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Discreet fun in Hotchkiss

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Discreet fun in Hotchkiss

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Picture two equally rough cowboys, facing off from either side of a dusty street in a western gold rush town. Which one is tougher or faster on the draw? Many of them, and many other people who give serious consideration to what they shoot, use either a Glock 19 or a Sig Sauer P , because they will always go bang when needed.

Both of these pistols have earned a reputation for extreme reliability in tough conditions. The Glock 19 is a medium-sized, 9mm handgun built for discreet carry.

The striker-fired design makes it easy to shoot as every trigger press feels exactly the same. In a showdown like this particular matchup, the end result is not so much a winner and runner-up scenario as it is a personal preference. Both of these handguns are proven fighting pistols that have performed with stellar reliability in the very worst of environments. The right model for you depends on your action preference.

For the Sig to fire, the hammer must be cocked first so it can fall and strike the firing pin, thereby igniting the cartridge. Once the first shot is fired by this double-action sequence, the movement of the slide cocks the hammer for the next shot, so the subsequent trigger press requires far less pressure. The Glock 19 is the perfect size for concealed carry. The polymer frame construction helps keep weight down.

Every ounce adds up over the course of a long day. The net effect is this: The first shot requires a heavier and more deliberate action by the shooter. Subsequent shots require less force as the trigger only performs the single function of releasing the hammer.

To put numbers on those forces, the double-action press may require ten pounds of pressure while the single-action requires about four. The Glock 19 is a striker-fired pistol, and it has no hammer. To get a little deeper in the weeds, when you rack the slide of a Glock to chamber the first round, the firing pin is only partially cocked. When you press the trigger, the cocking operation is completed until the backward motion of the trigger releases the fully cocked striker.

With the striker-fired design, every trigger press feels the same. The force required to break the standard Glock trigger is about 5. Both approaches have their pros and cons, so deciding which is better is purely a personal preference. The Sig Sauer P requires a more deliberate trigger press to launch the first shot. Many shooters view this as an extra layer of safety that helps prevent a negligent discharge during a high-stress situation.

The trigger weight for follow-up shots is less than that of the Glock 19, which can enable faster and more precise shooting. The drawback is that the shooter must manage the transition from a heavier trigger press and lighter trigger press for the next shot. On the other hand, notable instructors like pistol guru Ernie Langdon can show you how to make that first double-action sequence work to your advantage by staging the trigger as you press the gun forward into final firing position.

One notable difference between the two guns is that the Glock 19 has modular backstraps, which allow you to customize grip circumference. The standard-model Glock 19 with its striker-fired action has a trigger press weight of 5. Other trigger options are available that make the weight lighter for competition use and sometimes heavier, as with the 7. The Sig Sauer P has a double-action trigger press weight of about ten pounds.

Once the hammer is cocked after the first shot, the single-action weight is about 4. What people like about the Glock 19 design is that all trigger presses feel the same, from the first shot to the last. Glock proponents believe that the 5. I have to respectfully disagree with the entire shooting industry for a minute here so this may be my swan song article here at range Hope you enjoy it! The Glock 19 has a polymer frame mated to a steel slide.

The Sig Sauer P uses a frame made from anodized aluminum with a steel slide. Glock 19 magazines are made from polymer; Sig mags are steel. Gun forum trolls make much hay about Glock factory sights. The standard Glock sights are made from polymer, and this drives some purists crazy.

Sign up for Range By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. The Sig Sauer P comes in many different configurations. Technically speaking, they are made of polymer, and they could break. But seriously, next time you leave the house, take a look at the guns your local law enforcement officers are carrying. Oh, and the sights are probably the standard Glock factory models. The odds are pretty good that your standard Glock sights won't ever give you grief.

Or, since most sight companies make compatible models, you can install whatever sights you like. Sig also offers three-dot Tritium night sights, which glow in the dark. The front dot on these is not only enlarged, but also has a Tritium night sight center, surrounded by a fiber optic circle that glows in daylight conditions. The big glowing circle leaps into view, day or night. The Sig Sauer P is a double-action gun. Both pistols have huge followings, which means that there are plenty of compatible aftermarket sights.

Whatever brand and style you like is almost certainly available on either the Glock or Sig. Technically speaking, these alternate caliber offerings are no longer Glock 19s, but they share identical exterior dimensions and the same internal design.

If you want a Glock just like a Model 19, but in. If you prefer the zippy. Of course, since cartridge sizes differ, the magazine capacity varies when you change calibers. The Glock 19 is available in three primary variations: The Gen 4 has improved grip texture, replaceable backstraps, a new recoil spring design, and improvements to the magazine release.

The MOS model allows you to mount a red dot sight directly to the top of the slide. While Glock assigns individual model numbers to guns with different calibers, Sig Sauer takes a different approach. Their model designation, the P in this example, refers to a basic size and style of pistol, and is available in various calibers.

For example, you can order a P chambered in 9mm,. As I write this, there are at least eleven variants of the P family, each available in different calibers. Some have threaded barrels, different finishes, and even different action types. In both cases actual street prices will be less, and it pays to shop around. The Sig Sauer P is almost identical in size to the Glock 19 and has identical magazine capacity.

The Glock 19 will regularly shoot quality ammo into groups under three inches at 25 yards. The Sig Sauer will more frequently shoot groups measuring less than two inches at the same distance. Both pistols are far more mechanically accurate than the overwhelming majority of people can shoot anyway, especially under stressful conditions. If you do your part, either the Glock 19 or the Sig P will deliver your shots to the right place without fail.

While the new backstraps add some curve to the grip, a cross section of the grip still more resembles a rectangle than a circle. The newer Sig P pistols have a much more rounded grip profile. The grip shapes are yet another reason to try them both. Pick each up and assume a natural firing grip. Now look at how the slide aligns with the bones of your forearm. The two should form one straight line. Does one align more naturally than the other? The most important consideration is really the choice of action.

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Find a Place to Shoot. Follow us email facebook twitter rss. The Glock 19 and the Sig Sauer P There, I feel better. Glock 19 vs Sig Sauer P Sights Gun forum trolls make much hay about Glock factory sights. Want more of this? The Bottom Line The most important consideration is really the choice of action.

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The net effect is this: The first shot requires a heavier and more deliberate action by the shooter. Subsequent shots require less force as the trigger only performs the single function of releasing the hammer.