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Carnival Sterling Heights friday night 71610

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Carnival Sterling Heights friday night 71610

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Well-Known in New England Internationa! The lirst of each month is the closing date; all copy must be in our hands on or before.

G- 15th St. In ter a at ion ah Treasurer, W. Hocan, South Sixth Ave. Third District William D. Walker Rhawn St. Barker Woodward Bldg. Boyle Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Kelley 95 Beacon St. Seventh District Charles J. Eighth District J, L. McBride James St. CHAT Speaking of rising prices, it is in- teresting to note that the so-called popular weekly magazines have raised the cost to the consumer per cent. They go from five cents to 10 cents. The managers apparently have decided that they would not charge si.

One of the largest items is paper, as the publishers of the Electrical Workers' Journal have discovered. Paper is costlier and more scarce. At the same time union subscriber lists are growing in size. If you should be in- terested to multiply the readers— five for each copy — you can easily see that the Electrical Workers' Journal is reaching a public well over a million each month. Now, more than ever, it is essential that every member read his Journal every month so that he may know the truth about union tactics and strategy.

Army Corps fV ar Rumors The boneless tongue, so small and iveak. The Turks assert, than does the sword. Meantime, a civilian army of highly- skilled tradesmen is being gathered. They will be equipped with a tremendously val- uable array of tools, from pliers to huge bulMcixers. Both services and tools will be provided without charge.

The building trades woi-ker finds a place in the civilian defense army where his skill and stamina can be most valuable w'ithin the organization of the Public Works Emergency Division. EkHrtrical work- ers are sought as member,s of all squads to deal with dangerous live wdres and to maintain lighting in casualty stations.

Other electrical workers, utility employ- ees, will be ready to deal vvith broken cables, water pipes and gas niHins as part of the special utility repair squads. These are being organized and equipped by the utility companies.

John Locher, who is president of the Central Labor Union and secretary- treasurer of the Building and Construc- tion Trades Council, has been appointed assistant director of civilian defense pub- lic works. Preller, business manager of I, B. From the membership of the hnnils affiliated with the Central Labor Union and the Building Trades Council they are recruiting men and women to man the demolition squads, gas decontamination squads, emergency repair crews, and other positions.

Getting ready all unions are cooperating in the enrollment. Each worker will be asBigned to the job he is best fitted to perform, and so far as possible, will be sent to the report center in the sector nearest to his home. The building contractors, through the Master Builders' Association, have made their stocks of equipment ami supplies fully availablt!. The city will be saved the expense of liurchasing this equipment.

The contrac- tors themselves will be assigned to posts iiK supeiwiscirs, with their foiemen and superintendents as assistants. Brjtlge repair squads will be ready to repair damaged bridges, or if necessary, float a temporary bridge cm scows.

One of their first duties is to work with the rescue sqiuuls to remove occupants from wvrecked builcHngs, digging away rubble or shoring up a tottering wall. After all persons have been removed from the building the next step may be to tear downi the wall.

Each situation pre- sents a new problem which must be de- cided and carried out by experienced men. Hazards to life must be removed. Rubble must be cleared from the street as quickly as possible so that ambulances, fire and police equipment may not be blocked. Here is the possible make-up of a truck company as composed of men who will be available through the building trades in any large city: This equipment should include an acetylene torch, tanks, etc.

In addition to the tools carried on the truck, contractors have agreed to make readily available their power ma- chinery, wffiich will be invaluable in cleaning up debris.

In addition to this, a number of men from trades such as the bricklayers, which will not be required for demolition work, have volunteered Uj wurk with res- cue squads as stretcher bearers. Under the leadership of Dante Avon, business manager of the Tile and Terra zzo Layers Helpers, men have been recruited from his own and other unions, including principally the painters. They arc setting up and equip- ping decontamination centers, getting th?

This is done either by bJastjng or pulling down, and is part of the w'ork of demolition squads. Another token of the eagerness to be of help which is general throughout or- ganized labor, is the action of the carpen- ters union. Ingenious members figured out a method of utilizing taxicabs as am- bulances, through the use of collapsible stretchers which will rest with one end on the top of the back seat, the other end on the instrument panel.

Hundreds of these are now being built by the carpen- ters and will be donated to the report centers, where they can be stored ready for pick-up. However, the fund i. Many building trades unions, including Local No. The medi- cal group had reported to Col. Bolles that only two hospitals in the city, exclusive of the Army and Navy hospitals, were equipped with these. They asked for eight more in the metropolitan area. When they have been in- stalled, union workers have promised to give their blood generously.

A reserve of bloixi will be built up ready for immedi- ate use for transfu. Other expenditures from the fund w'ill be made after careful consideration by civilian defense heads.

It is possible that part of it may be placed in a trust fund for the victims of di. This makes it more important to have leaders Tvho can reach the kind of people who are needed, gain their willing co- operation. Paul, for example, Wil- liam P, Wright, A. Wright put into use the facilities of the Trades and Labor Assembly. He began systematic registration of all A.

These cards carry the name, age, address, telephone number, draft classification, union alfiliatiou and occupation, and if the registrant has skill in more than one trade this will be noted also.

In this way Mr. How important the skilled trades will be- come in the event of an invasion should be obvious to everyone. Everyone is watching labor to see what it will do. Let's not fail to give a real accounting to the public. December 8 the executive board met in a special session to plan so that its members could be used to greatest advantage in case the raiders who had just blasted Pearl Harbor.

A mass meet- Streets must not be blocked by rubble. Dem- oUtion squad men and machines do the emergency clean-up so that tragic may move. Buildlne trades unions in many cities are ac- tively aiding the organization of these squads and will man them. At the next meeting of the locaPs executive board Carl Ellis was elected to take charge of civilian de- fense for Local No. Cain, head of civilian defense in Tacoma, readily agreed to allow Brother Ellis to handle organization of the electrical end.

The locaPs jurisdiction, including Ta- coma and vicinity, was divided into 17 districts. Three able men are to manage and organize each district. They serve as contact men in case of an alert.

The local is entirely finan- cing its project. B, of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been appointed a member of the State Civilian Defense Council, He reports that labor is rein'csented to quite an extent in this organization. On its committees are: Anderson, business manager f.

Wilson of the paint- ers, secretary State Federation, civilian protection committee; F. Taylor, business manager of L, V. Li mis is actively organizing men through the Building Trades Council, John J, Church, secretary of the council, is labor representative on the Civilian Defense Council, and his particular duty is to form rescue ami lemolition squads.

Woermann, president of the Woer- niann Construction Co. The pattern to be followed apparently will be similar to that in Washington, D. If organized labor presents itself with its sleeves rolled up, eager for enlistment and truining, dilly- dallying will have to be abandoned. The course laid out for them in the OCD manual include. On the alert yellow. During the raid, air raid w ani- ens are responsible for reptirting bomb hits and other damage in their territory.

These reports come into the report center during the blitz. However, if it should be reported that people are trapped in a bombed building and need aitl, the rescue squad won Id go to them at once, and the demolition squad would go with them. The main job of tidying up the city comes after the all clear.

Water mains must be repaired, broken wires patched up, holes in streets filled in or roped off, ami the rubble that blocks traffic scraped away.

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The mountainous character of the terrain, with its swift rivers, has made hydro- electric power abundant. There is a close coordination between public utilities of the area.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers enjoys contractual relations with most of the public utilities of this great industrial section. District office of I. Wi remold Company, Hartford, Conn. Providence Insulated Wire Company, Inc. Contrac- tual relations with impoi'tant New Eng- land building contractors have been the order of the day in this district.

Vice President Regan presides over hi. Here in this city and this territory unionism thrives on a truly democratic basis. New England was the home of the town meeting. It is still the home of the town meeting, and the meetings of the Central Labor Unions throughout this industrialized area carry on the best traditions of the town meet- ing, with free speech, clear, lucid state- ments of policy at times rising to the eloquence of oratory.

Many national leaders have come out of the New England area to serve the labor movement because they have been schooled in this democratic school of unionism and have found ways of serving the total movement in this country. To act in obedience to the hidden pre- cepts of Nature — that is rest; and in this special case, since man is meant to be an intelligent creature, the more intelligent his acts are, the more he finds repose In them. When a child acts only in a dis- orderly, disconnected manner, his nervous force is under a great strain; while, on the other hand, his nervous energy is positively increased and multiplied by in- telligent actions.

If our laws regulating large business concerns provide for proper and complete publicity' — ao that the labor of a concern will know what it is doing, so that the stockholders will know what is being done, and the public will have as much information as either — many of our pres- ent difficulties will disappear.

In place of publicity being an tdement of weakness to a business concern, it will be an element of strength. Retirganiaation of job operations among the existing staff. Wages as an incentive to transference. Deferment of service with the armed forces. Action to redistribute workers anumg plants in the same locality before tngan- izing inter-local transfers.

Action to compensate transferred work- ers for the financial loss frequently in- volveil in transference. Action to bring living and working con- ditions of transferred workers up to a minimum standard of comfort. Action to provide transferred workers with guarantees of future employnient.

Central role of the employment service. The following is a list of persons attending: Carter Goodrich, chair- man, governing body of the I, L. Couper, Departiiient of Labour, Ottiiwa.

Trades and La- bour Congress of Canada, Oltawn. Watt, international representa- tive,. American Federation of Labor, Washington, D. Hedges, director of research. The problem has both positive and negative aspecU, On the negative side, unnecessary and undesir- able transfers must be preventcil. On the positive side, surplus workers in other branches of production must be directed to war employments and workers in war industries must be allocatcKl to jobs where each can give bis best service. The authorities need extensive power to control the movement of laboi' and to organize the transfers that are necessary.

This is the primary purpo. These methods may be divided into five groups. The first grou] comprises those aimed at limiting transfers to the mini- mum.

The second includes those directed towards encouraging voluntary transfer- ence to essential wwk. The fourth group is made up of those w'hich attempt to solve the social problems connected with transference.

No reference was made to it. Anderson of New Mexico: By implication at least, ho charged that War Production Board idhcials drawn from those imIustrie. M lu o more concerned with protecting theii' private interests than with promoting the war effort. There came over the wires doy. Smash llic labor tiickoteers — outlaw the hour week put our fac- tories on a 24 -hour basis. Let me call your attention to one inter- esting fact. Not one person who com- municaied w-ith me by phone, by telegram, or by letter apparently saw any connec- tion between this wholesale condemna- tion of labor and the statement of Mr, Guthrie that W, P.

B, ollicials, drawn from inciustry, ni-e more concerned with protecting their private interests than with promoting the war efFort, Think of it foi- a moment. But w'hat were those laborers to produce? Guthrie wanted refrigerator production to stop March: We believe that more of our boys, pei' thousand population, arc in the rhilifipincs wdth General Mac Arthur, until his removal to Australia, than any state in the Urn on.

Our whole National Juard is there. Able doctors, honoreti lawyers, prominent com- munity leaders, men from every walk of life are there. They are not getting much help that wc know about. The hearts of the mothers of New Mexico are heavy. They ask that aid either he sent to Gen- eral Mac Arthur or his successor, or that their boys be sent home. W'v all sympa- thize in that sentiment That is why the people of New Mexico are so bitter when they feel labor is not doing its share.

They cmidemn restric- tions on the right to work on public projects. They criticize all strikes in war industries. They want the hour law repealed because they believe that the lifting of the ban will increase our pro- duction to the point where our Com- mander- in-Chlef can send aid to Mac- Art hur. But they never hear another side of the story— the part that industry must piny in converting its plants to the pro- duction of things we need. They have never heard of Mr.

I say to this House today that such a situation is a challenge to us all. As far as this body is concerned it has expressed itself on the question of strikes in the language of the Smith hill, a dra. Another lave now would confuse rather than clar- ify the issue, w'ould weaken rather Ihmi aflirm the position of this House. The repeal of the law could ea. But what of the position of industry? What of the assertion of Mil Guthrie, who is himself an executive ami a repre- sentative of important business?

What of his claim that there are in W. B, oUkdals dj'awji from industry who today are more concernetJ with protect- ing their private interests than with promoting the war effort? Who are these men? Can we identify them from Mr. Tell them that you demand legislation prohibiting strikes, dispensing with closed shops and cleaning up the labor rackets which are impeding our v. We, as an organ! Thus Congress itself becomes the worst bottleneck that has developed during the last trying 12 months.

At the same time the whole labor- baiting crowd of industrialists working through the isolationists in Congress are levelling attacks all along the line against labor and labor unicms to embarrass fur- ther the war administration. It is grave be- cause this country can ill-afford a divi- sion of interests at a time w'hen every ounce of effort is needed to prosecute the greatest war effort in our history. Even now they are preparing in some committees plans to seek to repeal collective bar- gaining laws.

The entire drive is made to look like a patriotic effort. The drive illustrates the ironic fact that the old a n ti -union tr a d e a s s oc i ati ons have learn ed exactly nothing during the last momen- tous decade and have returned to their benighted policies of fighting labor rather than cooperating with it.

This battle is joined at an hour in the nation' s greatest need when the services of every citizen must be placed behiml the Army and the Unholy alliance of appeasers with reaction- ary business interests slows war effort Navy, the fighting men in the field. The Howard Smiths, the Millard Tydings and their crew are waving the flag in order to advance their own narrow, political and economic inter- ests.

They have subtly given the impres- sion that there is a 40 hour work week set up by law, when there is no such stipula- tion. They have been told by the head of the War Production Board, the heads of the War and Navy Departments, and by the President himself that there is no need for hampering labor legislation at this hour, and yet they persist in carrying on this fight to forward their own group interests.

The present effort of this reactionary crowd to attack labor and through labor the administration, is one with their former effort to poison the public mind against labor by pretending that labor has profiteered, that labor has hampered production by too-frequent strikes. They have said nothing about the hampering of production by raw material shortages, or by contract tardiness, or by them- selves. Labor stands ready to work any number of hours that is needed when those hours are stipulated by the Presi- dent of the United States, Commander- in-Chief of the armed forces.

Labor does not want hampering legislation put on the statute books in the hour of peril in order to satisfy the black policies of re- actionary industrialists and labor-hating parasitic Congressmen. It was but natural that after the sneak attack of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, Americans would plunge into an abyss of disillusion- ment. In that hour the representatives of the people should have sought to lead the people out to a unified spirit of obdurate patriotism I but instead this reactionary crowd has sought to capitalize this dis- illusionment and to direct it against labor and the administration.

It is an old trick. Americans fear, and the reactionary leaders of Congress say, yes, the reason that you fear is we are not getting pro- duction and the reason you arc not get- ting production is because labor is halt- ing, Unhappily, too, Liberal leadership in Congress is bankrupt Failing to analyze the momentous issues involved in the World War, liberal Congressmen also joined the isolation bloc and forfeited the respect of patriotic citizens who saiv clearly that we must fight or become staves.

This serious situation becomes an op- portunity for labor to move forward in unified ranks and take leadership. Labor must work harder in the factorie. The men and wnmen who made thi. Further comment is that the company and its employees did an excellent job of engineering and production and have been passing on heir technique to other manu- facturers.

The company has had a contract with the L B. More than 35, workers are now engaged in the projects on the TV A. All the skilled workers, which are about i0 per cent of this total, have been brought there through the joint etforts of the personnel department and the TV A unions.

They are highly skilled men, patriotic, and have delivered a remarkable volume of work during the last three years. The TVA is one gigantic war operations plant. During this titanic effort there has been little or no interruption at any point due to labor disputes. This great story will be told and the labor tradition will be strength- ened on the six-day caravan planned by the Tennessee Valley Council. The caravan will start at Fort Loudon and roll northward, taking in im- portant pj ojects.

Following is the sohec! The mass meetings will be held at halls provided by management. In addition to local speakers, speakers of national note will he included in the program.

Management will also have representation on the pro- gram. TVA labor relations have become known the world over. The technical achievements of TVA have been very great. The system of labor relations which has been developed there has in- fluenced similar set-ups at Boulder Can- yon project, Bonneville, Shasta Dam, Ne- braska Public Power and other sections of the United States. TVA labor rela- tions have been written about in Europe and in democratic countries. The Cherokee was built to store the waters of the Holston River.

This dam was built in 16 months, a record. Watts Bar Dam Avas completed early in Janu- ary. The most recent dam authorized is on the French Broad River, about 30 miles from Knoxville. This dam will prob- ably be completed within a period of 10 months, the shortest time for a major dam ever scheduled. Trained crews pass from one great project to another. So rapidly have these dams been built that a current joke in the Tennessee Valley is this: I NDUSTRY certainly is making hay while the sun shines, it is as though the hiimis of the clock had been tumed back and the lustrous days of were here all over again.

The combined net profits for B29 large industrial eor potations after the payment of all interest and other fixed charges and taxes fbut before the payment of divi- dends aggregated in a total of? While asstiults are being made by re- actionary business interests on laboi-'s standard of living, profits soar inland follow in that order.

They are all considerably smaller than Republic. The American Iron and Steel Institute has recently announced that with the ex- ception of the output of steel rail and certain types of ripe, new production peaks were set in for practically all major classes of steel products. The great increase in profits in the steel manufacturing industry came in the latter half of the year UHO, Since then the industry has been operating at nearly full productive capacity ami earnings have been more or less stabilized, ponding the completion of new productive capaci- ty now' under construction or n change in the steel price structure.

The figure is 2. In the tables below net profits for the past two years arc presented for com- bined industrial group.

In all cases the net earnings showm are after allowances have been made for the proper payment of taxes. Much of the added pay mil load will be off. At the present time railroads are haul- ing , carloads of freight a week, or more than 1 00, more than at this time last year.

By mid-summer the number i. Bethlehem Steel, the second largest, has a little under one-sixth. The third largest, Republic Steel, has less than one-tenth.

Automobiles and other transportation equipment Louis 12,, 3,, Rustless Iron and Steel Corp. B Per cent Per cent Gooflrieh Co 8,, 6,, Rubber Co 13,, 11,, Net Income before allowance for depletion. The Bureau of Informa- tion of the Social Security Board has em- ployed with good effect the radio for this purpose. Jungle sounds, raucous cries. New release of Social Security Board makes industrial history as vivid as daily experiences whiuing winch oozing mud, occasional water splash. The world, millions of years ago.

Oceans filled with strange, living shapes. Creatures crawl slowly out of the slime and ooze. The world is young. Rumbling as of earthquake the earth's pent-up forces break through its cooling crust. All previous sounds out. Como out of sound with creation theme. The face of the earth is changed; con- tinents are formed, mountains rise from the waters; jungles sink below the rock and sea. Up to quick finish on minor chord. Pause — dead air. Slow, quiet music, starting with narrator: For millions of years, the jungles which were teeming with primordial life lie buried far beneath the sui'face of the earth, pressed by the rock and stone.

Hydrogen and carbon arc brought to- gether, There is heat— great heat and great pressure — for no man knows how many ages. Slowly the elements are joincil. Slowly great reservoirs of oil arc formed. Up to tacet, then segue to lively music; establish, then fade and trail cut under narrator: The year is now 17S3.

The place, a small settlement in the western part of the colony of Pennsylvania. Good eve- ning, young man. Good eve- ning, sir. My name is Washington, MAN: You're the young man from Virginia who is doing some survey work around here. That is correct, sir. What did you say your name is? Satisfy a curiosity of mine, perhaps, air. I was crossing a creek and noticed something floating on it — a thin film, irridescent, like oil.

I traced it to a spring, and out of this was bubbling both water and this strange oil. Could you tell me what it is, sir? I don't remember ever having seen anything of the sort.

Coming out of the spring, you say? I don't think I could tell you what it is. They know a lot about this country that we white men haven't learned. Former editions have been widely used as a guide to safe prac- tices and have been accepted in whole or in part by many state regulatory authori- ties and by some municipalities. In the fifth edition of the code, five parts have been approved by the Ameri- can Standards Asociation: This will be done with the imderstandiiig that eventually it will be superseded by a new code developed by the new sectional committee C09 now be- ing organized under the sponsorship of the National Bureau of Standards to deal specifically with this subject In the fourth edition of the code there had been two separate sections in addi- tion to the five parts.

These were Section 1, including Definitions of Special Terms, and Section 9, Rules Covering Methods of Protective Grounding, In the new edition, the former Section L on Definitions is published in full in Part 2, but appropri- uLe dufiuitutus arc iududetl in each part The former Section 9 appears completely in Parts 1, 2, and 3 — Handbooks HSl, , and H33, Section 1, as it appears in the fifth edi- tion, contains eighteen new definitions.

In so far as possible, all new definitions were matle to agree with those in the new American Standard Definitions of Elec- trical Tei-ms C Since the fourth edition of the National Electrical Safety Code was completed in there have been several revisions of the National Electrical Code and as a result a few con flicting rules covering methods of pro- tective grounding e. One point sometimes overlooked is that Section 9 does not contain rules which specify w'here grounding must be done.

To help clarify this, it may be explained that these two sections contain matenal fre- quently referred to and used in other parts of the code. To change this designation would have causetl confusion on the part of those who have been familiar with many of the NESC rules by the numbers which have ahvays been related to the number of the part of the code in w'hich the rules were contained. Section 1 on DermiUons and Section 9 on Grounding are both very important ami their contents should be familiar to all who have occasion to use or adminis- ter the National Electrical Safety Code.

Part 1- — Safety Rules for the Installation and IVIaintenance of Electrical Supply Stations This contains rules which apply to the electr ic supply equipment of indoor and outdoor stations or substations. Provided the equipment i. Employment Sei-vice, Until there is an over-all committee to control labor supply, John Corson may be regarded as the chief figure in the field of labor supply in the United States. He heads a chain of 1, local employment offices, and it is his job to man the jobs that are now so essential to furthering war production.

One of the first official acts of the new director was to re-confirm the famous orders of the Social Security Boartl which detennitie relation- ships wdth labor unions. For the first time, a new concept governs the policies of re- cruitment and placement of workers, namely, that the U. S, Employment Serv- ice exists to serve a whole community and John J. Corson, young administrator, has great responsibility to supply men to war jobs not merely employers or workers or any other section of the community.

He has tione active research work, has been on the faculty of the University of Virginia, and he has done newspaper w'or k prior to his enter- ing federal service. He left that position to become the director of the U, S. This is more than a mechanistic problem. Such action must be founded on a full public understanding of the necessity of these workers to war production.

Most employers are learning this lesson rapidly as the supply of skilled workers proves inadequate to fill expand- ing needs. But there are still too many instances of skiUed machinists, for ex- ample, being used not only for setting up the job and supervising but for all rou- tine operations. In one recent case a local employment office tried to arrange for a loan of toolmakers to an aircraft plant which had to be tooled up for the mass production of fighting pianos.

Some tool- makers were located in another plant. Their supervisor reported that his shop wa. How- ever, the president of the company liatly refused to make the loan, stating that he was going to use these toolmakers on 'lathes, grinders, and milling machines. This involves, of course, the supplementing of these work- ers by others of lesser skill who can be devtdoped by specialized training in the plants and on the machines which are ac- tually used for the job.

It involves, too, the coupling of such training with prompt and effective upgrading of workers to their maximum capacity. The meeting was called to order by Chairman C. M, Paulsen, at 9: W, Tracy, William G. Kelley, Harry Van Arsdale, Jr. A, Manning, Charles Foehn.

Man- ning as secretary of the council. The minutes of the last meeting were i-ead, anti it was moved and seconded that they be approved. The chairman appointed J. McBride and n, W. Tracy as auditing committee, to go over the audits of the I. B, Whit- lock, the auditor employed by the execu- tive council, and to report back after their examination of the aiulits.

The following applications for pension were c: Complete list a ]j pears at end of these minutes. It was moved and seconded, that as the above applicants were found to have the proper qualifications as to age and continuous standing, and their applications were made in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, their applications be approved and the members placed on pension when they have hUed out and filed with the I, 0, the special withdrawal card to be sent them by the international secretary.

Bold man, Jfihn 1,0. It was therefore moved and sec- onded, that on account of the irregulari- ties the pension be denied, as their ap- plications did not comply with the pro- visions of the constitution. International Executive Council, at regular session, hears Treasury repre- sentatives. Oliver and Edward F.

Kloter, for consideration under Artide , Sec- tion 11, of the constitution, w'cre consid- ered, and as they were in accordance with the provisions of the constitution it was moved and.

The international secretary placed be- fore the council the situation existing in Local Union No, B, and his action on the question of their per capita tax. It was moved and seconded that the ac- tion of the secretary be a] proved. Hyatt and William FI. Uorvell, representing the U.

Treasury Uepartment, witli reference to the pur- chasing of Defense Savings Bonds during this national emergency. They requested, in behalf of the goverimient, that our members be advised of the necessity of all citizens buying as many bonds us pos- sible, and that we explain to our members that the steady purchase of bonds, rather than their spa.

They suggested an understanding be- tween the local umons ami their employ- ers whereby the employer wouhl make deductions from their pay on each pay period and turn over to the workers the bonds purchased in their behalf under this arrangement. After their retiring, and a general discussion of the matter, it was moved and seconded that it is the conn- ciBs opinion that members, through their local unions, should consider the proposi- tion, and wherever possible agT'ce with the employer that leduction.

The council tie- sires to warn members that in arriving at the amount of a deduct inn they should agree on a deduction that they will be able to continue, and jmt through over- zealousness agree on a deduction that they cannot carry, because if they have a deduction, and then they have excess funds at the end of a month, or in two or three months, they can then go to their bank and buy additional Defense Bonds for which they woubi pay outright at the time of making the application.

This is the second of several articles. I F a compound generator is properly connected to run in the standard or clockwise direction as a cumulatively compounded machine, the current will then circulate through all of the windings in a direction from the terminals marked with a subscript 1 to the terminals marked with a subscript 2, or it will cir- culate through all of the windings in a direction from the terminals marked with a subscript 2 to the terminals marked with a subscript 1, As in the case of the d, c.

On the other hand, when an a, c. Since it is ordinarily easier to reverse the direction of an a. Likewise, when an a. The capital letters H, X, and Y, are used to designate respectively the high voltage, low voltage, and the tertiary windings.

In the case of single phase transform- ers the subscript numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. The lowest and highest numbers are used to indicate the extremities of the wind- ing, and the intermediate numbers indi- cate taps connected along the winding in order of their numbers. The subscript numbers of the taps on the different wind- ings are arranged in such order that the higher numbered taps on each winding arc all at a positive potential with respect to the lower numbered taps on the cor- responding winding at the same instant.

Since the terminal markings II and X used to indicate the high and low voltage terminals of a transformer would have no significance if applied to the terminal of an auto-transformer, a different sys- tem from that used with transformers must be used to designate the terminals of an auto-transformer.

One end of an auto-transformer winding is marked 0 zero , and the opposite end is marked Thus, for example, a 25 per cent tap will have 25 per cent of the turns in the auto-transformer winding betiveen it and the 0 end of the coil and 75 per cent of the H.

The beginnings of phases 1 and 2 of a two- phaso winding should be designated by the subscript numbers 1 and 2, respec- tively. Any additional terminals con- nected to tap. In all cases these numbers should be used ill the order of the location of the connection along the winding.

If u phase winding of a polyphase transformer ia divided into two or more sections in order to make possible alter- native series or parallel connections, the Conllnucd on page turns between it and the lOO per cent end of the coil. The same system is used for three- phase auto- transformers us is used for single phase auto-transformers except that the 0 Kero marking indicates the end of the Coil towards the neutral of a Y connection on the point of an open delta connection as shown by Figure 5, VOLT A G K 1 ESIG N A IT O N S In the case of a polyphase transformer those terminals at the extreme end of each phase winding are designated by the subscript numbers 1, 3.

The subscript num- bers arc so placed that if the voltages at the terminals of the high voltage winding occur in the time sequence H,, IL, Ha, etc. This does not neces- sarily mean that the voltages at the cor- respond ingly-num bored terminals on the diifereiit windings will occur nl Lhe same instant.

When there is more than one external connection to each phase winding of a transformer, the additional ti4ps are des- ignated by the appropriate capital letter and a subscript number equal to the num- ber used to designate the beginning of the phase plus some multiple of the num- ber of phases. Thus in the case of a three- phase transformer the terminais to the windings of phase 1 will be marked with CC. The line of argument of the labor leader is this: Employers take the position that government is en- croaching on business.

They take this position and make the blunder of seeking to fight government and to wrest the control of government from the hands of men who believe in doing a. Such conflict is Ume-consuming and costly. It is the greatest opportunity that labor and management have ever had in these United States.

Open Shop While a great opportunity presents itself HJHzkrieg to labor and management for cooperation, while labor has been engaged in building tanks, airplanes and ordnances, while everybody has been bend ing'e very effort to win the war, certain open-. Thus has been created the most grave situation that has faced this country in the last 30 years.

The sneak attack was artfully contrived. It began in Oklahoma and Texa. In this country this attack on the hour week was made when labor was working longer hours and when labor had given assurance to the President of the United States it would extend hours to that point that he and technicians of the government thought was needed. The old open-shop blitzkrieg is nothing but an effort under the guise of patriotism to try to repeal the social legislation that has been in effect in this country for the last 10 years.

It will not succeed. The press, almost without exception, in the United States takes the position that it has the right of criticism and then it interprets the right of criti- cism as the right to conspire and destroy. It has distorted, repressed, and actu- aUy falsified the news. Of course, this falsehood is deliberately disseminated in order to create the impression that the union is profiteering. The press is not free. It recognizes no social obliga- tions. It is the voice of either private families, powerful advertisers or capitalistic cliques.

They are great flag weavers. They parade their uni- APRIL, 18S forms and they attack labor and its standards with extreme zeal, without consideration as to whether their program aids the war effort or advances the weal of the nation. These political colonels and commanders are merely busine.

Wise In the hurlyburly of the present hoiu' when Employer confinsion reign. He handled many joh. This was his an. If one finds delight in under.

During the 31 years of my direct business experience none of our operations has been stopped by a strike. We have never employed mechanics other than those affiliated with the American Federation of Labor; the divisions with which we have dealt have always been captained by men who.

Furthermore, my company ha. This has been possible through securing good client. Once again he reveals the narrowly per- sonal concept of conduct of economic groups and his penchant for trying cases in newspapers like a cheap criminal lawyer. He joined the pack of labor bailers last month and uttered a colo. We do not know what Mr. Arnohl considers little busi- ne. Brotherhood of Electrical Workens cer- tainly has encouraged the continued exi.

P'rom the imblic rostrum Mr, Arnold cries that the union is breaking the little business man. In the court room Thurman Arnold declares that the union is in collusion with the little business man.

Arnold come from, why is he in the government a1 all, and what is his function? Who Is the There are now 10,, imioni. If one allows three to every one of the families of these union- ist.

So when windy orators arise in congressional halls and claim a demand for the repeal of labor legislation comes from the public, any rational person can see at once that if the demand is spontaneous, it comes from a selected list of people inspired by the enemies of labor, because out of every four. Robert Ginsburgh, aid to the Under Secretary of War, to speak to the workers. Such a rally was held recently at the important Crosley Corporation, Cin- cinnati, Ohio, where more than 1, members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers were addressed by Colonel Ginsburgh.

You in the Crosley Cor- poration are soldiens on the production line. Together we make up a team — a team in which we are entirely dependent upon each other. If you fail us, we become an army without arms. Latimer, president of Local Union No. The Constitution of the United States declares: But this just didn't happen.

Now we have the old gang of labor- baiters trying, apparently, to make wage- earners shoulder the major part of the load. Shallow-thinking people are urged to join the yapping chorus, which makes up in noise for ivhat it lacks in intelli- gence. The drive on labor standards is bad enough in itself. The legislation in ques- tion was passed after many years of ef- fort, to benefit not union labor, not or- ganized labor which is able to negotiate and set its own standards by agreement, but the low-paid, unorganized, unpro- tected worker; to spread the employment which had been reduced by machine pro- duction; and to assure a wage which would meet the cost of living.

We are fighting against fascism. But this drive has more sinister impli- cations. Disruption of standards which have taken so long to create is sure to re- sult in labor unrest. This will not be stirred up by the leaders of organized labor. They have too keen a realization of vffhat is at stake in this war. NOf Is it going to lower production itseK? And nothing anybody in Washington can say will change that. And this may be the way to lose the war and never win it.

Production is the battle right now. Nelson cut the crippling red tape of government competitive bidding. The Wax Production Board now nego- tiates for what it buys.

Sometimes — not necessarily — the price is higher. But time is saved, Time is more important than money right now. There is a carefully -fomented miscon- ception that the hour standard pre- vents workers from working more than 40 hoiir.

This is not true. It simply specifies the payment of overtime rates for all time worked over 40 hours. Many contracts have already been made be- tween government and corporations in which price is based on the payment of overtime rates to whatever extent seems most useful to production. To abolish overtime would simply hand corporations an extra profit, only part of which would return to the government through taxes.

And it isn't necessary. How does the War Production Board feel about that? The drive against labor standards is helping Hitler. This is the statement by Donald M, Nelson, no less, who warned Congress against legislation restricting labor.

In vitamins of nutrition, To help me fight in the battlefield of life! Let's sign a treaty, mo and you, To be Allies our lifetime through! Germany, he said, and are broadcast by the nazis to all the countries of Europe to encourage the Germans and to dis- courage the conquered nations.

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Artist seeks Creative Cohort, Muse, Model. Lonely single search cyber sex hotels breed lonely people Lots of tattoos looking for nsa. Golden West College friend? Grannys wanting telephone sex. Apalachicola Panama City Cathy Rutherford I' Reid Ave. CT Sunday Worship CT Wednesday Bible Study 7: Box Port St. Bible Study all ages 10 a.

Morning Worship 11 a. Evening Worship 6 p. Choir Practice 6 p. Beach C o mn er 1 5t' i ,'- ,",.? Bible Studi Sundays at 9: Please note, all times central! Bill Taylor, Pastor, Sunday School EST Sunday School 9: Friendship are found Bible Study Sunday: A variety of ministries for all ages beginning at 6: Joe, though during the school year the board conducts one monthly meeting at high schools at each end of the county.

A public hearing on the budget will be held Sept. Postings of all School Board regular and spe- cial meetings and workshops can be found at the district offices. City of Port St. Joe The Port St. Joe City Commission conducts regular meetings twice a month, on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 6 p.

Postings of all City Commission regular and special meetings and workshops can be found at City Hall. City of Wewahitchka The Wewahitchka City Commission con- ducts regular meetings twice a month, on the sec- ond and fourth Mondays of each month at 6 p. CT in the first floor meeting room at City Hall. Postings of all City Commission regular and special meetings and workshops can be found at City Hall on Second Street.

Postings of all regular and special meetings and workshops can be found at the Robert Moore Administrative Building. CT on the second Tuesday of each month in the Civic Center located behind the business district on 30th and 31t1 Streets.

Postings of all regular and special meetings and workshops can be found at City Hall, located on 14t' Street, or the Civic Center. For more information contact the EDC at Budget Hearings Local residents and taxpayers should be aware that summertime brings the budget pro- cess to government entities around the area.

All the listed governmental bodies will be conducting budget workshops and hearings throughout the coming months. We will post the times and places of all budget. A note to civic organizations and. Throughout the summer, Seaside Rep produced Camp Showtime, a weekly theatre camp that introduced children to all aspects of theatre pro- duction. As a benefit for being Seaside Rep's season sponsor, Design and Design Services of Florida were able, to select a charity to be the recipient of the proceeds of one night's per- formance.

Children's Volunteer I Network, Inc. These are the that either fall short of F1 Kidcare or either do not o not qualify for Medicaid.

CVHN utilizes a netwi physicians, dentists and providers who donate theta vices at no charge. Fror Director, Charlotte Blanto date, we have facilitated appointments for than children.

Ma these children would not gone to the doctor if it we: Their parents ply don't have the money. He de ately needed orthodontic but his single mother di have the resources to hav 50 ton Travel Lift Yachts: His appearance embar- rassed him and created prob- lems for him at school. He soon became a very angry young man and was expelled for fighting oh the playground and on the school bus. Something needed to be done, and done quick- ly. Tricia Carlisle-Northcutt, Founder, asked the question, "If this child gets the help he needs, how would it change his world?

About Seaside Repertory Theatre kids Dedicated to providing lorida unique entertainment in con- r can- junction with cultural expo- sure to residents and guests, ork of Seaside Repertory Theatre has other been a mainstay of the Walton ir ser- County community for six m the years.

Seaside Rep produces an n, "To annual summer stock season over consisting of three main. Founded t have in , Seaside Rep is also re not the producer of the Gulf Coast s sim- Comedy Festival, an event that brings together the comedic united forms of stand-up comedy, dren's improve comedy, and sketch c, Inc.

Seaside 'e this Rep also produces an annual Christmas show and provides ongoing programs for children, Including a tour to schools in Walton County and sur- rounding counties and Camp Showtime, a summer camp. Additional information regard- ing show schedules, tickets, and performance locations can be obtained by calling 1 Local volun- teers to cleanup 3 miles of beach along U.

Sunset Park on U. Saturday, September 16, at 8: Last year, nearly , international. In Mexico Beach, 25 volunteers. Each of us truck, we also picked up can do only a little, bi large items like tires and effect of all of us wo lumber weighing an esti- together is huge," said mated 4, pounds.

Cleanup v safe beaches and water- teers also collect infi ways-it's all about doing tion about the items something responsible for find, and this data is the marine environment, toThe Ocean Conser The Cleanup is also the first The Ocean Conser step in finding solutions then compiles and for the problem of marine ies the data in ord debris, which can kill thou- learn more about the sands of wildlife and fish al' debris problem, each year, and damage sen-,: International Ci together to clean up their Cleanup.

Changing h shores-and have fun in behavior is the best pr the process. Sliding Fee neigh- id the alone ut the irking Jane. There are always plenty of questions to ask before selling your home, but if you're plan- ning to try to sell on your own, here are the most important questions to start with.

How will you price your home? It takes, detailed research and knowledge of market trends to arrive at a fair price. You don't want to cheat yourself out of receiving the full value of your home, but you don't want to overprice and drive away seri- ous buyers, who will compare your home's value against similar ones on the market. A Comparative Market Analysis conducted by a professional agent is your 'best bet for for- mulating the perfect asking price.. Ittakes more thanads, Real [siate Lifestles.

But without repre- sentation, you won't have ac- cess to it. Once you've got an offer, will you be able to handle all the paperwork to insure le- gally binding contracts and a smooth closing? Consider le- gal documentation, inspection reports, appraisals, bank fi- nancing and so much more. Doesn't it make sense to lt a profes- sional handle your real estate transaction? Call for a free consultation. It's about insuring your family! Contact us today for quality E i business protection from o.

Je, L -Thursdayl, Sepfember 14, Mexico Beach Coastal Cleanup: September 16 at Sunset Park on U. CT and ends at 11 a. Festivities begin at 9a. George Send Your Community. Box Email To: Port St Joe, FL starnews starfl.

Tickets are limited; for more information, contact The Philharmonic Orchestra, now in its sixth performance season, has grown dramatically under the baton of conductor David Ott. A "Meet the Artist" event will be held at Cerulean's , located at the heart of the WaterColor Town Center on, Afor ticket holders after the show from 9 10 p. A variety of food and bever- ages will be available for purchase on the grounds. Ticket holders are encour- aged to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

It is being developed by The St. At full build-out, the community is planned to include 1, residences; BeachClub; tennis center; BoatHouse; room inn; commercial space; dune walkovers and boardwalks and a lakefront park. Nearly half the site is being devoted to open space and preservation areas.

Master-planned by Cooper, Robertson and Partners, a New York- based architectural firm, WaterColor won one of eight community design awards bestowed by the Atnerican Institute of Architects in For more information, visit JOE. Chollet Ramsey, Vice President Flesh and Blood is. North Florida Noir is a volume of short stories writ- ten by area writers with back- drops including Port St.

Joe and wartime Panama City. For all your Internet Advertising needs Our new building construction and remodeling project has begun on our main office in Port Saint Joe! Access to our front entrance, front parking, and side parking are closed while construction is in progress. Please park in our back parking lot by the alley and use our rear doors for ac- cess to the Credit Union lobby. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please pardon our dust as we improve our building to better serve you our members!

Sincerely, The Board of w f-. Joe, was arrested on a war- rant for failure to appear in court. Bailey was taken to the Gulf County Jail to await first appearance. On August 31, around 1: Joe, was arrested on war- rant for intimidation of a witness.. While Boykins was being arrested she was also charged with resisting an officer with violence.

Boykins was transported to the Gulf County Jail to await first appearance. Fallin was taken to the Gulf County Jail to await first appearance. On September 2, around Bryant was transported to the Gulf County Jail to await first.

On September 1, 'around 9: Dahiel Thomas Garcia age 19 of Port St. Joe was arrested, for under age possession of alcoholic beverages. On September 1, Around 9: Dowling was transported to the Gulf County Jail. On September 1, around 9: Joe was arrested for under age pos- session of alcoholic bever- ages.

List was transported to the Gulf County Jail. There were cars that. The checkpoint resulted in one DUI arrests, two arrests for driving without a license, three arrests for driving with a suspended for revoked license and fourteen cita- tions issued for other traffic related violations, six of the fourteen were criminal viola- tions. Department would like to thank everyone who assisted in making this operation a success. We also thank the public for their encourage- ment and patience as offi- cers carry out these impor- tant operations to keep our roadways safe.

The goal of these law enforce- ment agencies is to ensure everyone using the highway and roadway system in Gulf County may do so safely and to provide a deterrent for those who violate laws. Enforcement is a tool to facil- itate the achievement of this safety. Recognizing that alco- hol is consistently involved in many crashes resulting in a fatality mandates unwav- ering attention. Reducing death and injury associated with impaired drivers is one of the most important objec- tives of this group.

Joe provide the roadway as a benefit to the public at large. Accordingly, these agencies seek to safeguard all driv- ers through the use of a non-intrusive checkpoint to detect and remove. The use of the Roadside Sobriety Checkpoint, public education and enforcement are com- bined to achieve and enhance the reduction in deaths and injuries caused by impaired vehicle operators.

Zero toler- ance of DUI continues to be. Guntor, age 45, of Port St. Joe, was arrest- ed for violation of court ordered probation. Guntor is currently on probation for! Guntor failed to comply with this probation and, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Moore Administration Building, Cecil G. The public hearings will be to discuss and act on the follow- ing: Minutes for July 17,.

Parks and Grants Staff The public is encouraged to attend and be heard on these matters. Information prior to the meeting can be viewed at the Planning and Building Department at Cecil G. Seplember7 and Seplember On September 06, at approximately 9: Battles age 24 of Port St. Joe, Florida was arrested on a warrant for vio- lation of probation. Battles is currently serving probation for driving without a license, attaching tag not assigned and resisting arrest.

Battles was transported to the Gulf County Jail. On September 06, at approximately Fields, age 46, of Wewahitchka, was arrested for driving under the influ- ence. Fields was stopped for erratic driving on Reid Avenue. Upon making contact with Fields, Officers smelled the strong odor of alcohol- ic beverage on his breath. Fields completed several roadside assessments, which indicated he was impaired by alcohol.

On September 06, at approximately 6: Fallin, age 53, of Port St. Joe, was arrested for driving under the influ- ence. Fallin was stopped for erratic driving on Highway 98 near Tapper Bridge. The officer detected the strong odor of an alcoholic bever- age on Falli's breath. Fallin completed several roadside assessments that indicated she was impaired by alcohol.

Fallin gave a breath sample' indicating. Fallin was transported to the Gulf County Jail to await first appearance. S,On September 08, at approxiimately- 9: Water a brief foot pursuit Givens was arrested and transported to the Gulf County Jail. Joe, Police Department has received numerous complaints in regard to illegal aliens work- ing and or residing in our: General Labor Regulations is quite clear in these areas of the hiring, recruiting and, or harboring illegal aliens in our country.

Federal laws are also imposed dealingwith the hiring, recruitment and. The following covers violations and the penalties involved. Place your Classified Ad With Us! Illegal aliens may enter the United States by crossing the Mexican or Canadian border. They are also smuggled in by means of transportation by road- way or waterway. Hiring and Employment of Illegal Aliens It is unlawful for an employ- er to hire, recruit, or td refer an illegal alien for a fee.

Once an employer has discovered that an employee is an ille- gal alien, it is unlawful for the employer to continue to employ the illegal alien. If one is caught employing or aiding an ille- gal alien they may be subject to state or federal prosecu- tion.

An employer is said to have constructive knowledge' that an employee is an illegal alien a reasonable ,person would infer such: However, knowledge cannot be inferred on the basis of an employee's accent or appear- ance. Penalties for Hiring and Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aliens After ,ne is convicted of aiding and abetting an fille- gal alien, numerous penalties may be imposed. Among the penalties are: SIf death or bodily injured results during the aiding and abetting of an illegal alien,-or the criminal smuggling of the illegal alien, the aider and abettor may be sentenced to life iniprisonnient.

Courts are permitted to impose con- secutive prison sentences for each alien smuggled or har- bored.. On Todd Edward Dawley was arrested for drivA ing on a suspended or revoked drivers license. On ' deputies responded to a disturbance on Vann Dr. They arrested James Roger Oliver, 64, for domestic battery and his;, wife Delores Harrelson Oliver, for violation of pretrial release.

It is alleged that James. Oliver struck his wife a'nd that Delores was con- suming alcohol, which is a violation of her pretrial release on a DIUI charge. On deputies stopped vehicle on Hwy 71 just north of Port St. Joe for improper tags. They found that the driv-. During a search of the truck. On dispatch received ,a call about a reckless driver coming from Mexico Beach toward St. He was transported to the Gulf County Jail..

On reports of a van'- running people off the road coming from White 'City was received; deputies located the van and arrested the driver Bernabe Grajales Nuricumbo. On Danny Keith Davis. Teresa, Eugenia' Hicks Stewart 39, Joseph Charles Guntor, Sick at what she saw, Victoria called her aunt and asked what to do. Joe Bay Humane Society, and who work tirelessly for the abused, injured and abandoned animals in Gulf County. Carolyn came immediately to Victoria's location and said when she saw the dog, her heart sank.

He never made a' sound except to whimper. He never once growled or bared his teeth, even though he was in such pain. Hobson Fulmer, owner and veterinarian of Apalachicola Bay Animal F Clinic in Eastpoint, one of the area's vets who work closely and extensively with the St. Joe Bay Humane Society. Fulmer suggested Lee take the injured animal to veterinary facilities in Gainsville, but Lee told him she had neither the time nor the money to do so.

Fulmer then told her he would try to help the dog, but if he could not, he would go ahead and euthanize him. The doctor set to work. He determined that the approximately one-year old dog had been in this condition about five weeks, based on the extent of healing tissue, the amount of muscle degeneration, and the degree of new cartilage that had appeared around the broken leg bones. In addition to the broken legs, the dog suffered multiple infected lacerations.

From the accident itself and from dragging his body through the woods for so long, most of his fur and the hair roots had, been destroyed on his back legs, hips and lower back.

Fulmer was not optimistic that the hair would ever grow back. Fulmer operated on one leg, then waited a week for the dog to stabilize before working on the other leg. He had to remove about one inch of bone from each shattered leg because the bone was so damaged, then he set the legs, using three stainless steel bone pins in each limb, repairing each one exactly the same so the dog had a chance of walking if he recovered.

Any person requiring special accommodations to participate in this meeting is asked to advise the Corridor Authority at least 48 hours before the meeting by contacting Denise Curry at or denise.

Last year's property tax levy: Initially proposed tax levy Less tax reductions due to Value Adjustment Board And other assessment changes Actual property tax levy Moore Administration Building Cecil G. There was chat- ter, laughter, and tight squeezes at the lockers. Students meet new teachers, new students, and were eager to "get down to business". Of course not all the teachers and students were new to WHS-some have been here forever.

New or not everyone is excited to start a new year. Hearts are filled with school spirit as-football is here once again. At the pep rally the seniors and juniors were com- peting against each other, yell- ing "Red arnd White". Of course, the seniors won. With hopes high for the school year we are thrilled to be back. Also don't forget senior will be ordering invitation Thursday September All seniors heed to get a baby picture of themselves in to the yearbook staff ASAP If you are planning to buy a senior ad in the yearbook you need to get an ordering form and turn it in to Mrs.

Cox in the media center. First come first serve right now. Parents Parent's progress reports were sent out Thursday September 7.

Also Parents need to stop by the front office to get your new pinnacle pass- words. All passwords have been changed. Adele need help in the concession stand on Friday nights football 'games, anyone who would like to help please see her as soon as possible. Juniors and seniors are visiting Port St. They will return at Sports This past week our J. V football team beat Port St. Joe Thursday September 7. The score was The Varsity football team had another great victory against Cottondale Friday September The final score was Also, our cross country team compet- ed at Lincoln Tally.

The boys placed 8th out of 14 teams. They will compete at Arnold Thursday September 14th. This week our girls' volleyball teams, J. V and Varsity, are playing Thursday September 14 here at 4: V football team will be play- ing Sneads here Thursday September 14 at 6: Last our Varsity football team is play- ing here Friday Night at 7: Come support all you fighting gator teams!

Homecoming Casting votes, counting ballots, contacting members of honored class alumni, plan- ning the parade, getting the parade permit, arranging for the alumni brunch, monitoring door decorations, and judging dress-up attire is center stage at WHS during Homecoming Week..

Student Government Association is in charge of all Homecoming events so they are extremely busy at this time of year. Homecoming representa-' tives will be voted on during lunch Friday, September It is hoped the ballots will be counted and the names will be announced before school ends that day.

The results of this election will be secret until the announcement at the game. This year the Homecoming festivities will be a "before the game" event. Door decora- tion and float winners will be announced at the game.

The class winning the door deco- rations will be given a cookie and ice cream party the week after homecoming; the winners of the float competition will receive a pizza party. Honored classes this year are those classes which end in Is or 6s. If you are a graduate of , , , , , ,', , , or , please call the school and leave your phone number and address with Mrs. Layton so you can receive a special invitation to participate in the parade, brunch, visit the school, and the game. If your class would like to be included in the parade, please let Mrs.

Layton know so you' can be placed.. The parade will begin at 3: Anyone who wishes to participate in the parade please contact Wayne Taylor at wtaylor 5 gulf. Sorry, no political campaign entries in the home- coming parade.

Coins for Critters The students of Port St. Joe Elementary School are helping the St. Coins for Critters collection jars have been placed.

The class that collects the most money will receive a commemorative tile to decorate that will be paced permanently in the new ani- mal shelter being constructed on north 10th St. Please help your children contribute to this worthy cause by sending your spare change to school this month! SNARX MixK by Sam Cox, Although fall's cool weath- er has not come into affect yet school is back in full swing and so are all of the activi- ties that come along with it.

Students are once again back into the rush of going to foot- ball games and keeping up with their own clubs and orga- nizations and must be kept up with the news, just as the community must know what is happening with the school. Key Club All new Key Club mem- bers are reminded to remem- ber that three community service projects are required for acceptance, while exist- ing members must have two community service projects.

Sports On Thursday, September 14 both the J. V football team and the volleyball team will be playing. V, football will be playing at North Florida Christian at 7p. The varsity football team will be. When asked about how he felt about this.

Juniors are also, reminded to pay their class' dues and to sign up to work the concession stands for al1 home football games. General Information , The school will be hold-. Friday the 15th the school have: Also, advance tickets for home foot- ball games are available in the bookkeeper's office Monday thru Friday from 7: In closing, although the students and faculty will bhe kept yery busy throughout the rest of the school year and may face crisis' on any given day, I encourage them, to remember the words of our new vice prinm ciple, Mr.

Kenneth Monette, '"Always do. Exclusively from Alltel Wireless E LLite[ For exclusive0onl ine ash ll. Joe Florida Reid Ave. Marinna 1 D Hwy. Dothan The Wireless Co. My Circle applies to ten numbers per account, which must be shared among all lines on account Not available on prepaid plans. Customer may not designate own Oi,,ar, wireless or voice mail number, Directory Assistance or numbers as any of the ten available numbers.

Designated numbers must be within the U. Requires activation of a qualifying Alltel rate. ContactAlltel to determine if you are eligible. Phone cannot be returned once mail-in rebate certificate has been submitted.

Customer pays applicable taxes. See rebate certificate for details. Limited-time I information ,offer atparticipating locations, While supplies last. Screen images are simulated. Iron Staining Your Home? New Technology Non Electric. We have been helping families facing tragedy since We have offices throughout NW Florida.

On the web at Kerrigan. Joe, Florida The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written " information about oui qualifications and experience. Claudius Lanier and Nell Bandjough reluctant- ly fessed up and pocketed awards.

James Hysmith and Claude Grinsdale received out-of-towner awards and some love from White. The hostess embraced Grinsdale, ,who has long claimed to have been her fourth-grade sweetheart, and made a pact with Hysmith.

White held the after- noon's speakers to a strict five-minute rule. Heck, we'll' even make it easier for you with a free complete exam and x-rays. Now you have one less excuse for avoiding the Dentist. Let the staff at Dr. Lister's office keep your smile healthy in a friendly, stress free environment that will make you feel truly athome. So take a short drive to Downtown Wewahitchka and let us share our home with you!

Free exam and xrays for new patients only! Call today for an appointment. Ask about our Specials. Cox thanked Lanier, whose husband L. Carl Dean, who showed off pictures from his recent trip to Spain on his digital camera, waxed poetic on his adopted hometown -- "If Wewa isn't in the Garden of Eden, it is just outside bf it," he said. Dean recounted his travels throughout the U. Lanier's tupelo honey, which could be seen on several of the reunion's tables.

While the speakers emphasized fellowship, they also referenced the sad passing of loved ones. This year's attendance at the reunion was the, smallest crowd in recent history, a sad result of death, and sickness. At the podium, Grinsdale recalled days hunting, fishing and swing- ing on branches with Burl at Cochran's landing, and urged his classmates to enjoy their life's many blessings. I "We don't know whose going to be next.

We ought to all live every day like it's going to be the last day," he said. Local preachers Harry Johnson and Joey Smith sang spirituals and helped White bless the meal, pre- pared by her grandson's Bayou Restaurant. When White gave the signal, the attendees head- ed to the buffet line. Her thoughts turned to this year's gathering. It's just one of those things.

Every year, we'll get smaller, I'm sure," said White, who steeled her- self for the reunion. A Always There For You.

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