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Beautiful ladies want online dating Springfield Missouri

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Beautiful ladies want online dating Springfield Missouri

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Beautiful ladies want online dating Springfield Missouri

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For more information please call email - info gettysburgaddress. The musket balls were preferred as the hammering of a lead roundball produced naturally a round chip".

Poker was one of the games soldiers played when not attending to their duties to relieve boredom. This worked very nicely and the lead was not wasted as all the soldier needed to do was to melt down the chip and recast it. I rarely have these great Civil War Poker Chips and collectors like to stack them like a modern day gambler.

Comes with a signed statement of authenticity laminated on parchment paper. Great addition to your Gettysburg Civil War collection of relics. I have a few musket balls that were hammered flat into Poker Chips available in better condition than this one shown.

The Forces that were mostly involved in the fighting there were Johnson's Confederate division Stonewall Jackson's former command and Union troops of the 12th Army Corps under the command of Major General Henry Slocum.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1—3, , Culp's Hill was a critical part of the Union Army defensive line, the principal feature of the right flank, or "barbed" portion of what is described as the "fish-hook" line. Holding the hill was by itself unimportant because its heavily wooded sides made it unsuitable for artillery placement, but its loss would have been catastrophic to the Union army.

It dominated Cemetery Hill and the Baltimore Pike, the latter being critical for keeping the Union army supplied and for blocking any Confederate advance on Baltimore or Washington, D. Comes with display stand and a photo showing the trees riddled with artillery and gun fire.

It is hard to imagine being struck by such a heavy piece of iron. When you hold this iron ball in your hands Please call for more information please email - info gettysburgaddress. The Spencer rifle received the unique advantage and distinction of having President Lincoln firing it during shooting trials on the White House lawn and then giving his personal endorsement! The Soldiers who carried these must have thought themselves invincible when in combat against Confederates carrying their slow-firing muzzleloaders.

Will mail with in 48 hrs. Please call to order - Colors are grey, brown to tan colored clay. Marbles was a game played by Soldiers when not fighting and to relieve boredom. All authentic and approx. Nice addition to a Civil War collection. Civil War Marble surface varies due to weather exposure - no cracked marbles there maybe a flea bite from marbles hitting one another.

Im have used chhipped or cracked marbles in 8 Gettysburg relics display in the past. To order by phone call - , Tell them you want 5 Civil War marbles artifacts for sale. They have been dubbed "Witness Trees". One might state how does a tree witness anything? Well without going into subjects of how a "Tree" can witness anything, we'll just use the name witness as the 2 trees were and are a part of our history. How many wars have they stood tall through, even the Great Depressions the Civil rights movements and everything between.

The Trees of Christ Lutheran Church were in , these trees are but 2 of the 4 trees remaining that were standing during the Battle of Gettysburg. The Witness Trees of Christ Lutheran had to be cut down.

They have been preserved down to their saw dust and turned into such items like these keyrings. Now you can own a piece of history that witnessed Historic figures and Events detailed in the tri-fold that accompanies this scare and desireabe Gettysburg Civil War Relic: Comes with a signed COA and an informational trifold flyer.

To order by phone call - , and tell them you want the Witness Trees of Christ Lutheran keyring. Or email us regarding items and payment options - Witness Tree Keyring. Your bullet display come with a signed statement of authentication on parchment paper. I have researched, hunted and stock piled bullets for years. I have lived in Gettysburg or minutes from for most of my long life. I also have a lot of friends who I know and trust.

Your display will have 3 authentic Gettysburg Civil War Bullets. CSA "round-ball" and a. All 3 bullets are in good dropped condition. A Great addition or great starter display for a collection. Guaranteed authentic bullets from the Battle of Gettysburg recovered on or Battlefield property with landownners permission. Or Please call to order - and ask for the th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg 3 Bullet display or email us for item and payment options - info gettysburgaddress.

Your bullet display comes with a signed statement of authentication on parchment paper. Your display will have a. All are in good dropped dug condition and recovered over many years. We also have buy from relic hunters who unearth bullets on Battlefield property not owned by the National Park Service.

A great addition or start to your Gettysburg Civil War collection. Guaranteed authentic Gettysburg Battlefield Civil War bullets for sale. Or Please call to order - My Cell - and ask for the 3 Red Bullet Display with 3 Civil War bullets from the Battle of Gettysburg for sale or email questions regarding other Civil War artifacts for sale at info gettysburgaddress.

Special efforts have been made throughout Gettysburg and its surrounding battlefields to identify and preserve trees dating back to the American Civil War. Comes with tri-fold on agged parchment paper describing many unknown events including slaves taken from their homes in Gettysburg and sold in bordering states. Planted shortly after the construction of Christ Lutheran Church in , the Witness trees of Christ Lutheran Church witnessed great historic moments of the Civil War.

They have been preserved down to their saw dust and turned into such items as this bookmark. Now you can own a piece of history that stands as witness to: To order by phone call - , and tell them you want the Witness Trees of Christ Lutheran bookmark. Neither General Meade, the Union commander, nor the South's General Lee wished to fight at Gettysburg, but on the mourning of July 1, , Union cavalry General John Buford made a decision that set in motion a battle that would last for 3 days.

The red background in a piece of red felt to help hold the bullets in place, the white is the fiber which comes in the display case. I do not glue my artifacts down so they will shift in transit. Simply remove the same way as you replace to ensure theholes line up.

To order by phone call , Tell them you want a crossed flag white or red Battle of Gettysburg display. The Confederate heart buckles are scarce from Gettysburg. Comes with famous photocopy of 3 POW Confederate Soldiers captured at Gettysburg standing in front of split-rail or snake-rail fence.

Originally these brass buckles were used as Horse Tackle but the ever improvising Confederate Soldier saw another use for the buckle, that was as a Bed Roll Buckle.

The Soldier used this buckle and a leather strap to keep his bed roll tight and tidy. These rare Confederate Heart brass buckles are hard to find anymore from Gettysburg! Statement of authentication on parchment paper and photo copy approx. Bullet worms were used to pull bullets from jammed musket barrels. Imagine in the heat of battle and your bullet gets stuck in the barrel. This may be because your powder was insufficient or maybe just got damp.

Soldiers on both sides had to "pull" the bullet from the musket to clear the round from the gun while being shot at. The ramrod had a head on it which screwed off and the bullet "worm" screwed onto the ramrod and the soldier would literally screw the sharp points of the worm into the lead bullet and then pull or extract the bullet from the barrel.

This was not a position a soldier looked forward being in. For more information please call us at - My Cell or email - info gettysburgaddress. This was not a position a soldier wanted to be in. To order by phone, ask for the model The card is just ink and paper.

Civil War Poker Cards did not have numbers on them, rather the number was indicated by the number of the suit printed on face Seven spades is the 7 of spades card.

True Civil War poker cards are extremely rare and virtually impossible to find in such excellent condition. A major Straight Flush is available below. Comes with laminated COA.

I've never seen this large of an assortment of authentic Civil War Poker Cards. Usually the heel plates were forged from tin or iron as is the case with this example. I purchased this iron heel plate along with several other Gettysburg Civil War artifacts from a local reputable digger's collection of Confederate relics from the Battle of Gettysburg.

Union soldiershoe heel plates were known to be made of brass with fancy designs, like a heart or club in the middle. It was rumored there were shoes in Gettysburg and that the Confederate were going after them. Was this how the Battle came to be? There are accounts that support this theory. The Confederates were desperate for shoes, this much is true. Let the Scholars fight it out. For more information please call us on our land line at or email - info gettysburgaddress.

This note got its nickname because a CSA Richmond five dollar bill was found in Lincoln's pocket after his assasination. These notes were literally hand cut with scissors - see outer boarders. He established a firm with Thomas Ball for the purpose of engraving and printing Confederate notes.

The men previously hired by the Treasury agents on their visit to England, began to make their way first to the West Indies and were then brought to the South by blockade runners. English lithographers and engravers were a favored group who were paid in gold under their contracts. Thus, Keating obtained good printers and equipment and then set about producing a good product in the notes he printed.

His notes were mostly of original designs. This note is worn and not in great shape. The signatures on this Confederate States Of America note take on a "Rust-Like" color as the ink of the day contained iron, and therefore developed a rust like patina. This is a characteristic to look for when buying Civil War bills, paper and other documents.

This bill is hand cut and was printed the same year as the Battle of Gettysburg. The note is sign and numbered. NO tears or pin holes. Signatures have a rust colored due to the iron content in the inks of the day before, during and after the Civil War. The paper has an almost tissue like feel as low grade, quality paper was used. However this rare bill has no holes or tears. There's a small crease but nothing that can't be smoothed out easily.

Civil War bills were actually hand cut with scissors - which is why the boarders are not always straight and square. Item mailed first class with tracking number and COA. The cards have yellowed from natural aging of the paper. They are just paper and ink. The cards are very brittle and will snap like a potato chip if bent; trust me, I dent one trying to pick it up off a flat surface in a corner and it bent Civil War Poker Cards did not have numbers on the cards, rather the number was indicated by the number of suits printed on face.

These poker cards are extremely rare and virtually impossible to find in such excellent condition. If interested, please call us on our land line at - Thank You!

Enfield High-Impact bullet the blue color is from scanner. These rare bullets are from my personal collection. Therefore I will be listing some rare pieces soon. These Civil War bullets are sometimes are called "mushroom bullets" as they resemble a mushroom when flipped over. Enfield mini-ball bullet is a great example. To order by phone tell them you want a. Please call to order or email items and payment options - info gettysburgaddress.

It is complete with shank and I recently noticed an "A" in the center which stood for Artillery. Comes with clear plastic button holder and a laminated statement of authentication on parchment paper. It is complete with shank and back mark. The button has nice patina and good detail. This Eagle "I" Coat Button is complete with shank and back mark. Purchased with several other identified buttons sold at Shield's Museum Auction. A statement of authenticity on laminated parchment paper is included.

The Eagle Button is complete with shank and back mark. It has nice patina and detail. Included is a Statement of authentication on laminated parchment paper. It has ground action where small pin holes have formed however the D is very distinct and has nice detail. Overall this is an extremely rare vest button worthy of your Civil War collection. There are several artifacts for sale from Shield's Museum in Gettysburg. It has nice patina and good detail.

Overall this is very rare vest button worthy of your Civil War collection. It has a nice patina and has v-good detail. The rest of the time was spent trying to overcome boredom. Dominoes was a popular game for relieving such boredom as was poker, dice even betting on fleas jumping the farthest - A fact not fiction. These rare dominoes are made from whale bone with ebony backs fastened together with a brass rivet. You will also receive a photo copy of Civil War soldiers playing dominoes.

Just a great Civil War relic display which portray's a lighter side of a soldiers life as opposed to the brutality of the war. This small fee will be added at check out. To order by phone, please let us know you want the rare Gettysburg Civil War Domino display artifacts from Gettysburg for sale. They get their name because of the extra ring of lead at the base of the bullet.

This is where the powder sack would have been attached to the bullet with a string. They are often called Tie-Ring Sharps as well. These Sharps Ringtails are becoming harder and harder to find from the Battle of Gettysburg; especially in such great condition. Sharps "Ringtail" carbine bullet in excellent condition from Gettysburg Battlefield -- Shipping in US included in price!

Or email us for item info and payment options - info gettysburgaddress. General Grant referred to these Civil War bullets as "Flying Pumpkins" and said don't worry is your being shot at by this musket round.

Grant, referring to the inaccuracy of the 69 caliber musket round. Gettysburg Battlefield recovered bullet comes with display stand shown and statement of authentication on aged parchment paper.

This is a fact, not fiction. To order by phone, Tell them you want the Gettysburg Civil War 69 cal. This bullet is in excellent condition and has a very nice nearly uniform patina.

When you hold one of these very large bullets in your hand you will be shocked by the weight and size. It's hard to imagine being shot by one of these huge lead Mini-Balls. These Gettysburg Civil War bullets are becoming harder and harder to find in any condition.

To order by phone, Tell them you want a 69 caliber mini ball Gettysburg Civil War bullet for sale. For more information please call or email - info gettysburgaddress. Designed in , the Starr was primarily used by cavalry soldiers in the Civil War. This is a rare Civil War bullet. Recovered at East Cavalry Field on the Gettysburg Battlefield years ago when it was not illegal to keep Civil War bullets, artifacts or relics found.

Excellent rare addition to your Civil War bullet collection or nice starter bullet. To order by phone, Tell them you want the Gettysburg Civil War. Burnside was a poor military Officer but rose through the ranks in part because of the success of his weapon - the.

This weapon was manufactured in Rhode Island by the Bristol Firearms Company and later, its successor, the Burnside Rifle Company, from about to Authentic Civil War relic bullet from the Gettysburg Battlefield. To order by phone, Just let them know your interested in the. Gardner bullet in dropped condition. These rare Confederate bullets from the Gettysburg Battlefield are becoming nearly impossible to find. To order by phone, call and Tell them you want the 58 Cal.

Confederate Gardner bullet in dropped condition, Gettysburg Civil War bullets for sale. Gardner This is a rare 54 caliber Confederate Gardner bullet in dropped condition. Gardner Civil War bullets for sale from Gettysburg. They are far less common than the already rare 58 cal. To order by phone them you want the rare 54 CAL. Gettysburg Civil War Confederate Gardner bullet in dropped condition for sale.

They are very rare Civil War bullets and not many were ever recovered in Gettysburg let alone in such exceptional condition. General George Armstrong Custer Gettysburg. The cartridge has long since deteriorated leaving the bullet as its last testament.

It became the most famous of all Civil War small arms. Will order again in 2 years for 3rd and final child graduation!

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Donna, GA" August 20, The quilt was completed in an amazing quick time, just as promised, they continued to keep me updated as well via emails. My daughter was blown away when the box was delivered to our house.

I will use them again for my second daughter in a few years. Many thanks again for making the process so easy. Joanne - NJ" August 4, She loved her quilt and will have this great momento to memorialize a special time in her life. Barbara, AZ" August 4, Thank you" July 23, Communication during process was excellent and I would highly recommend. Denise, NJ" July 22, His shirts were precious to my family as he had passed away. Both quilts turned out beautifully and my special instructions were followed exactly.

The thing that stands out most to me, is your customer service. The people I dealt with were friendly and understanding and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you very much. Kathy NJ" July 16, It was a pleasure working with you! Christine, New York" July 16, They sent an email or called if they had a question and returned emails quickly and with thorough and friendly answers.

Oh, and the quilt is awesome. I've already recommended them to friends. Everyone is quite impressed, and they will be saving their T shirts from now on! Jamie, WA" July 8, The shirts used hold great memories for my husband and I, and we are thrilled with the care and attention given to each one.

Thanks for making it a smooth and easy process. Laure, CO" June 23, His older brother still uses it in college! I will be ordering one more in a few years and it definitely will be made by the Quilt Loft.

Customer service and workmanship are excellent! Karen, MA" June 20, I have one of your quilts hanging in my family room for the past 5 years. It still looks amazing. Everyone comments on it. I just gave my daughter her new quilt made from her recital t-shirts. Her dance studio is closing, so it will be a forever reminder of her time spent there.

We gave it to her for middle school and graduation. Thank you for helping us preserve our memories. Melissa L, NJ" June 20, I lost my husband a year ago and the quilt was made from his t-shirts. It is so beautiful and brings back such wonderful memories. Everyone who sees it loves it. Do not hesitate to order from this company, they do it all right from communication about the quilt to the quality of the product. Jo-Ann, NJ" June 18, It exceeds my expectations!

It was a gift to my daughter for her high school graduation and she loves it. I will recommend The Quilt Loft to anybody wanting to make a t-shirt quilt. Sally, MT" June 17, We couldn't be happier with the quilt!

Susan, PA" June 17, Thank you so very much! Lots of great memories and so cozy - she is taking it to college with her! Leslie, VA" June 17, The emails keeping us up to date on its progress were appreciated too! Thank you for completing and shipping the quilt so swiftly!

It arrived in time to display for our daughter's graduation party for all her friends and family to see! It is so beautiful and displays high-craftsmanship.

We are very satisfied! I also appreciated the communications from your company in making sure that the quilt met my specifications. I will absolutely use you all again and will recommend you to my friends. I chose you all because your prices were very reasonable and now I know that your products are top notch as well.

Thank you so much for making my son's graduation gift so special. Alyssa, Georgia" June 14, They kept me informed about my order every step of the way. They call for clarification and the end product was exceptional quality. I could not recommend this company enough! I will definitely use them again. Amazing product great service! Tara WI" June 10, You do incredible work! Thank you for making a one-of-a-kind gift for my daughter! Cristy, OH" June 8, Cindy VA" June 8, The tee shirt quilts make great graduation presents!

Our 4 year old quilt is still in great shape. Melanie, VA" June 8, The product is high quality and well made. Staff were very friendly and helpful to work with and I received the quilt in a timely manner.

Laura, TX" June 8, We have referred so many people from showing it off at our graduation party. Rhonda, Texas" June 8, I am glad I got the sashing and had the Quilt Loft choose the layout. I enjoy showing it to people and telling the stories of each shirt. Carmen, MI" June 8, Benna from Georgia" June 8, Melinda, WV" June 8, The quality of the quilt exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship was excellent. The team at the Quilt Store answered all of my endless questions.

And, delivery was extremely fast. Donna, FL" June 8, I love that you update the customer throughout the whole process. I was very confident sending the T-shirts to you and knowing that the end result would be well done and beautiful.

Also, even during a busy time graduation it was done quickly! I cannot wait to give this to my daughter. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Summer, IL" May 12, Lori, MA" May 8, Customer communication and responsiveness was too notch. Thank you for a special and memorable gift for our graduating senior! We will be back again for the next one! Mary Jane, Ohio" May 8, It makes me smile every time I look at it.

You did such a great job! The customer service was outstanding! Stacy, CA" May 6, It turned out better than I imagined!! Anita, TN" May 1, Everything awesome Thanks" May 1, The quilt is a great keepsake and will be warm and bring back many memories when he uses it.

Linda, NY" May 1, The memories that are captured in it, makes it so valuable to me. I will treasure it. The workmanship is excellent and I would suggest anyone who is thinking about doing this, to go ahead and do it. Mary from Tennessee" April 7, Dean Florida" April 6, U guys r doin great! Whoever did my quilt - please tell her it is a true blessing and exceeded my expectations! Katherine Huske Dalton, Georgia" March 21, Your website was so easy to figure out what to do and how to order.

It was made with such quality and care and I know he will be thrilled. Thank you for making this such an easy process with such a great result. My college aged son would not have a clue on how to wash without asking. It was a pleasure dealing with you. I appreciated the phone calls for clarification of what I wanted and emails detailing the status of the order.

Will be ordering again when it's daughter's graduation. Nancy, Hackettstown, NJ" March 20, It is the story of my husband, who recently passed away.

Ellie NY" March 20, Jeremy, FL" March 7, It is extremely well made and will provide fond memories of my husband. I intend to order another quilt real soon, and have spread the word about Quilt Loft. Great friendly personal service and very quick responses to my questions. It was even better than I had anticipated. Carolyn, CA" February 17, Wayne IL" February 9, Mary Ann, IL" February 3, You guys are easy to work with, good communicators and the process was so easy. We will definitely use your services again!

Thanks, Rita , NY" January 24, We are so very pleased!! We will definitely be using you again and I've shared your contact information with several friends who would like to do the same thing. Thank you so much for doing such great work!! I have recommended you to all of our family and friends.

Thank you for the special gift you created! Darla Mississippi" January 9, Jean - New York" January 4, It was a Christmas present for my oldest daughter and she loves it. I am very pleased with the detail and the quality of the quilt. I will be ordering another one from you next Christmas for my youngest daughter. Lisa, LA" December 31, Tina, TN" December 29, I am not easy to please and yet I am completely in love with this gift. This quilt is a product of great communication, a commitment to design and a dedication to doing things right.

Thank you for getting it here in time for the holidays. I will be back. Tammy - New Jersey" December 29, Fran, TN" December 28, Very detailed in the instructions and they have outstanding communication during production. Tammy, OH" December 27, Everyone I talked to was so helpful and the quilt is perfect! NY" December 26, It looks and feels awesome.

I have already recommended you to several other people. Thanks again" December 20, Sarah, Cleveland Ohio" December 18, Love both of them!! Judy, Illinois" December 18, I love the quilts and expect the people I am giving them to will love them too.

I have many friends that plan to order one after seeing mine. I can't wait until my son opens its on Christmas. Such a personal purchase, trusting them with years of sentimental tshirts that resulted in a true quality beautiful usable keepsake! The workmanship and quality exceeded my expectations. Chris, CA" December 11, It was even better than I could have imagined!

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