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The practice of infanticide has taken many forms over time. Child sacrifice to supernatural figures or forces, such as that believed to have been practiced in ancient Carthage , may be only the most notorious example in the ancient world.

A frequent method of infanticide in ancient Europe and Asia was simply to abandon the infant , leaving it to die by exposure i. In at least one island in Oceania , infanticide was carried out until the 20th century by suffocating the infant, [6] while in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica and in the Inca Empire it was carried out by sacrifice see below.

Many Neolithic groups routinely resorted to infanticide in order to control their numbers so that their lands could support them. Taung child skull that had been traumatized, has been proposed cannibalism by Raymond A.

Archaeologists have uncovered physical evidence of child sacrifice at several locations. Three thousand bones of young children, with evidence of sacrificial rituals, have been found in Sardinia. Pelasgians offered a sacrifice of every tenth child during difficult times. Syrians sacrificed children to Jupiter and Juno. Many remains of children have been found in Gezer excavations with signs of sacrifice.

Child skeletons with the marks of sacrifice have been found also in Egypt dating — BCE. In Egyptian households, at all social levels, children of both sexes were valued and there is no evidence of infanticide. Instances of cannibalism are recorded during these periods but it is unknown if this happened during the pharaonic era of Ancient Egypt. According to Shelby Brown, Carthaginians , descendants of the Phoenicians , sacrificed infants to their gods. One such area harbored as many as 20, burial urns.

The Hebrew Bible also mentions what appears to be child sacrifice practiced at a place called the Tophet from the Hebrew taph or toph , to burn by the Canaanites. Writing in the 3rd century BCE, Kleitarchos , one of the historians of Alexander the Great , described that the infants rolled into the flaming pit.

Diodorus Siculus wrote that babies were roasted to death inside the burning pit of the god Baal Hamon , a bronze statue. The historical Greeks considered the practice of adult and child sacrifice barbarous , [26] however, the exposure of newborns was widely practiced in ancient Greece , it was even advocated by Aristotle in the case of congenital deformity — "As to the exposure of children, let there be a law that no deformed child shall live.

Families did not always keep their new child. After a woman had a baby, she would show it to her husband. If the husband accepted it, it would live, but if he refused it, it would die.

Babies would often be rejected if they were illegitimate, unhealthy or deformed, the wrong sex, or too great a burden on the family. These babies would not be directly killed, but put in a clay pot or jar and deserted outside the front door or on the roadway. In ancient Greek religion, this practice took the responsibility away from the parents because the child would die of natural causes, for example hunger, asphyxiation or exposure to the elements.

The practice was prevalent in ancient Rome , as well. Philo was the first philosopher to speak out against it. In some periods of Roman history it was traditional for a newborn to be brought to the pater familias , the family patriarch , who would then decide whether the child was to be kept and raised, or left to die by exposure. The concurrent practices of slavery and infanticide contributed to the "background noise" of the crises during the Republic. Infanticide became a capital offense in Roman law in AD , but offenders were rarely if ever prosecuted.

According to mythology, Romulus and Remus , twin infant sons of the war god Mars , survived near-infanticide after being tossed into the Tiber River. According to the myth, they were raised by wolves, and later founded the city of Rome.

Judaism prohibits infanticide, and has for some time, dating back to at least early Common Era. Roman historians wrote about the ideas and customs of other peoples, which often diverged from their own. Tacitus recorded that the Jews "regard it as a crime to kill any late-born children". In his book Germania , Tacitus wrote that the ancient Germanic tribes enforced a similar prohibition.

He found such mores remarkable and commented: John Boswell believed that in ancient Germanic tribes unwanted children were exposed, usually in the forest. In his highly influential Pre-historic Times , John Lubbock described burnt bones indicating the practice of child sacrifice in pagan Britain.

The last canto, Marjatan poika Son of Marjatta , of Finnish national epic Kalevala describes an assumed infanticide. However, this provision — like other concessions made at the time to the Pagans — was abolished some years later. The Teachings of the Apostles or Didache said "thou shalt not kill a child by abortion , neither shalt thou slay it when born". The Council of Constantinople declared that infanticide was homicide, and in AD , the Third Council of Toledo took measures against the custom of killing their own children.

Whereas theologians and clerics preached sparing their lives, newborn abandonment continued as registered in both the literature record and in legal documents. Langer , exposure in the Middle Ages "was practiced on gigantic scale with absolute impunity, noticed by writers with most frigid indifference".

However, it also conjectured that the notion of "rampant" infanticide is a myth pushed by modern historians inferring from lack of particular records, and "there is absolutely no evidence to support such carnage.

Unlike other European regions, in the Middle Ages the German mother had the right to expose the newborn. In the High Middle Ages, abandoning unwanted children finally eclipsed infanticide. This practice also gave rise to the first orphanages. However, very high sex ratios were common in even late medieval Europe, which may indicate sex-selective infanticide.

Some Muslim sources allege that pre-Islamic Arabian society practiced infanticide as a form of "post-partum birth control". Some authors believe that there is little evidence that infanticide was prevalent in pre-Islamic Arabia or early Muslim history , except for the case of the Tamim tribe , who practiced it during severe famine according to Islamic sources.

Infanticide is explicitly prohibited by the Qur'an. Infanticide may have been practiced as human sacrifice, as part of the pagan cult of Perun. Ibn Fadlan describes sacrificial practices at the time of his trip to Kiev Rus present day Ukraine in —, and describes an incident of a woman voluntarily sacrificing her life as part of a funeral rite for a prominent leader, but makes no mention of infanticide.

In Kamchatka , babies were killed and thrown to the dogs. One of a pair of twins was always sacrificed. The Svans killed newborn females by filling their mouths with hot ashes. Infanticide as a crime gained both popular and bureaucratic significance in Victorian Britain.

By the mid 19th century , in the context of criminal lunacy and the insanity defence , killing one's own child ren attracted ferocious debate, as the role of women in society was defined by motherhood, and it was thought that any woman who murdered her own child was by definition insane and could not be held responsible for her actions. Several cases were subsequently highlighted during the Royal Commission on Capital Punishment , as a particular felony where an effective avoidance of the death penalty had informally begun.

The New Poor Law Act of ended parish relief for unmarried mothers and allowed fathers of illegitimate children to avoid paying for "child support".

By the middle of the century infanticide was common for social reasons, such as illegitimacy, and the introduction of child life insurance additionally encouraged some women to kill their children for gain. Examples are Mary Ann Cotton , who murdered many of her 15 children as well as 3 husbands, Margaret Waters , the 'Brixton Baby Farmer', a professional baby-farmer who was found guilty of infanticide in , Jessie King hanged in , Amelia Dyer , the 'Angel Maker', who murdered over babies in her care, and Ada Chard-Williams , a baby farmer who was later hanged at Newgate prison.

The Times reported that 67 infants were murdered in London in and more recorded as "found dead", many of which were found on the streets. Another were suffocated, half of them not recorded as accidental deaths. The report noted that "infancy in London has to creep into life in the midst of foes.

Recording a birth as a still-birth was also another way of concealing infanticide because still-births did not need to be registered until and they did not need to be buried in public cemeteries.

There are a large number of cases of what are called newly-born children, which are found all over England, more especially in London and large towns, abandoned in streets, rivers, on commons, and so on. It is a very common thing, also, to find that they bash their heads on the floor and break their skulls.

The last British woman to be executed for infanticide of her own child was Rebecca Smith , who was hanged in Wiltshire in The Infant Life Protection Act of required local authorities to be notified within 48 hours of changes in custody or the death of children under seven years. Short of execution, the harshest penalties were imposed on practitioners of infanticide by the legal codes of the Qin dynasty and Han dynasty of ancient China.

Marco Polo , the explorer, saw newborns exposed in Manzi. Philosopher Han Fei Tzu , a member of the ruling aristocracy of the 3rd century BC, who developed a school of law, wrote: Infanticide was known in China as early as the 3rd century BC, and, by the time of the Song dynasty — AD , it was widespread in some provinces. Buddhist belief in transmigration allowed poor residents of the country to kill their newborn children if they felt unable to care for them, hoping that they would be reborn in better circumstances.

Furthermore, some Chinese did not consider newborn children fully "human", and saw "life" beginning at some point after the sixth month after birth. Contemporary writers from the Song dynasty note that, in Hubei and Fujian provinces, residents would only keep three sons and two daughters among poor farmers, two sons and one daughter , and kill all babies beyond that number at birth.

By the time of the Ming Dynasty, however — , male infanticide was becoming increasingly uncommon. The prevalence of female infanticide remained high much longer. The magnitude of this practice is subject to some dispute; however, one commonly quoted estimate is that, by late Qing , between one fifth and one quarter of all newborn girls, across the entire social spectrum, were victims of infanticide.

If one includes excess mortality among female children under 10 ascribed to gender-differential neglect , the share of victims rises to one third. Scottish Physician John Dudgeon , who worked in Beijing , China, during the Qing Dynasty said that in China, "Infanticide does not prevail to the extent so generally believed among us, and in the north it does not exist at all.

Gender-selected abortion, abandonment, and infanticide are illegal in present-day China. Nevertheless, the US State Department , [73] and the human rights organization Amnesty International [74] have all declared that China's family planning programs, called the one child policy , contribute to infanticide.

A typical method in Japan was smothering through wet paper on the baby's mouth and nose. Farmers would often kill their second or third sons. Daughters were usually spared, as they could be married off, sold off as servants or prostitutes, or sent off to become geishas. Female infanticide of newborn girls was systematic in feudatory Rajputs in South Asia for illegitimate female children during the Middle Ages.

According to Firishta , as soon as the illegitimate female child was born she was held "in one hand, and a knife in the other, that any person who wanted a wife might take her now, otherwise she was immediately put to death". It was not uncommon that parents threw a child to the sharks in the Ganges River as a sacrificial offering. The British colonists were unable to outlaw the custom until the beginnings of the 19th century. According to social activists, female infanticide has remained a problem in India into the 21st century, with both NGOs and the government conducting awareness campaigns to combat it.

In some African societies some neonates were killed because of beliefs in evil omens or because they were considered unlucky. Twins were usually put to death in Arebo; as well as by the Nama people of South West Africa ; in the Lake Victoria Nyanza region; by the Tswana in Portuguese East Africa ; in some parts of Igboland , Nigeria twins were sometimes abandoned in a forest at birth as depicted in Things Fall Apart , oftentimes one twin was killed or hidden by midwives of wealthier mothers; and by the!

Kung people of the Kalahari Desert. Infanticide is rooted in the old traditions and beliefs prevailing all over the country. The pressure being much higher in the rural areas, with every second mother being forced out of three. Literature suggests infanticide may have occurred reasonably commonly among Indigenous Australians, in all areas of Australia prior to European settlement.

Infanticide may have continued to occur quite often up until the s. An issue of The Australian News for Home Readers informed readers that "the crime of infanticide is so prevalent amongst the natives that it is rare to see an infant".

Author Susanna de Vries in told a newspaper that her accounts of Aboriginal violence, including infanticide, were censored by publishers in the s and s. She told reporters that the censorship "stemmed from guilt over the stolen children question".

According to William D. James Dawson wrote a passage about infanticide among Indigenous people in the western district of Victoria, which stated that "Twins are as common among them as among Europeans; but as food is occasionally very scarce, and a large family troublesome to move about, it is lawful and customary to destroy the weakest twin child, irrespective of sex.

It is usual also to destroy those which are malformed. He also wrote "When a woman has children too rapidly for the convenience and necessities of the parents, she makes up her mind to let one be killed, and consults with her husband which it is to be. As the strength of a tribe depends more on males than females, the girls are generally sacrificed. The child is put to death and buried, or burned without ceremony; not, however, by its father or mother, but by relatives. No one wears mourning for it.

Sickly children are never killed on account of their bad health, and are allowed to die naturally. In , a reverend in the Kimberley offered a "baby bonus" to Aboriginal families as a deterrent against infanticide and to increase the birthrate of the local Indigenous population.

Ailing babies, too would not be kept" he wrote. A bishop wrote in that it was common for Aboriginal Australians to restrict the size of their tribal groups, including by infanticide, so that the food resources of the tribal area may be sufficient for them. Annette Hamilton, a professor of anthropology at Macquarie University who carried out research in the Aboriginal community of Maningrida in Arnhem Land during the s wrote that prior to that time part-European babies born to Aboriginal mothers had not been allowed to live, and that 'mixed-unions are frowned on by men and women alike as a matter of principle'.

There is no agreement about the actual estimates of the frequency of newborn female infanticide in the Inuit population. Polar Inuit Inughuit killed the child by throwing him or her into the sea. The Yukon and the Mahlemuit tribes of Alaska exposed the female newborns by first stuffing their mouths with grass before leaving them to die. Female Inuit infanticide disappeared in the s and s after contact with the Western cultures from the South.

In the Eastern Shoshone there was a scarcity of Indian women as a result of female infanticide. Wives had to be obtained from neighboring groups. Although academic data of infanticides among the indigenous people in South America is not as abundant as that of North America, the estimates seem to be similar.

If the rule was broken infanticide was practiced. Infanticide is also documented in the case of the Korubo people in the Amazon. The Yanomami men killed children while raiding enemy villages. I was weeping for fear and for pity but there was nothing I could do.

They snatched the children from their mothers to kill them, while the others held the mothers tightly by the arms and wrists as they stood up in a line. All the women wept. The men began to kill the children; little ones, bigger ones, they killed many of them.

While qhapaq hucha was practiced in the Peruvian large cities, child sacrifice in the pre-Columbian tribes of the region is less documented. However, even today studies on the Aymara Indians reveal high incidences of mortality among the newborn, especially female deaths, suggesting infanticide.

The Machigenga killed their disabled children. Infanticide has become less common in the Western world. The frequency has been estimated to be 1 in approximately to children of all ages [] and 2. Recent estimates suggest that over million girls and women are 'missing' in Asia. In spite of the fact that it is illegal, in Benin , West Africa , parents secretly continue with infanticidal customs. Women who are suspected of being impregnated by Chinese fathers are subjected to forced abortions ; babies born alive are killed, sometimes by exposure or being buried alive.

There have been some accusations that infanticide occurs in the People's Republic of China due to the one-child policy. Recent studies suggest that over 40 million girls and women are 'missing' in China Klasen and Wink The practice has continued in some rural areas of India. According to a recent report by the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF up to 50 million girls and women are missing in India 's population as a result of systematic sex discrimination and sex selective abortions. Killings of newborn babies have been on the rise in Pakistan , corresponding to an increase in poverty across the country.

The Edhi Foundation found 1, dead babies in Many more are abandoned and left at the doorsteps of mosques. As a result, Edhi centers feature signs "Do not murder, lay them here. In November it was reported that in Agibu and Amosa villages of Gimi region of Eastern Highlands province of Papua New Guinea where tribal fighting in the region of Gimi has been going on since many of the clashes arising over claims of sorcery women had agreed that if they stopped producing males, allowing only female babies to survive, their tribe's stock of boys would go down and there would be no men in the future to fight.

They agreed to have all newborn male babies killed. It is not known how many male babies were killed by being smothered, but it had reportedly happened to all males over a year period and probably was still happening. In England and Wales there were typically 30 to 50 homicides per million children less than 1 year old between and In English law infanticide is established as a distinct offence by the Infanticide Acts. Defined as the killing of a child under 12 months of age by their mother, the effect of the Acts are to establish a partial defence to charges of murder.

In , the United States ranked eleventh for infants under 1 year killed, and fourth for those killed from 1 through 14 years the latter case not necessarily involving filicide. In the United States the infanticide rate during the first hour of life outside the womb dropped from 1.

In Canada cases of infanticide by a parent were reported during — From to March , 28 infanticides cases done by 22 mothers and three stepmothers were reported in Spain. In a article in the Journal of Medical Ethics , a philosopher and a bioethicist jointly proposed that infanticide be legalized, calling it "after-birth abortion", and claiming that both "the fetus and the newborn are potential persons".

Many replies were published to this article. Euthanasia applied to children that are gravely ill or that suffer from significant birth defects is legal in the Netherlands under rigidly controlled conditions, but controversial. There are various reasons for infanticide. Neonaticide typically has different patterns and causes than for killing of older infants. Traditional neonaticide is often related to economic necessity - inability to provide for the infant.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, older infants are typically killed for reasons related to child abuse , domestic violence or mental illness. In the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, "loopholes" were invented by those who wanted to avoid the damnation that was promised by most Christian doctrine as a penalty of suicide.

One famous example of someone who wished to end their life but avoid the eternity in hell was Christina Johansdotter died She was a Swedish murderer who killed a child in Stockholm with the sole purpose of being executed.

She is an example of those who seek suicide through execution by committing a murder. It was a common act, frequently targeting young children or infants as they were believed to be free from sin, thus going straight to heaven. Elton reported that Ugi beach people in the Solomon Islands killed their infants at birth by burying them, and women were also said to practice abortion. They reported that it was too much trouble to raise a child, and instead preferred to buy one from the bush people.

Many historians believe the reason to be primarily economic, with more children born than the family is prepared to support. In societies that are patrilineal and patrilocal , the family may choose to allow more sons to live and kill some daughters, as the former will support their birth family until they die, whereas the latter will leave economically and geographically to join their husband's family, possibly only after the payment of a burdensome dowry price.

Thus the decision to bring up a boy is more economically rewarding to the parents. Before the appearance of effective contraception , infanticide was a common occurrence in ancient brothels. Unlike usual infanticide - where historically girls have been more likely to be killed - prostitutes in certain areas preferred to kill their male offspring.

If the woman chose to keep the child, society was not set up to ease the pressure placed upon the woman, legally, socially or economically. In midth century Britain there was assistance available for women who were not able to raise their children. The Foundling Hospital opened in and was able to take in some of the illegitimate children.

However, the conditions within the hospital caused Parliament to withdraw funding and the governors to live off of their own incomes. Once a mother had admitted her child to the hospital, the hospital did all it could to ensure that the parent and child were not re-united.

MacFarlane argues in Illegitimacy and Illegitimates in Britain that English society greatly concerned itself with the burden that a bastard child places upon its communities and had gone to some lengths to ensure that the father of the child is identified in order to maintain its well-being. Despite the accusations of some that women were getting a free hand-out there is evidence that many women were far from receiving adequate assistance from their parish.

The prospect of entering the workhouse was certainly something to be avoided. The loss of social standing for a servant girl was a particular problem in respect of producing a bastard child as they relied upon a good character reference in order to maintain their job and more importantly, to get a new or better job. In a large number of trials for the crime of infanticide, it is the servant girl that stood accused.

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