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Fuck someone in Biloxi ok

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DO NOT SEND ME X-RATED E-MAILS OR photoS and NO ATTACHED MEN. Wanting something real. I'm just seeking for a secret friend to pboobies time with(in my boring life) I'm not trying to change or ruin my current relationship, I just need more out of life then I'm getting.

Been a long time just need to get laid m4w Its been a long time. He should not be a felon. Will trade pics if you desire. Are u a squirter. This a Valentine's Day Celebration that takes place on Valentine's Day, perfect for women who want to meet other single women and not have be alone on this lovely day.

Some older, military, and a lot of people. I go there everytime I pass through the area. Was there yesterday, WOW, guess this hot weather is packing them in. Action was fast and furious from opening until about 3: Lots of nice guys just gettinsome or gettin a load off.

The guy in hospital scrubs really put on a show. The last time that I was there I saw a little action taking place, but not too much.

Comparable to your first visit. What was the day annd time of your second visit. The scene sounded really hot and the type I would really get into. Hope the theater is as active on my next visit as it was on your last. We'll be staying somewhere around gulfport.

I'll post my room and hotel when I get there in case anyone wants to come by and dump a load or two. How far is this off I I'm heading to Port St. Lucie and I"d love to stop by on the way if it's not to far. Is the Theater or any of the Bookstores open on Sundays? It's been two months since I dropped a load but about noon tomorrow, I'll start that count down all over again.

Nuts are acheing for relief. Will have hotel room Thur, night. Will come by here and get warmed up and have some fun. Would like to have company at hotel too. I have a girl thats want to come there and see what it is like. Will be there monday nite after From , go west on 90, turn on Iberville, go across the tracks, then go about a half block and it will be on the right. If you get to the red light, you went too far!

In the rear seats of the movie theater, mostly at the left rear side -- that is where I go and where I'll be Tuesday night. Tonight around 8 I will be there. I'm pretty sure that the Theater is closed on Sunday.

I'm not sure about the bookstore. Do any couples go there? Would like to see a wife get painted sometime Will be there for a week starting on mar 7 hope to see somebody. Any uncut men I am going there on March 12 in the pm staying at the Isle. Will be visiting the week of Feb Anyone want to play? Sorry about the date posted in the first one, it will be on Monday, Jan 5. I will be visiting Biloxi on Wed Dec Does any of the stores in Biloxi have truck parking? I will be there Nov.

Would love some Southern action!! Anyone going to be around early to mid afternoon of the 24th?

The Blue Oyster Cult History Project:

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That seems sort of mean to-. I managed to snag an On Tour Forever t-shirt at the table in the back. They didn't have a merchandise table at the Baton Rouge show for some reason. At twenty dollars, the t-shirt was reasonably priced for a concert shirts.

I can not say the same thing for the baseball caps which were also quoted at twenty dollars. We left the show and headed back to Baton Rouge at one in the morning.

Tomorrow we will be there in force in Mandeville. I can only hope that we hear it in Mandeville since they have an open date on Sunday before the Little Rock show. The group played the Heaven Forbid material pretty much the same way as they played the rest of their set, no doubt because they have been playing the songs live for so long as you guessed. At both shows they mentioned Heaven Forbid each time they played a tune and encouraged the audience to buy it, as it just came out.

Interestingly, well maybe not that interestingly, in Baton Rouge they credited the accoustic In Thee to Heaven Forbid by way of Mirrors, while in Gulfport they simply credited it to Mirrors. This album is becoming ingrained like so many other of their releases.

I find the tunes coming to my mind unbidden. It started great and is actually getting better with repeat listening. It has been so long since I could say that about an album. I like every song on the CD. Raymond Boudreau At last I sit down to collect my thoughts and review the Mandeville show, despite the agonized complaints of my brethren overseas. Since they have announced dates in Europe, I need no longer worry about whatever small bit of guilt I might have had at discussing the show.

I find myself exhausted and elated after the last week. The previous week the newsgroup buzzed with talk of the new album and the current tour. Sunday and Monday the anticipation of what would occur built.

Then, Tuesday March 24 arrived. In the morning, a new album purchased. All day the tune hummed through my computer at work. That night, they came. Wednesday, a day off lunch and dinner spent in conversation about the album and concert with friends. At work, Heaven Forbid again. Thursday, three good buddies set off for Gulfport and we were rocked again. Then, on Saturday night, they gave their final show in this area in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Seven of us, appropriately enough, set off to see the concert. Mandeville is a city on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain. The city has become a suburb of the New Orleans, connected to what the locals call the Crescent City by the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway which spans the lake. The Causeway extends 24 miles across the lake actually an estuary making it the longest bridge in the world, unless some third world muckety-muck hasn't stolen our thunder.

When travelling across the Causeway, both shores disappear in the middle, a strange experience for the uninitiated.

The northshore, as we call it even in Baton Rouge to the west, has filled up with upper-middle class people looking to escape the crime andconfusion of big city life in New Orleans. But New Orleanians have a way of bringing their culture with them, and a nightlife has come to Mandeville.

Headliner's, the club where they played Saturday night, forms part of that. Once again, they appeared in a site situated on water. Headliner's sits on Lakeshore drive, directly on the lake. The sky appeared pitch black over the lake on our left as we walked around the corner to the show. One of my friends made another crack about the subhumans emerging during the show as we entered. We found Headliner's a perfect venue. For the first time, a little poster on a column selling Heaven Forbid greeted us at the door.

A very attractive young blonde woman sold the tshirts and hats to our right. As we arrived early, we got to the show at eight when it the club had it listed as starting at ten, we were able to seize our traditional spot.

This time the show took place in a club, which though smaller than many, had clearly been designed for rock concerts. Bars sat up and to the side. An open lowered area extended back from the stage. The stage itself rose only a foot or so above the floor. A railing, merely chest-high, ran across the front. We would stand right in from of Buck Dharma, as close as someone you talked to in your living room. Unlike the other shows, in smaller metropolitan areas on weeknights, this would be a Saturday night concert in the New Orleans area.

A people began to file in we could see it would be a big crowd. Imaginos tshirts and flat out tshirts appeared. The audience would be a mix of northshore yuppies, biker types on of whom was to "conduct" the show while pressed into my side waving his hands in front of my face, but this is a minor gripe , guitar afficionados young and old , classic rock listeners, and hardcore B.

You know, their fans. This had us excited, but accompanied by a bittersweet feeling as well. The last show of our Blue Oyster Cult odyssey would soon begin. I must admit, though, I didn't feel as sad as I thought I might. I felt kind of relaxed, in the groove. This had become part of my life. I guess in one respect, much as I found it hard to believe this was all happening at the beginning of the week, I didn't really think it was ending at the end of the week.

The club soon filled with people and the show started with no bull. Not that I don't appreciate the Bud girls. I got a blinking light bottle cap from one in Baton Rouge and a Tshirt at Gulfport. Beautiful women in tight fitting minidresses and I just connect, although perhaps not entirely as much as I would want.

The opening band, Invisible Cowboy, just came on and introduced themselves, which put them immediately head and shoulders above the unknown band in Gulfport. These people actually had a record! The best of the opening act of the three shows then began to play a hard rocking set. I find it hard to peg their style.

Anyone familiar with Cowboy Mouth or Better Than Ezra might recognize what may be emerging as a south Louisiana rock sound. They were much harder than Ezra, but all three bands play a kind of country influenced rock, absent the twang but with a hard driving beat with a reliance on guitar fills.

Yet for all this, this group seemed not as out of place as one might think. What is even weirder, for a group who on the surface would seem to be distant from B. Behind each verse drifted a nice haunting little guitar fill ala Reaper. The front man introduced one song as being about a fundamentalist preacher kidnapped by aliens. Yeah, Invisible Cowboy knows them.

The only thing I think may be holding them back is their lead guitarist. Although the man was quite competent, many places their songs begged for an extended guitar solo. Instead we received a slightly drawn out version of his basic riff. It may be that he simply doesn't have it to give. He was likable, the group was likable, and I think we all liked them. They didn't overstay their welcome, but played their little bit, thanked the audience and the club for having them and left.

Now we waited for them to arrive for what seemed like ages. There seemed to be some trouble with Bloom's custom blue guitar with the white B. Even into the show, we could see the roadies working with it off in the wings. At one point, a red version appeared with an alien head plastered on it, but eventually the blue guitar returned.

The band was not free of technical problems Saturday night, as at one point early on in the show people poured over the wiring plugged into the keyboards trying to find a fault. The band walked out on stage to their eerie excitement building opening music. I could see that Roeser still had his glasses on which he got rid of before coming onto the stage. From the moment they launched into Before The Kiss, I could tell this would be a special show.

We had speculated the band might be tired after the long trip to and from Jackson. What we got was B. The band was not bouncing around like they were in Gulfport, but they were not as relatively uptight as they were in Baton Rouge. They played their tunes with intensity and emotion as well as the virtuosity we all expect from Blue Oyster Cult. Upon talking to my friends afterwards this felt like a personal concert. At one point, Roeser looked at us where we stand in front of him gestured to us decked out in our tshirts and said "we would like to thank our loyal Louisiana fans.

This feeling simply was not present in the other concerts. This was the best show I have been to, and others who were with us who had seen them more times agreed. I can still hear the Reaper playing in my mind as I write this.

At the end of the Reaper, Buck looked down and tossed us his pick which resides next to my computer. I own a blue "Buck Dharma" signed pick used to play the Reaper tossed to us in thanks for our support. For old hands, no big deal I guess. After the encore he shook our hands. What a way to close the week. They had Sunday, today and tomorrow off. On Thursday, they play Jones Plaza in Houston.

One of my friends, one who journeyed with me to all three of the shows I saw, lives in Houston. He will see them again, the bastard. He keeps trying to lure me to drive the miles to see our favorite band one more time. As they play on a weeknight, this just isn't possible for me, although I admit I would be tempted were the concert on a weekend. But, you know I could arrange to spread my work into Wednesday and Saturday Jay R Just returned from the Houston show.

This was a free concert, kicking off the regular "Party on the Plaza" series that takes place downtown during the Spring months. Here's some random observations: Beer booths were everywhere Bud, Miller, and some microbrews sponsored the show , and most of the people were making good use of the taps. Definitely a party mood and crowd. Jones Plaza is smack in the middle of downtown Houston, so there were big skyscrapers surrounding the party, and there were huge spotlights coursing over the buildings throughout the show, adding a "big event" feeling to the evening.

Boys seemed to be having a good time, and the sound was pretty good, I think, for an outdoor show. I saw one Box A Rocks T-shirt. Crowd was a good mix of bikers, babes, businessmen, and me. It didn't bother me, but I guess I just had this impression that Eric was the singer in the band, and that Buck did the occasional vocal on his own tunes when Eric's voice was too aggressive. For this show, Buck was the singer, and Eric did the occasional vocal.

Overall, I had a great time Don Walker Jay pretty much hit the nail on the head concerning the Houston show except for one thing. The sound was terrible. I hope whoever mixed that show didn't get paid for it. There were several places where Buck was 4 or more measures into a solo before the level on his guitar was turned up. It was obvious that whoever worked the board was unfamilar with BOC except for the Big 3.

I was really impressed with Danny. He looked like he was having the time of his life on stage. I have to say that I too was surprized to see Allen on guitar as much as he was.

The biggest disappointment other than the amateurish sound mixing and the Jerry Springer episode fight that broke out right by me was that the guys didn't play ME Jay R Here's a portion of the write-up of the Houston show by the Sidewalk. In fact, it was 9 pm - an hour after the advertised time - when featured headliners Blue Oyster Cult took the stage.

While this was going on, plaza security was busily making sure that attendees understood that Party on the Plaza means just that: Anyone endeavoring to carry their beer down the grassy slope to the Porta-Cans was informed that, no, you can't take your beer down there.

And my party was more than once reprimanded for simply standing on that same grassy slope. Never mind that the concrete plaza was already a crowd-control hazard teeming with bingeing businessmen trying to score coke, and never mind that the slope was simultaneously overrun with unattended children.

We were there until 10 pm, into the band's acoustic interlude, fer chrissakes, without having heard a single note of a single one of the band's three hits.

But since my mama raised me to look for something nice to say, we'll search for the positive spin: Let's just say there's room for improvement Gary Another routine great show - was about my 15th to 20th. Typical large nightclub with the dance floor up front but no room to dance - and I was on vacation and standing in the front row up against the stage.

Al was playing guitar during his song "In Thee" and some jerk threw a beer bottle and hit Al in the head. Although the band was pissed, they remained cool and professional, and continued the song uninterrupted and played a full show. Also, I noticed when BOC got off stage they went thru the club and exited into a room at the front of the building.

A while later I went out for air and Buck and Eric came out the exit to the front sidewalk where I was standing alone, and saw them walking out and carrying their guitars. I jested to them that I had caught 'em "sneaking out the Front Door" and that I enjoyed the show and the new album Heaven Forbid released 2 weeks earlier.

They nodded and said thanks. They got in a rental car parked in front and Eric and Buck drove away. Don H Caravan of Dreams Nice small club, pretty packed that night. Only thing I hated was their no-cameras policy. It was April 9th. I'm attaching a scan of the ticket stub.

MannyABQ A very nice little club. The opening band, The Diner Junkies was even great. Here's the set list: SpectreRI That can't possibly be the order of the songs played I'm sure it was late and you were wiped out from a fine show The highlight of the night for me was The Vigil which surprised me very much and finally hearing Flaming Telepaths live. Wow, what a night! Eric alsogave me a nifty blue pick.

After last night, I've had some time to think about the show and I have a couple of thoughts. First, they sounded as good as I've ever heard them.

I was a bit surprised to see a lot less of Eric. At times he seemed to be so far in the background that he disappeared. I really had the feeling that BOC is so very much Buck's band. He was the driving force, musically and lyrically, that led that band from song to song. Danny looked liked the happiest person in the club.

It's really cool to see someone who is obviously just happy to be there. Well, that's number 5. I can't wait for number 6! Don't know how big the crowd was, it was pretty big for Caravan which was primarily a jazz club, and beginning to fade at that time. No chairs, everyone stood. There were females in the crowd, yet despite what MannyABQ wrote, there were damn few.

Maybe 12, and that was counting the beer hops. Girls working the mob with ice chests of beer strapped to their front like at the baseball park. This event was pretty much a guy exclusive, geezers and burnouts, singing along. My wife and I arrived early so were close to the stage. Zelda had taken her umbrella. Whenever there was a surge or push, she defended her territory by sticking that umbrella into sides or groins, always with an innocent smile.

The band was spot on. They were composed of the former members of Pantera and a couple of others. They weren't too good. Bassist kept throwing in jazz licks. So was the keyboardist. While they were playing, I propped up on the wall surrounding the dance floor and winced at the crappy job they were doing. After a bit, I was joined by a big guy with a lot of curly hair. He took a couple of drinks off his water or whatever, leaned over to me and asked, "Whaddaya think of these guys?

They needed a rhythm player, drummer needed to tighten up, bass and keys needed to get with the program or git gone. He agreed with my assessment, and turned to leave.

I've been a BOC fan since the early '70's. Unless they've lost it hugely, there's no way I'll be disappointed. I got another beer and went up on one of the balconies overlooking the stage while the guys got ready. Buck, Eric, Allen I recognized. Dude with a headrag came out and checked his bass; Danny. Then I spotted the big guy with the hair. He walked on stage like he owned it, went to the drums, and started preflighting his kit. My jaw went thump on the floor.

I'd been talking to Robby. When the show was over, he came back out into the crowd looking for me. Did we live up to your expectations? I just wish I'd had the jacket so I could've gotten an autograph or five.

I was disappointed by one thing, though. Not nearly enough people were there. It was about half full. The radio stations and concert venues aren't doing nearly enough to promote the guys when they come to town, and that's criminal. BOC is tighter now than they were fifteen years ago, and are a thousand times better than a lot of bigname acts like Aerosmith who still have the name draw to pack a large arena. I think the presence of Danny and Robby in the band, new blood, is one reason they sound so much better.

I may get blasted for this, but my opinion is that they're better by far than the Bouchard brothers ever were. One of the tracks they did was the all acoustic "In Thee", and they had most everybody in the club singing with them. I'm going to Lexington, TN next weekend to see them at Lakefest ' There are other acts on the ticket: April Wine, Nazareth, Pat Travers.

Far as I'm concerned, this is a BOC show, and nothing else. The rest is filler. Hope to see some of you there. Look for a short, chunky, bikeroid guy in a denim jacket covered in squadron patches, with Link Wray's signature on the right shoulder.

Quick Gig Facts boc. But come on, that is quite the Setlist! I videoed the show - I was even able to get on a Bar area and use a tripod.

I had just had hernia surgery and I think I screwed it up getting onto that Bar area, had to have it again. Alcohol and surgery recovery do not mix well Cliff Tichenor Their first show a few days after the release of Heaven Forbid. They played like they were possesed!!! It was truly a show of shows. This was the best sound and the most inspired I have ever seen them. It was sooo awesome!!! Paul DeStefano Wow, this goes back. This was definitely far from our first gig, and I don't know if you would say we've supported BOC so much as they appear on a few of our CDs.

Our live show is usually taking a lot of cover songs and doing them oddly - ballads of Ozzy songs, calypso Pink Floyd and such. We do a lot of BOC material, if the crowd knows it. It is sung by us with Buck Dharma on guest vocals.

That album was "All Time Greatest Hips". I know there are several videos as well as recordings of that BBQ which wasn't a BBQ show, which was mainly us, then Buck and Danny joining us from time to time, mostly for Beatles tunes and such. They were our guests. As for how all of this came about - Buck liked our version of Reaper, and the band became fans and wanted to mess around with us.

So we became friends and exchanged lots of ideas and recordings and such. I think Sandy maybe sang some live with us that day, too. This kind of scratches the surface of our relationship with BOC You can hear a piece of Buck with us on reaper here: As usual a tight, loud, and rockin set - however much more business like than past years sessions.

The house was fairly packed, no idea of exactly how many attended ? Buck was his usual guitar virtuoso, but much more subdued than last year when I saw BOC at same venue. No rolling up his sleeves, hand wringing, shit-eatin' grins in anticipation of a lightning hot riff, etc. Allen was center stage playing guitar for a good portion of the set - he actually looked alert and perky!

Eric played more keyboards than I'd seen before and spent a lot of time off to stage right. Vioce sounded strongand on-key. Nothing of note to say about DM or BR - both were steady and consistent.

Nice to see one of my old favorites, OD'd on Life, back in the play list. The mid-to-end transition in ETI literally shook to ground. Harvest Moon was awesome, but the rendition of Flaming Telepaths stole the show. Buck's Boogie ,well what can you say - it just seems to get better with age. Never did and probably never will understand playing In Thee - it really slows the show and momentum.

A real nice touch to have Burning for You start the set. It really got the fans yelling, screaming and singing. I'd guess it is a much better sing-a-long than Stairway to the Stars, the standard opener for the past 20 years or so. Would have liked to have seen on more encore song, maybe something new like Cold Gray Light of Dawn or X-ray eyes. All in all quite the night JH 'Sabocat' Furnish Shakey's is definitely a badly-designed venue for rock acts, but the crowd was still really cool and the beer was cheap and they had Yuengling.

I drank a few pitchers myself, of course sharing with my friend and driver Bob Milot! However, the folks at Shakey's still showed proper reverence and fanaticism for the priests of Metal, and Bob and I had a great time.

Like Bob said, we did a lot of screaming and came out sounding like we'd been swallowing rocks. There were some diehard fans we'll be in touch with for good now, and most of all we had contact with the band and walked away with trophies. As Bob said, he caught more or less Eric Bloom's pick which as I remember was actually thrown at us by Danny Miranda the bassist , and he got some first-edition vinyl signed.

He was suprised I had his solo album with Gillen and that I knew his brother had been in that band he played guitar. I also got Allen Lanier and Buck Dharma yeah! In the meantime, I encourage you most strongly to go see the band when and if they hit your area. Don't miss out, even if the venue sucks. Hermit My fiancee and I went to the show here last night and it was great. We went to the Bear radio to see a friend as Eric and Buck were scheduled to do an interview.

After dishing off a bunch of CD's to be signed we went outside to greet them. They were looking around so we said hello, got some stuff signed ST and Spectres albums talked a bit and they went into the studio for TV and radio interviews.

Kudos to the media here. We then went to the venue and had to wait until 9: Anyway BOC hit the stage at 11 and played for 1h 45min. Their set list was the same as has been posted before but the new arrangements are unbelievable. They are so tight I couldn't believe it. We sat right infront of Buck all night and my ears melted. Highlight for me was LDoM. They have re-worked it and the solo break can't be explained, it must be experienced.

Godzilla was great as Bobby and Danny really got to show their chops. The segues btween bass and drum solos kept the sound very fresh. No cliche 70s solo breaks with these guys. This line-up is awesome live. Most of the songs have been slightly re-worked and sound like they could have been recorded yesterday. Sorry for the rambling but my mind still hasn't registered all it was exposed to.

These guys are first class musicians and most importantly real people. Big smiles all night, meeting the fans, what more can you ask for. Do yourself a favour and see this show. They play in Red Deer 15 May which is 1. I think I'll have to go. Hermit What a great week. I managed 2 shows and some time with the band. Their stint in Alberta was excellent. IMHO the best since the brothers.

Great way to end a Canadian leg with reference to the Mounties and all. The band hung around to chat and sign stuff for a bit. Here is the mark of a peoples band as not many hang with the fans. BOC rocks and I can't wait to see them again, and again They are just awesome, haven't lost a beat at all since the 80s!!! Pretty cool to hear this song, though at the time I kept calling this song "Flaming Wonder".

Being a newly initiated BOC fan, my friend corrected me on the title and enjoyed it nonetheless. He wanted to hear Astronomy, but I wasn't too picky! See You In Black: However, that isn't thecase and this heavy, earthshaking rocker represents the most intensely heavy BOC I've ever heard. Still I can't help thinking how much it sounds like Metallica excuse me. Personally, Eric Bloom could kick Hetfield's ass anyday! Last Days Of May: One of Buck Dharma's many highlights, but definitely the most beautiful.

I was so drawn into this number that I lost track of all space and time. Sounds like a classic BOC theme huh?

This drunk couple behind us reminded me that every has their own "Freebird". The male counterpart was slurrily yelling, "Lizard! Play the Lizard soooong!!! That obviously must've been a stab at the producers of the Godzilla movie who didn't want to include the band on the soundtrack.

I think the band is still a little bitter about that, but anyway Man, I only wish it had been the Bouchards. Still, I'll take an abriged version of BOC anyday, and there was still more music to come. This song sticks out in my youth more than any other one, and to see it done live is so special. Buck Dharma is a genius for coming up with the solo for the song, for it is forever engraved into my musical subconscious. It is any wonder why Buck is one of the best guitarists to come out in the 70s??

I rest my case. That was the end of the set? They had only played like an hour and 15 minutes, but was worth every minute.

Still we all wanted more, more, MORE!!! The band comes back out and they do an awesome rendition of Dominance and Submission. Bloom leads the crowd in the frantic cheers of "Dominance" while he so coolly replies "Sub Which by the way, they didn't go into ME I was a little bummed.

I mean, they could have played at least one more song but the bastards at the Horse Park probably wanted to close shop. I had noticed they played it at other venues, but not here. Didn't have it crush my evening though. I can't wait to see the "hungry boys" again!!! Anything they play is alright by me. But they have such a variety of songs from past albums that they could play totally different material each night.

Even stuff from Revolution or Ninja, two somewhat underrated albums. Here's to the cult!!!! Long live BOC in '98 and beyond! I'm gonna have to set up plans for the 30th anniversary in The show started only a few minutes late as stage crew had many problems hooking up properly.

The first song, Burnin for You, had no PA, consequently, no vocals. After some repair work, the band continued with "Cities" and ETI, and the vocals were still bearly audible. Eric was changing guitars every song, as his playing was not getting through, either. To make it worse, when Allen stepped up to play his solo - yep, you guessed it - no volume, no audible solo. This was really sucking, even tho most of the audience seemed to pay it little attention. I will say that "See you in Black" kicked royal ass - even though, again the vocals were non-existent.

With it's 3 guitar assault, it's just killer. All through the show, roadies were scurrying about trying to solve the sound problems to little avail. When Allen's guitar came to life during Harvest Moon, in came in so loud that it buried Buck for the remainder of the tune.

Oh, but the worst was yet to be. After "Live for Me", Eric says that they are being told they have to wrap up the show and says something like 'hell with em - we're playing all night'.

They launch into Godzilla - in the middle of the drum solo, the stage lights were turned off - the band in total darkness. Eric grabs a flashlite and shines it on the drummer - they ended up finishing the song in the dark [guess we got to see em in Black] and then the power is cut totally - no instruments, lights, PA - the show was shut down.

I was leaning on the barricade on the front row - yea I saw the pony-tailed guy with none on top [g] - and Eric and Allen both tried to tell the audience that they had been shut down - but unless you were front row, you didn't hear or see em. When everyone realized the show was indeed over, chants of "Bullshit" accompanied bottles and trash thrown on the stage, though it never got out of hand.

I believe many in the crowd assumed that BOC had purposely ended the show. As I made my way through the crowd, I heard "Get yer tired old asses and hit the fuckin road" and " Those geezers are late for the rest home" among the many profanities hurled at the band. I hope the radio station that sponsored the show - WROV - will make a statement absolving the band, and explain just what the fuck happened.

Here was a show promoted for months, a two day festival, and the headliners get the plug pulled after [I'm guessing] about 35 minutes - they never even got to play their biggest hit " The Reaper". With the sound fuck-ups, an overall ugly night for BOC. Can someone tell me who the band was that preceded em - the skinny little white guy with the black bassist and drummer? SpectreRI Danny told me they literally pulled the plug because of curfew bullshit Sounds like VERY lame planning on the promoters of the gig to me.

What a shame to do this to a band willing to work so hard to promote this great new CD There were many problems due to the way the pa was set up! However, the major problem was that BOC were due to start at 9pm and play an hour and a half set.

However, they did not get the go ahead until 9: Then of course the power was 'unplugged' at Art Ring the road manager had to usher people out of BOC's tent as they believed it was their place to party free. There were a few other problems - basically the promoters were clueless!!!!

I thought the band dealt with it very well! They all felt for the crowd, but what could they do? Buck did use his new Steinberger - yellow, with Swiss cheeseholes drilled into the body - Buck told me that it is Cheeseberger!!!!

Dale's note was a pretty accurate description of the sound problems they encountered. The subsequent note that stated that BOC were originally scheduled to go on at 9 was also right However, I'm still not clear on why the people running the thing felt compelled to pull the plug on the band Also, the station failed to mention that the entire show had startedlate that morning because the people setting the stuff up initially didn't want to get wet when it was raining.

I happened to be watching when the guy said something to Eric I would think that anyone with two brain cells to rub together would be able to figure out that the crowd was gonna go ballistic if they didn't at -least- get ZILLA and REAPER, but apparently that's too much of a stretch for them. Anyway, here's what actually got performed: Not only has the station NOT said anything to explain that this disaster wasn't the fault of BOC, they've been doing exactly the opposite! They've been slamming the band on-air ever since the show.

Among the "witty" comments were things like "They're gonna change their name to Blue Oyster Suck" and "They were just total dicks" and complaints about the "attitude" the band had and so on. This afternoon they had people calling in and complaining about them, while the DJs egged them on! While they were obviously not happy with the way the show had gone, they were quite cordial to the fans who ventured backafterwards. Danny said that the fans had been very good to them, and he really hated that they had gotten "cheated".

The long and the short of it is that rather than admit that they screwed up royally, the station is dumping the whole thing in the laps of BOC. So who does that leave as the REAL 'total dicks? They call themselves "the rock of Virginia" Got lucky to get tix, the place, Mainstreet Bar and Grill, was already packed to the gills and more waiting to get in. An excellent little venue, but only held about or so and had a VERY small stage.

Only one strobe box used on Telepaths The band was originally billed as starting at 9: Then the bar held them back until Well, I got in about 8: People had still left the very front of the stage open, so I parked it right in front of Bucks mike and struck up a conversation with a pretty cool local guy named Marty.

Told him about the net, he will be checking it out soon. The crowd was restless by I explained that it is the CLUB that dictates when the show begins, and does so to sell more alcohol, and the ones in front seemed to understand. Set list mirrored the past few shows, noticable exceptions were no "Bucks Boogie", and addition of "Lips in the Hills" and "Summer of Love".

The vocals werelow to start, but got better as time went. Highlites were the magical solo in "Last Days of May", even the local sound man seemed blown away. Really enjoyed Summer, too!! Unfortunately, I did not meet any real cultifiles, most of the rednecks in the joint screamed "Reaper, Reaper!! He wasn't happy about it. He seemed to be chuckling about it. All in all, a great show. Allen looked better to me than he had earlier this month, and Bobby and Danny look and sound very integrated now.

The BOC machine is revved up, fellas, and with the momentum Harvest Moon is building, maybe we'll see them in larger arenas soon. Set list started off a little different compared to what I'm used to seeing Burning For You for an opener?!? Can anyone from around that area explain this bizarre inversion? The vocals were a little hard to make out from the back of the tent, but I really can't complain..

The new stuff makes great live material, now that I actually know what the words are supposed to be. So I travelled the 3 hours to Richmond for "Rockstock 98". This show went off without a hitch. A fine outdoor amphitheatre, good seating, good securuty. Not what I would call an inspired performance - rather, professional and workman - like.

For those interested, some observations: The set was pretty much the same as has been posted regularly except no "Vigil" or ME No Dominance and Submission either. Please do not get me wrong, but Buck solo's nearly every song, and great as he is, they tend to sound much the same after a few songs and many years. Allen's short but fierce spot, which was not heard in Lynchburg last week, was the coolest part of the show.

Speaking of Allen, he looked great last night, as opposed to walking [barely] death last week. He was very animated and all over the stage, most times grinning from ear to ear. Welcome back to the living, AL [gr] For two weeks straight, everyone was dressed the same. I mean, identically what they each wore last week. Are the slate grey jeans thateach member is wearing the new "touring" gear?

All had various black shirts: Buck the sleevless pit bull, Bloom the road-racing thunder, etc. Looks to me as if this is the official look of this tour. I mean, we're here for the music, sure. But they could do more to make the shows more visually appealing - if they wanted to.

Danny and Bobby have to be, pound for pound, the fattest rhythm section in the history of rock and roll. During the drum solo on 'zilla, Bobby's lips pucker, his cheeks balloon, his eyes pop, and he literally looks like he's gonna explode. When he walked out from behind the drums at show's close, he looks like he's packing a bowling ball under his [yes, black] tee shirt. I wonder what Rick Downey's up to these days?

OK, that's about it. But it's been a long, cool ride, and I'm pleased to have been along for most of it. Jeez, where the hell is George Geranimos sp? Obviously not running the board in Richmond, VA this past Saturday night!

The sound mix just plain sucked canal water and I was sitting right behind the sound and light boards where the sound "should" have been the best! Just sonically pathetic all the way from the overbearing bass drums right down to the virtually non-existant lead vocals; which by the way, never really came up in the mix properly until "TCTLDofMay" -thank God-.

And what's up with Buck's new guitar; it never sounded "right" all night and was usually buried way down in the mix; therefore Buck's solo's were usually completely lost on the crowd. And the keyboards sounded completely out-of-place all night; never fitting-in smoothly and usuallly sounding like a squanky, out-of-tune organ-grinder's instrument.

Now mind you, I don't believe any of this was the fault of the band members; who were obviously trying their best under very difficult circumstances. The only way this was "better" than Lynchburg the previous Saturday night was that the venue didn't just cut the power in mid-Godzil Aren't they getting paid to handle this seemingly straight-forward task?

Jackyl managed to come on right at 7: Dale I'll tell ya, JW, I was down front deadcenter 3 rows deep, and the sound seemed fine to me. But I was pretty happy just to hear all the mics and instuments working, as opposed to Lynchburg. It could have and should have been louder, though. To be honest, I remember thinking that the keyboards sucked most of the night. Most of the time, the problem was actually Allen. He appeared to be a half beat slow on every solo, and rushed his finish in a garbled mess to get it all in - like he couldn't keep up with the speed of the songs.

I can't say about Eric's work on keys, as I really didn't pay them much attention. Sounded alright up close. Eric has lost the snarl and growl of his youth. He alters a lot of his vocals now, singing in places he used to scream.

Sure, his age, and saving his voice for a long tour are the reasons. But it does lessen the performance no less. Buck has never had a strong voice, and Eric no longer has the menacing voice that gave BOC's material that style and attitude that made songs like "Cities on Flame" work.

Man, that's been his act unchanged for 20 years. I don't expect these guys to be able to play, perform, or even feel the same way they did years ago in their prime. I go now because I still love the songs, and still remember how much they meant to me. But I'll be honest. At 41 yrs of age, nothing has made me feel my age more than seeing this once killer band transform into aworking corporation right before my eyes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I've seen 4 shows this year with Woody and 1 last year I saw 11 shows with GPG George last year and 10 the year before Why is this - well poor sound equipment of someplaces can be blamed.

The others where the opening bands sound fine and BOC not who knows I ask George about this and he was miffed George has been alternating doing sound for Morbid Angel, and Anthrax over the last 6 months His reason for this is his business I have to agree with the keys, vocals, and BD's Guitar being low in the mix for a few years anyway I'd best describe it as a muddy type of mix Paul Grant Just got home after the show.

I was near the front, just to Buck's left. But what is going on with the gear? Right from the start there were equipment problems Eric said , I think some hassle was with the transmitters from the guitars. Buck certainly had trouble and seemed to be having words with the crew. A great set, I really enjoyed it. We got - and I forget the order: What would really piss me off though is if this "goodbye" show - which I feel it is - has just been screwed by equipment problems.

Buck really played well, as good as I can recall seeing him, and he looked really fucked off about what happened with the gear. And Bobby the drummer! Cigarette at all times except during solo and, it seems, a hungry guy M Collins I was there too, and I enjoyed it, although with slightly mixed feelings.

I'm nowhere near as avid a fan of BOC as most people here; I love themfor their brilliant moments - of which there are plenty - but there's an awful lot of stuff of theirs that doesn't do much for me. And I could say exactly the same about this gig. There were some sensational bits, which absolutely made the night for me, but there were also plenty of moments where I was left standing watching, thinking "ho-hum".

BOC aren't, for the most part, an in-your-face powerchord-rock band, they're more sophisticated than that, and when the sound was poor they really suffered. Particularly, the opening song "Burnin' For You" suffered terribly, both from a very poor mix and from being far too quiet!

It was great to hear "Flaming Telepaths", one of my all-time fave BOC songs, but as you said, it was spoiled by the piss-poor sound. I was also a little surprised at the choice of songs from the new album, which has grown a lot on me in the last few weeks. I know SYIB has been a part of the set for a long time as far back as the last time they came to these shores , but it's one of their duller songs, IMHO. I'd have loved to hear "Power.. It was good to see a good response from the audience to the new stuff, though, and not just baying for the old classics.

Time to stop being negative - there were times when they absolutely stormed! And from the utterly superb "Last Days Of May" onwards, everything just seemed to suddenly come together

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