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There are two things about knives that make them special in movies and television. First, they are badass, since there is nothing more humiliating than being beaten with a blade shorter than your palm. Second, they are scary , as a single glimmer from its profile in Ax-Crazy hands has been known to provoke screeches of horror that and the possibility that they're more painful than any gunshot will ever be.

And sometimes, it is both. Throwing knives are also a very popular ranged weapon in fiction, despite not being very well-suited for combat: Subtrope of Weapon of Choice. May lead to a Knife Fight. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Also, I think knives are a good idea. Big, 'fuck-off' shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile.

Knives are good, because they don't make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use 'em. Shit 'em right up. Makes it look like we're serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro. Ten Ten carries thousands of knives and knife variants in her scroll which she summons and throws at high speed from midair. Suigetsu is an Ax-Crazy rogue ninja who sees it as his goal in life to collect all seven blades of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen.

Throughout the series, mass-produced, disposable kunai are commonly used by ninja. They make me feel all tingly. Chloe and Lady Silvana in Noir and Nakhl in Madlax almost never use any weapons other than ritual daggers in combat and are nigh undefeatable with them. His skill makes him the fastest to kill a homunculus , and he even did it twice. Of course Death Is Cheap He can throw his knives, which are not in any way suited toward throwing, to impale skulls.

They're called push knives for a reason. Barry the Chopper likes to cut up helpless people for fun. Lan Fan and Fu are both adept in their use of knives, particularly kunai. Fully justified for Mei Chang, because kunai are necessary for alkahestry. She can throw them five at a time with enough precision to create remote transmutation circles. Rin from Mnemosyne is virtually a female version of Hughes , barring the fact that she's immortal.

Investigative line of work? And of course, push knives? Wonderfully ridiculed in Azumanga Daioh. In Berserk Judeau's weapon of choice are throwing knives. They're later incorporated into Guts 's arsenal following his death in the Eclipse. Dracule "Hawk Eye" Mihawk kicks Zoro and his three sword technique's butt with a 4 inch manicure knife.

Not half the badass Mihawk is, but we briefly meet a villain named 'Big Knife' Sarquiss because Buggy the Clown also has shown a tendency to use knives. Sanji is quite fond of his kitchen knives, though he never uses them on anything except food as he considers use of kitchen utensils for purposes other than cooking to be disgraceful. Kuro u do u Akabane aka Dr. Jackal from Get Backers pulls off Diagonal Cuts in rapid succession with his wait for it scalpels, when he's not throwing them en masse "Deadly Rain!

And you don't want to know where he stores them Alexander Anderson from Hellsing could be considered a Knife Nut, if you just replace knife with holy socket bayonets.

Much like Akabane, he can shoot countless amounts of these blades with deadly accuracy and slice entire subway cars in half with them easily.

In one author's note section, Hirano goes so far as to say that the reason Anderson can produce so many out of Hammer Space is because he's actually fourth-dimensional. And Asakura can be scary.

Shiki Tohno is the prime example: This isn't even touching the main ability of Shiki; he can see the "concept of death" on anything under Gaia. Cutting the lines causes irreversible and often dismembering damage; striking the very center of something's "meaning of existence" ends its lifespan, destroying it so completely only memory remains.

He could actually cut the lines or points with anything from a pencil to a corkscrew, because it's just a matter of tracing lines with something sharp for him.

But since Shiki prefers his knife over everything else, and because of certain sides of himself he's not initially aware of , he's the ultimate example. Despite being a carefree, somewhat-irresponsible goof. When trapped in a dreamworld, Shiki's swisscheesed and patchwork memories, unique heritage , and personal fears of himself leads to the creation of an evil reflection of himself called "Nanaya," with whom he has some crazy knife-fights in Kagetsu Tohya. In Melty Blood , "Nanaya" later makes a reappearance, but in the real world , thanks to The Night of Wallachia's rumor-materializing power.

Roa also fights with a knife Roa, having gone through reincarnation so many times , can actually see the "life" in living things, similar to how Shiki sees "the end" in anything. Shiki even mentions that, for him, there can no other weapon than the knife. Fortunately, the knife suits his fighting style very well and his ability to erase anything with a single precise stab. Ryougi Shiki, despite her main ability being with swords, favours knives for the convenience of being able to carry them around unnoticed in public.

The sixth movie pokes fun at this trope when Shiki steals a school dining hall knife only to be discovered by Azaka, who immediately takes it away from her. Shiki looked pretty sullen after losing it. In the novel, she then subverts this by pulling out the other knife she stole, once Azaka locks up the first one in her cabinet. She then reveals that the real reason she was sullen was that she wanted one to use, and one for a souvenir Cinque of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers comes equipped with an Eyepatch of Power and a set of exploding throwing knives, and had killed an S-Rank mage on one of her earlier missions.

Generally not someone you want to mess with. While doing an Homage to John Woo , Haruko of FLCL suddenly gains the ability to deflect dozens of bullets at once using a razor , which Amarao finds both shocking and absolutely ridiculous. Contributing to this ridiculousness, the bullets were not simply deflected, but are shown on the ground cut in half lengthwise. Despite the fact that nearly everyone else uses machine guns and other firearms, Chane Laforet of Baccano!

She's skilled enough to deflect bullets and throw them with pinpoint accuracy. It's worth noting he isn't very "nutty" about it, however, just very good with throwable sharp objects. He can also stop time to make sure that they hit their target. He actually only used the knives during one fight, after just sort of finding them lying around, but they eventually became a symbol of the character.

Mecha with combat knives demonstrate all the fun melee tropes you see in Super Robot Sword Fights while being more "realistic. The guns used by the Arm Slaves may be relatively useless against other Arm Slaves, but they're quite useful against tanks, infantry, and other classes of mooks. Especially since Arm Slaves come equipped with two kinds of knives- a regular close-combat variety with a chainsaw edge and a throwing variety laden with plastic explosives.

Kino of Kino's Journey is in one episode ordered to disarm at gun-point, and proceeds to spend a considerable amount of time pulling knives out of her clothes - and this from a character who also carries two pistols at all times. Including one with a blade surrounded by four.

In the novels, Kino is shown to buy knives from nearly every shop she visits, often just because they "look pretty. He even sleeps with his knives. Basilisk has all three of these: Akeginu, Hotarubi from the Iga and Kagerou from the Koga using knives as their Weapons of Choice , in addition to their own powers. Shenhua of Black Lagoon is as good with knives as Revy is with guns. After being blackmailed and broken by her teacher, Chizuru Honda of Bokurano started to carry a knife with her at all times.

She threatens Kako with it when he was about to rape her in her house, and in the manga, she stabs him in the neck and slits his jugular with it when he freaks out during his battle.

And before dying, she passes it down to Kirie, who later uses it to injure Hatagai. Played for Laughs in Carnival Phantasm with Grail-kun , whose response to everything is to give people a kitchen knife and tell them to stab their problems. Saeko may be a good shot with a gun, but it's with her scalpel-like knives that she's really dangerous. Kallen has a knife disguised as a wallet that she ends up pulling on several of the main characters.

The only reason it doesn't show up more is that she's also The Ace. Rolo Lamperouge 's weapon of choice tends to be a switchknife that he uses combined with his Geass.

Godchild's Cassian is a fan of throwing knives. He's actually a rather calm person, though. Hei from Darker Than Black mostly uses knives and a retractable steel wire used sort of like a cross between a whip and a Grappling-Hook Pistol.

The knives are usually attached to said wire so even if a thrown knife doesn't kill someone which is usually the case , he can still use it to zap them. He even uses it to shave a man half bald at one point! Also, Haruna Niekawa , while possessed by Saika , uses one to stab people with in order to spread Saika's "children" before she snaps out of it.

In Endride , both Felix and Mischa are intense , dangerous people and quick with the knives, both magical and mundane. Xia Yu Lan likes machetes, at one stage battling Melissa Mao with one in each hand. Even though Mao was armed with a rifle she was lucky to escape with her life.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Burlington Gardens, London | Shopping/Clothing in London |

Played for Laughs in Carnival Phantasm with Grail-kun , whose response to everything is to give people a kitchen knife and tell them to stab their problems. Saeko may be a good shot with a gun, but it's with her scalpel-like knives that she's really dangerous. Kallen has a knife disguised as a wallet that she ends up pulling on several of the main characters.

The only reason it doesn't show up more is that she's also The Ace. Rolo Lamperouge 's weapon of choice tends to be a switchknife that he uses combined with his Geass. Godchild's Cassian is a fan of throwing knives. He's actually a rather calm person, though. Hei from Darker Than Black mostly uses knives and a retractable steel wire used sort of like a cross between a whip and a Grappling-Hook Pistol.

The knives are usually attached to said wire so even if a thrown knife doesn't kill someone which is usually the case , he can still use it to zap them. He even uses it to shave a man half bald at one point! Also, Haruna Niekawa , while possessed by Saika , uses one to stab people with in order to spread Saika's "children" before she snaps out of it. In Endride , both Felix and Mischa are intense , dangerous people and quick with the knives, both magical and mundane. Xia Yu Lan likes machetes, at one stage battling Melissa Mao with one in each hand.

Even though Mao was armed with a rifle she was lucky to escape with her life. And this skill of hers can be traced back to its origins: After all, he was the one that took Yu Lan in, and trained and raised her. It's revealed in the novels that Gauron's Weapon of Choice and specialty is with knives.

Sousuke learned this the hard way during his first fight with him. Future Diary 's Yuno Gasai is a knife nut, which makes sense, because she's nuts in general. The Nightmare Fetishist narrator in Goth becomes one of these over the course of the series. He gets his first set of knives from a collection left behind in a home that a Serial Killer had abandoned and quickly becomes proficient with them, his own homicidal urges being a strong source of motivation.

Colice from Gun Blaze West has throwing knives as her weapon of choice. Gunslinger Girl 's Pinocchio particularly the manga version , cites knives to be his favorite weapon. Professional Killer Natasha Radinov uses a Spetznaz knife that shoots its spring-loaded blade. Lin Xianming of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens prefers knives, and even uses a knife pistol at one point.

Valmet from Jormungand , while not gun shy in the slightest, seems to enjoy opportunities to do some knife work. In fact, her solution to taking out a bullet-proof van chasing her car in the first chapter was to draw her blade and tell her driver to get closer. He's a knife-wielding psychopathic assassin in the Varia. The Strike Gundams' and Impulse Gundam's standard armaments include a pair of anti-armor combat knives stored in the hip portions of their armor.

A pair of rocket-propelled ballistic knives The "Stiletto" can be found in the same place on the Earth Alliance's mass-produced Dagger-L's and Windams, and a trio of those can be found on the shoulders of the Blu Duel. One of the plot points of the SEED universe is that mecha run off of finite batteries rather than fusion reactors as in most other Gundam works , so many pilots prefer to have a non-powered weapon to preserve energy. His Astray Blue Frame takes it even further with its upgrades, with Blue Frame Second L gaining blades in its feet and the most recent iteration, Blue Frame D, being literally covered with Attack Drone knives with varying functions.

Tomonori Komori from Naru Taru not only carries a knife of his own, but his shadow dragon , aptly named Push Dagger, is also shaped like a giant knife. In Sword Art Online , Sugou Nobuyuki fights Kirito in the real world outside the hospital where Asuna just woke up from using a combat knife, but is ultimately defeated and is arrested by the police.

Lady Chiyo is known for her delicacy when wielding kitchen knives. In fact she's so delicate she can cut an animal or person to pieces and they don't even notice. Komatsu possesses a knife forged from the tooth of a Derous Dragon and sharpened with Melk Stardust making it so sharp that it can cut through mountains.

Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul. As a child, he was trained to butch people for the amusement of upper-class Ghouls, and carried those knife-skills into his work as a Ghoul Investigator. He proceeds to make a Human Pincushion out of his opponent using all 56 knives. In the sequel, his prosthetic leg includes a compartment for hiding for these blades.

Especially the second half of the manga. Due to not remembering his name, he named himself after his signature jackknife. His real name is Akira Fudo. Seriously, he's called that for a pretty good reason. He isn't crazy, but he's plenty scary and deadly accurate in throwing blades, not to speak of his swordsmanship. The guy detests guns, and twin daggers are his trademark weapon of choice though he does use a taser occasionally Hondo Karr of Star Wars: Legacy is a Stormtrooper that favors twin vibrodaggers.

Mack "Clownface" Delgado in Body Bags doesn't need a gun, because he's "learned how to throw a knife at a velocity that makes its impact like a mortar round. X-Men Warpath dual-wields knives made of vibranium as his signature weapons in X-Force. Noteworthy in that he is not Ax-Crazy at all. Short time X-Man and heroic sociopath Marrow, almost always uses bone knives which grow from her own body as weapons.

She is drawn with them on nearly each cover she appears on. The Corinthian, in his first appearance as a villain in The Sandman , seems very fond of knives. This is both for creepy purposes menacing a victim with one in his hand, taking a felled mugger's switchblade and opening it in front of his face while commenting on how nice a knife it is The namesake Villain Protagonist.

Justified by his preference and need for stealth why he Doesn't Like Guns and being so good at throwing it he rarely miss and can brag that nobody will stand back up after being hit by his thrown knife in fact, the one time someone survived without wearing armour was when he had to use paper knife.

It still brought down the victim, as it did reach the heart, the wound just wasn't deep enough to kill him on the spot until the victim's son didn't arrive and pushed it down.

Also note that Diabolik carries custom knives, that in-universe are extremely good as tools, meelee weapons and projectiles even when shot by a crossbow. Sometimes the knives also contain a strange gadget, including one to shoot the blade Justified again: Knives are so associated with Diabolik that the second reprint collection uses the thrown knives' "Swiisss" in the title, and part of the celebration for the first fifty years of publications was Italian knife-maker Maserin producing Diabolik's iconic knives fans have verified they're really good for throwing.

Ronin, the world's greatest smuggler, was one. How good was he? He once hit a bullseye without aiming , and when the guys he was teaching how to throw knives expressed their admiration he simply asked them if they needed to take aim to pick up something with their hands. He was one of Diabolik's Evil Mentors , and under him the future King of Terror became as good as he is he was already pretty good, just nowhere in the same league as Ronin.

Now he's just as good if not better , and copied the style of his knives. His signature weapon is a carving knife. Dagger, a minor member of Batman's Rogues Gallery , who once disabled the Batmobile with a single well-aimed thrown knife. The Joker becomes very much one of these in Batman R. Here's some obscure ones from DC Comics: The assassins Hellhound, Brutale, and Lady Vic all make use of a variety of knives, as does the serial killer Murmur. Wonder Woman occasionally ran into a mercenary who called herself Moot, who favored a stiletto she called "The Moot Point".

Many members of the G. Joe team as well as Cobra are skilled with knives, but Snake-Eyes has collections of them. His spike-knuckled trench knives get mentioned more than a few times during the Marvel Comics run alone, and his third costume assembled from parts taken from his Cobra interrogators has a pair of knives mounted right on his chest.

Caeasar, at one point, tells him to put it away before he hurts himself. Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass , adores butterfly knives and swords, although she is a pretty good shot as well. He has any number of knives up his sleeves which he can throw by means of spring-loaded feeders. He's an expert shot with his De Lisle carbine, too. Slice from the revival of Harlem Heroes favours knives and carries a ridiculous number of them around at any one time.

When a rival gang holds the Heroes up and gets them to drop their weapons, Slice starts chucking dozens of knives out of his pockets. Shinji Ikari in Points of Familiarity. He generally has at least four on him and he prefers his khukuri to his sword as a primary weapon.

Jade has gained the ability to summon an apparently limitless number of kunai and shuriken from Hammerspace. Yognapped 's Minecraftia is filled with swords carved from solid diamond, yet Sben still insists on using his personal dagger.

Justified in that it's stated to be diamond-edged. Judge Rawne in the Judge Dredd fanfic Aegis. Teaches knife fighting at the Academy of Law, has a display of knives in his office, and is the best knife fighter in the city. Word of God is that he is named after the Major in Gaunt's Ghosts.

Makes the mistake of bringing a knife to a fist fight. In the Italian remake of Battle Fantasia Project , Michiru Kaioh is noted in training to be extremely good with a knife, even if she never used it in combat after all, it wouldn't have done much to what she usually fights.

Nobody dares to ask her where she learned. It's only after he gets the titular Nightblade that he truly embraces this trope, however. It's not actually the weapon she's most skilled with, but rather the weapon which is most closely associated with her legend. Their ease of concealment may have something to do with this, since he's trying to blend in with the civilian population but he isn't about to go unarmed.

The former is fond of using his knife in collecting Creepy Souvenirs , while the latter is unhinged and carries with him every kind of knife imaginable. He's even known by the trope name. While not a psychotic example, Crow from The Sage's Disciple uses a married pair of magical knives as his main armament.

Made from a stag's antlers and imbued with the concept of "purification," they work similarly to a low-powered combination of Black Keys and an Origin Bullet. In A Thing of Vikings both Alvin and Heather are Knife Nuts, in contrast to their characterization from the tv series , but justified as Alvin is more of a credible threat, and he trained Heather.

At one point, Alvin visits a former ally and notes that he has a dozen knives hidden around the room when he gets up to leave, and Heather performs an Extended Disarming as proof of her martial skills and for comedy, showing that she's carrying at least half a dozen knives on her person excluding the last one, strapped someplace where only her lover usually sees it.

Peter Pan consistently wields a dagger, and is able to match the rapier-wielding Hook in combat with it. Colette in Ratatouille , revealed when she "briefs" Linguini. She's never killed anyone so far as we know , but is a bit disarmingly comfortable around knives. Well she is a professional chef. Mother Gothel in Tangled is shown using this to threaten people and actually uses it on Flynn. Lord Shen , the Big Bad of Kung Fu Panda 2 , is dangerously skilled in the use of feather-shaped throwing knives that he conceals in his own feathers.

A non-villainous example is Vitaly the tiger from Madagascar 3 , who also uses throwing knives, although he is skilled with any sharp, pointy object. He uses them to threaten the main characters early in the movie and later throws them as stepping stones to help another circus animal escape Captain DuBois. Perhaps the greatest example of a knife-wielding murderer in film history, Michael Myers from Halloween.

Sure, tons of movie murderers use knives, but none as iconic as Myers. Kick-Ass has a scene where Mindy aka Hit-Girl when asked what she wants for her birthday, replies after first worrying her father by pretending to want a puppy and a doll that she'd love "a Benchmade Model Butterfly Knife". On the day in question, she receives a matching set of them and is overjoyed.

She even proceeds to demonstrate just how good she is with them in a display of twirling. Robert Rodriguez often casts Danny Trejo with these types of roles, most famously in a film simply titled Machete.

As the sole member of the group with an honest trade, this is both ironic and fitting. His job as a cook would presumably make him comfortable with knives and butchering. Kyra and Riddick use a lot of knives throughout The Chronicles of Riddick , though they're not above using guns if necessary.

Nadia from Pandorum is this. Roque of The Losers is their resident knife man, first confirmed when, while the others are betting their various souvenir weapons, he continues to bet bigger and bigger knives. It reaches a rather ridiculous zenith when they even task him with cutting loose tied up people he'd rather not merely because he's "the knife guy". Leon explicitly postulates that the better you are, the closer you can get to your victim: In The Matrix Reloaded , the Twins initially fight with straight razors.

In the Van Damme movie Cyborg , Van Damme awesomely used dozens of knives as he carved his way through gangs and bandits in an After the End setting. The Crow gives us Tin-Tin, whose predilection for knives is so great, he's the only gangster in all of Detroit who doesn't carry a gun.

In a bit of cruel irony, Eric uses these same knives to take Tin-Tin's life and his jacket after beating him in a fight. In the scary category, the shower scene of Alfred Hitchcock 's Psycho involves a screaming woman, a big knife, and scary music.

Most Steven Seagal characters. In The Dark Knight the Joker carries a number of knives on him. He states that they're his preferred weapon because he can savor his victims' subtle changes in expression as they die. He even carries a potato peeler. The eponymous character of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street infamously used the barber's straight razor for his killings. Between him and Jack the Ripper , the razor soon developed a reputation as a murder weapon.

Loki in Thor and The Avengers is able to throw small knives with unerring aim. The Dark World , Thor: In The Lord of the Rings films, when his bow wasn't practical which, given his skill, wasn't often , Legolas brought out a pair of fine elven knives. In the book he has only one long knife. In The Hobbit films, Fili carries a ridiculous amount of blades and knives.

V in V for Vendetta carries an arsenal of knives under his cloak. The eponymous character of Crocodile Dundee always carries a gigantic hunting knife around with him as a trademark. When a New York mugger tries to menace him with a switchblade, Dundee is famously unimpressed and presents his own, saying, "That's not a knife! Mutt from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and his switch-blade, which he can be seen playing around with in a couple scenes. Rambo just can't live without one.

He actually makes a knife himself in the fourth film. The Genetic Opera Luigi Largo. He's known to have sex with the stab wounds he's inflicted, among other delightful things.

The Repo Man himself, though his "companion" technically makes him a Scalpel Nut. Detective Somerset in Se7en is a completely sane heroic example, always carrying a switch blade wherever he goes and practicing throwing it at night.

Bill " The Butcher " Cutting from Gangs of New York , who is a gang leader and a professional butcher who practices knife-fighting on meat. Alfred the Battle Butler from Hudson Hawk has spring-loaded knives hidden under his sleeves, which eventually lead to his death. The Hunted could be more appropriately titled "Ode to Knife Nuts.

Then they rip each other to freaking shreds. A rather unusual example is Guiron from Gamera vs. His own head is a giant knife which he uses to slice his enemies to pieces.

His weapon of choice is a throwing knife. His introduction to the audience is him being forced into a face-off against a guy who fancies himself a gunslinger: This isn't to say that he's not also a very good marksman with a gun.

The Butcher in Wanted is the knife instructor for the Fraternity, pointing out that knives don't jam or run out of ammo. His words are backed up beyond all expectation when he shows his ability to deflect bullets by slicing them in midair.

The Yakuza leader in Versus wields switchblades. Malak the thief in Conan the Destroyer. In Kill Bill , Vivica A. Fox's character "Copperhead" is apparently a knife nut.

The Bride seems to know this about her and chooses to face her in a knife fight rather than bring along her Cool Sword. Once they reach an impasse, they make plans to square off in a second knife fight.

Although Copperhead ultimately tries to shoot the Bride with a hidden gun, she's apparently a terrible shot and misses her at point blank range. Shoulda stuck with the knives. Colonel Quaritch in Avatar doesn't go in for half-measures: Aldo Raine and Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz love their knives.

Stiglitz's knife even has the phrase "My Honor is Loyalty" engraved on it, which is ironic since he is a German traitor who killed thirteen Nazi officers. Presumably it's an SS-issue dagger. Saso, from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time , though he doesn't limit himself solely to knives. Serial Killer O'Ryan in Suspect Zero uses a long, curved dagger as his Weapon of Choice , both for killing his victims and his signature of removing their eyelids.

Rincon from the movie Zombie Strippers! It's not quite as fun as watching Reb loudly massacre people with a heavy machine gun hefted under one arm, but you can't complain about Reb murdering people with knives. The Fremen of Arrakis from the Dune series are a society of knife nuts. Every man, woman, and adolescent wields a curved crysknife made from the tooth of a meter-long sandworm , and they train their lives to become impossibly deadly with it.

They practically worship their knives. For instance, their knives are never allowed to leave the planet, anyone who owns one cannot leave the planet without their permission, and any outsider who sees the blade of a crysknife must either be cleansed or killed.

Their obsession comes in surprisingly handy given that shields have made melee combat the standard for infantry soldiers. Each member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood gets a custom-made, matched-to-the wielder set of black knives, perfect for stabbing the Lessening Society members back to the Omega.

They are hand forged literally by Vishous. This seems to be a Cooper family specialty in the Tortall Universe. His daughter Aly wears at least half a dozen hidden in her clothes at any given time.

And their ancestor Beka Cooper did the same, being a cop who was often in dangerous places with other Knife Nuts. Briar from the Circle of Magic. Seems to be Tamora Pierce 's favorite weapon for commoners. Terry Pratchett 's Discworld series features a multitude: Jonathan Teatime is a knife-wielding, psychopathic assassin in Hogfather Carcer Dun is a knife-wielding, psychopathic Serial Killer who always has an extra one.

Pteppic is a certified assassin and Pharaoh of Djelibebyi. When he finds of that his "companion" feels naked without her many bracelets, he has to admit that he feels naked without his knives. Assassins in general are known to conceal so many knives on their person that they could qualify as a live-in kitchen.

In Jingo , Carrot runs across a knife nut boy. After a brief interview, Carrot discovers that the boy does not have enough gum to share with his playmates, but has more than enough knives for everyone. Lord Vetinari keeps a drawer full of sharp, pointy greetings for rude callers. Mainly Played for Laughs here.

The original novel version of Goth has several of these. The cafe owner uses a case of knives to carry out his murders. After deducing the cafe owner's identity, Itsuki takes the knives for himself. He later lends one knife to a little girl so that she can kill her abusive stepfather with it. Shinohara uses a meat cleaver to cut off the hands of his victims.

In Snow Crash , Raven, named by Hiro Protagonist as "the baddest motherfucker in the world," is an Aleut from a tribe that perfected the art of making glass knives with monomolecular edges that cut right through kevlar. Raven carries an arsenal of them, using them for throwing and fighting. Before the story begins, he steals a nuclear warhead from a submarine after slaughtering the entire crew with his knives. Uncle Enzo, the leader of the Mafia as well as an ex-commando, always carries a straight razor in his pocket.

In the end, the two have themselves a knife fight. Enzo manages to shatter Raven's knives, but gets the worst of the exchange. Chisel of Illegal Aliens who carries hundreds of them at any given point in time. He survives being stomped by a giant robot due to the sheer number of knives providing impromptu armor. In the Fingerprints series, one villain says the memorable lines, "I wonder how many cuts it will take you to die? I bet thousands and thousands She uses guns when necessary, but prefers a knife.

A large number of the characters in the Wheel of Time series seem to be knife nuts, as Mat, Thom, Min, Faile, and many Aiel, at the least, are all experts at wielding and throwing knives, usually pulled from all around their person with no explanation how so many weapons could fit on them.

In the Malazan Book of the Fallen , knives are the Weapon of Choice of most assassins, and there's a bunch of them running around: Long-knives are assassin Kalam Mekhar's fevourite weapons. He usually has two on him and in House of Chains he acquieres two Wickan style long-knives, one of which is alloyed with Otataral.

Crokus Younghand, who later renames himself Cutter, starts out as a thief who is rather inefficient in combat, but learns the trade of an assassin from his Love Interest Apsalar and becomes scarily competent with knives. Competent enough that he catches Hitman with a Heart Rallick Nom by surprise. Rallick Nom's beloved weapons of choice are two oversized, hooked knives which Cutter calls 'pig-choppers' and which are instantly recognizable as his.

Knives are also Apsalar's favourite weapons. Quick Ben and Kalam recall an incident from when she was still named Sorry in which instead of killing a man, she basically mutilated him until even the seasoned killer Kalam could not watch any longer and had to step in and put the poor sod out of his misery.

Apsalar retains her preference for knives even after her possession by the Patron God of Assassins ends. Smiles is obsessed with her knives. Though she's a soldier and is supposed to use her shortsword in close combat, she prefers to fight with her knives and gets off on watching Koryk kill enemies. Her squad mates consider her an Ax-Crazy would-be assassin who cuts people out of boredom. In The Edge , Declan is quick with his blades and has a canvas roll of knives he cleans regularly.

The little boy Jack is awed by the display. Later Declan baits a trap for Jack with a particular knife he'd been eyeing, and then bribes him into cooperating with the knife. Almost everyone in the titular unit of the Warhammer 40, Gaunt's Ghosts books is able to use a knife well. In particular, Rawne's skill with them is demonstrated through the conspicuous aversion of There Will Be Toilet Paper when using his straight silver to shave in Ghostmaker. In Andrew Vachss 's Burke books, Michelle is said to be very fast with a straight razor.

Liselle is straightforward and discreet about hers, at least compared to the others. She only carries a couple of small simple daggers. Lots in Terry Brooks ' Shannara series. Brooks seems to view the knife as a nice, lightweight weapon, and many characters, heroic and villainous carry them in addition to or in some cases in favour of heavier blades.

In The Princess Series Talia is skilled in hand to hand combat and can use many weapons well but knives tend to be her primary weapon of choice. Ferahgo in the Redwall book Salamandastron is notorious for his knife collection and skill with using them. He even has different knives assigned to different tasks, such as "the killer" and "the skinner".

It varies on which order he uses them. Rasconza in Pearls of Lutra is never seen without at least ten knives on his person. Really, there's about one every other book. Clove's preferred weapons in The Hunger Games are a jacket full of knives. And she never misses.

The Dresden Files "Gentleman" John Marcone of seems to materialize them from thin air and is very good with them. Vittorio Malvora also uses them. Harry points out that when you've had centuries to practice and can launch them at a hundred miles per hour, you make up for the fact that thrown knives aren't particularly good weapons.

Hell even when one missed the hit from handle caused Harry's hand to go numb. In Dragaera , the knife is often the preferred weapon of Jhereg assassins, such as Vlad Taltos, who keeps a small arsenal of them hidden about his person.

He uses quite a bit of throwing knives, but they're mostly useful as distractions: His wife Cawti is a fellow assassin who is known as "The Dagger of the Jhereg. A Creepy Crossdresser who pretends to be a woman to get close enough to cut throats. Israel Handes from Treasure Island is a ruthless pirate, who, in an infamous scene, chases Jim Hawkins around the ship wielding a dagger.

Billy Bones can also qualify. In one scene he threatens Dr. Livesey with a knife and later uses it against Black Dog. Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians ; knives are used by clever fighters according to Luke , and since she is a child of Athena, she uses one as her weapon of choice.

Blade from the Endworld series carries a pair of Bowie knives that he loves obsessively on his person at all times. Laika is the most extreme in the Northland Series , but it is a common trait. All Tomorrow's Parties features the Taoist assassin Konrad , who takes meticulous care of his tanto, practices an Argentine school of knife fighting considered mythical within the setting, and is ridiculously deadly with his blade. While not knife nuts per se, Rydell and Chevette wind up carrying a ceramic switchblade and a knife with a pattern-welded blade made from the drive chain of a Vincent Black Lightning, respectively.

Both are used at crucial points in the plot. It's mystically bonded to his very being. Bad Penny also carries a brace of silver daggers, one blessed, the other cursed. When she uses both simultaneously, it's noted that some gods would die from such a blow.

Alex from A Clockwork Orange carries a straight razor, or as he terms it, his "fine starry horrorshow cut-throat britva". Tarzan is defined by his hunting knife, to the point that those who only know the character from adaptations can be forgiven for not knowing that he's also a gifted marksman. David Gemmell 's Waylander is best known for his trademark two-shot crossbow, but carries a crapload of knives for use when he's fired both bolts.

He's specifically described as a capable swordsman, but a brilliant knife-fighter. The Ysabel Kid from J. Edson 's Floating Outfit series is an expert with the Bowie knife. In Dracula , Quincey Morris carries around a large bowie knife as part of his characterization as an American cowboy. Later he's upstaged by Arthur Holmwood, who busts out a kukri from his days in the military. The eponymous character of The Acts of Caine.

In A Brother's Price , it's said of the Whistlers going to court that Summer carries one six-shooter and three knives, Corelle carries no knives but two six-shooters and a derringer, and Eldest matches Summer with knives, Corelle with guns, and also carries two pairs of brass knuckles and a wire garrote.

Even Jerin has a knife. Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book plays this trope, ahem, to the hilt in its very first line, using it to draw the reader in and establish a frightening mood.

Black Knights prefer short weapons like daggers and short swords to a BFS because it would conflict with their fighting style. Both good and evil Mistborn use obsidian knives as their Weapon of Choice , since metal ones are vulnerable to Allomancy.

Simon Templar prefers knives to guns; his ability with his favorite throwing dagger, "Anna," saves his and others' lives numerous times. She mentions that she prefers knives because you get to look into the eyes of your victim as you kill them. Although Legolas in The Lord of the Rings prefers bow and arrows, he also has a long knife for when he runs out of arrows, such as at Amon Hen.

Osprey in Devils Cape uses special knives strapped to her fists as her primary weapon. In Insurgent , Tris can't bring herself to use a gun, but has no problems using a knife. Sergeant Zim in Robert A. Heinlein 's Starship Troopers. Not only did he train the boot-camp recruits in knife fighting and throwing, he liked to make and balance his own rather than use the perfectly good service-issue knives.

A number of characters from Joe Abercrombie's The First Law series fall into this category, most notably Logen Ninefingers and, to a lesser degree or, at least, to a less obsessive degree , Ferro Maljinn.

One of Logen's many Catch Phrases: Physsil in Wise Phuul. One minor villain from Memory, Sorrow and Thorn not only always carries at least one knife, but seems intent on seizing every opportunity to tell people as much, to the point where he's earned the nickname "Avi Stetto" which means "I have a knife" in the local Conlang.

He's nowhere near as scary as he thinks he is, though, and he eventually makes the mistake of trying to take Duke Isgrimnur prisoner while warning him not to make any trouble because "I have a knife.

Kings of the Wyld: Matrick uses two dangerous, named knives. At first he appears to subvert the stereotype, but it turns out that when he gets going, he's a wickedly cruel fighter who can give Ganelon a run for his money.

Hannibal by Thomas Harris: Doctor Lecter knows his knives. He engages a knife-dealer at a fair, where they discuss blades before he settles for a serrated Spydecro, used for gutting a deer. Cavanaugh in the novel The Protector gushes at length about the construction and abilities of the Emerson CQC-7 folding knife, at one point using it to tear through a car door.

This is fitting, as the author, David Morrell, is most famous for creating another well-known knife nut. Worm Jack Slash — a knife nut with the ability to extend the cutting range of his weapon indefinitely.

While Contessa has no qualms against using guns if needed, her Weapon of Choice is a stiletto no longer than a finger. In River of Teeth , Adelia spends most of the time she is with the gang with polishing and sharpening her knifes, of which she is extremely fond and which she uses exclusively when fighting, despite having access to guns.

Justified , since she is a known contract killer , so nobody is particularly surprised. Locke is something of one in Lost. He boarded the plane for a survivalist adventure in spite of his handicap and brought a bag filled to bursting with various knives. When Locke shows off his collection, the other survivors are creeped out, which goes along with the way the first few episodes tease Locke as some sort of psycho-killer.

He later proves adept at hunting and butchering wild boar with only his knives. Alpha in Dollhouse Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles , despite being an emotionless cyborg seems to have a thing for large hunting knives. She also carries what looks like an Exacto knife on her for when she suddenly has the need for cutting things, as opposed to punching them through walls.

Sarah Walker in Chuck embodies this trope as well. In the pilot episode alone, she manages to take down three NSA agents in a crowded nightclub while dancing , and follows this up by stopping an NSA SUV by throwing a knife into a one-and-a-half-inch button from twenty feet away. A later episode reveals that this is a skill she already had before the CIA recruited her.

In another episode, she hurls a knife through her beeping alarm clock instead of simply pressing the snooze button. So clearly she really likes knives. And the Greta played by Summer Glau has a tendency to get out her switchblade for everything. Firefly 's Jayne Cobb has a number of large, heavy, nasty-looking hunting knives in addition to his collection of guns. Tony hits the stomach, McGee doesn't even get the knife to the target, and Lee lets the knife slip out of her hand, almost hitting Gibbs in the face.

Mostly averted, they simply use their knives as tools Star Trek. Everyone in the Mirror Universe , though the women seem to be the only ones who actually use them. On Top Gear 's Bolivia special in , the normally even-tempered James May seems quite pleased to get his hands on a machete. Season 4 character Edgar mainly uses knives with his Super Speed combat skills.

Ronon has as many knives on him as you need concealed in various places including in his hair. Sheppard jokes that he must have a hell of a time getting through airports. Al Swearengen in Deadwood is a skilled knife-fighter who cuts a number of throats through the series. He is a self-confessed terrible shot with a gun, and at one point curses himself for sticking with knives rather than learning to shoot properly.

Obligatory Buffy the Vampire Slayer examples. There's Faith and her large knife, and Willow attacks Glory with a bag of knives as part of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. During a nightmare Faith has about bring hunted and killed Buffy becomes this. You gave your knife a girl's name. How very serial killer of you! Hold a knife like this normally , cuts through an onion. Hold a knife like this switches to a backhand grip , cuts through, like, eight yakuza in four seconds.

People are like knives. Sometimes lost in translation, but Mack the Knife uses a knife. Some versions are more explicit than others. Lemon Demon wrote a song that fits the trope, 'Knife Fight'. It comes from the musical Woyzeck , where it's the backing music to The Sentinel by Judas Priest: He followed up with a song called "Still Stabbin' " on the later album Bizaar.

To clarify "And when the cuttin' was done the only part that wasn't bloody was the soles of the big man's feet. Yeah he was cut in about a hundred places Well, the two men took to fighting And when they pulled them from the floor Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle With a couple of pieces gone.

Billy Bigelow in Carousel uses a knife in the robbery-gone-wrong that results in his suicide. It's implied that she becomes rather obsessed with hunting down wolves for her fur cloak, with which she replaces her red cloak taken by the Baker.

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Sweeney Todd's weapon of choice is the straight razor. Mack the Knife in The Threepenny Opera. Saxon Kenchu in Candorville collects knives, and at one point gave a speech about how they were the first weapons ever developed and they allowed humanity to triumph over a world full of hostile predators.

He initially seems Ax-Crazy , but this is partially subverted— having to survive as a Dhampyr has left him Properly Paranoid and somewhat hardened, but he's a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire and is trying to keep the main character alive. Willie Garvin in Modesty Blaise , who is a horrible shot with a handgun but a dead aim with thrown knives. Some of the animations in Stern Pinball 's Batman shows the Joker flashing his knives.

Fourvel from Comedy Bang Bang is an orphan who stabs people to death over perceived insults , and often carries an array of knives with him. Sid from Sequinox has a knife on her at all times, even when dreaming. She deals with a range of technology, intellectual property, data protection matters and commercial contract matters. After qualifying, Sian obtained a post-graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice from the University of Bristol in and joined Fox Williams as an associate in Nicola is an Associate in the Employment department.

She advises both employers and senior executives on a range of employment related matters, including executive service agreements, drafting and negotiating settlement agreements, disciplinary and grievance matters, sickness absence management, reorganisation and redundancy exercises and the enforceability of restrictive covenants. Nicola has experience of advising both employers and employees in relation to Employment Tribunal litigation, including in relation to complex discrimination and whistleblowing claims.

Nicola graduated from The University of Leeds with a 2: Worker status - top tips for employers Buying insolvent businesses: Simon specialises in advising clients on their Intellectual Property rights ranging from patents, trade marks and passing off to copyright and designs and breach of confidence in sectors including fashion, new media, financial services, IT and oil and gas.

In addition, he has extensive experience advising clients in relation to their IP rights, including the drafting of commercial agreements relating to these rights. He has also advised clients on their IP portfolios and strategies to further enhance and protect existing rights. He has a reputation for advising clients on the protection of their rights in the fashion industry and had an infringer sentenced to prison for one year on behalf of a major high street clothing retailer.

Simon is advising clients following the EU referendum vote, ensuring they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities, mitigate risks, and have the processes and people in place to manage a period of uncertainty.

Simon is recommended by The Legal directory for his IP specialist expertise in intellectual property and brand management. Simon has written and spoken widely on intellectual property.

He is a regular commentator in the media, having been quoted in the Times and Financial Times on IP issues, and he has appeared on ITN News commenting on trade mark protection for the Metropolitan Police.

His claim to fame is appearing on BBC 4 in conjunction with an exhibition of artwork at the ICA where a confidentiality agreement he drafted was displayed in the place of a piece of artwork that the artist would not allow to be displayed for confidentiality reasons. He is a member of the Design Rights Sub-committee of the International Trademark Association and has organised and spoken at seminars on designs particularly in the fashion industry.

Simon is ranked in The World's Leading Trademark Review , a list of leading trademark professionals. He impresses sources with his expertise and experience.

Deal or No Deal? FinTech Advertising campaigns — what British Airways should have done before taking off with their billboard campaign Lululemon sues Under Armour — what would be the UK approach? Brexit - what does it mean for the protection of IP rights in the UK? What will the impact be on IP in a post-Brexit world? A new Dawn for Fashion Design' Handbags at dawn: Topshop — When celebrities clash with the high street Retail space: Fox Williams announces new partner arrivals Google wins keyword advertising case.

Veronique joined Fox Williams in as a Trainee Solicitor and qualified into the Dispute Resolution department in September , where she now practices as an Associate. She also worked as a paralegal at another London law firm before joining the firm. Stephen graduated from the University of Manchester in with an honours degree in History.

Prior to joining Fox Williams, Stephen trained at Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP, undertaking seats in property litigation, real estate finance, real estate and construction. He has a broad practice which focuses on civil fraud, company and partnership disputes.

David has extensive knowledge of cross-border and international litigation and litigating in the International Financial Centres, having been co-head of litigation at a major offshore law firm in the Cayman Islands, where he practised for six years. David appeared regularly as advocate in the Grand Court and Court of Appeal. Some of his notable cases include:. Cases of note include:. James has been instructed over the last 15 years in a number of the largest and most complex white collar investigations and prosecutions brought by the UK Prosecuting Authorities, including the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, Revenue and Customs, the Office of Fair Trading and the Crown Prosecution Service, relating to amongst others allegations of fraud, money laundering, insider dealing, market abuse, cheating the Revenue, MTIC, anti-competitive practices, corruption and false accounting.

James has considerable experience in the conduct of Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety investigations and prosecutions for both corporates and individuals following workplace deaths and serious accident. James also has great expertise in the conduct of both Public Inquiries and Inquests.

He has been instructed by interested parties and core witnesses in a large number of the most high profile Public Inquiries including amongst others BSE, the Marchioness and Victoria Climbie. He has also recently acted on behalf of clients in relation to both the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the press and the Pollard Review commissioned by the BBC relating to allegations of sexual abuse by the late Jimmy Savile.

James has also developed a significant specialist knowledge in all aspects of Professional Regulation and Discipline, including issues of probity and fitness to practice, representing amongst others Solicitors and Barristers, Accountants, those in the Financial Services sector and Healthcare professionals facing investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

He is a regular speaker and contributor to internal and external publications on matters of public interest in relation to Business Crime, Corporate Regulation and Professional Regulation and Discipline.

Legal , Sources note: James Carlton is viewed as "a very solid fraud solicitor" who has extensive experience in the area and is "very effective. How a political crisis could inadvertently affect your business Corporate Manslaughter Act: The widely anticipated Bribery Act has now been in force for 18 months.

So what has been the true impact of the Act? Have you been caught out by film partnerships? Jo is a partner in the employment team. Her practice is focussed on the financial and insurance sectors and professional practices, particularly advising law firms and barristers Chambers. She has extensive experience successfully supporting clients through complex and high value discrimination and whistleblowing claims.

She is valued by clients for her expertise in dealing with tricky employee issues involving strategic implications and sensitive reputational and regulatory concerns and ill-health. Jo has experience in management at Fox Williams where her particular focus is on HR strategy, which gives her an in-depth understanding of the strategic and business context to the management of employee relations.

Jo has strong connections with a large number of senior executives and senior lawyers whom she has advised on job moves, handling grievances and contentious exits, bringing tribunal claims, managing the regulatory implications of accusations of misconduct and the potential constraints imposed by restrictive covenants.

Jo has been quoted in the Financial Times on UK law expectations regarding employer responsibility to ascertain disability of their staff. A temporary reprieve on SMCR but forward planning will save time and money Fox Williams successfully represents appellant in key decision on legal privilege Joanna Chatterton and Peter Wright write for Management Today: Employment costs rise with new pay laws Employment Law changes and the General Election and dieting across the Channel?

Romance is dead this Valentine's Richie advises entrepreneurs, companies and financial institutions on a broad range of corporate matters including mergers and acquisitions, listings, financings, public takeovers and is a specialist in corporate governance, shareholder engagement and activist investor situations. He advises clients in a variety of industry sectors including technology, FinTech, natural resources and financial services and has particular expertise in understanding the issues facing international companies entering the UK market to seek funding or make acquisitions.

As well as being a long-time director of the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce, Richie writes for numerous international business publications, has spoken at professional conferences and has been quoted in the press on topics related to UK public markets and corporate governance issues. Richie is advising clients following the EU referendum vote, ensuring they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities, mitigate risks, and have the processes and people in place to manage a period of uncertainty.

Prior to joining Fox Williams over 10 years ago, Richie was a partner at the London office of a leading international firm which he joined in , after spending several years at Ashurst Richie received a first class B. Richie moved to the UK in and was admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales in One source recounts that his "highly commercial approach saved money, avoided surprises and minimised our reactionary workflow.

He acts like a member of our team in creating solutions to any situation to our company's interest" Chambers UK, He has extensive experience in all aspects of the litigation, arbitration and mediation processes across a broad range of commercial disputes, primarily in the financial services sector. Much of this has been in the insurance field, where Tom has acted in several substantial policy coverage disputes, as well as advising on policy wording issues.

As a solicitor advocate, Tom undertakes regular court work. He was admitted as a solicitor in having graduated from Bristol University with an honours degree in classics in He subsequently qualified as a solicitor advocate higher courts civil in Litigation funding now available for medium sized agency and distributorship cases ISDA Master Agreement dispute highlights need for precision in drafting Towards more creative funding models Financing litigation - the changes Fox Williams shortlisted for Employment Team of the Year by The Lawyer Calling out contracts of insurance The impact of the Jackson Reforms on the insurance industry Act now before the rules on After the Event Litigation Insurance change!

FSA Presence in the Boardroom - hands-on supervision or regulatory over-intrusion? To come into force on 1 July Bribery Act ! Freddie has experience with corporate fundraising, particularly initial public offers on AIM, and secondary listings including placings, open offers and rights issues.

Freddie graduated with a first class honours degree from the University of Manchester and gained a distinction on his Legal Practice Course. Charlotte advises a diverse portfolio of clients, from start-ups to private equity funds to multinationals and which span a variety of sectors, including technology, publishing and media, travel, food and drink, leisure, education, fashion and natural resources.

She completed her training with Fox Williams and subsequently qualified into the corporate department in September Hannah is a senior associate in the Corporate Department and has experience advising on a range of transactional matters including mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital investments and corporate reorganisations.

Hannah also has experience advising on a variety of other corporate law matters including joint ventures, shareholder arrangements, corporate finance and AIM fundraisings. Hannah graduated from the University of Cambridge in and gained a distinction in her Legal Practice Course. Hannah completed her training contract at a specialist corporate and technology law firm based near Oxford, qualifying into the corporate team in January Hannah joined Fox Williams in September She regularly handles matters such as UK and cross-border acquisitions, disposals and mergers for both publicly listed and private companies, and development investment as well as general corporate advisory work for private and AIM-listed companies.

Mary Elliott continues to impress market sources, who describe her as "absolutely fantastic on a transaction" and laud her "quick turnaround. Deloris is a member of the firm's Corporate department. She advises on and undertakes the administration of company secretarial matters. Deloris qualified, in , as an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators ICSA , the international qualifying and Membership body for the Chartered Secretary profession and a recognised authority on corporate governance and compliance.

This group provides a forum for its members whereby they can meet, exchange ideas and promote the interests of their profession. Prior to joining Fox Williams LLP, Deloris gained experience in the international development sector and the retail banking sector. Rebecca joined Fox Williams in as a trainee, qualified as an associate in the real estate department in , promoted to Senior Associate in and promoted to Legal Director in She advises on a broad range of commercial property matters including property management, commercial leasing and general landlord and tenant issues.

New Right to Rent checks take effect Fox Williams LLP acts for the sellers on the sale of four Pandora jewellery concept stores Helping us to help you Electronic Communications Code proposals withdrawn Proposals revealed for new Electronic Communications Code Royal Mail seek advance Break Clause guidance from the Court What rights does a telecommunications provider have to stay on my property?

When can I claim that my Landlord is unreasonably withholding consent? I have heard that the law relating to chancel repair liability changed last year — does this mean that I no longer need to worry about it when buying or letting a new property? Case update — Warnings for Landlords The Land Registration Act - Modernising this year Law Commission recommends a new electronic communications code I am setting up a new business and need a small office space - what are my options?

How do I get out of my lease? What the Portas review could mean for town centre property owners High Court case highlights for property tenants the potential for error in conditional break clauses The London to Birmingham high speed rail link - is your property at risk? Squatting in residential buildings to become a crime Innocent misrepresentation leading to rescission of contract and return of deposit Transfer of ownership of private sewers French Connection CEO calls for government to intervene in upwards only rent reviews Miss Sixty CVA thrown out by High Court Carbon Reduction Commitment; how will it affect your business The Carbon Reduction Commitment.

He qualified as a Solicitor in Peter Faber is singled out by commentators for his expertise in publishing-related deals. Fox Williams announces new partner arrivals.

Since qualifying as a solicitor in Rebecca has acted for a range of clients including private investors, property syndicates, financial institutions, major retailers, healthcare providers and pension funds. She advises on landlord and tenant matters, sales and acquisitions, secured lending, investment portfolios and the property aspects of corporate transactions.

She previously worked in Kent and London as a real estate solicitor before joining Fox Williams in April Her practice covers the full spectrum of employment law and human resources strategy.

Helen has a broad client base with particular expertise within the financial and professional services sectors.

She focuses largely on strategic matters such as workplace discrimination of a sensitive nature, equal pay, team moves and boardroom disputes. Helen is also well-versed in dealing with industrial relations issues. Helen prides herself on having great commitment to excellent client service and finding innovative solutions to employment and human resources issues.

She often provides tailored training sessions to meet the needs of her clients. She is a regular speaker at employment law conferences and frequently writes for leading publications on employment matters.

Helen was named in the Reward for , for her expertise in employment law and for being an influential leader in the field. Shared parental leave, paternity, maternity and pregnancy: New remuneration rules - are you caught? Calculating Entitlement Does commission count towards holiday pay?

Lessons learned The first of October William is a trainee solicitor at Fox Williams LLP and is currently sitting in the Employment department, h aving completed his seats in Professional Practices and Commerce and Technology. William graduated from the University of Southampton with an upper second class honours degree in Law. Who ya gonna call? Chris is a partner in our financial services practice. He advises national and international re insurers, payment services providers, PEVC fund managers, and brokers on UK and European regulatory issues.

He also advises them on the negotiation and drafting of their commercial contracts, and product terms and conditions. Chris qualified in private practice in James graduated from Nottingham Trent University with an upper second class honours degree in Law.

He then worked as a paralegal at Addleshaw Goddard LLP in the firm's Corporate department and completed a six month secondment at one of the four largest UK banks before commencing his Training Contract with the firm in March Gavin heads the litigation and dispute resolution department.

In particular, Gavin specialises in civil fraud, financial and banking litigation, corporate transactional and corporate governance claims including breach of warranty, breach of directors' duties and shareholder disputes.

He acts mainly in the financial services and professional services sectors, and regularly advises clients on fraud, regulatory and financial product claims, having handled a number of multi-million and billion-dollar international fraud cases.

He is also well-known for resolving partnership and employment disputes. Gavin has written numerous articles, and has been quoted many times in the national and trade press. Gavin is advising clients following the EU referendum vote, ensuring they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities, mitigate risks, and have the processes and people in place to manage a period of uncertainty. He is listed as a Super Lawyer for commercial litigation by Thomson Reuters and editions. Gavin graduated with an honours degree in law from Durham University in He is a solicitor-advocate higher courts civil.

The "very impressive" Gavin Foggo is described by one interviewee as "a very experienced commercial litigator and top of my list for a big litigation mandate. Gavin Foggo is "one of the very best partnership litigators. Applying the balm to the ego: The Forgotten Recommendations Can we expel a partner? To come into force on 1 July Third-party funding: Sona is a highly experienced investigations practitioner, specialising in representing corporates and senior executives involved in FCA, FRC and SFO investigations, particularly those involving market misconduct, financial misstatements, sanctions, money laundering, fraud, and bribery and corruption in the regulated sector.

She is recognised for her expertise in leading large, complex internal investigations and is regularly called upon to advise corporates investigating misconduct and their reporting obligations to UK regulatory bodies and authorities.

In an advisory capacity, Sona has particular expertise in advising regulated firms on their money laundering and financial crime systems and controls, payment services and e-money regulations, as well as the change in control notification regime.

She was seconded to the Enforcement Division of the then Financial Services Authority in to This proved to be an invaluable insight into regulatory investigations and disciplinary actions of the FSA. Sona provided advice on breaches of the UK financial services regulatory regime, appeared before the Regulatory Decisions Committee and participated in settlement discussions with financial institutions.

She has also published numerous articles and led training sessions in relation to financial services regulatory issues and obligations under the Bribery Act , Fraud Act and money laundering regulations and is regularly called upon to provide commentary to the press and specialist publications. Sona is a solicitor advocate higher courts civil. Janina qualified into the dispute resolution team in September , where she now practices as an associate.

Janina spent a year working as a paralegal at a Norwich firm before completing the Legal Practice Course at Nottingham Law School in Is enforcement of employment contracts by way of injunctions impossible? Shadow directors and de facto directors - do they owe duties of care?

Nasty disciplinaries Death threats and murder attempts - how to avoid extreme reactions to workplace disciplinaries Ask Auntie - Is my company liable if an employee hits a customer? How much annual leave can be carried over due to sickness and maternity leave? Jeremy is a Chartered Accountant admitted in after graduating with an honours degree in Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester.

His career has covered a variety of financial and general management roles both in professional services and industry. After qualifying at Arthur Andersen, Jeremy moved to Unilever Plc where he undertook various finance roles including Management Accountant, running a Treasury Dealing room, Corporate Finance and establishing and running a Derivatives Operation in the Netherlands. Scott qualified as a Solicitor in at a leading regional law firm and joined Fox Williams in April He is recommended in The Legal Scott advises on a range of real estate transactions, including the sale and purchase of investment property, landlord and tenant matters and strategic land development.

Scott has specialist expertise acting for developers and landowners in the drafting and negotiation of conditional contracts, option and promotion agreements. Scott regularly handles portfolio secured lending projects, having recently acted for an institutional lender in connection with a multimillion pound refinancing exercise.

Phillip heads the real estate department. He specialises in advising individual and corporate clients on the investment, acquisition and development of real estate, with a particular focus on advising overseas clients investing in the London market.

In addition, Phillip has considerable experience in regeneration schemes for which he advises a number of government agencies and local authorities. He also acts for hospitality and leisure clients in relation to acquisitions, disposals and ongoing management arrangements. Phillip is advising clients following the EU referendum vote, ensuring they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities, mitigate risks, and have the processes and people in place to manage a period of uncertainty.

Prior to joining Fox Williams, Phillip was a partner in the real estate team at Dentons which he joined in He qualified as a solicitor in Two new lateral hires for Fox Williams real estate and tax teams Proposed Beneficial Ownership Register for overseas entities owning or buying UK property Disclosure of beneficial ownership Case Update: New Right to Rent checks take effect.

Mary joined Fox Williams in as a trainee and qualified as an associate in the real estate department in Mary advises on a broad range of commercial property matters across a number of sectors, including purchase and sale, commercial leasing, general landlord and tenant issues, property management, investment portfolios, secured lending, property finance and the property aspects of corporate transactions. In addition Mary acts for several high net worth individuals on residential property matters, mainly on acquisitions and disposals.

Mary graduated from the University of Exeter in , with a honours degree in Law. During her training contract, Polly has worked on a variety of contentious matters for various corporate and individual clients including preparations for High Court proceedings, managing cases through the IPEC small claims track and preparing for and attending Employment Tribunals.

As a paralegal, Polly also has further experience in managing the client onboarding process and compliance issues. Sabrina has broad experience across a wide range of commercial disputes - governed by a variety of substantive and procedural laws, of both civil and common law jurisdictions - including those arising out of joint venture and distribution agreements in the pharmaceutical, automotive and energy sector.

Daisy is a senior associate in the employment team. She advises on all aspects of employment law and HR-related issues both for employers and senior executives.

In addition to her financial services focus, Daisy also works for a number of clients in the oil and gas and construction industries. Daisy has extensive tribunal experience having advised on disputes including in relation to unfair dismissal, discrimination and whistleblowing. Daisy also has experience of advising corporate clients on the employment aspects of complex cross-border corporate transactions including sales and acquisitions, outsourcings and flotations on both the main market of the London Stock Exchange and AIM.

Before specialising in employment law, Daisy also advised corporate clients in relation to a wide range of pension matters and incentive arrangements. Daisy joined Fox Williams as an employment associate in July and was promoted to senior associate in David graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in politics.

He has broad experience acting for property funds, lenders, investors both large and small , asset managers, developers and occupiers. Scott particularly enjoys working with international clients who are keen to do business in the UK.

Charlotte graduated from Durham University with a first class honours degree in History. Prior to joining the firm, Charlotte worked as a commercial real estate paralegal at Eversheds Sutherland LLP, and as a legal intern at a human rights law firm in London. She commenced her training contract with Fox Williams in September Maria has over ten years of legal experience both in the United Kingdom and Canada.

She has working knowledge of both litigation and criminal defence. Maria has an active role in case management, drafting, research, and analysis of documentary evidence.

Maria was brought up and educated in Canada where she had graduated from York University with Honours in Criminology. Prior to joining Fox Williams in May , she worked at a number of other London and international law firms. Amanda is an associate in the Commerce and Technology department. Amanda graduated from the University of Leeds with an honours degree in Sociology. Amanda worked as a paralegal with various London law firms in corporate and real estate before joining the firm in March He has gained particular experience in advising on workplace discrimination issues, in which he takes particular interest, and has co-authored a number of legal journal articles on the subject.

He has also developed an expertise in advising on employee competition matters both before and after termination of employment. Such issues include matters relating to partnership annuities, indemnity provisions, exercise of contractual discretion, post-termination restrictions and the variation of partnership agreements. Following this, Ed completed his Legal Practice Course at the City Law School, and passed with distinction, before joining the firm in Investigating sexual harassment in the workplace: Whilst at EMW, he had undertaken several secondments at the global independent schools group, Cognita, helping it on a range of commercial legal matters.

She is immensely experienced and has advised clients in many different sectors and walks of life but specialises in financial, insurance and professional services.

She is an expert on cross-over employment and regulatory issues. She regularly advises CEOs and boards on high level employment issues and is particularly effective in defending and pursuing employment litigation. Clients benefit from her extensive management and business experience, as well as her expertise in all aspects of employment law. She has been a partner of Fox Williams since She has acted on a wide range of commercial disputes, including: Evie has acted for both companies and individuals across an array of industries and her experience covers both domestic and multi-jurisdictional disputes.

Evie graduated from Brunel University in with a first class degree in Law. Evie joined Fox Williams as a trainee in September and qualified into the dispute resolution team in September Ask Auntie - Silent witness - Avoiding the risks of bad witness evidence Closing doors: PILON decision will affect employers FW win in the Supreme Court for Raphael Geys against Societe Generale Compensation and non-compete restrictions Registration now open for the annual agentlaw seminar Can a director be required to forfeit their salary and bonus for breach of fiduciary duty?

The importance of being honest: Nigel specializes in business contracts contracts for supply of services or goods ; technology contracts software development, licensing, cloud, SaaS ; data protection privacy policies, cyber security, international transfers, data security ; intellectual property protection of brands and licensing, acquisition or disposal of IPR ; online matters contracts for provision of on-line services, compliance with online regulations.

The clients for whom he acts include professional services firms, suppliers of technology and online services, ecommerce and FinTech companies. They range from multinational corporations to SME's, start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. Nigel is advising clients on their new obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR , undertaking readiness assessments and working with clients on what is required to be compliant with GDPR by May when it comes into force.

FW partner gives top legal tips for protecting your domain name Mobile Apps — what about Data Protection? Social media - the sweet spot to selling online Does your website comply with Distance Selling Regulations? Data security breaches - current postion and future developments Nigel Miller answers the FT question on employees and their twitter accounts Computing roundtable: To date, Laura has acted for various clients in relation to contentious and non-contentious matters.

Laura has been involved in advising clients on their agency and distributorship agreements as well as a range of matters relating to commercial contracts, intellectual property and data protection. She has negotiated and drafted IP and software licence agreements, international trademark licences and domain name transfers, as well as drafting and advising on a variety contracts in respect of data protection, compliance with UCTA and amendments to privacy policies to ensure compliance with the cookies legislation.

Laura graduated from Bristol University in with an honours degree in Law. She then took a gap year, working for five months in a small law firm, spending six weeks in Granada, Spain learning the language, and travelling through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize.

Laura was promoted to senior associate in Laura's article 'GDPR - are you ready? When a trading relationship amounts to a distributorship. Eight weeks to go until the GDPR comes into force - are you ready? And if not what should you be doing? Fox Williams LLP advise quoted company Plexus Holdings PLC on transformational transaction - China Need to know guide to monitoring employees emails Interaction between a distributorship agreement and the supplier's terms and conditions of sale No way out?

Terminating agents for poor performance? Why the credibility of the principal is key Money saving expert succeeds at summary judgment. Guy is a corporate partner with a particular focus on equity capital markets transactions, takeovers and other UK Takeover Code transactions. Clients value his commercial and pragmatic approach as well as his technical know-how.

Guy advises listed and unlisted companies and institutions and has significant experience in a range of domestic and cross-border corporate finance transactions, including takeovers and other UK Takeover Code transactions, initial public offers IPOs and public equity fundraisings.

Guy's clients include AIM and main market listed companies, private companies, as well as investment banks and financial advisers in their capacity as sponsors, nomads and brokers to listed companies. Guy has extensive experience of working across a wide range of industries, including technology, telecommunications, financial services, natural resources and real estate. Who will be the referee?

His experience extends to both commercial and residential properties across a number of sectors, and includes all forms of landlord and tenant disputes, Act lease renewals, dilapidations, rent review, possession claims, tenant insolvency, and also advisory work in relation to all aspects of pure property law.

Since qualifying as a solicitor in , he has dealt with numerous property disputes in the High Court and County Courts, and also has particular experience acting for local authorities. Tom joined Fox Williams in August having previously worked for a number of years at Mishcon de Reya, and more recently, Fieldfisher.

He graduated in from Cambridge University. Checkpoint on the world's most expensive retail street: David guides HR, manag emen t and in-house legal teams through difficult employment situations and advises senior individuals when they join and leave their employers or face problems during their employment.

Described in Legal as 'first class', David advises on issues ranging from difficult employee relations matters, such as performance management, dismissals and exit packages through to tribunal litigation particularly discrimination claims , restrictive covenants and the employment aspects of business re-organisations and corporate transactions.

Whilst his corporate client base has a strong focus on the financial services sector he also acts for a number of other clients including professional services firms and barristers chambers.

His individual clients include fund managers, board directors, investment bankers, HR professionals and lawyers. David delivers training to the CIPD and clients and has appeared on Channel 5 News on the subject of maternity-related rights. He contributes to http: After university, David spent a semester at law school in Houston and now regularly advises US clients with UK interests on their HR and employment matters.

He trained with Nabarro, qualified in and joined Fox Williams in David was promoted to Partner in David will be hosting a seminar at Fox Williams on World Mental Health Day Wednesday 10 October , to look at how London law firms are approaching wellbeing and mental health issues. Calculating Entitlement Dealing with interim relief applications: He has a wealth of experience in these disciplines with a particular emphasis in the technology and financial services sectors.

He brings strong and effective leadership to the firm. The clients for whom he acts range from multi-national and quoted companies to institutional investors and family run businesses. Feedback from clients states: People get along with him. He is well respected and has a lot of clout. He is quick to appreciate the subtleties of a contractual discussion.

In , he co-founded Fox Williams after 6 years of practising in a major City law firm. Enjoys golf, running, the occasional horse race and watching his sons from the touchline. Tom advises both employers and senior executives on a wide range of employment-related matters, including executive service agreements, exit negotiations and settlement agreements, disciplinary and grievance issues, sickness absence management and redundancy exercises.

Tom has particular experience of advising corporate, financial and investment fund clients on the employment aspects of complex, cross-border corporate transactions, including the impact of TUPE and the implementation of secondments and transitional services arrangements. Need to know guide: The Modern Slavery Act Bigger isn't always better for business!

Common criminal offences committed by HR professionals. He advises both employers and employees and his clients range from multi-nationals to start-ups, law firms, brokers, banks and a Premier League football club. Aron has particular experience in dealing with high-value employment and partnership disputes involving whistle-blowing, discrimination, bonuses, restrictive covenants and team moves.

Aron also helps clients with general HR issues such as disciplinary and grievance procedures, and advises on the redundancy and TUPE implications of large business reorganisations and transfers. He is frequently involved in cross-border deals and disputes.

He leads workshops and gives seminars for the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development CIPD , and is a regular provider of tailor-made training to clients. Aron graduated from the University of Leicester with an honours degree in History. He joined Fox Williams as a trainee in November , qualifying into the employment team in Aron Pope writes for FinTech Futures: Are FinTech firms doing enough to protect themselves against the risk of contractors? NDAs in the legal profession after Weinstein: Summertime sadness Top tips for avoiding a headache over holidays Nasty disciplinaries Fox Williams LLP announces new partner promotions Death threats and murder attempts - how to avoid extreme reactions to workplace disciplinaries Auto-enrolment: Can you force employees to retire at 65?

What employers need to know about Seldon v Clarkson Wright and Jakes Top tips on steps to take when greeted by an employment tribunal Government proposals on employment law reform: Has Vince Cable snapped? Dubious claimants could shoulder legal costs Video HR Talk: Deterring weak tribunal claims Can you avoid the Employment Tribunal? Vexatious claimants at risk of paying huge costs awards: Douglas is a corporate lawyer specialising in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and private equity.

He joined Fox Williams in He has acted on many transactions for clients in technology and related industries and in the fashion and merchandising industry on acquisitions, disposals and capital raising, including share purchases, business purchases and brand purchases. He also advises on all aspects of partnership law and in particular the formation, merger, de-merger and dissolution of professional and commercial partnerships.

Sarah has over 20 years experience in the trade mark industry. She is involved in all aspects of trade mark protection and portfolio management which includes clearance, filing, prosecution, oppositions, invalidations, assignments and co-existence agreements.

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