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No Chemical element abbreviation for Nobelium, At. As it turned out, the researchers who claimed to have found element in , on the basis of a ten-minute half life, and who gave it this name, had not found it it soon became clear that no isotope had such a half-life.

The next year it was really discovered at Berkeley by A. When the dust finally settled in , the Berkeley group graciously recommended that the name originally given be kept. Learn less interesting stuff like density, chemistry and all that rot at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool.

Switch and relay designation. Here's the Norway page of an X. Somewhat equivalently, it has the effect that casting a word into the genitive case has in inflected languages like German or Latin. Like Japanese particles generally, it is written using the hiragana syllabary. Those who study Japanese as a foreign language usually encounter mnemonics to help them learn the roughly basic kana hiragana plus katakana symbols.

Here's a good one for the hiragana no if you already know Hebrew. The following paragraph is reproduced as image content below, which may help if your browser does not display the non-Latin characters properly. The modern cursive form of shin is. It means 's, so it follows the possessor and precedes the possession.

However, Japanese is now written left-to-right. If you read it right-to-left, like Hebrew, a phrase with -no will have the possession-of-possessor order. So naturally the cursive Hebrew shin should be flipped over to produce the hiragana no: In Classical Latin the genitive case was used for simple possession and attribution, and the use of de was more restricted. In Vulgar Latin, the case distinctions broke down or went away, and de came to be used more generally to mark the possessive.

Even today, the Anglophone accent in Italian is known as lorelenardi. The definition was once a tone-setting feminist slogan. Sounds like the level corresponding to the dose labeled MTD.

The story is probably apocryphal, though it's not possible to disprove it altogether. Many years ago when this was discussed on the Classics List, an official with the Nobel Committee was consulted and insisted that there was no record of either Edison or Tesla having been recommended for a prize, but this doesn't rule out the possibility that they were considered, and consulted, informally.

Here is a relevant, if loose, parallel: He was told that he was being considered for it. Because he was an Italian national, and because the Italian government had put in place some stringent laws on the movement of currency and given the rules on collecting the prize within a certain period after the award , there was a question whether an award at that time might not be inconvenient to the awardee, hence the consultation.

Fermi said it would be okay, and the following November it was announced that he had won. The Fermis took the opportunity of the trip to Sweden to emigrate to the US. The edition of the Encyclopedia Americana, in its evidently rather poorly edited article on the Nobel Prizes in vol. The only American to receive the Nobel Prize in physics during that period, as the listing correctly indicates, was Albert A. Following the listing, there is this paragraph my comments are in square brackets: From the list it is seen that six Americans were awarded prizes: Elihu Root [] and Theodore Roosevelt [] for their labors in behalf of peace; A.

Carrel in medicine [; listed as French in the preceding list, apparently correctly, though he did work in the US from to , and the work for which he was awarded the Nobel was done at the Rockefeller Institute]; Prof. Theodore Richard of Harvard University in chemistry []; and A.

Michelson [], Thomas A. Edison [nope] and Nikola Tesla [nope] in physics. In the prize for literature was awarded to Verner Heidenstam, Sweden. In the peace prize was awarded the International Red Cross of Geneva. No prize was awarded. In Theodore Roosevelt, with the consent of Congress, distributed his prize among war charities.

The known ones, with stable or long-lived isotopes, are He helium Ne neon Ar argon Kr krypton Xe xenon Rn radon They mostly Xe do form a small number of not-very-stable compounds, as well as some plain unstable compounds called excimers. Another way that noble-gas atoms can be bound chemically is in endohedral fullerenes -- fullerenes with nonbonded chemical species inside.

The common notation for a Xe inside the standard carbon fullerene is Xe C 60 and it's a tight fit; He C 60 rattles around. It undergoes a transition from a normal liquid state to a superfluid phase at 4. The superfluid phase is a sort of macroscopic equivalent of an atomic ground state: Yes, that's oversimplifying things a bit.

Resistance to oxidation arises from multiple causes, but these can be broadly classed as thermodynamic and kinematic. Thermodynamics determines whether the oxidation is energetically favorable, kinematics determines how fast a thermodynamically favored oxidation will occur.

Many metals, including gold and such non-noble metals as the pure metal aluminum and the alloys called stainless steels, form a thin but dense layer of oxide that prevents further oxidation. Hence oxidation of the bulk is prevented under conditions where it might be thermodynamically favorable.

Kinematic factors can depend dramatically on the oxidants and nonmonotonically on their densities, so they're a bit tricky to quantify. If you want a simple guide to just how noble an element is, thermodynamics is a better bet. In particular, I recommend the reduction potential, since I have a list of reduction potentials of common metals handy: Positive reduction potentials essentially correspond to oxidizing agents rather than reducing agents. Metals with positive reduction potentials do not react with ordinary acids to yield hydrogen gas.

Sulfuric acid is another story -- it's not just a strong acid but also an oxidizing agent. Generally, more positive reduction potentials mean higher resistance to oxidation. Hence, a reasonable definition of noble metals might be those with reduction potentials above a particular value. In the s, 85 percent of global reserves were under the control of the big oil companies. Today, 90 percent of the reserves are being exploited by NOCs and the sovereign governments that own them.

Is that anything like ecdysiasts? It's not what or where you might think. Our technology and convenient location provide quality medical care to residents of the West Michigan Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. What the world seems to need is a few relatively novel ways of no-commenting. Someone somewhere ought to try just pursing his lips. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and At the off the record entry which is on the record and published in this glossary , we examine recursive comment-masking mechanisms.

If making no comment by not commenting is too difficult for one's spokesman, perhaps the solution is to have no spokesman spokesperson? As of , Senator Hillary Clinton has a number of spokers. One is her Senate spokesman, Philippe Reines. I'm working from memory here, so some details may be off. Noder Dame You mean Notre Dame? Nawtr' Dahhhm , mebbe? NoE Network Of Excellence. May be pronounced No E. It's anti -retaliation as well. Signed into US law on May 15, Laws already existed to protect government employees, former employees, and job applicants from discrimination and from retaliation for whistle-blowing.

One case brought to light in hearings on the bill involved an EPA scientist who was punished for a memorandum she had written over ten years earlier and which had eventually, without her knowledge, been given to the House Science Committee which of course had a perfect right to it. I guess that was ND Football Parking. I didn't make this up myself. There used to be an advertising campaign for a cigar: As if their tobacco were addictive or something.

This is a meaty topic. I'll fill in some more stuff later. He explained gleefully that the vendor had sold it to him cheap because it was old. Nobu didn't happen to know Spanish, so he asked me to read some and tell him what the book was about. I found it difficult to understand, like medieval Catalan or As you can guess from the entry in which you're reading this story, it was actually Italian.

We went to Rita a grad student from Sardinia , who confirmed that it was fairly modern Italian. I don't remember what the book was about. A somewhat related story about Enrico Fermi and his sister and a physics book is retold by Laura Fermi in her biography of her husband Enrico, Atoms in the Family.

I'll try to put that in here later. I was reading an Italian mystery last year I picked up a bit of Italian since my time at ASU and having trouble with one longish and idiom-laden sentence. Then, as I walked through the library not far from a small group talking in polite library tones, I distinctly heard one of them say noi -- a word that, afaik, doesn't occur in any western Romance language other than Italian.

I rushed back to where I was sitting and got the book.

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Acronym expansions, definitions, links, and opinions. Click here for bottom) No Chemical element abbreviation for Nobelium, At. No. , a transuranide element and perhaps the most blatant bid for a Nobel prize in the history of chemistry. Jul 31,  · An Online Tagalog - English Dictionary Learn Tagalog or Filipino Language for free. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin