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Cali lady seeks fl Fayetteville

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Cali lady seeks fl Fayetteville

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Truckers looking for part time truck driving jobs and Owner Operators or Trucking Companies looking for part time drivers This is your web page. Serious, positive, good intentions only list your contact below. This is the place for owner operators looking for part time drivers to drive their truck. While this may sound strange to some of you, for many people this is a situation that could be very beneficial and has probably been a wish of many truckers and owner operators.

Imagine you're someone like me who has 20 other things at home that you would like to pursue. Driving full time would make it hard to get any of those things done.

If you had your own truck or if you were driving for an owner operator who only wanted to drive part time you might be able to drive for a week and take off for a week. Or you might work out split or shared driving in any combination that suited you both. There might be an owner operator who wanted to take every summer off to vacation with the family or for whatever reason.

While there may be a person with CDL license who works as a teacher like Telemoonfa from Arizona who inspired this page the rest of the year and want to be a trucker during the summer.

It would be hard for either of these people to find the situation they wanted to suit there needs. Owner operators if you want a driver to workout a part time schedule with for driving your truck give a brief description of what your looking for and what the driver will be doing and be sure to leave your email or number. Drivers looking for part-time driving opportunities be sure to leave your information about the situation you want and whether it is flexible and leave your email or contact information.

No one needs to leave an exact address, you can discuss that when you correspond. Both of you get all the information from the other person before actually doing business. This is supposed to be a positive mutually beneficial arrange for both parties. Don't waste each others time or jeopardize your good name if you have ill intentions on trying to get over. Remember a person could come back and post negative comments and you agree not to hold us liable for the results of those negative comments.

If you have an issue with each other and both parties have good intentions it shouldn't come to an ugly situation. Do you want to drive part time? Or, Are you an owner operator seeking a part time driver. There are many scenarios where a person may not want to be a full time trucker.

With the internet in place it is easier than ever for an owner operator with a truck and a driver wanting to drive only part time to connect with each other to meet both needs.

Spread the word about this page so that more people are aware of this useful tool for creating the situation that they desire. Where are you located and what is your name.

Tell us what type of scenario your looking for. Do you want to drive during the summer or every other week or one week per month. Give a description of what type of trucking scenario you are looking for. If you are an owner operator looking for a driver, describe what type of situation that you are looking for. Do you have a picture to add? Click the button and find it on your computer. Click here to upload more images optional.

I am at least 16 years of age. I understand and accept the privacy policy. I understand that you will display my submission on your website. You can preview and edit on the next page. Been driving since I am retired, excellent references and safety record. I am a professional driver. I was driving for company called CRST well I drove for them three months they had me sign a contract for.

I would like to drive 2 weeks out of each month, or so. Would love to stay local and home by the time he gets home. I only have 7 months experience. I have 18 years experience, mostly tanker, freight for two years.

I have about 1. I got my class a CLP ,little Drive time cause there so many people in our class. Been off of work for 2 years had two hip replacements I have a home in Philippines. I rent a house in Mobile, Al. I have had my CDL for 11 years. I had an accident a few days ago and now I can't find any work in my field.

I am in the process of appealing my termination … NW AR. We make one,sometimes two runs a week. Most of the time it one. But hold a full time job with a airlines.

I think I may … Mark Avigne. I am a 70 year old truck driver not far from Detroit Michigan looking for a dedicated run have been driving since looking for something not more than … Click here to write your own.

Pups, 48 and 53 footers. Looking to supplement income. Retired but looking to help someone who needs time off for any reason. Had an injury with Fedex freight had to have multiple surgeries so I was put on disability for 3 years now I'm off. Going crazy and need to work two or three days a week I have had my class A cdls since I was a lease driver for Prime Inc.

But I really could not take time off with all the weekly truck expenses. So … Experienced driver out of pittsburg tx.

And you got the last one, before the rule went into effect. I am looking for part time work mon-Thurs. Prefer to drive fir owner op. Cdl class a as of Feb Drove civilian dump truck for 6 months. He always took me to the firehouse that is when I fell in love with trucks. Reefer,flatbed,39 foot end dump,rgn,concrete mixer experience and good references.

Got hurt and had to step away from what I loved. Could pass a dot physical without a problem. I have over 20 years of experience can do Reefer, Dry Van Flat bed and step deck. Looking to get back to driving. Would prefer owner op because of All the industry changes.

I am currently unemployed and in need of a job. I prefer solo driving. I'm looking to drive for a owner.. I have 30 years otr. I'm tired of the company job b. I have a very clean record. Seasional work,slowing down now. I need to work have bills to pay,need to eat! Recently we just lost one of our contacts. Which has consequently caused us to slow up.

I have 7 years … Howell N. I've been a bus operator for the N. I've been a truck enthusiast since I was born. Have an excellent driving record with no chargeable accidents. My name is Robert Early and i have been driving over the road for nine years now and i am looking for a driving job now can start asap … Sacramento, ca.

I don't smoke or do drugs or drink alcohol. I just got my cdl class A permit. I want to drive but the co. I was working for is telling everyone that I try to drive for, false things and I don't have any money to sue them. Looking for something part time so I can be home more but pays good money. I would … I'm in Newburgh,NY.

Drive My Truck Part Time

The women recalled he had a Southern accent. As the attacks kept happening and investigations failed to turn up solid leads, residents found themselves living in a state of constant fear that either themselves, their mothers, daughters, nieces or female friends would be the serial rapist's next victim.

I want to see him get what he deserves. Then, in , the rapes suddenly stopped, but it wasn't because an arrest had been made.

The "Ramsey Street Rapist" had seemingly vanished and soon the trail ran cold, leaving many wondering if he would ever be brought to justice. But on Wednesday the Fayetteville Police Department announced it had arrested and charged a suspect, Darold Wayne Bowden, a year-old local man who is believed to be the "Ramsey Street Rapist. John Somerindyke, head of the police department's cold case unit dedicated to rape and sexual assault cases, told reporters.

He said Bowden lived about five miles away from the Ramsey Street corridor. It all started about 12 years ago, when a woman reported she had been raped at an apartment complex near the Ramsey Street corridor in March Several months later, another woman jogging near the Walmart just a few miles down the road was also sexually assaulted.

In , there would be three more attacks, and in one of the incidents the rapist returned to the apartment complex of the March incident. The final assault was reported in January Leads dried up and no new victims came forward. Fayetteville police were stumped. It would remain that way until only recently when authorities got their first big break in the case.

Using the DNA, four composites were created to show what the suspect could look like and gave police renewed hope that updated images would help them identify the man who had eluded them for years.

But when the composites failed to lead to an arrest, police decided to take it a step further and try genetic genealogy, again utilizing services provided by Parabon NanoLabs, Somerindyke said Wednesday. This time, the results were more fruitful. Somerindyke explained that the lab compared the DNA sample to open source records and public family trees available online to "triangulate and figure out a strong person of interest.

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