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Can anyone help me get laid in this god forsaken area

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Can anyone help me get laid in this god forsaken area

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Can anyone help me get laid in this god forsaken area

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Post by Guest Author. They misunderstood; they were not quite sure exactly what it was that Jesus had said. But do we really know what it means?

Is Jesus despairing on the cross? Or is he, rather, pointing to the end of the psalm where hope and praise are expressed? To understand this better, we will progress through three steps. First, we will look at Psalm 22 by itself and seek to understand it on its own terms.

Finally, we will see what meaning this might have for us today. When we feel blessed in life and experience goodness and wholeness, we turn to God in praise and thanksgiving. But what happens when we experience just the opposite? What happens when we are overcome by brokenness, suffering and death, when the relationships of our lives come apart?

Lament is a prayer for help coming out of pain. Of the psalms in the Book of Psalms, over 50 belong to the category of laments. While laments occur elsewhere in Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, they are a form of prayer that is less familiar to us today. Psalm 22 calls out to God, presents the suffering of the speaker, talks of enemies and ends in praise. It falls into two parts: Each of those sections can be subdivided into two parts: Israel firmly believed that God was a God of life, a God who frees from oppression.

Therefore, if I am experiencing death and oppression, then where is God? What the psalmist is experiencing makes no sense; things do not fit together. This cry to God should not be confused with despair. In despair, we give up on our relationship to God and let it go. In fact, his enemies mock him precisely because he has been faithful to God 8. It is this bond of trust in God that the scoffers try to undermine.

Lamenting is not a failure of faith but an act of faith. If God seems far off, the enemies are very near. They are described in animal imagery: The only activity we can clearly identify is one of mocking and gloating 7, When we recall that the ancient biblical culture was very much an honor-shame culture, we can appreciate how much suffering this would bring to the psalmist.

The constant attack of the enemies takes its toll on the psalmist. He suffers physical and psychological breakdown and approaches death , 16c Many different body parts are mentioned: The ancients did not make the sharp distinction that we do between physical and emotional suffering.

The last three verses contain urgent pleas for God to come close 19 , deliver 20 and save The change in tone from part one to part two is quite pronounced. This sudden shift is typical of the lament psalms see Psalms 6: Scholars have offered various explanations. Perhaps the most common is that the psalmist has heard an oracle of salvation, perhaps from a priest at the Temple. This gives him assurance that God has heard the prayer and that deliverance is on the way.

He fulfills his vows with a thanksgiving sacrifice which involves the eating of a meal. All offer praise to God because God heard the cry of the afflicted and brought deliverance The circle of praise now moves from the psalmist and Israel to all nations on the earth verses , as well as people before us in time 29 and those who will come after us At the beginning of the psalm, the psalmist felt isolated and alone in space and time.

Here at the end, the praise of God goes out to fill all space and time. Psalm 22 is, thus, the prayer of a just one who suffers innocently, of one who is surrounded by enemies and mocked precisely because of his fidelity to God. When God hears this cry and delivers, the just one offers praise and thanksgiving to God. We are so used to seeing Jesus on the cross that a lot of the shock of it has worn off.

As one observer has noted, if Jesus were to come to earth today and be sentenced to death, he would most likely be electrocuted.

Then Christians all over the world would wear around their necks little silver and gold electric chairs! The Passion narratives, then, were perhaps the first Gospel materials to have taken shape. And like all the Gospel material, the Passion story is not a bare chronicle of past events but is filled with the faith of the earliest Christians who struggled to understand and explain the tragic death of Jesus. Nothing happened by chance or misfortune.

The Book of Wisdom 2: A further comment is called for regarding an allusion which we might expect to find but, in fact, is not there. It is, however, not used in the New Testament. The original Hebrew of this verse is quite obscure, and its absence in the New Testament suggests that at this point the earliest Christians were not using the Greek.

Can we still affirm this today? It would be wrong to consider the prophecies of the Old Testament as some kind of photographic anticipations of future events.

As I have already explained, these are not words of despair but an expression of faith. The Gospel of John shows us a more exalted Jesus who is more or less in control during his Passion; the darker elements are removed.

But Matthew and Mark show us more the human Jesus who entered fully into our human condition. This is not a sentimental kind of piety. But this question has it backwards. For us, as human beings, death is dark and scary and real. Even though we believe and trust in God, death can cause anxiety and anguish. We live in a culture which, in many ways, is death-denying; it is afraid to take a clear look at the fact and the meaning of mortality.

The cry of the psalmist is a profoundly human cry. Perhaps it is a witness our society could benefit from hearing. Many, including both political and religious leaders, found this offensive and threatening. If we show fidelity to the teaching and example of Jesus, we can face similar reactions. We may not face actual death. But we can face opposition and mockery in lesser, more subtle ways that are still painful.

Do we continue to trust in the Lord? In addition, while there are no certain references in the New Testament to the second part of Psalm 22 the hymn of praise , we do see in the Gospels that Jesus was vindicated.

Through the death of Jesus, the meaning of death has been, as it were, changed from the inside. Instead of representing the ultimate separation, it is now the path to greater union. The risen Christ is present now in our midst and gathers a congregation of faith around him to recount the praises of what God has done and to share in a thanksgiving eucharistic meal.

At the end of Psalm 22, as in the Gospels, the circle of praise should go out to embrace the whole world. It is a vision of inclusiveness that breaks down all the barriers that we, as humans, are too eager to set up. We know what he is saying.

Do we understand its meaning and the challenge that it represents? My hands and feet have shriveled;. All you offspring of Jacob, glorify him; stand in awe of him, all you offspring of Israel! May your hearts live forever! Painful Prayer When we feel blessed in life and experience goodness and wholeness, we turn to God in praise and thanksgiving. Part One verses Israel firmly believed that God was a God of life, a God who frees from oppression. Part One verses The change in tone from part one to part two is quite pronounced.

Part Two verses The circle of praise now moves from the psalmist and Israel to all nations on the earth verses , as well as people before us in time 29 and those who will come after us Proclaiming the Good News We are so used to seeing Jesus on the cross that a lot of the shock of it has worn off. Psalm 22 1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Why are you so far from helping me, from the words of my groaning? My hands and feet have shriveled; 17 I can count all my bones. They stare and gloat over me; 18 they divide my clothes among themselves, and for my clothing they cast lots. O my help, come quickly to my aid! From the horns of the wild oxen, you have rescued me.

7 Ways to Distinguish God’s Voice from the Circumstances of Life – Ron Edmondson

Hes not into church but I have preached much to him but he goes about it his way. He doesnt believe in the Holy Spirit he doesnt believe that Jesus is working through people today but He does believe that Jesus once was here so God is still working on him. Now look at this one day I was lead by the Holy spirit to take his hand and pray for him because he laughs and thinks its a joke when I tell him about the miracles of Jesus that I have seen people been healed and all kinds of stuff and he says well why aint you healed and I tell him I am but in the Spirit and that in the natural it just hasnt fully manifested yet only God knows why and he says whatever blah blah blah and thinks Im delusional but one day after praying for him he called me and was saying hey I seen a nice preacher on tv name Joel Olsteen and that he thought that preacher was cool.

I say wow way to go Jesus look how fast Jesus moves to start working on His people on getting them closer to him. God Bless you Bill hooe this blog inspired you…. I know also it all sounds crazy with my ex involved but God will work miracles sometimes through those who have abused you hurt you used you and make good out of it. Me and my buisness partner stopped dating due to my illness he hated when I would get sick he thought I was just trying to be lazy he was use to super women thats who I am when Im in great health to help him and his buisnesses but through all the hollering at me and mean accusations my heart had to leave him to try to get my self some help and rest some where else and one day God sent my daughter in the bed room of our home when we use to be together and she said mommy we have to leave or dadys gonna make u die.

It was as if she could feel all the mental pain I was also suffering from as well as his words were crushing me even more and he had never ever been like that till I gotten sick. So I had to leave for the sake of my health but later God blessed me with my great man I have now and when I tell u more on our story on how God made me and him stop shacking and in the mist we stopped then God blessed us both with new homes out of obedience and now we are on our way to being married.

We look at the Word on tv all the time together we have been to church plenty times together and read the Bible together and pray together. All we do is keep people lifted up in prayer and hope that they get in a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Now my ex calls him all the time and they always doing favors for one another he has been preachung a nit to my ex our buisness partner a lil is going in and out but God is working his moracles we found out my ex is lead by money and tries to control people with money because thats all he has ever known yes he gives a lot away but I have seen him control people with it too and God does not like that but none of us are perfect God is working through all of us and I believe I am still learning a lesson he is still learning a lesson and so forth.

Whats crazy is he offered to pay for our wedding to my man and my man said heck no. We are praying that God touches his heart and helps him find a new love because hes even being mean to my daughter now but I have realized through my homeopathic doctor that he is sick but doesnt realize it and that we both suffer from mental illness so as ill be treated soon to get my self healed and bacl in balance he will then see the niracle of Gods plants working through me as the Bible says God gives you the plants and the seeds of the earth and when he sees all my happiness and super women skills come back he will see that God has healed me and ot will take him even closer and only God knows what happens from there.

God Blesses him all the time but he doesnt realize its God he thinks its his self and his money but once he starts acknowledging God to the fullest and reading his word and truelly understand who Jesus is. He is gonna be one beyond Blessed man. I just cant wait to see the full manifestation. Ill keep u posted. My homeopathic doctor says that due to speaking with him and getting terribly cursed out by him because of his tempermental issues that I got some of my mental disease from him when I was with him.

Bill keep me in prayer as well as ill do the same for you as we see Gods greatest works come to past for all of us. Oh O just havnt been treated yet because me and my man our saving the money up for what I have to take thrpugh my homeopathic doctor since my assesment that I recently got and its a pretty penny. I know I had a lot to say but once my mind starts its hard to stop lol.

Dear All, I read your comments with tears in my eyes. I am struggling with not getting a job, not paying my rent and depts and my lovely wife is working all the hours God sents. I feel so low, useless, angry and ashamed. I do belief in my Father and always love MY Jesus but I feel i am getting no response from all my hard praying, it all feels so difficult just now and I want to give up.

I have had interview and really thought God was speaking to me but now I feel that he sets me up for more falls. Bless me to bless others. I hope our Lord answers our prayers very soon. God is watching you my brother, in fact He is with you jus hang in there, He is faithful and is in His nature to be faithful.

Continue to pray until something happens. I lost my job when my boss told me to fire one of my people because they were gay and I refused. Several people in HR supported me and they too were let go. I look every day for work, Saturdays and Sundays and have come very close several times. Often times we feel as though life has passed us by and that somehow God has forgotten us.

It is very lonely, and although hardly anyone knows of our true struggles, my wife and I are standing on the edge of our cliff. I asked friends to pray for us and we both pray every day — but after awhile we feel like we are living the modern-day version of the book of Job.

My heart hurts for you and your family. I can feel the desperation in your words. I am praying that the Lord will enourage you in this trial of faith that he has given you. Your last sentence troubles me a bit. Find something to praise and thank him for now. In your current circumstances. Are your children healthy? Do all of them have shoes? Do you have clothing? Were you able to eat today? I have substitute taught all that time.

Last year, I was blessed to have a long term sub position in a school district, so I got a taste of what full time employment is like…but the position ended in June. I was certain that I would get a full time position somewhere after what I had last year.

I had such great recommendations from my principal…but I was still passed up at every job interview I had last summer. I have felt such despair…but God has been teaching me to trust him even in the depths. We had just enough money to pay our mortgage. All of us were fed today and we have food in the cupboard too.

I live in the northeastern part of the USA and temperatures have been brutal. This morning the thermometer said -8! My house is small and the back porch is rotting off…but I am thanking the Lord for this shelter! I am warm and protected from the elements. There is always something to thank and praise God for…now.

Even in our most desperate of circumstances. Priscilla, I have been unemployed 1 year. Exception seasonal holiday work. It is not easy. I have shelter,clothes,never been hungry. Honestly,my finances are depleted! Rent due,bills due and overdue etc… I continue to search,seek,pray,and be thankful.

I know that God has a plan for me. I have learned how to adjust and do the best with what I have. So when God pours down favour on me. I will have the wisdom and understanding to use wisely. We shall be victorious in this season. I am ready,willing,and able. I am also like many here on this site. Both my husband and I lost employment in He was diagnosed with a very serious illness and had to come home on disability after 38 years of service.

I had 16 years at the time of my layoff — as all attest here, it has been financially devastating. But I read your post and the Lord reminded me of the thought I had just just today, which is from Matthew 6: God is faithful to meet our daily needs, and you are right Miss Priscilla, those are the things we can be thankful for. It has been a tremendous testing of faith being in this situation, because like so many here, we too have experienced financial destruction — it has NOT been easy.

Does any of this feel good? Do I like it? But, I would strongly suspect that He is at work, doing something greater than I can imagine, and, I may not even see that reward until heaven, but that too is part of the faith journey.

Did we deserve our job losses? There are days I get SO discouraged, and despite that God will show up and do something to bless me….. Dear Edward My family is experiencing exactly what you have described—five children and no income.

We have not paid our mortgage for four months. Tragedy after tragedy has come upon us, and it came to the point that words of encouragement became platitudes that frustrated us. I understand you completely and I want you to know that my family is praying fervently for yours. I know; we have felt the terror. God is maturing us for His glory here, and I needed to learn to genuinely praise Him for all that my family has been blessed with.

Will I trust him with my salvation but not believe him for my everyday needs? He has promised to provide for us! Please believe this and thank Him that He is working for you even though you cannot see it. My suffering has led me to you, and I am able to pray for you because I know your anguish. God brings His own together in affliction. I pray now by the blood of Jesus that the Lord frees you from this trial,Edward, and that He has accomplished His goal through it.

Praise God in the midst of the fiery furnace—seek to learn who He is. Press on to know that your joy comes from our savior, and not through our circumstances. I am believing that God is helping both of our families grow in faith.

May God abundantly bless your family and hold you up. My husband an I left a job we needed because there were things not right there in many forms I asked god to clean it up an clear it out the ones that left were the ones that got fired for wrong doing on the job an also people who were honest an truthful an would do their work the business still has a lot of people you carried to work there that had the same job as you there was fraud found there an a lot of other things we are unemployed.

I feel your pain Edward. We will get through this trial together! I will pray for you and your family. I have been reading all these comments and yours hit me hard! My husband lost a very good job for the second time because he was downsized. I am disabled and I thank God for this check because it pays our house payment. We have prayed and prayed and thanked God for our blessings. I try to keep my faith but it is so hard when I see people happy and working and not a care in the world.

I feel so alone and abandoned. We just rebuilt our credit from him losing the last job. I am so miserable and I feel like every one is happy except us. Please please pray for us! We have worked so hard to have what we have and believe me we are just middle class people trying to live our lives in an evil and selfish world.

I am almost at the end of my rope. I just feel so helpless and my husband is so sad he is drinking more. Why did this have to happen? Diane, I hear how challenging this has been for you and your husband.

I wonder if your husband could take a stop gap job to make ends meet while pursuing a new professional job? I recently left a toxic work environment with no safety net. These jobs are normally advertised on Craigslist and you just need a car and drivers license. If not, I hope this was helpful. Stay strong in Him. As an aside, encourage husband to get help for his drinking. If he feels hopeful, he may be up to going to meetings and getting a sponsor.

Check with his doctor to see if he needs more intensive treatment or needs help to detox. It makes you want to turn off social media and stay in your house.

Prospective employers take forever and no one seems to care when they lead people on. God created the world, he can make a job happen faster if he wanted to. Are we supposed to be learning something here? I work in press so we get fun opps but I have to work to make them happen. I used to think prayer worked. I agree with you Dora when you said: I have said similar things to people and no one can ever really answer it.

It is a really good point though. People have bills to pay for now. How is knowing that there are rewards in Heaven helping with those bills? Please dont lose hope in God. God is able to do exactly what he promised. Your friends will seem happy but you dont know what they go through behind closed doors.

God loves you so he places you in situations that he believes you can handle. I know it is hard to not look towards earthly possessions especially in times of need.

He sees and feels your pain more so than you can imagine and he wants what is best for us. Trust me things will get better in time, believe that it will and trust that God will bring you through. Look towards him and his word and trust me, he will provide all that he has promised. Dont lose hope and keep on fighting.

Paul endured soo much in order to spread the gospel. What we endure is nothing compared to what Christ did for us on the cross. Keep hope and trust in him!! You sound very hard working Dora all credit to you, I pray your husband received a job soon. God is faithful, he has a beautiful plan for you, and he will comfort and strengthen your faith in the meantime. Mike, thank you for your post, maybe God is not giving me a job because I have things I need to learn.

After analyzing myself, I feel that I want to have a job because I want to please the world. My parents will be proud of me; my relatives and neighbors will also have a good opinion about me; I can start tithing at the church and not feel like a poor person who cannot give anything; people at church will start liking me because I will have job; I can start making friends again because I can go out and pay; I do not have to feel guilty for not not working and doing nothing all day.

I do not mind if I work at a fast food restaurant or mop the floors, but will the world view me as less? Thank you for inspiring words and it is Jesus speaking directly to my heart I love my Lord and Savior and am so very thankful and pray for increase in faith and for wisdom on exactly where my God wants me.

Little did I know that from your post…. God Bless and prayerfully our scripture and his word is still our purpose today. Thank you for posting this! As a woman that has gone through about a year of unemployment and now underemployment, it has been a constant challenge to remember that my identity and value is in Christ.

You are so welcome, Anna. Thanks for letting me know that it was helpful — I really appreciate it. Because, I Turely Am Bless! Im Talken About,…Gods Wonderful,.. A Good Place To Start! Thank you for sharing your story, Terry. It sounds like you have fervent love for Jesus Christ, and are earnest in seeking and meeting Him. And I am very sorry about how much you have suffered.

All I know is that God is faithful, and He will use all these trials to give you even more joy in Him — and He will meet all your needs in the meantime. Great testimony and I know the Lord Jesus Christ will be your deliverer. All things belong to him. I will pray for his will for your life. Thank you so much for this post Terry. Your heart encouraged me so much. May god bless you. I continue to pray for your complete healing, and remember to thank God now for what I have.

May much love come to you. Thank you so much for this post. Your post is a really big encouragement for me, and I pray that it encourages my friends as well as others who are going through unemployment. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, Stephen. I began looking at how my fellow colleagues where advancing and i felt so forgotten by God. All my so called friends, cut me off. What a great article. I have a person in my congregation who I am going to send it to today.

It will also go into my files for future reference. I am looking forward to browsing your other articles. Hi Peter — Thank you for stopping by, and for letting me know that this article was helpful. I appreciate the encouragement — Steve. I shed tears as I read this article. My wonderful husband lost his broadcasting job with a major Christian ministry after 33 years of excellent service. It has been 14 months and still no sign of a job.

We have had to daily and even at times minute-by-minute remind ourselves of the promises of God. When one of us is downcast usually me , the other one reminds us to focus on Psalm Thank you for sharing your story, Deborah. I am going to write what I am praying for you and your husband —. Strengthen their faith through the Word. Help them see You ruling over all this for their great joy in You. Fill and satisfy them. Provide for their every need. Guide them and give them wisdom. Today show them a sign for good — and quickly bring job offers.

One — I do not believe God promises that if we have enough faith, we are guaranteed more and more income or better and better jobs. So how is that good news? God is in control over employment, income, and possessions — and will give me exactly what I need in order to have the greatest joy in Him. I have been unemployed for 18 months and my unemployment benefits run out in two weeks.

Thank you for this encouragement. I have good days and bad, and then horrible days as far as my trust in the Lord goes. Here are some verses that have encouraged me greatly: I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

This is the Lord, we have waited on Him; let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation. Wow,thank you for sharing this. This is another bit of cement to my foundation.

I am currently unemployed and have been for a few months. I am OK with letting go of possessions. I have put my faith in God and it has been proven that I will be taken care of. I have been blessed with the ability to hand over my life to the care of God — THIS has brought me peace and serenity.

Humbled and thankful, Aliah. Aliah, so thankful to see your growth in faith. We seem to learn more in the hard times than in the times of ease. Truly, Jesus is the answer. Faith is the key. Faith needs an object or focus. Jesus is the one true and eternal focus of all we have, all we need and all we should seek. Thanks for your article. It helps and brings some hope. My husband has been unemployed for over a year and there seems to be little hope.

He has a great education and had excellent reviews at his previous job but it came down to a restructuring. I could be laid off as well in the next year. We have four children and the stress feels so overwhelming at times.

I feel sad most days. I will reflect on what you have said in your article and continue to faithfully cry out to the Lord. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts.

Pour Your love into their hearts. Help them feel the truth that You are doing great good for them through every detail of this season. Bless them with even greater dependence on You, reliance on You, closeness with You. Draw them together as a family in prayer and the Word. Provide an excellent job for her husband. We ask that You would fulfill Your promises to them — providing for them Phil 4: One other thought — are you part of a small group of believers who could pray with and for you?

God can work powerfully through other brothers and sisters as we open our hearts, share our burdens, and pray for each other. Thank you very much, Steve, for replying to my post. How kind of you and I will ask God to bless you in a special way for such life giving ministry. You asked if we are part of a group of believers who can pray for us and we sure are and we appreciate our friends who pray with us and for us.

My husband is ordained as a deacon but there is no remuneration in this — it is volunteer ministry and I work full time in Catholic ministry. In fact, two years prior to my husband being ordained he was ordained in we were hit with 10 to 12 significant and challenging trials while completing our studies at the seminary.

I will keep seeking God but it certainly has been overwhelming. Thanks again for your ministry. I will certainly let you know what God does. God bless you abundantly! Happened upon your site. Thank You for reminding me of what is truly important. I am at the most darkest times in my life. I survived the attacks from ground zero. My first experience with being unemployed. I was closely walking with the Lord back then.

I started a contracting business at 40 years old. God blessed that business for many years. I relocated it to another state to help out family. I took a maintenance job at my kids Christian school. I got my wife a job there. Two years ago my wife informs me she does not love me and wants a divorce. She feel in love with the Headmaster.

She divorced me, lost my house, business filed chapter 7, lost my maintenance job at the school. I have been unemployed since July Homeless, living with a friend.

Three children, whom I miss daily. I am learning through this process that God is in control. As I read and study scripture I find comfort knowing God chastens the ones He loves. Please pray for my family. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. I will pray for you right now —. Father, I ask that You would meet Mike in a special way. Strengthen his faith in Your precious promises. Help him see Jesus ruling over this entire situation with great love and compassion.

Thank You that what others might mean for evil, you mean for good Psa In this time of tragic pain and heart-break, give Mike sweet times of nearness with you. Satisfy his heart with Your love. Comfort him in Your sovereignty. Give him a taste of the eternal weight of Your glory that He will know in eternity — and console him that his trials now are producing for him even more joy in Your glory forever 2Cor 4: And Father, I plead with You to provide him a job — quickly.

Display Your love and power and goodness by providing for him. And Mike, do you have a small group of believers who are praying with you and encouraging you through this? I lost everything in But i trusted in the Lord Jesus. But i am still unemployed but i have my daughter and God has blessed me in ways i cannot imagine. I had been working Food service and retail jobs for 10 years, and God led me to a masters degree in govt administration. I graduated from a highly ranked program recently, which also meant job loss I was employed through a co-op.

It seems like there are critics and micromanagers everywhere in my family. I have excellent reviews from previous jobs and had a stellar gpa in school.

I Had a job offer, but turned it down because it would have involved deceptive sales practices. I was believing to get married to my sweetheart and have a family. It seems so nonsensical. I feel that I have much to offer any employer, and God has blessed me with a great work ethic. God has drawn me closer to the young men in my church, and been using me in worship and evangelism. I am thankful for that. My prayers for provision have been faithfully answered as a farmer from church has taken me on as a temporary hand.

However, the money is not a live able wage with my expense situation. There are days that I praise God and love just like before. I thank you for your time, the article was encouraging. Thanks Steve for the sharing. Pray for me that God will bless me a job soon. Meantime, I will spend more time praying and discern His plan for me. Thank You for Psalm As she calls upon You, deliver her. Bring her a job.

Fill her with peace in You in the meantime. Give her times of joy unspeakable and full of glory in beholding and trusting Jesus Christ. And give her wisdom — give her next steps to take — guide her into Your perfect will. Thank you for the beautiful prayer. I thought I would reply to update you once the prayer is answered, but I decided to reply now to encourage Michael. I am in similar situation as him. There are plenty of jobs that I could fit in, but I am just not getting noticed.

But I believe in God, who is Jehovah Jireh, in His faithfulness and His steadfast love to provide, as He always has been throughout my life. And I want to echo what Jesus has taught us, to pray fervently at all times. Thanks for encouraging Michael, Agnes. And I love your firm confidence that God is the Provider. Give her even more confidence in You. So — as her loving Father — care for her, meet her need, relieve her, for the glory of Your name.

Agnes, thank you for replying to Steve and thank you for thinking of me and for your encouragement, Michael. There are loads of jobs in my field of work but I cant seem to get through to the recruiters, I feel there is a blockage somehow? It is so encouraging to hear how the Father brought you to this site, Michael. Thank you for sharing it. I will take some time right now to ask the Father to meet you, encourage you, and deliver you Psa Strengthen his faith as he prays over Your Word.

Calm his feelings of desperation. Let Him sense Your nearness, love, and power. So I ask for a breakthrough to the recruiters in the next few days. Give him wisdom and guidance. Open doors for him. Guard his heart and mind in Christ Jesus Phil 4: Are you part of a Bible-believing, Jesus-trusting church family?

I know that having brother and sisters around me is so crucial — to encourage and speak truth to me. Share your heart with fellow-believers and let them pray with and for you. I agree God works in mysterious ways. Stay strong and explore your Faith.

I've have been wishing to speak to god but in the past I regrettably said some bad things about him. It was before I became a true Christian. Does this mean I'm not saved? Can I still speak to him. Well I have some good news. God wants to talk to you also.

The Bible is very clear that nothing in us promotes God's activity in our life. God sent Jesus to the cross for all the things you've done wrong. He paid your price. He gives you access to God by faith in Him. God is listening and waiting. Start with telling Him how wonderful He is, then tell Him what you've done wrong. I said all those awful things before I became a Christian, so he will forgive me for that as well?

Hey sorry I wanted to ask: Has thoughts or visions blessed you before? God is always listening to His children. God is love and His forgiveness saves our troubled hearts. My grandfather who is 81 recently had open heart surgery on Sep. He is a diabetic, also he has dementia so recovery has not been easy. Our family, is not the best. Lots of greed and selfishness. My grandfathers wife has battled cancer for the last 7 years.

Me myself I lived 70 miles away from them. When I saw him at the hospital I was overwhelmed to be with him. This great great feeling not to leave his side. He got out of the hospital oct. It was to quit my job and move in with them and my three kids and take care of both of them.

So I left my apartment put all our stuff in storage, changed my 3 kids school and now I am my grandpaws nurse and his complete care giver. Was that god directing my path and leading me? I want to know and believe it was.

Help me understand this please. I don't know if I can answer whether or not God is speaking to you. I am certainly not a prophet. I would say, however, it seems like you're being used of God and it seems like something God would do.

I wonder if he you should not try so hard to figure out the exact plan God has and simply trust him day by day. He is not the author of confusion. But sometimes he wants us to trust him in what we know to do today and he will give us father instructions when we are ready. Thank you for getting back to me. As a response to what you said I do feel as if God uses me to do good things. I single handly ran a donation drive for all 4 famlies. I stored everything for the famlies until they got another roof over their head, which took a while to do.

I did all that because this deep feeling to do something. I was on the local radio, in the news paper and everything. People was dropping stuff off under my car port, for months. I helped 4 famlies complete strangers.

All because I felt like I had to. I was told by this thought in my head step by step what I had to do to help them and everything. I know then that was God leading me to them and telling me what I needed to do.

For this time with my grandparents I feel and know that was God speaking to me and guiding m to be with my grandparents. My papaws been out a couple weeks now and his dementia has gotten ten times worse since his surgery. My job is to keep him alive until God decides it is time for him to come home. I had a dream that was out of body. I was up in the air with someone im assuming bc they responded to me when i asked a wuestion about what i was seeing my husband and i dining in the dream.

It was completely dark and my husband and i were sitting down on something, maybe a couch. I dnt know what we were looking at or who we were listening to bc it was complete darkness in front of us.

Then i woke up from my dream. I have researched for quite some time now and only two ppl heard of my dream but dont believe. Rodrica is my husbands mistress and now babymomma.

I had bn praying on this situation since i was aware of the affair my husband was having and from a few months after finding out about the affair, she becomes pregnant. I habe spoken with her and my husband enough to feel i knew what to pray for and a miscarriage would actually be best for everyone involved. Im not sure if it was my own mind or whatever playing games with me or not.

I found scripture in the book of Hosea and seen where miscarrying wombs cn be allowed or permitted to take place ny God Himself. Then theres another one from David and Bathsheba. Im okay with the baby being born if my husband and she cn be trusted to know that we are working on our marriage and thw adultery needs to no longer happen.

Even still my husband wants to move out of the state away from her since he has repented for healing and to run from the fact that the other woman may try to keep him from his child, but he understands that this would be a consequence he would have to accept due to his adultery and then getting the woman pregnant. This miscarriage would help all parties bc the other woman wanted no more kids and esp one by a married man with no job or any type of income.

We didnt need another one bc of our finances and we had just gave birth to one whom was told to my husband that we were going to have right when the other woman became pregnant. So i cn even see how this would help the other woman in her faith with the Lord bc she let my husbands lies and her lust for him get her life out of whack even with losing her job and still being homeless. She has left the city to live with her mom who has custody of her two oldest children since their birth and my husband came back home a month before she moved.

My husband lately and this other woman have been wishing thia never happened and my husband is looking for a sign to help him know if coming home was the right thing to do bc we have had a rough 11 year marriage and he feels guilty for the lies and entrapment he caused the other woman. Even tho she found out that he was married and pursued him even the more and she got a voice from the Lord that told her if she kept messing with my husband she would get pregnant and she ignored it.

Mind you this other woman was not saved when she met my husband. He helped her to get saved and then allowed the devil to enter him to lead her to destruction. All parties are where they need to be but i am curious about this dream bc it would help all as well as all would really want that now and im just wondering would God speak such to me in a dream like that or was that my conscious speaking.

Ive bn getting or receiving things that line up with it being God who spoke to me but im just wondering again bc the other woman is 9 months plus pregnant already. And i hope that i didnt speak falsely to my husband and his mother about God speaking to me in a dream. Which they dnt belive came from God anyways but again, would God speak something as such? Thank you very much and i wait on ur answer. Dementia is a tough thing for families to whiteness and experience together.

Maybe dreaming of miscarriage is just your fear of becoming a father again. I have a question. Thank you and God bless. I do not know how to do that honestly. I'm not sure there's a formula for that. You may want to sit with a strong Christian friend and talk it through with them. May God continue to bless you. This information was awesome and very valuable. Thank you for sharing it with the world. My daughter escaped from home and travelled to the USA after a boy she loved and wanted to marry….

I cant live with this ….. God communicatec with me telling me she will return……. Why keep stressing on sin? Has not Jesus nailed them to a cross? Thank you for these powerful words of encouragement thank you. In and never looked back at that lifestyle again today i can honestly say im drug free i have 16 years clean from drugs and the horrors of the lifestyle that could cost me my life 3 times so god was telling me in those circumstances that i was on the wrong path and i needed to be on the path he has for me..

God came to me at time knew was gonna die from shooting pains he said to me u taught me something about people thought all came sinners was gonna end earth but u just saved all on earth and figured new way to go bout fixing the people to get out time of spiritual dutys u also played god on earth people have hurt u done u wrong and thiefs came stealing and yet u still let em in ur home and u heal and brung up thier spirits in seconds to the top when they had low down feeling helped give were needed and u died from the hurt they all done so u done everything like me so i give u relive as u but gods spirit in u asked me to get baptised write book from time he came to me on all seen and showed and tell priest they are teaching wrong and all are brainwashed by the wrongs and most info to earth bout god is false.

I give u the rest of live left of wealth happiness and good luck mediate pray and what u want just go towards it and it will be at hands. Spent my whole life being wronged by the people dhs and courts and police for no good prove reason never had proof of anything they pinned me for mostly and going threw it again took my kids on allegations no prove all lies cant be heard guilty to them even have proof god gave me they still wont hear me god says cant fight them without me just wait til my arrival to earth and all will know truth and the sins will be punished my spirit.

Also delivered the devil to god to be tortured for two thousand hundred years than he is to be killed no more hell i will be reconized to all and in the books for what god reveals and im failing task set to do but not understanding em so not doing what need for things that have already been set also informed me we are on last task than god comes he gave me secret info and insight on new future and what society is being punished for doing on earth etc please need guidance to understand what i need go do in human life for him and get my kids back from the corupted evil ones on earth amen.

How would the Bible be false. The Bible teaches that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. The Bible would be false if you couldn't be forgiven by God. That's the whole reason Jesus came.

No worry for me. I just don't want you to ever think the Bible claims you can't be forgiven. In fact, I think that's the whole purpose of the book — to convince you of God's love for you, His plan to offer you eternal forgiveness.

I have had a very trying year. I have prayed everyday to repair a broken relationship. Sometimes, my faith gets week. However throughout the year I have a similar thought that I have not acted upon. Is this reoccurring thought God speaking to me? How do I know? Does it honor God and His word? Does it help others?

Does it make sense — in a big picture perspective — of what God has already done in your life? Is this what He's been preparing for you?

Would you give Him all the glory? Not sure I can answer your question but maybe more questions will help I always say if you're gut is being built by Jesus you can trust your gut.

That maybe my prayers aren't going unheard. My faith is weak. I have been told it is just my ego wanting to reconcile with this man. But if that is true, why is the love I hold for him still so strong? Why would the Lord put me through so much agony? Stop praying for God to repair your relationship. Pray that God will come guide you on the path he wants you to take. I wish there was an easy answer. Jesus said my sheep know my voice. There is no quick solution. It's like building any relationship.

It takes time and commitment. But God does want you to be hear. So, as you keep listening eventually He will speak. Learn to pay thanks and obey. What do you do when God tell you clearly what he wants but in involves another person who doesn't agree?

This has left me in limbo and questioning if i have ever heard God in my life. My pastor agrees what I heard was right. Others have backed it up. Will God just go around it and find another way or do I have to live in uncertainty indefinitely? You go with what you know and others confirm. Be sure of it, but not everyone even agreed with Jesus. I am dealing with such a heavyheart. My husband,now x husband and I have been split apart since last Augist,We eere trying to patch things up he was staying in another part of the state with bia sisyer and her family.

He was trying to renuildy yrust in him again when I find out yhat he had been seeing this other girl and got her pregnant. The ,other of the child cannot ave any co. He does not have a. I have a very syable life. Because of all the hurt and ,isyrust my husband has csused me I still feel that God needs me to be available to him and his son and to open ,y home to him and not leabe hi, ha. I still jave some type of feelings for him but there is absoluyely no yr.

I am so confused at this point. I need a break. I have been through so much from failed relationships, failed careers, or lack of financial supports to pursue my dreams, no support system what so ever. I kept praying as if I was just making noise in a forest where no one can hear me. I am 35 year- old woman who lives alone, unmarried, not in any relationship and no children. I am currently studying to better myself; as things were going great for a while but my loans are currently not going through.

I feel like my prayers are getting weaker and weaker although I do every day. I seek His words for comfort but still feel empty inside. I don't know clearly what the devil is trying to do but I believe that he has been and is currently fighting me with everything that I am doing. Please help me pray because I need strength to carry on. In the bible, it is mentioned many times that He will be with you, but how do we not know that He was not just talking to Joshua, Peter, etc.

We read the words as though they apply to ALL christians, but what even indicates that? It seems that He is just talking to those in the bible.

I struggle with this exact same thought! I have asked the same question many times, how can I apply this to me when God was speaking directly to a different person? Most of all, stop judging God using Bible. I'm 3 hours from you — one of these days, I'd love to talk with you about being a bi-vocational pastor in a small rural town, serving a church of 50 people.

I'd buy the coffee! This is a long story. The beginning is just some background info. I said a quick prayer about it and went on my way. Around that same time, I was in the process of transferring from one school to another. At least, I thought it was random. I hope I do. Earlier in the summer a friend from work suggested I try online dating. I scoffed at the idea, thinking it was corny and desperate to say the least. I tried it out and actually met one guy.

I was disappointed but thought we could at least be friends. As I mentioned earlier, I was in the process of transferring to another school. Late August hopped around and school was about to start. I got a message from a young man on the dating app that my friend suggested. He asked if we could meet to chat.

I figured, why not and agreed to meet. We met my second week of classes. My eyes lit up! We went and had a good time. We even ate ice cream. Yet, after that he left to go back to school in another state. It seems like the worry, paranoia and doubt started as soon as he left. My thoughts raced throughout my mind.

My friends understood at first but when they saw the toll it was taking on me they, and many others, told me to let him and the whole idea of him, go. All I could do was judge him and complain about him not texting me enough. One day, I had to deliver something to my professors. All of my professors had been fond by this time so I left the letters with their receptionists.

One receptionist struck up a conversation with me. You never know what they need that other money for. The very next day I texted the guy to ask how his week has been, still holding a very judgmental attitude towards him in my heart. He took some hours to respond which was typical considering the nature of his work but finally did saying that his week had been busy and his relative passed away.

He was at the funeral as he sent me that text. I was reluctant but I did. I was sad and frustrated and all sorts of emotional and doubtful. After praying about it for sometime, strange things started to happen.

I figured it was my sleep paralysis and went back to sleep. Last he was here you spent 2 days with him. How much more will I bless you? That Saturday, I awoke at 2 in the morning again. Afterward I fell asleep. When I woke up, I checked my email and found an email my cousin sent me.

She rarely emails me. That day, I ended up having a horribly emotional day. I left the hospital and, after much thought and strong suggestion of the staff at my school, I was placed on medical leave. Now, with an extreme amount of time on my hands, no school, no job, no treatment program, my friends all scattered about, no schoolwork. I have nothing but time to be still before The Lord.

I figured that was the answer I needed to hear, but still felt it was a mystery. A week after that my brother, who rarely emails me, sent me something that basically said we often question why we have to go through so much. Our situations may seem pretty bad on their own, but when God puts it together, we see that He works things together for our good.

I took that as another message The Lord wanted to convey to me. What do you think????? What a great story. But he needs time and are you willing to pay the cost of being married to your soulmate?

You need to publish your story. I went through a terrible breakup with my girlfriend because of this and it has left me to different things. I tried weed for the first time and smoked it occasionally. I recently did tonight, but tonight was different. God talked to me. And throughout this night more things are coincidental now that he talked to me and is making me realize to have stronger faith.

I would even catch myself liking and wanting things that other people had. How do I stand fast and focus on what God has for me. Hi Good day to all. It was the middle of sept. And Im in singapore that time for work then my Gf sent msg.

In Fb that there is a better work in the Philippines and once I get back we can immediately start. My brother and family didnt want my gf to be my wife in the future, and Im not sure what to pray that time. So what I pray to God is I ask him if it is good to accept the job shes offering or to decline on it along with that would be an end to out relationship. After a month a call center company offered me a job, and yes I really like it.

So I do havr two option now. So time comes when I go back to Philippines, my mom told me not to accept the job that my gf offered coz its to far from our home. And the call center job is better. But I refuse to listen.

Right now I regret everything. My gf is pregnant. The job that we had didnt give us a nice salary. We starve sometimes and now I realize that those warnings from my mom, a job offering from a nice company is Gods way of saying dont take that Job. Because it is not good for you.

God hears you N understand you thats all that matters he know your heart N know that your desperate for his love that he is desperate to give he is there all the time the more u speak out n reach out to him the more he will come closer to you N the more things will b clearer n easy for you to understand N im sorry for your lost i lost my dad a year ago n it still feels like yesterday. Is this God trying to speak to me because i do hear from God before now. Is this God trying to speak to because i do hear from God before now.

I graduated high school with my diploma and applied for my nearest university. I was denied for missing 1 point on my scopes. I decided to stay home and go to school at a local community college. I hated it but I valu education but I had the feeling this is not where I needed to be.

My younger brother is growing up steadil and only has my son to be seen as his brother. I started working for an assistant living facility for 2 years.

All the money I spent over a year saving was gone instantly. I blamed I was stressed. But I kept hearing from many people in my life asking why I refused to move if I hated my situation so much. But I believd God was telling me I needed to move.

I went to church and two women prophesied God was telling some to go and let him guide the way. I known then, but I had no plan or help I had nothing. I made one mistake one night for the holidays by dropping off my elderly client back home to the facility. I left no more than 30 mins and I pulled up to police at my job. I made a mistake that could shut down the faculty and have my client on the streets. I feel like a terribl mother because all my efforts to supply for my child have been in vain.

It would pay for my education and help finance my son and family. I have no other options. Dont feel bad about the police incident because our laws and stuff are extremly liberal now. Just calm down and listen to God. And also test God on giving to the church… its the only thing in the Bible that God says you can test him at… he will give it back to you then some. I truly hope things have been better for you! Just always remember God is a good god and he loves you more than you can imagine.

Press into the word and I hope you will find your path. He has a plan for you, dear sister. Hello everyone, please am in a big state of confusion and i need your help. I am a nigerian, i graduated from secondary school high school recently and since then it has been so difficult for me to get into the university. I want to be a medical doctor and God has blessed me with a retentive memory and i do well in academics but the problem is ever since i finished my high school i try to secure admission into the university but its not working even when i pass the exams the school i apply for wont offer me admission.

All my family members said i should apply for a university down here called university of abuja but my mind is telling to apply for a university called university of nigeria nsukka, am afraid because if i follow my mind and it fails my parent will be disappointed in me and blame me for acting on my own. Pls i need your advice and prayers, pls help me. Hi Joe, i will pray for you. The thing that helps me most is to wake up and ask God to put me where he wants me today. Then say the Lords Prayer.

I am not saying that is what to do just telling you what works for me. God will bless you if you seek him every day. There is no wrong way. That is what i think. God Bless You Always. God and angels did speak to me and i don't know how to comprehended it. I wan to talk to someone some how this day was a blessing and hell for me and my family… i want to understand wht and why it happened to me… or do i leave it alone… wht do i do.

Like one of the previous posters, I am also struggling with the idea that God may be asking me to move to a different college. I am pretty upset by the thought of this because I really do like the school I'm at now and the program I'm in, and I'm stressing about it pretty badly. I was gone for a year because of money issues and now that I am back, if only part time because I'm making up missing credits, it seems like it will be taken away from me again.

The voice in my head is telling me that God will be angry if I don't transfer, and is saying that I better "hurry up and apply", and has me feeling very guilty for not wanting it to leave…..

But if I am being called to move, why am I struggling so hard against this, and how will I know if God is confirming my suspicions to me without the filter of my own unwillingness? I'd call in a few friends and ask them to pray with you for 30 days, with an open mind, hoping to hear from God.

Come back on in 30 days and pray there is a clear voice. I have had a fair amount of experience with discerning internal voices and would like to tell you God would not threaten being angry over a choice of school.

He is gentle yet strong and always loving toward you when He speaks ti guide you. Just picture the perfect Father and it is Him. The best measure is by using the Bible to make sure the message matches His messages in the Bible. Anything to knock you down and make you feel worthless is NOT of God.

Yes He wants you humble but He also wants you to love yourself. In the Bible it says, referring to messages, hold on to what is good and I quite agree. Dear Julie, Jeremiah I can promise you…If you Seek him, all Great things will be added unto you..

Because if you did ask …then it shall be given…But you have to believe even in dark times that GOD will see you through… without Complaining and when you least Expect it…. You will be rewarded. I am currently going through a divorce that I feel the need to stand for restoration. The Bible says that God will answer all prayers that line up with his will. Thank you for this post. I have difficulty balancing my life and keeping focus on what god is saying to me. I have turned away from evil about 3yrs ago.

Although, I had left all the people that was not to go with me into this new chapter in my life, I was still doing things my way. About a few months ago I gave up and stop doing things my way. For the past 2 months or so I have been experienceing strange events and it all seems to be connecting. I got a feeling to look for for father, I found him. But then he starting telling me of some help my family was needing.

Crazy as it my sound I ran into a guy at work who buys the product in which my family is having the issue with. Does god work this way? I feel a little crazy. I a strong in my faith, or at least I believe I am. Why then does it feel like the harder I try to provide peace and security for my wife and children that we are financially struggling?

I try to hear Him through my trials but yet I am human and feel I am not understanding or worse forsaken. Am I not hearing the right message or even more scary not understanding? I'm praying for you brother. It's so incredibly difficult to make sense of our trials sometimes. I went through a long season of that almost a year when God called me into ministry.

But the wait was worth it. The resolve you must have on this side of gods answer is that you will trust him until he provides it. Hello Jim, I have done the same thing endlessly. I have found that I cannot provide peace and security for my family that it is something only God can and does provide. I have sought after what to do within my life and looked to the bible for guidance. God says to be a servant and listne and obey and not to worry that it will be on him.

This way you should not worry and try to understand how you are to support your family that God will provide, it is a stubborn sense of pride that we say we will support our family, but it is faith in God that he will support you and your family. The Book of Wisdom 2: A further comment is called for regarding an allusion which we might expect to find but, in fact, is not there. It is, however, not used in the New Testament.

The original Hebrew of this verse is quite obscure, and its absence in the New Testament suggests that at this point the earliest Christians were not using the Greek. Can we still affirm this today? It would be wrong to consider the prophecies of the Old Testament as some kind of photographic anticipations of future events.

As I have already explained, these are not words of despair but an expression of faith. The Gospel of John shows us a more exalted Jesus who is more or less in control during his Passion; the darker elements are removed. But Matthew and Mark show us more the human Jesus who entered fully into our human condition.

This is not a sentimental kind of piety. But this question has it backwards. For us, as human beings, death is dark and scary and real. Even though we believe and trust in God, death can cause anxiety and anguish. We live in a culture which, in many ways, is death-denying; it is afraid to take a clear look at the fact and the meaning of mortality. The cry of the psalmist is a profoundly human cry. Perhaps it is a witness our society could benefit from hearing.

Many, including both political and religious leaders, found this offensive and threatening. If we show fidelity to the teaching and example of Jesus, we can face similar reactions. We may not face actual death. But we can face opposition and mockery in lesser, more subtle ways that are still painful. Do we continue to trust in the Lord? In addition, while there are no certain references in the New Testament to the second part of Psalm 22 the hymn of praise , we do see in the Gospels that Jesus was vindicated.

Through the death of Jesus, the meaning of death has been, as it were, changed from the inside. Instead of representing the ultimate separation, it is now the path to greater union. The risen Christ is present now in our midst and gathers a congregation of faith around him to recount the praises of what God has done and to share in a thanksgiving eucharistic meal.

At the end of Psalm 22, as in the Gospels, the circle of praise should go out to embrace the whole world. It is a vision of inclusiveness that breaks down all the barriers that we, as humans, are too eager to set up.

We know what he is saying. Do we understand its meaning and the challenge that it represents? My hands and feet have shriveled;. All you offspring of Jacob, glorify him; stand in awe of him, all you offspring of Israel!

You can do everything right and still get laid off. . I also know that God will help me as he sees fit. forsaken me i dont feel him or his spirit any more i am low sad help me please help me i need change in my life i work hard but i dont get I have applied for jobs in my area and the doors just slam shut!. It was a season in which I felt as though God had abandoned me. Because of what trauma had inflicted upon her brain, our child couldn't find rest. Yes, He already knew what laid within the recesses of my heart, but when He says, let this cup pass away from Me; nevertheless, not what I will [not what I. How many times do we have to hear the same thing — or experience the same God's primary activity will be in these areas of our life. If what I sense He is asking me to do would help people know Him or know Him better it is Jesus was abandoned on the cross so we would never be abandoned.