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Eita Touga of 12 Beast. However polite and professional he is, the universe will always put him in an awkward situation, within range of violent retribution. Hachibe Maeda of Ai Kora is a strange case. While admittedly an individual who values women for the aesthetic appeal of their various body parts, he is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect the owners of those parts.

He's known as 1 in the frequency of sex among nations and has even less problems with nudity than France does, but his overall personality is very different from France's.

This becomes most obvious when he's shown with Japan: Taking all of Japan's snacks after the other nations ignore them? Being worried about his hair looking unkempt to Japan? Not to mention, the nations generally panic at the prospect of France being around because they fear he'll jump on them And let's be honest, he probably WILL.

A subtler version is Prussia, who might talk big about how fearless and awesome he is, but freaks out at the sight of a teen Hungary's half-naked body and, once he realizes she's a female , he quickly hands her his cape for cover. There's also Seborga, who is a Latin Lover but doesn't hit on female nation-tans who are too young for him, like Wy. France sees himself is this. However in practice he himself pushes boundaries without fully crossing them. He will not outright rape anyone, true, but he has flipped skirts, undressed people of both genders against their wills, etc.

Not to mention openly admitting he's a pervert and takes some degree of pride on it , which is something an average example would most likely think twice before doing. Shunsui Kyoraku from Bleach loves flirting with his lieutenant, Hot Librarian Nanao, and was known for chasing girls when he was in the shinigami academy.

He promptly rescues Nanao when she collapses after Yamamoto sends out his enormous reiatsu and it overwhelms her. He's also a very badass captain who first tries to convince his rivals to give up on their purposes and only accepts to fight so he won't disgrace his opponents.

The character Ral from the manga Blue Dragon note: Finding out the difference between men and women is a big part of his Character Development. The fact that women have boobs and that he loves said boobies helps a lot.

Kurozuma Wataru from A Certain Scientific Railgun is a super rare type of guy who can make a sincere comment about a girl's figure and he does so to two people who are likely to fly off the handle at that and give no offence. Make no mistake, he is a underwear-ogling porn addict, but would never take advantage of Chi in that way. And heaven help you if you do. Ryo Saeba is sometimes this and sometimes just an Handsome Lech.

The "chivalrous" part is mainly when he's getting serious. Mick Angel also sways between this and Handsome Lech. The deceased Prince Clovis la Britannia from Code Geass , who despite being a tyrannical bastard, isn't a misogynist in the least. You'd never guess it if not for the 6th Picture Drama , though: Milly also has shades of this.

His character info in the fanbook, lists one of his likes is "good women. But when he found out about the death of one of his lovers, a young woman named Anita , he was genuinely saddened and despite him not wanting Anita to follow him, he says she was a good woman.

It's also stated, by Allen, that under his bed at his church, is filled with keepsakes from his lovers-pictures and accessories. Seems to show a sentimental side to Cross.

With the aforementioned Lenalee, he holds her close, and protects her on the crumbling ark, while simultaneously trying to halt download of the Akuma Egg, but he never lets go of her, until after danger has passed.

He also only stayed at the Order, which he hates, because Lenalee asked him to. It ended being a Fatal Flaw. Goku's late Grandpa Gohan is hinted to be quite a ladies' man; when he briefly comes back to life in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga, he mentions having a lot of friends in Other World, "and most of them are brunettes.

Saito in The Familiar of Zero more on the chivalrous side in the Light Novel and more on the perverted side in the anime. He's attracted to pretty much his entire Unwanted Harem , including his master Louise , his maid Siesta, the flirty Kirche, the quiet Tabitha , the naive Tiffania and even Princess Henrietta.

Despite his perverted side, he never takes advantage of them even when given an opportunity. Shigure from the anime version of Fruits Basket.

He is berated by many of the other Sohmas for it, but it becomes an almost endearing Running Gag nonetheless. In the manga he uses sex as a tool to have revenge against Akito, his cousin and ex-lover, for running in the arms of their cousin Kureno And let's not forget the deal with Rin , either, though to his credit he doesn't take her offer. Best summed up in his fight at the end of the first season, in which he rejects a We Can Rule Together speech by suggesting a counterstrategy: He also tends to use his reputation as a pervert to distract others and avoid conversations he doesn't care for.

Probably better demonstrated just before that when he gets genuinely mad at Sousuke for making Kaname cry, despite missing no opportunities to generally be a lech over the series.

Worick Arcangelo of Gangsta. Though thoroughly a Jerk with a Heart of Gold even when nursing wounds the man can't pass up a chance to grope a cute girl's butt. Emishi Haruki from Get Backers. He considers harming a woman to be just about the most terrible sin imaginable, and opponents admitting to it is nearly a Berserk Button ; meanwhile, he happily flirts with every woman he meets.

The closest he's come to 'pervert' was abruptly burying his face in a female friend's breasts, while desperately trying to cheer himself up after Amon's Heroic Sacrifice. He is a genius who completed all of his university courses in record time, but decided to quit before graduating. In the first episode, after he accidentally deletes the software company he's working at's major software program the day before it's set to ship, he manages to write only in a week not only a program that took the rest of the staff three months to complete, but makes it far more user-friendly than it originally was.

Onizuka, when he's not being an inspiration to everyone around him. Always thinking of sex, looks up girl's skirts, has sex toys and porn galore , sizes up every attractive woman and became a teacher specifically for the schoolgirls.

Yet when given the opportunity to act on these impulses with the young girls he's responsible for, his conscience doesn't allow it. To wit, when Urumi semi-seriously offered herself to him he knocked himself unconscious rather than kiss her. A lot of that also has to do with the fact that Onizuka is a man-child who is terrified of actual sexuality, and just plays up his lothario qualities for show.

In fact, the comic establishes pretty early on that he's still a virgin. One episode has him buying swimsuits for the crew girls after checking their measurements by mere sight , another has him visiting each one of his old girlfriends to see how are they holding up including a Ill Girl whom he buys medicines for and the tombstone of the woman who actually gave him his Gundam. He also is very upset when one of his lovers, Femme Fatale Yurina, is shot to death, and very gracefully accepts Sala Tyrrell's apologies and definitive rejection of his affections.

Kyon from the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, even though he rarely has actually needed to avenge the dishonor of a beautiful lady — but push the right buttons and he'll defend. Tomoki of Heaven's Lost Property leans very heavily on the pervert side of the scale, but damn does he hate it when people don't treat the Angeloids, his Unwanted Harem , with respect as people and not just the slaves they are programmed to be.

And when a very pretty years-old girl with ice powers claims to be in love with him, he repeatedly refuses her affections by saying that she's too young for him - which is technically true, as he's 26 already. She has to die and then be revived before he comes to love her back In The Heroic Legend of Arslan , Gieve will flirt with every pretty girl within the vicinity but when Silvermask kills one of the Queen's handmaidens, Gieve was visibly saddened and angry and respectfully covered the girl's body afterwards.

Issei Hyoudou, protagonist of High School DXD , is this trope par excellence, constantly ranting out loud about the wonders of boobs and not sparing even his love interests of his antics. For all of it, though, he has great respect for women and is loath to see them treated badly. When Riser molests his Queen in front of him just to make Issei jealous, then makes a comment that his arranged fiancee Rias will make a nice notch on his belt, he didn't know he pushed Issei's Big Red Berserk Button.

You can only imagine what happened next. Keita, and those four Citizens of Darkness guys who he often share a jail cell with. They're peeping toms and panty thieves but that's as far as they go. They're the 'good' perverts that contrast the evil perversion of the Big Bad , who likes undressing people and putting them in embarrassing cosplay. In a rather early arc, there is a young woman named Koharu, whose life he saved years ago ; she's very enamoured with him but Miroku actually turns her affections down , believing it was a case of Loving a Shadow.

Arima's best friend Hideaki Asaba from Kare Kano might also apply; he loves being surrounded by his "kittens. Part of his success is that he always paints them except for Yukino When they point this out to him, he just shrugs and says that's how he sees them. While Asaba may have entertained the notion that Arima and Yukino's future daughter would be his soul mate, he gave up on that idea pretty quickly when she was born and became another father figure to her.

When she turned fifteen and confessed her love for him, Asaba was really disturbed. Akari from Karneval knows that he's a handsome bastard that women want yet whom the nurses hilariously deny , but seemingly hasn't exercised the "pervert" portion as far as the viewer is concerned. Ma Kensei from Kenichi: Turns out he just wanted to strip her from her soul-corrupting armor and rescue her from the path of evil.

He hits on anything in a skirt, although this is part of the fact that he acts goofy as a way to deal with his own problems. In one instance, the Titans are swimming and Dick and Starfire are skinny dipping in the hot tub.

Something Gar says causes Starfire to stand up , and even though Dick manages to cover her with a towel, Gar freaks out and starts apologizing profusely. He hooks up with the Girl of the Week every other issue, partly because he wants to get laid and partly because he finds them interesting people. Taken to its logical extreme in Fall of an Avenger. He would even support them with his investments until he could see them again. All of them were saddened when they learned that he was dead.

Depending on the writer, Dick Grayson can fall under this trope. Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man. Superboy Kon-El's first girlfriend thought there was no way they'd work out due to his "wandering eyes", though he did mature out of the less savory aspects of this by the time he picked up the name Conner Kent.

At one point he finds some sexbots of the female Teen Titans, belonging to the teenage Toyman not the original villainous version which Kon-El clearly enjoys I hate you more than anyone I've ever known. Destiny is a Hazy Thing: Kiba's to Karin who is attracted to his charka like an addict and thus is generally kept in his presence when Ino jokes that he should make a move as she would be willing to do anything he wants.

Kiba immediately puts down the idea saying that while Karin is cute, he's not comfortable taking advantage of her because A he'd prefer it if she liked him for him and not due to his charka and B it would count as rape and he respects women too much to do that.

An excerpt from Clover the Clever's diary informs us that the only thing he was more renowned for than his sexual prowess was his sense of honor. The Reading Rainbowverse interprets Thunderlane as one of these.

He ends up dating Princess Luna. The first stallion teenaged Fluttershy meets at the bar, who kindly tells her that she's a nice kid and really should just go home and think about whether she actually wants to be doing something like this. She should have listened to him - the next one she meets, Nosey, isn't as nice. The hero of A Long Night At The Hippodrome , Piercing Gaze, is definitely lecherous, but he is only interested in mares who are "willing and experienced enough to know what they want.

He also refuses to use his position as a theatrical impresario to exploit aspiring female performers. In Friendship Is Magical Girls , Spike's particular vice-based ninja magic is powered by lust, which he fuels with perverted acts.

However, despite this he's still a decent person, and has the utmost respect for the girls. My lesbian life with Monster Girls: A rare female example. Yuisu is often prone to spacing out and drooling when it comes to beautiful women, but is able to control herself. But in the sequels, with the Relationship Upgrade confirmed, he's a one-woman man version of this - mostly to tease her.

Though he's not as perverted as some of the other guys in the story , he can still be flirty when he wants to. Regardless, Mack still respects women and the thought of women selling themselves out for men disgusts him. He openly admits being a horny teenager, but he's also a very Nice Guy who will put the girls' comfort and necessities over his hormonal urges. He even feels guilty over having lusty thoughts on Gwen and Bridgette once he knows about their past bad experiences with guys.

Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. Despite his well-known reputation as a womanizer, he seems to respect women for the most part. Film — Live Action. Lester Burnham from American Beauty. He spends the movie obsessing over a Fille Fatale girl who is the same age as his daughter.

When he actually gets a chance with her, he stops once he finds out she's actually a virgin, and her suggestions of sexual prowess were made up. Luigi in Another Time, Another Place is a bit of a graceless sleazebag, but at least he does take Janie's initial rejections gracefully and he doesn't browbeat her about it. Austin Powers , despite some implied deviant sexual behavior, is still for the most part courteous toward the ladies he's trying to woo.

He makes outrageous passes at Vanessa, but when she tries to kiss him, he refuses because she's drunk. Back in the sixties, he was clearly attracted to Vanessa's mother, but never made a move on her because she was married.

Considering who he's a parody of , this is to be expected. Peter Sellers in The Bobo plays a wandering musician who agrees to a wager where he can get a theater engagement if he beds the local gold digger Britt Ekland within three days - but resists taking advantage of her when she gets drunk. Possibly averted as the deal specified his being in her apartment one hour with the lights out, and they were far off in another location. Howard Stark in Captain America: He may be a playboy inventor much like his son but he is respectful to coworker Peggy and he later explains to Steve what he meant by having "fondue" with her he was essentially asking Peggy that after a mission if she wanted to go out and eat with him.

Steve had never heard of fondue before, and assumed it was a sexual euphemism. Theater impresario Henri Danglard in French Cancan. Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters Despite relentlessly pursuing Dana often to her annoyance , he refuses to take advantage of her even when presented with the opportunity.

Captaun Phoebus in the version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is still presented as a womanizer, but cares about Esmeralds's safety in contrast to his un-chivalrous book counterpart.

Pierce Brosnan 's Bond is just as prone to bawdy innuendos and sleeping around as the other incarnations. The big difference is that he genuinely cares about the women in his life, and does everything he can to keep them safe. He is affectionate towards Natalya, Paris got "too close for comfort," he is unusually protective of Wai Lin even before they officially become allies, he falls in love with Elektra, and his sheer panic and later relief when he attempts to resuscitate Jinx proves that she's not just a notch on his bedpost.

Downplayed with Eggsy from Kingsman: The Secret Service , as should be expected from a Bond-in-training. James Lennox in Men with Brooms , the kind of classy guy who brings a " Rent-A-Girlfriend " to a funeral of a beloved friend, refuses to take advantage of Amy when she makes a drunken rebound attempt at him. He even goes on to berate Chris for unintentionally causing Amy to fall Off the Wagon.

Jim Kirk in the reboot Star Trek franchise may flirt with any women he sees, but he is never overly pushy with them. He also treats Uhura, Spock's girlfriend, respectfully and even apologizes to her when there was a moment he was frustrated with Spock.

Stroker starts off as a womanizer who doesn't even believe in the word 'virgin'. He spends the entire movie finding a way to bed Pembrook and settles on getting her drunk. However, he ultimately turns into a chivalrous pervert when Pembrook passes out in his hotel room. He undresses her, and he can be seen resisting his urges until he decides to just leave her alone.

He confesses the next morning that nothing happened after she passed out. In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Mikey has April on his mind in pretty much every non-action scene where they interact. He even apologizes for how creepy his "We will find you" line sounded when she first meets them. Van in Van Wilder. He flirts mercilessly with love-interest Gwen but he never actually makes a pass at her since he knows she has a boyfriend, even though the guy is a complete Jerkass.

He does the same thing with Kaitlin in Freshman Year. He backs out at the last minute because she's roughly a week shy of being eighteen. However, he instructs her to tell everyone that he totally nailed her. You know, for his image. Of course, this is part of his Character Development , as he had zero hangups with violating the Jail Bait Wait.

Subverted by Sam Lombardo in Wild Things. Although it seems like he's upset at Ray killing Kelly on moral grounds, it's clear that he's really only concerned about a potential Spanner in the Works wrecking the plan. He has no compunctions about exploiting Kelly's love for him for sex and money, and intends to frame her for what will probably be a life sentence for Suzie's murder.

But he treats his favorite stripper, Cassidy, like a real person rather than a piece of meat, even going as far as to defend her when some other patrons make insulting remarks to her. X-Men Film Series X2: Iceman adores Rogue, and although he's supposed to be looking the other way, he can't resist taking a peek at her while she's changing into his mother's old clothes. Charles Xavier boldly hits on co-eds, but when his latest target for conquest sincerely needs help, he's all business.

Sean Cassidy is introduced flirting with a girl, who seems to find him comical more than anything else. He also wolf-whistles at Angel. The literary James Bond is one of these in spades.

Movie Bond, however, is more of a cad. The Hi-Line in Montana has been hit hard. I look at the land flooded in those photos and wonder how much of it might of been chemically treated — to increase hay production — and what of those chemicals are now washing down the Milk River?

A plea bargain is good enough for me. There was a time when nothing would have been done about this. I wonder what he has told authorities. You never know, the tide of public opinion is turning for incidents like this, and legitimate fishermen spoke up loud and clear too.

These are Montana folks, not the Canadian group, and they failed to transmit CWD to macaques, but succeed with squirrel monkey. I see several lay press reviews, including by a blogger who sometimes comments here, but not a single one is worth reading, and several have errors like that the Canadians have published anything since their June announcements at a meeting.

Hard to do any better than this, on the subject of grizzly or carnivore trophy hunting! The proposition also defies logic and everything that we otherwise know about grizzly bears. If nothing else, how can a dead bear learn anything? Even deer learn to fear people when they are hunted more. When I shoot a doe, the fawns scout the place later that day or the next and appear concerned. When I shoot a fawn, the mom definitely checks out the area.

In both cases they can smell the lost relative, deer blood, and the smell of a human. They sometimes see me going to gut and drag away the dead body of their relative.

Perhaps wolves and bears are dumber than deer is one possible theory, but I doubt that. Lone bears may learn nothing. You usually post intelligently, in this case not so. They must figure out a way to live in their habitats regardless of the humans making their lives a living hell Some become nocturnal coming out at dusk and restricting movement during the day.

And because they must eat Hunt and raise their young they must expose themselves to the sorry sobs that get their kicks killing them There is no valid management reason to sport hunt carnivores None Zilch Nada. We have does that are immune to being killed by arrows and even bullets. I agreed that the lone animal who gets killed without others observing any aspect of it learned nothing.

I have experienced it directly, perhaps not to your extent, in particular with the bow. Most shots where I live are yard shots or less. One more effort to return to a more civil exchange. My original comment was in regard to bears, and wolves. I believe that most wolf kills are done by deer hunters, and thus are incidental.

When I have observed wolves up here, younger ones have a tendency to take off like a bat out of hell. How about collective hunts with beaters when they drive scared wildlife towards shooter line? And when the hunting season ends the wildlife somehow get impression that they can move more freely around the area. And not all shots are lethal ones. Estimated to be thousands of times better than humans. I believe Nancy posted this a couple years ago.

Two wolves one shot. Throw in wolves visiting gut piles. Also, many to most hunters up here use some sort of cammoflage, smell like doe scent, and have been known to attract wolves. Most hunters up here use tree stands, or work the ground, both with the wind in their favor. Old video that made appearance on TWN in the past. Rocky Mountain Success tables and rates. Wily lobos avoiding traps…after poisoning, not many wolves remaining, and quantitatively very few trappers out there.

Plus, this has no connection with fear of man. Wolf trapping in MN, success rates relatively high because there was a minefield of traps out there. Yes Immer, there are many naive deer out there, and even experienced deer can be shot by bow if you did everything perfectly. There are also people who can shoot bullets at deer at meters. This does not show that no learning happens.

Rork, Common sense says that hunting removes those animals that are less wary of humans creating a population more nocturnal and cautious. Both, good reasons for hunting grizzlies responsibly. The wolf killed on film in Denmark from the Marek post below is the example! That wolf clearly is showing habituation habits. It is only a matter of time before the wolf or one of its pups move the next step to depredation. If it were your home, in the background of the Denmark video and this became a daily sighting, would you feel comfortable letting your grandchildren play out in the back yard?

Only a fool thinks that this is OK and that hunting of wolves results in less of these wolves and more cagey wolves. Shame on those that want to propagate this type of wolf! You mean the farm that left afterbirth and dead animals littered about and exaggerated claims of wild depredation snd refused to implement non lethal strategies and starved s donkey that was given to him to help ward off Wolves That exemplary farmer That farm.

He is a very poor example. It is normal, and natural for animals to adapt to human presence. Humans should try to minimize their effects on wildlife in an ethical, non-lethal way if they are moral and ethical people. Louise, You really need to work on your reading skills. Nowhere do I say Koski is an example. What I did say is that the wolf in the Denmark video is exhibiting the same type of behavior documented at the Koski farm.

I also said hunting on average reduces the number of wolves or grizzlies for that matter that exhibit this type of behavior. This is especially true where states manage the hunt via zoning to target those wolves more inclined to being our example in the video.

Should be an interesting day. Thanks for that interesting point Mat-ters. Come to Ann Arbor and observe that the deer do not flee in the Arboretum even if I within 15 meters of them. Then teach me why they act so differently than the deer in the rec areas, since you know it all. I have a neighbor who feeds deer out of his hand, that and your example is just habituation. Might as well have cows.

Took photos so yeah, not making that up. Had a couple of wolves come in close to a ranch across the way last fall. They were attracted to the 2 dozen baby elk hanging around the corrals. Happens frequently around here. I see this with white-tailed deer too. Driving to work one morning, I saw two fawns and their mother trying to make their way around a fence and not having much success. I really am dismayed to see so much fencing and barriers around human activity.

I fear for how wildlife is going to survive in the future. We can learn a lot from the Minnesota wolf hunt a few year back. The number of wolves that needed to be killed in control action for depredation and habituation continued to climb to hundreds per year UNTIL that first hunt almost hitting That data and tons of other resembling situations flies in the face of Wielgus and supports the hard to argue premise that hunting leaves behind a population more elusive and wild.

Nancy, the fact that you or Peacock could not refute the facts behind the truth that hunting does leave behind a populous more elusive and leaves them in better habitat in responsible numbers comforts me. Hang in there, Mat-ters. We are no longer for the most part a nation bent of genocide, whether homo- or eco-centric.

We need federal policies that empower everyone in this country—urban or rural; white, black, red, or brown; female or male; who cherish animals simply because they exist, or to enjoy watching them, or, yes, to hunt them—when it comes to living with the wild animals on this Earth.

They are sentient beings, like us. Their welfare deserves our attention. I know Rork will immediately pooh pooh anything written by P Randolph but the opinions are Vucetich and Paquet…many other independent scientists agree, as do I. Time to ditch the old mantra, hunting is conservation. That form of brainwashing is especially annoying when trophy hunters use the excuse for killing trophy animals and carnivores. Two naturalists who were observing the wolves captured the moment the animal was shot on camera.

The film has sparked outrage. The footage appears to show the animal, a female, being shot by someone in a parked car. The wolf was not posing a threat or being aggressive. A spokesman for the Danish police told the Guardian: Danish websites are reporting that the wolf may have been crossing land that is owned by the former parliamentary candidate Steffen Troldtoft when it was shot dead. They are also suggesting that the man who has been arrested is actually a close family member of Troldtoft.

Denmark is a very small country so we lack the space wolves require and that makes the situation dangerous. Investigations are going on to find out if they could have been brought here on purpose. They will get tracking devices to see why they are living so close to humans. Its a very sad situation in Denmark and the topic of all nature lovers and parents who fear for their kids.

Bear dancing — forcibly taught to the animals by making them walk on hot coals — is a practice once popular at country fairs that still survives in the Balkans, though it was eradicated in Greece a few decades ago. The legislation seeks to strengthen law enforcement safeguards against wildlife trafficking and related activities. The bill builds on the success of the Eliminate, Neutralize, and Disrupt END Wildlife Trafficking Act of , which made wildlife trafficking a predicate offense under the federal money laundering criminal statute.

The Wildlife Conservation and Anti-Trafficking Act creates incentives for whistleblowers to report on wildlife trafficking, by raising awareness of monetary rewards, particularly in countries of special concern.

The bill also provides funding and additional support for programs that protect sharks, marine mammals, turtles and other wild animals. In addition, it makes U. Nobody knows exactly how many assault rifles exist in the U. Jennifer Baker, director of public affairs for the National Rifle Association, said the NRA is opposed to any sort of national gun registry, and said that knowing how many assault rifles are in circulation would be of no help to lawmakers considering legislation.

The NRA also has come out against raising the minimum age to buy an assault rifle to The NRA estimates that between 8. Knocked out, punched, and charged by horses: I was punched in the face. I got a fractured cheek. Cathy Scott has experienced the kind of injuries you might associate with a cage fighter. They have all been inflicted by men or animals. Three times a week she heads for the countryside to follow the riders and hounds of various hunts in order to film what she believes is illegal activity, handing over the footage to the police.

Sometimes they manage to save a fox. Sometimes they get charged by horses. Last year a man was cautioned by police after Cathy was left with a bloody cut to her face while trying to film and monitor a hunt in Warwickshire. Video footage shows a man pushing Cathy after she initially refuses to leave his land.

What sort of natural response is that? We have touched on this topic before and I have no idea why more hunting pressure needs to be applied to wolves in the Gros Ventre and Whiskey Mountain area.

There really is no justifiable explanation in the articles I have read. I think this paragraph speaks for itself. But all of this was pretty predictable. In this time, the Earth has gone through. A little over 20 years ago my wife was working on her Masters and also working with the Park Service part-time out on Fire Island a national seashore in Long Island, NY.

We were able to go out and watch this incredible event one night. It was truly primordial, knowing these animals had been coming to this spot for thousands of years. Wyoming has limited its proposed hunt to one female griz. But if a hunter shoots more than one, how do we know it would be reported? Once the guns are out there, any control over what happens is lost IMO:.

While his kill total seems astronomically ruthless, Franz Ferdinand was not the only member of the nobility of the day who hunted for sport. It was a popular pastime, enjoyed widely by the aristocrats and the royalty. British Lord Ripon holds the dubious distinction of hunting down the most animals, recording a staggering , kills over a period from until Mostly, these were pheasants—, of them.

Known for his sharp-shooting prowess, he also shot 97, grouse, 11, partridges, woodcock, snipe, wild duck, 30, hares, 34, rabbits, and red deer. Whispers, local gossip and then there are the actual accounts of why abhorrent behavior is so often found in the human species:.

However, the fact that he enjoys on his bill of fare any small lizard that may chance to cross his path nearly nullifies his value as an insect eater. In a park such as Mesa Verde, where wild life is encouraged and protected, it would be unwise to let the numbers of the Collared Lizard increase to any great extend [sic].

A few specimens here and there through the park are sufficient to illustrate this type of wild life. The full Mesa Verde Notes on collared lizards: The photo I took for anyone unfamiliar with them: Emails obtained by The Seattle Times under a public-disclosure request revealed that WSU administrators were worried funding for a new medical school was in jeopardy unless controversy in the Legislature and among ranchers over Wielgus was quelled. This kind of direct political pressure on research scientists impacts carnivore and wildlife policy globally.

The result is a chilling effect silencing many and destroying careers of others. It is unconscionable especially for an academic institution. The park service plans to release 20 to 30 wolves on the island in the next three years, beginning in fall Having met both Dave Mech and Doug Smith at wildlife conferences and had the opportunity to chat with both, and I respect them greatly.

Because the NP is unique with few visitors least visited NP in lower 48, around 20, a year ,and some reasonable restrictions on access I believe it provides an opportunity for scientists to observe the predator-prey interaction in a unique environment. MAD There were really only two choices, bring more wolves, or bring in hunters, and the latter was not an option.

Maintaining moose on Isle Royals is also important as, I believe, the little known island effect is occurring there. Individual moose will become smaller over time. As our species continues to strangle the planet, documenting what transpires in IR is as important as ever. The moose survived the last population bubble and I surmise they will this one also.

Did we see Immer Vucetich and Peterson clamoring for hunting or more wolves then? Acting like doing nothing is not an option is just plain justification folly of the 1st degree. The only way I would be even remotely Ok with bringing in more wolves is if it were totally privately funded!

We got better things to do with Federal dollars! Ahh yes, Donald Sutherland……. They are beautiful and fascinating. It confounds me that in this is still where we are with wolves. Harass and gag a tenured professor because of the power of ranchers and ag. According to University of Chicago political science professors Eric Oliver and Thomas Wood, in any given year roughly half of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory.

President Trump himself has expressed a belief in at least two of the above conspiracies at one time or another. Conspiracy theorists can be conservative, liberal or any other political stripe — male or female, rich or poor, well educated or not. The absence of evidence never got in the way of a good conspiracy theory. No matter how unlikely a given imagined conspiracy, and no matter how many facts are produced to disprove it, the true believers never budge.

Why we react to inconvenient truths as if they were personal insults. Psychologists have been circling around a possible reason political beliefs are so stubborn: Partisan identities get tied up in our personal identities.

Which would mean that an attack on our strongly held beliefs is an attack on the self. And the brain is built to protect the self. Someone with a legal background or understanding of water law please help me understand this issue.

I thought if a waterway is physically navigable it is navigable by law. How does the landowner in the above article have a right to keep anglers out of the river where it crosses his private land?

Does the commerce clause, as it pertains to navigable waters, fit in this scenario anywhere? Yvette, you might find this law review article more on point. It discusses the Equal Footing doctrine applicable to Western states. Indeed the Commerce Clause is at the heart of the issue.

It would appear that navigable is a question of fact as to if and WHEN a water body was considered navigable. Then there is the question about the land beneath the surface, and how state law addresses that. Montana litigated the matter, reaching the Supreme Court in Strange, because you know nothing about the topic as Chavez was elected thanks to middle class voters, lol.

So why are they boycotting the election? Young Americans blame capitalism for crises in housing, healthcare and falling wages. The public trust doctrine, which originated mostly with application to water, is also an important part of the paper you are reading.

Here is another paper by a very well known water lawyer in Colorado. These are among the folks that call the shots in water policy in CO. On the other hand, Mark Squallice, who is prosecuting the claim for the recreationist is a highly respected legal scholar in his own right. In the end, this will get very interesting. You might also want to look at the reference noted in footnote 30, if you want even more depth. Some will argue it is a product of the rapid decline in the nationalized petroleum industry.

I just say, here is one more data point, in which optimism of the masses generates expectations. When those expectations are not met, chaos reigns.

Maduro was vice president and succeeded Chavez when he died. In the following interview, UN independent expert Alfred de Zayas discusses his recent trip to Venezuela and his impressions of the current situation. Here ya go, Mareks. These folks try to get it correct, with truth and all. Also facts seem to be confirmed by BBC. I will just give one last example. For example, you can look at the publications of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Lab.

In academia, research and development is also federally funded, very substantially; its role is a kind of funnel for transferring public funds into private profits.

To help out on that, the Clinton administration recently slapped a huge tariff on Japanese supercomputers which were undercutting the US ones — a magnificent contribution to free trade. There are laws about this, but laws are not for rich and powerful people, they are for places like Haiti.

Again, it takes a good education to handle all of this, but that is the way the real economy works, in accordance with really existing market theory.

The depression in the s removed any lingering beliefs that some form of capitalism might be viable; the New Deal measures barely affected it, but World War Two overcame it. World War Two was a grand success economically; there was a kind of semi-command economy, directed by corporate executives who flocked to Washington to run it, and they learned the lessons.

It was confidently predicted, across the board, that the US would go right back into depression after the war; therefore something had to be done, the business press was frank about it. Hunting with dogs is extreme cruelty.

Laws must change to reflect our understanding of wildlife and their sentience and capacity for fear and pain. Ho-ly hell, how many dogs are there around that poor animal? Indeed, hunting with hounds belongs in the past as a stain on history. Are Oregon cougars just craftier than their California cousins—and better able to attack livestock than in the Golden State?

Or is something else going on here? The mayor of Best, Hans Ubachs, said: I know where your children go to school. Residents are not allowed to bother these men in their work, threaten them verbally or swear at them. Just when you began thinking it was safe to re-enter the water, wolves now blamed for shooting cattle. I was just going to share this. They let them suffer.

Unlike the man in the article I do not believe this is a wolf advocate. Wolf advocates generally have empathy for all animals. Interesting story and accompanying comments. The thing is, wolves have been illegally killed now for decades. We continually are observant of sss, gut shoot etc that have occurred in regard to wolves, most of which are just talk. Now, apparently we have a doer instead of a talker in regard to cattle.

Is it in regard to wolves as Hedrick suggests, is it a false flag operation to emphasize wolf problems real or imagined, or is it just some nut with a gun? There is no reason to illegally shoot any animal, in particular with cause to make it suffer. Of course there is no reason to make an animal suffer, but there are those out there who do just that, purposely.

The agricultural industry will stop at nothing, it seems. These are dangerous people — have you all read the report of the Arizona rancher who trapped an endangered Mexican wolf with a government tracking collar, and beat it to death with a shovel, and proudly admitted it to the authorities, receiving only a paltry fine and probation. What kind of an irrational act is that — by the rancher and those we entrust to oversee our public lands.

And wild horses and burros are shot every so often too. What these animals all have in common is that they wandered onto ranchland. The article held back a little it would appear also, in what happened. Now if it had been a wildlife encounter wit a human …. Ida, Maybe the Arizona rancher you speak of has experienced this first hand?

I know of some dog lovers that would use a shovel in defense of their pampered pooch. Much can be said of those that want to maximize the above and their real compassion for animals. Two recent events says as much. Mat-ters, first, if the AZ rancher was defending himself it would have come out in his court proceedings.

Animal lovers come in the right-wing version of politics, too. There will always be mentally ill and extremists on both sides of the political realm. Whether someone leans left or right with politics may not equate with whether they will utilize physical methods to defend themselves or loved ones, whether it be wildlife, domestic animals or a human attack.

This lefty animal lover continues to be shocked by the USFWS lack of enforcement and willful disregard for the health of Red and Mexican wolves especially. They had to torture them first. What this species have endured in America since the found of Jamestown is nothing beyond my realm of thinking.

Why he was carrying on about EPA I do not know. The irrationality, illogical frame of thought and stupidity is frustrating. The outright evilness toward this species is just angers me.

What this species have endured in America since the founding of Jamestown is beyond my realm of thinking. I think some of it is ignorance and culturally ingrained. That same mindset that drives authoritarians seems pervasive in anti wolf circles.

Anyone that has really watched animals understands they all have capacity to fell, think, grieve, feel pain, feel security and bond. We are just too stupid as a species to recognize non human forms of communication, emotion and response. To kill and maim for sport is a criminal activity in my mind, and until it is treated as such we are in trouble.

As opposed to learning to devalue wildlife through liberal trophy hunting and wildlife killing laws. I remember reading something about opinions on wolves before and after ESA protections were removed and hunting commenced and how opinions of wolves dropped.

Its got to change. Regional and state laws are too parochial and probematic. Carnivores need a national protection act. Bad news for bird traffickers. I hope they are convicted on and spend years in prison. I wish we had this strong of laws for all wildlife. It reviews that cows have had transmission when challenged with injections to brain. Taxpayer-subsidized salmon being eaten by protected seals.. The other thing is that I would not be at all surprised if some of these cattle have been shot by the ranchers themselves!

The skinny, underweight, diseased or poor performing much like hunters do with their beloved, part-of-the family hunting dogs , then left out for the predators to destroy the evidence of — and then blame the wolves and send the taxpayers the bill!

But forgive me for going off on a geek tangent for a minute. I just had to share. I had what I thought to be milkweed growing in my front border for the last or last couple of years, but never got any flowers. The leaves looked like milkweed, and they had the white sap when I broke one of the leaves.

Some plants need to mature x number of years before they flower. It was all I could do to stifle a gasp. It takes 7 years for trillium plants to mature and flower! Are you familiar with the milkweed map? I had no idea there were so many species.

Here ya go, Ida…you can put yourself on the map! They looked so much like milkweed, I gave them a chance. This year, I hit the jackpot with them. You might find that common milkweed is more weedy and invasive even that some of the others. Near me butterfly milkweed or butterfly weed , the spectacular orange one, is better behaved. I have some seeds for the orange butterfly weed that I never have planted, so I should do that. Loss of wild areas to agriculture is the leading cause of the current mass extinction of wildlife.

A recent study has revealed the disproportionate and devastating impact that humanity just 0. The kiwi of course is the national symbol of New Zealand, and in China the giant salamander inspired the Yin and Yang symbol of Taoism:. European settlers near me killed every last resident elk, deer, bear, wolf, turkey, crane, swan, and even goose, by Those were the days. Those were the days…. Where you stock the fruit cellar the best you could. Days where the old farmers almanac hung in the outhouse for some of the best personal hygiene.

Rork, I get a kick out of those that have malice for those European settlers. Their plight can be better understood when put into the context of what is going on in Venezuela as we speak. It really provides more evidence that industry and the Trump administration are being pretty reckless with this process. Just like the proposed grizzly hunt in the West. The lack of responsibility for the proposed site is astounding.

It must be pretty bad if it received this kind of response:. That conservation was the primary goal might have been assumed, but your point was good. But what I really thought amusing was your fawning responder — not sure if that comment will persist for long. One reasonable definition sustainability, for example, would permit people to take as much of a resource as possible without jeopardizing our future ability to take the resource; another might be to take only as much as is needed to sustain life.

Seems a lot of talking past one another that occurs on sites like TWN occurs because of such differences? So offense to the latitudinally-challenged Michiganders intended, LOL. The Idaho middle school teacher who fed a live, sick puppy to a captive snapping turtle in the classroom—with students present—has been charged. In the photo below, he grins as he feeds a live rat to a turtle in These are sentient nonhumans!

What are they teaching kids about animals at that school anyhow??? Thankfully, BC banned grizzly bear trophy hunting at the end of last year. But I am sure this is what we can expect if the grizzly hunt goes through as planned.

Once guns are let loose in the woods, no assurances can be guaranteed. Excellent editorial on the sanitizing of wildlife killing policies. It is , trophy hunting, trapping, snaring, dogs chasing wildlife, baiting, electronic calls and other forms of sport killing are unacceptable in this world of shrinking habitat, species and decency.

Why do these agencies do everything they can to convince a new generation that sport hunting for non edible species is conservation and to turn public lands into killing fields? Evolution can be a slow and painful process, with no guarantee of the direction in the high it will go. The rapacious appetite of man requires to be stifled, and soon, otherwise the creatures with whom we share this blue sphere are not long for existence. Members of the RPC, who were hand-picked by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke in October, are expected to vote on this radical rewrite of federal public lands management policy in a meeting this week.

For grizzlies that take a decade for a female to replace itself in the population and 40 years to go from to ! There is no need unless you are thinking you can play some psychology games on the citizens.

He travels a lot. Its the story of two predators with similar characteristics: Its hard to take this daily dose of horror. When Trump was announced the President after stealing the election, my greatest fear and consequent heartbreak was for the wildlife and public lands that would suffer under these thugs.

Deer harvest report also not yet public. The expert s will probably say it depends on just where and when, which makes sense. I had thought starting around that is was density around here, since upper MI wolf numbers had been flat for 2 years after a long stretch of constant growth.

If it goes up a bit this year like I hear of MN then maybe it means you can squeeze in a few more if you have deer numbers rise allot. I realize some preach that rise in deer is impossible under peak wolf, but that looks obviously false for many places. Deer hunters are a greedy and impatient club though, mostly.

Perhaps they will grow up someday. Probably sport hunting now, another stumbling block to wolf recovery. People are not reasonable creatures. This was an article about it from earlier in the year:. Some people in the crowd were closer than 15 feet!!! Do these people understand that these are living, breathing wild animals and not some sort of NPS special effects???

When I saw them it made me want to keep a healthy distance — for me as well as for them. David Thompson around tells stories of Iroquois Indians who came out west to trap their homelands had no more beaver and did not listen to the locals that Bison were potentially dangerous.

The Iroquois called the locals women, until a few of them were attacked and even killed. They also failed to follow the rule of never shooting at grizzlies when alone, and died that way too. You reminded me that if distributing garbage into the environment baiting is being used to hunt grizzlies, should the hunt come to pass — it just might have the unwanted effect of encouraging bears to come back into campgrounds, around garbage dumps and other human populated areas.

People are discouraged from feed bears. Trash and food waste is ubiquitous around campgrounds and National Parks? How is this logical? The writer claims griz hunt is about making money from selling licenses, but did not even attempt to estimate the amount of money it would bring or what it would cost to administer. I think of Bitterroots as being rather far from Wyoming. The original recovery plan required grizzlies to become established in the Selway-Bitterroot area, offering hope of restoring connections to the currently-isolated Yellowstone bear population over the long term to allow genetic interchange.

Oh yeah, this sounds like great management. Talk about slavering at the bit. How did this ever get by:. Well those areas are outside the DMA, therefore the moralities in those units do not count towards the total quota and are not governed by the Tri-State MOA.

Wyoming decided they would allow 12 harvests in There is no female mortality threshold in these areas and it will not be closed unless the total quota is filled or the season ends based on closure date in regulations. That being said 24 harvests is highly unlikely. The DMA harvest will be very restricted.

Applicants will have to apply to be on a list. They will then be assigned a number. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will then call the 1st applicant and 2nd applicant on the list. Those individuals will then have the opportunity to pay for the grizzly permit. They can then hunt any open hunt area located within the DMA which is comprised of hunt areas Guide gets how many tags?

If they should be lucky enough to shoot boars then they department will move to next two on the list and so on and so forth until the total quota for the DMA units has been met. So the way this works is the amount of licensed hunters in the field at any given time shall not exceed the collective female mortality limit available. This is a safety mechanism. It ensures that at no time there are more hunters than females left in quota.

This is crucial guardrail built in by the Department to mitigate over harvest of females. If this number is breached it could jeopardize the de-listed status of the Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Bear. So if the first two hunters on the list go out and each shoot a bear, 1 male and 1 female the department will only call 1 hunter off the list next as there is only 1 female left in the collective mortality. If the 1st two hunters out of the gate love that term, my words in the DMA shoot sows the season is over regardless of how many boars are left in quota.

So the 24 total is not guaranteed and actually highly unlikely. This is an important thing to remember when all those anti-hunters start chiming in on the total available bears in the harvest. Hunt area 7 and 8 are outside the DMA therefore those bears are not actually counted toward the overall 3 state mortality quota. Lets give you a little background on that. During the delisting process the 3 states in the GYE had to decide how they would manage the surging grizzly population.

Due to the Recovery Criterion built in to ensure that the GYE grizzly bears never fall back on the list the 3 states had to determine how to manage the discretionary mortality of the bears within the GYE. In comes the Tri-State MOA Memorandum of Agreement , a document that basically says how the 3 states are to manage their grizzly bears to ensure sustainability and healthy populations. This agreement also lays out many bears each state will be able to harvest within the DMA based on previous years mortality.

The MOA does not actually have a number of available harvest but a percentage based on the amount of the GYE that lies within each state. Based on those values they then use another percentage to determine how many of those harvests can be sows.

Each year this figure changes based on the previous years mortality outside of hunting. I wish soneonr like rod Coronado would track these hunters and post the kills so folks could know who the cowards are What is with Wyoming?

Trophy hunting is a sickening act It needs to be outlawed. The fact that we are being led to believe that everything will go perfectly and without any hitches at all is mind-boggling to me.

The fact that hunters are going to leave females with young alone in the short moments between pulling the trigger astounds me.

We read daily how hunters constantly mistake family dogs, horses, pickup trucks for their targets. The fact that they think an educational course is going to solve any problem is ridiculous.

Once guns are let loose out there, no one knows what is going to happen. I thought only one female was allowed to be taken now? Is it still listed as two? Grizzlies are not going to produce another adult target for them to shoot at in one year, like at a carnival. The hunt is closed only afterwards, of course. I thought I read that Wyoming was only allowing one female to be killed? I think it is all thoroughly disgusting:. This is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

Let these people break a sweat and not just go 30 feet off a dirt road. Nobody wants that kind of tactics.

Black bear hunters in MI pass up lots of shots, and take time because they need to inspect the animal carefully. God put them here for us. If that is so, then give up modern weapons. It always is shocking to me that these kinds of bizarre thought processes have a real effect:. I really really am dismayed at how parasitic of wildlife people are. I stood up for coyotes recently too. Someone said, Oh maybe it was a coyote! It was in response to someone hearing a wild animal cry in the woods, which from the way it was described sounded more like a fox than a coyote.

A coyote on our property woke us up at 4: In the far distance we could hear answers. Heck, they were probably trying to locate each other in the dense smoke from the Fire north of Durango.

It was so thick you could practically cut it this a. Why is a 5-yr-old outside picking up wild animals unsupervised? Nobody knows anything for sure, from the article. This bear lived in Montana. I hope this gets added to the persuasive precedent legal file. Unlike the National Forest land that surrounds Yellowstone, all of the remaining wildlife hapitat bordering Kruger to the west consists of privately held game reserves which is where this lion was hunted.

Some like Sabi Sands and Timbavsti are world famous for photographic tourism but the lesser known ones have to rely on limited trophy hunting to pay the bills so their choice is to keep it wild but have limited hunting or sell it off to become farms or for development. We visit Kruger every few years and those private reserves are critical buffers that minimize poaching within the National Park itself as the entire area is bordered by small towns and industrial agriculture.

The private reserves near Kruger that do allow hunting are very selective and professional about it. It is not like the free for all that the annual wolf slaughter has become in the Rocky Mountain West. PS — if you all ever get a chance to got to Kruger go.

So glad it all turned out well for this raccoon. Great photos at article. All it leads to is the question of why is the trash left out there where the raccoons can get to it?

There may be news stories soon. It only comes every other year lately. Variance of the estimate not known by me. Flat since may be prudent interpretation. The press and others try to read things into every tiny fluctuation sometimes though. USFWS considers delisting of Wolves nationwide as another headline hits, study finds many species becomes by nocturnal to avoid humans. The GOP has found the perfect hirnan and despoiler in Zinke. That lying, science denying, trophy hunting thug knows no boundaries in his work to pillage public lands and wildlife.

Again, what about the court decision. But what about adaptive management? To late to change the hunting quota? This just flabbergasts me. She was radio collared as well, so they must have known very early. And her cubs were killed also. The entire Four Corners is in the worst stage of drought and ready to burn. Drought monitor current map: He said the strategy made overly optimistic assumptions about how fast grizzly numbers are growing, which could prove disastrous if conditions change unexpectedly.

Well, brace yourselves — it was a wolf! The main reason is because to the north, Wyoming aims to limit wolves to the northwest corner of the state. Outside of the designated areas — 88 percent of the state — wolves are considered predatory and can be killed without consequence, which has kept the animals from migrating to Colorado. I would love this, if Colorado would step up to be the progressive Western state that it could really be. But Wenk recently told the Associated Press that he was being forced out of his job.

When that will happen remains unclear. I hope they take the wolves out of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana or Alaska out of those hostile, nasty, irresponsible states. Ontario, Michigan, and Minnesota would be better. Local genes, and less transporting. Also, we have more.

How hostile or responsible we are remains to be seen — not that I think we can outperform those first 3 states. Wolves that know about moose might be good. Studies of all kinds of exposures have been going on for years in both Europe and the US.

Giant paper came out May 1. There are meta-analysis papers out there too. Did I mention ignorance? If anyone feels so moved to email that to the contest officials: Some good news on the Zinke front: NOW…back to business as usual: Turns out, humans are their most deadly predator. They are beautiful birds. But to kill one just because she was there, and near a nest as well, is just pathetic.

I just cannot imagine the mindset of the kind of person who would do that. Despite the fact that this clown is from my resident state, I really dislike how all his actions are underhanded, shady and morally suspect. Researchers can upload images taken from the field, but a significant source of data comes from scraping sites like Flickr and YouTube for pictures and videos that people post from trips like whale watching tours and safaris.

I wondered if maybe plant impacts could still be altered a bit. How about partly or even mostly bites the dust? Wildlife killing contests are still legal throughout much of the United States. How sad to have a life so devoid of meaning that taking the lives of others is somehow satisfying.

Especially in modern times when there is absolutely no reason for these throwback activities except killing. These may have started out because of farming and ranching, and religious and other superstition in the cases of wolves and rattlesnakes, but in modern times, we should be well beyond this kind of meaningless brutality.

I absolutely love snakes and have never feared them but I do have a healthy respect for them if they are venomous. They are such interesting critters and I hope to have the good fortune to see or hear a rattlesnake in the wild one day. We have them on the East Coast, the timber rattlesnake. Yes, they are awesome. Park, and that snake was a whopper. You promised that process would not be repeated, and yet here we are.

Jeff Darrah of Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife said his organization looked forward to an opportunity to hunt grizzlies. Grizzly bears are very different. For one thing, their rate of reproduction is very slow. And there have been lots and lots of mistakes with wolf hunting, and going over quota. Oh, I can hardly wait for August, when all of this bluster by the sportsmen will be blown down by a judge.

If the bears are hunted too and over-zealously, they could be relisted is what I meant. Those have not changed to objectives. We just changed the strategy to say objectives. What kind of hocus-pocus is that? There do seem to be loopholes big enough to drive a semi through. We conflate, however, different functions of our adulthood: For them, our 2 functions of adulthood are separated. Short-tailed weasels highlight a different way of splitting what we call adulthood.

This is the same time of year that their mothers come into estrus. A male that breeds with a mother also breeds with her daughters. Short-tails have an approx month delayed implantation and, therefore, the youngsters give birth to their first litters when they reach their first birthdays and have reached adult size. Are 6-week-old short-tail females adults? Mayflies are really pretty. How violent, really turns my stomach. We need to open up a niche. I support complete extirpation of mutes in MI.

They are feral semi-domesticated aliens, and are bad for trumpeter resurgence, which is a remarkable story of us succeeding at recovering a nearly extinct native species. Four little greyish fluffballs swimming close to their parents. But I do believe that as evolved humans, violently killing wildlife is not something humane people do, especially since the mute swans were brought here by us. Mass killing off of living things and mass poisoning of non-native plants to go back to some arbitrary point in time is not only no longer feasible, but inhumane.

Swine were brought here by us. We are trying to save plants and animals from going extinct, but the way you are talking extinction of species is unimportant — we should do nothing.

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