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Beautiful women want real sex Tucson Arizona

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It's great for casual dating. A must visit place for singles. Join an casual interest group. You can meet casual swingers. Find a hot gay date. Meet sexy single lesbians. Niether one of Elizabeths duaghters had children!!! Robin, both of her daughters Marjorie and Jennifer had children. I am a docent there, and we are allowed to mention the crime when it is appropriate.

To the lady thinking the girl with the cat portrait was a mirror. Are you mentally challenged?? Do normal people go to random places with a cat? If you guys are going to say mean and crude things to people, get IM or e-mail. So it would be impossible for decendents of Elizabeth to have the last name Congdon unless they kept their last names.

Chester and Clara had seven children. One boy died as a toddler. That left them with three girls and three boys, but they did raise a nephew as well who did not have the last name of Congdon. The names of the children were: The nephew was named Alfred Bannister. All six of them married and had families except for Miss Elisabeth. She never married, but did want children. She named one of the girls Marjorie after her older sister and one was named Jennifer.

None of them have the last name of Congdon, as you said. Jennifer also married and had many children, but their last name is Johnson. Have you ever wondered why there was never any DNA testing done of the Congdon crime scene blood evidence? I think there was an accomplice, Stephan LeRoy. He had just spent the weekend with Elizabeth was headed back to Mpls. However, Stephan LeRoy does.

I heard that a police authority disclosed a few years back that they has had a box of evidence in their basement for years, which contains hair samples and blood stained clothing. I felt the house had a very empty feeling and that whoever lived there was long gone. Now I get it, but I was wondering something if anyone can figure this out. There were two girls who said Elisabeth was their great-grandma.

Vgs, I had you as a tour guide and you were awesome, me and my family stayed behind in the basement asking questions and about the house and the Congdons past. You were very helpfull! Thanks and Keep up the good work! To everyone who said stuff about the house and how it was creepy, no one should believe that stuff because the house is gorgeous and amazing!!!

There is nothing weird going on in that house. Paranormal is not something new to me. But whether you believe or not believe in the mansion being haunted you gotta stop thinking about that and admire the people who built it and lived there?

Can you imagine living out that far away from people and being so wealthy you could ship imports there! They had to grow and raise everything.

It was a farm like existence. The lady of the house had to have been a wonderful woman with a pioneering spirit! I was just there today it is not haunted at all!

Elisabeth did not die in her childhood room she died in Helens room so you people dont have a clue. When you first arrive at the Glensheen, I suggest you go to the carriage house where there is a shop of items for sale related to the Congdon estate.

Anway, the book is well worth reading. The floor to celing woodwork in the main hall is phenomenal. I have been on 2 standard tours, and ate lunch in the winter garden for mothers day. I must go back and take the expanded tour which includes everything the standard tour does, but also allows us to tour the 3rd floor and attic as well. Considering the cost of these tours, it would be nice to be allowed to take pictures of the interior of the mansion.

The public can take pictures of the mansion exterior and grounds, but interior pictures are strictly prohibited. Perhaps UMD the current ownership feels that flashbulbs would have an adverse effect on the paintings hanging in the halls. I would like further explanation of disallowing interior photographs. If you go to the Glensheen website, you can see interior photos. Why were they allowed and others are not? There also is a link at the Glensheen website to a photograph taken outside up at a window where there appears to be a ghost like image of a woman looking out that window.

To the naked eye, it looks very real. To be able to spend the night at the historic Congdon Mansion would be wonderful, an experience one would remember for a lifetime. As do many others, I love the Glensheen Estate, and the family that lived there during the first half of the 20th century, were extremley fortunate.

Holidays at the mansion I am sure were marvelous. This is a really interesting story! You can get it on amazon. So it says alot that I read this one cover to cover. Margorie is a complete nut case. It is a must-read, and then go to the mansion. This past weekend my friends and I went to visit this house as we were looking for things to do.

Now in the past I have felt eerie things happen when visiting the sights where friends I have known have passed away. Anyways, while we were there we noticed that in some of the rooms it was VERY cold, and there were no vents or fans on.

I was just at the Glensheen this past Saturday and did not know anything of the murders. I had no strange feelings during the first few room tours. I also did get a disgusted feeling when we walked through Clara and Chesters bathroom on the second foor. I really wished we could have done the 3rd floor and attic tour as well, but I will next time! I am a full believer in para normal activities, spirits, and souls left behind.

I will be reading all the books I can find on the history of the Congdons! I never have… and probably never will. I have had creepy experiences, but I also have a logical answer for all of them. An aunt of mine believes in that kind of stuff, and I think it is hilarious!! My sister, mom, and other aunts and my grandma were trying to hold in our laughter, but my aunt was totally oblivious to that.

I too have been on tour different times at the mansion. Each time I was guided through by someone new. What I did feel, was a feeling of sadness and emptiness. I could close my eyes and imagine the sounds of laughter, giggling, business ventures being discussed in the smoking room…but that is all it was.

If you can go there to admire the beauty of the place and focus on that, you are in for a treat. Think of the technology they had for that era! Each time I was there, I seen things I had missed before. Jennifer married into the S. Johnson family the Ziploc bag company. They were just sitting there looking off into space…it was weird lol It was just interesting walking through a piece of Minnesota history.

It was just depressing that they were so desperate for money that they would plot to kill a helpless old woman. The university owns the house and wants to keep control of all photography. In addition, the beds, rugs, furniture, etc. And no one would want to sleep on those mattresses anyway! You can rent the house for parties, weddings, etc. The water does work in the basement and first floor kitchen , so the caterers can use the sink to clean up.

People like me stay in the rooms and tell people about the house. I went and took a tour of the mansion this past October with my family. The tour guides do not speak of the murders at all in respect of the family. If you go into the house mainly focused on the murders or the possibility of witnessing a haunting, you miss out on the beautiful architecture of the building. There are so many small tiny, but important details that, if you just focus on the thought of the murders, you miss.

The mansion was purchased because of the history, architecture, and beauty of the place. Not beause of its potential to be occupied by ghosts. I went to Glensheen Mansion for a class trip. I was very surprised at what I experienced in there. First, when I entered the house, there was a mirror to the left side of the entryway.

I looked at it and saw a lady with a white dress standing next to our chaperone. I looked back at the mirror again, but the lady had truly disappeared. I still continued with the tour and when we entered the living room, I saw a picture of the same lady with the same dress sitting on a chair on the table near the piano.

After that happened, I started to get a little scared. Her fainting couch at the end of the bed had blood on it. My friend was the first one to point that out. We left the bedroom and went on through the hallway.

We entered the guest room with the two beds that had pineapples on the posts and were near the bathroom. I felt really cold, and I started to hear strange noises. It sounded like someone was bumping into something really hard, and kept bumping into it. Then you would hear breathing and soft footsteps. I heard a scream and the whole group jumped.

We asked the tour guide what it was, and he said it was nothing. The bedroom where Clara was murdered was where we went next. There was a doll in the room that was sitting in a chair. It was really creepy looking. A guy in our group said the eyes moved, and I was too scared to look at it. When we left the home after the tour, the chaperone that had the lady stand next to her came up to me.

She said that there was a door that was closed was open. So she closed it and latched it again. She heard a creaking sound and turned to see the door unlatch and slowly open again. She and my two friends all saw this happen. Our tour guide looked scared and nervous through the whole tour, I hope that there is nothing bad happening in Glensheen Mansion.

There may be dirt on some items, but there is no blood. It is a specific type of painting method and is NOT haunted. At any rate, if the guide said it was nothing, it was nothing. I gave a very safe, wonderful, non-scary tour there today. There may be dirt on some items, but there is no blood on a fainting couch. The house is beautiful and you can see that a lot of work went into the smallest details such as the pineapples on the chandelier.

Our guide did not talk about the murders until someone had asked a general question that made him refer to the murders. I personally do not believe that the house is haunted. I have been to Gleensheen many times and never noticed anything strange. The first time I was there my kids were really young and I thought what a nice place the screened in area attached to the house would of been for them to play in. I was amazed by all the things in the house and just thought how much fun it must of been to live there.

Thanks for reading this, I plan to go there too some day. Okay I live in MN and today came across this place what is it really? I was thinking about taking a road trip up there sometime this summer and was wondering can you stay in this place? Since Im reading in some of your comments they dont talk about the murders and what happend well I want to know more about it not the boring tour.

I have toured the mansion twice. I asked our tour guide a question about the murders, all she said was: The guided tour of the house has an admission fee. I have not taken the tour including the 3rd floor. The tour guides speak mostly of the architecture, and the Congdon family history. It is a step into the past, and I recommend visiting. We visited Duluth several weeks ago and took the extended tour of Glensheen. It is a beautiful, well designed and thought out house. It felt warm and welcoming, not a bit creepy.

When the tour was finished, my teenage son asked the tour guides about ghosts. It was a wonderful tour and an amazing house. I purchased the books written on the Glensheen and the murders, and was absolutely floored when I discovered Elizabeth was murdered in the same room that I feel the sense.

I truly miss the old tours when the guides used to dress up as characters of the past. As a skeptic I can say there is definitely some kind of presence present.

I went to Glensheen today after a weekend stay in Two Harbors. I have been to the Winchester Mansion in San Jose which, even though I am a skeptic, am pretty sure THAT place is haunted , and Glensheen is just a big beautiful mansion that has been well preserved.

There are no ghosts. I took the extended tour and our tour guide also said nothing about the murders, but I did purchase a book to read more about them.

As far as I am concerned, I think people make psych themselves out before visiting. I am not sure what to think about ghosts, etc. She also would point the way to other visitors to the various rooms in the mansion. No, but when you learn that she had NEVER been in this mansion or read anything about it, everyone found it just a bit scary that she knew her way around a place she had never been before!

I have been to glensheen sence I was really little, and I have not yet seen anything myself however last september when I was there I went with 3 of my friends two of which did not know about the murders and when we reached the staircase she started getting freaked out and even moreso in elizabeths room. The tour guide we had did talk about the murders later also and I have never heard them do so before.

My family and I visited the Glensheen this week. I had heard it was really cool, but had never heard a word about the murders. Something is going on in this room. Twords the end of the tour, one of the guys on our tour asked about the murders…I had heard NOTHING before that…that was wierd…of course, the tour guide told us that she was not able to tell us anything about it…but at the end of the tour, my kids and I saw the tour guide sitting on a bench and asked her to tell us about it.

She was very vague, but told us that Elisebeth and her maid were murdered by her daughter…she said very little. I say this because I have recent experience there. This was my 3rd visit. Just to help verify some things said here, there are three books on the murders that occurred here. The first tour I went on many years ago the tour guide was not able to mention or talk about the murders.

It was send in the year and you could only ask questions that would pertain to that era because the guides were in character. This was a great way for them to avoid the murder questions. This tour I just took was great. We had a very well informed guide who knew a heck of a lot about every family member. She mentioned the murders and when I asked her at what point they were allowed to discuss them, she said within the past 2 years.

For the record, Marjorie was named after her Aunt Marjorie, which tends to confuse some people as to the generation that is being discussed. I will admit that when I first went to the home on tour, I had a very erie feeling in Elisabeths final bedroom, where she was murdered.

Again for the record, the bedroom that she grew up in is across the hall and that is where the nurse stayed overnight. I have visited a lot of other places that are well known for being haunted. I can honestly say that the experiences I had at those places are far different than at Glensheen.

I felt that Glensheen was a beautiful, peaceful place. If we go by the theory that a person who is taken before their time in a violent way haunts a place, Velma, the nurse, had actually retired from being a nurse for Miss Congdon and had only come back to cover for another nurse who could not work the overnight.

I would doubt her spirit would be tied there since she was enjoying her retirement with her husband. Miss Congdon had about 3 or 4 places that she lived over the years. So, she could just as easily haunt one of those places that she loved as well as Glensheen. That might explain why she looks creepy and so on.

Gotta say some of you people are gross. I have taken this tour 5 times. The guides are great also. I took my daughter for the first time when she was 5 and again when she was 9. She remembered details I forgot after being there 2 or 3 times. That tells me the guides are awesome. I too could only feel an emptiness surrounded by people.

Felt like a museum. Exactly what it is now supposed to be. We were both fascinated by the architecture, design and apportionments, some way ahead of the time of construction.

Neither of us knew of the murders prior to our visit. Having experience with ghosts, spirits and haunted houses myself I have to say there was nothing in Glensheen remotely ethereal.

The weather was very warm and there were no icy drafts anywhere in the mansion — not the basement, the first floor, the second floor, the third floor or the attic. No lady in black or white met me in the bathroom. The more I read on here, the funnier and more disturbing it gets. To the person who said she was Elizabeth Congdon…would help if you spelled her name right…lol. Also, just a note of my own opinion. As a paranormal hobbiest, I think that when you totally discount an experience, it is a diservice to the person who genuinely believes that they felt or saw something.

I am going to continue reading…lots of ground to cover. Thanks for the intelligent reads and the laughs too. I really appreciated hearing what you had to say. I do not mean any disrespect to anyone on here who is in fact, a member of the family, but lets take a look at that. Seems bogus, I hope not. Lots of good info. Judy, I am not sure how you can honestly read all of the books written on the subject and then say that Marjorie had nothing to do with it.

The woman has been somehow involved in the dealths of at least 4 people by my count. Her first husband was lucky just to unload her when he did. She basically has contributed nothing to society what-so-ever. I went to the glensheen mansion with my new husband for our honeymoon and had VERY wierd eerie feelings while there, we had taken some pictures on the outside of the mansion later that day right after they had closed the tours for the day and we were shocked when we had gotten our pictures back.

My girlfriend and I toured Glensheen on August 2, Our guide, Sasha was excellent; thorough and knowledgeable. The estate is definitely worth the tour for its wonderful history and architecture alone. At no time did we see any eerie spirits or experience cold spots as others have reported.

I felt an eerie connection to history as I stood in that room. Only as we exited the room did Sasha reveal that is was indeed the room in which Elizabeth was murdered. To say the least! I have no doubt there is something other-worldly at Glensheen. To me it was as tangible as the hand-carved woodwork and as real as the antique furnishings. For a comment area that is supposed to be strong on grammar etc. I have to say that the USA is definitely losing the battle to educate its people. Even folk who purport to be University professors commit and repeat the most basic and often appalling errors.

Kristin—you sound like a fantastic and well-educated person so do many of you! Nothing gory, nothing notorious, nothing nasty—just fun stuff which makes the family more real.

I love Glensheen which is why I volunteer there. Hope to see you all sometime! I just visited Glensheen about two weeks ago. We had a very knowledgable guide, Brian, who carefully explained every aspect of the beautiful old house. I knew about the murders before we came to the mansion but it did not worry me. Personally, I experienced no cold-spots, eerie sensations, goosebumps or saw spirits of any kind.

I dont really believe any of this exists. I was just overly fascinated with the beauty of the house and the fantastic archetecture and design involved. For those of you who said your tourguide mentioned the murder, you must be lying.

The staff at Glensheen is strictly prohibited to talk about the murders at all. They do this simply because they want the home to be known as a beautiful, historical place, not one that is haunted.

Elisabeth grew up in this home that was filled with love and family values. I hope to return to Glensheen because I love the beautiful aspects of the mansion.

Actually, it is my dream to get married there…:. Recent visit this week at Glensheen. I have toured the manison several 5 times over the last twenty years. Seldom do I think of the murder since my first time there. The manison is lovely and each time exciting to revisit. I have toured the third floor and attic one time. This week we spend hours on the grounds enjoying the Lake view, the flower beds, and the vegetable gardens, and carriage house.

Fans help circulate the air compared to twenty years ago in the bedrooms on a hot day. I thought the cememtry was their family, but there are other names.

I didnt see Condgon on any stones. Does anyone know about the the cemetery and are the Condgon buried there or where? Most recently, the tour staff has been given leave to talk about the event if they wish to.

Some do, but leave out details, such as where the event took place. Others choose not to talk about the event out of respect for the Congdons, but may relay basic details if asked. There are some guides who may even deliberately skew the facts. I was told that the event happened in one room, when it actually happened in another. Yes, we are allowed to mention the crime. Most people want to know as much as possible, but the tour is about the house, not the crime.

They may just not know for some reason. Regarding the cemetery right next to the property—that is a very old Scandinavian cemetery. The Congdons are buried elsewhere. I think it would be interesting to spend a week living there, to get a feel for the place and maybe what it was like when the family first moved in.

To the Glensheen employees answering our notes, thanks for your information, and for your devotion to this wonderful piece of Minnesota history. The staff is now allowed to talk about the murders. I believe the family member who forbid it has died.

VGS, Thank you for that insight! When I am there, I really feel like I have stepped back in time. It seems pretty easy to imagine it with all of the furnishings the way they were. Thank you for volunteering there. It makes the place even more special to have people who really appreciate it working there. I just went to the Glenshenn Mansion just a day ago, and what i saw and heard was a little eerie and freaked me out.

Me and my mom where walking through the room where Elizabeth Congdon was brutely murdered,alonge with her maid. My mom and I went and asked the tour guide if they played song the family might have listened to over an intercom, or if the record players get played often or ever.

It was bone chilling. Then at the end of the tour I told the guide that I herd the record player, but not just me, it me and my mother. She said that happens often and that sometimes the sould jut wants to communicate with people, or just to get a rise of scare in there face. Even if it did creep me out, I would deffidantly Volounteer there, I would absolutly love it!

I love it there so much! And I think it would be a wonderfull experience to do so. We went to every room except the basement and the attic, they say that the attic is where most of the presence from the ghosts is the strongest. They also say that if you want to go up to the attic you have to take your shoes off. I think some of you are confusing Glensheen with another place. ALSO, Elisabeth and her maid were not murdered together, nor were they even in the same room.

You walk into it briefly and then walk right out, but you are not near any furniture, let alone a record player all musical items are in the basement, two floors down. My husband and I went on the complete tour.

I already know all I want to know about the murders. They should all be up in heaven with God. Those who went on the tour and can only find the murders and hauntings the only thing interesting, perhaps you should go on the tour again and see what is really worth seeing and hearing about at this beautiful place.

Did you think at all about the fact that they basically had their own private hospital within this home? Imagine the wealth it takes to accomplish that! There are many interesting historical things worth hearing about and remembering on this tour. Anyone who considers the history boring probably finds themselves bored in school as well. I hope you realize the value of learning one day. I have been reading what many of you have been writing and I like it.

I have lived in a small town just 20 miles south of Duluth for my entire life and have been to the mansion at least a dozen or more times although I have been in the building less.

I would like to say to those nay sayers that although some people may be lying, why would they want to? They can gain nothing from it except being discovered and then ridiculed. Personally I believe them and feel that those who are the disillusioned ones are the people who deny what others clamed happened. Since if we all fallowed their logic winning the lottery is impossible, since they are making decisions based on the more common occurrence of having something not happen to them.

Any way sorry about the rant there, and back to the story, I was there earlier this year for a local art show they have on the grounds each year. I had known there was a way to get to a cemetery that is next door to the mansion grounds from the grounds. While I was making my way over a bridge that leads over a small river to the left of the mansion if you are looking at it from the lake shore I met a worker there who asked me if I had seen the cemetery. I told her that I was heading there. She then regaled me with a short history of the cemetery.

It was built before the mansion was, and was the site of a mass unmarked burial of victims of some sort of disease epidemic. Since then many bones from that burial have been washing up on the shore of lake Superior, right in front of Glensheen. Past grounds keepers have even kept many of the bones in drawers in their quarters. Both are different the one in the cemetery is more eerie. So just some creepy tidbits and odd bits of history for you people to chew on.

I toured Glensheen on August 5th of this summer. I read about the murders before the tour. I am open to the idea of ghost and spirits, though while I was there I did not feel anything eerie or like I was being watched. The quide said they are allowed to talk about the murders but to ask them question about the murder after the tour. They can talk about it, its just not a focus of the tour.

House is very beautiful and I would recommend the tour to anyone in the area. He broke I threw a window by the billards table. The nurse was killed on the stairs and her body was layed on the bench under the window. Elizabeth was killed in her bedroom at the top of the stairs first room on the right with a pink pillow.

That is just what I got from the book I read. Tragic murders over money but a very beautiful house! Does anyone know what ever happend to a tour guide named Jon Boyer?

I met him there years ago and I am trying to find him! Someone might know him! All of you who are interested in reading more about the paranormal, check out our site at Paranormalknowledge. Me and my girlfriend are coming to Duluth this weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday. I was recently visiting the Glensheen Mansion where I underwent an incredible experience. I was standing in the room where Elizabeth was supposedly murdered by myself, when a ghost suddenly appeared about feet in front of me.

At first, I was extremely scared and began yelling. However, the ghost assured me that everything was okay and was just looking for a friend. We then flew back to the mansion where we played board games and told scary stories all night. Great experience, recommend Glensheen to anyone.

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