced that the CAT FIGHTS were about to begin and for everyone to take their seats at the bleachers surrounding the dirt fighting pit. The men reluctantly retreated from the hot young bitch as Crowbar broke them up and began to lay out Cindy's fighting outfit.

The first two girls were not much older than Cindy and got the crowd going wild as they punched each other out for everyone's entertainment.

They started out in two-piece bikinis and soon were stripped nude and ended up wrestling intensely in the dirt. As Cindy put on her sheer stockings and white garter belt she got more excited about fighting. She puffed on a couple of joints, a hash pipe and took a few swigs of Jack Daniels as she put on her mother's long white wedding gown.

The top was like a corset and pushed her huge bountiful boobs into a deep open cleavage that barely contained her big nipples, exposing the pink aureole of her nipples and dramatically displaying her sexy new tattoo. She stepped into her white high heels and touched up her make-up. She was a knock-out. By the third round the bikers had turned the water hoses on the two girls wrestling and they began slugging it out in the mud.

She had beaten that bitch Karen twice and she knew she was tough. But this was a rough crowd and they expected the girls to go for blood. Cindy was scared - but she didn't show her fear. She paraded about boldly in her beautiful wedding gown as the crowd cheered her on.

She loved the cheering and all the attention. Next, her opponent appeared, a tall lanky redhead wearing a black leather vest and skirt. She was about twenty-five with silicon boobs and a few small tattoos showing on her arms and legs. She grabbed Jackie's arm and twisted her around until she had her in a full nelson.

Jackie broke free and swung at Cindy - missing her completely. This time Jackie lunged at Cindy grabbing her corset top and ripping it down to her waist. It turned her on to talk dirty and degrade herself. Jackie kicked and tripped Cindy, sending both to the mud where they wrestled intensely for several minutes ripping each others' clothes off until Jackie was down to her black bikini panties and Cindy down to her garter belt and stockings having dressed sans panties for her sex hungry fans.

With her long red nails, Jackie began to attack Cindy's smooth white tattooed ass until the two girls were ferociously scratching, kicking, biting and hitting each other.

Cindy's stockings were ripped to shreds and Jackie's lip was bleeding when the bikers decided to hit them with the hose. Cindy was on top when remembered what Crowbar had said about abusing herself and began lifting and dropping her full body weight onto Jackie, smashing her with her massive big tits into Jackies. She bit at Cindy's titties as they pounded her, leaving teeth marks near her nipples in a couple of places.

She was a mess, covered with dirt, mud and some nasty bites and scratches. But she didn't give a shit. In fact, she craved the sensation of mauling her beautiful young body in front of all these heathens. There was something very raw, primitive and exciting about fighting in the dirt.

Cindy and Jackie exited the dirt ring together, each carrying the remains of their shredded clothes. She was in some pain, yet she loved the sensation of fighting nude more than she ever imagined. Crowbar came prepared and washed her down with a hose and cloth, dressing her wounds with Band-Aids. Over a dozen on her beautiful young body.

Cindy took a deep puff and began coughing. Only one deep hit, and Cindy was feeling totally engulfed in her erotic ambitions. She wanted to fuck and fight at the same time. Her body felt electrified as if she had super-human strength and an uncontrollable horny urge to rip herself a new asshole. Her cunt began gushing and her nipples erect. Cindy kicked off her heels, held her arms high and began full swing jumping jacks sending her huge young boobs high over her chest then slamming hard on her tummy over and over again until the crowd burst out shouting and cheering.

The drugs had overwhelmed her and she wanted to destroy her tits just to prove she was a "bad ass" biker bitch now. The crowd screamed for more and Cindy astounded them with her brutal abuse of her own breasts - as she yanked, sucked, stretched, slapped and pinched her magnificent young bosoms until they were both a crimson red with lots of teeth marks and scratches. With one tit held in her teeth, Cindy managed to bend over and pull open her shaved pussy and asshole to impress her lust crazed fans.

Her head was spinning from the drugs and the adrenaline when suddenly, her opponent, Rachel appeared - ready for battle. Cindy loved being totally lewd and uninhibited in public. It was the greatest rush she could think of On top, she had tits, but they were real hangers with serious stretch marks and a couple of tattoos. Cindy was totally wasted on the PCP and was ready to bash her own beautiful tits just for shear thrill of it.

She opened the match by digging in her heels, then she ran right into Rachel with a 10 point body slam and knocked the bitch on her butt. She was feeling totally wild, turned-on and confident she could whip her with just her tits. The audience went crazy as Cindy had Animal tie her hands tightly behind her back.

While Cindy's big natural tits swung back and forth, Rachel used both fists to punch Cindy's boobs with full force while the crowds went crazy. Wasted on the drugs, Cindy just laughed and shouted more obscenities, encouraging the bitch to hit her harder She loved mocking the bizarre spectacle of her own breast mutilation and punishment.

She really wanted more She was reaching orgasm from the physical abuse of her breasts and only needed a little more pain to get off. Rachel had no problem using every trick she knew to inflict pain on Cindy's poor tits, as she slapped 'em, slugged 'em, pinched and pulled them so hard they became human punching bags. Cindy was totally turned on by the spectacle of her own brutal breast abuse - and pushed out her chest cynically for more pain and punishment.

Just when the crowd thought the match was over, Cindy broke loose in a drug crazed scream and began kicking Rachel with her high heels. In the shins, in the crotch and finally in the stomach and the tits as she kicked high and hard, sending the young woman to her knees in the dirt where she surrendered to the brutal attack of the big titted young blond.

Still high on Crack, Cindy required four men to pull her off Rachel. She was still high on crack and her pussy was wet and sloppy. Something about fighting nude in front of an audience really turned her on like nothing she'd ever experienced.

She had reached orgasm a half dozen times as Rachel pounded her young tits. It was unlike any sexual experience she'd ever known. Her pretty face puffy from fighting. Her lip was bleeding a little. Sonja was a gorgeous brown-skinned five-ten amazon. One hundred thirty-five-five pounds.

Wearing a gold waist chain and matching anklets, she had accentuated her large firm breasts with multiple nipple rings. And a gold pussy ring in her clean shaven pussy. Cindy tried her running body slam stunt, she only knocked herself to the ground. Sonja helped Cindy up and then grabbed herself two fists full of tender young boob-meat, almost lifting Cindy completely off the ground by her bruised and battered tits. She was terrified by the feeling of her chest muscles tearing away from her big aching boobs - and yet it was the most exciting sensation she'd ever experienced.

Her bare cunt was flooded with cum. She wanted Sonja to stuff anything and everything up her fuck holes - right there in front of everyone! Sonja eventually released her grip, drawing a huge cheer from the wild crowd of bikers. Cindy's tits had turned a reddish-purple but she didn't care at all.

In fact, she bent over and gave Sonja a good clean shot at her massive mams as she whacked them hard with a long leather paddle. She wanted to impress the crowd with her bold raw lust and fearless masochism. There was something incredibly kinky about deliberately punishing her beautiful bosoms in front of all these sex-crazed bikers. With the help of PCP it really turned her on! Cindy was so high on crack, she felt almost no pain - only a hot tingling sensation in her tit and a super orgasm deep in her cunt.

Pinkie spit as she pulled back her shoulders, thrusting out her bruised mams for more punishment. Cindy was almost cuming as Sonja brutally punished her tits - nearly reaching orgasm with every brutal blow to her breasts.

Sonja strapped on the biggest one and pushed Cindy down on her back in the dirt where she began to fuck her weeping cunt.

Kneeling over the young blond who's legs were spread, she entered her backwards so Sonja's ass was in Cindy's face. She loved the perversion of her performance knowing that all eyes were between her legs.

Cindy loved the sensation of the two plastic cocks drilling both her love holes going in and out - making her all hot, wet and sloppy. With the two black cocks fucking Cindy's dirty tattooed ass and shaven pussy, she creamed four times in a row before Sonja was officially declared the winner. Just like professional showgirls, the two young women stood and bowed for the cheering bikers.

For the next hour, Cindy washed up and put on fresh make up in the camp-ground women's restroom. She was sore, but still horny from the dildo fucking Sonja had given her. As she tended to her wounds she noticed how smooth and young her suntanned skin was compared to the other biker chicks. Of course, she was only nineteen and many of them were in their thirties. Most her deep scratches were from the first fight with Jackie.

She could see some pretty impressive bruises coming on - but for the most part she was only scratched and bitten in a few places. With the help of some make-up and a few Band-Aids on her young skin - she still looked surprisingly gorgeous. Crowbar and Jake had taken off to get some piercing tools and rings for Cindy's final initiation. The whole idea of being pierced seemed almost harmless now that Cindy had her tattoos.

Although Cindy pretended that all her open display of nudity, tattoos and savage catfighting was all for Crowbar, deep inside she knew that she was really acting this way to prove to herself that she could go further. Kind of a personal dare to herself. She was becoming addicted to everything kinky. She was tired of other girls or her sister acting sexy and flirting with her men whether they be Larry, Crowbar or whoever. From now on, she wanted to be the center of sexual attention among all these wild and savage bikers.

And this meant balling openly for any guy with a stiff cock. It meant fucking openly for an audience without hesitation or modesty.

Cindy felt intoxicated just thinking about getting pierced. Looking to wear something kinky and dangerously explicit for her sex crazed fans, Cindy found a 20 foot piece of black cord which she tied first around her neck and then pulled down between her legs and up the crack of her firm young tattooed ass and then around her waist a couple of times.

It was like a string bikini with out the bikini. Luckily, she'd brought along her tall red "fuck me" heels - since she'd broken one of her white heels fighting Sonja. They really made her legs look great.

Even with her bites and bruises, Cindy still looked hotter than ever as she strutted out among the bikers to show off her buxom nude body and sexy tattoos. The guys went ape-shit when she appeared all dolled-up like a Vegas showgirl. Her tits were all bruised and swollen from all the violent abuse - but they looked awesome as Cindy stepped outside with a deep felt lusty excitement as she proudly pushed out her impressive chest for all to admire!!!

And these bikers absolutely loved her kinky tattoos and big nipples so she openly displayed her nudity and posed for the many photographers. Cindy couldn't find Crowbar and really didn't care.

She enjoyed all the attention and wanted to put on a fantastic sex show for all these men. Cindy still felt high on drugs and lust as she paraded about the camp fully exposed eyeing each man she encountered with a wink and a smile. She loved the teasing and flirting in the buff.

She knew she had the kind of knock-out body these men were hungry for and she lusted to make 'em all shoot their wads openly in public.

She wanted to do something really outrageous. Something so bizarre and kinky - she'd for sure be the hottest porn princess on the whole biker scene. Since yesterday, she had definitely caught a bad case of tattoo lust. She was so gorgeous and so young to be getting herself so heavily tattooed. And her gigantic tits were almost too much to believe they were all natural. But he didn't see any scars or signs of silicon implants.

Just a lot of scratches and some new bruises on her baby smooth skin and stiff, pink nipples begging to be sucked. As he began to tattoo a design on her ankle, he couldn't help but notice how young and pretty her feet were. Her red fuck me heels looked so sexy accented by her red toe nails. With her outstanding body and cute young face, she was definitely porno star material.

Especially with her heavy enormous tits and shaved pussy. She obviously loved exhibiting herself in public and she had no qualms about getting more tattoos. Cindy was by far the hottest and youngest chick Dave had ever tattooed. And he had tattooed quite a few. For the next two hours Crazy Dave put his needle to Cindy's leg tattooing vines and roses almost up to her knee. As he buzzed away, Cindy smoked pot, crack and hash while drinking some hard booze at the same time. She had never felt sexier or hornier in her life.

She knew every man in sight would love to fuck her and she would probably fuck all of them. Cindy sat proud and brave with her huge chest thrust out as the artists carefully tattooed her beautiful young bosoms while dozens of bikers shouted obscenities and cheered on the young chick's courage and boldness. After almost five hours of non-stop erotic tattooing on young Cindy's beautiful teenage skin, Crowbar showed up with old Jake who had a toolbox in his hand.

Crowbar was shocked to see that Cindy had so many new tats and that several bikers were beating-off openly in front of her as she splayed her legs wide open and had her cunt tattooed. Sucking her big nipple she looked around at all the sexy rugged men thinking erotic images of herself fucking and sucking all of them with rings in her nipples and a ring in her clit. Within a split second Jake had punctured her nipple and inserted the gold ring.

Crowbar began jizzing in his jeans he was so turned on by the sight of this busty blonde cock teaser turned tattooed biker slut.

She still had the face of an angel - but she was possessed by this insatiable passion for perversion that seemed to have no limits. She was driving him insane! She obviously enjoyed displaying herself in front of all the men and Crowbar didn't seem to care. Not to be inhibited in any way, Cindy demanded this black man fuck her up the ass. Without hesitation, he removed his pants and helped Cindy drive his stiff black cock right up her pretty pink asshole.

Within seconds, Cindy had a clit ring with a delicate gold chain. She felt ultra sexy and decorated with all her rings and tattoos - like some kind of teenage sex goddess. It felt fucking fantastic. And she loved balling in front of an audience. Fully suspended on all four limbs, Cindy began thrusting her cunt in opposition to the black man's pistoning cock.

Her pierced and tattooed mams were a blur of thrashing boob-flesh as Crowbar slammed his cock deeper and deeper into her gushing wet womb. Finally, Crowbar blew his wad - unable to even pull out for the cheering bikers who loved watching the young slut getting fucked while "airborne. She needed to prove she'd do anything for these bikers.

And she had to have more hard cocks! It was to be a sex and bondage film - a fund-raiser for the Outlaws which Crowbar had arranged. She had never made a porno - but had watched hundreds with Crowbar. All that wild dancing, fighting and fucking had taken its toll and left her young bosoms a little sloppier and hanging a bit lower on her chest. But they were still firm, full and magnificent mams. Both big nipples were now double pierced with large and small gold hoops and each of her pretty pink udders were now laced with erotic tattoos of spyders, vines, flowers and kinky shit.

She'd been so stoned, she'd lost it. But it was too late now. So she just admired her erotically tattooed body.

She had a new colorful bird tattooed on her shoulder that trailed down her back. And dozens of tattoos now crawling up and down her leg. And then between her legs was the bold Harley-Davidson wings on her clean-shaved pubic mound.

Not to mention the seven new pussy rings that now pierced her clit and labia. Still a bit hung over from the night before, Cindy lit a joint and began to recharge her senses. She was addicted to fucking herself up and had to have a fix. Totally bizarre and kinky.

The Pony Girl porno flick could be hot kicks if she could get some good buzz first. Maybe Crowbar could get her some more blow or PCP. Cindy cooed as she licked her red painted lips and slipped a finger up her hot wet cunt and another up her tight pink asshole. In just a few minutes she reached orgasm double finger fuckin herself in the mirror For the next two hours, she bathed, painted her nails, applied Nair to remove all the hair from her arms, legs and pubic area as she fantasized about her new life as 'PINKIE.

Then she bleached her mohawk and tinted it torquoise blue. She was thrilled about her transformation as she looked in ther mirror. She spent almost an hour getting into the pony girl harnesses that had dozens of straps, snaps, buckles and a large feathered headpiece with a purple plum. Crowbar arrived at the motel room about 2pm with a video camera and a hundred of his closest biker bros to make a movie of his new honey Her toenails and fingernails all painted red and her make-up dramatic.

To show off her tattooed titties, she wore a black leather metal studded harness on top that Chris-crossed her chest left her massive big tits free to bounce and bop about naturally without any support or restraint.

Her tattoos looked beautiful as did the rings wore in each nipple. Her tattooed pubic mound was completely exposed, with her new seven cunt rings dangling down, tugging on her clean shaven labia. A rush went to Pinkie's head immediately as she loved appearing in super kinky bondage attire fully exposing her nude and tattooed body in front of this unruly crowd of more than one hundred bikers and heathens. She turned around and bent over to give the camera a clean view of her cute tattooed buns, then pulled open her baby pink ass crack to show off her sexy new pussy rings which were fully exposed and dangling seductively.

Cindy loved being lewd. Crowbar was excited as his beautiful brazen young Pinkie strutted about the parking lot full of rowdy bikers, walking proud with her chest out, shakin 'her huge pendulous udders showing off her hot buxom tattooed body. Someone turned on some rock music so Pinkie started waving her arms and rolling her shoulders while the strange hands and fingers found their way into her hot wet pussy lips.

Others up her loose and lubricated asshole. Then under her arms. Her neck as she took turns kissing and frenching the stoned bikers two and three at a time.

With one leg up on a motorcycle, Cindy guided a strange stiff cock in her hot, wet, shaved and tattooed cunt-hole with a deep sigh of ecstasy while another clinched her cunt rings is his teeth..

As the cock pistoned faster, Pinkie almost lost her balance, saved only by the many hands holding and squeezing her heavy hangin' hooters. Pinkie was now wasted on pure cocaine as she sucked off one guy after another oozing loads of jizz out of her pretty young mouth.

The camera focused right in on her pretty young face. She had watched "Pony Girls" in some of Crowbar's bondage films and had many times fantasized about performing the kinky act herself. She certainly had the most fabulous tattooed boobs now for bouncing and breast torture. That she knew for sure! Outside, in the mid- afternoon sun with her hands cuffed behind her back, Pinkie began trotting in place lifting her knees high in the air sending her sloppy pierced and tattooed boobs a flying' every which way.

The bikers went absolutely bizzerk as Cindy trotted past them, high stepping in her kinky stiletto heels as her beautiful heavily tattooed boobs bounced and slapped loudly and wildly every which way - laughing hysterically as she brutalized her own beautiful tits for these sex crazed bikers.

It was a turn-on like nothing she'd ever done. The crowd was growing quickly as more bikers showed up and people off the street dropped in to see what all the commotion was about. Their were old farts and young kids who watched in awe as the gorgeous young teen trotted past, each time sending her huge pierced and tattooed breasts bouncing further off her rib cage. Her head was spinning from the drugs she'd taken. She craved being the center of sexual attention in such an outrageous display of kinky lust and brutal breast bashing.

Her shaved cunt was oozing with cum and excitement as she trotted up and down the parking lot in her black platform sandals and leather studded harness. She sounded like a carriage as her nipple rings collided with her leather harness and chains. She knew this display of deliberate degradation was destroying the muscle tissue in her once beautiful big tits, but that's what made it so kinky.

So taboo and erotic. Even the most jaded of the bikers like Crowbar were stunned at the radical boob trashing spectacular before them. They'd seen Hondas destroyed many a time. But never a pair of gorgeous tits - self inflicted by such a gorgeous young fox.

What she'd really do to herself just to prove to all these nasty men that she could be the rudest, crudest, lewdest hot bitch among all the Outlaws. The camera boys came in for close ups of the action as Crowbar pulled apart her smooth firm buns and revealed her pink asshole and then stretched open her pierced cunt lips using the labia rings until her hole was so large it was definitely fist fucking size!!! The bikers wasted no time mounting the young punk chick with two pricks pistoning her at once.

She keep her hands cuffed behind her back as she threw her huge pendulous titties back and forth with lust-crazed madness She couldn't stop coming as the bikers took turns stuffing their stiff cocks up into her love holes.

She loved the raunchy exploitation of her sexy young body and begged the boys to jizz on her face and in her mouth as she bounced and bucked on double cocks as dozens of bikers fucked her senseless.

Pinkie panted harder as she speeded up her tempo rattling her harness and swinging her sloppy big hangers. Cindy only stopped biting her tits long enough to let the bikers trade places fucking her sweet young ass and tattooed pussy. Then she went right back to work chewing on her big hangin' hooters and fuckin' like crazy while the bikers cheered her on to new orgasms.

Reaching down he cupped his hand under Pinkie's melonous udder, lifting her squishy boob - gripping her stiff nipple between his fingers and pinching it hard. Her next trick, Crazy Dave, slipped his middle finger into her dual nipple rings and tugged them mercilessly hard - twisting clockwise and counterclockwise until the nipple hole was radically distended and stretched open almost two inches.

One right after another she sucked, jerked and jizzed over twenty Outlaws while the video camera zoomed in and out - trying to get different angles as the bikers took turns driving their cocks up her asshole while reaming her pussy. Pinkie smoked the crack pipe as Crowbar began to wrap the leather thong around the base of her left boob cutting off the circulation in her big tit.

And what a monster tit it was at that. She was so stoned now she could hardly feel it. As they continued to wrap the leather tighter and tighter around the base of her tit, her boob began to turn pink under the pressure.

Her boobs looking like two heads bobbing off her chest. Her boobs began to develop long, deep stretchmarks over ten inches long from her rib cage to her pierced and distended nipples. With the help of a few bikers, Crowbar helped Cindy into the back of his pick-up truck where he attached her handcuffs the metal ladder rack over her head.

With the truck's tailgate removed, Crowbar had Pinkie on her knees, facing backwards so that her upper torso was totally off the back, hanging above the asphalt.

With her wrists cuffed high above her head, Pinkie pushed out her chest so her pendulous bound tits swung about radically distended with the multiple heavy fish weights still hanging from her elongated nipples.. Her hard bound mamaries were now turning a reddish purple color from the tight cords that bound them.

With the help of some motor oil, they wedged more fingers inside of her vaginal cavity and pulled it wide open while the video camera zoomed in and out. With long, deliberate shoves, Axle rammed his fist in deeper and deeper as Pinkie's swinging breasts clanged about, distended drastically by the chain of heavy fish weights as Axle's fist thrust even deeper going beyond his wrist as he powered his fist inside her shaved and tattoed young cunny.

Her head was spinning from all the crack she'd smoked. An other biker stepped forward with a wooden batten he'd ripped from a and old rotten white picket fence at the back of the motel's parking lot and took a swing at Pinkie's hangin' titties. Seeing the red spots and scratches turned her on in a way she couldn't explain.. Animal was the first and rode down the parking lot on his noisy Harley and turned around, Pinkie leaned over further so her tits could hang clear for maximum impact.

As he accelerated on his Harley, Pinkie winced and closed her eyes as he rumbled past - striking a direct hit loudly with a "WHAP!!

Her left boob flew sideways, both breasts collapsing under the impact of the blow as Animal blasted by her in a cloud of dust. Not to be made fools, a bunch of the bikers ripped apart the picket fence and jumped on their bikes to have at the bitch with the foul mouth.

WHISH," they'd swing and miss. Her huge udders are catapulted off her chest impact upon impact as the rough boards swing and smash again and again, penetrating her soft tit-flesh and leaving fresh welts on her battered tits.

Distorted and mangled with each blow, her big titties are flung in all directions as the bikers paddle away at her poor paps like punching bags. Within minutes, three squad cars arrived with sirens and guns out. Four bikers were arrested and hauled to jail for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, vehicle exhibition and lewd exhibition in a public place.

Pinkie and Crowbar were among the four. The next two days seemed to last an eternity as she discovered the horrors of living behind bars. She had lost everything On day three, Larry showed up, apologetic for not getting there sooner. She didn't want him to see what she had done to herself and insisted on her privacy.

During the day, Larry went to work downtown at his brokerage job. For the few days, Pinkie dried herself out and pampered herself with aloe creams to heal her skin, mud packs, manacures and hours of swimming in the pool. She loved the peace and tranquility of being in the beautiful home all alone, but she couldn't stop thinking about Crowbar still in jail and all the wild stuff she'd done at the motel parking lot.

After a almost a week of recouperation,she decided to go out of the house. She found a bleached blond wig in Mrs. Thomas' wardrobe and took Larry's mother's new Mercedes to Gelson's Market wearing a pair of faded jeans, platform sandals and a white peasant blouse. She even sported a bra for the first time in weeks. She knew she looked dazzling like a young movie star and she felt like a million bucks.

It was obvious Larry was still in love with her. She was afraid he might even pop the big question. She was scared to show him all of her tattoos and thought about seeing a surgeon about having them removed. At the store, she enjoyed flirting with the clerks who couldn't take their eyes off her impressive cleavage.

On her way out, she picked up an LA Weekly to check out what was happening around town. She was looking at the movies and local shows, when she spotted an ad for the "Barbaric Biker Festival" in Bakersfield next weekend.

Her heart immediately began racing with flashbacks of Crowbar and the gang. For the next several days, she was haunted by the ad and read it over and over again.

She loved being pampered - and she knew Larry would do anything for her. This was her chance to turn the other cheek and move forward into a respectible life in high society. By Wednesday of the second week, her skin was looking sun-tanned and beautiful again. She enjoyed sunbathing in the nude and made no attempt to cover up when the gardeners came - which seemed to be every day.

She continued to wear trainer studs in her piercings, letting her nipples heal themselves. It was miraculos the way the body works that way, she realized. On Wednesday evening, Larry announced that he had purchased two tickets on a cruise ship to Mexico.

He obviously had big ideas in mind. Pinkie thought a lot about Larry and cruise. It would be a lot of fun, but then, suddenly she'd have a haunting flashback, and begin to fanticize about the big biker festival and what might happen there. She wasn't sure if she could fall in love with Larry again.

He would be the perfect husband and provider some day. But hell, she was only nineteen and her hormones were going wild. She couldn't help it if she was sex crazed. She couldn't stop thinking of the sensations she'd experienced. She needed to taste the whip "just one more time" she kept saying to herself. By noon Friday, she stole Mrs. Thomas' Mercedes and headed towards Bakersfield. She took only the clothes she was wearing, what little jewelry she had and a lot of make-up, perfume and toiletries.

It was almost dusk and she was hungry. She had hardly eaten in a week and her ribcage was starting to show. She stopped at a Mobil station and climbed out of the Mercedes, stretching and adjusting her shoulders when she noticed a couple of young men staring at her from inside the office.

She knew all eyes were "ON" her as she sauntered slowly up to and inside the office. She passed up a few bikers in route before she got the main entrance. As she drove up the road, she started feeling nausious with excitement as she slipped her hand into her jeans, fingering her wet cunny.

She knew why she was coming back and it wasn't to see Crowbar. She needed to feel her senses alive and on fire like only a good beating could do. She needed to be exposed and ravaged publically. She was addicted to bondage, the nastier the better. When she came to the old barn, she quietly parked the Mercedes on the side. She could hear motorcycles and people in the distance, but the barn seemed quiet It was obviously a woman's scream and it arroused her to no end.

Her heart started racing as she watched the young woman wiggle and convulse as she dangled. Cindy stepped inside, closing the big door behind her. As she looked more closely at the people across the large barn, she could see that the woman had been branded.

And she could see Animal. There were several groups in different parts of the huge barn. A tattoo artist was buzzing away on some girls shoulder who sat topless. She noticed some piercing tools laying on a barrel lid as she walked confidently to the branding pit. She walked on the dirt floor in her heels, jeans and white blouse.

Unable to contain her desire to show off, she began to saunter as she walked until she was right behind the group at the branding pit. With her pierced nipple clenched between Timber's thumb and forefinger, he pinched hard and stretched Pinkie's tit like taffy, then began shaking and jiggling her dangling boob rapidly, sending ripples of vibrations through her silky soft tittie.

Moose smiled his toothy grin. Pinkie didn't flinch as she altered her stance to allow him deeper penetration. Carefully, Moose and Animal tied the black leather cords to each of her seven pussy rings, fingering her shaved cunny as they tied the knots. She knew she looked treacherous and she loved her new bad ass biker bitch image. This was a first for me and I loved it. Next she parted her lips and her tongue darted out tasting my helmet, again the attention as mind blowing, I could hardly believe it and was sure I had just died and Jennifer was an angle.

Jennifer adjusted herself again before she opened her mouth and sank her head onto my cock. I was enthralled with the feeling of her wet mouth around the end of my shaft, her tongue flattened to the base of her mouth by the intrusion and her lips firmly around my shaft.

Because of the girth of my cock I could also feel her teeth raking along my manhood. It felt so damn good and wanted to just drive the length of my cock right down her throat. I guess my thoughts must have made some movement as I could feel the back of her throat and she quickly spit me out.

Then adjusting her hand she took me back in her mouth again. Jennifer started to suck off the end of my cock as her other hand continued to stroke the bottom half and caress my tight nut sack. I stepped out of my slacks, boxers and loafers in one step and she finished undressing me by removing my polo shirt.

Jennifer then turned around lifting her hair the zipper to her dress visible. I grabbed it quickly and sent it to fully open. As I passed her bra I could see the most magnificent black lace under her dress. Jennifer turned again and slid out of her dress giving me the first full look at her underware clad form of alabaster beauty.

Her bra was one of those strapless lace types, I have no idea how it stayed up on her demure tits and her panties were a short number, nearly see through.

As I gazed at her crotch I was presently surprised to see a dark bush of hair as black as night. Jennifer smiled again grabbing my hand and taking me over to my bed, where she pushed me down onto my back. Climbing on top of me Jennifer gave a demure look before removing her bra. My cock was flopped onto my belly as she lowered her tits until they made soft contact with me dick.

Despite not having much in the tit department Jennifer used what she had and her nipples turned rock hard shortly. She would rub her tits while sucking the head of my cock in her mouth the pleasure riveting inside of me. Shortly Jennifer rose up and lowered her panties slowly and with a nice rocking motion that just drove me crazy. Her bush was dark yet well trimmed.

Slipping out of her panties she spun her body around placing a leg on either side of my chest. She grabbed my cock with her hands again lowering her lips to it and then lowered her vulva toward my mouth.

I flicked my tongue assaulting her labia and Jennifer moaned around my cock. My tongue gave her long lashings, assaulting her hardening clit, and then I drove my tongue deep into her velvet folds tasting her sweet honey.

Damn I wanted to cum right there and felt I could spend the rest of my life with this woman on my cock her pussy lips kissing me. Jennifer slowly took her head off my cock after a few good thrusts in which I swear I felt my head dig into her tonsils. I was assaulting her pussy with my mouth and consistently rewarded with her moans of pleasure and stiffing of her body. When I sucked her outer labia into my mouth she went right over the top shaking, waling, and finally collapsing on top of me.

Sliding a rubber on my dick Jennifer slid over still on top but now her face next to mine. Jennifer squatted over me, her tight cannel waiting my exploration.

With one hand on the wall next to my bed and one on my dick she lifted up the pole and rubbed the head against her opening. With each stroke against her labia I could see her honey tasting moisture wicking the head of my cock, damn rubber. Slowly Jennifer sank her body onto me and I could feel the intense heat and tightness of her pussy clamping around my cock. She took about half of its length straight in sheepishly grinning at me. I could feel her muscles gripping my cock even harder and she started to pant heavily ridding me.

Damn, I wanted more in and I decided to help her some pushing up. Bad news, I bumped hard into a knob inside of her pussy and she shrieked. Jennifer stopped all movements but she did not pull out. I got to take you at my pace or you will hurt me. Jennifer rocked her hips wiggling her ass, I grabbed a full hand of each cheek and she moaned in appreciation. Soon she was pumping my cock in her tight little cannel each thrust adding another centimeter into her. I was in pure heaven, as my hands could grab her ass, I could lick her small tits or have deep kisses with Jennifer.

The lust I felt for her was pure and seeing this beautiful woman taking my cock into her was just breathtaking. Jennifer rose back up onto her knees and I could see my fat cock had her labia spread far apart. She had all but the last few inches buried deep inside her, the heat and tightness threatening to milk the cum right out of my balls. The view of her as she leaned back and placed her hands on my knees was nearly too much.

Her wonderful dark cover mons, gash wide open invited my touch. She was taking long strokes now and it was not long before I could feel the bubbling from my balls move to the base of my cock. Then powerful streams erupted from my head. With the first shot Jennifer must have felt it right through the magnum and wailed loudly her whole body shacking hard. It felt like my cock was taking forever as each spurt welled in my balls, up to the base of my cock and then launched out with force.

With the intensity of my explosion over I felt for sure we were done, I could not imagine anything more releasing. Jennifer just popped her cunt right off my long cock then flipped around again. She shoved her pussy into my face hard, ripped the condom off and drove her mouth on to cock like a mad woman. I did not even get a chance to get soft as she sucked on my like a woman in need. Jennifer was smearing her pussy all over my face. When I released my tongue into her now well spaced hole she fucked it hard.

I nibbled on her pussy lips and she pushed harder against my cock. Soon another welling and I deposited a load into her mouth, not as hard as the first shots but well enough.

Jennifer mewed and moaned as she stroked my cock, jisim everywhere. She pushed her pussy hard against my face, her own hand flicking her clit now as she slowly lapped the remaining cum off my dick. Soon Jennifer was wailing again, her body stiffening and her labia fluttering against my lips her warm sweet juices flowed into my mouth. This was the first time I actually looked back up at Samantha, who sat quietly through my entire recitation, sharp nubs clearly visible against the thin material of her white dress.

I guess whatever bra she was wearing could not completely contain her excitement. I watched her little ass wiggle out the door despite the white dress still visible, or maybe that was my imagination. I took my mind completely off Jennifer and Samantha and used one of the many tricks I learned to tame the boner. Removing sex completely out of my mind I concentrated on stuff like detailing the assembly of the bumper and winch I completed earlier today.

By the time Sam came back with a Diet Coke and a Dr. Pepper my cock had returned to at least a semi flaccid state so that it was not painful. I tried many times to mount her missionary style and almost had her cornered doggy style once but she quickly retreated.

She was always on top, she was always in control. Guess it was not meant to last over long distance. She expected me to stay local in a state school, but I was determined to become a pilot.

That summer with her was about the last time I played the trumpet. I took up martial arts in college as well, finally getting involved in some sort of sport.

Just never felt it and after putting down the trumpet for so many years it was difficult to play. My embouchure has weakened over the years and I just cannot play the way I could. Tried picking up the horn a few years ago, just embarrassed myself. You wonder why the band chicks were always so happy? Sam looked at the clock on the wall, past six and the demure white dress that she was wearing. Now our session is complete.

Are you available tomorrow? Today I wore my Panama Jack Jeeper look with tan outdoors shorts and a dusty button down. She was just locking up and saying goodbye to a tall blonde. Sam was wearing the most adorable green caprices and pull over dark blouse with flower embroidery. She wore a pair of flats. I walked up to her and I guess she could tell that I was looking her over. Sam just gave a quick spin before facing me with her joyful smile.

Sam pulled out a tan pair of lightweight crosstrax running shoe beaming as she showed them to me. Her lips quickly gave me the little pouty face, damn she was so beautiful with that look. Spoiled again, OK revamp that maybe you do take your therapist to where you shagged her friend, I was so confused. I felt like she was a cat and was playing with me before pouncing for the kill. The drive to the lake was pleasing; she prevented her hair from becoming a tangled mess with one of those scrunching things.

I offered her a hat but she refused. As we left the highway I shifted the transfer case into 4 high and powered up the dirt trail.

OK a Jeep is like a ride on a wooden roller coaster it is anything but smooth as a suspension designed stiff for off roading bounces you around hard. The driver has the wheel and can anticipate some of the bouncing, the passenger, well not so much. I should have told her to wear a sports bra.

There were more than a few times I hear a squeal of excitement from the passenger seat. To sum it up she basically felt that Jennifer and I had a healthy relationship. To get to the spot I had picked we needed to climb up a rocky hill.

Soon the TJ ascended the peak and we emerged on top of a knoll with pine forests all around and the lake down far below. Ok, Ok yeah I brought her to the lookout. I pulled the emergency break and shut down the engine of the Jeep. I unfastened my seat belt and just looked over at Samantha. Her normally perfect look was disheveled with bits of hair coming loose from the scrunchie and a fine layer of dust sparkling on her skin. She just smiled at me.

I reached over and plucked the scrunchie out of her hair and she shot me an indignant look. We just looked at each other for a long time. Did you meet any women at college? No one I really stuck with for any length of time. Unlike high school I stayed at the same college for all four years. You see aviation is a bunch of type A personalities all shoved together.

Some took it as a challenge, but for the most part college was one date after another. I entered and once again felt like a small fish in a big pond. When I was not studying or hanging out at the Union I also took Aikido at a local dojo. I asked a few women out on dates and it did not take long to get hot and bothered with one. She went to rub my crotch and was surprised to find my double hander waiting for her. The petting ended right there, but she soon told her girlfriends. Then I had dates to confirm the rumor and then I had dates to conquer the beast.

However, it seemed just so shallow, and I started to want something more, I missed the relationship that I had with Jennifer and was looking to replace that.

Late into my junior year we had a transfer student. A woman by the name of Michelle who reminded me so much of Jennifer.

Michelle however, had strawberry blond hair and was defiantly aviator wearing the typical leather bomber jacket and Ray Bans.

Michelle also had a wonderful pair of breasts that were shaped more like a supermodel than something you see on a woman on the street. Michelle did have a light skin, but I guess her blond hair seemed to accent what little tan she had and there not the creamy alabaster of Jennifer. Our first encounter was a friendly greeting at the Student Union. Just the typical hello, how do you dos.

I was also a newly minted flight instructor or CFI but, since Michelle was a transfer student she was already working on her Instrument ticket and I was not an instrument instructor or CFI-I.

During the multi-engine ground course we were assigned the project of writing a multi-engine handbook for the school. We each had a part of the book to work on with a partner. Needless to say the entire class was disappointed when Michelle choose me. But, what the hell, I figured. Boy did I have her figured out all wrong. We immediately set a date to discuss out part of the handbook at the local pizza parlor and she had outlines, topical arrangements, terms, ect thought through.

I was embarrassed not to be as ready as she was for this project. We continued to meet almost every night, a few times I had to beg off for Aikido class in which she accompanied me and watched. I was preparing for my dan degree test which was the equivalent to a black belt test in Karate. We stopped for some dinner then went back to my dorm to work on the project. We passed a few buddies from class who gave the usual greetings. A few even wolf whistled at Michelle as we passed.

I figured someone as hot as you would be use to the attention. I just let it flow over me. She smiled slightly as I said she was hot and then grinned when I stated flow over me. We went upstairs to my dorm and powered up the old computer that had most of our work on the project. We discussed various aspects before deciding that we spent much more time on our chapter than the other classmates and ours was good enough, finished.

I hit print and allowed the document to be spit out from the printer. Michelle turned and looked right into my eyes and I could feel her firm breast against my arm. Her head tilted back just a little and I lowered mine toward her slightly. Soon our lips locked her head thrown back and eyes closed. I joined her closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of her soft lips pressed to mine. We held the kiss and fell back onto the bed her hand caressing my face as I pulled her tightly against me.

My hand stroked her straight strawberry blond hair and our lips unlocked slightly to allow our tongues to dart between each other. The warmth of her mouth, her breath inhaling into me was intoxicating. The smell of her perfume a delight to my nose and soon the throbbing in my pants alerted me to a penis wanting attention. We rolled fully onto my bed her sandals falling to the floor, one then a few moments later the other. I could feel her heart thumping, or was that mine.

Michelle and I were lost in each other. I guess I should have been a gentleman but that was not the case, I wanted Michelle and I wanted her tonight. I lowered my hand to her ass and she continued to kiss me. The heat billowed between us, looking for a break and I finally decided to press further by reaching for her well proportioned breasts and gently stroking them.

Michelle quietly responded by allowing me full access. I stroked and fondled her breast and nudged her nipples as we kissed. Her hand was still on my cheek caressing my face.

Her breasts were under a pale yellow bra. I rubbed one of her breasts in a hand and reached behind and popped her bra off. Yes I could do the one handed bra removal… Her tits were soon exposed to me and I lowered my mouth to her beautiful mounds.

I caressed one while licking the other than switched breasts caressing the other as my lips made their way to her areola. As I kissed and licked and the tiniest of nubs hardened on her breasts. Michelle sighed and her breasts heaved under me.

I looked up into her adoring eyes. I kissed my way down her stomach and paused at her waistband. Michelle just laid there accepting my adoring of her body. I unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slid them down her hips and she lifted her shapely ass for me as I slid them down her thighs and off her legs.

Matching buff yellow lace panties covered her soft flaxen haired mound. Standing at the foot of my bed, I lifted my shirt off and starring Michelle right in the eyes, lowering first my pants then my boxers. I did hear Michelle take a sharp breath of air and her eyes widen as my pole bounced free in front of her.

But, all I got was those blue eyes looking back at me. She did not focus on my cock, she was looking at me. I crawled back on top of her, my cock pressing between her legs as my lips caressed hers.

I kissed her fully and she responded back our tongues fencing again. She looked deep into my eyes before slowly moving her head in the slightest of nods. I crawled back down her and my cock raked her belly before crossing her mound and dropping between her legs. I held myself there for a moment stroking my head against her panty clad vagina.

I could feel the heat and wetness coming from her. I lowered myself just enough to slide her panties off her hips. I was mesmerized with her body, her legs, her tits, her beautiful face, and her wonderful pussy with its light soft coating of blond hair.

I kissed her mons but felt her hands on my head not pushing me down but pulling me back up on her. I followed her and she pulled me back up until my pole was brushing her wonderful cannel, her light fuzz tickling the head of my cock and the immense heat pouring out of her. I went to reach between her and set my cock to penetrate her love cannel but was soon swatted off as her own hand clasped my dick and started rubbing the head all over her slit and labia.

Then using two fingers she spread her pussy wide open and guided me into her love nest. She was not overly wet but wet enough to provide the lubrication needed to allow my cock to slide into her tight hole.

I swear it felt like her muscles were not just clamping and releasing, but pulling my cock deeper into her recesses. Michelle then just grabbed my ass and plowed me deeper than I have ever been in a woman in one stroke. I swear she nearly took all of my cock in one full swoop. I started pistoning into her depths giving Michelle long strokes of my pole. It did not take long as her hand pulled my ass hard until she sank my entire length inside of her.

My balls slapped her on the pucker of her ass hole. I held my length deep inside of Michelle her mouth and eyes open wide in a silent moan of pleasure. She looked back at me again and kissed me hard. I roared into full fuck and stroked Michelle hard, pulling my cock nearly all of the way out of her pussy before slamming it back in. The harder I fucked her, the more Michelle seemed to enjoy it. Again she went into the silent scream her nails biting hard into my back.

I continued to piston at her pussy more moving her entire hips with each thrust until I could feel warmth all over my cock and the friction broke at once. I was fucking Michelle hard and could hear a slosh-slosh sound with each time I pounded into her pussy. The tightness was still there pulling at my cock, squeezing it hard from the base to the end buried deep inside of her.

Michelle continued to claw my back, her face contorted into all sorts of strange figures and my balls continued to rap at her ass. Finally, I could not stand it anymore and the well of cum burst from me like never before. Michelle just leaned into me and bit my shoulder hard before sucking on my neck.

I stopped spurting at some point but I just kept fucking her till my dick was too soft to make any more progress. I looked down at my silent lover and she just smiled. I would have to get her some rubber tips for her nails. Samantha sat there quietly her breasts heaving and her face slightly flushed.

I bruised the hell out of her insides and she left plenty of marks on me. The first time we did it doggy style I thought for sure we went too far. Nope she took it and even pushed herself back hard against me. Problem was, her father. She chose her father. Therapist but not quite. Me telling you of my previous girlfriends and walking away with a stiffy. While you sit over there all beautiful and demure.

A smile, did it mean she approved or was it her professional therapist smile that she gave to everyone. A laugh, did it mean that she found me amusing or did she not want to damage my psyche? Had I known then that this woman put her career on the line for me the answer would have been obvious. Ethics required that she should have referred me to another therapist.

Sure would have made life easier for me had I known. I handed her the icy cold drink not really sure what to say or do next. Sam smiled again and accepted the drink our hands brushing against each other. Pick you up about six? I started the Jeep and drove it back down the rocky trail crawling the same way we had gone up. Once I reached the bottom I put the transfer case back into 4 High and shifted into neutral. I buckled in as she released the emergency break, shoved the Jeep into first releasing the clutch leaving a dusty trail behind us.

I watched as Sam expertly shifted through the gears tacking the lighter obstacles. Sam had a huge grin on her face and let out a few glees as she tackled the off-road trail.

As we reached the road I informed her that we needed to shift into 2 wheel drive. She always liked to skirt that line of censorship and a few times ended up bleeped for her efforts. We of course met again at the coffee shop. We have to reposition the jet on Sunday so I have to be in Chicago by Saturday evening.

Flying a fractional is not like being a pilot for an airline where you can hop in an open seat or even fly in the cockpit on what is called a jump seat. Airline pilots generally fly for free when they need to move around the country to pickup airplanes.

A croissant came flying at me which I of course ducked. The doors slid right into the brackets and a cotter pin held them in place, I had them on in a jiffy. I unzipped the plastic windows and ran a bike lock through them and around the sport bar in the back. No use giving a thief easy access. Once finished with that I locked up my storage room and went to prepare for tonight.

I selected a nice pair of kakis, brown loafers, and a tangerine button down shirt. I made sure to take a fresh shower and have a fresh shave for tonight, just in case. No use chancing a whisker burn on the first date, or was this technically a second date? I finished my preparing including a splash of cologne and quickly ran to the blockbuster to pick out a movie. I always pick up three movies, a chick flick, a man movie, and a comedy.

But, I always have three. I parked in her driveway and nearly hopped into the door of the Jeep, yeah open first. It was like we coordinated and I am sure that fact was not lost on her either.

Her hair was immaculate with ringlets all folding in and out to her waist, I was glad I brought the windows. Most did not want to ride bitch and resented being referred to as riding bitch. My other car is a jet aeroplane. I opened her door for her, thanks Terri, and pulled the window out of the back so as not to mess up her hair as we drove. Sam seemed to appreciate that right away. Sam ordered a Margarita and I ordered one as well, on the rocks.

Soon we were seated, ordered our food, and dove into dinner conversation. Sam giggled and nodded her head. Neither of us was in the mood for desert so we left the restaurant for the movies. I guess Sam figured that movies would be at the theater and was confused as I headed back to our small suburbs outside of the main drag. Sam chewed her lip for a moment before settling into the idea of videos. I got to my apartment and Sam quickly let herself out of the Jeep.

She carried the videos while I took her other hand and led her to Apartment Want a piggy back ride? I grabbed her by the legs and carried her or so pounds to the third floor.

Sam giggled as I set her down outside of my apartment and opened the door. Not too bad for a bachelor, I kept everything clean and fresh and made sure to air out the apartment every week or so. Needless to say my wine glasses were mondo sized with the two emptying a bottle. Sam just gasped as I handed her the wine. Sam just shook her head and we moved to the living room.

Sam took a sip of her wine before setting it on the coffee table and taking a seat on my sofa. Either she was not as careful or she was a little surprised when she sank into the cushions because as Sam sat down I finally got that freeshot.

Her white hose ended halfway up her thighs and her creamy flesh continued up to an alluring tangerine lace thong. I do remember blinking to pull my head out of that wonderful sight and back onto Sam who was smiling cheerfully back at me.

She picked up her mega glass of wine and took not a sip but a draft. I began telling Sam about the day I met Terri: Michelle begged me not to make her choose as she loved us both dearly, but it was something that I could no longer tolerate. Her father was demanding that I quit my job with the fractional, even though I had just been promoted to Captain on the Sovereign and work for the family company, of which I would have to be a First Officer for ten years or so since Captains were not retiring.

We would have exactly two kids, in which I was suppose to stop sleeping with his daughter since the church forbade birth control and own a Cocker Spaniel, really a Golden Retriever was not good enough. I fought every time the man tried to influence our lives and even returned the Breitling Aviator he bought me as a Christmas present one year, I should have kept the damn watch. Michelle found it and awkward! That is when I blew up.

Michelle choose, and I moved to Florida shortly afterward. I had some paid vacation from my company so it was not too big of a deal to miss an extra week of work, but it also did not help being a junior Captain and expected to pull call.

I basically volunteered to fly the next 5 Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgivings for two weeks off. I moved here due to the location to a major airport with daily flights to Atlanta and the cheap Apartment rent. We sat and chatted and it just seemed that Terri was waiting for something to click. As I finished my coffee I thanked Terri for a wonderful breakfast and excused myself. I went back to the apartment and unpacked until I nearly collapsed, but I had to get the U-haul turned in that day.

I crashed on the floor and slept in. I had forgotten about Terri until I went to make coffee in the morning. Remembering her advise and was nearly 10 AM I ran down to the Jeep, my only radio and tune in the channel. There was Terri sitting at the same table sipping a coffee. I had the cooler in the back so that was not a problem. We stopped at the and picked up so sandwiches, cokes, and adult beverages. Then Terri showed me the same trail that you and I took the other day.

Terri squealed in enjoyment as the Jeep bumped around the dusty trail and I swore I could see her nipples getting hard under her light tee shirt. Terri kept giving me directions, turn left here, no back that way a few times chewing on her lip before pointing toward a rock climb up a hill, there. I looked right at her before releasing the clutch and yep her nipples were hard, damn was she even wearing a bra when we met at the coffee shop?

I thought to myself she must have been, I would have noticed. We crested the hill and the pine forest surrounding the lake was just beautiful. All I really remember of the kiss was how wet her lips were and that the tasted like cherries. I figured what the hell and eagerly responded to her kissing.

My cock was quickly rising to the occasion as Terri kissed and rubbed her melons into my chest. The woman was good at math. With a one two movement Terri flipped her tee shirt off releasing her healthy melons and unbuttoned, unzipped and lowered my pants and boxers in a smooth move. My cock just hung out in the open air in front of this horney vixen as she studies my cock commenting on its appearance to me.

Terri made a full physical examination, holding it up, checking my balls, stroking it lightly before gazing at it seriously; I swore I thought I was getting a full check over by the penis doctor. At that comment Sam giggled. Terri rubbed my balls lightly and gave my cock good long strokes all the way from base to tip almost like she was trying to milk it.

Terri gave me a few hard sucks then allowed my cock to audibly pop out of her mouth. The hot warm of her mouth was almost as intoxicating as the audible slopping and popping noised her mouth was making which was soon joined with a squish squish.

I looked down and Terri had managed to slip out of her shorts and was madly fingering her bald pussy. I let out a loud groan. That was all of the encouragement that Terri needed, she sucked hard on my dick, backed it out until just the purple head was at her lips then feed its length right into her mouth and down her throat. I could feel her esophagus pumping my cock as it slid deep toward her belly until her chin bumped right into my balls, the squish squish of her fingering herself never ceasing.

Terri looked up at me with those deer brown eyes almost as wide as her mouth stretched taut around my dick buried in her. It did not take long with Terri deep throating my cock before I could feel the well of my seed to start to bubble up. Terri was screaming as the squish squish ended and four of her finger were buried in her pussy… er cunt.

I have never cum so hard or so long in my life and I felt fully drained. I kicked out of my pants, fell my flaccid dick over her mouth and proceeded to eat her cunt.

In college I had fuzz pie, trimmed pie, shaved labia pie and even hair pie the worst, no one like to floss while they are eating. But, I never had a bald eagle before and this was a new experience. I gave it a test taste and Terri gobbled my dick right back into her mouth and started sucking on it hard. I howled and went to work, licking her slit, nibbling on her clit then her outer labia and finding her inner lips kissed and tongued them.

I sucked on her lips, kissed them and tongued them before sticking my tongue deep into her pussy. I continued to make love to her careful to follow her subtle cues. If she moved something under me to carefully to be kissed, licked, or sucked I did until she moaned in delight, then kept up the pace until she cued me to another part of her pussy.

Before long I stuffed two fingers into her while my mouth concentrated on her clit. I was surprised by how loose Terri was with two fingers and quickly added a third which brought forth another moan.

I curled my finger looking for that soft mushy spot right inside of her pussy toward her mons and soon found it. I started stroking it gently with the come here movement that most women seemed to enjoy and was soon rewarded with Terri moaning loudly and continuously.

I guess a little too much getting her off. I was rock hard again. Terri took my hand and I pulled her up off the ground, tiny stones of gravel falling off her back. I pushed her diagonal into the Jeep back and climbed on top. I felt the my head bumo hard into her cervix but I just keep pumping that wonderful wet pussy.

Hers was more like putting on a comfy pair of pants, well if they were made of silk and glided across your legs like quicksilver. Even after five years of fucking Michelle hers was never like this when I first shoved into her. Only on the rare occasion of a double fucking would I get to enjoy this and I never felt the fluttering.

I continued to pound into Terri bouncing off her cervix and she wailed and yelled wrapping her legs around me encouraging me to continue. With a hard pull of her legs, Terri shoved my cock in to the hilt, my balls bounced off her rosebud ass.

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