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Casual friend finder Ashford

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Casual friend finder Ashford

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In fact, the whole reason why Owen is still alive is because Arawn forces the Cauldron not to kill him and later brought him Back from the Dead after Owen gave his own life to destroy it. In Death Note fanfic Apples Equals Cyanide Equals Light , Ryuk and Kira get along rather well, even though one of them doesn't remember his former life or their prior association.

Glyde even paid Wily's billion dollar bail. The Visser and Guraff are close friends, and appear genuinely concerned whenever the other is in danger. In The Lion King Adventures , Timon and Pumbaa are turned into evil beings who drain the souls of cubs to preserve their immortality; however, they are still just as much friends as they were in the actual films.

In The Moon's Apprentice , Nightmare Moon legitimately appears to care for her dragon, Twilight Sparkle, although when she began to care is up for debate. None of the latter five are particularly evil, but go along with Dawn's plot to dethrone the newly-crowned Twilight Sparkle and win back the favor of Princess Celestia, simply because their loyalty to her is so strong.

She feels the same way toward them, as seen when she promises not to leave them behind when she becomes a princess of Equestria.

In fact, one could make the argument that they're as close as Twilight and her friends are. They don't even abandon Dawn when her plan fails and the princesses come to arrest her, sticking by her side until the end.

How's that for loyalty? In Child of the Storm , it's been noted that Gravemoss and Dr. Zola get along disturbingly well. Zola is also rather close to Baron Zemo and Lucius Malfoy.

Once More with Feeling: Takuya was the closest thing Keel had to a mentor, and he seems to respect him more than the other high-ranking SEELE members, valuing his input and willing to be completely honest with him. Hokuto and Kiria, as in canon; it's noted that Hokuto agreed not to enact his plan to revive Alucard unless Kiria failed in his own plan to use Chrono Displacement to rewrite history, even though Hokuto was firmly convinced that Kiria's plan was doomed from the start.

Nonetheless, when Kiria's plan does fail at the end of Act III, resulting in Kiria's death at Tsukune's hands, Hokuto has almost no reaction; if anything, he's actually happy that Kiria's dead since he can now enact his own scheme.

Before the event of the story, in the My Little Pony: Max rewards his friendship and loyalty, exactly how you think a sociopath with a huge case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder would, accidentally awakening and reviving the long dead hero Rainbow Dash and kicking off the plot of the story with Jim's death. This both surprises and disturbs just about everyone. Tarakudo seems to get along very well with his Generals. Maybe they're a bit more like pets, but when Ursula accidentally zaps Jetsam and Flotsam in The Little Mermaid , she looks absolutely distraught and decides to go One-Winged Angel.

Although Iago does take a few blows along the way, he and Jafar seem to have a genuine friendship throughout Aladdin. They chat pleasantly with one another, Jafar actually takes advice from him at one point, and even after he conquers Agrabah he keeps Iago at his side to enjoy in the spoils as well.

You can pretty much consider it fizzled by the end, though. Care Bears Movie II: Partway through the movie, however, she saves him from drowning , which begins to make him actually care about her. Killer Frost and King Shark from Batman: Assault on Arkham are the only two members of Suicide Squad who not only don't dislike or want to screw over one another, but actually like and genuinely become friends with one another. They actively look out for and protect one another, and Frost is genuinely cross when Shark's implanted explosive kills him.

Not bad at all for a relationship that started with Shark trying to eat Frost and getting a swift kick to the nuts for it, eh? In Bruges , Ken and Harry are, aside from being hitman and mob boss, old friends. Back in the 70s, Harry indebted Ken by avenging the racially-motivated murder of Ken's black wife and ending up doing prison time for it.

Even though Ken thinks Harry's "a cunt, and always be a cunt", he has no qualms telling it to his face, and neither does Harry object at first. When Ken directly disobeys one of Harry's orders, Harry just knee-caps him when the 'appropriate' thing would have been to kill him.

Tyrone, you know how much I love watching you work. But I've got my country's th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it. If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. Tristan and Vladimir are both evil and are very close friends in spite of having a master-servant dynamic.

While most of the Denarians the organization Nicodemus heads end up little better than slaves to their Fallen before long, the fact that Nicodemus has retained his free will and humanity despite being possessed for approx.

Part of the reason it works is that Nick is horrible enough on his own that he doesn't really need much demonic prompting In the Honor Harrington series, Rob Pierre and Oscar St-Just are friends aside from being loyal, while they recognize they are two very different personalities. David Weber often shows this type of relationship between people on the opposing side of his heroes, as he often has the "villains" be doing things for reasons other than just purely For the Evulz.

The two have fun pulling pranks and scamming ponies. Belch is this to Henry Bowers in It. Villainous jerk or not, it takes a pretty brave and loyal guy to stand up against a fricking Frankenstein's monster just for the sake of protecting a friend. Henry barely returns the sentiments, though he does apologise to Belch's reanimated corpse though it's actually the creature in disguise for leaving him behind to die. In the prequel novel Wolf Creek Desolation Game: The two raped and tortured women together.

During a mission, Atkin taught Mick the "head on a stick" technique, and watched as Mick cut a soldier's head off, and mount it on a pike. The two seemed to like each other and get along quite well. Their friendship ended when Atkin decided to try and kill Mick to make sure he didn't talk about what they did. The Godfather - Despite being the relative "good guys" in the story compared to the other gangsters, Vito Corleone has genuine friendships with Tessio, Clemenza, and especially Genco.

They are also his two capos and consigliere in his criminal empire. Soon I Will Be Invincible: This is noted to be fairly unusual; most other supervillains in this setting can't stand each other, seeing their colleagues as rivals that are little better than the heroes. Rod Albright Alien Adventures: It's noted that this is in part because they're the two most evil and vicious criminals in each other's respective dimensions. In "The Yellow Dwarf", the titular dwarf and the Fairy of the Desert have a close alliance, and the Fairy explicitly calls the dwarf her friend on multiple occasions.

In season 3 of The Vampire Diaries , Stefan and Klaus , but it's more like "comrade"ship than friendship. Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell from The Wire have been friends since they were kids, and as of the show's first season they have killed and plotted their way into controlling the drug trade on the West Side of Baltimore. However, they begin to grow apart after the end of Season 1, when Avon is arrested and sent to jail while Stringer avoids any jail time , as Stringer has very different ideas about running the business.

Stringer wants to run the illegal drug trade like a business, without the violence and Mob Wars , while Avon exults in everything that is part of The Game, especially his reputation and the taking of turf.

Eventually they both reluctantly turn on each other, with neither knowing that the other was also doing a set up. The result is that at the end of Season 3 Stringer dies and Avon goes to jail again. Uncle Jack and his gang from Breaking Bad are some of the evilest people in the series, yet they are shown as True Companions. Justified has Wynn Duffy and his bodyguard and enforcer, Mike, who live together in Wynn's trailer, and always look out for one another. There's also Dickie Bennett and Dewey Crowe, who are always overjoyed to see each other, and go out of their way to protect one another when in jail together.

Roose Bolton and Walder Frey are seen amicably chatting and bantering back and forth the morning after the Red Wedding, celebrating their ascensions and the destruction of House Stark and House Tully. Ramsay Bolton has an apparently friendly relationship with Locke, warmly shaking his hand upon Locke's return to the Dreadfort, and then chatting with him about how much Jaime Lannister screamed when Locke cut off his hand.

Cersei with Qyburn, who is the only person to visit her during her imprisonment by the Faith, and the first person to cover her after her walk of shame.

Tywin Lannister and Olenna Tyrell. They will fuck over anyone - including each other - to win, but the two of them casually walk together and have a civil conversation that doesn't involve murder, abuse, attempted murder and they only people they snark at are their own families when they actually meet.

And, most of all, they seem to respect one another as the actual power behind their families. Note that Olenna only turns on Cersei after Tywin is dead and Cersei murders her entire family. When Tywin is alive, the two families are held in line by their very scary matriarch and patriarch. From their first moment on screen together, it's clear that they're closer than your standard boss and minion; as the series goes on, we see them sharing a nice meal together when one of the good guys comes calling, and when Scarface is gunned down when Elias is in jail, Elias has his bodyguards paroled to watch over Scarface in hospital.

It turns out they met as kids in an abusive group home, and are the closest thing each other has to family. Gul Dukat and his long-time second in command Damar in Star Trek: Sometimes they seem almost like a villainous Picard and Riker. Marvel's Netflix universe Daredevil Wilson Fisk and his right-hand man James Wesley. Beyond acting as his head enforcer, Wesley helps Fisk woo Vanessa Marianna and encourages him to do things that make him happy.

In return, Fisk speaks fondly of Wesley and even gives him a genuine "Thank you" for everything he's done. Fisk takes it really badly when Karen Page kills Wesley for trying to blackmail her over an unrelated matter, beating up one of his bodyguards for not protecting Wesley, all the while shouting "he's my friend! After Blake survives getting shot by a crooked ESU sniper for accidentally leaking information to Matt, Fisk worries that Blake will rat on him.

It takes an awful lot of money, a threat to his own life, and the knowledge that Blake would be killed by someone else anyway, to get Hoffman to go to the hospital and poison Blake.

Even then, Hoffman is so wracked with guilt over doing so that he goes into hiding, stashed away by Owlsley, and later gives Fisk's operation up to the FBI. Cottonmouth always holds Pop in high regard, to the point that when Pop is killed by Cottonmouth's right-hand Tone in the crossfire of a botched hit on Chico, Cottonmouth's response is to throw Tone off the roof to his death that Tone had dismissed Pop's demise as "a casualty of war" was what pushed him to the breaking point.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In S2, Spike and Drusilla are a genuinely loving couple. When The Judge, a being designed to destroy all humanity rises, he states that their love for each other means he could kill them easily despite their not being human.

Hurt one and the other will come looking for you. Leonard chose Mick to be his first recruit for his new team of crooks to take on the Flash and is shown to be much more forgiving of his transgressions than that of previous associates.

Cold also seems to be the only person that the insane Heat Wave trusts or even listens to. Reenforced in Legends of Tomorrow , where Mick makes it clear that the only reason he's going along with the team is because Snart is, and it's later established that they've been friends since they met in juvie. Sadly, the series also sees the breakdown of their relationship, as Snart's development into a Noble Demon leaves him often in stark contrast to Mick's card-carrying evil , ultimately driving Mick into betraying the team, and Snart having to leave him for dead.

Later, however, when Mick returns as the Time Masters' brainwashed goon Chronos, it's Snart who's able to snap him out of it.

When they meet in Season 2, they hit it off fairly well from the start, Nygma admiring Penguin as an inspiration. He helps Penguin get over his mother's death and the loss of his power base, forging a lasting bond. The two are seen eating meals and singing songs together, and when Nygma is incarcerated in Arkham in Season 3, Penguin visits him regularly and sends him presents. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

Despite being Heels, the two do genuinely care about each other. In the Extreme rules match against Triple H , when Trips had Brock in a submission he had no chance of escaping, Paul rushed into the cage to help Brock knowing that he stood no chance against Trips, allowing Brock to defeat him.

In one interview, Heyman described a meeting with Brock where Brock showed him a picture of their kids playing together. Lesnar was also the one who asked Heyman to be brought back to the WWE. Notable as a stable of "equals", Dean Ambrose , Roman Reigns , and Seth Rollins genuinely cared about each other and considered each other "brothers".

Or at least, that's what it appeared to be — while Dean and Roman were genuine about their feelings, Seth wasn't, only ever considering them "business partners" who he didn't hesitate to Sell-Out to The Authority. At the same time, however, a lot of Seth's behavior since then indicates that he's lying to everyone, including himself, about whether or not he honestly cared about them.

Heels would often be shown having the same natural affinity for eachother as the Faces did, basically bonding over being complete dicks. The Four Horsemen, one of the best known Power Stable of all time.

The Pathfinder adventure path "Legacy of Fire" posits a close friendship between gnoll assassin Rokova and troglodyte cleric Grundmoch , despite the fact that both of them are Chaotic Evil servants of Rovagug. This actually becomes a plot point, for when evil genie Zayifid kills and replaces Rokova, Grundmoch notices, outs the genie to the PCs, and is actually quite willing to ally with them if it means Zayifid ends up dead.

A Spanner in the Works caused by friendship between monsters. Not something you see everyday. Grundmoch actually seems to have a talent for this. His personal bodyguard is a gibbering mouther called The Gargler, which the text notes he has managed to not only train, but befriend.

The Gargler is loyal to Grundmoch, and will attack anyone who threatens him without any regard for its own safety. It's a magically enforced friendship, but such Cainites will eagerly face Final Death for each other. It's those in the Camarilla that have a hard time standing each other. In fact, while regular, unenforced friendship is possible there are clear examples of this, foremost being the coteries , it's heavily implied to be against Kindred nature as a whole.

Ironically, it's the bad guys or worse guys that are most likely to employ the Power of Friendship. Unless they're the player characters, of course. As Crusader Clan Khans, they are two of the most prominent figures to try and bring a full scale invasion back to the Inner Sphere, and they should by all rights be at each others' throats as their predecessors were.

They happen to be powerful political allies and sometimes lovers whose forces happen to occasionally shoot at each other out of old grudges and honor-rivalry. Eggman's other team up with a video game villain that turned sour , and Bowser's general attitude towards other villains in his home series, these two bad guys get along quite well and maintain a steady alliance throughout, mostly due to their Commonality Connection , and they really dislike Sonic and Mario.

Bowser Jr and Metal Sonic form a steady bond in the same series as well. Bob Page and his dragon Walton Simons. Bob even comments on their strong relationship, during the opening cutscene. Sadly, aside from Portrait of Ruin and possibly Lament of Innocence , protagonists rarely see this in action. It should be noted that even though Dracula does use Soul Steal on Death once in the aforementioned Portrait of Ruin , Death told him to do it as a last-ditch effort to defeat Johnathan and Charlotte.

Toyosatomimi-no-Miko and Mononobe-no-Futo, the scheming immortals. Nearly every Touhou game has this in the Big Bad and The Dragon , and sometimes extending to the other members of the faction as much as you can call them villainous, that is. The only major exception so far is Double Dealing Character , where Seija is just manipulating Shinmyoumaru instead of being friends.

Shezar and Mudou in Duel Savior Destiny tend to fight a lot and threaten to kill each other, but considering their personalities, the fact that they haven't done it is a pretty good indication of their friendship.

When Mudou dies before Shezar in Mia's route, he's the only one of the bad guys to actually get upset about an ally falling while the rest of them basically shrug and call him replaceable. Hazama and Relius from BlazBlue seem to be pretty friendly with each other, despite both of them being head-screwing world-exploding sociopaths that are the cause of almost everything wrong in the world for the last century or two. Heck, it's implied that being such big assholes actually helps them get along.

The reality is much muddier, as Relius' Astral quotes in Chronophantasma express increased frustration at having to rein Hazama in, and Terumi Hazama's alternate personality has a victory quote stating he always hated Relius' guts. Little wonder Relius gets horribly broken and Hazama comes down with a sudden case of death by the end — they were so confident in their ability to rein in the heroes and the Imperator that they started letting their true colors slip.

The matter gets clear up when you look at Relius's Astral Finish. When Relius performs his astral finish on Hazama, Hazama is practically given the VIP treatment in comparison to the other characters; While he does seem to be confined in a magical circle, Hazama is sitting comfortably in a chair completely unrestrained.

The whole finish consists of Relius giving a stern talking to Hazama for getting cared away, while Hazama looks legitimately apologetic, and the astral ends with Hazama getting nothing more than a punch to the chest.

Not to make to fine a point, but the only other person who gets better treatment from Relius in the astral is Relius himself! Meanwhile, when Relius performs the Astral finish on Hazama's Terumi form, Terumi seems to somehow get it worst than everyone else: In this finish, Terumi is restrained to the very same chair Hazama was sitting on in front of a gigantic mirror exposing his ghost form.

So yeah, it's pretty clear where everyone stands. The demons Decarabia and Forneus of the Ars Goetia aren't mentioned in the original text as having any relationship to each other, but are best friends in two out of five the Shin Megami Tensei games in which they both appear, even getting a combination attack together in Persona 3.

Probably because, again unlike in the Goetia , they're both depicted as sea creatures, a starfish and a ray respectively. As such, he's usually portrayed in other media as either a starfish or an animate magic circle. Nocturne , where Decarabia's found waiting for Forneus at the site of the Hachiko statue. WildStar has the Draken and the "Chua.

The latter dedicate their lives to making better, more efficient ways of killing things. They got along nicely. Cassius and General Gaius in Dust: An Elysian Tail were evidently close friends and shared the same vision of the future.

For this reason, he doesn't order Dust's death, and the final fight has Gaius pleading with Cassius to remember. Placed in charge of one of Umbrella's facilities as teenagers, the two were noted to be close and conspired together on many occasions. Their partnership remained well into their 30s, with Birkin actively aiding in Wesker's plan to betray Umbrella and steal their research.

Birkin's death at the hands of Umbrella agents seems to have genuinely made Wesker very cross, something rare for a man infamous for using and throwing people away.

Veronica , being twins with some serious Incest Undertones going on. Alfred went completely haywire after Alexia's "death", going as far as to go full Norman Bates and dress up as her, and the first thing the Veronica Virus infused Alexia does upon waking up is cradle Alfred and comfort him as he dies, and then go straight for Claire and Steve.

Despite being a bitter, nihilistic egomaniac, Ozwell E. Spencer gets along well with his butler Patrick, who comments on how Spencer trusts him implicitly and treats him well despite typically only "having nothing but contempt or distrust for those around him. Patrick's unquestioning, unswerving loyalty probably played a big part in this. On one hand, they seem to mostly be working toward their own goals, Ellen often gets annoyed with The Demon , and he is willing to pull a You Have Failed Me on Ellen.

On the other hand, they do seem to get along over their shared love of evil, and The Demon usually greets her in a friendly way, often addressing her with a "Yo". In one of the game's endings, he addresses Ellen as "My fair witch", he taught her how to read and write, and instead of pulling a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness he kept his part of their deal.

In the Aqua hideout, Archie had a photograph of him, Shelly and Jirachi taken approximately twelve years ago. He seems to be close to Matt too, who sees him as a brother. This is in stark contrast to Maxie of Team Magma in the other game, who doesn't seem to care at all about the female Admin and accuses his Dragon of trying to usurp the position of leadership when what the guy's true intent is to prevent the terrible mistake Maxie is about to make.

Lex Loathe and Glyde are damned near inseparable in The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne with the latter even jokingly mocking the former's utter lack of morals which they both laugh over. This carries over to Mega Man Legends 2 where it's implied Lex is dead , where Glyde still keeps his portrait in his flag ship. Their bond grows so close, and they grow to trust each other so much, that it's easy to forget that Arthas actually killed Kel'Thuzad when they were respectively still a paladin and a necromancer.

Or that they're both agents of a Zombie Apocalypse. Although he doesn't seem to care too much when Paul is killed, Min is shown chatting amiably with Paul and even mentions at one point he travelled all the way to the United States once to visit Paul's family.

His other two dragons, Yuma and Noore, aren't treated nearly as well He ultimately lures Ajay to kill the former, and the latter is forced to do his bidding because her family is held hostage. Bacon and Arcane Olga from Shadow Hearts. Bacon uses no less than three previous ArcVillains and two BigBads from previous installments as UnwittingPawns , yet Olga is the only one he speaks candidly about his plans with seemingly just cause he enjoys her company and her Undying Loyalty keeps her from being a security risk.

From the Super Mario Bros. It's not entirely clear if they're just friends or if they are supposed to be brothers, but they clearly are on good terms.

It says a lot that the only characters they share good chemistry with in the spinoff games are each other. The Dolls are a Brainwashed and Crazy Amazon Brigade , but even in their brainwashed state they seem to genuinely care about each other. She is the heir of the Zevon noble family, who succeeds via the female line. However, she left her family and entered the military when the Zevon family was on the verge of being taking over by her uncle Oiaguro.

Kewell's younger sister and an on-again off-again member of the Glinda Knights. She was saved thanks to her fiance Leonhardt pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment, the two proceeding to wed after Emperor Lelouch's death. She would then join under Oldrin in the new Glinda Knights alongside her husband.

A secret military faction that is led by the Zevon family, who have carried out the dirty jobs for the Britannian Imperial Family for generations. The Big Bad of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled and said hero's half-brother.

Coming from fallen nobility after killing his own family no less , Shaing is a born opportunist and manipulator - aided by his own Geass, no less, who has risen through the ranks of the Knights of St. Michael with both his skills and unscrupulous methods, to say the least. Despite his station, he's a man hungry with ambition - and brimming with utter madness. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Emperor Charles zi Britannia.

My mother the empress is dead. Princess Euphemia li Britannia. Princess Cornelia li Britannia. I want the enemy of the Empire caught!

Empress Marianne vi Britannia. Asako Dodo Japanese , Kari Wahlgren English "Masks will vanish, then everyone can be exactly who they're supposed to be. Prince Schneizel el Britannia. Norihiro Inoue Japanese , Troy Baker English "Mankind's history is war, peace is an illusion, to turn illusion into reality is an arduous task.

Kazato Tomizawa Japanese , Cindy Robinson English "The most splendid relationship in the world is that of loyal siblings. Prince Clovis la Britannia. He is at peace now. He's sitting on a beach ". Prince Odysseus Eu Britannia. Princess Marrybell mel Britannia.

Princess Laila la Britannia. Abandon science to preserve your heart or destroy your heart to pursue science". That is the name of my loyalty! Serving under Prince Clovis at the start of the series, Bartley is fiercely loyal to the royal family, and is trusted enough to be involved in their various top-secret projects involving Geass and C.

His death is unambiguously tragic, as he's mercilessly gunned down after all the trouble he's gone through, and realizes in his last moments that all he's done was for naught, since Charles already knew of C. Even Jeremiah, who he made into a cyborg, ends up sympathizing with him in the end.

He's very grateful to Schneizel for sparing him from a court-martial, to the point that he snaps at anyone he views as disrespecting him. Things very rarely go well for him.

He's mortified at his failure to protect Clovis he was Geassed, so he couldn't really help it , and spends the rest of the show trying to make up for it. Let No Crisis Go to Waste: Takes advantage of Jeremiah's severe injuries after the Battle of Narita to make him into a cyborg. Jeremiah does not take it well. He's horrified when he realizes what's going on at the Geass Order, and intends to run for it, but is tragically killed before he can.

Jeremiah suspects him of treachery, since he left Clovis unguarded which led to his assassination and then claimed he couldn't remember doing so. As a result, he's stripped of his command and taken back to the homeland for trial. Schneizel apparently pardons him and brings him back to serve under him, for which Bartley is very grateful. He seems a decent, honorable man who's just stuck serving the wrong people.

After his death, Jeremiah seems to take the opinion that he would probably have changed sides like him had he known the truth. To the royal family in general, but Clovis in particular. His last words are him calling out to Clovis in regret for failing him. Jeremiah respects him after his death because of his loyalty, which is clearly the trait he himself most values.

Didn't you swear your loyalty and life to Britannia? The main antagonist of Code Geass: Tales of an Alternate Shogunate , he forces Japan open on unequal terms using his Geass and oppresses the Japanese. Commodore Perry embodies the following tropes.

Lelouch compares it to the buzzing of a mosquito. He has Lelouch's Geass in this continuity. It's All About Me: He's doing what he's doing purely for his own gain, and not for Britannia, thus leading Euphemia and Suzaku to fight against him. Firing on his own men. His Geass forces people into this. He's last seen assuming one after failing to Geass Suzaku. When he finds out that not only are the Black Knights fighting against him, but so is Britannia.

His ship fires on his own men, as well as the enemy. Tropes applying to most members. There is no reason to believe in them". Kill a man on it and you're a big hero! I have put my stake on Lorenzo il Soresi. I am giving my everything to him! Leonhardt Steiner is a knight belonging to the Glinda Knights. He is also member of the engineering Steiner noble family that runs the conglomerate Steiner Konzern, in service to the Weinbergs.

Although he can be courageous on the battlefield, he's a shy person in real life and is often teased by both Oldrin and Sokia.

He represents the Cowardly Lion. Bradford, the prototype of the Tristan. The Bradford's Hadron Spear.

However its an incomplete weapon and tends to explode after usage, and can only be used once before the machine needs to be repaired. Tink Rockheart s a knight belonging to the Glinda Knights. He excels with positional defense ability and cherishes his comrades, but because of his insensitivity, his kindness can be kind of meddlesome. He represents the Tin Woodman. Like Mordred after it. Zetland, the prototype of the Mordred.

Sokia Scerpa is a knight belonging to the Glinda Knights. She possesses high tactical and information analysis abilities, but tends to say whatever she thinks without thinking about it first. Her atmosphere completely changes between her everyday life and when in battle. She frequently sexually harrasses Oldrin, Toto and Marrybell. She doesn't show interest in men that are lacking.

Sutherland Eye, a command unit specialized for search and destroy. She gives even Milly a run for her money in the pervert department.

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