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Gravel switch KY wife swapping

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Gravel switch KY wife swapping

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Gravel switch KY wife swapping

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Full text of "The Fork : Gravel Switch & ward's branch"

What I meant was for men to remind the women in their life to have some walking shoes and extra socks handy. I have both- but if I had to leave one behind, it would probably be the. Ballistics aside, if you place your shot correctly, the 5. Braveheart 30 carbine is a great little round. My father told me that the N Koreans would fill their uniforms with tons of new paper and the rounds would hit them. The round worked great against the pacific theater, and against the Germans.

I like it and have two rifles, and forgot to put it on my list. Damn that is two I forgot. A veteran told me the stories were mainly twaddle, shot placement was the issue, not the round itself. The 30 carbine out penetrates ball. It also has less hydraulic shock and less stopping power. The difference in diameter is insignificant. I love both, the and the We may not like the Government, but you can bet your last dollar, duh, you may not have to because the Gov.

I personally would feel secure we either. Run and Gun Hold the Fort ! The answer to the question? The Best answer to that question I have ever herd was to get one gun and practice, practice, practice. Get to know your weapon and it will serve you. As you can see from all the opinions above there are many options and all of them are good options to defend your family and friends. The following are my reasons I have guns in both calibers. They both are military, popular, accurate, easy to reload, and each serve a purpose.

I dropped a large Elk at yrds with a hand loaded. Good longer range than. Heavy but worth it. Outlaw go to youtube and look at the balistics of a 7. I see value in 5. I would love an AR 15 though. For every caliber you have, when possible- try to have a variety of different loads if possible.

Sierra Gamekings to 75 gr. Close in city, mobs, alone, moving: Out in the more open country, with others. There is no perfect Round. Not the same one if you wish to race at Indy or deliver cement.

Does it really matter? That magic round exists only in the minds of the fantasy scribblers. There are pros and cons for any round you could mention. My thoughts on the topic for what it is worth and I could be wrong. I will assume that the reader has or will do his reading on the topic. Just pick a rifle and or round that meets your needs and can afford.

IF all you can afford is a surplus Mosin-Nagant then so be it. Learn how to use it and be damn good at it. Remember a runt of a Finn using only a standard issue rifle made a lot of dead bad guys when his country was invaded.

If you can afford a state of the art high end with all the cool stuff to on it AR platform rifle and 10, rounds to go with it, then more power to you. Just be good with what you have.

Personally I think this or the other situation is stupid. This also covers you from 0 to yards. Keep them away, and keep yourself moving. Unless you plan on taking the fight to them, or hunting larger game, stick with the 5. I am assuming this is for defending the inside of your home. If you get hit, the 5. That said, I live my FAL. I have used both but prefer 5. Number one reason, you will be able to pick up ammo from the battle field. Plus nearly no recoil make placing shots on target easier.

As a result, the U. The M-4 is an updated version of the M, which was designed for close quarters combat in Vietnam. It worked well in Iraq, where much of the fighting was in cities such as Baghdad, Ramadi and Fallujah. Depends on how far I have to hump it. Long hikes I take 5. Up here we can get the Norinco and Polytech guns and they are well worth it even if they are made in China.

I make no apologies for it, because why should I spend north of 2 grand for a Springfield when I can spend bucks for the M base rifle and bring it up to par for there?

Only 5 rounds of the caliber for which it is designed for a centre fire semi. Mind you there are loopholes, like the round maximum for a handgun in Canada LAR pistol mags that conveniently fit in my Bushmaster, Beretta 96 mags which can hold 13 or 14 rounds of 9mm designed for.

If you are a big guy stick with a true battle rifle, a. For us smaller folks a 5. We can carry six mags loaded to 28 rounds and body armor and still move relatively quickly when needed if you are in decent shape. So…both, it depends on you and your situation. Depends on your AO and OF.

Where I live, a 5. Maybe when all the leaves are down, I may have a mountain top where a. I have a bolt. Close quarters and where you have to travel on foot, a 5.

If you need to stop a vehicle, a. I asked my boss what did our company have as a plan in case of a major disaster. He quizzed me on it. I asked what was company policy on something like this? Major disasters, riots, SHTF situations etc. He still had a blank look. I had to break it down to baby steps. I asked him what does this company sell? Now in a bad situation, what would the company do? You could see the cogs clicking in the back of his mind.

My plan- show up with a small suitcase full of cash, crank out invoices for what I need, pay for it in cash, load and leave.

Where is the company located? No really… I do…. Too many good, employed, and armed households. A sidearm is what you use to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never dropped in the first place….

That is only partially correct. Or you might need one hand available while still able to put out effective fire. I do not much care how good you claim you are, but operating a rifle without the benefit of a support hand is only marginally effective, unless you are using a bullpup which has most of its weight right at the butt end.

And if your rifle malfunctions while in a tight spot say moving while not behind cover it will be faster to let your rifle hang from its sling and transition to your pistol than fiddlefuck with your rifle, clear the malfunction and then resume firing. Thanks for the article, Daisy. I have separate plans in place for bugging in and bugging out. I have accelerated my prepping. You are right you need two or more plans when the SHTF. I have two types of bugging in plans and two types of bugging out plans.

As far as the Nov 13 date I hope you are not right it is our annual deer hunting trip 31 years with my brother and family and good friends. But if it goes down I will have to stay home.

Smell a false flag. It smell like a skunk!!!!! A few more months would be nice to get more supplies. Homeschooling is indeed the answer.

I wish more parents would take that giant step for their children. Then so be it. I am ready when the Zombies attack. As for you my friend good luck you are going to need it. I think you might what to very close with your God. Dave this is just a scenario of what could happen. So come on, just join us for a day in Dreamland and tomorrow you can go back to reality. But in the meantime, Lock and Load. I could use a vicodin right now. Got a firewood permit today and got my twenty dollars worth.

I keep a 03A3 with me for elk, deer and those Fking chipmunks that give my location away. I can think of things less appetizing than chipmunk stew.

Throw in a few carrots, potatoes and onions and almost anything can be tasty. Oh, and by the way Dave, what kind of medication do you recommend, and do you have any for sale. How prepared are you Dave? Please explain to me the difference….. It seems like too many here are looking forward to the time when they can kill fellow humans without any guilt or lawful consequences.

Those who force, by means of arms, their will upon others, are no better than the predator beasts of the forest…and will be dealt with accordingly… and their remains will be fed to the insects that inhabit the forest floor….

Davey boy — I take medication every day. I take my Patriot pills which cause me to have a searing desire to blow traitors away. Gotta go — medicine time. Your knee-jerk programmed response from decades of TV. You think how they want you to think. The UN is a commie organization and they will use the Green bullshit excuses to control your life.

Your grandkids will live in a high rise, no self protection guns, no car, no BBQ grill. Just a community bike, chipped and slaves to their masters. They will gratefully go to a converted fema camp, then turned into a manufacturing and human habitation zone for sustainable development and smart growth.

Go back to your Kenyan Sheep Herder sheeple! Owning precious metals will be banned. Yet what the fuck do you think they have in their vaults. At the time we are at in history…. It works like this… You buy real estate…a double or duplex when you are out of college.

You spend 20 years fixing it up. Then you get a loan against it for your kids college…then let the rent pay on the loan. Years later… you are old and retiring…the kids are done with college and the loan is paid off..

They just sell it and have fun. You set it up in a trust fund and have it professionally managed and audited by a CPA firm. The kids get a monthly check and the rent is allocated to project for repairs and improvements. Zero nutrition and total garbage. They will withdraw into their own minds and die in a comatose state. Plan now because something WILL happen and you must be prepared for it…or perish. The 2nd Amendment will be toast. White voters and gun owners stayed home in If you stay home in the America you know and love will be gone and your weapons will be confiscated!

What do I do with the bodies that will be piling up in the yard?? Hang them on a post? Dress them up funny and put make-up on them? Stack them up for a perimeter barrier. The sight and smell alone would be a good deterrent. No…build a catapult and hurl them over the wall at the NWO boys… bio warfare..

Bass, this may sound bizarre but so does the question, and this helps answer one of the earlier questions. Which is the best round? And I doubt they would return for more. It is tempting to dwell on things like bodies in the street, what arms to use, etc. What course of action to take. My weapons stay with me is the plan. NO the karina gun grab, after the us govvie scum blew up the dike on purpose, was really stupid for the pigs.

All they did make make GD we ALL know that the next time, we mow them down when they come for the guns. People will haul them away and use them for food. Those starved folks were forced to turn to canabilisim in an attempt to remain fed. Caused BY master race jewish kommie bolshevik Mass Murderers. I wonder When usa fed govnt plans to Build a few Holodomer Museums for white christian ukranians, similar to the couple Hundred HolyHoax jew museums all over our nation?

That will Never happen, as due to zionist jew infestations Our usa fed govnt is filled with folks who believe that Only They are victims, and only they need any permanant museum reminders of atrocities. Good thing we have a few Patriotic American folks whos memories of such events shall never be silenced, and who refuse to ever stop alerting others to some of these events they were never told of, in order to maintain that only one group is considered the worlds Victims. Some of Us intend to change that attitude.

Do You get it Yet Barn Cat? Line them up as a warning, then when they start to stink too much, burn them. Cremation—a funeral fit for kings. In case of any type of civil unrest you will find me on my 16 acres, sitting behind one of the biggest trees in KY with my arsenal and a few cases of homemade delight.

I have crazy neighbors all around me that I am even afraid of that are the types to have handy in SHTF. Now getting there from downtown…. Its coming and we here know it. The perfect between gun for the and Finding ammo and brass is problem slugs no problem slugs stay with grs. Last month picked up more 12ga. The wife just got over Water purification system all set up, and so is my solar power. Still working on my wind generator.

I will pray for those that are not!!! You ought to look into casting. I have been casting bullets, slugs, and buckshot for about 5 years. Currently, I cast 9 mm,.

Good rainy day fun. Those welded-up WWI artillery pieces on the courthouse lawn are going to come in pretty handy someday. I just picked up 5, pieces of 5. Lube and trim and then load em in my progressive press. In the past year we have loaded over 18, 5. Bullets, primers and powder also available. One thing you may want to invest in is true body armor rated to stop.

Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, pass the ammunition and pray that everything ends quickly. Accept Jesus soon because you may not have another chance. Anybody know how to muzzle a watt gas powered generator so no one can hear it running?

If you surround it with walls, most of the sound will go up. Unfortunately it takes a small novel to cover it all adequately. Exhaust noise is just the start of the problem. The cylinder fins and crankcase radiate a surprising amount of noise, and the carb intake also makes noise. First part of the plan is to get high grade generators that are engineered from the git-go for low noise.

Your basic open-frame Harbor Freight cheapo is a very poor choice there. Mufflers need lots of internal volume. Black iron pipe is much better than thin sheet automobile exhaust pipe, if you can manage it. If you do use thin wall pipe, wrap it in fiberglss insulation to absorb sound. Look for everything on the generate that jingles, rattles, vibrates, and tie it down using bits of stiff foam rubber and duct tape.

Enclose the unit in a shed, but remember that it needs lots of fresh air for engine cooling. Mass and resilience working together do the best job of cutting sound travel through walls. A lot of cars used to use pads that were thin lead sheet bonded to foam rubber, which is then glued to the door and roof panels.

There is a sound-absorbing type of sheetrock that might help. Cooling air intake and outflow should be aimed vertically. Use soft-wall heating duct if you can, it absorbs noise quite well. Figure out how to deal with the steam that emanates from the exhaust in cold weather; the largest component of exhaust gas is water vapor.

Either condense it, or lead it well away from your generator shed. Mine ends in a nasty briar patch. But I have my genset anyway. An new-old-stock Yamaha, that is pretty quiet to begin with.

Adamant non-preppers, I expect to have to deal with them early on. A barrel with gravel is good too. Also, convert a chest freezer to run as a refrigerator. The plans are online. Or maybe you can buy one already that way? You can get a few feet of muffler flex-pipe, you know, the flexible metal pipe you can temporarily repair holes in rusted muffler pipes with, from an auto parts place?

A couple of muffler clamps and run your exhaust out of a dryer vent or something. The length of pipe muffles the sound before it exits. This allows you to keep your genny indoors. The thing is the underground diffuser would have to be long and have many perforations to allow the gases to escape over a distance and not cause excessive back pressure.

It would be akin to installing a giant firearm suppressor on your generator exhaust. I do not and cannot have a gun. A heavy hammer, a handaxe and a sharpened cane are my intruder protection. They will not stop a bullet. If they are shooting bullets, I have not devised a plan yet. Pitch fork or a compressor with a nail gun home improvements? Keep a shovel sharpened close by. If you use field tips head shots only.

So I bought several sizes and found that the best with my slingshot was the. Much better penetration and power than the steel shot I had bought. A little more expensive than the steel but kinda neat I thought.

Just my 2 cents. But I can tell you a slingshot in the hands of someone who can shoot it, is deadly. Second, more than half of all problems are after dark; a good Ghillie suit in black and you get very hard to see and if they cannot see you they likely cannot hit you.

Some good slingshot ammo are iron ore pellets also known as taconite pellets. You can get them cheap on eBay. Al, go for Bear Pepper Spray. If it will turn a Grizzly, it will turn anything, and you can get more than one blast out of a can.

BTW look into Burglar Bombs. Pepper spray canisters that are triggered by pulling a string. You can empty a room without even entering it with one of those. Because none of them have ever seen a ghillie suit…or a tomato in its natural habitat…or a cow-pie kicking contest, or a boar-hog caught in a punji trap. That reminds me…just set up punji traps all the way around your house.

Your HOA will love you for it, trust me! Many people are so financially in trouble that they cannot afford a much more powerful rifle.

Something is better than nothing. This is what makes such a tiny bullet so much more lethal, the kinetic energy of the velocity. Still you can get a little more punch for the.

A shotgun is something that puts fear in most people, especially the zombies trying to take your food away from you. If they had a backbone they would be using it along with a mind to put away right what they and their families need.

Many people like the , 00 buck shot for its take down power. The smaller shot such as Buck 1 through 4 should be considered though because there is more shot the smaller it is and might be better for a larger number of people trying to take waht you have. Check out the size of buck shot and the equivalent size caliber round:. As one can see even using Buck 4, getting hit with even one ball that is larger than a. There are many more ball bearings in a Buck than Of course is like getting hit with a 9 mm, and at close range no one of going to get up from a full discharge of something this size.

All one has to do is look at the slug inside a 20 gauge case and see what this would do to anyone. To see a slug in a 10 gauge is something to behold. Sabot slugs can get up to almost FPS and would end any threat with any a less than center shot. Hand guns are of course important. Revolvers may hold less much they are almost always dependable and can be counted on. I have known people with Glocks that have on an occasion jammed on them, rare but it does happen. I guess whatever works best for you.

Other weapons should also be considered. Bear spray covers a large area as it is meant to stop a charging bear that is not easy to hit with a small cloud of pepper spray. Stun baton and TASERS are also a good idea if you want to use non lethal force to simply stop your neighbors or others. Again, whatever works for you.

Just remeber your lifeline is worth you protecting it, because it is protecting you from immediately starving and suffering. If you put as much energy into trying to help Obama fix what is wrong as opposed to fighting to keep the status quo, this planet would be a better place for all!!

Now thats funny, Oh wait, you were serious? If the system actually worked the part about working with ooobummer might make sense However, The washington rulers dont want to or care to hear what we think, So my money is on bullets, beans, and bandaids!

So the dollar collapses…all the exec. The police are not getting paid and say, fuck it and stay home to watch over their families. Then…the criminal gangs…gang bangers, biker gangs and enterprising folks come out to play. They think completely different from your hippy mentality. They would all sit around drinking beer having at your ass and watching.

YES…we all could kill someone trying to kill or harm our own. All the members are productive members of society. I once knew a cop who never had any issues with NRA members.

When he saw the bumper sticker.. Sorry…everyone does not get a piece. If you baked it…you get a fucking piece. But all the commie bitches want to take it. Funny…the Obama nightmare has me more busy than ever. Everyone is scrambling to get rid of employees…. His mission is to complete our transformation into a third world country. Oh great, another troll. BillyBobJumpingFrog your brotha the presidential primate Obama is destroying our nation.

Because of that we are preparing to defend ourselves,friends and family. Perhaps you should move to North Korea,your kind of people. Fix what is wrong?

Please enlighten us as to what is wrong? What is wrong is the Kenyan Muslim usurping the Constitution daily and destroying this country. You are an idiot.

Do a little bit of research on the progressives. Thank you BI, and good points! Perhaps a rifle is not the best use of my limited funds at this point in time. That I seriously doubt. But, yes, you do have to be a good shot to do so.

I just bought a nice diamondback AR 15 with 2 steel mags at wally on the 18 month no interest card. Hell if they will approve you why not put it on 18 months no interest and spend the extra on ammo. It is a tangible item in your possession that will be far more valuable to you than a piddly amount of fiat that you paid for it.

Thats kinda how I thought about it. I was going to get one with my tax return but the 18 months no interest was too good to pass up and they only do it at christmas to get people in debt. Not that I plan to use it. Close to same FPS as a. May work to stop improvised armored vehicles. Probably closer to a. No comparison at all.

The Kinetic Energy from a. Body shot will bounce around and rip internal organs to pieces. I know, a buddy of mine died from a dropped. Worst bullet to get hit with, goes in does not come out. I miss my friend…. I have long railed about a 12 gauge pump with high brass express loads for CQB situations, like someone lurking outside the front door.

Boom, at the feet first getting him down and dealing with the rest later. I load my own shit and can come up with some real healthy shells out of a shooters bible. Taking of course safety and common sense first. Just shoot em through the door! Or up in the air! Keeps vampires away too… There are a multitude of poisions that can be mixed together, and placed in any hollow point, shot gun shell, or snake shot.

Seal off with candle wax, now you have a projectile that is 10x more effective in termination. One shot gun pellet that is tainted as such, will make for a quicker death that a plain bullet. Look it up, the Mafia would rub bullets with garlic… But all you people should aready know this, Google is great for looking up stuff…. I still miss my friend. The use of agents to inflict injuries could have adverse effects on future attacks upon you. There is plenty of stuff you can mix up in the kitchen sink.

Our opponents already have proven methods of chemical and bio weapons and their usage. Note that this would elevate your status of combatant to terrorist. Possible new rules of engagement especially if you use them first and become a prisoner of war. Think before you leap. But if they die before you, you win? Just being informed is ahead of the game? My computer was attacked tonight, guess I am on the NSA radar? We all are if we comment here? I think it might be a good thing to stay low and off the radar?

I am thinking and am worried, I have others to think of, like you? I wish the world was different place than it is now? Think about what you are saying, they are watching… Pray for the best, prep for the worst…. MAC; is there any way to check if we are beimg tracked? If so, I will never comment again….

I have thought up some bad shit and would only use on defense. They have been tracking places like this site for years. Welcome to the club. Also they are not too concern with us. It is the ones out there with real frog ass tight opsec running around the countryside. No problem here, I know what you are saying. I guess that I must fade into the background and never comment or visit again…. Thank goodness there are 10 others that use this email address, but I digress… Mac, I have had a interesting time visiting, but OPSEC is a tricky thing nowdays… Signing off….

I personally know someone who was shot with a. Graveyards everywhere have someone buried in them killed by nothing more than a. With pay better yet and with a raise in january! Makes me want to go get a gov…..

Oh wait thats right,,,. Repubs caved and kicked the can with the dems. My weapon of choice for sniper style killing is my Weatherby magnum. At yards, with a grain ballistic tip bullet I can just about split a man in two. The bullet almost explodes on impact to the mid-section and will take out the heart and lungs, not to mention make a mess of the poot shoot. With a solid rest for the rifle, it puts every round in a three inch circle yds.

Off hand i can punch holes in a 9 inch pie plate every time, without flinching and have another round chambered before the sound of the blast stops echoing. Good enough to keep zombies at bay. Your gold and silver hoarding and speculation is a fools folly! This is a time to celebrate. Obama has the economy on track for the most part, the wars are winding down, and most people are happy.

Sorry chicken little, the sky is not falling, it is a bright sunny day, and the future is looking good for most of us. Funny thing about PMs, no counter-party risk. You need to get outside the beltway. Most new jobs are now part time and come with no benefits. Both parties are responsible for our economic mess and inflation is getting worse by the day.

It will hit you too,count on it. Hilarious on several levels. Having abandoned the Ann Arbor MI area when I retired, I will miss watching the Froggys up there run around like headless chickens and eating one another of the fit hits the Shan for real. There is no way the entire world will collapse into chaos and man against man…like you all rant on about. We will still be discussing this 5 years from now, you will still be predicting utter collapse, and I on the other hand will be wealthier and happier.

I think I will take the money I save and go on a nice vacation, you keep buying overpriced freeze dried food, bullets, candles, and toilet paper, and we will see who is happier.

Talking about being prepared, thinking about stuff we may want to be prepared for! I am happy you are making money in the markets. Also I wonder who are the people you hang around with because most would not agree things are on the right track where I come from and most do not make enough money to invest in the market.

Poverty and the low income bracket are increasing or have you not noticed All in due time. I hope you really believe this BBJF- stay comfy, make sure you keep your fridge mostly empty so that the food is always fresh-from the store where you know it will always be. Take your old clothes to Goodwill and only buy new when the season is right. As all I have at moment is. I guess would choose box 3,all of the above plus more that I cannot at moment afford but working on.

On a side not ,the EBT mess was great,woke up a family member who now has a 6 month supply of basic stuff as a start in just 2 days along with some other preps including now looter deterrent! As always,live and enjoy today while prepping for tomorrow.

Combine with tear gas, blank, tracer or Dragons Breath for early warning. Normally can only use once tho. Can find cheap at garage sales. Compound with broadheads, imagine the look on some fuckers face when his buddy who he was going to loot your house with falls in his lap with an arrow sticking out of his head! My Barnett C5 Wildcat will make a quick wall-hanging out of an intruder…I might need some help unpinning them, though, full-grown men are heavy. Novice is more like it.

Anyone know of such a site? I would like to be able to talk to ppl in my area about things like this. J — Start with this: This site, for one, is a good place to start. There is a link on the left hand side of this page to American Preppers Network. Thanks for the website. I think I may have found some ppl nearby that I can join. Most people get shocked when they find out what the venerable. You can get round magazines for it. I tried one of the new round magazines back in the summer and had some feeding issues.

Never had that problem with the 25s. When Reagan was in the operating room he lost more than half of his blood. Because of that ordeal, his wife Sara became a POS gun grabber. Very interesting story on the incident. Multiple high capacity magazines in.

Is that my only firearm? Yental, my late beloved mrs braveheart was an OR nurse and saw numerous people brought in shot with a. I do have heavier artillery in my ventilation team. Three or four semi-auto. Thing is, I can reload. In a real P. BTW most real gun cranks now recognize that the.

With respect OC I have to say Ive killed a lot of deer and some hogs and even a few cattle with a. The administrators at all of the schools in our area, private and public, just instituted a plan where the kids will go to a meeting place off campus and then be bussed to a pick up area where the parents can pick up the kids.

This was put into place in the event of an armed intruder appearing at the school. I did not like this idea at all; but, it is hard to argue against it with the given premise. I am concerned that the plan could easily be implemented under other scenarios. Another concern is that the parent pick up place is an area with limited access and good line of site to see what is coming; this area can be easily controlled, before or after parents arrive.

Both my wife and I are nearby and will just meet them there. We the people have had the ability to freely move about, eat our food, organize, etc. We the people have had the ability and time to do a lot of things which could have effectively put a stop to tyrannical government in America, yet tyranny in America has steadily grown, and is now multiplying under the usurper Obama. What do you think is going to be the fate of most Americans in a shtf situation where martial law is imposed? We all need to remember that most cities have sophisticated acoustic detection systems that can point swarms of trigger-happy police to you and your home.

Remember how the house was riddled with bullets? As preliminary alternative to firearms, consider the lowly can of hornet spray. A wireless surveillance system e. At least over your dead body there can be digital recording of the intruder s. Moreover, the surveillance cameras might even serve as an early alert.

AR gets my vote. My wife can handle it if necessary. Can carry a lot of ammo, plus the ammo is more affordable than. Plus, the AR seems to give them a false sense of invincibility, so it will be very easy to separate them from their weapons and preps.

I just love Rambo wannabees. Good point, as far as it goes. As I stated yesterday at another site with this article…It reads like a condensed re-write of Dave Hodges better written article that came out previously to this one. Blah Blah more of the same ole stuff… Is the advertising business doing that poorly? Or are you doing anything? Other than criticizing others efforts?

It appeared at the Daily sheeple just prior to this one. I,ll be adding another x-mas gun for underneath the tree this year again. Can never have to much key firepower at your disposal. Lets see one one the night stand, one at the door way,one on my person,always.

And twenty more in the safe. The US Congress has passed a bill to reopen the government and raise the federal debt limit, with hours to spare before the nation risked default. In his statement Mr. Obama made on the shutdown on Thursday he said that people are fed up with Washington. Do you agree with that? I think most people who are aware of what is going on must care of the travesty of the so-called democracy that is in Washington.

You have a minority of members of the House trying to dictate what the Government and what the country should do. It has been a joke, there is no way around it. If we look at this shutdown and the reasons of it, different people say different things. Some say it is just a matter of politics. Some say it is really a matter of fundamental differences between the two parties.

What is your point on that? It is a fundamental difference but it is really not between the two parties, it is between the majority of the feelings of the people in Congress versus a minority of the so-called Tea Party members. They are just totally irresponsible, totally insistent on their point of view prevailing, even though they are a minority voice. Do you see any chance that before mid January, before February they will be able to somehow reach some compromise or we will see the same thing again in a few months?

And I think pretty soon, if not already, countries around the world are starting to look at the long-term value of the dollar with a great deal of suspicion. And is that risky for the global economy — this weakening of the dollar?

Long-term weakening of the dollar is one thing. But to renege on the debt — that is catastrophic, because that would instantly declare the value of the dollar from whatever its worth is to zero, because it is worthless.

And that has to raise a lot of concern all around the world and has to worry a lot of people. But China is not the only one. Recently South Korea has entered into many of these same bilateral swap agreements just to avoid having to use the dollar as the settlement currency between the two countries in trade. Turkey has done it, India has been doing it, more and more countries are going away from using the dollar. So, eventually, dollar will cease to be. It is a long-term eventual, but eventually the dollar will cease to be the preferred reserve currency for the world.

Lewinski was some sort of a romance. The realistic threat is the insidious creep of Communist policies being enacted by this Administration. For that, the only cure is conservative political leaders drawing the line, saying no and fighting politically. Beyond that, a military coup. Hmm…Interesting philosophy about he size of guns…ever hear of Vietnam? The Gulf War is the most recent war that was fought to win, and it was over in days, in large part due to the mass surrenders by Iraqi troops.

They, and they alone, would determine the winners and the losers, if it ever came to that. But that would take a rather large miracle…..

Hey the trolls are really out today, guess the NSA went back to work, Nice to see the hard earned tax dollars going to good use! They are downright disgusting on Breitbart. Im convinced most all of the trolls on sites like this are associated with the government in some way, either they play on their computer at work or are nsa ssholes.

I dont know if your theory on gun size rings true, looks like more of a stalemate going on wherever the big guns are fighting the little guns lately, Just an observation,. Near as I can tell , capitalism , communism , socialism what the fuck everism. Eventually end up about the same.

Number 16 of the precursor earthquakes that say a very large earthquake is coming. This one is right at the junction point between thew African, Australian, and Antarctic plate. In Dec of after this precise point was hit an 8. You would think that it would calm down a bit, NO.

The areas match that other precursor quakes are pointing towards. The same areas mnetioned before remain quite hot. Bi , There is something going on, see how the Quake magnitudes are trending up.

There seems to be a lot of potential energy locked up and not releasing. Looks like your predictions are uncannily accurate. You should really consider writing a paper on this for peer review.

When I read your stuff it reminds me of Louise Alveres and his discovery of the KT boundary layer and theory of the end of the dinosaurs by an impact event some thing no one else thought of, but the empirical evidence pointed this to be a possible event.

Sometimes looking at a puzzle in a different way enables one to see what others have missed. I just to have to thank Chip Ritchey, the Weavers, my dad, and my whole family for allowing me to do this. I couldn't do any of this without them. Everyone on this car just did a hell of a job- thank you! I just love this and it's such a grateful thing. My dad is my number one hero. Bicknell Tour Championship contenders Chas Wolbert and Garrett Krummert led the field to green for the lap feature.

Wolbert had a four-point lead on Krummert and six-point lead on fourth starting Brandon Ritchey. Wolbert grabbed the early lead over Krummert and fifth starting Tony Tatgenhorst. Josh Deems started ninth and was already to fourth after two laps taking the spot from Jessica Kriegisch. On lap four, Tatgenhorst closed in making it a three-car race for the lead before a caution for debris with four laps scored.

When racing resumed, Krummert took the lead on lap five before a caution for a spin by Steve Slater. Back under green, Tatgenhorst slid Wolbert for second. It was three-wide for second on lap seven as Tatgenhorst held the spot over Wolbert and Deems.

Myers meanwhile was working his way forward and cracked the top five on lap Myers though lost the handle in turn four on lap 15 spinning, but was able to do a spin and keep going, while Brian Sadler spun to bring out the caution. Myers though lost at least five spots and had just five laps to get to the front.

When racing resumed, Deems passed Tatgenhorst for second and went after Krummert running the bottom. They were side-side for the lead on lap 17 when the event's final caution was displayed for Steve Slater's spin, which proved crucial for Myers. Myers got a great restart flying into second on lap 18 as he continued to find the moisture around the bottom.

Myers caught Krummert and the two were side-by-side and literally a dead heat according to AMB scoring as they crossed the line with the white flag waving. Myers hit the moisture around the bottom perfect and was able to fend off Krummert's last chance turn four run off the cushion coming to the checkered to win by just 0.

Myers became the 14th different Bicknell Tour winner in 26 races run all-time. The victory was Myers' second of his career as he won the season opener at Sharon Speedway on June 2 over a car field in Bicknell Weekly Series competition. Deems' third was his best Tour finish of the season beating out a pair of seventh place finishes. Holden's fourth and Tatgenhorst's fifth were also their best Tour finishes of the season.

Wolbert dropped to sixth to collect second in points. Jordan was seventh after starting 16th. Kyle Martell was eighth. After coming from 12th to second in the last chance B main, Rocky Kugel made his way up to ninth at the finish after starting 20th in the feature. Rob Kristyak completed the top 10 after starting 18th. Deems, Tatgenhorst, and Wolbert won the heat races over the car field, which was an all-time division Lernerville record beating the previous high of 29 from two years ago at the "Steel City Stampede".

It was Ruhlman's third win in three tries at Lernerville. This was probably the most technical cushion I've ever had to run. Amazing race surface right now. I would put this against Earl Baltes' Eldora Speedway. I was glad to see Brian Ruhlman in second, but glad I didn't see his nose. I'm so happy we did this deal. My son Kevin has worked hard with me. We had no idea what Sprint Cars even were when we ran our first night out. I'm pretty certain Kevin will be in a car next year if we can talk mother into it.

I have to thank RUSH for giving us this opportunity so we could learn without going broke doing it. Chad Ruhlman jumped to the early lead, while brother Brian made some great moves going from fifth to second on the opening lap. The third position was very sought after as Brandon Hawkins had it on the opening lap until seventh starting John Mollick moved to the position on lap two. Shawn Smith then made his way from sixth to third on lap six.

Zach Morrow would then be the final third place runner after him and Smith traded the spot between laps Meanwhile, it was all Chad Ruhlman out front as he captured his 15th win of the season by 6.

Brian Ruhlman's second was his best finish of the season after debuting with a third on August 25 at Pittsburgh. Kent had worked his way from 15th to fifth before getting caught up in an accident at the halfway point. Shawn Smith continued his strong conclusion to the end of the season with his eighth straight top five finish after coming home fourth over Brandon Hawkins. Jeremy Wonderling 3J 3. Daryl Charlier 12 4. Brady Wonderling Ralyea z1 7.

Chad Homan 91 8. Brian Knowles 7 Logan Zarin 1z Joey Zambotti III Jason Fosnaught J19 Justin Lamb 93x Eric Wilson 27W Ryan Frazee 11F Jamie Wrightsman 21J Bill Kessler 09 Cory Sines 25 Chad Sines 15 Andy Spooner 3A Christian Schneider Maniecki 1ST Matt Dobnak 42 Braeden Dillinger 14 Josh Stoica 22J Bill Kessler took a Tour provisional. Ricky Steigerwald 3 2. Collin Burke 41B 3. Zach Gunn G 4. Brandon Lott 47 5. Jared Kane 7 6.

Stanley Spooner 3 -DNS 7. Garrett Krummert Schaffer 10s 3. Josh Deems 9D 4. Kole Holden 2 5. Tony Tatgenhorst 63 6. Chas Wolbert c3 7. Jacob Jordan 28J 8. Kyle Martell 8 9. Rocky Kugel 83 Rob Kristyak 00 Jessica Kriegisch 63 Michael Kristyak Chelsie Kriegisch 10 Kevin Long 22 Jeremy Weaver 35W Brian Schaffer 14 Steve Slater 29 Jim Bryce Schaffer 4 Jordan Ehrenberg JD57 Preston Cope 24P Amelia Clay 4S Brian Sadler 5 Did not qualify for the feature: Brian Ruhlman 49 3.

Zach Morrow 27 4. Shawn Smith 36 5. Brandon Hawkins 27H 6. John Mollick Clever 4J 7. Steve Cousins 56 8. Dave Hawkins 27 9.

Brian Woodhall 8B Jim Kurpakus 72B Scott Hawkins 37 Brad Blackshear 19 Arnie Kent 18 Phil Thornton 35 Steve Pedley 21 Haubstadt, IN - October 13, - C. Leary quickly moved into the lead on lap three and continued to hold the lead throughout the 30 lap feature. The program was a complete sweep for the Greenwood, IN, driver.

He had already set the overall fastest time in group qualifying with a lap of Then he followed up the deed by winning the third heat race. There was no doubt who had the fastest machine in the field. The first two laps were led by Kyle Cummins after starting on the pole.

Weather contributed to the third stop being moved to Tri-State Speedway. Kyle would finish fourth in the feature this time out. Schmidt, who races out of Owensville, IN, turned in his best performance of the year in finishing second. He stayed in contention after passing Robert Ballou on lap 6. Grant had moved the Topp Sprinter into third by the halfway mark. Jarett Andretti moved up to finish fifth.

Second heat winner Robert Ballou was sixth. Fourth heat winner Chase Stockon was seventh. Donny Brackett won the B Main. The feature was red flagged two times. Brandon Mattox flipped in turn two on lap nine. Landon Simon brought out the red on the opposite end of the track on lap The first heat was also action packed.

Five of the nine cars entered managed to finish. It was win number three at Haubstadt for McDowell this season. Fair and McDowell won the heat races. Dave Beck was the fastest qualifier.

Cody Trammel and Dean Parker rounded out the top five. Henning, Brandon Coffey, and Parker won the three heat races. As the laps clicked off, Shelton closed in on Seavey rolling the bottom as Seavey railed the top.

But just as Shelton looked close enough to possibly mount a charge for the lead, the caution came out for Paul Nienhiser in turn four. Returning to racing, Seavey took off until the yellow was displayed for Karsyn Elledge who came to a stop in turns one and two. Resuming green flag conditions, Seavey distanced himself from the rest of the field as Zach Daum moved past both Shelton and Coons, Jr.

As the laps wound down, Daum appeared to close on Seavey as the duo reached lapped traffic. With less than a handful of laps remaining, Seavey navigated lapped traffic with no mistakes, closing the door on any opportunity Daum had to challenge for the top position. Ryan Robinson completed the top five. The big hole in one, early on, I really tried to get above it, but then later I played it a little safer and moved down and I actually think I got better.

I still was just lacking a little bit in three and four. I felt like I fell back a little bit and really had to pick the pace up. The risk wasn't worth the reward at that moment. I tried to find another line that was a little smoother.

We actually reeled them in there and then we caught lapped traffic and tried to make a play for it. He seen me down there and started cheating the entry of two, which is what he had to do. I'm just glad to finally put a good run together.

We'll just try to finish out the season with some good runs. Holly was faster on the bottom, so I went down there for a while and got back by her and then the bottom went away so I jumped back to the top and they were just faster than us.

We had a good car. I can't thank these guys enough. We were just a little off and we adjusted our baseline a little bit tonight, so it was kind of a test session, if you will. We saw a lot that we liked.

October 6, — Blake Hahn is seemingly developing quite a penchant for big events. Hahn took the checkered flag ahead of Friday night winner Sam Hafertepe, Jr. I ran micros a lot here early in my career, this is pretty close to home for us so this is awesome. Moore gunned into the early lead aboard his No.

The duo closed in on Moore as traffic came into play with Hahn making his first attempt to slide into the lead in turns one and two on the 12th round. Moore battled back with the duo even at the stripe before Hahn slid into the lead for keeps on the 13th circuit. From there, Hahn weathered a pair of interruptions while pacing the field the remaining distance to reach victory lane.

Moore, Crawley and Miller held down the three positions behind Hahn until fifth-running Hafertepe, Jr. With the final 11 lap portion run off in non-stop fashion, Hahn was able to open up a near half straightaway advantage as Hafertepe, Jr. Making his second consecutive STN championship finale, Moore posted a career-best finish of third to round out the podium. Washington native Seth Bergman recorded a career-best STN finish as well by earning Hard Charger honors with a rally from the 14th starting position to capture fouirth.

Bergman picked off four positions over the final 15 laps to crack the top five. The feature event was slowed just twice with the first caution flying after 22 laps for a turn two tangle involving John Carney II and Ernie Ainsworth. The red lights flickered on eight laps later when Chris Martin sailed off the turn one embankment.

At the other end of the spectrum, Tim Crawley made an event record 21st career STN championship feature start. He held down fourth with ten laps to go before fading to 12th in the closing rounds. The added money was courtesy of Big Show Productions. First Heat 10 Laps: J2-John Carney II 2 , 2. Second Heat 10 Laps: Third Heat 10 Laps: Miller 4 , 3. Fourth Heat 10 Laps: Fifth Heat 10 Laps: Sixth Heat 10 Laps: Seventh Heat 10 Laps: Eighth Heat 10 Laps: D6-Dakota Gaines 5 , 6.

Ninth Heat 10 Laps: First Qualifier 10 Laps: Second Qualifier 10 Laps: Miller 3 , 3. Third Qualifier 10 Laps: Fourth Qualifier 10 Laps: J2-John Carney II 5 , 7. D6-Dakota Gaines 2 , 7. J2-John Carney II 5 , 3.

A Feature 41 Laps — Starting position in parentheses: A total of 19 drivers entered the event, which served as the 15th and final round of the season. Coming into the nights action, veteran Jeff Trombley held a point lead over young gun Thomas Radivoy.

With heat race points being offered for each event, the mathematical shot the Radivoy had would be determined after the heat races. Determined by the draw, Trombley and Radivoy would end up in the same heat race heat two. When the checkered flag waved Trombley would finish one spot ahead of Radivoy, thus making it pretty simple for Trombley to wrap up the series title.

He would only need to start the lap A-Main event to secure the title. Trombley would finish third in the season finale and be crowned series champion for the second year in a row.

In the event itself, Dalton Herrick finally shook the monkey off his back and picked up the win in the Art Kiser owned machine. The win was the first of the season for Herrick, despite being close multiple times this season. A-Main Finish 25 laps: But I wanted to move around on the track and see what was working. After tallying the most points through heat race and qualifying race action to earn the pole position, Hafertepe, Jr.

In his wake, Hagar and STN champion Tim Crawley battled in wheel-to-wheel fashion over the closing rounds with Hagar holding on for runner-up honors aboard his No. Five-time and defending STN champion Sammy Swindell was forced pitside in heat race action after a bolt came out of the throttle linkage. Racing action goes green at 7: D6-Dakota Gaines 5 , 7. Miller 2 , 4. J2-John Carney II 5 , 6. Miller 7 , 5. D6-Dakota Gaines 4 , 3. Miller 3 , 4. J2-John Carney II 12 , 7. D6-Dakota Gaines 13 , A Feature 27 Laps — Starting position in parentheses: Miller 19 , Cody Wehrle is Sprint Invaders Champion!

A number of bonuses added to the coffers of all drivers assembled. Bergman shot out from the pole position in the lap main event ahead of Brayden Gaylord and Terry McCarl. Top series career feature winner, Kaley Gharst, entered the top five by the eleventh lap, working by two drivers in one corner. McCarl pursued Gaylord in heavy lapped traffic and took over second on lap Gharst passed young Colten Fisher for fourth on the 15th lap, before the only caution of the race flew for debris.

While Bergman pulled away into his own zip code, McCarl and Gaylord battled hard for the second spot. In fact, you could have thrown a blanket over positions two through six at that point. Gharst was getting better on the bottom and passed Gaylord for third on lap 19 and then shot under McCarl for second on lap twenty.

The battle between Gharst and McCarl was on. McCarl would regain the spot with 11 laps to go. Weekend hard-charger, Joe B. Miller, entered his hat in the ring, and he and Gharst went back and forth for the third spot in the closing stages. Gaylord, Wehrle, Fisher and Schulz won heats. Schulz also won the Dash.

Dustin Clark claimed the B main. We had a really good race car. The guys did a great job. Traffic was exciting too. I almost took myself out.

This is a great event. We saw the show on paper and knew it was a great deal. The owners and the series were great and treated us like gold. We really enjoyed it. I really got going before the yellow. Seth really got me good on the restart. He kept it high going into one, so I dove low. At the last minute he ended up going low and got me up in the slick stuff.

That was a great driver move. I had to fend off Kaley and those other guys at that point. They did a great job. This was a great field of cars. This is one of my favorite racetracks. I work hard on our promotions, and when so many work so hard on the bonuses and things they had this weekend, you really appreciate it. It means a lot to us. Also, it was a great track tonight…completely different from Friday, which was also a good track. I think we were up to fourth by the yellow. Then it took five or six laps to get heat back in the tires.

We were pretty decent before that. We had the wing way back, and I knew we might be loose late. We got by Gaylord and we got by Terry there. We started getting loose, and Terry found a little better line in three than I did.

We ended up finishing third. The track threw us for a loop a little. We have to thank 34 Raceway and everyone who raised money for this deal. Hopefully, they can continue to build it. Wehrle was jazzed about his championship. I love this track, and I love this series. I think a lot of people take this series for granted.

This team works their butts off. Sprint Invaders A main started , 34 laps: Miller, Millersville, MO 14 5. Jarrod Schneiderman 7 7. Dustin Clark 7 7.

Nathan Mills 1 5. B main started , 12 laps: Dustin Clark 4 2. Jarrod Schneiderman 3 3. Nathan Mills 1 4. Matt Krieger 2 6. Harold Pohren 9 7. Justin Buchholz 7 8. Dave Keperling 5 9. John Schulz 6 2. Seth Bergman 3 3. Brayden Gaylord 1 4. Terry McCarl 4 5. Colten Fisher 6 6. Paul Nienhiser 8 7. Kaley Gharst 10 8. Jon Agan 7 9. Cody Wehrle 5 September 29, — Night two of the Wisconsin Sprint Car Championships brought the Plymouth Dirt Track Racing season to a close in thrilling fashion before an enthusiastic crowd on a cold and occasionally wet fall evening at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds in Plymouth, Wis.

Jake Blackhurst of Hanna City, Ill. Tim Cox of Park City, Ill. With Wondra leading polesitter Shane Wenninger of Kewaskum and fourth starter Tim Haddy of Waupun in the early going, the first of two caution flags appeared on lap 4 when Josh Walter of Plymouth spun in turn two. On the restart, the low-riding Wenninger and the cushion-pounding Haddy moved in to pressure on lap 7. One lap later, Haddy powered around Wenninger and Wondra entering turn one to claim the top spot. On lap 9, Haddy jumped the cushion and clipped the turn four wall to allow Wondra to regain the top spot just before the second caution came out for Kurt Davis, who entered the program with a point lead over Justin Miller in the PDTR Sprint Car point standings, following heavy contact with the wall between turns three and four after a mechanical failure on his machine.

After Haddy pitted following contact with the turn four wall while leading, Wondra held the top spot on the restart with Wenninger and 10th starter Adam Miller of Plymouth in tow. On lap 9, Adam Miller powered past Wenninger into second place before moving past Wondra to grab the lead in turn two on lap Meanwhile, seventh starter Danny Schlafer was making his move as he pulled off a perfect slide job to take second on lap Three laps later, Schlafer slid past Adam Miller take the lead on lap Schlafer then worked the high groove to perfection to maintain a solid lead, while Will Gerrits of Waupun, who was making his first appearance since suffering a broken arm in an accident at the Dodge County Fairgrounds in Beaver Dam in early July, assumed second on lap On the restart Reinke led again, but fourth starter Tony Stewart was on the move as he split Reinke and polesitter Scotty Thiel with a slide job to take the lead on lap 2 in turn four.

With Stewart running strong on the cushion, eight-time IRA champ Bill Balog, who started third, worked the low groove to challenge Reinke for second on lap 4. However, Reinke held strong and closed the gap on Stewart when the leaders caught the back of the field on lap 5.

On lap 9, Reinke was within striking distance when a caution flew for the slowing machine of Todd King of Sheboygan Falls. On the restart, Balog executed a slide job to seize second from Reinke in turn four on lap With Stewart holding a half-straightaway lead on 13, Balog turned it on to close the gap quickly over the next 12 laps in heavy lapped traffic to move into position to challenge Stewart. Balog ducked low to pressure Stewart on a pair of occasions on lap 25 and 28, but he was unable to wrestle the lead away from Stewart.

On the final lap, Stewart moved to the middle of the track in turn three, which opened the door for Balog to slip underneath and steal the lead away in turn four. Reinke placed third, Thiel wound up fourth and Jake Blackhurst secured his first career IRA title by a seven-point margin over Thiel with a fifth-place finish after starting sixth. It is always a lot of fun racing with Tony. He is just an awesome racer and I think we all appreciate when he comes out and races with us.

Bill is an awesome driver. He is the type of driver who you can race wheel to wheel with for the entire race and never touch. That is what makes racing fun. Nick Petska of Spring Grove, Ill. On lap 5, seventh starter Jordan Mattson of Milwaukee ventured up to the high groove to seize fourth. Three laps later Mattson moved in to pressure third starter Chris Dodd of Trevor for third. As Petska, Zielski, Dodd and Mattson dueled in close quarters at the front of the field, heavy rain began to fall on the racing surface, which forced the race to be stopped on lap 15 with five laps remaining.

After a delay, the race resumed with Petska had to contend with Zielski, who applied heavy pressure beginning on lap On the final lap, Zielski moved high in turn three to power around Petska with Mattson and Dodd in tow.

With the top four competitors spread out four wide in a mad scramble to the finish line Zielski secured his first Wisconsin Wingless Sprint Car A-main victory of the season. On lap 4, C.

Malueg of Johnsburg, Ill. Heavy rain returned and forced the race to be halted on lap 10 with Heinert declared the winner. Malueg placed second, Neau was third, Tim Brannam wound up fourth and Ron Brannam rounded out the top five. The Plymouth Dirt Track Racing season will again feature weekly racing on most Saturday nights, including several special events.

DNF Todd King, DNF Bruce Waterworth, [10]; Cap Henry in a wet victory lane. There was nothing easy about the event, to say getting the show in was challenging would be an understatement.

The huge crowd braved frigid temperatures but rain, predicted to move in after 2: Before the sprint feature, the AELMT lap feature was halted at 28 laps due to relatively light but persistent rain.

Eventually, after much track prep by the Berlin track crew, the race was completed. Before the sprints could roll out, rain increased. Once again, the track crew went to work and the sprint car feature cars showed their determination to race by working the track for 31 laps. Not wanting to take time to refuel the cars, the feature was reduced to 20 laps from the scheduled Ryan Ruhl Coldwater, MI was overall fast qualifier overall.

Andrew Scheid was impressive, motoring around the high side of the track to finish 2 nd from his 7 th starting position. Dylan Westbrook Ohsweken Speedway sprint track champion, took the lead at the start of the feature from the pole with Ryan Ruhl right behind.

Westbrook gradually opened up a several car length lead while fifth starter Cap Henry worked his way up to 2 nd. As Westbrook was held up by heavy traffic, Henry was able to charge by him in turn 3 on lap 9. From there on, Henry was the class of the field taking a commanding lead while Westbrook did his best to hold on to 2 nd.

A lap 14 caution gave Westbrook a shot at Henry, but Henry maintained his mastery of the challenging track to cruise to the victory. Visit Berlin Raceway at www. Follow Berlin Raceway on Facebook at www. To learn more about Engine Pro, go to www. For more information about ARP, go to www. Follow SOD at www. For three of the those drivers it was business as usual in getting to victory lane, but for Hayden the win meant a little more. Hayden started on the pole of the lap bomber A-main and made that position stick for the duration of the race.

He would have plenty of company in chasing the win however as season points champion Jordan Almanza ended up right on his bumper late in the race. Early on in the race it was the No.

C98 of Chad Steinert that gave chase in the second spot. Almanza started seventh, but closed quickly on the front runners and was charged with fending off Josh Litton by lap five as Mark Smith and Andrew Pollock ran in a top-five spot.

By lap 10 it was Hayden having opened up a small gap on the field as Steinert ran second. Behind him it was Almanza and Smith that were door-to-door for the third spot followed by Pollock and David Wallen. Over the final few circuits, Hayden hit all of his marks and crossed the finish line on top.

Almanza would eventually take down the second spot ahead of Steinert, Smith and Pollock. Jadon Rogers led early on before Brandon Mattox and Brent Beauchamp got together in turn one while running in top-five spots. A string of cautions with a pair of red flags greatly slowed the pace of the early laps. Once the field re-took the green flag, Cockrum made the pass of Rogers and began to check out on the rest of the field.

Cockrum built a straightaway lead and worked traffic flawlessly to take the win over Jordan Kinser, who raced forward from a 16th-place starting position. Richie Lex came forward to get past Jay Humphrey Jr. Lex would take third ahead of James Walters and Humphrey. Shidler led Wes McClara for the duration of the race as the two started on the front row for the feature.

Josh Settles ran third for much of the race, but would settle for fifth as Justin Massie came forward to take third ahead of Chris Bennett. Sprint car feature 1. Sam Hafertepe and his track crew had the surface set for full-tilt, and it did not disappoint.

Fellow youngster Michael Day would line up outside front row after a strong run in his heat race. Marcus Thomas would line up third.

And yes, this is the same Marcus Thomas that earlier this season had experienced a very serious wreck at a sprint car race in Louisiana and has sat out the season recovering. As the feature event took the green flag, Michael Day bolted out to a strong lead with Marcus Thomas getting by Evans for second. Thomas would then track down Day and the two would swap the lead several times before Thomas would take the point cleanly around lap 7.

But about a half of a lap later, a car would get crossed up and the race went into yellow flag conditions. Without the lap being completed, the running order reverted back to the last completed lap. On the restart, Day would once again pace the field.

In no time, Thomas would continue his cat-and-mouse game and the two would swap the lead a few times more before Thomas would get completely clear of Day and jump out to a 5-car lead. The brief fire extinguished itself, with the driver A-OK, and the race quickly resumed. There were still 18 cars running on the restart and in only four laps the leaders were experiencing heavy lapped traffic. In the meantime, great runs through the field by Dale Wester and Chance McCrary would keep fans busy trying to keep up with all of the happenings.

During the high-speed lapped traffic game, Day would continue to catch Thomas as the field was shredding through lapped cars, and then things got real very quickly.

There was no need for a caution, as Thomas would cleanly and carefully get off the track, and Day would take the checkers first. Scott Evans performed brilliantly throughout the event, garnering his best-ever Sprint Car Bandits series finish, coming home in second. After experiencing a tight sprint car in his heat, young Chance McCrary would set a blistering pace throughout the event, coming from 17th to finish 6th.

And part of what makes the Sprint Car Bandits series different than many, is what happened immediately after the feature race.

As the top finishers of the feature race lined up in their customary Sprint Car Bandits style for driver awards and interviews, when Michael Day jumped out of his car in victory lane, in a true showing of sportsmanship, he skipped victory lane and walked directly into the infield, and walked right up to Marcus Thomas and apologized for getting into him in that heavy lapped traffic incident late in the race.

Day commented to the appreciative LoneStar fans: The Sprint Car Bandits series is cultivating a really strong group of drivers with a new attitude of racing hard, yet with the utmost respect for the sport itself. In a later press release we will divulge the details of those initiatives and roll out the season to everyone. Note that our existing rules package is going to remain essentially identical to the past three seasons. If you are a sprint car driver that is interested in learning more about our game plan and how you can become a series driver, I would highly suggest contacting one of the Sprint Car Bandits teams that raced last night for details.

Thank you again to everyone that supported this event and for LoneStar Speedway for giving the drivers such a fantastic facility to showcase their skills on. The checkers flew in the Sprint Car Bandits series feature last night at 9: We would like to thank the sponsors of the Sprint Car Bandits series: If your business is interested in getting involved with the SCB series, please contact dssm yahoo.

There are effective programs available for all sizes of budgets. A full compliment of quality LoneStar divisions will be on each racing card. Be watching for the Sprint Car Bandits series recap, which will include details about the 13 different winners — with age ranges spanning over 30 years. Blair became the Tour's first three-time winner of the season despite only competing in six of the 15 events. I love this whole Fall Classic deal.

I have to thank these guys for putting it on and all the fans for sticking it out- it's cold! You always look at the score board and I was wondering where Mike Pegher was. I seen he got into second there at the end and was just hoping for no more cautions because he's good at hitting those starts. I have to thank my dad- I couldn't do this without him, all my sponsors, along with Mike Leone and Vicki Emig for everything they do for crate racing around here. It sure is a lot of fun.

By lap four, Blair stretched out his lead, while Genco was trying to fend off Pennacchio and Pegher for runner-up. Blair increased his lead to a straightaway on lap seven when he caught lapped traffic, but would get a clear track when the provisional starters of Adam Ferri and Scott Dellahoy tangled.

When racing resumed on lap eight, Pegher passed Pennacchio for third, while Waters moved into the top five. Jeremy Wonderling would slow to bring out the caution with nine laps completed as his brother Brady had advanced from 16th to eighth. He would later get as high up as sixth before exiting the event.

A big melee took place in turn three on the ensuing restart that collected 11 cars including Damian Bidwell, Darrell Bossard, and Scott Gurdak; most just received minor damage and would restart at the tail. Back under green, Blair resumed his lead, while the big battle was taking place for fourth between Pennacchio and Waters. Waters found a nice line around the middle of the track and after a side-by-side battle for two laps, made the pass of Pennacchio stick coming off turn four on the 15th circuit.

The event's final caution took place with 15 laps scored when it was three-wide at the end of the frontstretch as Andy Proper was the meat in the sandwich and got squeezed as he slammed the wall hard. He was shaken, but okay. When racing resumed on lap 16, Pegher disposed of Genco for second, while Eric Wilson moved into the top five from 12th. Waters then went to work on Genco and drove around him on the outside on lap 20 for third.

As the final 10 laps went caution-free, Pegher was unable to get a chance alongside Blair as Blair went on to win his 21st career Sweeney Tour victory by a commanding 3. Waters had a strong run in third for the champion's fifth top five of the season. Genco held on to fourth, but was able to extend his points lead with just two events remaining. Wilson, a former Tour regular, made just his third start of the season and recorded his third top seven finish in fifth.

Canadian Sam Pennacchio was sixth in his first Tour start since May 22, at Merrittville Speedway when he finished ninth. After pitting on lap nine, Jeremy Wonderling was able to come all the way back to finish seventh to salvage his night. Paul Grigsby also was able to move forward going 20th to ninth in his first Tour start since last year's event. Despite going out 36th out of the 38 qualifiers on a daytime surface, Blair was still able to set fast time by just 0. Kyle Murray and Michael copped the last chance B mains.

The car field was the highest for the event since the "Fall Classic" that drew 45 cars. In his first Tour start in more than two years, Zach Wiech held off a hard by Wendell Pinckney to claim the final feature transfer spot in the second last chance B main, and was named the Dirt Defender "Defensive Drive of the Night" recipient.

The Brighton Speedway racer made the five-hour tow for his first ever RUSH race, but his night ended early in the opening heat race. The event was timed non-stop in 5: Ruhlman started second, but fell back to third on the start as Arnie Kent led the opening lap over Brian Woodhall.

It was three-wide in turn four on lap two with Woodhall moving to the lead. Lap three saw Ruhlman get under Kent for second. Ruhlman made the winning pass on lap four when he drove around Woodhall on the top of turn four. The top three of Ruhlman, Woodhall, and Kent pulled away from the field on lap six and by lap eight Ruhlman stretched out his advantage as Woodhall and Kent battled for second.

Woodhall slowed and exited the event on lap nine moving Kent back to second and Brad Blackshear up to third. Heat winner, Dave Hawkins, and his son Scott both used the outside to pass Blackshear for third and four on laps 14 and 15 respectively. For Dave Hawkins, his third was his best finish of the season eclipsing a pair of fourth place efforts back in May and June.

Scott Hawkins recorded his sixth top five of the season in fourth. Blackshear dropped to fifth. John Waters LeBarron 11 4. Eric Wilson 27W 6. Sam Pennacchio 7. Jeremy Wonderling 3J 8. Andy Michael 17x 9. Paul Grigsby 24 Scott Gurdak 5G Ward Schell 61s Kyle Murray 21 Steve LeBarron 29 Darrell Bossard Winans Andy Proper 17 Adam Ferri 66 Brady Wonderling Ralyea z1 Jamie Freeman 8 Khole Wanzer 01W Scott Dellahoy 27 DNQ for the feature: Wendell Pinckney 11 , Jason Harmon , D.

Arnie Kent 18 3. Dave Hawkins 27 4. Scott Hawkins 37 5. Brad Blackshear 19 6. Steve Cousins 56 7. Steve Pedley 21 8. Brian Woodhall 8B 9. September 28, — On a night when two all-time Sprint Car racing legends mounted spirited bids for victory, Scotty Thiel of Sheboygan held off both veteran drivers to stand tall at the end of the lap Interstate Racing Association Sprint Car Series event on night one of the Wisconsin Sprint Car Championships Friday, Sept.

On the drop of the green flag, Thiel shot high to power his way into the lead while Meyer tucked into second along the low groove. In the early going, Meyer patiently worked the low line to close the gap on the high-riding Thiel.

On lap 5, Meyer ducked under Thiel to seize the top spot in turn one on lap 6. However, Thiel battled back to slide underneath Meyer to regain the top spot in turn three before Meyer lost control and spun entering turn four to bring out the first caution of the race on lap 6.

As the leaders encountered lapped traffic on lap 9, Swindell, who was making his first-ever appearance at The Plymouth Dirt Track behind the wheel of the Sheboygan-based Thone Motorsports No.

Swindell pounced on lap 13 with a low move in turn two to gain the top spot. Three laps later, Swindell found himself mired in heavy lapped traffic, which allowed Thiel to recapture the lead in turn four on lap On the next lap, Swindell moved up to the outside lane to challenge for the top spot before tagging the frontstretch wall attempting to maneuver around Thiel.

From there, Thiel stayed planted to the low line, while Stewart pounded the cushion, en route to his fourth A-main victory of the IRA season. Stewart had to settle for second for the second straight race at Plymouth, Schultz placed third, McMullen wound up fourth and Mike Reinke of Howards Grove started and finished fifth.

We were trying to knock down the wall at the start of the race and it worked okay for a while. Then we got to racing with Sammy and the track just seemed to be too wide for us to run up there consistently and keep up a good pace. They always give percent to make the car the best it can be for every race. Now we have one night left tomorrow night back here at Plymouth and we have to go out and try to win that one too.

After finishing second for the second time in IRA competition at Plymouth in less than a month, Stewart was upbeat and complimentary of his fellow competitors. Schultz, who has fallen short of gaining an IRA A-main victory in , was dejected that he was not able to get his car to victory lane. It is weird to say finishing third is one of the highlights of our season, but it has been that kind of year. On lap 2, fifth starter Matt Vandevere of Zion, Ill.

On lap 15, Vandevere ventured up to the high groove in an attempt to challenge Hafford for the top spot, which left the door open for Cox to assume second on lap Cox then held on through turn four and back to the checkered flag to post his first Wisconsin Wingless Sprint Car A-main triumph of the campaign in the caution-free race. Hafford finished second, Petska was third, ninth starter Craig Campton of Pardeeville placed fourth and Chris Dodd of Trevor wound up fifth after starting fourth.

Isaac Chapple of Willow Branch, Ind. Thomas, who started right behind him in fourth place, vaulted into second on the first lap and used the middle groove to hound Chapple until Thomas was able to power by him on the outside in Turn 2 working lap Leary of Greenfield, Ind. Luckily he was unhurt.

Chapple held on for third. Chris Windom of St.

The journey for most will be long and treacherous, may take weeks, months or even years and may result in injury or casualties to the group. However, only those who are prepped, trained, have an up to date evacuation plan with a viable destination will be successful. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Race Results From Coast to Coast. Lucas Oil ESS Champion Wins $3, at Brockville over Jeff Cook and Jason Barney. By Tim Baltz. FONDA, NY – The Sprint Cars took to the speedway for 25 laps and to no surprise Steve Poirier would jump out into the .