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College Alaska woman looking for sex

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Although women now make up a majority of college students, it was not very long ago that women were barred from enrollment at most American colleges. In fact, it was not until the s that America made any real progress in accepting women in colleges. Before this time, American colleges were considered male terrain, and women were expected to fulfill traditional roles like motherhood. Today, not only are women enrolling and graduating from college in unprecedented numbers, more and more women are taking on important, high-profile careers, even while juggling their family lives.

What could explain the rapid ascent of career women in the American college system? The availability of college grants and scholarships for high-achieving women played a key role in helping alleviate the unequal conditions many women faced in entering higher education.

Today, women still face unequal conditions in a society still run by men. Fortunately, many grants and scholarships are available today to help women pursue their college degree.

While there are many college grants and scholarship programs open to all women, most programs look for women who come from nontraditional or underrepresented backgrounds, such as minority women or women who are not U. Most programs look for applicants with especially strong academic records and glowing recommendations, but other programs focus specifically on the financial-need of the applicant and her family. Given the great diversity of both private and public programs with differing applications and qualifications, most women can probably succeed in securing grant or scholarship funding if they search hard enough.

The AAUW is considered to be one of the largest sources of grants and scholarships for women looking to go to college. The program specifically looks for inspiring women who wish to pursue underrepresented careers, like teachers, scientists, and activists. The AAUW is especially interested in providing aid to financially distressed minority women.

AAUW college grants and scholarships are available for women pursuing both undergraduate and graduate studies. For more information, visit their website. Many organizations are very interested in helping women pursue education in the field of science. For college applicants and current students interested in the sciences, including the natural sciences and physics, The Association for Women In Science is a terrific resource for college grants and scholarships.

For more information on this program, visit their website. Women interested in pursuing a career in the sciences should also consider the Women in Engineering and Computer and Information Science Awards that are sponsored by the National Science Foundation. These scholarships are available to women studying science, math, computer science, and engineering. For more information on this award, visit their website. Many organizations also seek to provide aid to battered-women and victims of violence.

These programs are crucial for women who want to leave abusive relationships. Without the financial aid these organizations provide, some women might otherwise be forced to remain with men who hurt them and their children. This national program provides much needed assistance to women who have overcome domestic violence and want to pursue a college education.

Fund runs a similar college grant program for women who experienced violence. Fund, however, gives first priority to women who have already completed at least a year of their college education. For more information, visit their website, rosefund. Another organization victims of violence might be interested in is the P. Program for Continuing Education.

The program provides financial assistance to needy applicants who postponed their college education to get their lives together, to support themselves, or to support their families.

More information is available at their website. While it might seem all college grant opportunities are geared to women pursuing science education, there are several college scholarship funds in place for women interested in the arts. The College Art Association provides financial assistance to nontraditional graduate students in their second-to-last year of their educational program.

The National Sculpture Society also offers scholarships to students pursuing art degrees in sculpture. You can either e-mail the organization directly info nationalsculpture. Many women forget to check into professional organizations for college grant and scholarship information. What many women do not know is that these organizations usually have aid to give out, so women who are sure of their future career or major should look into their respective professional organization.

There are countless professional organizations in America; one example is the Society of Women Engineers. These college grants can sometimes be competitive, so women who actively participate in the organization are most likely to secure funding. Another example is the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. This high-profile organization awards both scholarships and internships to its members.

More details are available at their website. While there are scholarships available for all women, most scholarships are most definitely interested in recruiting minority women.

These two organizations are tremendous resources in procuring and securing college grants and scholarships for minority women. Without a doubt, all African American and Latina women looking for college grant and scholarship opportunities should find them to be in abundance.

No matter what gender you are, it is always smart to apply for as many college grants and scholarships as possible. Women should not apply for one or two college grants and assume that they will win and secure funding. Some of these college grants, especially those sponsored by better-known organizations, are extremely competitive and award funding to a very small percentage of applicants.

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Aug 27, Nick rated it really liked it. My favorite from John Green. This reminds me of high school. Aug 22, e. The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive. John Green has established himself a very large fan base of readers, who are very fond of his work and writing. Unfortunately, after reading a lot of his work, I can't say that I belong to that fanbase. Neither his characters nor writing nor plot make me swoon. Alright, that was a very formal way of saying that his books are not for me.

Now, let's cut to the chase, shall we? Everybody loves to read a good, ol' raging review about a con The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive. Everybody loves to read a good, ol' raging review about a controversial book. But I'll try to keep this one civil. I can understand why Green's books are so popular, even though I don't personally find them anything spectacular. First of all, I noticed a trend in some of his stories.

The leading main character is almost always bland and boring, take for example, Paper Towns or this book, Looking for Alaska. Now, I'm not being a bully here and saying that Green is the only one who follows this trope - but, it's just a little observation of mine. You don't have to agree with me. Following that observation, have you realized that similarly in a few cases, the female is always portrayed as this 'mysterious, untouchable' goddess of some sort?

The normal, grey-little-piece-of-paper bloke and the otherworldly queen. I get that when people, especially teenagers, fall in love, they idealize their crush, looking past all their imperfections This trope is overwhelmingly popular in YA. Okay, now think about this. Imagine a bucket full of paper cards with plot twists, character traits, character interests, events, etc.

Now, the way I see it, most of Green's books feel like these little cards have been pulled out at random, and the story was based upon them. It's ridiculous, I know. But, that's just how I feel, okay?

Now, let's get to the actual book. If I could describe this book in a few random words, it would be: I highly appreciate that Green was trying to touch on some important matters.

But, I don't think this book did them justice. This book was entertaining to read, in the way that it's wasn't boring, even though it pretty much had no plot. You fly through it. I can't say that I didn't necessarily enjoy reading it - it was chaotic, and crazy and full of that 'teenage rebellion' jazz.

I felt very little towards any of the characters, especially Alaska. The amount of times her body was described is literally insane - like, Miles, get a grip, stop being fickle. I understand that he thought her personality was brilliant too and at that age, teenage hormones go on a raging rampage, but, enough is enough. Even towards the end, I couldn't bring myself to feel any sympathy for either of them.

At one point, sure, I felt a little bleak, but no tears were shed. The writing wasn't bad. It was very simple and bland, and full of vulgar language, but it wasn't something terrible. As usual, it had that 'philosophical' undertone - when young people try to sound all wise - which drives me crazy.

I'm not saying that teenagers are stupid, because as a teenager myself, I think that is the most inaccurate, insulting accusation one can make. But, there's a huge disparity between wisdom and intelligence. Okay, now, I'd like to touch on another matter.

I'm not going to hide it. Teenagers smoke, and that's something that was and most likely always will be part of our society. Lots of my friends smoke, and whilst it's not something that I want to take part in, as an athlete saying athlete, I don't mean I'm a professional, or anything , I under where its popularity comes from. The characters in this book smoke. That's fine, because it makes the book seem realistic. Damn it, I'm fifteen and I know people my age and younger who smoke. And, truthfully, that's not something society can magically eradicate.

But, the way it was depicted in the book made me mad. Not whilst reading it. But looking back at it now If you have the opportunity to write a book aimed towards a younger audience, wouldn't you want to make a positive impact? But, in this book, smoking was deemed in my opinion 'cool' and, honestly, that was something that infuriated me. The characters smoked so much, and nothing happened to them. They were healthy, and didn't cough at all. Literally, as though smoking was a chill, harmless activity - not full of nicotine and tobacco.

Smoking is life threatening. Why glorify it in a book? This whole theme should have been handled differently, in my opinion. It should have pushed people away from smoking. Writers can create magic through words. As the saying goes, words have the power to change minds. John Green has a huge amount of fans, spread all around the world, and he obviously must have a talent in writing.

If you happen to possess two of these things, why not use them to your advantage? Through a beautiful paragraph, people could feel at least feel some distaste towards smoking. It just should have had a better moral; a better message towards readers. A more constructive message, in my opinion. I understand that these teenagers want to experiment, want to try new things, but come on, there's boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.

And, when an author touches upon life threatening, addictive substances, I think it would be only fair if he portrayed the action, as dangerous. Overall, I didn't enjoy this book. Sadly, it just wasn't one for me. How did you find it?

Jun 05, Jasmine rated it it was amazing Shelves: If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane. Throughout the book, extremely loud and incredibly close soundtrack came to my mind the whole time. The melody fits the story so well. I never thought Miles "Pudge" Halter's turning point in life would be like that.

Absolutely, totally, completely life-changing difference before and after. It's like, well, experiencing a heartbroken and mysterious loss at school. Ironically, he went to Alabama in search of his so-called "Great Perhaps" If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.

Ironically, he went to Alabama in search of his so-called "Great Perhaps" and that was the way he found out the way out of labyrinth of suffering. It's a come-of-age book about life and death, mortality and immortality, faith and despair. Highly recommend to everyone since it's inevitable for us to face the miseries and important for us to learn how to deal with them. We'd failed, maybe, but some mysteries aren't meant to be solved.

I'd like to share my thoughts for some of the intentionally vague and broad discussion questions below. Do you like Alaska? Do you think it's important to like people you read about?

My answer is yes and no. Yes, I like Alaska Young in the book because she was portrayed as a witty, humorous, sexy, but self-destructive and always felt screwed up everything in her life. She was an interesting character for me, and I like that she changed Pudge entirely after they met. On the contrary, no, I don't like her.

She was capricious sometimes, and I didn't get her actually. One minute she was still having fun when drinking heavily plus smoking to death , and within a blink of eye, she was freaked out and started blaming herself without clear reasons or maybe she did have a reason and just nobody knew why. She didn't leave me enough to discover her, but she left me enough to rediscover the Great Perhaps.

Speaking of forgiveness, I'm not sure whether this is a coincidence or not. Yesterday morning, I got a phone call from my friend and shocked enough to be informed of my best friend's death because of the failure after 20 days of his emergency treatment. I met him three years ago in a summer camp and later became good friends. Never did I expect that he was one of the victims in the dust explosion in that party.

Even though in the instant moment I knew how badly he was injured, I had a bad feeling that there was a slim chance for his survival, I still held some hope for him because he was a strong guy I used to know. As for me, I was too scared to visit him so I didn't have the chance to say goodbye. I don't even know his last words. Everything that comes together falls apart. Sometimes it's really hard to swallow the fact that my best friend is dead , like "Poof" and gone.

I have no way to fulfill my promise to him anymore but when I know that once the doctor took off his ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation , he had let out his last breath and he'd no longer feel the excruciating pain, I was kind of relieved. I think he'll forgive me in the heaven as long as he knows what I'm thinking and how his friends are feeling for him. So yes, forgiveness is universal, no matter the circumstances and it's possible for the dead to forgive the living, and vise versa.

Tears in heaven by Eric Clapton is the song in memorial to him, and he'll be in our hearts forever. In my opinion, when we lose someone we love, or someone we happened to encounter with in the seemingly short life, all we can do instead of lamenting our losses is change the state of mind.

That's the best solution for us, I suppose. Just as the old saying goes, "Time will heal all wounds. View all 42 comments. Jul 31, Christy rated it really liked it. Looking for Alaska is my second John Green book. Even though it was very different than TFiOS, it was still emotional, moving and just quirky enough to make me smile and laugh.

Miles Halter's moves to Alabama to go to boarding school. This is his big adventure. A chance to make some friends, live a life bigger than the one he's been living in Florida. On his first day there, he becomes friends with his roommate, my favorite and most memorable character, Chip aka the Colonel. He also meets a gir Looking for Alaska is my second John Green book. He also meets a girl that enamors him. What I can say is that John Green's characters are relatable and easy to love.

There are so many great quotes and moments in this story. It's one I very much enjoyed listening to. Love, friendship, life, death, before, after, finding meaning in life and learning to forgive. That is what Looking for Alaska is all about. View all 44 comments. No es una mala novela. Lo popular no siempre es malo.

No es el tipo de novelas que suelo leer, pero quise darle una oportunidad a esta historia. Fue una gran sorpresa. Lo negativo que tiene este libro son el final: Asimismo, sus formas de hablar y de comportarse son irreales y presuntuosas. En suma, es buena obra, que recomiendo. View all 10 comments. Mar 18, Mariel rated it liked it Recommends it for: I'm emulating Miles here. Wait, I already talk like that! I disliked it enough to feel mean and want to give John Green another shot before writing him off forever as a potential book friend.

It was super cheap in the closing local Borders. I'm not that original about selecting books. What else are the late hours of the night for if not What was I doing reading John Green's Looking for Alaska when I famously coughs despised large parts of the author's An Abundance of Katherines?

What else are the late hours of the night for if not reading? I wasn't liking much the books I was plumbing through. Looking for Alaska is, if nothing else, readable. You'll end up having to read another Maberry book. I definitely do not want to read another Maberry book.

The John Green formula is this is first book? I'm too lazy to look it up is at play: Colin from 'Katherines' had his "eureka" moments modelled after geniuses in history. Miles favors last words of famous dead people. It was a bit too cutesy for me that he ALSO wanted a "great perhaps".

Too much emulating, for me. A boy comes to life realizations after a series of events that bring together and then drive apart the young characters. The formula isn't needed for a hook to get into that. I like looking into stories about lives because of last words. It didn't really have much to do with Miles's relationships with his friends, though.

I guess it was like the comic relief in a Disney film? It's there in case the parents are getting bored Colin got under my skin. It depressed me that the whole point was being better than everyone else. Miles and his friends are looking for distraction in each other. Solace, yeah, but mostly distraction. Making shit happen so they won't have to think about what they are really doing or not doing.

It IS a boarding school story. I've been coming across a few of these lately. Not that I blame them. What Clementine had, and Alaska didn't, is enough of a life outside Miles's perspective. Green didn't quite make it there. I appreciated the sentiments, though. It's like watching a funeral of someone you don't know, to me. It sucks that they are dead.

I could probably make up a story to myself about what they were like. I could pull it from abstract sources and get carried away with it. How much of it would be based on me? He's kinda generic teen boy. Maybe that's good for the teens who feel this kinda mutual solace in each other for experiencing those teen things. I don't remember feeling part of a larger group. It was a long time ago, though. Dreaming of the future to escape the present? I remember thinking those same things about people being energy that just changes form when I was Miles's age.

That's the most religious I ever got. I'm sure I felt smart at the time. It was cool that Alaska said she smoked to die. Okay, if I'm being honest I did feel an extra dab of sympathy for Miles being a Floridian who moves to Alabama.

That was me, once. I'll probably not read another John Green book. I don't need the distraction of hijinks right now maybe some other night. It's hard enough going through life trying to patch together some feeling of humankind by wondering what other people go through. I take it on faith that this shit is hard. Now, what the hell was Alaska really thinking? Because I loved her when she didn't want to answer the whats, whens, whys, hows.

I'm glad that John Green wrote about people who cared about being people for something worth more than being better than other people. It wasn't a waste of time being around them even if I didn't get past the surface we're all in this together stuff. Sentiments are better than beat downs.

John Green probably loves the film Real Genius. I always used it to embarass my dog. I have no business picking on this stuff Jul 11, Carrie rated it it was amazing Shelves: In Looking For Alaska, John Green tells the story of Miles, a smart, skinny teen who decides to go to the same boarding school his father attended in the hopes of finding a different life.

Once at boarding school, Miles quickly befriends his roommate, nicknamed The Colonel. The Colonel introduces him to the rest of his inner circ In Looking For Alaska, John Green tells the story of Miles, a smart, skinny teen who decides to go to the same boarding school his father attended in the hopes of finding a different life. The Colonel introduces him to the rest of his inner circle: Takumi, a rap-loving Japanese boy, and Alaska, a smart, impulsive girl.

The group study, plan pranks, blow off steam, and get into mischief together, all while Miles is falling in love with Alaska, who has a boyfriend. Could they have prevented what happened, and if so, can they forgive themselves? They try to find the answers to these questions while coming to terms with their loss, grief, guilt, and the need to keep on living.

John Green masterfully handles these big questions without making them heavy-handed. Young adult readers will find it captivating and thought-provoking, without feeling like they are being preached to, or being told that these are the only answers available.

View all 7 comments. This review will be somewhat of a spoiler. You have been warned. It is exactly that. One moment there was a person, full of life, and then the next moment that person ceases to exist.

In Looking for Alaska there is a sudden, stupid death and I thought J This review will be somewhat of a spoiler. In Looking for Alaska there is a sudden, stupid death and I thought John Green told that story perfectly. The reactions of the characters were spot on. Shock, horror, disbelief, anger all come first, mostly its disbelief.

In fact, so spot on that it took me right back to a time when this happened to me. It felt like John grabbed a hold of my shoulders and pushed me back in time twenty years.

Shit like that will change a person. I am not the same person I was before that moment, that girl is dead and gone. A big piece of me is missing……. But then again, it makes for a better book, having things happen. Overall, this is a very good book and I recommend it to everyone. View all 12 comments. Looking For Alaska 1 4 Aug 20, There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

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Please let me know if you can if there is a such way to go to school and not have to work so a degree can be achieved for a single mom. I have worked so hard to get this far and now I have no idea what I am going to do without any money. I am a mother of 5 and we are a 1 income family.

I am wanting to do online courses to be able to still get everything with the kids done. If there is any assistance it would be great to be able to actually find it! I am a single mother of 1. I am on unemployment due to career change.

I want to go to nursing school. I just need to be able to pay my bills while i go to school. How can i do that? I just read all the comments from women who would love nothing more than the opportunity to be educated to qualify for careers that pay rough to cover life expenses and give them security. Masses of capable disadvantaged women! There are far more people , men and women desiring to be educated than actual jobs available.

The cost of education for these positions is outrageous, thus eliminating a large portion of the already poor and stressed people who long for a better life. People who are portrayed as lazy and free loaders. Nothing could be farther from the truth! I lost my job in and have not been able to find a job. I have sent out many resumes, and have done some interviewing. Since I lost my job, I was able to hold on to my apartment, car, and kept going to school.

Money ran out, lost my apartment, lost my car and had to move to another state to live with family due to no place to live here in South Carolina where I had been attending school. I managed to connect with an ex co-worker who was gracious enough to say she would rent me a room so I may come back to Columbia, South Carolina and continue school. Again, I am coming to the end of my program, and funds from Fafsa are just about up. I am a single woman, divorced and raised my family.

I am now struggling to stay in school so I may receive my degree and be able to support myself. I have worked and paid taxes all my adult life, and now trying to follow the American dream with a Bachelor Degree which I am almost done with. I am asking is there any monies any where to help me pay the school for these last few courses.

I am an International student and currently have no job. I have just two classes left to graduate , but unable to pay my tuition and my college is going to terminate my Visa on 15th Nov. I do not have anybody to support and I am an independent. Please help me out if you could support for me for my education and help me out to complete my just two classes. I never attended college. Never really knew what I wanted in terms of a degree.

But now I finally know what my is in life after all these years. Hello, I am a Junior at the University of Cincinnati. I am looking for grants to cover my final year of college expenses. I have been doing research on Grants and Scholarships for current enrolled college students for the past week.

My dad has been active duty for the past 22 years and is moving away from being near me and finally retiring, leaving me with having my final year on my own.

I am an adult now and believe that the best way to come out of college in less debt is Grants and Scholarships. My father died when I was young, so I was left supported by my mother but I have 3 sibling making it harder for us. Please if you know of any scholarship that I might avail, I would really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Here is my yahoo mail: After terminating me they blocked my unemployment benefits, 9 months later our home of 16 years was foreclosed on.

Our current home has no heat and the roof leaks. Though I suffer with M. I am still human, a mother, and have to try to live a normal life.

I have called upon many local organizations to help my son and I with heat or repairing the roof but no help has come nor been offered. I am trying to help my self and now being told that since I already have a B. A program which was designed to help welfare mothers???

My GPA is 3. I am looking to pursue my Psyd or the least Counselor. I have worked with children for over thirty five years; first teaching African Dancing and Discipline; then teaching at an Academy teaching at risk youth math and science; then facilitating group sessions life skills; and now because of the demand for Qualified Mental Health Providers, I am pursing degrees in this area.

I am fifty seven as of June 19th. I need grants and scholarships to continue my education; I pay partial from pocket by taking a portion of my rent, electric bill, water bill or food to pay for courses out of pocket — I have a deferred loan however, I still have to pay several thousands.

I need financial help, I was laid off of my job July , lack of work. Prayerfully, they will call me back when business pick up. That mean more children in the program. My phone number is email address sportsnow2 hotmail. Please contact me with any help available. Hello my name is Maggie, I am a undergraduate student. I need help paying my college. And i am unaware of the scholarships that are out there.

I really need help paying my college. I am wanting to go to school and finish. I want my child to have a good life and I want to be able to provide for my baby. Please if theres any grants or help i should know of please let me know.

My phone number is I am looking for information on grants for women. I am a SAHM of 3 small children and have a disabled husband. What kind of financial help do I qualify for? I need to start school asap.

And somehow, the men… errr, excuse me, the non-minority men, aka, the white guys, have no such support system such as this? I think this is sexist and not politically correct. This is embarrassing and holding the non-minority men back. Yet somehow, this is okay to everyone?!?!?! I did no one an injustice. An example of a rebuttal that will be or now would have been the first out of the first five responses is the so called pay gap. I run a company. If I could get a female who is twice as qualified to do the job for half as much, I would.

We will take the most qualified person who will take the pay regardless. So my question to you is: Where are the college grants for men? IF this was truly a fair and just society, based on equality, why do you not offer a program for men?

Seems like the tide for equality has gone too far to right a wrong, especially one I am being punished for, considering I had zero to do with it. I believe all humans are created equal, and all should have basic rights, notwithstanding, a site such as yours. I see on the bar to the left, women, women, mothers, grants, low income, etc. So men and women can apply for the general grants, but only women can apply for the top three listed. One day, the shunning of men in this country, in this way, will haunt our future generations and history will show in the future textbooks why this was wrong.

I am a victim of family violence. Why wont I leave? Per my financial aid officers: I just need the funds to do it! My number is I just need to get back in school! Thank u and praying to hear something soon….

I am a mother of three, two teenage girl and boy and one pre-teen. I had a lady who had agreed to pay my college fees but recently said she was not able to continue doing so. I am studying in my home country but I am enrolled at the DePaul university of Chicago. If you would be able to help me, I would really appreciate it.

I am 20 years old, homeless, and pregnant I am enrolled in school and need scholarships!!! I was a victim of physical abuse… while it was not from a husband or boyfriend, it was by a family member. I was enrolled at a community college when my father held me hostage with a loaded gun and was arrested after hours of emotional abuse… I had no transportation to school after that, I was unable to drop my classes it was after the drop out date and I was so unstable I couldnt return… Now I am ready to go back!

I feel like this is a never ending battle and I will never be able to go back to school and I am so desperate for help… Please email me if something or someone can help me or point me in the right direction… thank you.

I am a single parent of two children, one of which has autism. Decided to go back to school in I have maintained a 3. If you know of anyone who can help me financially or just by providing me with the book, I would be grateful.

I am a 40 year old with four children at home under My husband is emotionally and mentally abusive and I cant stand anymore. I want to get away but need to be able to support my children first. My husband makes to much and refuses to give me the money to return to school to get my RN. Are there any grants or programs that I may qualify for. I attended Community College of Baltimore County in Unfortunately I didnt graduate.

I cannot afford it. I still live with my mom in a household of 5 children and 2 grand children. I tried so many places to help but so many places turn me down because i dont have any children.

I live in the city of Baltimore where i struggled my whole life. Even if i wanted to get a better job by getting my certificate in something, that would be hard too because alot of places in baltimore only help out with school if you have children.

I would do anything to further my education but its so hard and so expensive. I dont want to give up. I dont want to live the rest of my life this way. I;m so detirmined to go back to college. I just need help. I will gladly appreciate it. Even if its just pointing me to where i could find a grant or scholarship. It just hurts to know that i have big dreams and its to expensive to follow them. I dont want to give up….. I have been pursing a career in the medical field but due to financial constraints, it has taken me longer that expected.

I Only have 11 classes left to finish my program and would appreciate any help I can get toward my tuition. I am a victim of domestic violence, battered, rejected and abused, no body to help me. Please i need financial Aid to further my education. Hello, I am not a minority, or a battered woman, or anything that stands out, but I am having a hard time figuring out how I will pay for my education. My husband is successful in his position and makes too much money for me to qualify for aid.

Iwoud go back to school for a diploma in accountancy and finance. Due to being laid off for sometime. Iam at the point of signing up my dream because ihave no finance. Iam searching for help! If any one can direct me in the right way of geting grants to do adiploma course iwould be much obliged. Am a Malawian young woman who want to continue with my education.

They culturally think our duty is to get married and be a house wife. Hello, I am an unemployed mom and married to a verbally abusive and controlling man. I used to be employed but not for 3 years now. We have lived with my father in law in a crowded room as he helps us with shelter I also provide full time care assistance and household chores. I have no idea if theres anything that is out there that would help pay for this.

I have no credit and no family and really no way to earn the money as my husband makes any work I try to find impossible to complete hes controlling. I am 37 and feel like my life has been over for so long its been my son that has brought me back to the light and determined to fight for a chance and this would give us financial independence as well as give me a sense of self worth and ability to pursue more endevours in the future.

Thanks for any advice anyone has. Mail will not be published required. College Grants for Women. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

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