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Good clean guy who likes to have safe sex

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Good clean guy who likes to have safe sex

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Good clean guy who likes to have safe sex

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Tell me if you would or wouldn't change anything about them. Looking for an attractive guy that has a job, his own truck, lives wex his own, and loves the outdoors.

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Getting accurate, comprehensive sex education can be really hard—especially for people who identify as LGBTQ. The short answer is YES: We break down the risks associated with different sex acts—and how to make them safer—below. Anal sex penetration of an anus by a penis is an especially high-risk activity for STIs because the anal tissue is very sensitive.

Friction during sex can create micro tears, which are easy entry points for infections. Use condoms and lube to help protect yourself and your partner. Lube reduces your STI risk and can make sex more pleasurable! We talk more about how to use lube and what kind might be right for you! Oral sex aka blow job, going down on, giving head. Oral sex puts you at risk for herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and to a much lesser extent HIV. Many people prefer flavored condoms for oral sex, since they taste better than non-flavored ones.

Stay away from flavored condoms for other kinds of sex though—they can lead to infections in some people because of the sugars. We talk more about using condoms for oral sex here. You can prevent this by not sharing toys, cleaning them before sharing, or using condoms on the toys just change the condom before your partner uses it. Keep in mind that not all sex toys are designed to be used in the anus.

Analingus aka rimming, or contact between the mouth and anus. Analingus puts you at risk for herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and to a much lesser extent HIV. To protect yourself and your partner, use a dental dam. This is a sheet of latex that you can put over the anus to create a barrier. You can get them at many drug stores, or make one from a condom by cutting off the tip and cutting it lengthwise.

While manual sex is a generally low risk activity, you can still get or spread herpes, HPV or pubic lice this way. Washing your hands thoroughly before and after manual sex goes a long way in preventing the spread of infections. To be extra safe, you can use latex gloves or finger condoms these are mini condoms you put on your finger, also called finger cots! In addition to using barrier methods and lube, you can make sex safer by getting regularly tested for STIs not just HIV.

Talk to your healthcare provider about how often you should get tested. Communicating openly and honestly about using condoms and when you were last tested will make having safer sex easier. We talk more about how to have this conversation here.

Your partner has the same responsibility to you. We talk more about enthusiastic consent here , here and here. Call for an appointment—no judgment, no charge. Topics range from nutrition to pregnancy prevention, and everything in between. This column is not intended to provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual, only general information for education purposes only. All comments are reviewed for approval before being posted.

Your email address will not be published. January 26, May 14, How exactly am I supposed to have safe sex as a gay guy? Is it as important to use condoms since obviously no one can get pregnant? Anal sex Anal sex penetration of an anus by a penis is an especially high-risk activity for STIs because the anal tissue is very sensitive.

Oral sex aka blow job, going down on, giving head Oral sex puts you at risk for herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and to a much lesser extent HIV. Analingus aka rimming, or contact between the mouth and anus Analingus puts you at risk for herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and to a much lesser extent HIV.

Manual sex aka a hand job, or fingering While manual sex is a generally low risk activity, you can still get or spread herpes, HPV or pubic lice this way. October 24, October 24, October 19, October 17, October 17, October 17, October 12, October 12, Leave a Reply Cancel reply All comments are reviewed for approval before being posted.

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A guy friend of mine says he played a game just to use me to make his x jealous and to get sex. I never had someone act like a gentlmen in privated messages for months and on a date, and be so passionate and aroused by sex with me then turn to ice a day later as if we just met.

We were childhood sweet hearts so this is shocking. What do you got to say about this case? All this talk of women keeping legs closed is given men a pass in being so horny that they got to lie and meniuplate women to get sex. My question is, why does he bother to text me at all? I wish you all the best. You know it only takes once….

I had a man just do the same thing to me. I am still hurting over it its been 6 weeks now. These men are hurting nice girls they should pick up a girl on the street or go to a bar…. I am in desperate need of advice. I am divorced for three years. And I just started to date recently. I met someone online and we went on three really fun dates. The 4th date was a lot of fun as well. I cooked this man dinner and he stayed over my house. He has been a gentleman, complementary, opens the car door for me when were out an all-around nice guy.

Neither one of us are dating other people. So after our fourth date he has gotten very distant. I have done so much reading prior to me even dating this man that I know that pulling away is an uncommon. I said happy Valentines Day to him, and he texted back ,same to you!!! We both have very full lives we both have children. So finally after three weeks of this going on with him being distant I sent him a text.

He texted back and said he has a lot going on. I do notunderstand what happened to us. I can honestly say that I am devastated. The feeling of rejection is so painful especially of her going through a divorce. So, how do I take it from here? Any advice mean the world to me. Keep yourself in check. What part of the responsibility? The part that you have control over: Oh, and that reminds me of the first thing I said: Why would I write about anything else if my interest is to help women get great results?

This website is for women who want to have great relationships with men. This things mean something. Hi, I find your website really useful and helping me understand love and relationship better. I have a boyfriend for nearly 3 years now. I showed my emotions again. The next day I calmed down and asked him for a talk.

When we talked I asked questions like if he would be back with his ex. He also said nothing can break their friendship apart and said this is something I have to live with it. He wanted to take a break to think through things as he said he is confused and asked me not to ask him any questions.

Or he still likes his ex? I have the urge to contact him and I am not sure if I should during this take a break period?

What do you see from this whole situation and what do you advice me to do? He texted me before for his hometown and texted when he landed. I have been dating a guy for 2 years and 4 months. What does it mean? I completely agree with what you are saying. Sometimes it feels like once we give it up to them, we lose any and all control and have to wait and see if they text or call us.. And to be honest with you, at some point they probably will because they still want something from us.

But the signs are not always clear or we always hold out hope: I recently have been hanging out with a guy who has been trying to hook up with me.

I finally kissed him and did some other things no sex and we barely talk anymore.. Sometimes men are just jerks. I met a guy. He called, he texted, and seemed to really like me. When we went out, he was a perfect gentleman. He opened the car and restaurant doors for me, he offered me his jacket when it got cold, he even held my hand as we walked. He told me all this stuff about how his goal was to make me laugh and how he wanted to be with me and every other sweet, yet very realistic, thing a man could say.

Then we had sex. Then the next day, nothing. So I casually reached out to him. For better or for worse, at least I got a decent lay and a few weeks of romance out of it.

And they make it impossible sometimes to know what they really want.. I agree honesty is the best policy… You should at least have the balls to tell someone how you feel afterwards.. He totally gave you the impression that he liked you and then was a complete jerk.. I could so relate to this.. Men honestly make me sick. If you only want sex, get a prostitute or even better, jerk off.

Why cant they have sexual morals? Why do they rape physically and emotionally? Because they can dear: D, there is no doubt in my mind xD, maybe you will even believe that we love you. Read your comment… did you have any reason for posting that other than to pick a fight and spew your bitterness, anger and negative energy into this page? Cupcake, I must agree with what this author is saying regarding having negative viewpoints about men.

You will only attract the shady ones, as healthy men can sense it and will run away. Have you ever heard of the confirmation bias? Have you ever challenged your beliefs? After all, the common denominator in all your relationships is you. I was once in a very abusive relationship. The man I was with was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He had strong, negative, beliefs about women.

Despite being faithful and trying to love this man, he was too damaged inside to accept love from another person. I quit school due to his extreme jealousy and constant accusations when I should have quit him.

It took three years before I was strong enough to leave him, despite the repeated abuse… It was his negative beliefs about women that destroyed the relationship ultimately. After leaving him, I spent many months blaming him for everything that he did to me and feeling sorry for myself. I learned how to quit repeating negative relationship patterns. Most importantly, I learned to love myself first. I have to say my guy has been upfront with me no strings attached. He knows I have feelings.

He is my best friend and I ended up and still am his rebound girl. I told him that I hate the feeling being used. My heart is caught. I was in a 20 year marriage not even 40 yet was a teen mom and for the first time I fell in love. Your anger at whoever blew you off after you slept with them is showing. Far too many women place far, far too much focus on getting into a relationship with someone before they bother ever knowing who someone even is.

The relationship is the state of your interactions between one another…and if that sucks, the problem lies with you. YOU and only you are accountable for the quality of your relationships — the quality of your interactions with other people. Your relationship begins when you meet. She said they knew each other for awhile before they started dating and had been dating for a month. Thank you, Professor Des. This is not an undergraduate communications course. Please tell me how can i admit her that my love is not for sex..

Make her feel comfortable. Be there for her when she needs you. Things like that really.. The guy I was interested in went M. A missing in action right after we had sex, and that was about 2 weeks ago. However, 2 days after we had sex I contacted him.

Several days later, I decided to message him online. After that, he went cold. But I guess… It just sucks. He texted me last week. Also, trust your gut instinct, if you think he is trying to avoid you , then why would you want to be in a relationship with someone like that?

I have tried many times telling him that I cannot just get in the mood when he does nothing at all to try to get me in the mood. Has he lost complete interest in me? Do I just not turn him on so I am just there for only him to have a piece of ass? Does he want to end our relationship and wants another girl? My boyfriend in the past has cheated on me and his other relationships as well.

Can someone please give me some advise? He appears to be quite selfish and your question boils down to is it you or is it him? In actuality, in spite of your attempts to express your feelings to him he continues to ignore it. YOU cannot change him and nothing you say or do is going to change him. Your choice is to stay with this guy and accept this is how he is, who he is, and enjoy a lacking in quality sex life, or break things off and raise your own bar. He clearly does not love you in any respect.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Get your man tested before engaging. Get to know him and maybe use a condom if possible. You will not regret. Can anybody please tell me your thoughts on this because it really is frustrating me! I work in the same place with this extremely good looking guy he is 33 he has a son and I am 20 he is very sweet,nice, friendly,we laugh a lot, always makes eye contact when we talk and initiates the conversation with me,he never fails to stop by to talk to me even if its a for a little and he compliments me sometimes…later on he smiles while I talk to him and he grabs my chin really soft…he has always told me that he respects me so much and if he ever needed anything or even talk I could always go to him not to be scared he will always be there for me..

He told me he wanted to go to the beach at night just to walk together etc Well he then invited me to his house to watch movies and I said yes: He is not married also and he is not he type of guy to ell everyone what happened between us I can assure you that. I really miss him and want a relationship with him: I feel so stupid for having sex w him cause after that he changed…he still is very nice but thats it..

What exactly are you bringing to the table? The last thing you are is clingy. I think Eric has not actually answered her question. I find it strange that a guy should withdraw after sex as it usually makes the couple feel closer. Withdrawal may be a psychological sign: I think when a guy acts in this manner, it means that there is something wrong in the relationship and therefore the girl should reconsider this relationship if she would like it to be more than a sexual relationship — it probably will not be.

No woman should put up with this unless it is what she wants i doubt how many women really want or accept this behaviour.

Keep up the good work. Thank you so much to the both of you! She has stated that she has given him space, no texts no calls and emails etc. What about communicating with him that will make him change for both their sake in the relationship without acting needy. What does he mean by acting needy and desperate? This is what Eric needs to point out in his article. Every guy is different, could he be one of the minority of men who will change regardless of whether she contacts him?

All THEY have to do is make the relationship work without sex. He will have to change his behavior FOR her once she communicates what she wants. Do you think that by no calls, texts, e-mails etc. Men should also change and respect her wishes if he really really cares for her to withhold sex for awhile.

What if the woman in writing did everything in her power to make him stay, but he still withdraws? Telling women to stop being obsessive and needy is unfair. The only way women will dig their way out of our male centered society and is to not succumb to their power trips and so called advice that is meant to keep you in your place… do you what you want ladies!

The men are doing it with their hearts. Instead of their entire being body to. Guys know women are after their heart and women know Alot of guys are after their body, so that is why they both are doing that.

How women often do it because guys gave used their body and threw away. But guys will do it with their heart before a woman has used it and threw away. Which leads me to believe Alot of men think they are can just have anything of a women and they can pick and choose what not to give bsck in return. Because these games, this is why people need to just reserve sex for marriage.

Because then if they mistreat u and use u, u can divorce them and they got to answer to the law about it. The reason his advice tells women what they are doing wrong is because his advice is for women. Most dating gurus take this approach. They can only change their own actions and do what may make a better outcome.

People always wait for others to change when the only person they can change is themselves or their choices. This is the approach I take when offering advice to both my male and female friends too. Luke, it cuts both ways. Im a woman and i like sex just as much as the guy so if im attracted to him and the passion is there we will probably have sex within the first 2 weeks of dating.

If the chemistry is there we will connect in other ways as well. I feel hes not taking advantage of me or using me for sex because we are BOTH getting something we want. People give sex way to much power. Its fun and feels good ladies…enjoy it! I really think the woman needs to have a clear understanding of what she is willing to tolerate after having sex with a guy. If him texting and calling on a regular basis is important to you then you should stop dealing with a guy who feels its not.

If i want to talk to you im calling you or texting. They like to feel wanted jus like we do but not stalked. Now if u call him and he never answers or responds thats what i call withdrawal its time to move on. When he does something I dont like I just cut him off. We are not in an exclusive relationship but we like each other a lot I think we are just too much alike.

When we r together whether its sex or just going out together it feels exclusive so thats all i need right now. There are certain lines he knows not to cross with me as do I with him because I have told him and he has told me. I like your attitude a lot. Thank you for teaching me. Then I saw your post… Have you ever heard of a book called The Fall? You my dear vixen are self deceived. Oh I am agreeing with you, Anony. As a woman, you can love sex and have it as soon as you want and as much as you want and that is attractive in some sense because its freeing..

So when you go around acting like sex with you isnt a big deal and you can do it just as much and just like any man, then you become like a man to him. And lets be honest, no man turns down some good sex. Does that make sense? A feminine creature values those intimate parts of herself and even though she I absolutely love being sensual and sexual and have a high sex drive, I dont forget about the fact that mens brains are wired differently. Therefore my womans brain idea of being free with sex because its awesome and im evolved, etc, doesnt match up with his male brains wiring which says..

Keep in mind, sex for a woman bonds them chemically to a man and this does not happen on the mans side. His brain seeks quantity as a way to express freedom, which in turn releases different chemicals in his brain that fuel feelings of masculinity.

So if you decide to have sex like a man.. Ok, Recently I have had a whole new realization about sex. I realized in my last dating escapade that I really should not be sleeping with a guy until we are in a commited relationship. The reason why is because yes, it does make me crazy when I like him and then we sleep together yet there is no commitment. It makes me upset and needy and probably does make him run off, which is somewhat understandable. But sometimes in truth the relationship is really not there yet.

I feel like girls are trying to hide all these feelings and play it cool, when of course we feel attached and close to them. We have given them something special and given everything we have got to them. I really just think its unfair. Not all girls want a commitment But for those that do, I feel that it is way too hard to have sex with a guy you care for, yet hang out in limbo playing it cool.

I really am sick of having sex waiting in the wings to see whether he is going to reject me or accept us. Sure, a lot of guys may not like that or get impatient, but forget that.

My new thing is, why should I compromise what I want to please them. For example, have sex with the guy, yet he is not even spending the night.

He doing what makes him comfortable. I just thing society dimished how powerful sex is. It is something that causes a lot of pain and hurt when not in the right context and before the right time. A REAL man will not run away after sex. Most of men of course want sex. If a man is interested in you but not in sex, you gonna be worry about it. Your comment really proves how women tend to just think about what men want. But women also naturally get attached to a guy when having sex, which is sort of contradictory to what guys feels, but equally important.

Of course women sometimes want just sex — no strings attached. Because even anatomically speaking, women experience orgasm in their brain, while men experience it through some nerves in the lower back. So men want sex as soon as possible — naturally — and women get attached very easily through sex, so they naturally feel the need to be in a relationship once they have sex.

Both men and women are entitled to do what is right for them. If women on the other hand will compromise on this one, they end up feeling used and hurt; they will lose some of their confidence in themselves and in men. If you really like a guy and he asks for sex, wait until you can see that he is as hooked as you are.

Hey, thanks for this, I really like what you wrote about accepting that we feel attached after being with a guy and not hating ourselves for it paraphrasing. Acceptance overall is good for both parties!

I think it starts with self acceptance. The man who, most likely, you already know is not really remotely available or ready to be a mate. I was talking to the guy for two years and everyone said he liked me. So I finally gave in and had sex with him. Like 5 minutes after he left he texted me. Later that day I told him I had straighten everything out, but I havent heard from him since. It has been three days since we have had sex, Ive texted him back the next day and he never responded.

Did I pretty much tell him to get lost or something? Or was he using me for sex? You slept with him. I call his bluff.

I do the strip tease with the lacy lingerie, waxed like a porn star. So, I take off my underwear. So we cuddle, and I try to reassure him that the whole thing was fun, because I enjoyed the time with him. When he finally contacted me it was a text to say he had a cold, but that would ask me out when he got better. It would just be nice for a guy to be upfront from the beginning. If a guy says he is looking for something serious then of course, we are going to react to that and want to nurture that possible relationship.

I had a guy literally tell me he was serious about me after our first date. If this site and advice is actually offered by a guy and not a clever female! That is astonishingly refreshing. Definitely keeping this on one my daily reads list. I broke up with my boyfriend going on our 5 year being together ,, we where apart for 11 months.

During that time which he lived with his back then girlfriend in her home and they worked in the same place of employment. He always call but I never answered because I knew he was living his girlfriend.

He would always drive by my house at al hours of the day to check on me. SEcretly he was paying my bills online. He had my information from when we where still dating. Eventaully we got cak together. Today we have been 7 years dating, engaged once and never got married. My question is will we ever actually get married?

My problem is almost the same as the problem of the girl above. It really open my eyes to a bunch of solutions for this complicated problem. I pretend everything is fine. This article was an eye-opener! How do you know if you and your partner are officially over and if he has already moved on… we got into a big disagreement and went a couple of days without speaking nor seeing each other but then I broke the silence and called him but now its back to silence with each other in almost a month,,, Are we really done..?

Think about it this way. This I believe is what he is speaking about. Recently I went out on a date with a guy I met online. This may sound awful but it was a huge turnoff for me.

Even though his actions said one thing his attitude and overall energy screamed doormat, pushhover and extremely desperate. People can perceive things about us even by the way we walk and carry ourselves. People pick up on vibes. I have to give it to Eric, that was some great advice. Sounds like she did everything right! Do guys have some sort of esp? If thats such a turn off how do we ever find a guy.

We are not perfect. How is that being a prize? I, mean were supposed to enjoy each other, right? Are we supposed to communicate telepathically or something? If a guy is not even thinking about a relationship, and he senses the girl is AT ALL, he will pull back. Thinking about it at all is considered obsessing. And a guy starts looking for those signs and getting fearful practically the minute he ejaculates.

Never ever ever equate sex and relationship in any way. For instance, I do not blow off my morning to spend it with the guy afterwards. That kind of stuff. But I like this approach because it takes the initiative, and just getting it out there is a relief for everybody.

I have a similar problem: I know a guy who likes me. You know, hot bath, wine, music, and shenanigans. How ridiculous is that?! Julia…your post cracked me up. The needy male bed buddy!

And you are the one who just wants sex. Thanks for making me laugh…even thru all my pain. OK now, why is knowing what you want equated with neediness? And he is needy?

Seriously, people, think of the notion of neediness again, cause from that point of view wanting a relationship looks like a terrible thing. From what I experienced and noticed around me, those who complain about neediness of others the most, usually have committment issues and get freaked out about completely normal behaviour of interested person.

Sign up for our free newsletter and get a free chapter of our book,"He's Not That Complicated". The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc. When a Guy Withdraws After Sex. Does anyone outside of a uni actually try this on? I went to church Methodist once in a while when I was a kid but my family was never all that religious.

A few days ago I attended my mother's friend's memorial and there I was, dabbing my eyes when some of those old hyms were sung. It wasn't just being at the funeral that got to me, it happens whenever I hear certain hymns. Some of the biggest stars in royalty were sexual predators and pedophiles. Most didn't even deny it. The Popes blessed them! Some even wrote songs about it! Henry III's first bride, innocent and virginal 13yo French girl Eleanor, had never met her year old husband before the day of the wedding.

She gave birth to her first son within three years, when still only 16, and had two more children before she was The relationship between American Muslims and the Democratic Party is often described as a marriage of convenience. One of the best illustrations of this was the appearance of Khizr and Ghazala Khan at the Democratic National Convention. The Khans, parents of a U. Khizr Khan was a political independent who supported Reagan twice.

But now the Khans were ardent Democrats. What choice did they have? Not even the parents of a war hero—the so-called good Muslims—were protected. As a result, more than three-quarters of Muslim voters cast their ballot for Clinton. Lisa Hartman was everywhere in the 80s with Tabatha, Knots Landing, a recording career, modeling, dating Paul Stanley, eventually settling down with Clint Black. Maggie Smith is the only one who comes to my mind Angela Lansbury and Judi Dench supposedly both had some work done.

New thread and as in previous threads anything can be discussed here figure skating wise. Just be nice and have fun. She seemed like she would continue to have singles on the radio, but she disappeared after her first couple albums. The handsomest and most influential male heartthrob ever on the screen, and yet we rarely discuss him.

He was almost certainly mostly gay, and yet that charlatan and sensationalist Kenneth Anger so twisted around so many influential and oft-quoted stories about Valentino in the first "Hollywood Babylon" book that it's hard now to know what's fact and what's fiction. What's the best and most accurate biography about him that won;t be padded with Kenneth Anger or Darwin Porter-style exaggerations?

I just bought a warm-mist humidifier. How long do you think it will take to moisten the air throughout my whole sq. Or will it ever get throughout all the house? It is sitting more or less in the center of the house and is on the high setting.

I was told moist air in the winter prevents electric shock when walking around and touching things. Also, has anyone experienced mold when using one? I was told that warm mist is less likely to cause mold than cool mist. Let me be the bell-ringing, banner-waving representative of generations of women who have been in the movie business and have gotten no recognition. Or should this slasher slash its wrists? Should they erase Laurie Strode's history as the biological sister of Michael Myers?

Or should Jamie Lee Curtis keep both chromosomes? This article will have spoilers for shows and movies that you should have already seen by now, so get over it. I moved out at 18, literally right after high school, and haven't had support from my family so I'm used to making it on my own and not relying on anyone. Not having a supportive family forced me to be independent early, but at the same time I feel like I'm way behind compared to other people my age. I'm in my early 20s, pay all my own bills and everything but still haven't finished college, I've only had one relationship and I'm really stupid when it comes to life skill stuff, so pretty immature in those ways.

Sometimes I have a hard time relating to people my own age since most of them either still live at home or their parents help them out a lot. I admit I'm a bit jealous tbh, especially when I can't miss work even if I'm sick while people I work with take the whole weekend off to go to a football game or something, so in that way I feel more mature and responsible than other people.

I just watched The Billionaire Boys Club and he looks like he wants to suck the cum out of Ansel Elgort's cock in every scene.

Not long ago, many clubs catered to enthusiastic leathermen. I finally got some Green Gorilla cbd oil. It was bucks for a small bottle which lasted two weeks with the way I was using it. I started sleeping soundly at night for the first time in years. It improves my overall mood and sense of well-being and I have GAD so it's a big improvement for me.

It seems to quiet my incessant brain chatter and short circuit my crippling anxiety. I ordered Charlotte's Web cbd oil and that's taking for fucking ever to get here. Almost two weeks since I ordered it and it's not here yet. I should have gotten expedited shipping. I can't believe I'm posting this on DL. Still love you bitches. I'm a die-hard Halloween fan and I want people to go see this. I felt like an 8 year old fangirl again, transported to the late 80s, watching part 1 in my bedroom and 4 in theaters both make up my favorite installments in the franchise.

Forgive the writing, I'm still too gleeful for words. David Gordon Green manages to creatively and beautifully thread together the best elements of the original and of the franchise as a whole including Zombie's what I consider "fanfiction remakes" , weaving together both a frightening and poignant homage-sequel-reboot that manages to use subtlety and ambiguity expertly in exploring the mythic Michael Myers and the evil that surrounds him with refreshingly new eyes a pun intended and revealed later in my short review.

Midway through our first encounter with Myers, it's as if something descends upon or is awakened within "the Shape", causing the atmosphere and those around him to buzz with a static and hair-raising foreboding.

It's an unsettlingly electric and effective sequence that, rather than explain any why's, simply allows the audience to experience and imagine the evil that permeates this man or person or thing? The guys are smoking hot. Rough and tumble, with a swarthily handsome look. On that "My American Gypsy Wedding" show, the guys are all sexy. Since they all get married at 16, I'm assuming that they are groomed to be straight.

But I have to wonder if they ever dabble with other guys? Are there any celebrities' family connections that you didn't know and was genuinely surprised of? I downloaded her Greatest Hits album last week and now I'm officially obsessed with her. But being a Euro Millennial I know practically nothing about her so you'll have to fill me in: Are there any of her movies worth checking out? And lesser known jewels hidden amongst her discography? What was she like in real life - nice or a crazy diva?

We taped their pictures to our walls, doodled their names on notebooks and imagined them as our future husbands, but these celebs are not the Hollywood hunks they once were.

Hollywood has been criticised for giving LGBT roles to straight actors and earlier this year Scarlett Johansson pulled out of playing a trans character following a backlash.

The Australian actress disagrees with the idea that a performer only really knows a character if they have shared experiences. When Scarlett Johansson was announced as the lead actor in a film about s Pittsburgh crime boss Dante "Tex" Gill, who was born Jean Gill, some said it showed the limited opportunities given to transgender actors.

Pointing to other actors who've played trans roles, Johansson said of her critics: Trace Lysette, who stars in the Amazon series Transparent, said it was representative of a wider problem in Hollywood.

Cisgender describes someone who is not transgender. It applies to an individual whose gender matches their "assigned" sex at birth. In her second statement announcing she'd no longer be playing the role, Johansson said she'd "learned a lot" from the trans community and was glad there had been a "larger conversation about diversity and representation in film". Sir Ian McKellen is an actor who's been critical of Hollywood's attitude to gay actors in the past.

He's pointed out that no openly gay man has ever won the Academy Award for best actor, but straight actors have taken home the prize for playing LGBT roles. In total, 52 straight people have been Oscar-nominated for playing gay characters, including Cate Blanchett for her portrayal in Carol. This new editor should have been strangled at birth.

She is going to be responsible for a lot of unemployment. Her choice of cover subjects is positively psychotic. Graydon Carter must be pissing himself laughing. Do any of the Datalounge tarot readers want to practice their skills and give me a reading? Viewers were immediately impressed with jeweller Ryan Cleary above , after he came out as bisexual to his co-stars during the first episode of Survival Of The Fittest. The show sees teams of five girls and five boys go head to head in an array of endurance-based challenges - whilst getting to know each other in the Savannah of South Africa.

Continue discussing the adventures of Gio and Tommy as they try and fail to conquer the world of television and entertainment! This clip includes many of Tommy's career highlights, including scenes from his now deleted YouTube channel The former American schoolteacher, who twice went to jail over her affair with a year-old student she later married and had children with, plead guilty in to two counts of felony second-degree rape of a child.

Letourneaou was 34, married, and had four children He's still dating a volatile Colombian named Victor. Responding on Twitter, Yizhar Hess, executive director of the Conservative movement in Israel asked rhetorically: A place with a profound Jewish flavor? Tomer Persico, a prominent Israeli scholar of religion, tweeted in response: An estimated 18 percent of American Jews are affiliated with the Conservative movement. My BF does this. He's already in his 30s, Italian, but he goes home at least three or four times.

Granted, Sunday is a given, since I get that it's his extended family day, but throughout the week he will drop whatever he is doing, answer all her calls, and go over to check up on her. In exchange, she gives him huge tupperwares of food and leftovers. I joked with him that I would go crazy if I had to see my mother that often, and he took offense and we got into a huge spat about this.

Personally, I don't think it's that healthy for a man to be so attached to family. He thinks I'm the flawed one. Under the "You are at home" plan, they would have received benefits if they applied for refugee status and stayed in the country's two southernmost states.

ARRIAGA, Mexico — Several thousand Central American migrants turned down a Mexican offer of benefits if they applied for refugee status and stayed in the country's two southernmost states, vowing to set out before dawn Saturday to continue their long trek toward the U.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced what he called the "You are at home" plan, offering shelter, medical attention, schooling and jobs to Central Americans in Chiapas and Oaxaca states if they applied, calling it a first step toward permanent refugee status.

Authorities said more than 1, had already applied for refugee status. But after one of the caravan's longest days of walking and hanging from passing trucks, the bulk of the migrants were boisterous Friday evening in their refusal to accept anything less than safe passage to the U. The first thread is full and we must keep discussing the sagging tits, prosthetic dicks and the looming AIDS epidemic.

Sister Act turns 25 today. I was 8 when this movie came out and I remember loving, I still some times watch it if TBS is rerunning it for the billionth time. The original screenplay was written for Bette Midler who eventually turned it down and later admitted to regretting doing so The screenplay was rewritten by various writers including Carrie Fisher Whoopi did not enjoy filming the movie due the constant rewrites.

Much of the script wasn't film-able when production started. Whoopi was so unhappy with the way Disney handled production she refused to promote the film.

Bill Nunn's character of Eddie was originally supposed to have a bigger role and be Dolores love interest but it was cut. Lauren Holly was originally considered for the role of Sr. Mary Robert but producers felt Wendy Makkena looked more innocent. Maggie Smith called the two films "pay the rent" work.

Kathy Najimy based the character of Sr. That made Goldberg the highest paid actress in Hollywood for a short period of time. Whoopi turned down a third movie several times throughout the 90s and early 00s. Is there anything worse than this one for deal dash? It goes through me like a knife. Will a Democrat be able to win the governorship? So they purged over , names most minorities. On the day of a horrific shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that claimed the lives of at least 11 people, some people wondered if President Donald Trump would go ahead with planned events for the day, including speaking at the Future Farmers of America Convention in Indianapolis and a rally in Illinois.

The elements apparently left his hair looking not exactly the way he likes it. Though he drew laughter from the crowd, many people found the joke to be in poor taste, given the circumstances. Her breezy adventuress heroines are great. I about to embark on Tangerine by Christine Mangan and am choosing another mystery.

Who else loves Disney? Who has been to gay days at Disney world? Do you collect any memorabilia? Not as great as some of the previous ones, but a new Lauren Bacall High Point coffee commercial has shown up. For this one let's call it "Lauren in Love" she's not working--she's out waiting for a date or something.

But to catalog the series we have: Lauren at Home "My favorite time of day is night" 2. Lauren on the way to the theatre as an audience member "Rushing for an 8 pm curtain" 3.

Lauren rehearsing a play "Around heah we don't like coffee we love it" 4. Lauren rehearsing a musical "Tension shows in your face" 5. Lauren writing "this page took four cups" 6.

Lauren in love link below. Plus the impressions by others where they reenact the commercial. Are there any others? Who is good at deconstructing these short film masterworks? Please help me feel guilty, so I won't eat the rest of the bag. I crave sweets and chocolate is my weakness, but I know the high fructose corn syrup is really bad for me. I have to admit that overuse of speakerphone is rampant.

Two coworkers are the absolute loudest in the office, and they sit next to each other. But even worse is that they both LOVE to use speakerphone.

These two have even had dueling conference calls on speakerphone that are so loud, the conversations intermingled. That and the biggest offender of the two will call people that sit fifteen feet away to talk to them, even though we're in one gigantic room.

So you get to hear him, the person he called speaking into their phone, and their voice coming out of his speakerphone. I don't think we've ever done the stylings of A.

Hays Town here, and yet you can get one for not much money! For me it was a cruise to the Bahamas. Couldn't wait to get off the ship to call it a ship of fools would be insulting to fools everywhere and when we did it was terrible weather, buggy, muggy, just awful. Found the whole place a tourist trap. Never so happy to get home. Several creatures underwent the procedure and shortly thereafter complained of unexpected side effects.

He was later physically restrained after he stole a scoop from the ice cream cart in an effort to scoop out his own brains. She was later saved by Jersey Police after throwing herself into the English Channel wearing a fashionable grey ensemble.

The unnamed father says his teenage son is now being bullied at Nixon-Smiley High School because his teacher told his girlfriend in front of a classroom full of students that he is gay and only using her as a cover. The father insists, however, that his son is straight. The father, who filed a complaint with the school district, has already had a meeting with the Nixon-Smiley principal and the accused teacher, who reportedly admitted to making the comments.

I stayed home from work today and am loving this new Netflix series. Kiernan Shipka is fantastic and Ross Lynch is adorable. Does anyone else think she doesn't deserve her reputation? Christine Barianski did seem ungrateful. If you've wondered what happened to some of the porn boys from the past, well it appears many of them went to prison.

Tell me about Red Lobster. I want to take my husband there for his birthday. Neither of us have been before.

How come you never really hear her talk about this movie? She was one of the three leads in a film that enjoys an increasingly solid reputation as a cult classic. Is she deliberately distancing herself from this schlock. We should have all been protesting in the streets that capitalist financial structures and policies made us lose all our money, jobs, savings. Instead Obama promised us everything will get better. Salaries stagnated while prices rose. The price of an education is going through the roof.

People are desperate to find another solution, so now they are turning rightward because of vacuous promises being made by the right wing.

Trump promised us jobs and cheap healthcare. Of course none of that will happen. Capitalism sent your jobs to cheaper places around the world. Are you happy with the city or town in which you currently live or do you have a more desirable place you want to move? These cuntrags are such fucking propaganda. Save the snark please Where would you take an adventurous, well-heeled diner for a milestone birthday celebration in Manhattan.

Style of cuisine doesn't matter but a true New York atmosphere does. In this version, Lizzie will be having an affair with the family maid played by DL fave Kristen Stewart. What do we think? A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a very nice young man at a gas station.

He was driving this beautiful, classic Mustang. The car had a Trump sticker, so I mentioned that I had actually expected to see a much older person exiting the car, due to the sticker, and because the car was so old, even though it was spotless and obviously well maintained.

So the kid started really talking to me. He told me that he himself, was a born again Christian. He told me that he found the Lord when he was a child, and that his grandparents had raised him, and he still lived with his grandmother. He went on to tell me that he was praying that God would put a man who truly followed the word of Christ, in the White House, and that he had faith that God would.

He said he would, and he then added: Christians in America have forgotten the values of their savior, and His teachings. Unfortunately, they have bought into a way that is not of Jesus, or of God. I have read the entire bible at least twice, so I know, as do they.

You are not supporting a man that Jesus would want as your president. Trump, and he would tell you all, to behold a man who is evil. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. Enjoyed the World Cup threads? Continue here for more footie talk as we return to club football. You get the drill. Matches, transfer intrigue, dressing room drama, etc.

The meaningless but lucrative summer games are winding down and we get down to the business of matches that matter. I've been reading all the old soap threads and wanted to start one that just lists the gossip I've heard about this show.

I'm gonna start a list. Lucci and SMG didn't get along 2. James Scott purposefully flirted with, and led on, a closeted Michael E. Knight to advance his screen time and story. James Kiberd and Kate Collins hated each other in real life 5. Michael Nader had a major drug problem towards the end of his time there. People still like to shop in actual brick and mortar places. Going to the mall is still a thing. So why is Sears in bankruptcy and JCPenney and other big name retailers in trouble?

Earlier Friday, authorities intercepted suspicious packages intended for Sen. This was the most awkward, cluttered, non-cohesive mess of a show! It as all over the map, from one of those painfully awkward interviews via satellite with a family who overcame some tragedy and the interviewees have nothing much to say , a rushed cooking segment with Carla Hall love her , a rap star guest at least that's what I think he was , and a very large fat dude with a high voice singing some song where the only lyric repeated over and over and over was something like "everybody feel good The bed I'm in now is a piece of shit and I wake up every morning with a back and neck ache.

So my new bed will surely be fabulous. But what if it's not? I have days to mull over it so there's that. But I've been dreaming of a new bed for years and my dream is finally coming true thanks to a small inheritance. I just hope it's the salve I've been praying not literally for for my screaming back and neck.

Very curious if some of you have died. It's alright if you have. I'd love to hear your experiences if you're comfortable enough to share them. Shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld enjoy a certain freedom that comes with being housed on HBO, pushing the boundaries with explicit sex scenes that will make the more reserved blush.

And while the final product looks seamless on screen, the road to get there can often be quite awkward and uncomfortable due to the level of intimacy and trust required to create these sensitive scenes. It's even more complicated when you consider that many of these sex scenes feature little to no direction and actors are often asked to just "go for it. In the wake of the MeToo movement, HBO is doing its part to foster a comfortable working environment for its actors as they perform these intimate scenes.

That's thanks to The Deuce actress Emily Meade, who advocated to bring in an intimacy coordinator to help facilitate her explicit love scenes on the retro series. Now, HBO requires intimacy coordinators for all their shows and films featuring sex scenes, Rolling Stone reports. The inclusion of an intimacy coordinator on the set of The Deuce has already been felt by Meade, who plays the porn star Lori.

In the spring, when the actress was instructed to simulate oral sex on screen, something she had never done before, the show's intimacy coordinator, Alicia Rodis, was on hand to alleviate any discomfort and act as a personal advocate, providing knee pads, mouth spray and flavored lubricant, and relaying any of her concerns with the director. Or tell a story with their movements? If your set doesn't have an intimacy coordinator, at best, you might not be able to tell the story you wanted to tell.

At worst, you have actors who are being physically assaulted. After consulting with a bevy of professionals, including sex workers and psychologists, and listening to harrowing stories from actors and crew, Rodis took these concerns to heart and has worked to improve the way that sex scenes are filmed. More than just ensuring that an actor is physically comfortable during a scene, Rodis works as the middle person between an actor and a director so that everyone is comfortable with what is being asked of the actors and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

And I'm also here for the producers, to make sure that they know they're doing their best to make sure the set is safe," added Rodis, who also acts as an intimacy coordinator on the set of Crashing, the Watchmen adaptation and upcoming Deadwood film.

Donald Trump is our president. Now, tell me we don't need this — that we don't have a culture that needs to still be changed. The culture has already begun to change, thanks to Rodis' work. HBO's policy to staff intimacy coordinators for all shows and films is a great step in the right direction, and The Deuce showrunner David Simon also already stated that he would never work without one again.

Hopefully more networks and producers will follow suit. I would suggest if the Dem's do somehow regain control of the House and Senate, now is the time to do away with the electoral college. It wouldn't be a bad idea to rid ourselves of the Senate too. The Senate is nothing more than a bridal to the House of Rep's.

After doing this then they should consider impeaching old hepatitis-skinned Trump. The weirdest thing just happened. I was at a gay bar and a mannish woman made a pass at me. I did not know what to do.

I ignored her, was i supposed to pretend she was a man? Any tool or service can be misused. We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can bring them back some day. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness! When I was a kid I heard others say stuff like "he's spoiled" occasionally.

I guess it was because I was an only child and the fact I had a major melt down inside a toy store because my mom didn't want to buy me a princess leia doll that I insisted she buy for me. Who do you think has licked a dick or two?

I recently woke up with it for the first time ever. I fell into the wall on the way to the bathroom then puked and had the most godawful spins til the Dramamine kicked in. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for Dramamine. My bff is a nurse and she told me to do the Epley maneuver and that shit works. I'm not sure why I had it but I've got some ideas based on what I've read. Don't have insurance so I didn't go to the doc. It's gone but I still can't move too fast.

Anyone else have it? I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Well, maybe that cunt Kim H from high school So many of you start multiple threads about your pill-popping, your pharmaceuticals, your drinking, your 'copious amounts of pot. I hate media depiction of junkies as a dramatic device in TV shows and films. I don't care at all about them. Tell me everything about Zeb Atlas. He past as a competitive bodybuilder, his enourmous proportions, his present as a porn actor and everything about him.

Ann Romano pretty much takes the cake for me - Franklin's inept performance and limited skills molded a cheesy character into something monstrous, false and endlessly irritating. I suppose there's something weirdly appropriate about the cheesy Romano being grating.

Special award points for anyone remembering him goes to the execrable Crazy Guggenheim Frank Fontaine turning up on Jackie Gleason. Now THAT was irritating. Some of the biggest stars in music are sexual predators and pedophiles. Most don't even deny it. Some even wrote songs about it. Beautiful neighborhoods and lots of museums, green space, and so forth.

Winter is a different story, but fall is something special. How come most of the alumni didn't go on to bigger and better things?

Its called EquaityMaine and they are very good. They raise tons and tons of money and have huge sponsorships. We have a "Equality Center" here in town and the people who run the organization are good people. But that said, the organization's chief message seems to be aimed only at youngish or the very fringe trans people. Many say they come here because our state healthcare covers their hormone therapy.

They hold massive events each year. One was last night called the Great Pumpkin Ball. Me and my girlfriend and another couple decided to go and bought tickets a month ago. They are not cheap. EqualityMaine likes to keep huge coffers. But as always, the event featured drag queens from Ru Paul's drag race and of course it was flowing with the celebratory trans community. Gays and lesbians also, but most gay events here, like our huge pride week celebration skews toward trans celebration and how that community has much more to overcome than the rest of us.

Im not complaining about trans people but about the fact that gay and lesbian people seem to get lost in all the work organizations like this do. We lesbians and gay men still have issues we are facing. We too need help with our small business or finding jobs or need family law help. But this organization which is funded so well because all of these big companies think they're helping the gay and lesbian communities around Maine, as well as trans, are really only funding local and state political campaigns and events focused solely on the trans community.

Is it wrong I'm sort of bitter over this? Who knows anything about them? I'd love to know how Brayden, Tom, Marc and Dawson make their living and anything about them. I need a little pick-me-up. My dating ratio is Guys keep playing me time and time again.. Last night I went out to a Halloween Party and I saw my ex with my other ex before him and they laughed at me.

I hate my life honestly. Shopping at Ikea or Costco. Ikea furniture is crap. I have never owned any of their furniture. Having sex with unemployed guys. Oh yes, dying your hair when it is pitch black and letting the roots show. Until she explained it to me, I didn't even know that such a hobby existed.

It seems strange, to write fiction based upon fiction, doesn't it? My co-worker is really nice, and I get along with her quite well, so I didn't want to be rude and ask her why she devotes so much time to her stories and her favorite 'ships. I'm surprised, but am also oddly fascinated, that people have time to care so deeply about television shows and characters.

Is my co-worker just plain crazy, or is this a popular hobby? The tragedy in Yemen is the result of foreign military intervention in the internal affairs of that country. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and millions more are at risk as starvation and cholera rage.

We are told that US foreign policy should reflect American values. So how can Washington support Saudi Arabia — a tyrannical state with one of the worst human rights record on earth — as it commits by what any measure is a genocide against the Yemeni people?

The UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs warned just last week that Yemen faces "the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of victims. I was going down a Bowie rabbit hole, and found this link. A video of a televised concert is at the bottom.

I can't believe how unprofessional, disjointed, and sloppy a performance it is, but that is what I think is great about it. It has some spontaneity, whereas something like that now would be produced and choreographed to within an inch of its life.

I had tickets to see him at the Cape Cod Coliseum shortly after this event was filmed -- it was in support of Diamond Dogs -- but they cancelled the show the morning of the performance because the stage wouldn't fit in the arena. That, of course, led me to be completely disappointed, wondering what kind of elaborate show I missed. Anyway, I thought this might be amusing for other Bowie fans out there.

I gave it up recently and feel great. I read that salt increases appetite and want to see if this is true. So far so good. I believe that television shows are not a forum for expressing personal religious, social or political views. However, I have not objected when fellow performers have worn red poppy to express their support for war veterans; that's their choice.

My choice is NOT to wear a poppy. Readers should know wearing a red poppy is no longer entirely voluntary. Those who began by offering poppys to performers now resort to extreme tactics in pursuit of their express goal of percent conformity.

When performers arrive, individuals who attempt to pin poppys on them accost them. A performer who declines may be accosted at the pre-show, again while waiting backstage and after the show. Offering these poppys to celebrities was, in my view, a benign and pro-social act. On the other hand, aggressively badgering performers to compel the wearing of poppys is no only demeaning to war veterans and to the desperate need of continued support, but an offense against personal freedom.

By attempting to force percent conformity, these activists are now attempting to make the red poppy a visible litmus test for separating those individuals who empathize with war veterans from those who do not.

This is a misguided and dangerous notion. First, it misguidedly politicizes human tragedy. These red poppys provide a means by which public figures can appear to make a 'politically correct' statement in favor of a cause they do not support.

Second, any attempt to force conformity to a single social agenda attacks the freedom of expression. The extreme activities that resort to harassment to compel actors and actresses to wear these poppys are practicing a '90s brand of McCarthyism — and their behavior is deplorable.

Our community was devastated by political extremists in the s and again became a target during the last presidential campaign. It surpasses belief that men and women in the entertainment field would resort to shameful practices that the enemies of artistic freedom have used against us. Sadly, it falls to some of us who ardently support war veterans and programs to resist these tactics by personal example.

Believe me, the easy way out would be to pin the poppy on and keep silent. But I won't, because I don't want these appalling tactics to succeed. I'm buying a gift. The giftee requested a book about the history of Sinn Fein. When I go to Google to look at reviews or recommendations it's just. Can any helpful DLers help me narrow the search by recommending a well-reviewed book about Sinn Fein or a niche website?

Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works. We don't really care. They do suck though. Our advice is that you should not click on the link and whatever you do, don't read their truly terrible articles.

Would anything be missed other than the Handmaid's Tale? What's a good style? I don't want anything too frilly or dainty that has spindly legs, no sectionals, and I don't want to spend too much. I'm not fond of all leather either except in a few cases. I just get the feeling this guy is gay or bisexual.

Well that and he drew a dick cumming on him on his instagram story A new dating show is coming to town and we can only hope it's going to be as refreshing as it sounds. While dating shows on TV are always drama filled and generally fun to watch, they also tend to focus almost exclusively on dating between straight people.

The Bi Life will be the title of the new dating show on E! Up until now, bisexual representation on dating shows has been rare — apart from the occasional bisexual contestant on mainstream dating shows.

Only a few modern dating shows have been centred around bisexual dating, an example being MTV's reality dating show A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, where both men and women competed to date the bisexual television personality.

Earlier this year Australia got its first bisexual dating show What's your Flava? New pilot based on an old idea by Gerry Anderson, produced by his son. Better off with wires? It's kind of strange to see them running about and making all those facial expressions The CW announced Tuesday that they cast Rose to play Batwoman in an upcoming series that will feature the first lesbian superhero in a lead role, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The year-old actor confirmed on Instagram, saying, "The Bat is out of the bag and I am beyond thrilled and honored.

I'm not a guy; I don't really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I'm somewhere in the middle, which — in my perfect imagination — is like having the best of both sexes. I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman. But then sometimes I'll put on a skirt — like today. When was the last decade that had SO MANY successful singer-songwriter chicks on the charts that didn't have to take their clothes off to get attention?

There was a huge feminist resurgence in the s. I still remember Paula Cole's hairy armpits performing at the Grammys. A teacher from California who is the wife of a US Army Lt Col has been arrested and charged with incest after a pupil recognized the teacher as appearing in a video on a porn website.

The student noticed the youngster in the clip as being a classmate and as underage female family member. The teacher, who is a mother-of-two, Dawn Giannini, 49, from Palo Alto remains in custody while the investigation continues. They then alerted the school's principal, who called police, which resulted in Giannini's arrest. What's the deal on them? Anyone on here worked behind the scenes in the porn industry?

Love to hear from you. Why is it so unfriendly and cliquish? I feel like I'm back in high school since I've started working there. Anyone else have similar experiences? Like a fascist, they are all excited like I can help you here! This has happened three times in just a few weeks so this time I just started yelling at them and making a scene. I can wait for fucking 20 seconds. I am not gonna be dead in the next few minutes.

This white cuntfrau in front of me was all shocked. So I just glared at her. When the young lil immigrant served me I told him: I will not be civil when they are never to me. He was all apologetic, like I give a fuck what he thinks. I have decided to always treat them like the lepers they are.

Feel free to discuss other British shows besides murder mysteries. Phew, for a minute there I thought he might have been posing for a selfie when he fell. Now that would have been stupid. Oh, wait a minute. I just found out I have tongue cancer. They will have to remove almost half my tongue, and reconstruct it using an artery from my forearm, and a skin graft from my leg.

I will have to breath through a tracheotomy for a few weeks, and eat through a feeing tube in my chest for at least 45 days.

I may or may need need radiation. I will be in the hospital for five days. Fortunately, my insurance will cover all but the deductible, and the success rate is high. I do not have anyone who is dependent on me, do not have many close friends, and my presence is really not required here.

I hate to burst everyone's bubble including my own, but Trumps support from Deplorables and Republicans has been steadily going up. Democrats are notorious for bitching about things all years but then not showing up to the polls during the midterms.

Repugs are avid voters and get in line when push comes to shove. I have yet to talk to anyone who voted for Trump to say they regret it. The ones I know feel he is being picked on and have turned him into the under dog in their mind. They are even more revved up to support him then they did during the campaign.

It was actually a tribute to Robert Guillaume. His crime is especially heinous because he killed his two daughters, and unborn son, but killing the pregnant wife is equally heinous. You know the type. They usually play girlfriend number 2, in a minor but not insignificant speaking role. Long legs, a flat ass and very small tits were a must.

Anyone else puzzled by the PG13 rating? Mercury's life was pretty much "R" rated. Does the film leave things out? I'm still down to see it. Does the state that gave us 'Jersey Shore' and The Giudice troglodytes have any redeeming qualities?

Jessica Williams, the former Daily Show correspondent who's gone on to become a leading lady and one of the podcast-to-TV phenoms in 2 Dope Queens, has signed on to lend her talents to Hulu's adaptation of Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hulu announced Friday that Williams will play Jess, a communications director for a New York senatorial campaign, who throws up the deuces to her life in New York after getting an invitation to a wedding in London. She goes to travel in the U.

The series is based on the rom-com starring Hugh Grant but will look a bit different: Can you believe it's been twenty years since April when Gap launched its most successful campaign to date? That's right, it's been twenty years since the "Khakis Swing", "Khakis Rock" and "Khakis Groove" commercials were first aired, creating an instant demand for khaki pants of all sorts for a wide array of people. While Gap had earlier Khakis campaigns like "Who Wore Khakis" in and a Work Wear push in , it wasn't until the April wave of new Khakis television commercials sent sales skyrocketing!

Whether for work, dancing or even skateboarding, khakis were made fro everyone and Gap was the Khakis Destination. He has the same Kennedy exhibitionist gene Patrick Schwarzenegger has. As well as the late John John. Did any Brits watch the Windsor Wedding Special? I can't find it uploaded on any sites yet, but I want to watch it.

Is this anti-trans terror organization even on their radar, or is the keyword search on their social media just set to "lesbians? We know MTFs generally respond with violence against bio women for stating they do not want to date trans women or give up their safe spaces to biological men.

Very interested to hear a credible responses from the transgender community on this board about Mr. Carnes began writing material for Voyeur while touring her previous album Mistaken Identity Voyeur is a synthpop album which Carnes described as "more consistent" than its predecessor.

It received mixed reviews, with some critics in favour of the album while others remarked that it failed to live up to the standard of Mistaken Identity. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic retrospectively gave the album two out of five stars, stating that "the problem with success is following it.

He opined that the album followed the same formula as Mistaken Identity, stating that it is hard to say why Voyeur did not achieve more than it did. I was recently diagnosed it in my shoulder and upper arm and I am loath to take Motrin due to stomach side effects and I don't want the moon face from methylpred. Any of you crumbling old statues have any herbals that worked for you?

At least his father is around and the kid's not leeching off the welfare system, right? He never wanted to be categorized or labeled. Whatever he was should have been okay. He is for me. Over 35 million people have died of AIDS. So as much as this is a very entertaining, emotional, celebratory film, it has an impact in so many different ways. Malek recently spoke about his physical transformation into Mercury: And said he had to shoot the Live Aid Wembley stadium concert on the first day: It seems like the Kavanaugh fight is energizing that rapid, demonic and despicable base.

I would HOPE that liberals would be ready to vote anyway because of Trump, but if Kavanaugh gets confirmed this should put us over the edge. Based on new polls though, the races look a lot tighter now. White Americans especially older are truly a messed up people in general. Between religion and bigotry, we're going backwards.

I feel like more liberals are out there but they're too lazy and apathetic to vote. Hopefully midterms give us a change but I'm not hopeful anymore. After losing my copies of all of the monthly Gap In-Store Playlists from to , I thought it was hopeless to even dream about reacquiring them.

It took over a year for someone to contact me, but when he did, it was because of the thread at the DL. Later another guy saw the thread on the DL, and he shared with me another 25 playlists. So, as you can see, the DataLounge has helped me immensely in getting closer to my goal of reacquiring all of the Gap In-Store Playlists from when I worked there from to Gay men are the sort who would save the monthly playlists form when they worked at Gap.

Therefore, I'm asking again: If you know someone who saved the playlists, please show them this thread. Read the first page of the blog if you have any questions about my quest. My email address is on every page of the blog. Thanks to those who have helped, and looking forward to receiving more Gap In-Store Playlists to share with everyone! I love her work but was reminded of this wonderful speech she made on the day marriage equality was passed Real-life stories that end in tragedy are tricky things to adapt, with all sorts of issues about which the filmmakers must be careful.

Niels Arden Oplev and the team behind Daniel are making sure they get the elements right, and have added Toby Kebbell to play ill-fated journalist James Wright Foley. The story itself follows Danish photographer Daniel Rye to be played in the film by Esben Smed , who is captured while working in Syria and held hostage with other 23 others, including Foley, by ISIS for days.

While Rye was able to escape, Foley was infamously beheaded on a YouTube video posted by the militant group. There's no UK release date on the books yet. Kebbell will be seen in Destroyer, out on 25 January and has been at work on comics adaptation Bloodshot.

Not trying to rub salt in the wounds of decent Amercican's, just the violent, disgusting Trump deplorable's. I had a woman, every now and then, once in a while when I was a kid but my family was never all that into the heterosex.

You don't have to date a guy for six months to get the lowdown on who he really is. But "you better like what you see, because he's probably not great with " He needs time to come out of his shell," says sex expert Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, author of Naughty Secrets. . Slow talkers 55 typically play it safe. How many times a week it's safe to douche, and other advice by a San But to be real, no one wants to leave a crime scene on their partner. There isn't much research on regular anal douching before sex but we do know some things. Below Using the right type of liquid to clean out your butt is important. It may be 'safer sex' than unprotected genital sex in that you won't get If oral sex includes licking or touching your partner's anus, even if it looks clean, you may be at Like any sex, the best ways to reduce the risks of oral sex are to For oral sex on a woman, or when performing anilingus on a man or a.