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Come turn up wit me tonight

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Come turn up wit me tonight

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Come turn up wit me tonight

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I'm easy going, nice waiting, great hygiene, dd free.

A part time relationship isn't out of the question either if you want feelings involved. I'm 28, soon to be 29, dd free, I guess fairly attractive, but also have no game whatsoever, I barely try anymore. I don't care what race you are or your body build. Dream a little dream Divorced dad here looking for a sweet lady to spend time with and see where it goes. M4w m4mw m4w Hey on the south of plattsburgh seeking for fun out in the snow.

Proceeds from its sale will go into this fund: The whole thing stinks to high hell, and many people in Australia are very, very angry…not least of all, the survivors in Ballarat, where abuse was sickeningly rife. Pell was born and educated in Ballarat, and at one point actually lived with Gerry Ridsdale, one of the most prolific and allegedly protected paedophiles in Australian history. He has been accused of covering up the actions of others, and of sexually abusing a kid himself.

The church in Australia like elsewhere in the world knew of the actions of many of their priests, and rather than going to the police, shuffled them from diocese to diocese, facilitating their abuse rather than arresting. Child abuse royal commission: Push to fly victims to Rome grows The Courier. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

And partly thanks to you the bastard came home, and is facing a trial next month- for what he may have done, not just what he knew. Thank you for the brilliant song on the tragic subject. Your song was played this morning in danish radio news programme.

I tried to share on FB — unsuccessfully. Big fan of yours Lone. Congratulations, sir, for your courage and honesty, and the strength of your convictions.

We in Canada, have had similar child abuse issues from the Catholic Church. I salute thee, profoundly, Mr. This is an amazing song Tim like all of your work, and as a New Zealander that explanation was really helpful. Thanks Again Luka Fox. Wish I could put it all over my FB wall. Sadly we have our own share of dog collared kiddy fiddlers over here to. Should all be publicly tried. You put into words what so many think.

Pell and the rest are cowards and scum. Love the pope song too! Thank you for using your fame and the platform you have to bring much needed attention to truly disgusting cover ups. I think it gets better every time I hear it. Good on you tim, well done. I played your video for a 18yrld victim of childhood sexual abuse. She was completely blown away by the song.

Made her feel heaps better. I SO support you, Tim! It goes on in schools, church groups, community groups — everywhere. I love your song!! This song, the award winning movie, Spotlight, global news reports of the Royal Commission and the massive interest from the public in many countries, is no coincidence Cardinal Pell, we all want to know what you knew. Thank you Tim from another Northern Irish voice! Looks like every country in the world could take your song and substitute Cardinal Pell with the cardinal of their area.

As has been mentioned Cardinal Brady was ours!! Powerful film that everyone raised Catholic should go see. Lots of us here have been following developments with interest! Love the song and just wanted to thank you Tim! What you have done is amazing! We have had many inquires and investigations in recent years and will have many more!

You could say the evil first surfaced here. We had our own Pell, Cardinal Sean Brady! He spent his career protecting pedofiles, in particular, the vile rampant abuser Fr Brendan Smyth. Smyth abused hundreds of children during his time as a Priest! The Vatican rewarded Brady by promoting him to head honcho in Ireland! A brave courageous Priest, Bruno Mulvilhill tried to blow the whistle on Smyth.

Fr Bruno was punished and ostracized! He died when his car run off the road in suspicious circumstances The Catholic mafia cleared out his apartment immediately, taking all his documents on the sexual abuse of children by clerics!

While whistle blowers like Fr Tom Doyle are sidelined or much worse! Tim, I wrote to you here a little while ago about how the wonderful Come Home song affected my relationship with my mother, oh so brilliantly for the better.

I care for my mother four days a week. Ah, it lifted my spirit no end. Once it was over, no one asked about it. That will always hurt. So, I blabbed anyway. I was then berated for taking my dear buddy, an aethiest, with me who gave me two hours of unbelievable support. What must she think of the Catholic Church? It is truly a thing of beauty that I am soooooo much closer to my mother, and she with me. Who knew a gifted composer, singer and comedian would fix us for good?

You have used your medium of music to show the issues held within society now a days and to back up my opinion of religion corrupting society. On behalf of Australia thank you for all your spotlighting to the world on this issue. As an appreciator of your mental acuity, muscianship and creativity, I thank you for your generosity in support of all who have suffered so much for so long at the hands and other bodily parts, minds, etc.

Regardless dare I suggest failure in a conviction for so many who have preyed on the innocent children of the outcome, your words have resonated with and expressed the thoughts of many people. Most importantly, you have given the victims of the atrocities a sense of support and comfort.

And you made it catchy. The musical Jon Stewart. We need your voice, now more than ever. Thank you for your giant heart and great big brain. Perhaps you could write a song about the hypocrisy of Catholics whose God preached forgiveness. You certainly are held in the highest regard in this household for always standing up for what you believe in and for championing those who need your help.

The current situation with Cardinal Pell and his obfuscation to date is just appalling. We are totally disgusted by it.

Of course this is never going to happen. Thank you so much for speaking up for the silent majority and for using your talents to highlight this thoroughly appalling situation.

Cardinal Pell sits smug in his gilded cage. Too bad about the survivors and those who took their own lives because of the shocking treatment they received at the hands of the Catholic Church. Hi Tim, you did a great thing, supporting the victims of abuse by the Catholic Curch. That is all that counts , no matter what some people say. You are a wonderful guy!

I am sure Corrections Victoria have good medical staff in prison. Good on you Tim! Your words cut deep to what has been needed to be heard loud and clear. By the way, I am sure there are many of us who would be very happy to crowdfund any law suit that you may occur. Right behind you and all survivors. This song is so, so, so angry. So it seems to me. The feeling of catharsis that brings is powerful. Can you imagine what that feels like? I quite understand the rage you feel on behalf of the survivors and think that is a valid reaction.

I was listening to Background Briefing on the Stolen Wages, which was a structural device used by the WA govt to assist with disempowering aborigines. Then, take their kids as they have no money to look after them, and put them onto stations for labour.

I love the satire and the message with the song. Unfortunately this is not the only person or group to look at. However the Church and or religions need to come clean to practice what they truly preach. To follow a belief I need more than just an affliction of Christ but continued truth of facts rather than a diary of events.

Bob, was Muhammad part of a religion that was infiltrated by paedophiles and then did everything to ignore them or cover them up to protect their assets too?

Roll With Me by BOYZ II MEN

I looked across the room and saw a face shining in the dark like a lighthouse, warning weary sailors of the rocks below,. And telling stories bigger than the Iliad or Odyssey.

I have been so depressed. I will follow through. I wish I was someone else, I wish that you loved someone else. Open up the cloud, let the flood come down and wash the earth. Carry all the dust and the dirt and the ash of what we were. Open up the clouds, let the flood come down on me. I can hear the trees as they bend in the breeze and they call our names. Calling us forth, we were born from the earth in a golden age.

And I walked all across this land looking for a love I could understand, looking for a price that a soul could pay and a blessed plot of land where our bodies lay with a stone put above our heads, it'll mark our place. Say that we will always be this way: Call it what you want. Is it a golden age, or just everybody seeing what they want? Yeah I was thinking maybe I was born to be a smaller flame.

Might light the path of fewer men but keeps the fear at bay. Now I have got my hands on a heart that bleeds, I got a heart that leaks, so uncontrollably. If you wanna know the truth, sometimes I tire of them myself. If you wanna know the truth, I fear I dried the well when I could not be someone else.

Are you brave enough to love me? Are you smart enough to have your doubts? Can you make an honest man of the kind of liar that deludes himself? And when the panic motivates me, are you strong enough to hold me down? Are you strong enough to hold me down? And I wish I could be a little smarter than I am, a little quicker than I was the last time, now it seems the ground is frozen to my feet. I could make this work, I can make this happen, if I wanted to If I wanted to.

I can make this work, I can make it happen, if I wanted to Sing a sweeter song. Sing a song of love and faith, sing a song of courage and devotion, sing it 'til we all remember how it feels.

Celebration songs are filling up our houses, I will love the earth again, I will know my name again, I will find my place again. And I could make this work, I can make this happen, if I wanted to I could wake this up, my little sleeping dragon, If I wanted to…if I wanted to.. So sing it out! Like angels perched on steady shoulders. And cast them down! Those devils of our lesser natures. Remember when I lived in Tennessee And you came to visit slept next to me We shared a wooden bed not meant for two And I told you I loved you and I still do.

I think that maybe I lost myself On a year of trying to be someone else Now I'm scared and sad and feeling stuck but I ain't ever gonna give you up. Curse the skin that we were born in Shrug it off We will set the world on fire and watch it burn All I need is time and patience oh my love We will make these four walls sacred Parthenon Parthenon Oh Parthenon. All I need is time and patience oh my love We will make these four walls sacred Parthenon Curse the skin that we were born in Shrug it off We will set the world on fire Watch it burn Watch it burn Watch it burn.

I made up my mind, when I saw you there. If I get a chance I will whisper the truth where no one can hear. For once in my life, I know what I want. At the end of the day, 'til the end of our days, you belong with me. I lost all the blood in my head to my heart, and I'd give up anything else that I want, in spite of the friends that don't see what we've got, you came to me. You and me at the rocket park, you and me at the El Lugar, you and me at the Opry Land, and you and me reaching out our hands.

All our friends got the cynic's touch. All our friends think they know so much. None of them ever been in love, so all our friends they can all get fucked. Sing a love song with the words wrong, make it last a while. I'll take the blue skies with the black nights. It's you and me all year long, and I think that we belong.

Driving fast better get there soon. It's you and me at the ICU. One of us is going home alone, and one of us into the unknown. Well I don't want to go. I don't want to go. You really thought you would be showing up on TV. Changing lives every time that you speak.

Do you believe every lie that you tell, can you live with yourself? You are destroyer of all that you love. If you found the bottom of a bottomless well, but you can still feel the sunlight and you can still hear the bells. So if songs still mend broken hearts, and carry their weight to the top. If you've still got some air in your lungs, and you can sing with your mouth full of blood, 'cause you never know when to give up. You never know when to give up. The river's wide, that I could not swim across it, so I convinced myself I'd walked upon the waves, but I don't want to waste my life.

I wanted to feel as saved as they do, but the more I live, the harder to believe that their god above knows the first thing about love or goes along with every rule they make up. I don't want to waste my life, thinking about the afterlife. Lover, won't you stay with me until the boatman comes for me and kindly carries me across the sea? May our legends live to tell how we burnt down Heaven and conquered Hell. But you and I should live forever, because you and I know how to live. It's you and me.

Our love is bigger than 'most everything. It stretched out further than our eyes could see when you gave your heart to me completely. Oh, everybody knows what it looks like to be in love. Even the boatman knows it's so but he still has to do his job. I know it's tough, I know it sucks. And so the lives we make are all that matter, so let's live to love and love to live.

So you say you've got a peace about it? Well, I propose you could live without it, because we'd all love to invent the mystery, and we'd all love to deny the history, but love leads me on, lets me say what I think; That we all belong to the earth and the sea.

You say the truth sets us free? Sounds good to me! Open up the pit! He swallows or spits, and I swallowed that shit for so long. Now what should I think of faith? It ain't noble or brave, and I don't need to be saved or chosen. Love leads me on, lets me say what I think: That we all belong to the earth and the sea. Well, it calls to me and it offers no empty promises, because there's probably nothing more than this: Daughter, I once thought that I had angels in my room.

They were sleeping on my fan while I was dreaming of you. And daughter, I once had such desire to believe that our lives had been planned out by an unseen deity, but you don't have to waste your time holding on to beautiful lies.

Daughter, I once knew that everything that I believed was good, and fair, and true, and consistent with my needs. So daughter, just be strong enough to make up your own mind, because you don't have to waste your time, holding on to beautiful lies. I'm on my best behavior and trying to avoid an early grave, but despite my best intentions, I'm bound to disappoint you either way.

So do you love me? Can you love me? Because I think I will always be this way and I think I will always be afraid. Love me with no reservations and I promise I'll be good.

You are my salvation, so let's pretend there's angels singing, "Here's to you and healthy living! And I think that it's never gonna change, and I think we will always be this way. I tried a million times to understand it, and I thought I did. But at the bottom of this there is a panic, and I bought right in. But I know my time is coming.

So let's bow our heads But the pagan and the pious, they all sound the same, "Oh my god! But I know my time is coming, I can't keep my time from coming. Oh little baby, you are fragile and weak, so I will hold you til you fall asleep. I look inside you and I see myself. You'll look inside me and you'll see yourself, as I look inside you and I see myself. And one day you will look me straight in my eyes and judge me for the things I've been in your life.

I hope you love me when you know me well, because I look inside you and I see myself. Long, long ago back when the ocean was our home , we crawled out of the sea, so eager to breathe. We looked to the sky, and to the limits of our minds, to understand why all things die, and how we came to be. Thought we knew all we'd need. But it's time to get off our knees and offer our hands up to the earth. And it's time, to find where we belong and see what it's worth.

Don't lay me down, I don't ever want to die. I've had too good a time, I really like it here. But all those prophets promised me, that if I could just believe, eternal life and peace would be waiting for me. But when I go, there will probably be no angels singing, no harps ringing, no pearly gates, nor devil's flames, just nothing nothing nothing nothing. Wouldn't it be grand to take some comfort in those same holy texts that pacify my friends?

Well, it wouldn't change the fact that all we know is we come and we go. So it goes, so it goes, so it goes. The river's wide, that I could not swim across it, so I convinced myself I'd walked up on the waves. The river's wide, that I could not swim across it, so I told everyone I'd walked up on the waves.

Because I've never heard Jesus speak to me not in any way that I'd consider speaking but I bowed my head just the same. Though, I did find some tears when they played that song, but for the four right chords I will play along, I have always been that way. It doesn't matter what the lyrics say. So who are we running from? Into stranger arms we run.

Such a thorn in our side, when the devil's implied. Oh what have we done? So I tried and I tried to achieve belief. Though, now both my shoulders have started hurting from walking around under such a burden, to reconcile everything that we learn with everything that we were taught.

But with all we know now, how can you say "Oh you've just got to take it all on faith" and "Don't think too much. Just hush and pray, exactly as we've always done. Now I've got a baby girl. What am I supposed to tell her about you? Because her life shouldn't have to be like mine. Sometimes I can't believe the things those preachers have the nerve to say to me, but maybe the things that I'd have to say to them are really just as bad.

Because the only times I ever thought of suicide, I was waiting on the lord to direct my life, saying "give me one word and I'll put down the knife and I'll never pick it up again. It's a beautiful thing. It's just you and me, exactly where we belong , and there's nothing inherently wrong with us. I was screaming out your name. I guess you never heard me, but I was screaming it for years, and I think I deserve a reason for why you've been so elusive.

Now I've been thinking about my life and I can't believe that I have wasted so much time trying to be what everyone loves, the prodigal son returning. Oh, what a sight, the prodigal son returning. If Jesus Christ ever reached down and touched my life, he certainly left no sign to let me know he had. And I wouldn't mind that he couldn't find the time, it's just that now my heart longs for things that probably don't exist. But now I think I see this for what it is. Oh, my soul is tired, but I've got an itch to scratch, I've got a stone to throw, and I want to sink my teeth into your hollow bones.

I've got a bone to pick, and I want to pick it clean! Oh, the prodigal son and his shameful disbelief. I want something better. I want something real. And this is the part where my exit starts, because I caught a glimpse of the father's heart.

Do we want something we can't have? So come on, friends, count up your sins: We're not in love. If you wanted love, you just should've spoken up. I had a life of the spirit, now I've got a hang up on death. But I know what I want, I want a taste of the flesh. I looked at you and I saw it. I saw the light in your eyes and it filled up the room, it settled and grew. I tried to make myself perfect. I tried to make myself strong.

And I walked in straight lines, hands by my sides. But you were the top of the mountain that I couldn't see from below, but I climbed towards the light, taking my time. We filled a book with what Jesus said, so we could all disagree on what he meant to say. Do you know better than me? I'll make a deal with Jesus Christ, speak just one word I can hear, prove your alive, and I'll believe you're here.

Well, I may as well just admit the truth. I have rejected holier spirits than you, it's no big deal, halelujah. And you could exist without it, because it stands to reason that if there's not a god to comfort you, then there's not a god to punish you. Hey kids, tell them what you really think.

This is your life, don't ignore it. This could be your only chance to repent so get of your knees and adore it, the responsibility of empathy. We are all where we belong. Time is on our side because it moves slow. God was hanging out where ever god does his hanging out, when he looked down at us through the clouds and said "What have I done?! I didn't mean to be so abstract, so elusive, you see.

But I don't see why you should believe that you needed me, because you all belong to the earth that I placed you on. So lift up your heads, don't worry about death, you're all gonna be just fine. We all belong to the earth that we sprang up from. So lift up your heads, don't worry about death, we're all gonna be just fine.

You belong to me, and that's that no need for explaining. And I belong to you, and I've got nothing to complain about. I just want to see your smile in the morning. I just want to wake up next to you, love. Because you are the one, you know you're my only one. And I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you.

Oh, I'd probably die. I can't seem to take care of myself. You're a part of me the best part of me, darlin'. You're a part of me, so I try to be good. How do you do it? You're always on top Oh, come to me. Oh, you never leave my head, so let's never leave the bed.

At least, not for a while. The sun will be gold and the skies will be blue, when you're holding me, and I'm holding you. We'll pace ourselves until the sun steps over the hill. Because nothing's as good when you're not around and I go quietly out of my mind.

Oh, I come undone. When the sun steps over the hill I'm only saying things you already know. So close to perfect from your head to your toes, and I'm in love with you, body and soul. You know I am. You can be sure, I'll make you believe, I am all of a man that you'll need. I've got what it takes, and my bones don't break. I'm gonna love you for the rest of my days. I carved a place out in my heart where you'll stay, and I will always keep you happy and safe.

You know I will. And when the sun steps over the hill When the sun goes down and the lights go off, well, you and I will frame up the scene. Do you want to know me forever? I do, I do. Do you want to love me forever? Will you hold my head above the water when it's rising so fast? I've never known any other that could make me feel so blessed. Jezebel, I can hear you moaning in my head.

As I toss and turn, you do the same thing in some new lovers bed, while I'm wishing I was dead. Did the heart that was so soft just turn to lead? It might be wrong, but I'm leaving. I'm gonna find me a wife, and it ain't hard to believe in love in a city of lights. It won't take long, because I'm leaving, I'm leaving tonight.

Time will tell if I'm gonna make it through this little Hell, my prison cell. The walls all seem to shrink and swell, in the apt. After all that I gave you, you still want to be so far away, so far away from me. Come back to me. Lift my head out of my hands, and I'm begging you to say, "Would you please take me home with you? And if you want, we can go out tonight and be alone. And if you want, we can stay in tonight, be at home, let the whole wide world just worry about its own.

I'm sure I'll give you plenty of reasons to leave but you won't. No, you won't leave me hanging. We spring from and return to the earth but in between, you will always belong to me.

It's you and me, a nation of two. Let's do what we please, let's love what we do. When the morning comes, we will wake, and the sun will kiss your beautiful face. And if you want to know the truth, I can say "You are my favorite part of every day. Just open up your arms to me, and don't make no vow you can't keep, and I'll lay my pride down at your feet.

Because neither the heavens nor the earth can equal what you're worth. I would fall apart if I didn't have your heart. I know you would too. We make our lives worth living when we love each other. Yeah, we can move the mountains with our love. You whisper you love me in my ear.

When you tell me you love me, suddenly, I'm not scared. You've got me right where you want me and I will stay here, because when you tell me you love me, suddenly, I'm not scared. I made an expedition through a country that's not my own, crossed the mountains and swam the river, and found I was still alone.

And I came across the desert trying to make life a metaphor, but there was no one there to share my wisdom with, so I moved along. I thought, "If you really want to love somebody, it will cost you more than you have.

I can guarantee you that. So I turned to education, and sought understanding of human kind. Stood on the shoulders of prudent giants, just trying to glimpse the light. But the shadow is overwhelming, it buries good men beneath the sand, so I reached out for a savior and I found her hand. If you really want to love somebody, it will cost you more than you have. I can guarantee you that it's worth every bit. I can guarantee you that! I can guarantee that there's nothing in this life that has ever felt so right.

And there's nothing in this world except you and me. And there's no one in this life quite like the two of us. I don't wanna stress you, all I wanna do is get next to you, Want you to give it all to me, I wanna be the one that sets you free Ohh, gal gal Ohh, gal gal Ohh, gal gal Tell me bout your inter-self, Who you'll be with, Your ideal man, Can I be it, Let me know, For you don't, Cause I just won't take no.. What would you say If I kissed you right now Would you turn and walk away Or be asking me to stay?

What would you do If I told you a lie? Would you fall to your knees? Or be begging me please? Baby it's a matter of time Can't you see what's on my mind? Oh baby Yeh If you take a look at the oman in me I'm a natural thing and I'm wild and free It's up to you, you can take it or leave it My mind's made up and you better believe it Baby we could have a good time Just relax cos we've got tonight 1 Oh baby Oh oh oh whoah oh yeah I, I, I, wanna get, wanna get fresh repeat Baby we could have a good time Just relax cos we've got tonight 1 2 X.

Girl, I want you, like an alcoholic I'm so drunk, I'm so drowned Put you in a cup, let me pour 'dat up! That Cali weed, roll it up, roll it up! Now I've been thinking 'bout the things That we gon' do tonight Thinking 'bout the games I'm a play with you tonight Wanna go first? If I bring you to the plate, will you play ball? I'm a let her ride, ride, ride it!

All day, I'm a let her try, try, try, yeah! On your mark, get set, go! When I'm flaming in it I'm a do the breast stroke Let's go! With this AK, I'm ready to bust now I won't turn it down! You are who you feed A list, the pussy the greatest When I'm going raw dog, nigga, fuck a plan B! I got her singing them high notes She holding my Grammy A nigga like a laundry mat When I'm eating them panties Come from the A, but she live in Miami All the bitches in Hollywood, get this molly wood Week days be jumpin' But the weekend, bring the freaks in I need a bitch straight up outta Bompton Bees up, what up 5?

Voila! Finally, the Wit script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Emma Thompson HBO movie about cancer. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Wit. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. Skulls from the end of the last Ice Age show signs of being tampered with and dissected by humans, providing evidence for the theory that during desperate times, early humans resorted to cannibalism. Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on