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Be my she devil for halloween im horney lonely women

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Be my she devil for halloween im horney lonely women

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I am not looking for a FWB, I will not financially support anyone and I'd rather not hang out with guys who are younger than me. I can provide what you need.

Relationship Status:Never Married
Seeking:I Ready For A Man
Relation Type:Looking For A Fucking Massage , Naughty Gal

Be my she devil for halloween im horney lonely women

Who Is Hosting And Wants To Have Fun

I have no kids and would prefer the same in someone I date. I am waiting for an older man who knows how to respect a woman and a man who knows how to drink without getting drunk.

I Would Rather Be in like Again I am seeking a female's company and friendship. Looking for a sweet southern women Hi my name is Dan and Im going to be visiting west Monroe in the near future and I would like to hook up with a nice southern girl while Im there.

This story is entered as part of the Halloween Story Contest so please be sure to vote if you like it. Love to hear your comments on this personal experience. This is a true story about the first time I opened up my marriage to new sexual experiences -- of course I've changed some details to protect identities. I'm 33 with two kids, happily married to Justin for over a decade. We met our first year of college and fell hard and fast for one another, spending most of our college experience married.

Both of us had serious previous relationships, but none that involved sex -- we were each other's firsts. The first couple years together we explored sex with the enthusiasm which only 2 novices could -- it was fantastic. And then we had kids. I'll admit pregnancy and the pursuing babies changed me from a wife to a mother. The frequency of our sex life suffered, as did the quality, but babies demand a lot of new parents.

Justin and I had just started to find our sexual groove about 18 months after the birth of our first child, when we found out number two was on the way. After another three years of "mother-first mentality" we again made it back to good sex.

It was deeper emotionally than before but wild, intensely passionate sex was fewer and further between. Kids wear you out. A career change moved us across the borders of a couple states where we fell into a group of other transplants also with young families. Our group became great friends and hit the town almost every weekend. Sex was a frequent topic and inter-couple flirting was safe and common. Flirting with these other guys was exciting and helped me transition back into a woman.

Most nights after our night out with friends ended with passionate sex with Justin who quickly realized the relationship and encouraged more flirty behavior. Justin encouraged me to push flirty.

I too recognized that the sexual attention I got from other guys made me feel more like a woman and less like a mother. I started to dress sexy, donning tight fitting tops with deep plunging necklines which provided a great view of my 36 C cleavage and more dresses, skirts and tight-fitting jeans. The other couples had noticed the same sex-sparking phenomenon. Flirting became more obvious and included light touching, brushing a hand across the clothed breasts of a friend's wife, squeezing asses and on several occasions involving heavy drinking the guys were treated to brief flashes of boobs.

The bigger tease I was, the better the sex was when we got home. I touched myself more frequently, sometimes quietly with Justin laying in bed next to me and sometimes alone stealing a moment to myself. Often I recalled some of the suggestive touches and fantasized about pushing even further.

Justin and I started being more sexually open in our conversations. He shared how much he enjoyed watching me flirt and tease the other guys, and the effect I had on them and even admitted that he fantasized about me with other men.

In turn, I told him watching him flirt with other women only occasionally turned me on, but admitted that the male attention made me wet. I even shared that I had fantasized about other women. Justin was quick to encourage me to explore any girl-girl fantasy if the opportunity ever presented itself, whether he was present or not as long as I shared it with him afterwards.

The conversation about realizing fantasies led to limits. He and I both shared the fantasy about me fooling around with other men. Justin said he felt comfortable with any touching and thought that masturbation and oral sex would also be ok, as long as it was used as a tease to unleash my inner sinner with him later. He wasn't sure if he could allow sex. My lines for him stopped at touching. I think we both figured the conversations were purely hyperthetical.

Each of the past three Halloween's our group of friends got together for an adult-only costume party which rotated between houses. The costumes were always sexy, drinking was heavy and so was the inter-couple teasing.

Prior to last Halloween it had included body shots, flashing and some over the clothes groping, but last Halloween boundaries fell. This year Justin and I chose to go in a school girl and teacher combination.

My costume included 4" heels, mid-thigh white lace stockings and a plaid skirt that only barely covered my ass while standing. With so little skirt, my choice of panties was crucial and after some convincing from Justin I selected a nearly see through pair made of white lace. From the front, if I lifted my skirt in the light an observer could clearly see the dark-thin line of pubic hair above my pussy.

For my top I selected a tight-fitted white dress shirt tied in the front and only buttoned in the middle.

This exposed my flat stomach and provided a full view of my cleavage. The shelf bra I wore matched my panties and provided a great pushup and barely covered my nipples. I also threw on a gray sweater as a cover-up to wear until the alcohol relaxed some of my inhibitions. I pulled my hair into pigtails, traced my lips with dark, red lipstick, glitter dusted my tits and smoked my eyes. Justin dressed in a suit and tie with a 12" ruler as an accessory.

Walking in the door, we were the last couple to the party. Each of the other couples had obviously put in similar efforts to select sexy costumes. Nick was wearing scrubs and Natalie had red, 4" heels, white thigh-high stockings and a white, tight latex-like dress with a red cross covering the center of each breast.

The front of the dress had large red buttons which were unbuttoned to reveal modest cleavage. Brian had dressed in a prisoner's uniform while his wife Becky dressed like a naughty police woman. The spandex material stretched around the womanly curves on her petite body.

And like Natalie and myself, her skirt was short and the neckline provided a great view of her smaller but perky breasts. Dave came dressed as one of the ghost busters while his wife Devin put a new twist on the standard Halloween ghost. Her outer layer consisted of shredded, white tulle; completely see through to her matching satin, white bra and panties beneath. The outfit was less revealing than a bikini bathing suit, but for the guys at the party, knowing Devin was walking around in underwear certainly drew their attentions.

Within a couple hours everyone was well on their way to complete inebriation. Conversations were dominated with sexual undertones and the flirting between couples was blatant.

Nick brought out the classic game of Twister and we played several rounds. In the awkward, bent positions the guys got several long views under my skirt and I loved it. I was certain they could notice the wetness which darkened my panties. The guys took advantage of the many opportunities to grab any tit that didn't belong to their wife and since I had the biggest mine garnered the most attention.

Once Nick even managed to slip his hand under my costume and tweak my already hard nipple. After Twister, we played a half-dozen rounds of the tippy-cup drinking game, guys vs gals. The losing team had to flash the winners.

Somehow, us gals always lost. I'm not sure if the guys cheated, but sometimes I did -- I wanted to lose, watching the bulges grow in the guys costumes when they saw my tits was an incredible turn on.

Guys don't understand why us girls go to the bathroom in groups, but after heavy drinking and flirting they always hope for something crazy to happen. On one late-night girl trip to the bathroom, I wanted to return with a story that would make Justin as hard as I was wet.

I suggested to the other girls that we should grab each other's nude boobs to make our husbands nuts. They seemed to agree and I quickly pulled out my pair of Cs. I was shocked when Natalie bent down and engulfed my nipple. Devin followed Natalie's lead and for a few seconds both of my now rock-hard nipples were being flicked by the tongues of my friends, while my pussy was begging for more.

Becky begged for a few seconds longer so she could take a picture and preserved the act forever. After some giggles we all returned to the party. Becky immediately walked over to Justin and showed him the photo. I saw a huge smile stretch across his face when he shared the photo with the other guys. Brian dared the women to lose our bras since the guys had already seen what they hid.

In our drunken state, that seemed reasonable and we all pulled off our bras on the spot. I purposely let my boobs fall out of my top as I did, even though I made it look accidental. Without a bra, Devin's boobs were only shielded by a couple layers of tulle and the guys were giving her a lot of attention. Jealous, I shouted out "who wants a body shot! The first couple body shots were normal, licking my neck or cleavage. Then the alcohol infused whipped cream came out.

Dave untied my top and let my boobs fall out. Then he covered each nipple with the cool whipped topping. I glanced at Justin, letting my top slide off my arms onto the floor before raising my hands above my head and giving my cream covered boobs a jiggle. Dave gave only a single lick before sucking my nipple full into his mouth.

A few seconds later Brian's lips were wrapped around my other nipple and these two guys were sucking, licking and nibbling me into a frenzy. I was pretty disappointed when Becky and Devin pulled their husbands off my tits after only a few seconds, until they squirted each nipple with a shot of whipped alcohol and sucked it off.

The guys all had their phones out taking pictures, but at this point, I didn't care. I was certain they would use this image later while masturbating and the thought sent a tickle between my legs. Natalie and Nick shared their turn at my tits and only Justin went without a taste. I loosely put back on my top, but there weren't many angles that didn't provide the guys a view of my large pink and extremely hard nipples.

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