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Rock Hall Projected picks up with the induction class and will vote on at least 15 future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction classes.

The voting rules will continue from Rock Hall Revisited. A spin-off project is ranking all of the performer inductees of both the Revisited and Projected classes. Thanks again to Gassman and others! Posted by Nicky Joe on Thursday, A lot can happen between now and October, but if the vote were happening today, I'd probably go with: Queens of the Stone Age for Darren, if nothing else. Posted by AlexVoltaire on Thursday, My ballot will probably be very close to yours.

I'd probably go with Foreigner over Boston if we really need another Classic Rock pick I'm not entirely sure we do. Boston to me is too much of a one album wonder, even if there was many studio innovations on that album.

TLC is a great pick and very deserving. It's time we induct Queens of the Stone Age, I imagine it will be easier if there new album that should come out this year is as good as Brian Eno is my 1 snub at this moment.

Not sure which way I'll go. Posted by Gassman on Thursday, I don't know how my ballot will look come September, but I can list all of the acts that I think are worthy of being inducted into our project. I can be swayed on an act that isn't listed here, and in fact I hope I am.

I love coming across an act on here that I'm unfamiliar with and learning more of their work, and I'm always open to discussion. I'll break them down by genre. I'm worried that since he, as an individual, is already in, he won't garner enough support and we'll miss an opportunity getting an electronic act in that cycle.

I haven't looked at the newly eligibles for this upcoming season. I'm open to discussion and would love to add names and have more to choose from. I try to have an open mind with every genre and every act. Posted by Steve Z on Thursday, Davy Johnstone is a terrific choice for sideman-love it! Posted by Michelle on Thursday, Every year around the time of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's nominee announcement, we vote on and induct artists into our own Hall of Fame.

It's open to everyone, so stick around and join in, if you'd like! Nicky Joe - Those are great picks and there are some more that I have to look into. In regards to the Del-Tones and the Ray-Men, does anybody have any info as to who was in these bands? I've been trying to do research on them, but I can't find anywhere whom the individuals consisting of the Del-Tones or The Ray-Men were, which is why I've hesitated on voting for them in the past.

I have a feeling most people have a clear idea who the important performers are, but the other categories are a bit more challenging, especially sidemen. I have therefore started with a search for some of most important non-performers and sidemen that we have forgotten, by looking at some of the greatest records of all time.

Alvin Tyler is one of the most important figures in the early days of rock 'n' roll. In those recordings, he often acted as the arranger as well. He later ventured more into jazz, his first love, but he regularly performed with other New Orleans musicians like Earl Palmer, Allen Toussaint and Lee Allen.

For non-performer, I recommend Robert "Bumps" Blackwell. Blackwell is a producer, arranger and songwriter, best known for launching the career of both Little Richard and Sam Cooke.

In the late s, he was a bandleader of jazz band which members included Ray Charles and Quincy Jones.

In the early s, Art Rupe hired him for Specialty Records as an arranger. That song became Richard's big breakthrough. After this, he produced all Little Richard's hit songs and became his manager until he left music. In , he was the producer who oversaw the launch of the secular career of former gospel star Sam Cooke. Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, I've been a little cautious on Brian Eno for the same reason that Steve Z expressed, but ultimately I think that relegating him to NP was the most boneheaded decision ever made in this project.

He was largely the victim of a confluence of the Little Steven faction of the group colliding with the faction who though that every prog act to have a gold album needed to be inducted right away and it was a way to get a deserving artist who didn't fit either agenda out of the way.

This really needs to be fixed. Where we're at on the timeline, electronic music shouldn't be a one spot a year novelty. We have a lot of catching up to do. He's such an important genre root act that merits a sit down and rethink. I'm loving the lists that I'm seeing from people today. This is consistently a high quality project and I have faith that it will continue to be. Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, Thinking ahead to who we might induct later this year, and having been impressed with Steve Z's shortlist of potential inductees, I have been contemplating some other artists that I would hope could be considered.

One that has been on my mind and my playlists fairly recently is The Residents. Admittedly, The Residents are not for everybody; heck, they may not be recording artists in the truest sense of the word.

None the less, they are performance art; and like any performance art, The Residents are uniquely influential to a varied and just as influential collection of artists. I suppose what makes The Residents difficult to consider is we do not know who they are. Well, I and others have a guess that The Residents are or were the Cryptic Corporation; yet they will never admit it publicly. With little knowledge of the collective to be aware of, that leaves no chance for radio airplay, low selling albums and the Residents not being rich.

I would say start with hearing and seeing their pre catalogue before exploring the Mr. Be advised you may not be able to dance to their music; yet it will have your attention. So, what say all of you fellow posters? Are there inductees that have had similar artistic endeavors? Let me know in any comments you might have. It should be a worthy discussion.

Posted by Lax34 on Monday, I am curious if there's a page you can link me to where I can see the write ups for the revisited and projected inductees in to the Rock Hall as I would like to see who inducts them in this alternate version. Posted by Nicky Joe on Saturday, I'm going to do a write up for Alice in Chains.

Alice in Chains Seattle, Washington , present Inducted members: Stone Man in the Box Would Out of all the grunge bands popping up in the late s and early s. Alice in Chains was without a doubt the darkest of all of them, their sound was much closer to heavy metal than punk and alternative rock and most of that is owed to the heaviness of the guitars.

Then you have the thunderous drumming of Sean Kinney who pounds these drums in a way that would impress John Bonham and Keith Moon. However, there is one aspect of the group not to be overlooked, the vocals of the late Layne Staley who combines tortured screeches, depressing vocals and multiple harmonies alongside writing lyrics concerning mixed views on religion, drug abuse and death. Unfortunately by the late '90s, Layne vanished to his condo and was almost never seen by anyone and eventually and unfortunately met his fate and died at the young age of 34 with many hard rock and heavy metal legends like Phil Anselmo, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Maynard James Keenan, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Zakk Wylde paying tributes and acknowledging his amazing talent.

Thankfully, William DuVall has been doing a brilliant job at filling in a void that even the biggest legends would struggle to full-fill and satisfy and more than ever there's been a focus on vocal harmonies and doomy, punky riffing that despite mixed reviews from the know-it-all critics have been well received by their purest fans.

It's safe to say you'd be hard-pressed to find a group that will ever come close to having the unique and phenomenal talent of Alice in Chains.

Posted by Nicky Joe on Wednesday, Nicky, nice writeup, but how were we able to score Ann Wilson to induct them? Has there been an actual induction ceremony for our Rock Hall Projected that I'm unaware of?

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, Just trying to help polish off a project that has been all over the place, it's not serious, it's just all made up. Nicky, thought everything else but the 'inducting person' could be taken completely seriously. It is a fine writeup, IMO. Please try another one. Thin Lizzy Dublin, Ireland , , present Inducted members: Initially a three piece band consisting of bassist and lead vocalist Phil Lynott, drummer Brian Downey and guitarist Eric Bell, the trio initially struggled to find any significant success in Ireland but in , they released a cover of a classic Irish tune called "Whiskey in the Jar" which was a big hit in the U.

A then year old Scottish guitarist called Brian Robertson a. However, drug abuse plagued the band in the late s which saw the departure of Brian Robertson who was replaced by Gary Moore with who played with them on 's Black Rose: A Rock Legend which despite being a big hit in the UK and Ireland once again, it failed to make a significant dent in the US which unfortunately rendered them a one-hit wonder over there.

Moore ended up leaving the group and was replaced by Snowy White with two albums that failed to live up to their previous records especially in Renegade's case which peaked at 38 in the UK Charts but they made a comeback on their final record.

The band have done some heavy touring since and have kept the spirit of the legendary hard rock band alive but even without Thin Lizzy almost all of the members proved they could hold their own. John Sykes went on to play with Whitesnake and contributed to their self-titled record which went multi-platinum in the U.

The late Gary Moore had a successful career with many albums in the UK being certified silver and one even went platinum. As one of the bands associated with the college rock genre of the s alongside inductee R. They helped mix hardcore punk with folk and pop smarts so amazingly but never to the point of drastically reducing their heaviness, thanks to the songwriting capabilities, aggressive guitars of Bob Mould, speedy drumming of Grant Hart and catchy basslines of Greg Norton.

Ever since their breakup in , Bob Mould and Grant Hart focused on solo careers and other band projects whilst Greg Norton entered the culinary industry with the closest to a full reunion was when Bob Mould and Grant Hart performed together at a reunion show, quite said that we'll never see a full scale reunion from this underrated power trio.

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This gets a bit harder when we get to bands and groups that have yet to be inducted into the Hall, but it's still manageable. Where it gets really hard is with the Backing Groups that we've inducted in the Sidemen Category. So, I was hoping I could get some input from the regulars here about what members they feel should be inducted from the Backing Groups. Don't worry if a member had been inducted as an individual in the Sidemen category.

The first place to start is the group that has been giving me the most troubles: After we come up with a good consensus we can move on to the other groups. Posted by Gassman on Wednesday, After that I think The Funk Brothers would be a good group to look into.

As of now, these were the names I have listed: But I will say that when I was making my list, these 53 names were the ones that kept coming up.

Its also the group with the largest amount of inducted members, if thats any relief, and believe me, I'm not the type to include every single member of every single band either. I hope this helps! Maybe we can whittle down from this list together. Posted by Steve Z on Wednesday, Steve Z - Wow, yeah that number is crazy. However I agree with you that I don't automatically see anyone on that list that you could cut.

It might just be easier to include add all of them. Do you have a list of who you included for the other big backing groups?

Walker, Ernie Watts 19 total The J. The Love Unlimited Orchestra and the J. Just as a suggestion. If it's not a serious issue, do you maybe think it would make sense to move the Inductees over to the Revisited? I know these were done back in but those seven ceremonies have since happened so it would make more sense to move them to the revisited page. However, there are female musicians who have risen up to the occasion and challenged this stigma with Joni Mitchell being one such example.

It's the way she combines folk with jazz, pop and rock and creates a truly original and amazing style which puts her amongst the greats in the singer-songwriter category and has proven to be arguably one of the greatest guitarists of all time and rightfully so. Her innovative style which includes non-standard tuning and her evolving right-hand picking techniques have influenced many guitarists including Steve Rothery and Mikael Akerfeldt which just go to show how wide of an influence she is on music.

Combining hard rock with blues, funk, glam and heavy metal which gives them this slick, awesome sound. Since its almost time for voting to begin again, I wanted to share my updated list of eligible artists that I feel are worthy of induction. The listed names are not in any particular order. In each genre I have higher priorities than others, but essentially, these are all artists that I support and my ballot will consist of some assortment of these names, depending on momentum.

Could someone tell me when we will start this procedure? Posted by Tom H. With the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominations to be released within the month its time to start thinking about contenders for the Rock Hall Projected. I'm still figuring out who I want to vote for but I'm curious to see what everyone thinks for the upcoming vote. Phil Ramone, Jimmy Iovine Influences: Tampa Red, Terry Riley Sidemen: Martha Wash, Paul Carrack.

Posted by Greg F. I'll post what I currently have ballot-wise as well: I haven't pinned down my full list, but here is, basically, my finalists: This is a man who is credited with having popularized, if not having started, krautrock and later influencing ambient and new wave with his production techniques. A man whose production credits include albums by Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!

To me, that's a HOF-worthy legacy. I don't know if this will sway others, but this is a major part of the reason I feel he deserves the honor and I wanted to try getting him a push. Posted by SotN on Monday, Adele is eligible now? That changes things for me. I don't want to tip my hand too early-- partly because revealing one's votes beforehand surprises the fun of the voting process, imo. And also because I am still happy to be persuaded to vote for some other artist if someone is willing to make a good case.

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Monday, Since a number of fellow posters have come out and gave an idea of who they will be voting for; I figured now would be the best time to let people know who I am considering voting for. Now, this is not a final ballot, as that is still being planned.

It is though a shortlist of potential new inductees. Let me know what you think of these artists for possible induction. In the Performers category I am considering: Posted by Lax34 on Wednesday, I put forth Martin Scorsese in my list of Non-Performers for a number of reasons that are relevant with the Rock and Roll sphere. A short sampling include: Directing and filming The Last Waltz. Scorsese's subsequent collaborations in soundtrack and music curation with Robbie Robertson.

Directing the Michael Jackson video for Bad. His innovative use of collecting songs in a number of movies and shows dating back to Mean Streets. For a number of film fans and patrons of the arts, Martin Scorsese gave people a notice into the Rock and Roll field and the music it entails.

And that is just one example. I am sure there are other examples to think of, both from fellow posters and myself. Hope that answers your question and thank you for your insight, Lax Posted by Lax34 on Sunday, If the webmasters see fit, I could start the voting processes. Thank you for taking this inquiry, Lax Posted by Lax34 on Thursday, Correct, we take one week after the nominations come out to discuss who we plan to vote for and then we vote.

I'll have to look up exactly when the voting starts since vote switching isn't allowed, we don't allow early voting and ends exactly. Posted by Darren on Monday, Here's the link to the list of newly eligible artists this year the full list wouldn't post, reported as spam: Queens Of The Stone Age - They've come one vote short each of the past two years and they released another critically acclaimed album in IMO, the most significant alternative band that we have yet to induct.

They have a distinct sound, perfecting the desert rock sound that key members such as Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri defined in Kyuss and have a long track record of creating brilliant, critically acclaimed albums for 18 years. They will have one vote on my ballot. Modest Mouse existed on the fringes of indie rock for much of their first decade together before breaking out big time with their album "The Moon And Antarctica" and their monster hit single, 's "Float On".

Critical acclaim and popular success have made them one of the biggest acts in the past two years of indie rock. They will definitely be on my ballot.

It's a shame that they didn't release more albums before temporarily breaking up they have yet to re-unite , but they are by far the best metal band currently eligible for this project, but not inducted. I will vote for them, but only if there's support enough to ensure it's not a wasted vote. I can't guarantee that I'll vote for him or any bands beyond QotSA, and Modest Mouse , but if there's enough support, they'll definitely have my vote. They haven't gotten much traction in the past, but they're one of my top priorities if that changes this year.

Supertramp - Every year a "second-tier" classic rock band gains enough support to earn a spot in the next year's class. Is it Supertramp's turn now that Three Dog Night has been inducted? Muse - A consistently excellent indie rock band with a long track-record of great albums. That last one "Drones" , though Still, if my vote could put them over the top, it probably will. Adele - By far the biggest name on the ballot and the artist with the best chance of being inducted eventually.

I don't think I'll vote for her this year, but it wouldn't surprise me if she got a lot of support. Bon Iver - A critically acclaimed artist with a large following, but I don't think they'll break through the indie rock logjam. Cage The Elephant - They're on the right track to be considered someday, but they'll need several more albums before they'll be on the radar. Miley Cyrus - She's eligible now. Use this information as you will They'll be high on my personal radar, but I don't think that they'll get the kind of traction that Arcade Fire did when they were first eligible.

The War On Drugs - They have the critical acclaim to be considered down the road, but nowhere near the cross-over success necessary to date. Many of his biggest hits were in the late 70's and early 80's! Posted by Darren on Tuesday, Darren's contenders are a very fine lot, but I would have added Amy Winehouse- who might well get my vote this coming week- to the fray. Posted by AlexVoltaire on Tuesday, They'll probably all be dead in , but they are definite candidates, IMO.

Hey guys, Paul K. I definitely will be coming back for Projected each and every year. There are a few essentials I have. My personal top pick for best artist not inducted remains the gone-too-soon Elliott Smith, who will be on my ballot no matter what. Hopefully some other voters are willing to join me in this pet project.

The rest of my ballot is quite flexible. I'd like a metal artist. I could get behind System of a Down or Anthrax if support looks good. My 1 pick is Modest Mouse. I will pretty much get behind whichever two have the most support. As for my last three votes: I think we should get these populist bands over with, as the inevitable earworms have a place in the hall too. I think a really great choice is Chubby Checker. He's no true one-hit wonder, but might as well be. That one song completely changed the pop landscape as much as just about any song by any artist already inducted.

My last vote can go to any number of things that I support depending on how their outlook is. I'd like to see who others are supporting. So to wrap it up, my ballot plan is as follows: Elliott Smith locked, no matter what 2. Metal band Death is most wanted 3. Posted by Paul K. Right now, my ballot is: I only have three artists definite for my ballot: Aphex Twin, George Michael and the Commodores. Otherwise, I'm looking to include: A hip hop act A '60s pop act An '80s indie rock act And at least one female act if not covered by my other picks.

Posted by Ian on Wednesday, Just a reminder that many Brian Eno supporters backed Carole King last year, hoping that the favor would be returned this year.

We have inducted 9 albums that can be credited to Brian Eno, not including his works with Roxy Music or albums he produced.

King, The Shangri-Las, and probably others. If I had to go with a Classic Rock group, Foreigner would be my preference. Just a reminder that we do not have an Early Influence category, only an influence category.

It is designed for genres that predate the invention of Rock and Roll. It can also include rockers that influenced a certain aspect of the Rock and Roll art form, but not entirely worthy of a performer induction Screaming Jay Hawkins. Not sure yet on Influences and Sidemen. Here are some of the albums that Bob Johnston produced: Hyde He also produced records for: I'll throw in my support for Tori Amos.

Posted by Darren on Thursday, Posted by jtrichey on Thursday, Couple rules to remember: A ballot with 4 Performers or a ballot with 1 Sideman will not be counted for that given category.

After 24 hours, no further changes will be counted. Posted by Darren on Friday, Posted by Dan on Friday, Jimmy Iovine Mark Ronson Influence: Terry Riley Wendy Carlos Sidemen: Martha Wash Paul Carrack. Posted by Greg F on Friday, All right, let's give this a spin: Posted by SotN on Friday, I haven't participated in any of the FRL projects for a while so might as well do this one here. Charlie Parker Wendy Carlos Sidemen: Posted by John R. Thank you, Darren- a great to see so many FRL folks here.

Odetta Wendy Carlos Sidemen: Robert "Bumps" Blackwell Greil Marcus. Posted by AlexVoltaire on Friday, I'm going to invoke the hour change rule myself: I'll change my Wire vote to one for Brian Eno as a performer.

Moe Asch Bob Crewe Sidemen: Lisa Germano Jaco Pastorius. Posted by MichaelEU on Friday, It looks like I'll be dropping in again this year, and Paul K. If I deviate from that, it'll probably be for Dream Theater, though only if they start seeing a lot of support before I finalize my ballot. I'll also be going back to pounding the drum for Bert Jansch again this year.

Other priorities include D. To summarize again, tentative: Death [Metal slot] 2. I can't speak to whatever innovation or influence he may have had as a solo artist, though I know that his vocal ability drew praise. But Sidemen may or may not be the best way to honor him, should he merit it. I'm also considering Patrick Gleeson in the Sidemen category, for his groundbreaking work with the use of synthesizers in a live setting.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that despite some remaining key names, we've done a pretty good job getting through the Alternative backlog I had thought there'd be more. Metal remains a weakness, and we've yet to really touch on Industrial though I think we've about covered Krautrock , with plenty of Punk artists in the backlog though we've made some headway there. Hope to clear through a little more again this year.

Posted by Ray on Friday, Tori Amos Mary J. Amos Milburn Joe Liggins. I have now finalized my ballot for the Projected Class of Without further ado, here are the artists and people and groups that I have deemed to be on my ballot this year. In an internet society that seems more focused on trolling and demeaning people; this website and what we do here is a positive beacon to honor, to discuss, and to influence.

I have been here 9 years and I have seen first hand our influence and importance grow and prosper. Now approaching once more the calm in the 17th section of Blint's Tune, Lax Posted by Lax34 on Friday, Lee Hazelwood Jimmy Iovine Influences: Posted by Gassman on Friday, Charles Mingus Glenn Miller.

Bob Crewe Cousin Brucie Influences: Amos Milburn Glenn Miller Sidemen: The Applejacks The Dreamlovers. Posted by Philip on Friday, Posted by Logan on Saturday, Lee Hazlewood Once again, the indie rock vote is so divided and fractures that there's little to support there. It's also clear that half the voters won't real;y go for ANY of those sort of names, so good luck trying to get in Modest Mouse or Wire in future years.

Obviously, my ballot this year is basically seven names that I could live with getting in that seem to have gained traction early in the voting.

And for the record, I'm not voting in any of the other side categories or changing my ballot in the next 24 hours. Posted by Casper on Saturday, Posted by Austin on Saturday, Bob Johnston Conny Plank Inf: The Last Poets Wendy Carlos.

Looks like I'm the only vote for Sublime which is a shame. Posted by Josh on Saturday, Josh - In the event of a tie we do a tie breaker round, which is a ranked vote ballot of all of the tied acts.

It happens more often than not. Bob Crewe Bob Ezrin Influences: Amos Milburn Glenn Miller. Posted by Frankward on Saturday, Estelle Axton Phil Chess. Posted by dmg on Saturday, Conny Plank Bob Johnston Sidemen: Posted by Ray on Sunday, Great choices for non-performers, dmg! It highlights that we have made the same mistake as the Hall by choosing only one part of a duo of studio owners.

These two will be high on my radar. Posted by Darrin A on Monday, Wendy Carlos Glenn Miller Sidemen: Posted by Steve Z on Monday, You need to to vote for two Non-Performers for your ballot in that category to be counted. Posted by Nick on Tuesday, Here's where things currently stand on the voting. Hopefully, someone will correct me if I am in error. A tip of the hat to the single voter who picked Sleater- Kinney-- a strong choice that will definitely an act I'll consider next year.

Fascinating stuff-- I never would have predicted that Tori Amos would be the front-runner when we began this. Recommended here by my friend Josh! Looks like a fun project. Posted by Rewd on Tuesday, Posted by Dave on Wednesday, Nothing against that genre- I think we all love it, to varying degrees- but I think we're realizing that we've beaten this horse dead.

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Wednesday, Jimmy Iovine Mark Ronson Influences: Loretta Lynn The Last Poets. Posted by Darren on Wednesday, Votes will be accepted until 11 PM Central on Thursday the 19th, but any vote posted after 11 will not be eligible. Posted by EDS on Thursday, FYI, comments prior to this year have been archived.

Hopefully that makes this page easier to navigate. Posted by FRL on Thursday, FRL, Thanks, that should make some lives easier. AlexVoltaire, I mostly agree.

Very interesting class here I look forward to reading discussions of and assessing myself. Not a lot here I'm personally just in love with, but of the ten or so extremely varied artists who could possibly get in at this point, I think they all have great amounts of unsung influence.

There are no mistakes among the artists with 9 or more votes. They'll definitely make the cases for their peers in their respective niches stronger.

A good year for our backlog. This looks like it will be a decent class, but probably not one that will "really" please anybody. It's definitely diverse, but I agree that there's nobody on track to get in that I really feel strongly about. There should be some opportunities for new acts to gain traction next year.

Those were that last two bands I cut from my ballot this year. Even though that's my favourite music, there are probably only acts that I would even consider supporting at any future point. I think Foreigner and The Sonics represent the best options left there, but they look like they split the vote this time around. I like that we have shifted focus to more modern rock acts and the alternative side in recent years. I wouldn't mind us eventually circling back to some "second-tier" 90's acts like Sublime, No Doubt, Alanis Morrisette, Korn, etc.

Performer Voting is now closed. Here are the final results let me know ASAP if there are any errors: To vote in the tiebreaker, rank all three performers in order of preference. The highest-ranking artist will receive 3 points, the second-highest 2 points and the lowest 1 point. The two artists that receive the most points will be inducted as part of this year's class of inductees.

In the event of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be the performer that receives the largest number of highest votes receiving 3 points in the tiebreaker. The second tiebreaker, if necessary, is a re-vote. There will be two days of tiebreaker voting. Non-Performer Voting is now closed. The following Non-Performers have been inducted as a result of this vote: Jimmy Iovine The following Non-Performers will be involved in a tiebreaker vote: To vote in the tiebreaker, select your preferred non-performer of the two involved in the tiebreaker.

The non-performer that receives the most votes will be inducted as part of this year's class of inductees. In the event of a tie, the last vote cast will be disqualified to break the tie. Influence Voting is now closed. The following Influences have been inducted as a result of this vote: Glenn Miller Wendy Carlos. Sidemen Voting is now closed. The following Sidemen have been inducted as a result of this vote: All three are worthy acts, but alternative is already represented in our class.

Posted by Steve Z on Friday, Aphex Twin 3 points 2. The Jesus and Mary Chain 2 points 3. All three deserve in without question, but I'm sticking to my guns. My Non Performer tiebreaker vote is Conny Plank. Aphex Twin - 3pt 2. The Jesus and Mary Chain - 2pt 3. Rihanna - 1pt NP: Posted by dmg on Friday, Posted by EDS on Friday, Jesus and Mary Chain - 3 points Aphex Twin - 2 points Rihanna - 1 point I'm basically ordering my tiebreaker by the likelihood of the act being inducted here in the future.

I know Rihanna is inevitable and I know Aphex Twin would likely just be a huge contender the next year. Posted by Casper on Friday, Hey, sorry to interrupt the voting, but there have been a number of votes that needed to be voided you can't vote more than once using a different name - if you do, all votes get thrown out. So, all of these have been removed: Razzle is God, mooke r. Someone please recount the legit ones. Posted by FRL on Friday, Okay- here's my quick scribbling-on-a-cocktail-napkin version of the vote with those scofflaws' ballots eliminated.

For simplicity, I'm only including artists who got more than 2. But if I'm right, that means our class is: I did a quick search, and if the search is correct, taking out the contaminated ballots in Influence means we also have a tiebreaker between Glenn Miller and the Last Poets. Okay- looking at the other categories, if I did this correctly, 1. No change with sidemen. Martha and MFSB are still the winners. I agree that this changes the dynamic with Influences.

Were the Non-Performer votes counted correctly the first time? But that's what a quick search is finding for me. Here is what I have: The following artists have been inducted as a result of this vote: Nas The Pogues Anyone who voted in this year's Performers ballot is eligible to participate in the tiebreaker vote. Wait, what the heck happened? I remember those first four names you listed being suspiciously similar names and pretty obvious joke ballots, but from what I remember those other names all had very different ballots.

Conny Plank Jimmy Iovine. Wendy Carlos The following Influences will be involved in a tiebreaker vote: Glenn Miller The Last Poets Anyone who voted in this year's Influences ballot is eligible to participate in the tiebreaker vote.

To vote in the tiebreaker, select your preferred influence of the two involved in the tiebreaker. The influence that receives the most votes will be inducted as part of this year's class of inductees. I should note that the Performers tiebreaker, one only needs to pick their preferred artist. There is no need to rank them. My recount corroborates with AlexVoltaire except that I have only three votes for [Small] Faces, not five; and five votes for Foreigner.

That doesn't affect the outcome though, as neither have enough votes to clear the bar. Here are the acts who got additional votes from illegal votes: My head absolutely hurts. Seriously, Brian Eno gets inducted into non-performer, irking some, and then he gets inducted in a complete Cluster lol. My heart is with the Pogues, but this class will be better rounded with Nas. Nas The Last Poets. So done with this site! You just threw away votes of five very real life people, my brothers and friends and I, just because all they came from the same computer without bothering to ask or verify anyone.

If youre so worried about it, require login accounts. Thanks for wasting our time. Posted by Greg F on Saturday, Woah, they changes things up a bit. Here's my new tiebreaker votes:

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