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Casual friend wanted married or not

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Casual friend wanted married or not

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Casual friend wanted married or not

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That is how it is supposed to happen. There is nothing wrong with being single if you LOVE being single. And you are no single by choice? Is the counselor going to create a family for me? I am raising my daughter differently. I told her that once she is done with college and can be established on her own for at least one year, priority 2 is finding a husband. You have to work on it because after you turn 40, the chances of you living the rest of your life alone and dying alone, are pretty damn good.

KarenT, marriage is no guarantee that you will not die alone. Even if you were married, your husband could die first, leaving you…alone.

There are just no guarantees in this life. I just get a little concerned when I see people presenting marriage like a panacea for everything we lack or everything that frightens or intimidates us.

Mmm what can I say. You have convinced yourself and set fate in concrete. But… we can still move. Einstein said nothing happens unless something moves. That can be a thought. Thought is fluid energy. You should consider that if you think it. I am 54 and was proposed to twice in the past year. I thought about it decided no to both. I suggest one thing. You are afraid of dying alone. You could get professional help or go it alone. Sometimes dear, you have to look at the common denominator.

Almost every date I have had in my life I have initiated first. You get tired of being the guy all the time. You were proposed to twice in the last year. I can only deduct that these were people that you were dating and had a serious relationship with. Maybe I must be a little rusty, but people usually date first before they get married, right? See, that is where you have me beat.

You are yet again, one of these people that think they have the answers and do not understand people like me. I see you posted this a few years back but I just read it today and have a related post and comment. I am, as of a few days ago, now I am a never married male with no kids, no flings and an only child- so no siblings.

I retired from a busy teaching career in the last year and suddenly the reality hit that, my parents are in their twilight, I am now older and; alone. I began to fret about it more than normal, actually worry, this year. Last week my college roommate and his wife visited me. They have six kids and are like the Brady Bunch- so different.

There is no guarantee that our spouse or kids will be with us and even if they were, it may not matter depending on the situation. As for the companionship, I am visiting churches and looking into groups for adventure camping, sailing, etc.

Having someone to share with is important but that too does not always happen in marriage as interests are often different. I too had a plan that I would marry at 27 and have two kids- LOL. I was nice looking and certainly had prospects and, some got angry with my lack of progressing beyond friendship. My work kept me busy working with others hours per day.

Retiring made me realize another change must be in the plan. I am 41 and never married, though I very much want to. I have had several relationships, one for 7 yrs, but none of them have panned out.

It is very hard these days. If you are in Portland, we could meet. Being with a man that has eyes for younger woman is more depressing than being alone. My thoughts are with you all for a better happy life. I was in a long term relationship with someone I thought I wanted to marry.

We broke up 4 years ago. It was hard to break up with him, but it was the best decision ever! I love my life. However, I would really love to find someone I can share my life with. Life as a single woman is not fun! I mean really, who said we all have to have children? Most have more than 1 child from different fathers! Now that is a definition of wrong! I had 3 long relationships but 2 were bad partners. At 16 I had a boyfriend he met his wife after me at 20 I had a 2 yr boyfriend after me he met his wife.

I was out with my best friend her husband danced with me and later her they got married. I started to wonder why are these people not staying with me and finding love after me is something wrong with me? I am 41 and never been married. The reason is because I am about as ugly as you can get. Who the hell wants to marry bottom of the barrel. I accept this fate but it stinks. Never the less, I laugh a lot. I too have resigned myself to being single. I would rather step in front of a bus than be married.

Living alone doing my own thing for a very long time. I would go nuts. I burst into laughter reading your post.

There is truth in the fact that it is better to be single than wish you were. It is also true that a good relationship is a blessing. I am 40 years old today. Never been married and never had a girlfriend. Last date was January That was third date in my life. So extremely shy around females that not capable of anything at all. Just a thought of approaching a women and start social conversation increases my blood pressure, increases a heart beat.

The only thing I can say is I am enjoying my life to the fullest without personal relationship — full time job, travel, sports. Wow, hi Alex wish I met you am you age and funny am quite good talking to just about anyone but at times its really ever so difficult.

I do find relationship to be difficult, I could be stock on just hello and no one will notice that I am really finding it difficult to move from that point to the next. It does have its grey moments when the companionship would be really nice and appreciated but how can I tell the man this without seeming to be forward. Can you tell me where you from in USA.

Who knows may be you just 1 mile from my house or miles. I am from central Jersey and like I said before I just turned 40 years old. My email is Oleg75y yahoo. I recently meet a 49 year old men who has never been married no kids.

I had went on a few date with a 41 year old a few years ago who was never married, no kids also. I say it shows they most are very immature and not responsible.

I see it as a huge red flag in my experience. Will some may see no crazy ex wife or kids as a positive, it has not been to me!

What you will get instead of his kids or crazy ex wife is the numerous women with no names that he has been with over the years. Mary, I agree with your observation. Being 41 and not married is definitely a symptom of deeper issues in my case. I am 56, never married and no kids but I have been responsible, no women either beyond friendship. I worked hard as a teacher with students all day and crashed when I got home so that was my social life for many years.

I just now have realized by retiring what alone is like. There are some aspects I guess I am immature, I like games and a flexible cleaning schedule in the home but you certainly would not hear no-names from me! At this point it is not about sex but more about companionship and sharing- at least that is how I see it. By 25 I was engaged. The engagement was broke off, and I went on a several year revolving door with woman prior to hitting I had a great paying job, lived in the trendy part of downtown, life looked great from the outside…except one detail…I became an addict.

By the grace of God I have 11 years recovery. I cook, clean, own a nice home, pay my bills, and run a company with my father. Kids love me- my nieces and nephews are my treasures. I have since developed some life skills, and experiences, that if she comes along, she will get a man who can be responsible, and not a letdown.

I felt this way ever since I was a pre-teen, partly due to the fact that I only wanted to share my body with my husband. When I was lbs a few years ago, wow — it was like guys came out of the woodwork! This caused me much pain, anguish, shame, especially as a shy overweight woman. I also recognize the role of being a shy introverted late bloomer.

I actually like myself after all these years. I will give that to myself regardless if I receive it from a man or not. And I will not tolerate anything else from others. If He wants me to marry, then He will want to write my love story. So that me as that I need to surrender the pen. From one Christian sister to another, you sound like a beautiful person through and through, a child of the King who is a joy to be around! I believe I read that single women outnumber single men in the Church three to one!

Personally, I see it as a sign of the times. Have you ever looked into the Myers Briggs personality types? One thing we never-married ladies can do is support each other! A lot of bullshit. Awful to catalogue people like. Think outside the box please. This is life not a sitcom. However, life is fluid and changes all the time. People move residences and take new jobs etc. Anyway, for the time being I choose to listen to the appreciative side of my reflections of past romantic relationships.

The longest I have ever been in a relationship has been six months. I always get left for someone else. Every guy I have ever dated the reason falls into one of these categories:. Guys that went back to an ex. Guys that all the sudden met someone that they connected with. I also have the bad luck that most of these guys end up marrying the person they left me for…which hurts even worse. I also have a habit of getting stood up…a lot.

They had a lady featured on Dr. Phil one time and the audience gasped that she had been stood up 11 times. Honestly, it has become a major joke. So blame the women. Complain about taking few if any risks. But what about your life now. As you live it. There must be wonderful things to account for.

If so contemplate on those. Definitely ask women out that you are interested in. Take a risk take take !! Also, the world is horribly overpopulated anyways, maybe this is just evolutions way of balancing things out. Wow this is a great article.

It sums up a lot of good points. I am a 51 year old male who does not at all look his age and stays active. I have no kids and never married. I get mad at the way people treat me sometimes, but in this article you hit the nail on the head.

I wish some people would read the article and understand. My first ever date was when I was 26, and I had a few in the years that followed but they were few are far between. Everyone is born single, all children are single, and for the most part finding a partner is something that you have to do on your own and no one ever teaches you how to do it. What about those of us who WANTED to get married but our girlfriend cheated on us and hurt us to the point where we feel worthless and have nothing to offer anyone?

I was with a woman for seven years. After losing lbs she went behind my back and cheated on me with a married guy she met online. This was after I bought the ring anf asked her dad to marry her and we both agreed this was what we both wanted. Please understand some of us have been really screwed over by someone we thought wanted to marry us, and in the end just feel like an undesirable failure because of it.

Look i felt this way too. Been with a man and later found out he was getting married after 4 yrs. And we lived together. I look at it as glad you founded out now then years of hard ache in a marriage.

Never thought i would be commenting. I just googled the topic and found this. Why am i single and never married4 i just had some really hurtful relationships. I tried to be the unjudgemental, caring and forgiving person too many times. Been lied too but always forgave. To give, give and give but never recieve.

They usually say your too good for me or later come back and say sorry. After awhile it gets old. I want to be married but to a person who only wants me and not 10 other women. I decided to pray and get myself together. Have a good job but demanding military.

I sometimes get down because i feel like an old maid. I am not ugly and keep myself in shape. I have a wonderful family. Yes i get depress seeing my friends on fb with their families or people with bf or gf.

But i know i must trust in the Lord. I am now learning for him to guide my path. I been off his path for awhile. I know i need to change me. I am not a person who does the dating site. I believe that God will send me that person when the time comes. I hope everyone gets that love. I appreciate your story but this topic is about the social stigma men in particular face when unmarried over It is a different social perception.

Your comments are fine but more useful for a more female centric topic. The perception is not different. I want to discuss to you and particularly about your situation. Been in love tons and tons of times… special people… love love.

I love your response. I hope you are doing well. Kind, loving, beautiful, selfless and merciful. I gave it four years and really tried to make it work, but deep inside I had no feelings for him. Meanwhile, my three siblings are all in relationships, and one is married.

All the people I grew up with now have families of their own. There is no such thing as love. It is a Hollywood fantasy. You marry someone because you are compatible and have the same values and want the same things in life. Not because you are in love with them. Men always ignored me. I must be ugly. Left on the shelf. Life is not fair, some will have, some will have not. I was foolish, I believe in people. I wish I knew that was the name of the game earlier. I spent 15 years in a relationship with a guy who had no intention of marrying me, so I wasted a lot of time there.

My dating friends have noticed that guys my age or older act like old men, never wanting to go out or do anything. Sharing personal space is not for everyone. Never marrieds can be extremely judgemental of each other. So why would we expect others not to be? I no longer trust men period. They are always looking for some hot fake girl or they just turn on me. Luckily I have friends. You see people ask why guys are single because we all know that guys get to choose the girl. Men always have the upper hand.

They get to select a woman off the shelf if they really want to. Women basically have to sit and wait to be chosen. Eventually you grow up and walk away on your own, never being picked by anyone with a whole in your heart because of it. I just fill the hole with things because I trust things more than I do people. I am 38, but 39 is just around the corner.

So far I spent most of my 38th year revisiting my personal hell. Overall, my health has been up and down for decades due to those two things. Throw in a set of traditional Asian parents with particular expectations and you got a more stressful life. These things, with my personal issues and external factors, have been knocking me around silly.

I am at this point I am accepting all my issues and working on them, finally. What bothers me the most is being unmarried now because of it all. Because of the anxiety and depression issues, I ended up using the online sites mostly because going up to a guy I found attractive was so nerve racking for me.

Being rejected and the possibility of being rejected just pained me too much. In this, my 38th year, I realized that I have kept my eyes opened but my heart had been closed. That has been on my mind a lot. The worry has been elevated up as I think of how I am closing in on I had gotten used to being alone.

So much time I let slip through my fingers, so many potentials I passed on. My friends love me, I love the outdoors, I can burn a hole in the dance floor, cute, smart…I may not be financially secure at the moment, but I have no debt. I understand your pressure I come from a French family who are highly educated and Christian and conservative and I took a different road i left my town at 26 and lived all over Canada I did it alone I feel I did not want the white picket fence or thought it would never happen.

I was smart in a school but any so I never had a lot of friends. The best men were always the farmers and fishermen. Life is a bitch, so they say. Every day I rot in my own loneliness. I still feel extreme self hatred. But I too have tried Counselling but always got the wrong type of therapists.

I also have problems with Intimacy as well but do try to be more sociable now but sometimes it can be so hard. Hang in there bud your not alone. I am 41 never married or dated an American women. Being of Asian decent Thai in my experience most American women are not into Asian men. So I have looked outside of American borders to date as I seem to do better with international ladies from the Ukraine to even my own race Thai women.

I have tried to date American women, but to no avail. As was said earlier in the post I cannot make someone like me. I have been able to stay away from the sex scene as I will not go there outside of marriage. My faith plays a big part in me being able to keep my virginity. Being Asian I also do not look my age. Most women who see me usually think I am 28 which is not the case.

I do hope the men on this site do find the love of their lives. Either I will marry or I will just stay single. For me I like women I am not obsessed with them. I also do not take myself too serious as I am very silly, and poke fun at myself maybe most women in America are not into that. In any case very interesting reads here. I know this is a old post. I am 42, divorced twice, no kids. Now am feeling lonely and thinking about marriage.

Which will be very awkward situation for the children , as all their classmates parents will be much much younger than me at that time. This thought is pulling me back from going ahead with marriage plans. I have not met anyone till now. Been on 3 dates in my life 6 hours total, and only enjoyed about 30m of it!

Never been intimate further than a kiss on the lips! I stay in shape! I have a job at an international company doing what i enjoy! I do whatever i choose! It used to weigh on me until i was 28, but it was only because i was shy and people made me feel out of place about it, and also girls rejected me! I know this is an old post, but I wanted to add something since I connect to what so many others have said.

Yes, I had some level of introvertedness and it caused issues when I was younger. When my social circle disappeared after high school, I just lived a solitary life and never was good at knowing how to meet new people.

So, I hardly ever met women that were single and available. I think most people have a social group where they are able to meet single people, and that sort of disappeared for me. When I was in college I got phone numbers, even the hottest girl in the bar once.

But when that social life disappeared, I was alone again and I went back to never dating. At the same time, I know the pain others have expressed. I just have some social challenges ahead such as the red flag for never being married, age gaps, sexually inexperienced, etc…. Social class can be another reason that good women over 40 are not married!

You seem to be forgetting the pressure that a traditional upper-middle class English family can exert over their children, which can result in them never marrying.

Myself as an example! Men of my social class got snapped up quickly, and my family and I are not willing to accept someone of a lower class. So unless I find a man of the right social class, I will remain single and happy, at having avoided a hellish marriage, which would undoubtedly end in divorce! Hi I am 43 year old women never married and no children. I had a few opportunities but it never felt right.

When I was in my twenties I was too busy taking care of my parents and working double time at my job to pay for all of our expenses. After their surgeries which then I was in my thirties , I was working full time and going to school. In other words playing catch up for missing out on my twenties.

I like my freedom, I like my alone time. All I could do was say I had been too busy to date. Education and Morals supersede Marriage any day of the week.

The average college student these days spends between years in undergrad Lets assume you finish in 7 years after constantly changing majors multiple times and only taking 12 credits per semester. Your tuition is at least 25k per year if not more. Multiply that times x 7 and you have a problem debt. About k to be exact. Now lets add Grad school to that! On top of that many males like to serve in the military for at least 4 years active and that puts them at Then they finally get a job that they like and work it for at least 5 years gaining seniority.

So by the time a MAN is ready to get married in the 21st century he is already about And people wonder whats the big delay? Are YOU going to pay my mortgage, my car, my bills. Christie; your points given above is clear and approach the the truth; but may be you should add additional points that may be very important;. Why must we search for reasons why we are still single?

Being single has given me the opportunity to see the world and go travelling. Last time I dated and had sex was 11 years ago. It was a man I met through a dating site.

If you do, they still eventually move on to another, or, others. I want to get to know someone first, but, even at older ages, men want sexually intimacy too soon which I feel uncomfortable about. There is also the hurt afterwards and the realisation that if you give of yourself too soon you will be had. There is also the issue of finances. Just recently I met a man on Meetup who is getting divorced after 36 years of marriage.

I cannot fathom how he could have been married for so long and finally breakup after all those years, anymore than he can understand how I could have remained single all my life. Despite his long married with 3 children all grown, he is now on his own just like me.

Also, despite what a good job he has, position, full on community life he has led, he is now on his own with no one on a Saturday night and resorted to Meetup. We are so different, but he ended up the same as me. Moral of the story: He never met the right one but divorced, I never met the right one, but remained single.

No different now, despite our different lives, lived. I plan to move when my income changes in the fall to a smaller place that is more friendly. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Julie Spira on April 16, at Christie Hartman on April 16, at Julie, glad to have you! Thanks for commenting, and sharing… Reply. Spinsterlicious on April 19, at Michael17 on April 20, at Nick on December 24, at Toni on August 17, at 9: Steve on July 20, at 2: Mary on June 24, at 7: Now nieces etc are getting married that makes me feel worse Reply.

Glenn on January 2, at 1: Christie Hartman on April 20, at 1: Michael17 on April 20, at 5: Louisa on May 25, at Steve on May 2, at 8: Magdalena on May 7, at 1: David on May 14, at 2: Hi David, You posted a year ago … have you tried okcupid? Valerie on May 17, at 2: I have been in the same situation as you. Have you had any luck lately?

Maybe we can chat? JOHN on May 21, at 3: Christie Hartman on May 21, at 4: JOHN on May 22, at 4: Anthony on October 6, at 4: Nikki Peoples on April 21, at Tonya B on December 13, at Denise on December 17, at 4: X Tools I am single never been I am a young married woman, but I am not happy in my relationship.

I am looking for a discreet friendship. I am a slim brunette with Here for meeting someone special. Someone who is serious and has the time to spend. I am a BBW just looking for a discreet fun time. DDF; 5'8; 40C; long dirty blonde hair. I'd like to explore our dirty side during weekdays Good morning My name is Yuli I m looking for some who would like to meet a time or a week.

I m seeking that person who will be able to fi Any married ladies who want a date with a senior married male. I m a young male. Images and contact info on Advertigo website. X Tools looking for a married I am honest; thoughtful; and intelligent among many other things. I enjoy meaningful conversations and a great sense of humor.

Bd kiss gf bbj best-mouth game.

Casual Sex With Hot Local Married Women. Posted on April 13, by admin. Not a new dating. Married personals give you an individual, secured place to place and viewpoint discreet individual ads for issues with married women. Casual Sex Women Looking For Men. Married Women Seeking Men (1 - 15 of 23) Any married ladies who want a date with a senior married male. I m a young male. Married Hispanic lady looking for a friend not having a good relationship with husband looking for a friend no drama not married no playe Tools Over 4 weeks ago on Advertigo. Married but bored. Do you not want to say you're in an open relationship? I don't go into detail about sex toys, sexual likes or dislikes, techniques, etc. with most of my friends and none of my family members. This.