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Getting laid sex St petersburg ma

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Getting laid sex St petersburg ma

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But anyways Im real laid back. My job takes me on the road a lot. Siempre estas ocupada cuando pasa uno en las mananas. You don't have to be better or worse, just yourself.

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Getting laid sex St petersburg ma

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You must be ddf, semi-sexi, Getting laid sex St petersburg ma, a freak, and.

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These are some of the best places to meet women today. Posted by admin in Moscow , St. Click here to learn how you can get all the girls you want to sleep The Idiot is a good pick up joint to meet girls and get laid. Their address is 82 naberezhnaya reki Moyki, St. Daiquiri Bar is a good pick up joint to meet girls and get laid. Their address is Gorokhovaya St, 49, St. City Pub Crawl Saint-Petersburg is a good pick up joint to meet girls and get laid. Their address is Zhukovskogo St. Posted in Moscow on Night Club Icon is a good pick up joint to meet girls and get laid.

Their address is Bolotnaya Embankment, 9, Moscow, Russia. O2 Lounge is a good pick up joint to meet girls and get laid. Their address is Tverskaya St. Call 7 or visit City Pub Crawl Moscow is a good pick up joint to meet girls and get laid. Their address is Pokrovka St, 17, Moscow , Russia. City Space Bar is a good pick up joint to meet girls and get laid. Their address is Kosmodamianskaya Nab. Posted in Moscow , St.

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Pick Up Bars in Russia - Get Laid By Girls At Clubs

British style pub with lots of good looking ladies. Nice place - interesting crowd. Good after work hang out. Lots of well dressed secretaries. Perhaps can be talked into a "indecent proposal" ala Doctor Skank style. THis is a great forum! Someone is there in san petersburg september I come alone I would like to know someone for go togethere sometimes in the club. In my first trip to this great city, I made a couple of rookie mistakes.

First, I was under the impression the apartment I rented came with a computer, but it did not. Internet was available, but only if I had my own computer.

I was planning to do some on-site research but I had to reply on the internet cafe. Call me shy, but I just do not like surfing for sex sites when there are gorgeous babes sitting next to me. I did get some numbers, but many would just hang up when i spoke english. Eventually I got someone who spoke english, but the ones they sent me were not what they promised. Luckily for me, I did not really know the address, so I had to meet them outside, and I turned them down quickly.

One hour later they call me again with another girl, who has MUCH better. However, the security goon came all the way to my apartment and then the girls checked if I was alone in my apartment before asking me to PAY HIM. I did not like it, and told them to go away. I met a few non-pros. As usual, some just wanted an expensive date; others were more honest but there was no connection.

The city's greatest attraction is not in any museum, it is the thousands of gorgeous women who fill the streets all day. The are dressed in elegant mini-dresses, have long smooth legs and love their high heels. I was in heaven. She claimed to live in Florida showed me her driver's license and proudly pointed out that she did not work and just had a sugar daddy.

She was just visiting SPB, and wanted Euro for the time. I do not think so! My best luck was approaching babes on the street. Even if they are not pros, if they know SOME english, they may agree to have a drink with you. Then, it is up to you. I was also approached by 2 pros they checked my shoes, likes they usually do, and their opening line was that my shoelaces were untied. Anyway they were a little older than I liked, but gorgeous.

The best was a chance meeting with a couple of YOUNG babes, about 18, dressed in their sexy outfits, just walking around. I sat near them just to take a break from walking and they sort of started talking to me. They were going to some party, but the cuter one gave me her phone number. She wanted a "gift" of rubles, and said she only had a couple of hours the old bridge excuse.

I would have given her Anyway, luckily she ended up staying all night, and I hope to see her again next time I go. I summary, about 5 dates with non-pros, a double with two older pros late 20s probably and one night with the sweetest 18 year old russian cutie I have ever known. I will reiterate, however, the BEST thing about the city is the gorgeous babes littering the streets.

Rossi's has plenty of available student type girls available on Thursday nights. Where is this "the office" place exactly? ThanksThe Office 5 Kazanskaya Pl. The Office 5 Kazanskaya Pl. Look for the sign. Phones from SPb newspaper: Great hotel and location. Many dveys on the street. I went to Tribunal Bar on Thursday. Only thing to consider was the dancing girls, one was a cutie blonde. There were 2 girls on the bar in the hotel, both was over I checked Decadance on Saturday and Sunday, both nights the bar was closed.

Went to Golden Dolls. A striptease club for especially tourists. Did not like the place cause girls were really pushy. They always force you for a special show and do not leave you without a ruble. But there were some 's. Two guys took out 2 ladies and I think girls do outcall. The city is magnificient but the only option for mongering is to go to a salon but really hard to find for people like me no Russian. I was in St Petersburg last week for 3 days and Moscow for another 3 days.

I completely disregarded any thoughts of p4p in Russia or even trying to pursue freebies.. The set up of the hotel makes it very girl friendly Marstalls has a lot of pros the bar by the Church of the Blood. Hello all, I have a last minute trip to SpB, have never been. Trying to use googlemaps to figure out which photomodeli is closest to my hotel but there must be something "lost in translation. Also, if there are bars close by I should try for the talent. Or really any other thoughts.

I would love to have them. My Russian is only good enough for a couple of exchanges. So I see a lot of salons and even outcall internet sites. Can I assume that multiple pops are allowed, especially with the two hour options? Thanks Doc, you are the Master. This place was great 5 years ago, but recently it has been going downhill.

I haven't been there for years, I had given it up. Not really, but pros in Marstall are unreasonably expensive! Where I can find girl that do fine blowjob in Peterburg? Third time is the "charm" - my third visit to Piter and I finally figured out how to use the salons.

Too bad I did not know what I know now on my previous trips. Forget about the strip clubs, forget about the pros working the hotels such as Corinthia. Sorry to repeat information already posted in forum First of all -make sure you have mobile with local SIM card - the Photomodeli English number works very well - the operators speak English and are always ready to help out By the way, to the age listed on the Photmodeli detail pages, I would add on the average 3 to 5 year I had a 20yr, 22, 23, and Some salons I visited: Nevsky Prospect 63 - Door code 9 - Floor 4 - Door 9 Nevsky Prospect 95 - Door Code 19 - Floor 4 - Door 19 - the door is not from Nevsky - you have to enter the courtyard and it is the first door that is facing you on the right as you enter the courtyard.

Here is where the English operator really helped out. Marata 22 - to the right of the main door code box is a separate box - press 6 - Floor 4 - Apartment Marata 73 - Door Code 1B - Floor 2 - Apartment 1 - I did not like the line up here Vladimirskyi Pr 8 - Door code 8 - Room 8 In general the girls come in all size and shapes.

I did listen to the forum recommendation to watch for the girl that smiles at you. Generally I did well with these choices. Number of times, girls came in street clothes these are there just to make a fast buck - you may be lucky - I was not selecting one of these.

If you like one on their website, call the English number and if available she comes withing 30 minutes or so. Facilies are generally quite clean and you can take shower before and after. It appears the Photomodeli Nevsky 95 closed down - no longer shown on their site and many of the girls, originally at this location, are shown in the other salons. Petersburg last year in October, I had an unfortunate experience at one of the strip clubs.

This will be a long post, but somewhat entertaining and educational I think. I should have posted it a long time ago, but as you can see it is a somewhat embarrassing of every mistake that a newbie can make, and I guess I was a little sheepish in admitting it publicly. Although I had enjoyed a great POV porn shoot with mixphoto. I ventured out on a Saturday to Club Lodovic after it was recommended on the forum and confirmed by a local I met at an internet bar.

In hindsight it was not really a suitable bar for a foreigner with limited Russian, but I had a good time albeit without making any progress whatsoever with any freebies or semi pros.

At approx 4am I took a gypsy taxi back to my Oksanas apartment on Nevsky. It was next to a strip club named Gotika, and there were always marketing guys outside trying to aggressively hustle any foreigner single man? I was in a crappy mood after my various experiences with different types of Russian sex worker con artists, but I was also horny and I decided to go in and check it out.

Entrance was rubles! As I entered the small club seating for 50 max , it was pretty empty. There were quite a number of girls, and after I ordered a simple Perrier I had already drunk plenty that night I was treated to various aggressive sales pitches. Eventually I settled on a lean cute girl for 6k rubles 30 min private room massage. The massage was good, and of course was nude and included the typical erotic elements and happy ended.

Moments later she did, but no sooner did she sit down then the hostess lasered over and suggested I buy the girl a cocktail and chocolates. I asked how much and was told rubles brutal! Yet I wanted my 5 minutes with the girl to get her so I said yes.

I made small talk until the hostess came back moments later with some tiny brown cow type drink and a 3-pack of Ferraro Rocher chocolates. The hostess then gives me a bill for rubles! I hand in my coat check ticket to the confused doorman as the hostess natters away at him in Russian. As I turn back to face the doorman and hostess, the snide smile of victory in the eyes of the hostess confirms my fear.

And thus begins a 90 minute standoff. Yes, they kept me there for 90 minutes. No exaggeration on the time. While the confused young doorman kept an eye on me and my dancer girl hovered in the background looking guilty, god bless her , the hostess went and got the manager. Meanwhile I took a Gandhi-esque non-violent approach to the situation and simply stared at the wall and tried to zen out. I figured they would eventually have to open the door to let other patrons out by now it was close to their 6am closing.

They would joke in Russian, and then come up and snap their fingers in front of my eyes, etc. Every so often I would calmly advise them they were simply getting into more trouble the longer they detained me as I intended to go to the police. This provoked cackles of laughter in response. The few other customer only 2 or 3 , had left by some other exit.

They sent over this small waitress I had seen earlier, and she shifted gears on the tone by screaming very aggressively at me in Russian and trying to drag me away from the door.

While she was trying to drag me away from the door, the doorman a young guy who seemed slightly confused throughout the standoff came forward on my other side and tried to drag me away at the same time.

It was only later that I understood what had truly happened. It was now 6: You promised on your honour as a Russian!! But then I blinding realization hits me!!! My hands dart to my inside coat pocket, and sure enough it is missing! My guess is they were going for my wallet, got the passport, and figured it was even better. At this point I become filled with self righteous fury. He looks at me as if I just asked him to join me in a satanic ritual and hurries away. The next person responds similarly.

He tells me to follow him, and we go back to the Gotika metal door. He then tells me to follow him, and as we walk away he tell me that yes, they have the passport and they will give it back to me the next evening when they open at 9pm, providing I pay some undetermined amount. At this point I am apoplectic, and determined to get a police office. So we march across the street to the Corinthian Hotel 5 star, very nice.

The taxi driver talks at length with the reception staff and manager, and they telephone various numbers, talk in Russian, telephone various numbers, stand in silence, and then telephone various other numbers. A strange and bizarre process. Eventually the taxi driver tells me we have to go directly to the local police station, and off we go in his cab. Five minutes later we arrive, park, and after getting buzzed in through another big metal door we are facing the night watch officer, who sits within a cloud of cigarette smoke on the other side of bullet proof glass.

The Taxi driver deferentially explains the situation, and the bullnecked chain smoking police officer responds to this developing political incident my opinion lol by cocking his head to the side, slightly furrowing his brow, and otherwise remaining motionless for what seems like an eternity.

I felt like I was in some sort of time warp which had frozen time. Eventually he picks up a phone and issues some commands, and moments later ok, 5 minutes later , a monstrously large police office lumbers out from the back.

He asks me for some proof that I had been at Gotika, and to my great relief I realize that I still have the receipts for my rubles entrance, my 6k rubles massage, and my Perrier. The beat cop nods his head and and we follow him outside. There waiting for us is some crappy unmarked lada with an older non-uniformed office detective? They motion me to get in the back and we head off to Gotika my Taxi driver following along behind us. We arrive at Gotika, trundle down the steps, and the non-uniformed office buzzes the intercom.

The door quickly unlocks and as we walk in, the manager somewhat ashen faced is there waiting for us. During this conversation, various girls still there for some reason at 8am? After 10 minutes, the offices turn to leave, along with me and the manager ha! We head to the parked police car, and to my immense displeasure I realize that I will have to share the back seat of with the manager side note: The Taxi driver winks and makes punching gestures.

We wait for a while, and then the Taxi driver asks for his money so he can go. The desk sergeant calls someone, presumably the beat cop who emerges from the back a few moments later. I pony up the cash, he heads back to the beat cop who sees me looking at him, and they move briefly out of sight for the handoff of the payoff, afterwhich the Taxi driver heads out. I speak with the translator on the phone a charming lady who sounds like a british Dr. Ruth and we book an appointment for 4pm that day it is now 10am, and I have not yet slept.

The new detective then drives me back to my apartment a classy move, and much appreciated I return at 4pm and give my statement via the translator, who also looks like Dr Ruth. After I give my statement they tell me that after extensive interrogation both the manager and hostess have flatly denied my allegations, and they ask if I have any way of corroborating my story.

I tell them that the Taxi driver can, and they promptly call him he left his the night before. After the ensuing phone conversation, they tell me that he had denied any knowledge of a passport being taken, and that he had simply been hired to drive me to the police station fucker!! They then suggest to me that since I had been at Club Ludovic earlier in the evening, perhaps I had lost my passport there. The statement ends with them telling me they will be in touch, but they think there is little they can do.

I will have to travel by overnight train to Moscow to the embassy, and may need to fly out of Moscow at additional expense. It appears that the remainder of my trip is ruined. At 4pm I get a phone call from my Oksanas rep, telling me that my passport has been found at Club Lodovic. She is confused about how or why Club Ludovic would telephone them? I realize instantly that when I had given my statement I had of course provide the details on where I was staying to the police.

I head over to Club Lodovic and meet with my Oksanas rep before heading inside. We head inside to the admin areas, and a heavy set babushka hands over the passport. My Oksanas rep speaks to her briefly in Russian, and the babushka looks very uncomfortable and refuses to answer any questions, and we leave.

Once outside, my rep agrees with me that the most likely scenario is that the police adviced Gotika that it would be various convenient if my passport was found at Club Lodovic and then they called my apartment service whose was provided via my statement. I never received any followup from the police regarding the complaint I had filed.

Anyway, I am well aware of the many mistakes I made and I know how lucky I was not to suffer more serious consequences. Excellent story, thank you for taking the time to write it down and share it with us. If you walk into a snake pit, expect to get bit. Accept the fact that you have been had and that the management holds all the cards.

BTW - I always carry my money and passport in my front pants pocket, it makes it much more difficult to lift.

A little trick I learned from my years in NYC. My conclusion - and having been there many times - is to not go out alone in a new town without having a buddy Maybe that's just me. To be frank, I rarely go out alone in Moscow, even after almost 10 years of living there, and extremely rarely to a place I've never been. Use your heads, guys And of course I'm sure you're also aware that Gandhi always kept his receipts Not having your passport with you will be more of a problem then help.

Imagine the situation where you need to show your passport and not having it? Carry your money and passport in the small bag around neck for example and it will never be lifted. Exept you're very drunk. Fiji what happened to you happen to foreigners all the time so don't be surprised.

The difference is you told about it while many keep silent. The best advice is what many Russians will tell you. Don't have any business with cops and judges! You can carry a photocopy of your passport, visa, migration card and registration.

As I've been told, it's sufficient for the cops. But if someone lifts it I have visited today salon on Vladimirovsky, 8. I've chosen the nice girl Alisa. Then she have started a condom puts on a mouth. She does it with soul. The excellent young girl! An excellent body, excellent sex.

It was possible to me. I've left salon with easy pleasant weariness. I recall the amazing story you shared at the time. Hope I can still help you out with the cam one day ; See ya soon: Learning fast and learning on you feet is the key that makes the difference between having a stumble here and there, or being carved to pieces and chewed up and spit out by the sharks and pirhanas that swim around waiting for suckers and losers that offer themselves up like sushi.

Missing the first sign, that your failures with internet skanks and agency tramps and chalking it up to inexperience, that it was time to make the wise decision to quit while ahead and call it a night, and hope tomorrow will be better, but to then surrender to the very crooks that you know are waiting to take complete advantage of you???

That's your first mistake. Second mistake was not to get your tramp's mobile number before your expensive hand job time was up. Ya got what you deserved, ya got your money's worth, and more than what ya bargained for. Guess somebody's gotta set an example how not to do it.

Might as well be you. So its not a total loss, you get credit for that. Way to go Fergie! Oh Bez, don't be so tough on the poor guy.

Did I not almost take a similar chance ten years ago, in a much more remote city where the only person I knew was a marriage agency girl I went to the provinces to meet, and told her after 2 days that I was sorry I didn't think it would work out because she couldn't speak a word of English, so she told me to go to hell. Alone with no friends, my first time, instead of giving up and running back to Kiev with my tail between my legs, inspired by Roger and Doc's old reports, I set off wandering about on my own.

After walking all around town looking for ANY sign of pussy in the discos and hotel bars and finding nothing, at 9PM I finally asked a waiter at a popular cafe about "girls??? And yes, I was a dumb ass too, dragging my passport around, instead of a copy, stuffed in a stupid zippered waist-strap wallet hidden inside my boxers. Sure, a bit safer that way, but I looked like an idiot digging way down into my crotch, struggling to extract it without pulling a huge wad of crisp new hundreds out at the same time.

They insisted on verifying my passport as valid, as now that I convinced them I wasn't CIA, they were even more sure I was FSB there to bust them for overstaying their visas. After many phone calls and a 90 minute wait, 1 car arrived in the car park out back, for me to choose from 4 skanks stuffed into the back of a Lada, but they all were all homely, so I said Sorry. We go in and upstairs to the bar, they talk with the bartender, a few more calls, and after 45 minutes another car arrives outside with 2 girls and their mamachka, one looked great so finally I said ok.

Back to my apartment because the mamachka didn't trust me and wanted to see for herself I was alone that I didn't have 5 mafia pals waiting to gang-debauch her new girl, up 5 pitch black flights with the 2 Syrian guys behind me in the dark.

Which I did, knowing it was a total rip-off. Well, Syrians will do that to you, if they can get away with it. So I could have argued with them, I could have "stood my ground" like Fudgy-Man, but I understood I was not in any position of strength.

And I certainly was not looking for trouble, since now I finally had my very hot bride for the night, all I wanted at that point was to have my pimps leave so blondinka and I could get busy. When you're on your own, on someone else's ground, better choose your battles carefully, or pretend to be a tough guy like Mount Fuji-Man and deeply regret it later.

God I miss the old days! So for all my worries about the syrians and my giving in to their jacking me for hooking me up, in the end, they helped me make the connection of a lifetime with Ileana the mamachka, who kept me busy for the next 3 years with all kinds of outstanding fresh talent.

Never wrote about circulations to salons, but has not restrained. It would be desirable to share unforgettable impressions. I had a rest with Lejloj somewhere one month ago, I having read reports about her.

I wanted sex without problems. And I was not mistaken! The well-groomed girl with east pleasant appearance and with pleasant smells. A figure super, a breast only small, I like the size4 ore5. A little in the beginning is confused. But as it will be got, such impression that Lejle like sex. Likes to be engaged in sex, till now I can not forget her. She gives in to easily any poses. And possession of vagina muscles has felt and ja-amazingly. Oral sex good, but not deep enogh. However, I must admit it helped to raise my friend all right.

Lejla's talk was unobtrusive and light. I will certainly visit her again! I will go still necessarily. The best advice is what many Russians will tell you - don't have any business with cops and judges! I think I posted this experience a few years ago in ISG, but I was shaken down by a couple of cops while walking staggering home from the bar with a hot young dyev.

Did I say shake down? One of the guys inspected my documents while the other one rifled through my pockets and picked out the larger bills leaving me with very little. The next night, I was wandering back to my apartment MUCH less drunk but at about the same hour when I ran into these same two cops again. They smiled and asked me to "assume the position" arms out.

Of course I smiled and complied but not before putting my cell phone wallet and my wad of cash in my hands as they frisked me. They found the Rubles in my back pocket and seemed pissed off that I had not left more for them to "find". But in less than a minute they were satisfied that I had learned the game and let me go on my way. The following night, they just looked the other way when I approached.

I am SURE that if I had made a fuss on either the first or second night, things would have ended much differently. I've been robbed twice by the cops in St. I posted on it before, nothing shameful about it. Happened in a year time span with dozens of late-night adventures in between, so no need for paranoia Once on a Nevsky sidestreet and once on Konnueshnaya Ploshad. First time I was really drunk and actually only lost a phone, second time considerably less drunk and very aware of what was going on.

Got into a bit of a pointing and shouting match with them and was fighting impluses to punch one of them in the face.

Would of been a disaster of course. Swedish diplomat ended up coming to my rescue, but not before I was about rubels lighter. In my fervor of defending passport, phone and wallet I forgot my jacket pocket. Diplomat by the way told me I was lucky that all I lost was my money. Much worse has happened many times to foreigners and Russians alike.

I'll say it again, avoid walking late at night in St. Petersburg if you've been drinking. I am planning a month long trip to SPB this winter. This is my first visit to SPB. I am a street guy. In my research, I came across an article http: It is a dated article so there may have been changes in the street scene. Are these the SPB strolls? Any comments or advice on the street scene? In Admiralteisky district on Izmaylovsky prospect between Krasnoarmeiskaya steets 1 and 5.

Zagorodny prosect by Vitebsky station. In Moscovsky district at Metro stations on Moscovsky prospect: Frunzenskaya, Elektrosila, Mokovskaya, and Kuznetsovskaya street. In Kirovsky district along Prospect Veteranov and prospect Leninsky. District Vyborgsky on Prosvescheniya prospect. District Krasnoselsky on Petergofskoye at Komsomol Park.

District Petrogradsky on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street. This is an update of a post I made on this board a few years ago. I have not hobbied in Russia for a while but I have visited. The biggest change I notice about SPG and Russia in general is that meeting foreigners is not such a big deal for them anymore.

I miss the sensation of being the "exotic foreigner" on my first visits to SPG and later to old Novgorod. In my future visits I will go to smaller towns to try to get back that "new foreigner" vibe. I like the idea of only carrying a copy of your visa and passport. I did not know that this was acceptable. Avoid Golden Dolls and Maximus strip club and apperently all other strip clubs in SPG unless you are very rich and like to be hassled and ripped off. Russian women seem to like foreigners, so getting lucky for free here seems to be pretty easy.

This part seems to be that most changed since my first visit 9 years ago. Marstals, Magrib and Tribunal bar late at night after 1am are great places to find pros and non-pros but some of the working women have been there for several years. I saw a woman I took home 4 years before still at Marstals 4. You need to see the more recent posts for the current FAIR rates and don't screw it up for everyone else by overpaying 5.

Maybe slightly higher now 6. There are Pros in almost all SPG hotels but they are usually way overpriced. The easiest way to register your visa within the first 72 hours as required is to spend just your first night in a hotel 8.

Taxis are cheap, so use them late at night. Remember the police are NOT there to help you! I did the whole police report thing not expecting to get the money back but so they would have to share, because I gave very, very detailed descriptions of the 2 assholes.

ALWAYS pay attention to the drawbridge schedule late at night with a safety margin if you are going to cross the Neva. Missing the bridges was the originating incident that got me mugged ATM machines are everywhere and you avoid the risks of carrying a lot of money.

You usually get an okay rate and you don't have to deal with the money exchange jerks. Good luck and safe mongering! I am a street guy.. Good old times are finished in St Petersburg. Pu, thanks for your reply. I have more money than time, speak no Russian and my mother thinks I am handsome but not that handsome. Once you get to know me, I am charming but often need a little money to prime the pump.

Wondering about P4P on the streets. Mainly which streets and where on those streets. I am right now in SPB on a busy business trip. Not much to report because I am too busy and only spend the nights with an old girlfriend who is into fucking as often as I want and as much as I can. Even waking up for a quickie at 5 am. She told me a few days ago there was a program on Russian TV about foreign men and Russian girls! The conclusion of this program was that all foreigners were pigs, just coming to Russia to fuck as many girls as possible, never wanting a relation, only sex!

Russian girls should keep away from the bad foreigners! An unspoken and indirect conclusion must be that Russian men are so much more serious. They don't want sex, but relation? My girlfriend told me it was great that I was different from other foreigners! My point was that TV tells it is bad for Russian girls to meet foreigners! Foreigners are not to be trusted!

Well, can't be worst anyway.. Some years ago to be a foreigner, was a very good point. In fact, too easy. You didn't have to do anything. Even the worst guy could pick up beautiful girl. Then came "Capitalism" very very fast. And to be a foreigner became a HUGE disadvantage with girls. They prefer local men: It means you have to speak good Russian and work your ass to make the girls forget you are a foreigner..

Things move fast in this world. So what is new? Most Russians don't like foreigners of any kind and they don't hide their feelings Long have gone the times when typical russian girl though that marriage with foreigner will be everlasting fairy tale.

Foreign men can be pigs the same way as russian men. The program was probably right with conclusion that foreigners only want sex with russian girls. But somehow I doubt they mention that great majority of those foreigners pays money for that sex - thus supporting the local economy.

Foreigner usually pays his hotel or apartment, pays his lunch in high class restaurant, pays drinks both for him and the girls, etc. Most of us here know how things work when you come to Russia and where your money ends.

I agree with Kurenda on the above points, but do not agree that one's chances in St. Petersburg are going down. Personally I think it is better now than during the boom years when being a foreigner was like having the plague for some girls.

Absolutely true, especially among Russian men. They might have foreign friends and admire certain things about foreign countries, but in candid moments they will reveal their distrust and disrepect for foreigners. Foreigner is a pretty broad term however, from Europeans and Americans to Caucasians, Arabs and Asians. Women are less distrusting and disrespecting and many have a genuine attraction to foreigners for a number of reasons money is actually not the main reason in most cases , but they also know that most foreigners coming to Russia are looking to get a piece of Russian ass.

They also know of their reputation as being easy girls, so you'll have to work your way around this issue. Thankfully, they really are pretty easy girls overall. Our reputation is mixed. On the one hand girls like the way foreigners are more romantic to Russian girls then the locals often are but don't underestimate the locals in this sense , on the other hand they understand what we are after.

Nonetheless, most girls do not think of foreign men as pigs IMO, just as perhaps being false in their promises. Russia isn't Ukraine, which is a genuine sex tourist destination. Any income helps, but I've never gotten the impression that Russia was a sex tourist destination to the same extent that Ukraine is. The Golden Age was already over in IMO however things have improved in comparison to when the booming Russian economy and the availability of easy credit gave the local boys a lot of spending cash and allowed the traditionally patriotic Russians to be among themselves and "show the foreigners" who is boss.

The attitude was "the world comes to Russia, Russia does not come to the world" and foreigners were increasingly looked upon with contempt.

The wind has been taken out of their sails somewhat however and Russian girls have rediscovered the foreign man as a source of lifestyle. Interestingly enough, I think the idea of marrying a foreigner is forever gone.

Of course some still will, but the whole "marry a foreigner and escape" is really passe.. I'm finding it really much easier in the last 6 months than it was in the past 3 years. Biggest key though, and this can't be repeated enough: What was the channel Explorer69?

Perhaps they have this documentary in streaming. I still have the feeling that Russian girls in general like foreigners. But in principle I agree with everything you write! My girl was just on top of me in the sofa, sitting on me for a serious fuck, then stood up, stumbled and the glass table in front of the sofa is now history! I will probably have to pay it tomorrow.

But it was quite fun! I was shaken down by about 4 cops right outside the Oktyabrskaya Hotel. They said they were loooking for drugs. I was drunk and with a chick, and left my ID in the hotel. Scared me at first, then I realized the game they were playing. She is new in this business so her profession hasn't left a mark on her yet. She is very true in expressing her emotions and is not automatic at all.

I made a call to the salon, and was given a choice of girls when I came, there were a few candidatures that I thought were nice. The room and shower and everything were ready for me. All very good level. Here are Raya's parameters: Height about cm, no more, bust either size 2 or 3, but very nice shape and firmness.

Nice figure, no extra fats. Raya says, that she goes in for sports. Age about , weight 45 kilos. In other words, a very petite and slim girl. She smelled good and was equally nice with her clothes off. She looks much better than in her photo. In the process she told me that she was new and asked to correct her if she does a thing the way she shouldn't. Oral sex was good for a beginner, occasionally she would use her hand to assist. But quickly got my hint, and afterwards it was all fine. Raya allows to be touched to a reasonable extent.

On the whole Raya has a very friendly and positive attitude, she's sociable, but light and unobtrusive. She is a very good choice for the lovers of small bodies and not yet glamorized girls. Another pretty little baby. This report was edited to remove personal telephone numbers in the text. Please do not post personal telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you for this information directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system.

Lena, Marata 73, tel. She is very friendly, gave me some cake when I ordered tea. Excellent sex, exquisite caresses, has a girl-friend attitude, likes to tease her customer before giving him a blow job. The blow job was deep and good, she licked me all over, giving very pleasant sensations. It's difficult to describe, but her caresses made me feel fantastic. I could not restrain myself any longer and we switched on to classical sex.

It was very good, too. Lena wasn't automatic at all, she was obviously enjoying the process, got wet quickly, and I climaxed soon after we changed position. We took a break and I had tea and Lena offered me a cake. She didn't stop rubbing against me even when I was having tea. The second approach was even better than the first one. Lena is very active, likes to take the initiative. She's a very friendly and sociable girl. I will most certainly visit her again!

Actually I DID write that I feel that Russian girls in general still like foreigners, even though they still need foreigners to "go through the motions" when it comes to courting them. In general though, comparing my success to that of my Russian friends, Russian girls put out much much faster with me than they do with Russian guys They're decent presentable guys too, so not sure where the problem is. I think curiousity is one of the issues and thankfully many Russian girls know that as a foreigner you aren't really relationship material for them like a local would be, so they might as well enjoy the ride.

It's not always the case, but I've been often surprised how realistic Russian girls are about this. Another thing is that they realise that the local boys at least the average local boys aren't spending any money on them anymore. No dinners, less blowout club nights. There is less cash flow in the local dating pool. Kind of took the wind out of the sails of some of the local wannabe big shots. There are still the cold shark women out there too, but they are easily avoided and so easy to spot.

I'm happy to let the locals blow their coin on them. Haha, that's good stuff. I've destroyed various lamps and pieces of furniture over the years too.

Unless it's a Ming vase, it's worth the memories for sure. Those IKEA beds really aren't sex-worthy by the way either. I remember a couple of years back when I broke a vase hammering away on a tochka pro. The apartment agency wrote me an angry letter afterwards saying how I must pay for this expensive item etc. I was worried and asked them how much?

I can only say AMEN! Toma is a new girl that appeared at Kamennoostrovskiy prospekt in St-Petersburg. She is tall, cm, bust 3, 24 years old. Toma has long legs and nice hips along with a very slim waist that look very nice. Toma is new in the business, so she tries hard to please, whispering all kinds of encouraging words all the time. Sounds very natural and seductive. Toma's oral sex is very tender and soft, with kisses covering all surrounding areas.

She turns on in the process. I had two shots with Toma in 2 hours, I almost thought my heart would stop from the resonance of our mutual climax. The girl is smart and intelligent. I liked her very much and could most certainly recommend her. What made me feel so good. Last week we went to Stepanych's sauna and asked to bring the girls from Fontanka salon.

And I chose Cristina. I remembered her by the photo. She was friendly, with a nice and slim body. Cristina went to the steam room with me without a protest and afterwards jumped into the cold water screaming as she did it while her body was getting used to the contrast. Then we made love. I had a complete illusion of a non-professional girl in good sense of the word. Firm nice breasts cup size two, soft and velvety skin and her immediate response to all desires.

The girl is very polite and keeps up conversation willingly. My second shot with her was even better as I didn't expect it happen at all due to my age. But you can go on forever with such a partner. Now I hope you can understand what made me feel so good. So I listed to the short instructions given by the salon administrator over the telephone and shortly arrived Kamni I was shown 4 girls and selected Ilona, because of her slim figure with really big tits!

Her body looked very much like in the photo. After waiting a few more minutes I was taken upstairs to a very clean and cozy room with a shower. So I took a shower, and when the girl joined me and threw off the towel I was really impressed by her beautiful big breasts.

I am really lucky with oral sex lately and Ilona gave me excellent oral sex that was very deep. My shot came when Ilona sat on top of me. Half an hour passed quickly and to my full satisfaction I got all I wanted from it. It was Dasha whom I planned to visit, so I refused to see all the other girls in the salon. I was a bit nervous, that's way I was glad when Dasha took the initiative in her hands or it was rather her mouth.

I was glad that she looked and sounded very natural and that she would take the used condom off herself. As I was nervous, my second time was all thanks to Dasha's excellent oral sex, after which she sat on top of me. She was obviously enjoying the process and I caught up her passion. I managed to come in spite of administrator's knock on the door signaling the time was out. The administrator also did her job very well quickly helping me with all arrangements.

Couple weeks back I was in the midst of a drunk-a-thon 4 girls in 28 hours sex marathon and working on girl 2 at a club which if my whisky-fueled mind remembers correctly was exactly where Magrib used to be and called "Rooms". It seemed epically large and very popular and they let my drunk ass in and I took home a smoking hot blonde babe for the low cost of ruble 5am sushi. Can anyone confirm I didn't dream the whole thing up?

The girl was real enough, we're since kind of an item Can anyone recommend a decent escort agency in St Petersburg? Has anyone have the pleasure of doing business with this agency www. Original thread in Russian http: Salon is situated in the central part of St. Large flat with 6 rooms and 3 bathrooms. Telephone number and other information will be announced later.

Seemed like a pretty cool place. TIAOriginal thread in Russian http: Telephone number and other information will be announced later Report this Post to a Moderator Salon in Vladimirsky prospect, 8. The price is per hour.

I selected Olesya from the the girls presented to me. She is cm tall, breast size 2. I will omit the description as she looks exactly as in the photos. She willingly took various positions as well as the initiative. She is flexible, she has a good feeling of the partner, she doesn't try to lay back and relax, but she tries to give pleasure to her partner.

She's also very tender and affectionate after sex. In short, I liked it very much! Reported by Lightning TEL Best day to go here is Friday. There is a huge range of different cocktails and each one has its own design. Bartenders are amazing and kind, just tell them your mood and favorite color. The rest is on them. Amazing atmosphere and great parties.

The backroom is good for gaming girls. The closest metro station is Mayakovskaya. Lomonosov Bar — This one is my favorite. Remember to get there early. Closest metro is Gostinny Dvor. I enjoyed the city very much. There is a lot to see here and the girls are awesome. As weird as it sounds, it takes time to get good with Russian girls, so if you want to get a quick lay maybe you should skip Russia.

But if you want to stay in some country for a few months, learn the culture and get laid, St. Pete is definitely a place to go. Petersburg , Getting laid in Russia , Getting laid in St. Petersburg , Nightlife in Russian , Pick up joints in St. Petersburg , Picking up girls in St. Petersburg , Picking up in St. Petersburg , Sex in St. Petersburg city guide , St. Petersburg Data Sheet , St. Petersburg Datasheet , St. Petersburg nightlife , St. Petersburg Nightlife Guide , St.

Petersburg Sex Guide , Where to buy weed in St. Tinder is used heavily, particularly by girls who want to meet foreign guys. Also, WhatsApp is used a lot as well. Been living in SpB for over a year now. Black cabs will try and rip you off if you dont have a good command of russian. Accurate report, but you failed to mention the biggest club district in the city. To be considered, good luck getting past face control if you have a darker complexion.

Hey looking for some good quality weed? You can also contact him for other stuff. Or perhaps you feel that women should have kept their mouths shut and never demanded the right to vote? If I had the choice between a feminine lady and a shoutout feminist who do you think I would go for? And maybe you should not forget that we are talking about Russia here, family values and women being women and men being men is highly valued there.

And frankly, most of the people checking on advice from people like Naughty Nomad are exactly looking for that. I hope you realize your place soon. Email will not be published required. On The Death of a Best Friend.

Petersburg, Russia Guest Post. Paul April 24, at You can also contact him for other stuff Reply. Hassabo June 9, at 1: Hi paul do you have other contancts in st. Petersburg, i m going next wee Regards Reply. Raol August 15, at This guy is fucking scam he wil rip you off. Brother is this true? Did you get it yourself? Ra August 15, at

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