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Bar rescue hot Riverton girl

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Bar rescue hot Riverton girl

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Second Base redux - Taffer should have walked out at the half hour mark and started to rescue another bar. By then he'd already established that the bar failure was entirely the owner's fault in oh so many ways, and the owner re- established himself as a thorough a-hole.

I don't like the show so much when I'm rooting against the bar. I wish the staff the best, and I hope they're really looking. I just don't understand why Taffer wasted all the time he did with this man.. I am beside myself! I had to DVR this episode and didn't catch the last minute.. I made it up to 6 weeks later..

I'm thinking Taffer got new jobs for the employees.. I was working when this episode was on new, but thank you Spike for running it again.

Ready to smack Terry, stupid. He has to be pretty dumb to treat people like this. Taffer is definitely at his best and I'm happy to see him there just for the employees. It was crazy to me right off the bat heh that Jon was trusting Terry's version of things. I agree that Jon was way too quick to just buy into Terry's version of events. I think he should have kept what Terry said in mind, then questioned the staff to hear their version, rather than just blowing up on Gary because Terry said he was responsible.

I think the reason is quite simple. Jon's been doing this for 30 years and, if what he said on the O'Face episode is true, this is only the second time he's ever walked away from a rescue. I don't think it's a case of all the other owners being cooperative, or being simple fixes. He just doesn't like admitting defeat. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I admire Jon for it even if his methods can be a bit Also, while the owner was El Doucho, the rest of the staff including Gary , were good, hard workers.

They just needed to get inspired again. That's what Jon tried to do. Profits are still declining. Everyone is still at the bar, but are looking for jobs elsewhere. In my mind, they deserve to have a boss that actually cares about them, so godspeed.

It takes world class douchebag skills to make the chick from the Piratz place look smart by comparison. It's true that he didn't manage the business very well at all and failing to keep the menu and drink changes going after the resuce was his own fault. However, I think that the reason he didn't put money into the bar after the rescue is because he was paying off that huge debt that he owed from before Taffer showed up the first time.

He finally paid it off but now the bar is in need of repair again so he thought he could get it done for free again with Bar Rescue but he wasn't willing to risk his own money and go into debt again. It's a business decision, he said that other bars opened in the area and now the competition makes things difficult.

It could be that he just didn't want to go back into debt again, or it could be that he didn't like what Taffer wanted to spend the money on but I can't blame him for saying "no".

In the original Extremes episode Taffer thought Terry was a low life and then after a heart to heart he said he deserved a chance. I would think once he was called back he should have known Terry screwed up. This seemed like a pretty pointless episode. I got the feeling that Gary and Terry didn't even really want Bar Rescue to come back, and maybe the producers just talked them into doing the second episode, probably with some cash paid to the bar.

Terry came off pretty badly. I don't see why anyone would stick around working for him. Most of those bartenders could probably find jobs elsewhere, as they were pretty much the only reason anyone would come into that place. It's hard to believe anything that goes on in these shows. The biggest pet peev I have about television is the crappy editing.

I have seen countless of blooper edits like you see in some movies and this show was no different. At the beginning of the show when they scoped out the place outside for the second time, they seen that the light on the sign was off. A minute later when you see the two people go to walk in for the recon, the light on the sign is magically on now!! The makes me think that it's true that a lot of this stuff is pre-planned and acted out.

I guess Taffer's lawsuit against him has been resolved otherwise this new episode would not have aired either. On another note, if Jon Taffer is such a successful professional, why does he have to yell at bar owners in front of their patrons? There are other ways of getting your point across without being a bully, or is he trying to be like Gordon Ramsey, or is it all just planned and for show.

Really wanted to find out what happens to these guys, sadly only getting grey boxes and no text at all. I think they needed to show a Bar Rescue like this one to prove that Jon's concepts do work IF the owner keeps up with maintenance and investment. This was a way to show what NOT to do. And it also takes the blame off of Jon and puts it squarely on this scu--ag owner.

If someone gives you a Porsche and you drive it like an idiot, it's not the fault of the Porsche though you probably should never have been given one in the first place. That the shooting happened behind the bar doesn't mean much. There was a bar next to a store I once owned and there were literally bloody fights from the bar that ended up starting in front of my store. It didn't affect either of our places. It's when it happens inside and often that it ruins businesses.

The owner should have kept his yap shut, said "yes sir" and took his lumps. I'd rather watched 41 minutes of Taffer berating that jughead owner and 1 minute of them taking all the cameras down and walking out. That would have included not taking any money out of the place until it was back on it's feet. I think its bullshit.. Of course he did all of this for his show that has become insanely predictable and is losing ratings!

Why hasn't Taffer invested in fixing those disgusting Chicklettes in his mouth? The 5 minutes of fame are running out on the big headed one trick pony. During the first rescue, Jon put a lot of emphasis on changing to "approachable sexuality" - i.

He didn't seem to mind that the bikinis were back. Can't say I minded either. Speaking of hotties, it's a shame that Nicole Taffer became too well known to function on the show.

Her super low cut tops were the best part of the first season. Yeah, the guy who invented Sunday Ticket and has a load of profitable bars is going to be just fine Certainly better than some yahoo taking pot shots at him in the comments section of a website.

I thought that was a bit odd, myself, that he didn't say anything about that I thought about Piratz too!! You could argue that the Piratz folk are sticking to their vision when they're being assholes.

What's this guy's excuse? Joe, it goes to show you that an older, not so sexy-guy like Jon Taffer can get a really hot wife if he's got the money, ambition and career. I definitely take my hat off to Taffer. I fell and think john taffer is a inspiration for bar owners everywhere and if I owned a bar which I would love to one day the smartest thing to do would be to listen to what he teach is us every show I have experience in the bar biz and the what he says on the show you is right vary vary smart guy as for what I got a say on second base is staff is great owner is a complete loser with no balls to build a great bar that taffer inspired great job mr taffer as for the owner of second base have fun being bankrupt hahahaha loser.

Kept waiting for the part where he was going to say either "I have a group of local investors to buy you out" or "I have a group opening a bar nearby, I forwarded your resumes and they really are interested in talking to some of you". Its funny that everyone believes the line of BS this show says.

And if he did I assure you they didn't pay it off on the 2 years since the first rescue. I manage the bat across the street from them and have not noticed a spike in their business at any time.

It's the same cat of characters as it was 3 years ago when Gary was promoted from doorman to GM. The previous GM had better customer base and better staff years ago. That shooting took place in the bar parking lot and involved customers known gang affiliated members who were permitted in the place. I'd like to know what 5 powerhouse bars they are referring to. Cause I manage the place you see in the background across the street and I can tell you for fact nothing new has opened.

In fact the nearest big sorts bar has actually closed down. So guys keep believing the stuff they feed you. Be careful how much you actually swallow. This TV program regularly calls bars fishing for opportunity. I manage the spot across the street from Second Base. They have called us several times inquiring about doing a show and our other bar in Huntington Beach. Guys this show is all marketing and bologna. Lousy made for TV drama. Fun to watch but but as real as Professional Wrestling!

It's perhaps funnier that newbies to the boards aren't aware of how often bar owners get called out for lying.

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The owners of The Tradewinds get feedback from local college students who say the bar has a reputation as being for older townies. Jon Taffer's Turning Point.

Jon Taffer reminisces about the day he was handed the keys to a bar and how his focus on Bar Rescue has become about the people who needs his help. Jon Taffer Announces New Book.

While observing a bar staffed mostly by the owner's relatives, Lisamarie Joyce and Aaron McCargo are stunned to see the manager playing pool and a waitress acting hostile. Salty Grits and a Saltier Attitude. Father Doesn't Know Best. Jon confronts the bar owner's father about his drinking the business deeper into debt. Things get physical when the bar owner's father embarrasses his family. In order to run a successful business Cody and Bryan need to resolve some family issues.

Jon Taffer takes a closer look into the kitchen situation at Cody's bar and it's isn't pretty. Robb's son hides away in the humidor as customers languish in wait at the bar causing any possible profit to fade away.

Jon Taffer and his team focus on a new environment for Havana Mix by opening up the menu, revamping the drink selections, and adding electronic cigars. Robb shares an intimate moment about his life without a father and how it has affected his relationship with his son.

Father and son are at odds when it's revealed that Robb hasn't set up his son to succeed. As the two managers debate about who delivered the pizza, the rest of the patrons are left in the cold. Jon has seen enough to know that these scientists need a major intervention. Mixology expert, Rob Floyd, blends a little bit of science with fun to brew up a concoction that will fit the new theme of the bar. Jon teaches a hard lesson when a bartender leaves the money bag out of sight.

The Kings Duck Inn prepares for relaunch after Jon's team gives it a new a look. Jon and his team have seen enough - bad attitudes, bad service, and there's raw chicken everywhere! Joe's Thirsty Lizard is in desperate need for business but bad practices and questionable decisions have all but tanked this establishment. Joe and Mike need to come to terms with how the bar is managed otherwise they will fail. Cleaning up a disgusting kitchen is hard work.

After a late-night shift leaves Dirty Red in a mess he takes a quick rinse in the kitchen sink. Jon Taffer scolds the owner of Lona's City Limits Cantina for going back to using canned beef instead of the real stuff.

Mixology expert Rob Floyd drops by to visit the owner of now-shuttered Dimples, only to find out that he's a major hoarder. Using a "loss bucket," Jon Taffer demonstrates how allowing employees of The Comeback Sports Bar to drink on the bar owner's dime causes major losses. When the owner of a failing Las Vegas strip club chastises an employee for not empting an ashtray, things blow up in front of the customers. Jon Taffer scouts out a topless bar where the dancers stare at their phones and the apathetic owner is in over her head.

A careless bartender at Cap'n Odie's Lounge attempts to fix a flubbed drink order, resulting in a whiskey sour that's all sour and no whiskey. Jon Taffer tries to identify the source of mysterious black specks showing up in all the drinks at Cap'n Odie's Lounge, a disorganized dive bar. Learning to Make the Full Sail. Jon attempts to school the clueless rookie owner and bring the construction disaster up to code before the city intervenes.

Jon helps a grieving family rescue their late father's fisherman themed bar following the BP oil disaster and the father's passing, while also dealing with his family's feuding with their business partner, who has taken advantage of the brother's grief and offered nothing but poor ideas.

In addition, he also brought in After convincing his friends to invest their life savings, a novice bar owner transformed a community staple into a bottomless money pit and does nothing to fix it.

Now Jon must get the investors to step up and take control before they lose their money for good. A manager turned bar owner struggles to keep her business floating due to her drunk and promiscuous staff's out of control behavior and their reputation that keeps patrons out. Now it's up to Jon to help clean up this bar's reputation and help the owner become more assertive in her business. An owner relies on her attractive daughters and spaghetti wrestling events to lure customers inside, but mounting debt and a family feud threaten the future.

Jon must find a more profitable marketing plan and mend the fence with the owner's family if he is to save this bar.

Breastaurant Rescue was the episode's original title. Jon also arrived at the wrong bar originally because there was another bar with the same name in the area. Jon is forced to make a tough decision on rescuing a bar when its resistant owner refuses to give up his punk rock obsession in favor of more profiting-making choices. Due to the owner's complete resistance to change and delusion that he knew better than Jon, this became the third bar Jon has refused to help; the first two being O'Face Bar and the re-rescue of Second Base.

Also, this is the first Bar Rescue that featured cocktails not available because an owner refused to allow them at his establishment. An owner's illicit affair produces a child, and destroys both his marriage and the reputation of his bar. Now it's up to Jon to help him deal with his past demons and start a clean slate.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Bar Rescue episodes. After Dave told Jon Taffer to pack his stuff and go home,he and members of the band Smashed Facial attacked the drummers with guitars and amps,chasing them out of the club.

Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 6. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 26 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This episode premiered on the Spike app as a sneak preview before its actual airing.

SOYO [Note 1] [3]. Staten Island, New York. Jersey City, New Jersey. The owner's ex watches the recon with Jon. Osteria Calabria [Note 3] [Note 1]. Lake Marie Lodge [Note 4] [Note 1]. Nick's House [Note 1]. The Hot Rock [Note 6]. Co modernized version of old name [Note 1]. Jon returns to bars with the most hot-headed owners to see if they continued to fail or succeed without him. This episode debuted on Amazon Prime, the Spike app and on-demand prior to its airing.

Money Bar [Note 6] [Note 1]. The stepfather watched the recon with Jon. Panic Room Bar [Note 7] [Note 1]. Jon returns to bars with the most stubborn owners to see if they continued to fail or succeed without him. One eccentric wine bar owner is too occupied to notice his business is withering on the vine. Pacific Coast Wine Bar [Note 6].

Country Club Hills, Illinois. Jon returns to bars with the most delusional owners to see if they continued to fail or succeed without him. La Luz Ultra Lounge. Jon watched the recon with Youngstown mayor John McNally. Tim Owens' Traveler's Tavern [Note 1]. Proving Ground [Note 1] [Note 1]. Back Beat [Note 1]. Power Strip [Note 1]. In a special "Back to the Bar" that was taped in front of a live audience, Jon checks to see if the McGowan brothers have cooled off their fiery relationship.

He also takes on an angry stand-up comedy club owner from Stand Up, Scottsdale. This episode is billed as the show's th episode. Jon revisits the Dirty Rooster and ruffles the feathers of owner Rob, and mediates a muscle-bound dispute between two rival bar owners from Houston, Texas.

Franky T's [Note 9] [Note 1]. Also, the bar lost their liquor license again as the county ruled the bar was outside their jurisdiction by only about feet. Taffer encouraged viewers to sign a petition to have the ruling overturned. The owners of Piratz tavern appeared and appear to make amends with Taffer and the bar is now closed. However, they reveal plans to open a new bar in Orlando called "Bar Refuge". The Cajun Belle [Note 10].

Jon reveals his most successful rescue ever, tests the luck of Campbell's Irish Pub after his rescue, and revisits The Lister. The Campbell's Irish Pub has been profiting well with the owner and manager working well together. Down at the precinct Jess shares her discovery with Fogel and Henderson and remembers how reluctant Albert was to have a gin and tonic with Matt. Jess gets more bad news from the publisher boss — he is pulling the pin on the murder of the month book club.

Larry is disappointed, and wonders if they can film around Matt and Jess suddenly has a thought about the script for the infomercial.

Mostly because I hate infomercials and refuse to believe that JB would go within 2 feet of one. Anyway, Jess knows who the killer is and they spring a trap at a Yonkers bus station to catch them.

Joellen, it turns out, stole the story she was about to become famous for from Stuart Murphy. Arnold knew and was blackmailing her so she killed him. The reasons for Albert killing Stuart were drowned out by the sound of GC howling at my feet for a sustained five minutes. Back in the Cove this week Fletcherfans, where the Regional Something Something bowling tournament is getting down to the wire. Side note, Richmond finished top of the table and are playing Friday night for a spot in the Grand Final, what a time to be alive.

Resident arsehole and fellow team member Sam Bryce informs Al that he bowls like a girl nice one, dipshit and proceeds to pick a fight with everyone. Al tells Seth, JB and Imogene that he was the reason why the team lost, he lost concentration. Terry has had about enough and is thinking of moving to New York to look for some eligible men.

Jess tells her if she gets serious about the idea to let her know, she might be able to help. The phone rings and Terry has an argument on the phone with Sam. Imogene is delighted with the place but seems to cool on it when the neighbour invites herself in for a hello. Imogene seems to hate Medora Finney on sight and spoiler alert, this is never resolved in the episode.

Apparently, Sam got jealous when he saw Terry with Harvey. They fight and Terry throws him out. Medora spies from outside and takes notes in her notebook. She tells him that he stinks of booze and has lipstick all over him, what prince charming would want to marry into that family? She storms into the house, past her weeping mother. They spot Sam ordering some dude named Ron to return his saw, which he does. Mort wisely stays out of it. Sam plugs it in, turns it on and is electrocuted. Seth tells Jess to hurry up, he has patients to see.

Mort warns her off being so slanderous and Medora departs, sulking about how the Sheriff treats honest, God-fearing citizens. They run into Al, who is clearing out his burned-out pharmacy. Mort tells Andy to drive Terry back to her car.

That night the bowling team send a drunken farewell to Sam, the guy they never liked or wanted to be around. Ollie has the decency to look uncomfortable about the whole thing but the rest of them are basically good riddance.

Ron asks Al about a 25K payment and a condo deal Al and Sam were cooking up and Al wants to know how Ron knows about it. Jess suggests they head on over there, but when they do they find the phone off the hook and Terry hanging from the landing. Jess says fine, but she needs help with something first. Medora arrives and is furious that her private ramblings have been shared around. Oh, shut up Medora.

The other came from a local bar and more than that the bartender remembers Ron Friendly being on the phone about that time. Down by the water, Seth shows off some purchases and Jess has an idea. Literally everyone in this episode was sketchy, I feel nothing about this. Apparently, Sam found out Al set fire to the pharmacy and blackmailed him about it.

Terry had to die because Al loved her but she picked Sam. Hashtag not all men. Briony Season Eleven California , calm down Alicia , moar wine , psychic dog is psychic , wine Leave a comment.

Our story begins this week in San Francisco where Paul Grimaldi is taking his lady friend Michelle out to dinner. The next day Paul is taking her to meet his wine-making family but first, he has to go make a last minute business stop. Unfortunately for Paul his business stop to a jeweller to buy a necklace for Michelle ends with someone he apparently knows shooting him in the chest.

All is not well at the Grimaldi family vineyard — there are money troubles galore and Lars Anderson aka Gregg Henry, who pops up on this show on the regular is looking to buy. Jess toasts her arrival with Anna, her daughter and casual bitch Alicia and the family business advisor Edgar Warner.

Alicia is summoned by the overseer Henry Wilson to tap the cabernet and she asks Jessica to walk her out. Alicia wants Jessica to help convince her mother not to sell to Lars Anderson. She leaves Jess to go find her adopted brother Pete Grimaldi. Pete, it turns out, has been summoned to a meeting with Lars Anderson and the Sheriff. Lars has a sweet offer on the table for Pete if he helps convince Anna to sell the winery to him but Pete is not having a bar of it. As he jets off on his four-wheeler we see that the whole thing has been overheard by a man and his dog.

They have no idea how to find her, but JB is happy to look into it for her. A well-timed doorbell signals the arrival of Michelle and Anna is delighted to see her as is Pete tbh. Alicia has no time for it, as Anna escorts Michelle upstairs, delighted that her prayers have been answered.

Jess heads off on a shopping trip with Anna, Pete takes Michelle on a tour of the winery, Edgar goes off to meet with investors about getting some funds to stave off the wolves and Alicia is Alicia. He tells Edgar to get the deal done or a not so nice alternative will happen — he will buy the Grimaldis second mortgage and they will lose everything. Edgar is horrified but Lars is unmoved.

Pete takes JB on a tour of the bottling plant and grumbles about not being a proper Grimaldi. She sees Jessica and hurries away. Felipe bobs up and says Bolivar has some thoughts on Michelle and Lars Anderson but when Jessica asks Felipe what he means Bolivar barks and he excuses himself. That night the wake is held for Paul. The party over, Edgar bids Anna and Jessica a goodnight and departs. Anna takes herself off to bed, leaving Jessica to peruse the shelves in search of a little late night reading.

As she flicks, Michelle hurries down the stairs and out the door without seeing JB. Bolivar comes running to the rescue but is knocked out for his trouble. Felipe comforts a recovering Bolivar and announces that St Francis came to Bolivar and told him to forgive the man who killed Lars and whacked Bolivar over the head.

Felipe also explains he lost his walking stick the night of the party, and that Bolivar was probably in the shed because one of the cellarmen has a dog Bolivar has his eye on. The Sheriff asks where Michelle and Pete were and Michelle surfaces to say they both went to bed at about He seems certain that Lars was killed by a Grimaldi, he just needs to work out which one.

Back at the house, Edgar informs the Grimaldis that with the death of Lars there is to be no more deal to buy the vineyard. This is good news for everyone but Anna, who thinks that it is just delaying the inevitable. She asks Jess to find Michelle so that they may go for a walk, leaving Alicia, Pete and Edgar to quietly agree that whoever killed Lars did them a favour. Jess asks her why she lied to the sheriff. Michelle tells her she went out to a bar with Peter, he went to get the car while she waited for him at the time of the murder.

Michelle comes clean — when she had her son the person she was speaking to that Jess overheard the other day she moved from Seattle to Modesto. Men saw the situation she was in and gave her money to help, including Lars. Jess tells her that it will be okay, but no more lies.

Alicia and Peter have a quiet conversation in the bottling room about alibis. They declare a truce. The Sheriff rolls up to return Felipe, cleared of any wrongdoing, and instead arrests Peter.

Jess finds Edgar on the phone getting a lawyer for Pete and they have a chat. The SFPD detective came and spoke to the family, he knew that much.

Inside, Jess is about to cook spaghetti bolognaise when she suddenly has a thought. She knows who the killer is, she just needs to prove it,. That night, Jess gets a call from Felipe — Bolivar has solved the case and says that the proof is in the vats.

A piece of cloth from the clothing of the killer. Jess promises to check it out. I must have seen this episode before, I solved this crime about 10 minutes in. Edgar has been madly in love with Anna for years and would do anything for her, including embezzling from his other clients to pay for the second mortgage.

Paul found out so Edgar killed him and then killed Lars to prevent the embezzling from being discovered. More brutal, when Edgar gives Jessica the necklace Paul picked up from the jewellers and asks her to give it to Michelle. Jessica is immune to Italian Don Draper.

He brought this on himself. Oh how I can relate to this. As far as villainous plots go, this was pretty good. I know this was funny in , but enough. I like this episode already.

This will not stand. Buford is being played by the Headmaster from Gilmore Girls, which is making me very happy.

The Bureau of Land Management says a spark from a citizen’s metal grinder started last year’s Whit Fire west of Cody — and says that person could potentially be held responsible for the millions of dollars that it cost to suppress it. minube es mi compañera de viaje, la que siempre me acompaña en el bolsillo o en la mochila, donde sea que lleve el teléfono. Es con quien comento lo que veo o a quien pregunto sobre qué ver, restaurantes, hoteles y hasta vuelos si me hace falta. Y después de un . RJ is the author of the over one hundred novels and discovered romance in books at a very young age. She realized that if there wasn't romance on the page, she .