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Bratty succubus girl looking to humiliate loser worms

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Bratty succubus girl looking to humiliate loser worms

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Bratty succubus girl looking to humiliate loser worms

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Me Cats and fish 5. This is a Bratty succubus girl looking to humiliate loser worms ad by a real boy making a real offer.

Looking for a good time. Please put favorite in subject heading so I know you are real. I can hang with you on the Black diamond but prefer the greens. Movie and dinner Sunday I'm looking for a female who would like to go out on Sunday. Seeking for a regular fwb with a inshape, cute, clean, ddfree girl.

Step lightly around delicate flowers like the English Rose or the Yamato Nadeshiko. Their manner and appearance suggest meekness and submission and they have perfect etiquette, never speaking out of turn, their voices but an ephemeral whisper.

They are beautiful things, kind and pure, clothed in fine dresses and soft gloves who hold silk fans In short, beware the proper ones. Such a lady may look like The Ingenue , perhaps even purposefully , but this rose has thorns.

Others may think these characters are powerless, but they know how to be subtle and operate within the means their "role" grants them. She may not ever show it publicly, but this character has a cunning mind with sharp intelligence and a strong will that won't bow for anyone.

A word here, a look there, add a little subterfuge with Politeness Judo , and often no one ever finds out they were manipulated. Things they approve of always get done, things they disapprove of are somehow never accomplished. Such a character never loses her cool and can take anything life throws at her.

And should the time come to fight, she won't hesitate. She won't turn away from danger or pain. Beautiful, elegant, and symbols of their region; but they will take you down if you mess with them or their loved ones. Contrast Girly Bruiser which is a Girly Girl who is also very tough. Not to be confused with Nothing Up My Sleeve where silk sleeves ares used to hide steel weapons. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In fact, by using her wits, a seemingly defenseless pony can be the one who outsmarts and outshines them all.

On the surface, Captain Unohana seems to be the kindest, most motherly character in the entire verse. However, she's a captain in a meritocratic military, so she must be badass. Then it's revealed the 11th Division is terrified of her. Then it's revealed she's the second strongest captain behind Yamamoto. Then it's revealed that this sweet, demure woman was the First Kenpachi of the Eleventh Division, meaning she was the most skilled, powerful, and battle-hungry swordsman alive.

In fact, Kenpachi Zaraki modelled his Ax-Crazy behaviour on hers. Kanae Katagiri is a gentle Yamato Nadeshiko who serves the Ishida Clan as a Ninja Maid , quietly listens to her ward Ryuuken Ishida whenever he needs a confidante, and obeys her orders without a whisper of protest.

However, when Ryuuken realises Katagiri went behind his back to reveal his secret to his mother, she doesn't hesitate to stand up to him and point out just how wrong his decision was. Later, when Ryuuken is forced to accept he's failed the clan and attempts to run away to live with his shame in self-imposed exile, her refusal to obey his final order, and the reason for her disobedience, is the sole thing that brings him back into line.

Fist of the North Star: Such is the unconditional love and compassion of Yuria, the fiance of Kenshiro, that even the tyrant Raoh — whose fists could shatter Heaven and Earth itself — is utterly helpless before her redemptive kindness. Lithuania, who would be a Yamato Nadeshiko if he were not from Europe and male.

He's sweet, hard-working, and shown to not only be excellent at cooking and house-cleaning to the point where he works as America's housekeeper for some time but also formidable in battle. However, he also happens to be the main Woobie of the cast, which tends to overshadow his other traits, especially considering that his deference, loyalty, and humility might be one of the causes of him tending to be pushed around by Poland, Russia, and Belarus.

Liechtenstein plays this straighter. Yep, but he can't deny anything to his baby sister. Who can handle his mood swings without even blinking. What's more, she represents a country that's small and hidden in the mountains and was passed around among other nations, but the people living there stood up to the freaking Soviet Union in World War II , and the country is now among the richest ones in the whole world.

Fairy Tail presents Mirajane, who runs the guild from behind the scenes and holds the rank of Class S. She's also the most feminine member of Fairy Tail in addition to being adorable and a good cook. Lina, a Sugar and Ice Girl and mother figure for Phil. Both of them are Psychic Assassins, with Lina as the most skilled of the two. Gray-Man falls somewhere between this trope and Yamato Nadeshiko. On one hand, she's a Chinese girl who's devoted to friends and family and likes serving tea.

On the other hand, she's a professional exorcist with a unique Innocence, so she doesn't fit the 'domestic House Wife ' aspect. Gundam has a few: Katejina Loos in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam starts out this way when she is on the side of the heroes. She later defects to the villains, and gradually loses the silk altogether, becoming very firmly steel.

She essentially takes over the world by the sequel. Aina from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team ; her feminine manner of dressing and acting is commented on by her brother, and she dislikes fighting to the point of calling a cease fire, on her own initiative, with a Weapon of Mass Destruction. An elegant and reserved Badass Pacifist that scares the greatest military power in the world. When they say We Can Rule Together , she surrenders and makes them regret it.

The first several episodes essentially match her will against The Stoic Heero; it ends with him protecting her without knowing why. Crest of the Stars: Lafiel, polite and proper even when threatening someone. By her strength of will and cleverness, she maneuvered her way from 'prisoner' to recruiting Klowal's pet-like maids in rebellion against him.

As for 'being in charge', she may be a princess, but she's still a 'pilot trainee' and must obey the hierarchy. Also, She Cleans Up Nicely. Lind, a polite and proper goddess whose job description is "Heaven's One-Man Army ". Sweet, nice, demure, naive, and with a valkyrie qualification. Whatever you do, don't give her a reason to use violence, or you'll regret it.

She's been given access to absolutely immense levels of power because she's so kind and gentle that she'll never abuse them on purpose — once she's given a reason to untap them, and especially if her dear Keiichi is threatened, she will fuck shit up. Demon Hammer Marie Mjolnir. She is a goofy example and her belief in being a Christmas Cake was enough to have her consider marying a toliet , but nonetheless a feminine Death Scythe and one of the few who listens to Shinigami's orders.

Her kind demeanor and calming soul wavelength allows her to help keep Stein calm and away from Madness. As for the steel—her nickname is "Crushing Weapon. When confronting Justin Law on BJ's murder, she reacts to the possibility of him harming her students by landing a punch on his chest so hard he's thrown into the air.

This comes after Justin, having clearly forgotten he's in a series full of Action Girls points out that though he and Marie are both Death Scythes, she has only a "woman's power". She also beat her insane brother Masamune and took his Enchanted Blade form, single-handedly.

Corrector Yui 's Haruna. Sayaka, a lovely ojou who travels into the most dangerous place in the story, by herself, and redeems a fire demon with her sheer love and kindness. Point in fact, she did not go into Sinjuku to defeat Levi Rah , but instead to redeem him.

Kyoko is much more independent-minded and temperamental than her sweet, proper demeanor suggests, as Godai soon discovers. Her resolve is the only thing that keeps Maison Ikkoku from descending into complete chaos.

Matoko Sayama is a very polite girl, but there's some cold steel underneath. It sharpens after she contracts Regula, the doji of discipline and memory wiping. Thorfinn's mother with elements of a Mama Bear back when Thors was still an arrogant warrior. Ryougi Shiki crosses this with Lady of War. Raised as both the Ojou and a competent swords-woman, she generally wears a kimono Jenny Doolittle is initially portrayed as the Ojou and displays major nerve when facing down the Lightning She later plays this trope literally, concealing a pistol in her silk wedding dress.

Highschool of the Dead: She remains quiet and generally stands behind her husband. Saeko's demure elegance and cool competence masks a bloodthirsty streak she fears could overcome her.

She practices kendo to both exercise it and discipline it. Boy, does she unleash it once the zombies start to take over. Being able to drive a tank is part of being a Proper Lady. It's even a women-dominated line of work!

If you learn tank combat, you will become a great wife, a great mother and a great career woman. The mother of the eponymous heroine. Eda, is a non-human and example. Not so much in her earliest appearances she once shocked Sonic in retribution for shaking her , but since obtaining her lynx form she's been nothing but shy, sweet, and nurturing She's nice and always proper, and she'll remain perfectly proper as she's hiring a Professional Killer to murder a mob boss who had put a bounty on her fiancee's head or tricking the titular King of Terror into swearing he'll do the job she had hired that now dead killer for as Diabolik always keeps his word , Diabolik took the time to kill the mob boss when he went to rob him Her transition from The Ingenue into this can be seen in the Spot the Imposter moment of the three stories with Miklos the Grey Mouse, a Master of Disguise with a penchant for replacing Mickey and tricking people in believing that Mickey is the imposter who committed all those crimes: Despite having strained family relationships and often uncontrollable powers, Wanda carries herself with an air of composure and elegance whenever she has to save the day.

The fact that she often wore beautiful red dresses to battle probably helped to cement the image as well. Cornelia Hale from W.

Despite initially appearing similar to the typical "blonde mean girl" character in teen series, the fact is the story always presents her as a fairly practical, intelligent girl who never loses her cool and is shown to be quite deadly in a fight. In Downfall We have Unohana, who is an example of this trope in Bleach canon.

In this case, however she's the villain, sort of, and slaughters an entire platoon of Soul Reapers with her bare hands before takes on Zaraki Kenpachi himself.

Silk Hiding Steel - TV Tropes

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