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Cute girl in panera

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Cute girl in panera

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A verbal altercation between a terminated Panera Bread employee and a manager escalated to violence after the ex-employee was punched not once, but twice by the manager who towered over her.

The incident which was caught on video by a customer, began when a female employee was thrown bodily down a flight of stairs and out the front door of the Panera Bread location in Manhattan, New York today. An argument could be made that terminated employee should not have returned once she was thrown down the stairs the first time. Then another manager entered the fracas and confronted the shrieking ex-employee.

A slap can be heard but not seen on the video. She was bleeding a little, and had cuts on her hands but she seemed ok after the adrenaline wore off. Read the rest here and watch the video below. Looks like she hit him first. Either way, women need to stop putting their hands on men. You take a risk assuming every man will not hit a woman. According to what Sandra wrote, she was thrown down a flight of steps and then pushed out the front door where she re-entered blah blah blah.

So technically he laid hands on her first. Whats wrong with her? I reserve my compassion for women who are victims of unprovoked violence, at the hands of brutal men.

I reserve my sympathy for women who are victims of actual rape. If she got thrown down a flight of stairs and came back for more, she got exactly what she ordered… more! I just wonder what was this man thinking. ALL the energy he needed to have was enuff to physically pick up the phone. I guess it was a delayed reaction.

Thank you, I read that but in the second incident she hit him first. If you get thrown down a flight of stairs, call Now, there are some people who are turned on by getting knocked around.

She came back in and said she was going to show out… smh. First and foremost this has to stop. Women thinking they can box with men and men hitting women like they are grown men. The majority of the time they can walk away. Now having said that? I thought this said she got thrown down some stairs prior and then came back.. Then she got two pieced by Dikembe Mutumbo..

I was like sis.. Take that L yo. Cause fighting is not for you. What is it with black men beating black women as if they were men? The public mistreatment, lack of consideration and cruelty are astounding. Do these black men hate black women? Lol at Dikembe Mutumbo…. Welp, my other comment is in moderation. She should have kept her ass at home, and hands to herself.

But that was not happening in the video. What is wrong with men who are supposed to be the protector of the female? He is a beast, nasty brutal beast. I believe that you should defend yourself from someone that is the aggressor.

Being slapped can cause you to just black out. He should press charges and sue her ass. She had no business on the premises and was making terroristic threats. If you want to be treated like a lady, act like one.

She asked, he answered. This is not reality TV. I used to live next door to an African family. Papa was fine ass he11, but you could tell he ruled his home with an iron hand!

A fired employee returning anywhere implying violence is considered a terrorist threat. She was fired and left the property and came back in. They are both wrong… The whole situation is sad and a damn shame. I met a dude there for coffee the other week. I was like oh he not gonna try nothing. He wanna go to the Panera for coffee at 2 pm on Saturday.?

Terroristic threats it is. Fighting is not good but keep your hands to yourself! Sometimes pettiness is necessary to prove a point to a petty individual. She smacked the ish out of him though- he was like aww nah bish not today! Who ordered a 2 peice? This is a sad situation.

I go on occasion. Kill the double standard. At the end of the day the manager should have just walked away and called the authorities. Nobody but those involved know what happened when she was told that she was fired. I can only imagine she would be the aggressor after being told your fired. He just reacted automatically to someone attacking him. He could have at least restrained her if she was approaching him. Thats the Monday morning quarter back commentary.

His perspective was that of being slapped in the face by an intentionally hysterical woman. Nor do we know his plane that day. He came to make bread, soup, and sandwiches…. Definitely not take a smack. Tameka is holding ya tiiiiiiight. All through the niiiiight. I go there just to plug in and use their free wifi…. How about the tag line Humans act rational.

No need to incite a gender war…. She seem a smidget still salty!!! I guess u can take the girl out the hood…. I would have never guessed Tameka was pregnant during that video. Now that they said something , u could see it. This BS here, gone. I knew excape was dead when I was a child and use to go to Piccadilly in college park and see tamika Scott in there in the same line as i was.

One of my good frans won our middle school talent show for In Vain and my cousin won at her school singing weak. No one should put their hands on anyone else, period. She hit him first and he was defending himself. Just like she got emotional well he got emotional too. If you want to hit someone else then you should expect that that other person is going to hit you back. She learned the hard way. So Kandi on Twitter acting like she got kicked out!!!

But he effortlessly knocked the girl back. What if he full throttle? Women need to keeps hands to themselves bit men need to go back to having self restraint; code.

Men are allowed to act like Bishes now. This too but Tasha was fat and insecure. She let that nigga get in her head and that was all she wrote. Chokers are coming back, too.

Who is that hot ad girl?

FD said they all say down separately with Michael in talks of a reunion recently. People have the right to say what they want and people have the right to not like it. Somebody else will like you Somebody else will like you Somebody else will like you. Hell no, and I am NOT going to look.

ALl I am going to do is want to argue, so let me keep my behind up here. People kill me with that though. Let me give you gist.. Chits and I were talking about something.. She and this other person go OFF…weirdest chit I ever read….

ALl I am going to do is get mad. I only read a piece. I just wanted you to see the funny part because of the conversation the other day. I wish I could, because I need a good laugh. But I will read the rest. But thank you for thinking of me!! I love a good laugh! I let every woman know.

If you hit me or disrespect me with physical violence then be prepared to take it. Be a lady and talk. However, if you hit me. You just revealed MUCH about yourself. I mean what did she expect from this outcome? That he would turn the other cheek? Chivalry has long since died and apparently being lady-like has too. Thank God I have never entered a Panera that was predominately black managed. I sound like I hate my people but Panera is expensive and I go to relax and unwind.

I wish I would run up on a ghetto fight. How you not cook up a whole gang of rice? You know everybody wants some. You got your food in minutes. Now my people got me wasting my whole lunch hour trying to get a burrito bowl. Nothing was politically correct about what I just wrote—but somebody has to speak the truth.

Also he had already thrown her down the stairs and out the restaurant. She probably had to get her purse and stuff. He got physical before the video started. The worst part is the NYPD failing to charge the a-hole.

A self defense claim is pathetic. Did this monster go to FSU? He could have easily restrained her without doing all that and had the staff call the police. I have had to walk away from several mouthy black women at work.

He is unemployed and could face charges. Racism on your own race. Are you trying to be the next token for Faux Noise? I am tired of the Milwaukee sheriff! I get sick of people trying to blame the victim! Stand your ground will always have my back especially against a dumbass Blackman that think he can wild out and hit a bitch. I mean look at all the other black men being killed for non violent attacks. I wont see the sight of prison.

Your so-called victim started this mess by acting like an animal. True, he could have called police and avoided contact with her, but an even better option would have been for her to stay away from the store after she was fired. If I were the judge, the fact that she was trespassing and assaulted him first, would carry more weight with me.

But if that was your daughter who acted irrationally in the heat of the moment, would you still think the same way? This is how folks let anger get the best of them. Apparently, someone else threw her down the stairs. That means someone else threw her down the stairs. My guess is he is the one who fired her. He is absolutely wrong. According to what she wrote, the manager in the video did not throw her down the stairs, someone else did.

What makes you think a woman can walk into a business and slap a man without an repercussions? No what the manager should have done was go to his office, lock the door, called to police and had her arrested. Actually that is what managers are trained to do. If you threaten to get me fired then I will have you arrest first. Now he will have to testify in court why he knocked her down a flight of stairs instead of calling the police. If he was going to fire her he should have had her escorted out of the building anyway.

Trust it will be revealed in court that he probably was sexually harassing her before he fired her. Btw, cheerleading for a woman beater is not a good look. Yes she deserve be looked in a cage which is why he should have had her arrested, not knock her out.

Let the police do the heavy lifting. That is what they are paid for. Woman to woman — play close attention! Society and the law has historically given you the upper hand because you are a woman.

Ergo, this is an example. Just do unto others as you would have done unto you! If someone takes it past that and you find it necessary to protect yourself — then you have no other option than to do just that. I would be mad too, but not sure if I would go back for more against a person who is a whole skyscraper taller than me.

My words are harsh but a lot of people on this board are thinking the same thing. No one wants to go to a hood Panera. Whew…talk about flaring tempers. This was painful to watch. I appreciate how the other workers moved in to diffuse the situation.

So unfortunate on both sides. Go show it to your mom and get her feedback! I suggest counseling or skin bleaching. When you start using terms like animal to describe people your racism runneth over! No sympathy for the woman. She was clearly trying to provoke him, and he was clearly calm before she whacked him. She was fired and had no business in the store. I defend the truth, not gender. After I read the very first comment I knew it was a white person.

After I read the very first comment I knew it was a white person.. As she should have as well. Treat people how you want to be treated. She was an employee too. They always have been. Male superiority is an illusion women let men believe when it suits them.

You go girl and enjoy that fat civil settlement! A black man on another site said black women are athletic and can take a punch. They have a deep seated hatred of us. They do not view us as the fairer s? You feel sorry for my children for being taught the art of self control AND self defense. I feel sorry for you. If you read troll comments on Bossip, then God Bless you.. As a matter of fact, if you even go to Bossip God Bless you.

Authorities also said she admitted she struck the manager first. In addition, no charges were filed against the manager, because police determined he acted in self-defense.

She was fired and had NO business in the store. She assaulted the manager first. She got what she deserved. Of course it was. I intentionally said a blatnaly sexist thing to show people like you how sexist they really are. Is he not entitled to call the police? You going to jail now!!!! However, I refuse to waste my time on people who bite off more than they can chew.

And what about the charges against her? I agree with this. They both getting charges. Nobody won up at the Panera Bread on today. She hit him first on tape. She probably getting charged too. Here she would be. I read this ish and was like they at the Panera Bread acting UP. It was the one in white folks part of town too. Hell ALL ours in white folks part of town? She asked for it and she got it. Can you imagine a woman hitting a ISIS fighter or any man in the middle east?

I might have my next date at Panera to judge his reaction. I work in Manhattan and the food places are staffed with black folks that are straight ruff. I wonder if these two had an outside relationship. I just said that? Yea we typing at the same time? Love their salads and sammiches.

Oh yeah they had to have been lovers but this is still over the top? When I was in college we used to have our study groups at Panera. That makes the most sense. They the chillest eateries my city? Vanna is the root of all evil. I said the same thing? Off the Hook was OFF the chain! Tiny was my fave. Still feeling those drinks. I was watching Doc McStuffin. Why Kandi always got mesh Shid on smushing them titties out and up? Chi…you can be my fren?

Tiny used to dance so hard. I wanna say something but dont wanna get banned. Ok you say it!!! You mad or nah? Somebody is going to jail! The record label treats women so bad. Is My Living In Vain! Me and her gone try. Well, she was right — She did get him fired. You my ride or dizzle. Dianne Warren wrote for Xscape too….

Jermaine had the money to pay Diane tho. If your bodyguards let it be. When you out at the club was my shyt! Spill that tea Unsung! Here come the tears Kandi. That is a jam too. Folks been thought I was gossiping all these years! We need a big red dog emoji for Clifford! We knew all this tea down south. We just getting the receipts now. You have a Beyhive! Girl…Black women have never had a protector because many black men are just cowards.

TVONE cranking these out! I need a pair of dolphin earrings. I wear my pjs to work so in case I get fired I can go home and get in my bed????? Kandi smashing the homies…. Kandi need to let it go…. I have some small ones. Need the big ones. Exactly how I feel.

Tiny should never have messed with her face…. I been holding my tongue on that one. Kandi is an extreme grudge holder. Had a pair of leather pants from Gadzooks and some platforms.

Yes, I peeped it. Tiny only had two boyfrans…. That Hot 97 interview was a bit much though…. She get it from her mama… juvie. I just said that but my ish in moderation lol.

Growth and knowledge is key…. This is also true. Mouths full of truths….. I mean we all grown here! We knew ot anyway. Truth hurts I guess. Well its good enuf for ms jackson lmbo!!!! She was telling the truth?! The fact she fugged Jermaine daddy. It makes look at her different…. She apologized on the radio a couple years back.

She did NOT deny. She was mad it was exposed! It looks like Mary Kay…Gold Rush. I thought that was Tamar. I remember hearing about that. Thanks I get this Shid mixed up!!! U meam somebody else husband. I love a distinguished azz man. He was with his wife. Riley daddy block from block ent. Meatball still married to manager man.

No, I mean who was HE with…or rather married to? Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today. I just heard he was married. I would like to see them reunite, but somebody husband may or may not let her participate. Michael Mauldin a hoe too. Me too thats how u get some from me.

U swe how much swag he got. Just gon head and say. With a crop top. Who remma Toscha Scott nickname was Meatball on first album? I mean…them they words. Lawd I forgot about that. Some were so cheesy but I dug some of them. Not after the gift he gave us with Iggy? Then they mad the rest America called her fat! I just yelled at this. But she a rich hoe.

You never heard dreams before?!?!!? I was thinking this too. Her XScape voice and her solo voice sound very different to my ear.

She like 50 now. Sucking dack will do that to ya. I DO remma the reaction when they came byke sexy second album?? I bet you do love My Little Secret Kandi…damn near your theme song huh?

Go to the kona. She said she 38 or some lie like that. He has writing credits. You a hip hop head. I told her you and your sister gone memorize it. Ala Puffy and Da Band. U said the tape!! You are not a girls girl. That album is truth… texas banme. I like blues too. But hip hop story of my LIFE. No she really is. I was 17 in If she was baby in group she really was Maybe you just older than me….

I like Todd too. But I did go On the Run last year. He was better than her….. They feel like you done compromised that? I would never smile or kee kee with someone who threw me under bus like dat. I figured that when I was watching it. I was a huge Jay-Z fan growing up. They got bad people in they life. According to their tweets many details were edited out. Did they say what? I saw Kandi posted this on IG.

Did they say what was left out? Exactly it sounds like they the messy ones for real! Clifford said what he said….. Whatever you like had them hoes IN they feelings. Clifford still in the kitchen. Shout out to DTTS? Lyte pure had a banger with Xscape! Hello…They gone learn one day?? Girl…my hoopty Rollin tailpipe dragging. We can double date I been moved on.

Jay Z barlee in my top The white boy however is in my top 3. Em annihilated Jay on his own song. That is never getting lived down with me. TI at home after Unsung like: I hold my nuts tight…. The damn half breed mayne is ? I can get over it tho? Peter be one color, balls be another…Chile???? All I know is Dub and Chits gone stop all this damn kee kee keying all over the damn post!!! I coined the term on this blog. So…light brites and clear and…dates at Panera.??? We love each other. That is a lie.

I loved Reasonable Doubt…it was beautiful. Its nothing like one. She swear all out its my direct fault nobody on here likes her. Imma make her at least tolerable. Mind you we done tried before. I love me a damn man the color of Bill Duke. Am I banned or nah. Its just not this serious for real. Morris Chestnut in the first Best Man did it for me….

Before I get blamed. You down there straight tripping. Rocky won the Oscar. His break baby is about 2 years old now, right? Not balls in the water. Just like girls start earlier? She said on tape she was gonna get him fired. She slapped him on purpose. She bought her own ring? My mama would use thunderbird n koolaid to wash down her prenatals?? Please stop puttin up this lady pic Rofl! Smh what is the world coming to? Biiiiiiiiiiitch I knewz it eye knewz it aye knewz it????????????

Check your lip gloss and adjust your lace front! Lorenzo just came in! You got this, burl! BS, it was self defense, he had the right to hit back. Which is why I hope the white man rapes all you black whores.

NakeyaJ Valued Rose since WHo did what and for what? Or is it not worth it? Imma move past it. SHoot, tell me all of it! Hey honey bun bun. You still enjoying your vacation? I feel sorry for your sons…. OMg it finally came on??? I hope they do. I loved them, and those sisters could sing they arses off.

Your over simplification of the episode is obtuse! I will say it again…. Threw her down the stairs?? I hope his abusive self gets arrested! Some people will go to great lengths to defend savagery.

Every time I read this, I crack up! Furthermore, if she was thrown down a flight of stairs and came back, she is clearly a threat. She was trespassing and she assaulted an employee. She needs to be locked in a cage, somewhere. I feel you barbeez…I feel you…. What ever happened to people calling the cops? Instead they use their phones to record videos. Just another female thug. Act like a thug, you get thugged-up. Just know when to pick your battles against man, woman, beast, or child!

Just not one who would hit a woman! We dated for almost a year, and broke up. The next flight I took was to Hong Kong, and I met another girl on the plane. This girl was sitting next to me we both had aisle seats , very hot, and was wearing the shortest skirt And no, I don't consider myself good at talking with strangers.

The difference between your situation, and the ones I described was that the girls I talked to weren't really pre-occupied. If they were occupied in some way, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to talk to them. My point is that I think you're right. Perhaps your fear is related more to the situations where you had no chance to talk to these women, rather than a fear of approaching strangers. Iscariot , Jun 29, Aug 16, Location: DiamondMac , Jun 29, Aug 11, Location: I go to get my coffee and that is it.

I think you would consider me incredibly stand-off'ish if you tried to approach me and chit-chat BTW, hot women are excluded from the above statement. Melrose , Jun 29, I have this thing about interrupting people if their in the middle of something. Then again, I'm not at all the 'take chances' kind of guy. The worst anyone can say is no, and in the end you'll avoid regretting that you didn't say something, and get a bit of practice at talking to complete strangers.

I enjoy striking up convos with strangers, but wouldn't interrupt them if they were ensconced in something already. InvalidUserID , Jun 29, Sep 7, Location: I actually don't mind guys coming up to me and chatting as long as I'm not in the middle of something.

I've been approached by guys when I was just sitting outside, enjoying a nice tea OK and also at the library while trying to study not OK.

So it all depends, I guess. I will say this to the guys: I don't know how many times I've caught guys staring and then waited for them to move and they never did.

If it helps out, I would rather be approached by a guy who fumbles the delivery but is being genuine than a guy who has cheesy pickup lines or is being insincere. And yes, confidence matters. Melrose , Jun 30, DiamondMac , Jun 30, Sep 5, Location: InvalidUserID , Jun 30, Jul 31, Location: MarkCollette , Jun 30, Mar 6, Location: I could be that guy, if you'd like?

Demosthenes X , Jun 30, Demosthenes X macrumors Abstract , Jun 30, If she says "What makes you think that I am gay? If she says she isn't gay, then play it off and ask if she would like company. If neither work and she is rude about it, simply apologize by saying, "My mistake for assuming you were gay, you're clearly just blind!

Jul 1, Location: DoNoHarm , Jun 30, Oct 8, Location: I haven't proposed yet, but we've been dating 3 years. She was the barista. Go talk to her! The worst that can happen is it's really awkward and you're no worse off. There's really nothing to loose! Aug 28, Location: Sound stupid so far? The most important thing is appearance. Just yesterday I barged into a Starbucks wearing skin tight acid-washed jean shorts and a frayed terri cloth half shirt.

I had hemp anklets running up to my knees and turquoise Aqua-Socks on. Did I look like an absolute moron?

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