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Granny dating in Czech Republic

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Granny dating in Czech Republic

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Granny dating in Czech Republic

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On December 16, , the Czech National Council adopted a new constitution establishing the Czech Republic as a parliamentary democracy. This document reflects the Western liberal tradition of political thought and incorporates many of the principles codified in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms , which was adopted by the former Czechoslovak Federal Assembly in January The constitution provides for a bicameral Parliament consisting of a Chamber of Deputies elected on a proportional basis for four-year terms and a Senate elected on a district basis for six-year terms.

Executive power is shared by the prime minister and the president. Directly elected by popular vote to a five-year term, the president, who is also the head of state, appoints a prime minister , who heads the government and advises the president on the appointment of other members of the government. The Czech Republic was formerly divided into 77 okresy districts. Local governments have the power to raise local taxes and are responsible for roads, utilities, public health , and schools.

Military courts are under the jurisdiction of the department of defense. During the s, the Czech government took steps to modify its legal system based on pre Austrian criminal code to meet standards set by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The electoral system is one of universal direct suffrage.

The withdrawal of Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia in mid coincided with the disbanding of the Warsaw Pact. At partition, apportioning military resources was one of the major tasks of the new Czech and Slovak defense ministries.

At the end of , the military had transformed itself from an organization dependent on conscription to an all-volunteer force.

To restructure the health care system inherited from the communist era, the Czech Republic sought to end state control of health services, create a system that would include privately administered facilities, and introduce a funding structure to underwrite the system.

By privatization had been accomplished and the number of privately administered health care facilities had increased tremendously. Poor economic and organizational handling of the restructuring, however, resulted in spiraling health care costs that initially proved difficult to address.

Despite the increased cost of health care, however, Czechs benefited from greater access to advanced medical technologies and procedures and enjoy a level of health care that compares favourably with that of other EU countries.

The overall level of social subsidies during the postcommunist era declined, although the government attempted to keep something of the social safety net intact. Beginning in the late s, the shortage of housing in the Czech Republic was a severe problem that was not adequately addressed until the start of the 21st century, when the housing situation, for the most part, stabilized. The growth of building societies within the Czech banking sector has played an important role in the increase in home construction and ownership.

Children aged 3 to 6 may attend state kindergartens. Compulsory education lasts 10 years, from age 6 to Most students 15 to 18 years of age continue their education either at a general secondary school, which prepares them for college or university studies, a vocational school, or a technical school.

Since many private and religious schools have been established. Enrollment in colleges and universities in the Czech Republic is low in comparison with other European countries, such as Poland, Austria , and Germany , which all have university enrollments at least twice as high. The leading institutions of higher education , providing four to five years of intensive study, have long-standing traditions.

Charles University founded and the Czech Technical University founded , both in Prague, are among the oldest universities in central Europe. Brno has two universities, and Olomouc has one. Research work is carried out at universities and at special research institutions affiliated with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The territory of the Czech Republic traditionally has been between the German and Slav lands, and Czech cultural traditions are a mixture of both. Influences from farther afield also have been strong. Visually the most striking influences are Italian—in Renaissance and Baroque architecture , for instance—while literature, music, the visual arts , and popular culture also are indebted to a variety of external influences.

Most of the Western cultural influences on the Czech Lands have passed through a German filter, and for this reason Czech traditions in popular culture are marked by a strong sense of national identity. In addition, most Czechs, including atheists, celebrate Christian holidays, including Easter and Christmas , which remain the oldest public holidays and were recognized even during the communist period.

The main celebration of the Christmas holiday is on Christmas Eve, when part of the family decorates the Christmas tree while the remainder prepares the Christmas meal, traditionally consisting of fish, preferably carp , purchased live from huge wooden tubs, erected in all Czech cities during the Christmas week along with tents selling Christmas trees.

Wine, produced locally in Moravia, is also popular. Czech literature can claim a remote ancestry in the vernacular writing connected with the mission sent to Moravia in ce by the Byzantine emperor Michael III. As Christianity reached the Slavs of Bohemia from the west under the political aegis of the Frankish empire, Prince Rostislav, the ruler of Great Moravia reigned — , sought help from the east.

The mission was led by an experienced scholar and diplomat, Cyril originally named Constantine , and his brother Methodius see Saints Cyril and Methodius. The most noteworthy literary monuments of this language now known as Old Church Slavonic are the Lives of the two brothers, which were almost certainly written before though they are preserved only in later copies.

The Old Church Slavonic language , used for a while along with Latin, fell out of use after , when the last Slavonic monastery in Bohemia was taken over by Benedictine monks. Writing in the Czech language emerged in the late 13th century, establishing a generally continuous tradition of vernacular literature. Chivalrous romances and chronicles, legends of the saints, love lyrics, satires, translations of the Bible, and religious prose were written in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The main repository, however, of highly developed literary Czech was the Kralice Bible, a comprehensive translation of the Bible published between and by the Unitas Fratrum Bohemian Brethren, or Moravian Brethren scholars and named for the small Moravian town where it was printed. It was mainly thanks to this single book that the Czech literary language was preserved during its suppression for two centuries until it was resuscitated during the national revival.

During the Counter-Reformation there was a serious decline in the social and administrative use of Czech, though the Baroque period brought fresh impulses to popular poetry and influenced both Roman Catholic and non-Catholic writers.

There was a renewed flowering of Czech literature during the 19th century commonly referred to as the Czech National Revival that started as a widespread cultural enterprise, manifested in translations, schools, poetry, newspapers, theatre, novels, and operas.

Later, the movement took on distinctly political overtones. For the Czechs to become full-fledged members of the 19th-century community of European nations, their history had to be constructed and their language rediscovered, reconstructed, and codified. Meanwhile, the Romantic literary movement of western Europe began to affect the emerging Czech literature.

In Bohemia the Romantic movement gave way in the s to a more descriptive and pragmatic approach to literature. Jan Neruda , in his poetry and short stories, domesticated literary sophistication within a familiar Prague framework. The making, and breaking, of the Czechoslovak state between the two world wars was reflected in its literature.

Before the destruction of Czech Jewry by the Nazis and the expulsion of the German minority at the end of the war, Bohemia and Moravia had a strong German literary tradition. Among the postwar generation of writers, Bohumil Hrabal became well-known for his haunting short stories. While Hrabal remained largely apolitical, after the majority of Czech writers became enthusiastic members of the Communist Party.

Communism had strong domestic roots and thrived as an ideology among intellectuals as well as organized workers, as communist propagandists successfully integrated strong doses of anti-German hatred with pan-Slavic solidarity and socialist visions of utopia. The Stalinist purges of the s and the uprisings of , however, discredited the party and gave birth to a reform movement. Before and after and the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact forces, Czech writers were at the forefront of the communist reform movement.

They paid a high price for their political commitment: The beginnings of modern theatrical tradition are usually connected with the Prague National Theatre, which was completed in and funded entirely by small private donations. During the 18th century, Bohemia produced a number of musicians and composers who greatly influenced musical styles throughout Europe.

Composer Johann Stamitz , the founder of the Mannheim school of symphonists, made key contributions to the development of Classical symphonic form and had a profound influence on Mozart.

During the 19th century, operatic and symphonic music retained its high place in Czech cultural life. Since World War II, Czech musicians have gained notice on the European jazz circuit, and jazz-rock keyboardist Jan Hamr Jan Hammer won international acclaim for his television and motion picture sound tracks. Traditional folk music continues to have wide appeal among Czechs.

Under communism, the medium of film was valued as a propaganda tool, and the state-supported Czechoslovak motion picture industry produced an average of 30 feature films annually. With the withdrawal of state sponsorship during the s, fewer than 20 films appeared each year. Despite the limitations imposed by a small market , Czech films and film directors have made their mark internationally, especially since the s. Many Czech films were conceived on a small scale, with a sharp focus on the everyday, common life of the people.

The architecture of the Czech Republic is rich and varied. Prague is especially noted for its wealth of building styles. George , which dates from the 10th century, and the twin-spired St. Notable buildings of the 20th century include those designed in the Cubist style; the first such building now houses the Museum of Czech Cubism.

The Czechs have a strong tradition in the graphic arts. This includes many forms of caricature: Since the 19th century, Czech painters and graphic artists have on the whole followed the broad European movements, but realism generally prevails.

In the applied arts, manufactured glass ornaments, traditional northern Bohemian costume jewelry, and toys are probably the best-known objects. Popular art has been preserved most often in useful ceramic and wood objects; embroideries and traditional costumes have come to be of less importance. The largest library is the National Library in Prague, created in by the merger of several older libraries.

Czechs enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including golf, canoeing, cycling, and hiking , as well as winter sports such as cross-country skiing , snowboarding, and ice hockey.

The former Czechoslovakia also produced world-class football soccer teams and finished second in the World Cup competition in and The Czech Republic made its Olympic debut at the Summer Games in Atlanta, though Czech athletes representing Bohemia and later Czechoslovakia had begun participating in The government owned all telephone, telegraph, television, and radio systems, and news was disseminated by the official Czechoslovak News Agency.

In the postcommunist years, with the abolition of censorship, the introduction of a free-market economy, and the advent of the Internet, dissemination of information changed radically.

During the s many new newspaper and book publishers came into existence, although, owing to unstable economic conditions, many of these enterprises were fairly short lived.

State control of radio and television broadcasting ended in The Czech Republic has several nationwide radio networks that broadcast news and cultural programs as well as a number of local radio stations. The nation has two state-run television networks. Independent commercial stations also operate, among them Nova Television and Prima Television.

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Local government The Czech Republic was formerly divided into 77 okresy districts. Political process The electoral system is one of universal direct suffrage.

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