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Fuck women Anzio

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How the hell should I know? What do I look like, a fortune teller? I'm chilled to the bone - why don't you get me some wine? Beauty and the Beast gets this a lot. The earliest versions of Beauty and the Beast have a subplot in which Beauty is torn between her growing connection with the Beast and an attractive prince who appears in her dreams begging for help; most modern adaptations skip it, because everyone knows the ending and can easily foresee the revelation that the dream prince is the Beast.

Ursula Vernon 's novel Bryony and Roses puts it back in, but the attractive young man in the dreams isn't the Beast — it's the novel's equivalent of the witch who cursed him, trying to distract Bryony so she won't break the curse. Some modern retellings of Beauty and the Beast , such as Rose Daughter , don't have the Beast change back to a handsome prince at the end to avoid the Unfortunate Implications of a tale about looking past appearances ending with both of its main characters having conventionally beautiful appearances and instead have Beauty accept him for who he is with no change in his appearance needed.

When the Beast confesses to Beauty that he's no man underneath the mask, Beauty assumes that he means that his appearance isn't human. However, when Beauty removes the Beast's mask, she learns that the Beast meant "not male " and is actually a perfectly normal-looking woman who secluded herself not because of her appearance but because of society's attitude towards lesbians.

The Hogfather gives presents. There is no greater present than a future. A new broom may sweep clean, but never trust an old saw. This theory is quickly discarded , with Robin being forced to go back to the Branaugh way of life and Vlad continuing to stay with his father in Stokely Castle. This greatly varies from the source material, Young Dracula And Young Monsters , in which the entire point of the story is that Wilfred and Smirk were switched at birth.

In the first season finale of Dexter , Dexter tracks the Ice Truck Killer down to a shipping container , which was the location of the final showdown between Dexter and his brother in the first novel. In the series, the shipping container is full of bananas. Also, in the novel Dexter's brother escapes alive and Deborah finds out about Dexter being a killer.

The first season ends with Brian's death and Deb remains in the dark about Dexter, while LaGuerta lives to continue to annoy Deb. Deb does end up killing LaGuerta in a later season in order to keep Dexter's nature secret.

One stage performance of Monty Python 's Parrot Sketch ends about 30 seconds into the sketch with Palin agreeing that the parrot is dead and giving Cleese a refund. This was also to reflect the improved likelihood of stores accepting returns.

Palin also wrote about an ill-advised ad-lib in the sketch where he plays a man who goes up to a policeman played by Cleese to say his wallet's been stolen. The policeman apologetically tells him there's not much he can do, and after an uncomfortable pause the man asks, "Do you want to come back to my place?

When asked if it's a cheese shop, however, the proprietor says "No", so the customer quips that they can't do the sketch after all. Being Human US plays around with this. Some of the plots taken from the original play out the same way as they did in the British version while others use this trope.

In the season one finale, the final confrontation with Bishop averts the big twist from the British season one as Aidan figures out what Jeff is trying to do and does not let him fight in his place. One episode of Midsomer Murders was a direct retelling of Hamlet Except this time the Claudius-Expy gets wise to the Hamlet-Expy's plan and kills him. The Walking Dead makes a concentrated effort to surprise even people who read the comic something creator Robert Kirkman is in favor of.

Shane dying and Lori's pregnancy being revealed much later, and the revelation that everyone's already infected, Otis' death and the debut of Michonne happening earlier. But the real winner has to be Sophia dying during their time at Hershel's farm. The series also adds surprise for comic readers by keeping the iconic events and deaths of the comics but changing the characters involved though some of these are justified by the comic characters not being present or of the same prominence in the TV show.

Examples include Dale's early TV death resulting in Herschel and Bob respectively replacing him in surviving a walker bite by leg amputation, and losing the other leg to cannibals, Denise suffering Abraham's death for the show and Herschel replacing Tyreese in the TV representation of the latter's death. A huge subversion of this trope happens in the season 7 premiere.

Negan brutally kills Abraham instead of Glenn, like he did in the comics Although the former was already dead by that time that happened Another huge one partway through Season 8: Carl is infected by a walker bite and shoots himself before he turns.

Word of God by the producer of Pretty Little Liars made an ambiguous comment about -A being Mona , saying that "It won't be exactly like the books", which much of the Fan Dumb interpreted as an absolute statement that Mona wasn't -A. It turned out -A was the same individual as in the books, but the motivation was altered along with other details including that in the books Mona dies immediately after being revealed.

However, the reveal sequence and following confrontation still play out almost exactly the same. Sherlock frequently changes details and yes, even endings, from the original books, but the most epic instance has got to be when Moriarty commits suicide at the climax of "The Reichenbach Fall", thereby forbidding Sherlock from pulling a Taking You with Me. Another good example is the episode "The Hounds of Baskerville".

The plot is similar, with Henry thinking he's been pursued by a hellish hound. However, the character of Dr. Stapleton, originally the villain, is a decoy here , and the real villain is Dr. While the fog was an environmental hindrance in the original story, here it is a hallucinogenic gas.

The image of the hound derives from the name of Frankland's illegal project H. M's murderer in this version is not the rich lady he was blackmailing, but rather Mary Watson - and the episode is also adapting The Adventure of the Empty House with Mary in the role of Sebastian Moran!

Instead, a Wham Shot when the last bust breaks reveals that the pearl is a Red Herring , and the murderer was tracking down a hitherto-unmentioned different MacGuffin , the relevance of which is explained by the rest of the episode. Once Upon a Time is built around pulling this trope with various fairy tales. And she eats her boyfriend before her grandmother can explain it to her.

The supernatural elements are evident from the very first scene of the pilot. Some Game of Thrones fans who read the original book series A Song of Ice and Fire often delight in teasing newbies about upcoming events: You're not going to believe what happens next! While others followed George R. Martin 's warning about the "butterfly effect" of small changes and additions made by the show, right from the very beginning, which could, and did , drastically alter the context, and the content, of plots in later seasons: Before Tywin's death in the finale of Season 4, the dramatic revelation that Tyrion's first wife wasn't a prostitute, and that Jaime lied about it at Tywin's demand, never comes out.

Some book-readers did predict this since that subplot had not been mentioned very often in the show, the show generally dialed down backstory for character exposition, and the character of Shae was sufficiently altered, and Tyrion had received much Adaptational Heroism , that the whole meaning and purpose of that revelation got lost.

Not only did that not happen, but as of the finale of Season 7, Lady Stoneheart still has yet to make an appearance , and the entire series of Riverlands-related subplots that she was intended to tie into, was subsequently removed as well. Season 5 features the previously unnamed leader of the White Walkers is the Night's King , a namesake of a semi-legendary figure from the books who is generally believed to be long dead.

Later revelations in the series, as well as confirmations by Word of God more or less confirm that said individual is an In Name Only Canon Foreigner. The Dorne arc in A Feast for Crows ultimately climaxes with Doran's daughter Arianne trying and failing to put Myrcella on the Iron Throne as a Puppet Queen , which leads to The Reveal that Doran has been planning to return the Targaryens to power from the beginning, making him a well-veiled Chekhov's Gunman.

The show changes this arc significantly: Throughout Seasons 5 and 6, many fans of the books were left wondering whether the show would feature the dramatic reveal from A Dance with Dragons that Rhaegar Targaryen's son Aegon was still alive and being groomed to take back the Iron Throne.

Instead, the finale of Season 7 features the revelation that Jon is really Aegon Targaryen , and that Ned renamed him "Jon" and passed him off as his bastard son to protect him. So logically it followed that the Dragon Prince expected his hypothetical child with Lyanna would be a girl, a Visenya to complete the set. Obviously Rhaegar's plot did not go according to plan, he died at the Trident, and his two children with Elia, including his son Aegon who he intended to be the Prince Who Was Promised, were brutally killed by the Lannisters.

So if Jon Snow's "true name" in the books is also Aegon as the show suggests, it was unlikely to be a name intended by his father. The Prankster turns out to be a completely unrelated guy called Kyle Griffen.

One of the suspects for creating the Brother Eye computer virus is named Myron Forest, the same as the Brother Eye satellite's creator in O. It's actually the other guy. In the comics, Adrian Chase is Vigilante , so people assumed he would be revealed as that character in the show, but instead Adrian is Prometheus , born under the name Simon Morrison , and Vigilante has yet to be unmasked.

One of the major characters in Season One is Eddie Thawne. Then it turns out that Eobard Thawne is still the Reverse-Flash in the series: Not only has he been posing as Wells via genetic impersonation the entire time, but he's also Eddie's descendant from the distant future. The second season of the show does this again by revealing that Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-2, was Zoom all along. In fact, there was never a Jay Garrick at all! It was Hunter Zolomon posing as a hero in order to gain Barry and his friends' trust and sympathy.

Except there is a Jay Garrick, whom we meet in the season finale. In their adaptation of the villain Toyman, Superman: Supergirl inverts this, as there's a character named Winn Schott who's helping Supergirl — he's Winslow Jr. Supergirl works for a man named Hank Henshaw. That name belongs to a supervillain also known as Cyborg Superman in the comics, and his duplicity seems confirmed by his glowing red eyes and hints that he killed Supergirl's adoptive father.

However, it turns out that, while the real Hank Henshaw was a nasty piece of work, he apparently died years ago, and the one we've met is a certain shapeshifting alien named J'onn J'onzz. But, as it turns out, the original Hank's still alive, and was turned into the Cyborg Superman by Project Cadmus despite looking nothing like Superman here.

The twist got untwisted. Gotham has this going on, too. Arnold Flass got a case of Decomposite Character going on with his role as Gordon's partner going to Harvey Bullock and being locked up before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. All three men continued their activities into Batman's first years, with Loeb being forced to resign from the commissioner post at the end of the first year, and the three of them dying during Batman's early years: Season 1's finale saw Falcone retire and Maroni get killed and the season 2 opening saw Loeb forced to resign, all not long after Thomas and Martha Wayne died.

This also likely means that much like Rupert Thorne in Batman: Several episodes in, however, she ends up leaving him for Renee Montoya which, in turn, leads him to start a relationship with Leslie Thompkins.

Then, by the season one finale, she becomes a full blown psychopathic villain and is subsequently incarcerated in Arkham Asylum.

Sarah Essen also gets hit with his. In the comics, she ends up becoming Gordon's second wife. In the show, however, she gets killed in the season two episode "Knock Knock", therefore eliminating any possibility of a relationship with Jim. The fate of Nora Fries. In all other adaptations, Victor puts her into cryostasis to prevent her from dying of her illness as he researches a cure. Everything seems to be proceeding the same way in the show, up until Nora swaps out the working batch of Harmless Freezing formula with one of the failed, not-so-harmless batches while Victor isn't looking, opting to die rather than wake up to a world where Victor is either dead or in prison.

The producers first told everyone they would not provide an obvious origin for the Joker, instead providing several candidates for the person who would assume that identity. Then they introduced Jerome, and in Season 2 made him basically be the Joker in all but name. Then Theo Galavan kills him. So he's not going to be the Joker. Hugo Strange has his body, and is experimenting in resurrecting people, so he could become the Joker. But Strange doesn't resurrect him before Indian Hill gets shut down so he won't become the Joker.

But his cryogenically-preserved body is stolen by some acolytes, who have successfully resurrected people , so he could become the Joker. But then they fail to resurrect him so he can't become the Joker and instead it will be his followers who take up the mantle. They did manage to resurrect him, he's alive, he's in Arkham, and it looks like he will likely become the Joker. And then in Season 4 they kill him again, for definite this time. Before that he managed to douse his Backup Twin with Joker venom, giving him the white face and insanity.

Except Jeremiah is very serious despite his madness, so who knows where that's going? Hannibal starts out as a loose prequel to Thomas Harris' Red Dragon , portraying Detective Will Graham's relationship with the cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter at a point when Lecter is still a practicing psychologist with his secret well-hidden.

Anyone familiar with the Hannibal Lecter saga either the books or the movies will know that it's only a matter of time before Lecter gets outed as a serial killer and imprisoned in Frederick Chilton's mental institution. Of course, that makes it all the more shocking when Season 1 instead ends with Will institutionalized after Hannibal successfully frames him for the murders that he committed. Just to drive the point home, the last scene of the season features a Mythology Gag where Will and Hannibal reenact Clarice Starling's first meeting with Hannibal from The Silence of the Lambs , but with Will in Hannibal's place.

In Bates Motel 's Finale Season , which takes place within the timeframe of Psycho , the sixth episode revolves around Marion Crane's stay at the eponymous motel. Norman ends up sparing her, and she leaves unscathed. Instead, it's Sam Loomis who gets offed in the shower. Like the novella and movie that preceded it, the television series features an antagonist named Mrs. Her previous incarnations were as the story's Big Bad , transforming a group of frightened survivors into a murderous religious cult.

In the series her evil antics are different. She's just an uptight soccer mom who gets a teacher she doesn't like fired from her son's school. She dies in the Mist before the end of the first episode. Miller, equivalent of the opera's Lt. In Kamen Rider Agito , the title character is an amnesiac who goes by the name "Shoichi Tsugami" because it was written on a letter he had when he was first found washed up on the shore.

Late in the series, he recovers his memories and it's revealed that his original identity was Tetsuya Sawaki, who was trying to find his late sister Yukina's boyfriend Shoichi Tsugami when he got attacked and lost his memory. The modernized manga adaptation of Kamen Rider Kuuga eventually started introducing plot threads from Agito , with Shoichi himself showing up as well; in this series, the " Akatsuki Incident" that kicked off Agito 's plot doesn't happen here, meaning "Shoichi Tsugami" is his real name and Yukina who's still his sister is alive in this continuity.

In the first episode of Westworld , Teddy, our POV character, and Dolores are being hunted by an implacable Man in Black, just like the one who touched off the robot rebellion in the movie. And then Teddy is killed — and we find out that he's the robot and the Man in Black is a human guest.

The Haunting of Hill House: In previous versions of the story, including the original novel , Nell is the central protagonist and sole view-point character. In this version she is one of five siblings who are all of equal importance and she dies at the end of the first episode. Except that Abraham ignores the angel telling him to stop. But the old man did not do so, and slew his son And half the seed of Europe, one by one.

However, rather than turn the Beast back into a human, the Beast's hair is straightened out. When a surprised Big Bird tells the Beast that he's still a beast, The Beast tells him that he's always been a beast, and that the Witch's curse just messed up his hair. Agatha Christie adapted some of her novels into plays and often changed features.

In her adaptation of Appointment With Death , she changed the identity of the murderer. Retrieved March 31, Archived from the original on July 7, Retrieved June 26, Retrieved November 19, Retrieved December 5, The New York Times. Random House, , p. Unearthed documents detail comedian's discharge" , TheSmokingGun. Retrieved June 19, Archived from the original on April 2, The Making of a Prophet [ permanent dead link ] , p. The Making of a Prophet [ permanent dead link ] p.

The Making of a Prophet". The Paley Center for Media. Jossey-Bass, , The Official Lenny Bruce Site. Archived from the original on November 13, Retrieved November 28, Retrieved November 12, Archived from the original on June 13, Retrieved June 4, The Trials of Lenny Bruce.

University of Missouri-Kansas City. Romanized Hippocrene Books, Lenny Bruce and George Carlin, December ". Archived from the original on November 8, The Lenny Bruce Trial Retrieved June 25, Solomon , 26 N. Retrieved 19 June My Life Inside Rock and Out. Retrieved November 18, The Real Frank Zappa Book. Hugh Hefner and the American dream. Issues 15, 41, 48, The Trials of Lenny Bruce: The Fall and Rise of an American Icon.

Retrieved August 20, Pittston resident Kitty Bruce hopes to help women in recovery with "Lenny's House " ". Archived from the original on November 23, Retrieved June 18, Interview with Nat Hentoff with audio link ". Talk of the Nation. Retrieved January 18, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle , November 5, , p.

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An Unfettered History book. Retrieved from " https: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from March Articles with permanently dead external links Pages using web citations with no URL Webarchive template wayback links CS1 errors: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

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