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Beautiful couple searching real sex San Jose California

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Beautiful couple searching real sex San Jose California

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Adelaida - Adelaida Cemetery - A ghost wearing a long white nightgown makes her appearance in this old cemetery every Friday night, between 10PM and midnight. This Mennonite ghost lays flowers on the grave on one of her children that died in the Diphtheria epidemic.

She may have also committed suicide in her own life. They had three witnesses with them that particular day and night, to verify that there was no one else in that cemetery, except of course, the spirits.

We are awaiting the link to the pictures they are referring to. Driver was convicted and committed suicide. Accident appears to recreate itself, most strongly on the anniversary of the accident. CHP has had reports of accidents at that area, caused by people swerving to miss the white car, although later investigations show that the white car was never there. Trespassing is a crime. You could get arrested or worse, hurt. Be smart, courtious, and be legal. Take the first right into an industrial parking lot and you'll see the asylum straight ahead.

Patients used to be tortured and killed there, and it's abandoned now. At nighttime, stand out in the front and look at the fifth window from the right on the second story. The blinds open and close themselves. Sometimes when you walk inside, you'll hear a loud scream the second you enter the door.

Also, you get the chills and have the feeling that someone's behind you. When you're inside, you will hear screaming coming from a distant room in the house. Down in the basement there are ropes that people used to hang themselves with. Even during the day, if you take pictures occasionally there will be orbs or even a glowing, ghostly figure in the picture. Alameda - Kaufman Auditorium - You can hear noises, and people have sighted a female ghost walking around backstage. Alameda - USS Hornet - Many ghosts reported being seen by those who are caretakers of the old aircraft carrier.

Ghosts of sailors who perished on board are well documented. Alameda - Washington Elementary School - There are reports that when people are alone in there they get cold chills, and hear knocking and scratching when no one was around.

There is a ghosts of a young boy about 13 years old walking the halls at night. Alhambra - Alhambra High School - A few years ago, a girl hung herself on the bridge.

At night, people hear and see people running around the track, even though there is nobody there. Alhambra - Ramona Convent Secondary School - Students have reported seeing a "white nun" roaming the library. Many girls have claimed to have heard the piano in one of the school buildings being played, while no one was in the building. After a student drowned in the school, pool stories surfaced of the victim tugging at the swimmers legs.

Alhambra - Scripps Kensington - This is a retirement home with its own church, cemetery and about residents. A former employee who used to work in the kitchen as one of three supervisors. Reports in the three years that they worked their they saw all types of unexplainable things. At one point seven of many of the staff saw what looked like a hazy white long sleeve shirt, with no head or legs, wondering around in the library as if looking for a book.

When they turned the lights on it just disappeared and a few minutes after the lights were turned off it came back. But the scariest encounter they had was when they saw a 10 lb frying pan come off its hook and get thrown towards them, with no one anywhere near. Many there have stories with ghosts or things that they just couldn't explain. An old woman, a little boy and a man haunt it.

The story goes that the old woman is mean, and is after the little boy. But she can't get to him, because the man is protecting the boy from her. The haunts consists of doors slamming, books flying across the room barely missing people, and sounds of foot steps.

As people pass a hallway that has mirrors on both sides of the wall, they have seen the old woman or man in the reflection. Then, they suddenly disappear. Alhambra - Ultrazone - Workers have reported hearing whistling in the arena after closing. The arena has also been reported to fill up with fog, long after the fog machines have been shut off.

The light located near the back exit has been seen to mysteriously change colors. Altadena - Loma Alta Street - Gravity Hill - On this hill, if you are facing downhill in your car, stop, and place the car in neutral, you will go backwards up the hill.

Fingerprints are reported to be found as well. The car spun out of control and killed herself and her three friends. Now they try to push you back up the hill. Altadena - Zane Grey Mansion - Owners noticed that the house had very cold spots near the fireplaces, library, kitchen and pantry. The kitchen clock would cease working when certain people entered the kitchen.

From time to time you can hear someone walking across the butler's pantry floor, to the formal dining room. Amboy - Amboy School - The teachers and students have experienced someone coming in the front door, but when they look out into the hall from the classroom, there is no one there. Also, on windless days, the swings out on the back playground would swing on their own.

Down in the gym at night, when students play basketball, items would relocate themselves. A broom standing against the wall would be seen standing against another wall. This, of course, went unseen by the students, until they looked to see the broom was in a new location.

The teacher, working down in the school at night, on numerous occasions, experienced something watching her. One night she had to abandon her lesson preparations and hurry out of the classroom. It was said that several Indians working on the nearby railroad died, and that their ghosts roam the town. The school was closed in Anaheim - Anaheim Fairfield Inn By Marriott - This motel is right next to a freeway, and it is said to be haunted by a couple that died in a car accident that took place on the freeway.

You could here constant banging on the old, locked steel door on certain nights, usually after football games. Erratic footsteps have been heard on the roof.

Anaheim - Chain Reaction - Employees report talking and laughing late at night in the back alley and in bathrooms. Upon investigation, no one is there. A bum was found dead in the back alley. Since then, the venue was converted from a Mexican restaurant to a club. It was formerly a biker bar, where there were many reported stabbings. Anaheim - House of Blues - The area behind the mosh pit on the first floor is where the hot spot is. People have been brushed against, touched, and pushed by something, but when they look there is no one there.

It happens so casually that you don't even realize it the first time. Anaheim - Kmart on Euclid - Employees have reported things falling off of shelves after closing. Some report seeing a girl. Her name is supposedly Isa or Isabel. Anaheim - Red Cross House - It is said that it is haunted by the original caretaker.

When you get to the room where the children lived you feel a strange presence. In the first room at the entrance if you look at the picture while your going up the stairs you see the eyeballs on the picture of the caretaker you see them watching you.

Also when you go up to the second story people mostly females get pushed at a male if they seem to be a perfect couple. No Murder has happened here. A teacher was, however, dragged out of a classroom and taken away in a straight jacket in or after having a mental breakdown, climbing up a wall shouting "There're going to kill me An Indian woman and her child were murdered on the site.

Workers have heard sounds of dance music and the cries of a child late at night. In life, her name was Mary. She was a nanny in the 's when there was still coal mining in the mines.

All of the children died of illnesses and she was accused of Witchcraft, then executed. She guards the mines and when people see her, she is all white. She was a midwife and on her way to deliver a baby her carriage fell over and she was crushed.

She is seen in the graveyard floating around the tombstones. Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - Somersville - Sarah Norton - Sarah Norton was a midwife who died on the way to deliver a baby when her carriage over turned and killed her. Sarah was not a religious woman and told her kids that she did not want a funeral. So when she died the town s people of Somersville wanted to give her a funeral. The first time they went to give her a funeral a fierce storm struck up and cause the towns people to delay the funeral till the next day, the next time they tried to give her a funeral another storm came out of no where and the live stock started charging thru town, at that point the towns people stopped trying to give her a funeral and just brought her to Rosehill Cemetery, From that day her sprit has been seen around Somersville and the other locations where the mining towns use to be know as The Black Diamond Mines in eastern Contra Costa County and other locations off of m arsh creek rd.

Her ghost has been known to be called the White Witch. Antioch - Brentwood - Gravity Hill - In the 's a school bus was driving kids home from a field trip.

It skidded into a wash and all the kids drowned. If you go there, put your car in neutral around the turn, you get pushed up the hill. It's supposedly by the kids who died in the bus crash and they want to keep you from the same fate.

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Armagosa - Armagosa hotel and opera house - haunted by several ghosts who were residents during the borax mining. The hotel workers have pictures of orbs and many stories as well as some documentaries have been filmed on the hauntings. The tower room of this three-story pink mansion is thought to be inhabited by the ghost of a 9-year-old girl named Alice.

She has been spotted on more than one occasion and guests of the inn have heard the girl laughing, according to Ghosts of the Haunted Coast, by Richard L. In his book, Senate said that a psychic was taken to the inn, not knowing of the rumored ghost, and spotted her as she walked up the staircase. She said the girl had pigtails and was wearing a long dress with a small apron. Apparently the ghost likes cats.. The owners told the psychic later that they had discovered a number of cats sleeping near the window in the tower.

Some say she died of pneumonia, others say that she died of allergies to bee stings, because when they tore down a wall in one of the bedrooms there was a bee hive covering the whole wall. One eyewitness and Neighbor to the Inn for the last 20 years said she saw birds vortexing into the chimney. They say Alice is friendly and loved cats, they often find cats rest in the windowsill of the Nursery.

Artesia - The Red House - a couple that where to be wed had a fight and the bride was pushed down the stairs to her death.

It is said that if you walk past her grave you will se her floating around. One particular craft, an old B, is said to be haunted by a former crewmember who died when a bomb exploded in the aircraft while on a mission.

He's said to turn the landing lights on and off and is known to make the propellers turn, though they are locked into place. Don't worry, he's friendly. Azusa - Railroad Overpass Bridge - Haunted by a transient and his dog seen walking the tracks at night. It is also said that an exorcism took place in her room, which was about the middle of the corridor to the east. The hospital was owned by a local company that sold the building, which is located in Reforma Avenue in downtown Mexicali, and it is now a hotel.

The floor where it's supposed to have taken place the possessed case is often colder tan the actual weather and the spot near the door of the room is darker than others places. But the local church and the companies involved denied the case. Bakersfield - Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Building - This old building is haunted by a few ghosts. A German Shepard Dog who can be seen, waiting patiently for his master to come and pick him up.

An old security guard who can sometimes be seen in the lunchroom. Finally, the former editor of the Californian can be seen walking through the hallways of the building. Bakersfield - Bakersfield High School - Reports of apparitions of a young couple, they look to be 16 to 18 years old. The girl is wearing a prom dress and the guy is wearing a football jacket with "BHS" embroidered on the back.

The area has a strange chill to it, and a feeling of being watched. Where they are seen is up near the top of the bleachers. Bakersfield - Bakersfield High School - Harvey Auditorium - Supposedly, while they were building Harvey Auditorium, a worker fell from the rafters all the way into the basement. They say that the Auditorium is haunted by his ghost, as well as some others. There used to be a hospital on the grounds of BHS and they would bury body parts from the operations in the area of the quad.

Bakersfield - Central Park - A lady with the flowing robe seen wafting along the canal at dawn. A lifelong resident of this city was told the ghost belongs to a woman believed murdered. Her bones were found buried in the old foundry across from the park. The bones, discovered when the foundry's floor was torn up, had bullet holes in them. Bakersfield - Club Paradise - Reports of apparitions, locked employees in the storeroom from the inside, pushed people in the bar room hallway, grabbed, groped customers, objects move.

Bakersfield - East Bakersfield High School auditorium - it is believed that years ago a janitor stayed after hours to fix some lights up on the ceiling, he fell of the ladder and broke his neck. Bakersfield - Garces Circle - People have reported that right before a major car accident at the circle there's been quite a few people can either see the hands of the statue moving or they hear him muttering in prayer for them.

Bakersfield - Highland High school Theater - Westley Anderson Hall - There is a spirit of an older man that likes to play tricks on people.

He will turn the stage lights off when people are on the stage but never during a performance where he just sits and observes. He also likes to whispers in peoples ears and rummage through the costumes in the costume loft. Three spirits are said to be in residence. One young man seen hammering is believed to be a young man who fell to his death during construction. The second is an elderly woman who stands and watches. The third is a man always described as "angry". He is believed to be one of the former owners.

Lights are switched on and off, doors and windows open or close by themselves. Doorknobs rattle, voices can be heard, and the sounds of footsteps on the staircase occur quite often. The present owners of the property, who operate the real estate company, say they have never felt afraid or in danger, and are now quite used to the "other agents" and their nightly actions.

Bakersfield - Melodrama Musical Theatre - The theatre is located at the northern most end of the city in an area called Oildale, a community grown out of the oil industry. The building was constructed in the early 's, originally as a toy store.

The owner went bankrupt around , and having lost everything he owned trying to keep his business afloat in this impoverished area, closed the doors for a final time.

He has been felt passing people in the stairwell. He has been seen breaking mirrors. His apparition seen crossing the stage during performances. Also, the women's dressing room seems to have strange occurrences: Bakersfield - Norris School built in - now Kern County Museum - Witnesses report hearing the tapping of chalk on the chalkboard, but saw nothing. Bakersfield - The Padre Hotel - one of the city's landmark buildings is so haunted you can feel it the moment you walk thru the foyer doors.

You should contact the owner for specific details. It has been turned into office buildings and condos. Bakersfield - Pioneer Village - Reportedly, someone witnessed a ghostly birthday party in the Weill house. Others have seen children in front of the Norris School Building. Bakersfield - Standard Middle School - a man has been seen hanging from the top of the auditorium Baldwin Park - Baldwin Park High - Early in the morning strange sounds can be heard in the basketball gym.

Also footsteps and thumping noises can be heard behind the stage. It is said to be the ghost of Gary Cooper. Banning - Payless Shoe Source - There are reports of a little boy that appears in the break room at the back of the store.

Legend says that the little boy came into the store with his mother and wanted a pair of shoes really bad. His mother didn't buy it for him and he was quite upset. Ran out the store and was hit by a car.

This store has not kept employees for long because each time a new employee sees the apparition, they just quit without telling anyone. It is said that the boy appears right before the store opens and right before it closes at night. Banta Tracy - The Banta Inn - Haunted by the former owner who died of a heart attack behind the bar in He likes to knock things off walls, stack the coins inside the cash register, open and close doors. He told officers that a kid was hanging from the basketball hoop.

He said he saw it from the top right corner on the bleachers. Officers say that the kids name was Ryan that hung himself in when the school was once a high school Pacifica high. Beaumont - Sunnyslope Cemetery - There are various types of encounters. Some are cold spots, noises, and eerie feelings, also sometimes you can feel a hand touch you.

The cemetery is not visited heavily and sometimes when alone you can see a groundskeeper walking around. However when you try to approach him, he walks into one of the sheds and disappears. When you approach the shed, the door is open and you can knock or call out and you get no response. On one occasion 2 witnesses to this stepped inside to find nobody there. Also, if going at night be sure to go in groups, the residents see to be more forward then.

The cemetery is located at the south end of Pennsylvania street, past the railroad tracks. Bell Gardens - Bell Gardens Park - In their was a men with a little girl at 12 at night and the guy kill her and took her head out and he dig a hole by the baseball field and he put it their.

She actually described the location were the bodies were to be found and mentioned that there was something wrong with one of the victims left foot, after locating the bodies in a shallow grave it was found that one of the boys feet had been partially eaten by coyotes.

Apparently, they had gone night fishing at the pond that was located in the park and were murdered by someone who was never caught. They were found in the morning by the pond with their throats slashed. It was told by word of mouth and in the newspapers that is was a grisly scene straight out of hell. It could be the ghosts of the two boys that haunt the park. A Police officer in Bell Gardens reports the boys bodies were recovered with the help of a local psychic; the bodies were recovered in the Whittier Narrows area not at the park and a suspect was arrested, tried and convicted of the crime.

The real story here is that there were no leads at all until the psychic was contacted as a last resort by one of the detectives. Bell Gardens - Suva Elementary School - People have reported there names being called in one of the bathrooms, also they say you can see a little girl riding on one swing always the same one once a person got thrown off the swing and crashed in the fence behind him.

Bell Gardens - Suva Intermediate - A janitor committed suicide on the third floor of the big building he has been see roaming the school and mostly the top floor.

Bellflower - Bellflower High School - Its reported that back in the '60's in room B-1 on the West side of the campus, a Female student named Kaytlin killed a skinny boy in the class after he called her "Chicken Head".

She made him drink a soda filled with rat poison. After he passed out she tied him to a desk and started to cut up his body so she could stuff him in a cabinet in the room.

At that time the room was used for storage and his body rotted in there over the long hot summer break. When the next school year started his body was found by a custodian that was cleaning the room. The hauntings that have been reported include the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh and blood stains appearing and disappearing on the floor. Some of the Teachers that have used this room, that is now a classroom, have reported seeing body parts in the cabinets, that also disappear.

Bellflower - Bellflower High School - Theater - A girl killed herself because her boyfriend broke up with her and she didn't make the play she tried out for. She hung herself over the stage. A prop phone would ring when unplugged. When students are rehearsing spotlights would flicker on and off. When the radio would be unplugged it would turn on, but the station would be changed.

Bellflower - Kmart - A woman has been seen on several occasions in the stockroom areas. She always appears to be working. As of this date she has not been identified. John Bosco High School - A boy named Tyler was a student in the 's, and he was kicked out of Bosco for personal reasons. He later then died of a drug overdose. It is said that he roams the campus mainly the senior square searching for a senior whom he can borrow a lighter from.

Belmont - Waterdog Lake - One day a little boy was walking up on Waterdog, alone, unprotected. He never returned home. People say the ghost of Waterdog killed him, others say the ghost is bogus.

The story posted in the newspapers is a 12 year old boy was killed by a man that was convicted of the act and his body was dumped here. When they go on Waterdog to prove it Benicia - Captain Blythers - This is a very old home now a restaurant. The former owners have had picture jump off of the walls and alarms go off.

The town's police have even experienced this happening. Benicia - The Union Hotel - During the 's, a young woman hanged herself in one of the rooms of this hotel. To this day, people report seeing her apparition in the window that faces the street. Other guests claim to see lights going on and off and someone talking or crying when no one is around. Berkeley - Faculty Club - room is haunted by a ghost of an elderly man.

Beverly Hills - Doheny Mansion - Night-shift groundskeepers will not stay employed, due to sounds, and screams inside the house. There are some sections that are gated and padlocked that have not been kept up in the home due to this. Beverly Hills - Pickfair Mansion - According to the previous owners, there were at least two other ghosts who haunted the place as well. In the beautiful entry way was often seen a ghost who was thought to be Douglas Fairbanks.

Also that Janitors would get pushed down stairs Unexpectedly. The story behind this is that a Drama Teacher working alone supposedly fell into the pit area and died a mere 5 feet drop. Police said it was accidental. But her wrist's were broken, indicated she'd been pushed. The Auditorium is now dedicated to that Drama Teacher. Bloomington - Green Acres Cemetery- Its been reported that on Halloween every year there is said to be blood on the table found between the three marble chairs in the southeast part of the cemetery.

Bodie - Bodie State Park - Reports of walking up and down stairs in any building there. Curse on Bodie if anyone takes anything as a souvenir. Bodega Bay - - Reports of a Vortex here, strange unexplainable things happen to people as well as animals.

Boulder Creek - Brookdale Lodge - A girl in a formal dress runs across the lobby, then disappears into thin air. In an empty Mermaid Room, voices and music are softly heard. Hidden rooms and secret passages are mysterious vestiges of Brookdale Lodge's rich past. Brea - Breas Best - Employees have reported that during late hours, frozen food would get launched across the kitchen.

After about 15 minutes, a loud laughter would come about scaring the employees. One night, the refrigerator door flew open and someone or something threw out all the food on to the floor and also weird shadows were seen on the walls.

Brea - Brea Olinda High School - Performing Arts Center - one student had been sweeping under the seats and by the time she had finished a row the two end seats would be down, and this happened in every row. Also one student said when she had been there late one night with only 3 other students that there had been a figure of a man standing on the stage staring at them. Many strange noises come about also during the later parts of the night, especially after a rehearsal or performance.

You can see two crosses next to each other, if you go further there is another cross, and as you continue you see a tombstone. The 3 crosses were of people that died there from car accidents because it's so dark and the tombstone. It is said that at night you can see hikers trying to get a ride. When you look back they are gone. Another freaky thing is that there are many cars that have been on the side for who knows how long. They appeared to have been broken down there for a while. And if you stop by the crosses there is a spine tingling feeling that makes you want to scream.

Doors open by themselves. With a whole English class present, the poem "the Living Hand" was being read. During the poem, the door open and then slammed. The teacher checked and no one was there. The doors are designed so that you have to turn the knob to open them and they are difficult to slam.

Brentwood - Mount Saint Mary's - Carondelet dormitory - there are nuns seen walking and doors open mysteriously. She comes back to the Brookedale Lodge and sits by the fireplace in the lounge and roams the grounds. A wonderful place to dine and stay, mysterious, but friendly and beautiful.

The employees feel chills on their arms and shoulders and upstairs they hear voices and someone following them. Also claim to have lights go on and off, even when the power is off.

Also the "kingdom of the Dinosaurs " ride is claimed to be haunted by a former male maintenance employee who fell to his death in a fire many years ago and a young boy is seen in several areas of the attraction, especially the ice-age area, many employees are afraid to be in position there. In the early 80's, a young man, distraught over a recent heart break, Jumped to his death from the top of the parachute ride. The ride is since gone, but the structure still stands.

On several occasions, employees have had the experience of some thing large slamming into the ground, "as if someone were to drop a sack of potatoes from high above on the structure" only to find nothing. Buena Park - Knott's Berry Farm - Virginia's Gift Shop - While up on the 2nd floor employee break Room ,noises, cold air and breezes, and closet doors opening up by themselves. Burbank - Woodbury University - This previous monastery is now a college.

Mother Cabrini now haunts the campus. She was once one of the nuns that resided here. Her face is even sculpted into one of the buildings. The bell in the bell tower has been known to ring late in the night. Burney - Black Ranch Road. Bartle House - roof glows green at night check with the local fire department, they have responded to numerous calls of the house being on fire , cabinet doors open by themselves, lights and heaters turn on, figure of Mr. Bartle is seen in the hallway.

Byron - Hot Springs Hotel - This hotel is located on the right hand side of the road about a quarter of a mile back down a long drive way. There is an old orange hotel from the late 's that remains are still intact. Legend says that this place is haunted by many who lost their lives in there. So far all that has been seen is an old man wearing white rags, and a young boy who runs up and down the halls. Dark shadows were seen from a distance and then disappeared after seen. You could tell this wasn't a happy house.

Cabazon - Morongo Indian Reservation - there's a road where you can park your car at the bottom and it rolls uphill steadily. Calavares County - Murphys - Murphys Historical Hotel - Instant feeling of something different there as soon as you walk in. It is said that a bookkeeper was shot and thrown over the balcony.

Feelings of being watched, and feeling a presence. Calico - Calico mines - Behind the actual "ghost town" the pitted landscape of tunnels and pits, there is a small road that ends at an open area. First a slowly moving bear crosses the length of the open area, to seemingly clear the stage for the others to come.

Calico - School House - Apparition of an old school teacher has been encountered. Calexico - Calexico High School - At night there are noises heard, and things seen. People have reported to see a girl walk around at different hours of the night. A group of teachers reported to have seen her at a pep rally in the 80's at the football field. Another claim was made by construction workers who were building the new gym, they saw a girl walking to the football field early in the morning, when they called out to her it was as if she didn't hear them.

Other encounters are doors slamming, windows shutting, lights flickering and turning off. The story is of a girl who was killed in a car accident coming back from an away football game, she was a cheerleader and now apparently it is said that it is her that haunts the school. Calexico - El Charro - Old burned down restaurant. Ghostly apparitions have been sighted. Camarillo - Old Camarillo State Hospital - now Channel Islands University This large enclave of buildings in Camarillo is now a university, but were originally built in the s as a state mental hospital.

They changed over to a school in the mid 90s. There have been many stories of ghosts over the years of all kinds due to the fact that patients previously lived and died there. Some of the buildings are in the process of being turned into dorms and some students have experienced all kinds of unexplained events.

The sounds of children's voices at the children's center, by the Bell tower an old woman walking and asking for directions to the chapel and old woman wearing white wondering the hallways in the daytime. In the restrooms the voice of someone saying, "SSSHHHHH" in parking lot A figure that looks like a man spinning around until it disappears near one of the street lights. Many people have had encounters with ghost at this site, during the day and at night the ghost don't have a preferred time.

Some complaints from students and staff are headaches, nausea, feeling of being watched, feeling unsafe, threatened, and extreme tiredness. Also, there have been numerous sightings of at least a dozen different entities in the Bell Tower, Police Station region.

Currently, only very few buildings at the site are used- most are abandoned. Entities seen range from a beautiful woman in white who wanders both night and day in the hallways in and around the Bell Tower, a man by the bus stop, and a rather nervous entity in one of the women's restrooms in the Bell Tower who not only chatters but makes some kind of rustling sound.

Scary Dairy is tagged by gangsters, and it is rumored to have had murders taken place in the area. We are unsure if the Scary Dairy was a slaughterhouse or a dairy, but there are a lot of rooms in the building. Most of the walls are fallen down, and there seems to be lot of dumping in the area. Scary Dairy gives of a very bad vibe, and you can almost feel the ghostly activity. Scary Dairy is a cool place to check in the day, but when night falls it is probably the scariest place to be, considering the amount of rooms and gang activity Cameron Park - Bass Lake Road - girl in white gown near the reservoir at the bend where the water sometimes over flows onto the road.

At the actual lake by a bench it was dedicated to an old man he can be seen sitting on the bench smiling at you. Camp Pendleton - 41 Area - Second story room in one of the barracks is haunted by the ghost of a Marine.

The ghost moves furniture, hums the song to "Jeopardy", and has struck another Marine sleeping in the room. People in the room feel the ghost is there watching them.

Campbell - Securitas Security - Feeling of not being alone in the building after hours. Out of the corner of your eyes at night, you see something run down the hall and around the corner. Sometimes in the hallway where you see the figure, you get major chills and your hair stands on end. Also you can hear doors slamming in different areas of the first floor after it been closed.

Canoga Park - A Jack in The Box on Topanga Cyn, - Numerous sightings of a man standing at the drive through window, wearing all red, the milkshake machines turning on for no reason, and furniture in the dinning area moving by themselves at night and the frozen food on the floor. In the warehouse late at night you could hear the ghost of a woman screaming as it passed you from the back to the front.

Reports of seeing the apparition and greeting them as a person and realizing no one was there have happened. One account was a repairman working on the water heating system he was at work after hours and his tool chest was on his left side, as he was working the tool chest was slammed down on his right side hard enough to startle him and send him running out of the building.

Additionally, the ghost was said to live in the attic area of the walk in refrigerator. Every day before work started, the door to the room would be open even if it was locked the night before Take Caution. The building is locked and it is doubtful that the present occupants will allow access.

Also when in the shower, sometimes the shower curtain would open up. Capitola - The Capitola Theater - Reports of hearing voices and all kinds of racket going on in the theater as if there were a theater-going crowd. Capitola - Soquel Drive - This old house marked "20" on the entrance is extremely haunted. There are lots of active orbs and sounds being heard inside of the house while venturing around the exterior of. Upon getting inside of the house things had been moved after going from room to room and noises heard in down below quarters of the house.

On the balcony there is a ghost of an old man who stands on the balcony and guards the home from the 3rd story. The only way into this place was to climb. Carmel - Blue Sky Lodge - The upper suites, very cold at night and feeling very uneasy in the master bedroom of the two bedrooms.

Carlsbad - Plaza Cinema 4 - In theater 3 a female usher was scared out by a rolling trashcan rolling up the hall way while cleaning. The girl also heard a name being whispered in the theater. She then started crying and then quit the next day. In theater 4 the big theater an usher was cleaning the theater when a large piece of ceiling almost hit him and fell a couple feet from him. It has been rumored that when the Dominguez Ranch house was used as a Stage Coach stop over after the Civil War, the man was beaten and killed on that area where those streets connect.

Carson - Carson High School - at the track field at midnight you can see a boy running around the track and if you get close to it, it'll disappear.. Carson - Del Amo Blvd.

It's also been told that he's dressed in the style of the 19th century. This house was one time used as a stop over for people coming to the San Pedro seaport to Los Angeles back in the late 's. The site of the house is also know as "the battle of Rancho Dominguez" of the Mexican-American War back in the 's.

Rumor has is that you can see "orbs" or flashes of small lights moving very quickly around the park site late at night where the house sits. Also rumor has it that a man was beaten and robbed and left to die just about yards from where this historical and supposedly "haunted" site is located.

The ghost of the man is rumored to be a "guest" that stayed at the house when it was used as a stop over for travelers. Carson - NW corner of Pacific St.

Castro Valley - Chabot Theater - Employees have heard a mans laughing and have seen shadows moving up and down the isle late at night Castro Valley - Redwood Rd. In the early s, a man, with a knife, killed all the kids at the preschool. The building no longer remains. All that remains is a swing set and the foundation of the building. From time to time, you can hear the children playing or running around and you can see the swings actually moving by themselves Catalina Island - Two Harbors - The Banning Inn - A specter dubbed the "White Lady" has been seen here as well as the smell of tobacco and fish from the spirit of a fisherman.

Rumors of Natalie Wood's ghost have also been talked about in the area where she drowned. The Belshaw House has shapes that are seen out of the corner of the eye and electrical effects like TVs, lights flickering, etc. Cerro Gordo - Bunkhouse - said to have a ghost that appears as a glowing mass in last room on the left.

Cerritos - Cerritos High School - Many janitors have heard strange banging noises in the Girls locker room. Also, it has been said that at night you can see a group of kids near the track, but as you move closer they disappear. Cherokee - Cherokee Cemetery - It is history that the town sweetheart was murdered in the and her murderer burned alive in his home across the street from the cemetery. If you visit the cemetery during the evening hours, you can hear stomping in this extremely deserted area.

Also there grave of a child that passed the same day as his father. If you place flowers on that tombstone, locals say he will visit you that evening and thank you.

Chico - California State University Chico - Laxson Auditorium - supposedly the spirit of an older woman has been seen by performers on stage, sitting in one of the balcony seats. She always sits in the same seat but of course is gone when anyone goes to investigate. Chino - Chino Hills - Story is a man who escaped prison stalked a family killing the mother, father and sister and just cut the boy's ears.

They say if you go to the house you will see blood prints and the ghosts of the family. You can read it here http: Chowchilla - Chowchilla library - bowling alley - A few years back the Bowling Alley of Chowchilla caught on fire. It started in the kitchen, and spread through out the building.

Unfortunately the cook never made it out in time. He was burned to death, and soon after it was turned into the Chowchilla library. The check out center is over where the kitchen used to be and you can sometimes feel the heat of the fire, and see the man standing there with his spatula and apron on. There have been reports of the students who have passed away still roaming the halls, at the lockers, in the gym, the cafeteria, and in the classrooms. You always get the feeling that someone is watching you in the classrooms.

Some students have said that a girl with long blonde hair will ask them what time it is then disappear, and some say the girl goes by "Michelle".

Chowchilla - Minturn Cemetery - Reports of ghostly apparitions chasing cars down the dirt road, A woman screaming, children crying or laughing, and a man ghost picking up trash around the graves. Chowchilla - Save-Mart Supermarkets - Staff of Save Mart Supermarkets in Chowchilla California have reported A woman who used to work the Graveyard shift for janitorial stated that on the nights that she was alone with the night stockers that she would feel a presence through out the aisles, or in the upstairs break room.

One young man who used to work there stated that he had the same feeling, but he worked the swing shift and only felt the presence in the break room. The young man said that every Saturday was when no one worked the grave yard shift and the store is totally empty Some people have said they would see someone walking around the store on Saturday nights, around 2: They would also see shadows from a distance as if there is someone walking around inside.

Chualar - The End Of Chualar Road - Many times a night when you drive home you can see a woman walking on the side of the road. When you pass her she disappears.

When I hit the ground I passed out and when I woke up I saw a black hair woman above me staring at me. I blinked and she was gone.

I am almost positive it was the lady on the side of the road. Allegedly A sailor Came home from seas crazy and killed his wife, son, and daughter. When near the property you feel chills and a sense of dread. The house burnt down a few years back but the haunting is still there. All you can see now is the chimney standing in the middle of the fenced in yard. Security guards that patrol the grounds in the late night hours have reported seeing two shadowy figures running through the golf course.

Noises can be heard in the back end of these apartments where a wall separates the complex from the forest. Claremont - Botanical Garden Girl - there is said to be a small girl, maybe five to six years of age, who sits by a pond and watches the fish while crying.

She is said to be wearing Native American clothing, most likely she is a Cauhillan, pronounced Kaheeya , a tribe of Native Americans who once lived on that land. Incidences include, cold spots, sudden strong gusts of wind, and crying sounds. There is a name burned into the floor of the gym, students believe it is the name of the ghosts. Claremont - Griswold's old school house - there are several ghosts that haunt this old school house, several people have heard children's voices when no one is around and others have seen a white mist walking around.

Doors fly open by themselves. Also there is always a feeling of being watched. Claremont - Thompson Creek Trail east path - while walking this path in the late evening hours, strange noises that sound like scratching and footsteps coming from bushes on the sides of the trail have been heard. Also there have been reports of cloud formations forming skull-like shapes. Also, when no one is around you, sometimes shadowy figures can be seen walking behind you, sometimes hiding behind bushes.

The crackling sounds from the power lines overhead don't help the experience too much, adding a deeper eeriness to this location. Claremont - Thompson Creek Woods - reports of, "levitating boulders, invisible walls, short hideous visions of violence, and flying people that follow you until you leave. Clayton - Contra Costa - Pioneer Inn - The Pioneer Inn has been around since the 's and is known to be haunted by the ghost of the past. The Pioneer Inn has Gone thru a lot over the years from having the second floor collapsing then having it rebuilt and having it burn down.

The Ghost have been know to carry things around and touch occupants on there shoulders and hands. Things have been know to move about, cold spots, glasses moving, and the lights to go on and off on there own. Clayton - Keller Mansion - The Keller house is a house built in the early 's and was one of California oldest cattle ranches up to the s the house was built on a old Indian Grave yard.

It is said that the ghost of the Indians still haunt the old house and tend to move things around. The story goes is that during the day a miner from the black diamond mine area of Somersville was in Clayton and got into a argument in the old Eagle Saloon across the street. The argument turned into a shoot out and one of the bullets went thru the window and stuck a little girl on the street.

The people on the street brought the little girl in to the restaurant where she died. In a pool of blood on the floor. Everything they do to remove it does not work and the stain returns to this day it is still there under the carpet. Clayton - Morgan Territory Rd - Morgan Territory Rd is a old logging road that was built back in the 's to bring wood from Santa Cruz to the Eastern Contra Costa County, the road cut thru between Livermore and Clayton, since this is a very isolated road there has been a lot that has happen on this road.

Due to the darkens of the road and being tired. Clear Lake - Modoc County - Fiddler's Green - A pioneer woman who was said to have lived there was killed by thieves while her husband was away. They threw her body down the well that is still there. At night you can see her apparition walking along the shore of the lake with a lantern. Also, you can hear her playing her fiddle faintly in the night wind.

Clovis - Andleberry Estate - This was a mansion with an adjacent asylum for woman in the 's. Many horrible experiments were performed on the patients, so the ghosts are frightened and angry, you'll get feelings of fear and dread if you venture near the house. The mansion is on Clovis Avenue, almost across the street from Sierra Vista Mall, the asylum is in the back. At Halloween, the owner runs a Haunted House attraction; this is an opportune time to visit. Coachella Valley - Coachella Valley High School - The backstage of the auditorium is known for its strange noises of pages being flipped and books being knocked down which are stared behind the stage so reported from drama students.

Coloma - Bell's General Store - Built in , the brick building was the center of activity for the large community of gold miners that settled around Sutter's Mill. Modern visitors have reported hearing the ringing of a nonexistent bell as the ghosts of former customers walk through the doorway. They were caught in the tailrace of the waterwheel at the logging Mill operated by him and his partner John Sutter.

It was the beginning of the California Gold Rush. Fanatical gold seekers followed Marshall wherever he went, thinking that he had a magical gift for finding gold. He died broken and destitute August 10, and was buried here. His restless ghost has been seen as an indistinct shadow following visitors to his monument. Coloma - Pioneer Cemetery - 8 miles No.

The Phantom of a lady in burgundy watches over the Schieffer family plot in the old settlers graveyard. According to the markers, William Schieffer died at age 2, Charles Schieffer died at age 42 and May Schieffer died at age The ghost is a woman whose hair is parted in the middle and pulled tightly into a bun.

She is wearing a long, flowing, burgundy dress and can be seen from the roadside beckoning passersby to come up to the grave site and visit with her. Coloma - Sheridan - Lincoln - Manzanita Cemetery - Reported by a local firefighter while fighting a wild land fire, the fire had burned up to the back of the cemetery.

Appeared to stop at the back fencing, then parted going around the cemetery and continued around the perimeter of the site with no logical explanation.

Also strange sounds can be heard coming from the site from about dusk late into the early hours of the morning as well as seeing blackened shadows moving across the grounds. The locals do not frequent this s cemetery. Perhaps that's the reason the cemetery is so active. Coloma - Sierra Nevada House - A mischievous spirit inhabits this hotel which was established in Co owner Gail Masi says her employees named the ghost Christopher and blames him for moving pots and pans, hiding knives and forks, and turning off the teakettles and other harmless pranks.

A malevolent spirit named Mark haunted room 4 according to psychic Jeanne Smith. He shot his girlfriend in that room. The house was built some time in the late s, and was used over the years as a jail, an inn and restaurant, and, as its name implies, a winery. It was also at one time supposedly the site of where some executions took place. According to records, the original owners who built the house suffered one tragedy after another. Several of their young children died, their winery was eventually ruined because of a blight, and the husband contracted syphilis, which over time caused blindness and mental illness.

Because he became violent from being mentally ill, his wife had him chained to a wall in the basement of the house, where he reportedly died.

The entire family is buried directly across the street in a graveyard that overlooks the house. Reports of seeing ghosts in the graveyard have also come forth in the past, but most of the stories took place inside the house. Ghost stories of the encounters where told by employees and guests of Vineyard House. One intriguing story was told by a couple who were staying in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

It was late at night and all was quiet, when suddenly the couple was awakened by the sound of drunken men coming into the hallway downstairs. They were very loud and were singing and laughing and making a general raucous, so the husband upstairs stuck his head out the bedroom door to tell the loud men to quiet down.

But upon doing so, he saw three men dressed in Victorian clothing ascending the stairs, and then they faded right before his eyes. Another story from a different couple who decided to stay at the inn was that something frightened them so badly that they packed up and left in the middle of the night. They reportedly refused to say what had happened that scared them so badly.

The basement was used as a bar, and it was late at night after closing hours. The owner was cleaning up and wiping down he bar. He said that there was one last glass at the far end of the bar, and as he was cleaning, the glass suddenly began to shake, and then it slid all the way across until it finally stopped right in front of him.

He admitted that he had no rational explanation for what he'd seen. It is believed that the things that go on in the bar are the original owner who died down there while chained to a wall. Other things that have been reported are sounds of rustling skirts, and there is apparently an area near the kitchen that is constantly cold. A woman having dinner in the restaurant claimed that she was approached by a young child who asked her to mash his peas and carrots for him.

Another scary incident occurred in the restaurant when a large chandelier suddenly came crashing down, barely missing some of the guests.

It used to be that when the restaurant and inn were still in operation, you could pick up a pamphlet that gave information about the hauntings.

It was a famous place because it had been there since the Gold Rush, and there were pictures of famous people, such as John Wayne and Dudley Moore, hanging on the walls.

The hauntings were so well-known that the house was featured on That's Incredible! Sadly, the house has been closed to the public for quite a few years. If you are ever visiting old Coloma, the site of the famous Gold Rush, be sure to drive by the old Vineyard House, and know that you are seeing a house that has been famous for its hauntings for many years.

The ghostly sounds of years gone by seeming to rise and fall like the ocean waves. Chattering by the sound of hitting a meat cleaver on a butchers block.. They rebuilt it into replica of the old one. Now there has been many reports of noises, voices, overwhelming stench of smoke, in one room you can smell whiskey, and in room 9 and 13 a female ghost is seen quite often. In the theater lights go on and off, and shadows of people are seen. Commerce - Veterans Park - Place is known to be haunted by a man name Martin who once worked as janitor at this park.

People have claimed to talked to a Martin when they have called the park office before it has even opened. Lights go off and on for no reason doors will open and close and the radio will change on its own to a local Spanish station. Concord - Brendan Theaters 14 - in theater 12 you can her little kids talking and laughing in the middle of a movie.

Concord - Clayton Valley High School - B hall - A few years ago four students met in a freshman English class and they all shared a love for music and formed a band. In their senior year the band was going to tour southern California. Heading south on I-5 the driver fell asleep and veered off road which resulted in the death of all band members. The band can now be heard on the first day of school at night where they met when they were freshman.

The band plays on. Concord - Mount Diablo High School - Reports of the apparition of a male teenager hanging by a noose from the roof, over a balcony from the second floor part of the English Building. Supposedly a depressed student who committed suicide there a long time ago.

Also cold spots and voices and noises at night near the balcony and staircase where the student committed suicide. Corona - Gravity Hill - A girl got dumped by her boyfriend and was driving real fast.

There is a big bump in the street and she hit it and crashed into a tree and died. Handprints can be seen if your car is dirty. Gravity hill is an optical illusion. Bring a carpenter's balance: The reason you feel like you're going uphill is because of the angle of the slopes on each side of the road. Corona - Horse thieves Canyon Road - Reports of eyes burning, dizziness, and the feeling of being pulled to a wooded area where reports of black floating apparitions.

A trail goes past water towers after an hour of walking a place for campfire is found a circle of trees is present when all lights are off black apparitions can be seen going from tree to tree. They do not like bright flashlights, those who possess the brightest are pushed, kicked, dust is kicked up, other noises are heard.

Going in a small group is recommended due to long walk. Extremely cold breezes flow past you at certain points. Rumor has it that although the dishwasher is still doing time for her murder, it was actually the cook that committed the crime. Regardless of who killed Michelle and why, she still haunts Live Oak. The new owner doesn't mind and comments that, "People say she is a really nice girl and even shy. Perhaps even more spine tingling than Michelle's story is the fact that in the Inn's earlier days, people were often hung from the twisted oak tree in front.

If you look closely, you can see the tree growing arou nd an old noose!!! She has worked there for almost a year and Michelle has stopped flushing the toilet and started ringing the food bell constantly during all hours. She has seen shadows of her out of the corner of her eye when she is there alone. Corona - Marie Callender's - There are many stories, one night in the kitchen area a few of the workers were doing side work and a few others were in the bar after closing and a big metal pie cutter flew off a shelf onto the counter on the opposite side of the room a few feet away.

There were now many witnesses who believed that strange things were occurring at our store. Servers reported trays flying at their heads in the dishwasher's area and salt and peppershakers once empty were full. The spookiest always happened to the vendors who cleaned the restaurant. The carpets would be cleaned on a monthly basis and they would always come in pairs. Something would always happen, strange sounds, floating balloons, TV's being turned on, etc.

All of these things could be explained by scientific methods: Whatever was going on in that building after the emplo yees left was bad enough that the carpet cleaners would never come alone. On the occasions that they would come alone, they would come right at closing and be done before we would finish closing the store.

On one occasion a lone carpet cleaner decided he would do it by himself after the employees left the building, saying that all the stories were hogwash. The next morning the opening manager found him in his truck in the parking lot with all of his carpet cleaning materials left inside of the building. He refused to step foot into the restaurant and complete the job. He wanted to get his equipment and get out. Seems while he was in the building the entities played with him more than they played with any one else.

As he was shampooing the carpets things were being written by a nonexistent finger in the soap, chairs were moved in the dining room and salt and peppershakers flew at him. The carpet guys from then on always came promptly at closing and no one was left alone in th e building. Coronado - Hotel Del Coronado - Various hauntings occur in this hotel and has been depicted on famous hauntings programming Costa Mesa - Back Bay High School - there is a woman in the back of the school who screeches at night no one is there.

Costa Mesa - Estancia High School - Faculty has reported strange smells and being touched when no one else is in the room in the early morning. Night cleaning crews have told of flashlights beams being restricted to only a few feet in front of them in seemingly clear hallways. Covina - Zelda's Lagend - In the Early 's a young girl around 15 was kidnapped and taken to an underground tunnel by a cult. The cult sacrificed her latter that night in the end of the tunnel. No-one has ever made it to the end of the tunnel and if they have they never came out.

The legend is of you make it to the end the girl Zelda will sacrifice you to. Crescent City - Sutter Coast Hospital Old site and new ICU ward - The old site of the hospital always gives passer-bys eerie feeling now a hotel is being constructed right on the site, that is sure to be haunted but the new hospital's ICU ward is definitely haunted. A worker at the hospital was in ICU when it was closed down due to lack of patients, so therefore it was empty. They were minding their own business when the patient call light and buzzer went off when they walked to the empty room the buzzer stopped and the buzzer in the room two doors down went off, so they walked back to the nurses station and the buzzer stopped.

The buzzers can only be turned off from the nurse's station They thought someone was playing a trick on them but when they investigated the whole place was empty. Crescent City - Tsunami Lanes - old family owned bowling center was sold.

But when you go to look in your rear view mirror, she is no longer there. It is said that her car broke down and she got hit by a car while trying to wave someone down. Cypress - Cypress College Photo Department - A benevolent wraith called "Photy" lives in the main darkroom most often seen standing by the northern-western-most enlarger. Usually the most sensitive students see his outline, which appears lighter than the surroundings.

Sometimes moving into the photo-finishing room after closing and violently shaking the pictures hanging from the wall. Students report a feeling of calm and well-being during sightings. A marked change from the early days of the apparition when meter readings would be thrown off and equipment would explode in the studio. Students reported have also reported wildly unlikely results in the color and black and white darkrooms. It all began in the late 80s when a student brought in a human skull with a bullet hole in it to photograph in studio 3.

One night the chair of the department was alone late at night and heard pounding on the stockroom d oor when there was no one there to pound Cypress - Cypress High School - Performing Arts Building - In the Performing Arts building in the attic use to be where they stored the play outfits.

It was said that a high school student was up there getting something and fell through the floor boards to her death. Whenever you went up there you could feel that someone is watching you. There was also a prop that was use in most of out plays and whenever you looked into it you could see her. She would look at you like she was mad. Because of what was going on up there they had to move everything down to another room and sealed off the attic so no one else can go up there.

There was a time that someone was pushed and almost fell down the ladder which was used to get up to the attic and cause of this no one likes to be left alone in the Performing arts building.

Daly City - San Mateo -intersection of Skylin blvd and Hickey blvd - There are stories that a lady in white is seen at the intersection in their view mirrors when foggy. Downstairs, after it was vacated, in the Women's restroom, there was seen a wild haired redheaded woman rushing toward the 2nd stall door in an 'attack' posture with outstretched arms and claw-like hands towards a person's face.

Death Valley Junction - Amargosa hotel - Anomalies such as ecto-mist and orbs recorded on film. Del Rey - Del Rey Cemetery - Reports of cold spots, moaning heard, the third tomb in light up at night, EMF detector was used and it went off like crazy Delano - Browning Road - browning road in Delano is known to have "ghost hitchhikers" Devoure - Gravity Point - You take a road called Glen Helen until you pass a 2 consecutive train tracks.

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Our store with secure checkout: Covenant Pastures is a small family farm nestled in the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. We offer grass-finished beef , pastured pork and pastured eggs. All our animals are raised humanely with no added hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are on native grasses and planted legumes, and are fed hay for a short time during winter if the rain forces them off the pastures.

Our beef is available once a year in the fall in live animal arrangements, as whole, half, or split quarters; or we have a monthly USDA inspected certified grass-fed CSA box in 5, 10 or pound sizes that is delivered locally year-round in Bakersfield free of charge.

Our pork is available twice a year, in live animal arrangement for local pickup only, in sizes of half or whole hog. Coming soon in winter , we will be offering market garden produced raised using biological principles resulting in superior high brix produce. Our goal is to maintain and improve the land for the animals and generations to come while providing a meat source for people who want to know where their food is raised. Our chickens , have ample room to forage and a spacious coop to escape the heat of the day and for protection from predators at night.

We also offer bison fiber for spinning enthusiasts and an Absentee Ownership Program. We handle our animals in the most stress-free way possible and choose to "lead them with feed" rather than force them to move.

They have an abundance of feed and fresh water. During the months where the grass is dormant, the animals are supplemented with hay produced on our ranch. We strive to be sustainable and use everything we can to limit waste and pass savings on to you, the consumer. We're close to the Nevada border and can arrange delivery for those in the Reno area and up and down the state of California. We also attend farmers markets in Irvine, Torrance, and Palos Verdes.

Please contact us for more information. DayBreak Organics is certified through California Certified Organic Farmers and have organic pasture-grown chicken eggs for sale each day at our farm market located at Road 28, Kingsburg, CA.

In addition we have limited meat birds available for sale as well. The farm market sales an assortment of organic herbs, Apples,peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots and various citrus varieties available on a seasonal basis as well.

We are delighted to also sell Huckabay's conventional sweet corn, vine ripe tomatoes and various other seasonal vegetables. Our hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Our chickens and cattle are truly happy ones! Organic feed is given to the chickens for added protein and their feed contains certified organic non-GMO soy for a main source of protein.

Our quality program starts with the right genetics of cattle. Beef is very much like honey in that the taste will vary with the particular grasses the animals eat.

Our irrigated pastures are filled with grasses that produce great tasting beef. We rotationally graze our cattle on our pastures, providing them with an all-you-can-eat salad bar of grasses each and every day, and recycling the beeves' waste products directly back to our pastures. We raise all our grasses for our cows ourselves. We purchase mineral supplements and salt to insure the cows stay healthy.

We do not feed any hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or use any chemicals such as insecticides in our program. In order to produce quality meat, beeves must have some intramuscular fat to be juicy and tasty. We process our beef at a local Abattoir and have monitored their process from their humane harvesting, through dry aging to final vacuum packing and slow freezing.

Our beef is dry aged for two weeks to tenderize and concentrate its flavor. Vacuum packing right after freezing preserves its freshness. We are not certified organic at this time but adhere to all practices of the National Organic Program for Beef. In addition to beef, we also raise broilers seasonally, beginning April 1st after the danger of frost has passed and continuing until the end of November. We believe that there is a great synergy between our beef flock and our chickens and that they both contribute to a sustainable system which produces quality meat and enhances the environment.

We look forward to helping you with your beef and chicken needs. We appreciate the opportunity to be listed with folks like us who care about their health, the environment, and the quality of life of their animals. The ranch is run by Rani and Don Douglas with organic practices and is sustainably managed. The pastures are not sprayed with chemicals and are kept lush with rotational grazing. Animals are treated humanely and are not confined in barns or small enclosures.

Mothers and babies are sometimes briefly fenced away from other herd animals during the first few days of birth. They all enjoy the lush irrigated pastures as well as native natural pastures giving them daily choices of what they naturally prefer to browse on.

The animals are never given antibiotics or hormones. We raise Angus cattle the meatiest and most tender , Dorper sheep the mildest and tastiest , and several cross breeds and heritage Berkshire pigs more marbling in the meat. Cattle and sheep are raised on grass only—no grain.

Pigs are raised with free choice on pasture, and supplemented with organic milk and an organic feed supplement. The pigs are happiest when they are sampling grasses and forbes and allowed to wallow in cool pools of mud. Animals are born and raised on the ranch, and are harvested humanely and taken to an organically certified processor.

The meat is vacuum sealed and frozen at the plant to ensure you will receive the freshest products. Cuts are packaged in small quantities to allow our customers more flexibility for meals. Beef is gently aged for delicious flavor. This prevents the stronger taste many people object to in lamb. The pork cuts are very moist and delicious. Ham and bacon are naturally smoked without nitrates and nitrites. The Lunny Family has produced high quality farm products on the Lunny Ranch in Marin County for most of the twentieth century, and they continue to do so into the twenty-first.

This moist, marine environment provides for excellent pasture quality. The winter supplementary feed provided to their herd is certified organic grass haylage produced by the Lunnys on their ranch. Ultrasound has become an important component of their herd management.

These traits are all highly heritable except the stress score , making more rapid genetic gain possible in their closed herd.

Most importantly, over the years this information has been giving the Lunnys the information needed to project the likelihood that the individual animal will finish well on grass and provide a wonderful eating experience. Beef is all USDA inspected and vacuum packaged. Quarters and halves are also available by pre-orders.

Our birds have dense meat with rich boldness and deep chicken flavors, and a thick, flavorful skin that will brown into a savory, crispy crust when you roast your bird. We live here and raise our cattle on our 1, acre family owned ranch []. You can depend on the purity of lush grasses to produce great tasting meat that is high in healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids, rich in beta carotene, vitamin E and CLA.

We are a model for sustainable family ranching at its finest. We thus produce a Health Food that can be cooked on a barbecue and eaten without limit. We now maintain a very consistent quality of healthy meat that contains plenty of unsaturated fat for tenderness, with an outstanding degree of nutrition and flavor.

We reside in Grass Valley California on acres of sunny grass-lands, watered by the Sierra snow-melt. All of our products are certified USDA approved and can be provided in primal bulk or in individual cut packages. No hormones or antibiotics. Cattle are raised in traditional ways with most of the work happening in remote areas where horseback is the means of transportation.

Please visit our website at www. Felton Acres is a small hobby farm located west of Sebastopol, CA. We produce small batches of pasture-fed eggs, broiler chickens, lamb, and pork for our community.

Chickens are raised outside in chicken tractor pens, and are moved onto fresh pasture daily, which provides a large portion of their nutrition. Although not certified organic, the chickens are raised humanely and eat grass on a pasture that is never sprayed with chemicals. Of course the lamb is grass fed, but instead of being turned out in a single pasture that they'll overgraze and undergraze simultaneously, they are moved frequently to keep them on rapidly growing grass.

The pigs are also raised on pasture, and are moved to new areas several times in their lifetime. Details about availability, pricing, and frequently asked questions are on our website.

Ferndale Farms is a small, diversified family owned grazing business located in Humboldt County, California. We turn sunlight into protein! We are committed to farming with nature, producing contented, healthy animals and good food.

We provide a quality, healthy, sustainable source of protein for our customers. Our customers care how their food is raised and where it comes from. Our Mission is to produce the best quality meat in balance with our natural environment. Please call or visit our website if you would like more information. Field to Feast is your personalized delivery service of beyond organic pastured eggs not certified and grass fattened beef, lamb and pork , as well as certified organic fruits and vegetables and honey.

In addition, we offer a selection of specialty items such as organic coffee, canned fish, artisan crafted chocolates, sauces, breads, pastries, certified organic beer, wine, and artisan crafted furniture.

Our CSA Community Supported Agriculture Membership gives you access to these farms and guarantees a weekly delivery of their farm fresh goods and specialty items. Field to Feast was formed in an effort to raise awareness about the Organic and Sustainable Farming Practices being employed by the farmers and ranchers in Panoche Valley, so that Panoche Valley would forever be preserved. Please go to our non-profit website http: Our beef is raised humanely, responsibly and sustainably.

We practice holistic planned grazing, which promotes a large variety of native grasses for the cattle to eat and enhances the surrounding wildlife. Raising cattle this way has eliminated the need for man-made chemicals for the past 25 years. We use NO hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides, pour-ons or grain ever! The result is delicious pristine beef.

We produce food that we feel good about feeding ourselves and our family. Visit our website or contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you with your orders. Box 41, Silverado CA Fouch Farms is a family farm dedicated to sustainable, natural and humane farming. We believe in farming as close to nature as possible and strive to live a sustainable and biodynamic lifestyle.

Our goal is to produce quality products while improving our environment at the same time. Please see our website for more information. Fowler Family Farm is a smal l family farm offering chicken, turkey and pork as well as pasture raised eggs.

All our animals are raised on fresh green pasture , without the use of hormones or antibiotics and supplemented with organic grains. We use cows and goats in a rotational grazing system to maintain pasture integrity. We believe raising happy, healthy animals in their natural environment transfers to offering the healthiest, most nutritious meats and eggs, high in omega 3s and CLAs as a result of consuming high quantities of green pasture.

Our birds and pigs are allowed to roam freely and our laying hens call our "mobile coop" home. Currently all sales are directly off the farm. We have pick-up days for chicken every month, turkeys are available fresh the Saturday before Thanksgiving. If you'd like to place an order for any of our products please e-mail us or visit our website for an order form. Freestone Ranch is a small, family-owned, ecologically sound collaboration with the land in Western Sonoma County, CA.

The Gay and Brady families are replanting our farm-family roots from Ohio and Utah for the next generation. We raise moderate-framed Black Angus with good grassland genetics on gorgeous fog-kissed hills just inland from the Pacific Ocean. We don't use antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones: Many of our customers say our beef is the best they've tasted.

We milk a small herd of Jersey and Jersey cross cows for our herdshare members, as well as raising grassfed lamb and pastured eggs. The cows are moved to fresh pasture regularly, and only receive 2—6 pounds of grain per day depending on their energy needs while being milked. Eatwild's criteria allows dairy cows to receive up to 6 pounds of grain per day.

Mamas raise their own calves, and we only milk once a day, allowing more time for grazing, ruminating and rest. We avoid antibiotics and any harsh chemical treatments except in dire emergencies haven't had one yet! Milk is bottled daily in glass and only available to herdshare members. To find out more about what a herdshare is please check out our website or contact us. Our Jacob and Blue Faced Leicester cross lambs are born and raised and finished on pasture and never treated with hormones, antibiotics, or harsh chemicals of any kind.

Occasionally we offer registered Jacob breeding stock as well. We also offer pastured eggs from heritage breed hens who are rotated through the fields like the rest of our animals, eating bugs and plants as they go.

Hens receive organic, soy-free layer pellets, grit, and produce scraps from a nearby organic vegetable farm. Feel free to contact us to schedule a farm tour. We are novice ranchers being mentored in sustainable ranching techniques by land owners Jeff and Cindy Miller. Their ranching technique and now ours follows careful grazing practices so that their land improves overtime.

We started with bison and the Millers convinced us the ranch had more than enough space to raise a variety of animals for our personnel consumption and for direct sales to the consumer.

It is our goal to one day own a sustainable ranch to continue the growth of our herd. We raise all of our animals without the use of any hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. All our meat is USDA inspected, cryovac sealed and then frozen for delivery. We sell our meat at the following farmers markets. To ensure that we have the meat you want, please preorder on our website and we'll bring your order to the market of your choice. Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you at the market. We grow our feed hydroponically all year long, providing our sheep with lush green and highly nutritious barley grass which adds a fresh semi sweet taste to the milk.

During winter we grow oat hay, allowing us to use rain water as a natural irrigation source. Using these methods we avoid having to use chemical pesticides on our crops and limit added stress to the environment. Our cheese products contain only milk, sea salt, cultures, and vegetable rennet, making our cheese vegetarian cheeses. We have four types of aged cheeses:. Our holistic, grazed management produces high-quality goat meat that meets ecological needs on our public lands permits and our certified organic irrigated pastures.

We believe the integration of multi-species grazing is essential to the healing and regeneration of our western grazing lands. Our goats kid in early spring as the grass is beginning to turn green. The kids graze alongside their mothers until late fall.

We can begin delivering beautifully processed goat meat October — December. Customers can choose whole, half, 9-piece or ground options. See our Facebook page for current pricing. This CCOF certified organic operation blends the production of organic walnuts with a Salatin style pastured poultry system. A section of orchard is planted with permanent pasture to provide green forage to the poultry during the May thru November seasonal production period. The poultry provide pest control benefits and contribute greatly to the fertility of the soil while receiving all of the fresh air, sunshine, grass and bugs that they desire.

We also feed the poultry a high quality organic feed. We are expanding our supply of frozen chicken to serve a couple of CSA s both on and off season. We currently produce broilers, 50 turkeys , and maintain a small pastured laying flock for eggs. Blending organic walnuts and truly free range poultry production is a work in progress and we welcome the public to visit the ranch and see how their food is grown.

Hall Farms is a small, family-owned operation. We offer Grass Fed and finished beef , and Pastured Poultry. Raised in the shadow of Mount Lassen on fresh water and seasonal grass, our beef is tender, flavorful and nutritious. Beef is sold by the pound in packs, quarters, halves, whole or live.

This chicken is truly the best flavored chicken you will find. Chicken is sold by the pound as whole dressed birds. Hall farms also offers meat packs of several varieties of meat by the pound—limited availability. Although we are not a certified organic farm we maintain and observe organic practices for the health of our family and yours.

Hat Creek Grown is located in a beautiful valley between Mt. Lassen in northeastern California. Our beef live their entire lives eating grass raised here or on our native grass rangelands in Oak Run, California, 50 miles from our home ranch.

We have bred our cattle to have superior genetics for marbling and conversion of grass and sunlight into delicious, natural beef. They are raised humanely and free range their entire lives, never to enter a feedlot! They are artificial hormone- and ionophore-free and are never fed antibiotics or animal by products. Our beef are the best of the art and science of true grass finishing. We are fourth generation, managing the lands that our forbears managed … in a sustainable manner.

We are beyond organic, but we are not certified organic. We make our own compost that we spread on our fields and we rotate our cattle through lush pastures. We can truly tell in the response of our soil and the sweetness of the grass we produce. Once perfectly raised and finished, we transport them to our USDA inspected and certified organic butcher where they are dry aged for at least three weeks.

Then they are cut and wrapped to our specifications and flash frozen. We bring the beef back to our home freezer where we deliver and ship to customers all over the United States. Customers can buy direct from us by calling, emailing or going to our website and using our online order form.

We ship across the country using UPS three day select. Since , the Hearst family has raised cattle on the rich sustainable native grasslands of the Central California Coast. Hearst cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished and humanely raised.

Our animals are not given growth hormones or antibiotics ever. The result is sustainably produced grass-fed beef that is as memorable and natural as the surrounding landscape. All orders are shipped overnight. We are Food Alliance certified for sustainable practices and we are certified as a humane producer by Humane Farm Animal Care.

Hearst Ranch Beef, Brian J. Our animals are free-range and we practice American Grassfed approved methods on the farm.

We are breeders, growers, and USDA certified organic producers. We are inspected for our health and safety rules. Our endorsements tell you we do it right. We farm acres of organic grass hay, breeding over cows and their calves in a closed herd. The beef we sell has been bred, born, raised and finished on the highest quality irrigated organic grass pastures.

We have a high vigor breeding program using two breeds exclusively: The result is known for the excellent marbling and longer loin muscle, resulting in the highest quality organic grass fed beef. Beef is available year-round and can be picked up at the farm in the Lower Yakima Valley or we have two low-cost delivery options: We offer great taste at a great price.

Visit the Holy Cow Grassfed Beef website for order information and to learn more about the farm. The long feed growing season of this area provides us with the unique opportunity to raise high quality grassfed beef and supply our markets with a fresh product on a weekly basis all year round. Our cattle are selected for traits such as temperament, confirmation, and disease immunity. We raise them using a strict quality assurance program without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or other feed additives commonly used in the commercial cattle feeding industry.

HGB sells carcass beef to retail outlets. In this way, we believe we are helping the meat department become a truly full-scale meat market. Carcasses are dry aged 14—21 days. Skilled butchers break each carcass in-house instead of being mechanically deboned at the large industrial slaughterhouses. Ground beef comes from a single source and is ground daily thus insuring food safety and freshness.

Our meat markets can be confident that HGB is safe and wholesome. We are in complete control of each individual animal and maintain the highest standards our customers have come to expect and trust. Johansing Farms is not producing beef currently due to the drought conditions. They hope to be back in business in a year or so if conditions improve.

Our cattle graze on well tended pastures scattered with native oak trees and are never confined to crowded and unsanitary feed yards. They live peaceful and natural lives. We tend them with humane, low stress methods to insure that their health and nutrition are the best. Our beef eat only grass with occasional small amounts of hay. They are not fed grain, antibiotics, hormones or other growth stimulants. When you taste our delicious, tender, and juicy USDA inspected beef, you can be assured that you and your family are receiving the best nutrition and healthiest food available.

Unfortunately we must limit production in order to maintain top quality. We finish our beef on natural spring grasses, and only offer beef one time per year. This allows us to harvest animals while they are on the gain, maximizing the healthy grass fed benefits. The Larder Meat Co. Larder Club subscribers receive a monthly delivery of pork , beef , and chicken sourced from small ranches on the Central Coast of California every product is labeled with the farm it came from.

Our beef is harvested on the ranch and processed at a local USDA processing facility. All our meat is flash frozen immediately after processing and shipped to you within the month. Our sourcing standards ensure you are buying from ranchers who care about how their animals are raised and who care about providing your family with healthy, ethically-raised meat.

We have two box sizes to choose from; each box includes recipes and a few extra items to help stock your larder. You can cancel any time, or skip a month whenever you need to! We ship on the third Monday of the month, unless otherwise arranged.

Shipping is free to any business or residence in California, Arizona and Nevada. To sign up visit www. Here is and example of what is included in a large Larder box 13—14 lbs total:.

The Larder Meat Company's chicken and pork meet Eatwild's criteria, but only some of the beef. To receive beef that is grass fed and grass-finished, you will need to make a special request.

Shasta, less than an hour east of Redding, CA. Many families have a trusted family doctor, we are committed as your Family Farmer. We take an organic, environmentally responsible approach to raising natural, Pastured Beef, Poultry, Pork and Eggs without the use of hormones, antibiotics or additives. Our cattle, chickens and pigs thrive on native pastures and fresh spring water in a humane, stress free environment.

Our pastured products and sustainable philosophy have instilled a level of accountability that only a Family Farmer can offer in today's era of factory farming. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your Family Farmer and where your food comes from. Our beef is dry aged, the old fashioned way, at least 21 days for full flavor and tenderness.

Each cut is then hand carved and vacuum packed under USDA inspection. For those with limited freezer space, we offer a convenient one tenth beef pack 35 lbs. Choose your favorite cuts from our Beef Menu with no minimum order. Send Dan an email and he will work with you on developing a cut list for your specific taste.

We also offer seasonal Pastured Organic Poultry , May through October, and an annual fall batch of our home raised pork pre-order early. Your order will be shipped frozen directly to you in a food safe insulated container. Visit us at www. We never use pesticides or herbicides on any of our ranches. Our cattle are angus crossbreds, which provides a tender finished product. They are raised on perennial grasses with no chemical improvements. We never give our cattle hormones or antibiotics unless they become ill, in which case they are removed from the beef production —just fresh air, clean water, and good forage.

Our beef is naturally high in Omega 3s and low in saturated fats. We are located just a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in the lush, rolling hills of Pescadero and San Gregorio. Our cattle not only provide us with a healthy food source, but are a land-management tool that helps keep us in balance with the environment. We sell our beef in 50 pounds or 25 pounds of assorted steaks, roast, and ground beef, or you can buy 25 pounds of ground beef in 1 pound packages.

All our beef is USDA inspected and vacuum packaged for freshness. Pastures have green feed year round owing to the abundant winter rains and periodic summer fogs. Temperatures are moderate, very rarely below freezing and not exceeding 80 degrees F in summer.

Our herd of CCOF certified organic grass fed beef enjoy the peace of an ocean view and extremely low stress management. Cow families are kept together, rather than separated according to age and size.

Density is low and we employ rotational grazing, moving them on horseback, and not by trailer. We like the animals entrusted to our care to have the same stress-free life we choose for ourselves. If you would like to purchase meat directly from us, we offer quarter, half or whole beef or boxed select cuts.

There's a lot more to our practices, philosophy and product than can fit on this entry. So, if you are interested, give us a call or e-mail. You can also come visit us and enjoy life on the ranch, beach or river. Luckybird Farm uses organic practices to sustainably raise flavorful, wholesome pastured poultry on our small farm.

We began raising chickens in and are slowly developing our business to provide our local community with fresh, healthy, delicious chickens broilers , turkeys and eggs. We are currently raising three different meat bird breeds which have been carefully selected for slow growth and foraging ability, which adds to the nutritional value and flavor of the meat.

Our egg layers are a mix of heritage and production breeds and our limited number of turkeys are all heritage breeds. All of our birds are fed certified organic grains, kept on pasture once feathered and receive daily treats such as heirloom vegetables straight from our organically managed garden.

Although we have never used herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals on our land, we are not a certified organic farm. We have been raising genuine Angus beef in the Sierra Nevada Foothills on the same ranch since and we are Lifetime American Angus Association members.

Our herd is strongly influenced with UC Davis Purebred Angus genetics and our mother cows are bred to registered Angus bulls. We currently are introducing our New Zealand genetic steers for harvesting.

We are dedicated to locally raising Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished no grains or corn , naturally raised beef in a calm and low stress environment.

Our cows are allowed to graze freely on acres of native and irrigated pasture grasses throughout their lives. We finish each of our grass-fed calves on irrigated clovers, rye, birds foot trefoils, dallas, and other native sweet grasses. We supplement our cattle with homegrown insecticide free vetch, clover and rye grass hay. Our pastures are fertilized with natural beef manure. Our meat is aged for 21 days, which allows the meat to obtain optimum tenderness and flavor.

All meat is then vacuum-sealed and immediately frozen in packaged boxes for assured freshness! Cost is calculated on a per-pound basis across all types of cuts. Please call or email us for availability. We also sell our beef at Sunflower Health Food, Inc. We are committed to producing local, humanely-raised, healthy meats for our Foodshed. We understand that the holistic management of our grazing lands is vital to maintaining the functioning stability of our ecosystem.

Visit our new butcher shop at Rockridge Market Hall in Oakland. Our mission is to actively participate in the creation of a sustainable agrarian culture that restores, conserves and maintains the productivity of our land. We practice holistic pasture management to help guide us through the decisions about our land that help to sustain the whole community, including us.

Holistic management is the understanding of a process where we manage our resources to promote biological diversity, producing a healthy and vibrant landscape for all life. The holistic view looks at the natural world as an interconnected whole—the web of life—rather than a collection of many different parts.

If we destroy separate strands of this web, we end up destroying the web itself; if we do that, we destroy ourselves. We strive to produce a healthy landscape where all forms of life are sustainable, generation after generation.

San Francisco, CA Markegard Family Grass-Fed provides the community with locally born, raised and processed grass-fed beef, lamb pastured pork and herdshares through a community supported agriculture program where individuals and families purchase shares of grass-finished beef, lamb and pastured pork as well as a buying club with weekly delivery year-round.

We offer large shares of beef and lamb as well as lb. Our large shares of beef are available fresh in mid-summer when the forage conditions are at their peak of nutrition. We are at several farmers markets in the area. For over 40 years, the Massa Family has been actively involved in the beef industry, beginning in the 70s with a small herd of registered Angus cattle.

We are truly a family operation. Duane and Wendy take a hands-on role with every aspect, from breeding and raising, to customer-service, marketing and shipping. Through selective breeding and careful range management, we are creating a unique group of animals that are a healthy and sustainable alternative to factory farming. Our customers enjoy knowing that the Massa Ranches are active participants in numerous conservation efforts in rural Glenn County geared towards agricultural sustainability.

We are actively converting water wells to solar power, providing additional habitat for wildlife. We are proud to offer fresh, all-natural grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised heritage pork, and pasture-raised chicken directly to the consumer.

Our beef is dry-aged for a full days. Local delivery and nationwide shipping available. From our family to yours. Morris Grassfed Beef — See T. Located in Nevada County, California, our cows spend their days grazing over hundreds of acres of open spaces, and are allowed to mature at their natural rate.

Building on generations of ranching expertise, we emphasize low-stress management of our cattle as well as sustainable ranching techniques. We work within the natural constraints of our region, always using sustainable practices, to bring you nutritious meat from healthy, happy animals.

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