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Attractive Eagle Bay New York male iso attractive female txt buddy

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Attractive Eagle Bay New York male iso attractive female txt buddy

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I'm sure I'll get a ton of weirdo but maybe someone normal reads these too. I a 32 year old black female who has to go to work out here but can't afford a room and I don't have gas to drive all the way home.

It's like you have no consideration for my feelings. I love music any kind as long as it makes me feel good. I'm funny, laid back, easy going man waiting for friendship and fun, if it leads into companionship then fine, but like to start out as friends to see our common interests of course. Energy, admiration, conversation, flirting, appreciation for your mind, spirit and soul. A cute potbelly and beard is a plus Fat Pig Who Want To Become A Slave Hello I Am 23 White woman who Is waiting For A Master I Am waiting For A Live In Situation I Do Not Mind Severing A Couple I Will Do All Cooking N Cleaning And anything eles you are seeking.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Flashbulbs are popping, reporters are humming and the applause is steadily rising. Our two fabutous new shops are where you con easily find these trend setting shoe stars. The ones ttxit send a season to new heights! The Yves Saint Laurent slick patent or kid wedge in a rainbow of colors. It's the new white-hot spirited mini by George Marciano for Guess Jeans.

Draped from the shoulder pulled snug around the hips and tied at the side Perfect for packing to sunny resorts. In white cotton gauze for sizes S,M and L; ' Now in Right On! Fast Track — short pieces and sketches reflecting the quick step of city life. The first Fast Track reports on Italian marchese Franco Maria Ricci left , who is bringing his perverse and beautiful new art magazine.

FMR, to the United States. There's word on the hottest new item in computer hardware, an update on a memorable New York story, the latest City Hall whispers. Our night crawler, Mr. Peepers, takes you out, in his fashion. Each week, the section will be reporting on prices around town, recording aggravations, celebrating local heroes, delivering postcards from Paris, London, Los Angeles, and beyond, and springing other surprises for fast-track New Yorkers.

Diana Ross would sing a free concert in Central Park, and the city, with its 7. Two concerts and five months later, city officials discovered that they were getting 7.

He's shot 43 "Manhattan Faces," portraits of men he describes as "interesting, intelligent, con- tributors. But, as Gael Greene dis- covered when she set out to survey the chicken-in-the-pot scene, although some places may boast splendid broth and others heavenly matzo balls, when it comes to chicken soup, there's no place like home.

Newman There have been plenty of changes since New York's last tenants' rights guide was published, in June The state is taking over administration of the city's rent laws, tenants have won new protections when their buildings undergo co-op or condo con- versions, and a tenant, al last, has been given the clear right to have a roommate, even if his or her name isn't on the lease.

To keep renters informed of these changes — and of issues such as brokers' fees and subleases — lawyer Stephen Newman has prepared an up-to-the-minute guide to tenants' rights on the home front.

A political comeback could re- turn the island — and its American "liber- ators'" — to square one. Ih On Madison Avenue: Getting Koched By Michael Kramer The mayor's new book is an exercise in spleen venting rather than a look at his real achievements. Are You Truly Happy? Do You Sleep in the Nude? Rebel Without a Film By David Denby Reckless and A Woman in Flames seem to have been manufactured for the mindless teen market and the pseudo- intellectual market, respectively.

Following the Lieder By Peter G. Davis Four recitals and some new records prove that the art of lieder singing is alive and thriving — welcome news. Photograph by oseph McNally. The following are registered trademarks, and the use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited: In and Around Town. New York lOOl 7. Reproduction without Permission is strictly prohibited. Ollicers of News Group Publications.

Vice-President and Secretary; jelFrey A. Vice- resident and Treasurer. Second-class postage paid at New York. New York, and additional mailing ofTices. Editorial and business olTices: Send address changes to New Yorlc. Box , Boulder, Colorado Subscription rates in the United States and possessions: For subscription information, write oseph Oliver, New York Magazine. Box , Boulder, Colorado 80 We're a seaside resort that caters to people of some achievement Tennis, golf, biking, sailing complimentary.

Executive Conference Facilities Available. Leonore Fleiacher Associate Editor: Florence Fletcher Assistant Editors: David White Associate Art Director: Don Morria Art Production Manager: Shelley Leikowitch Assistant Ptiotography Editor: Suaan Vermazen Assistant Art Director: David Waltera Art Assistants: Molly Strauaa Staff Accountant: Anthony Irving Researcti Manager: Nancy Pollock Computer Operations: HaMi Grumlay, Manager Staff: Tereaa Hallberg Classified Advertising Manager: Mary Ann McCarthy Staff: Marty Singafnian Director of Finance: I, otherwise so crowd-wise.

Never taken oflF guard. Rudely, roughly jostled, jarred Boarding a crowded bus, Unscarred but scared and penniless.

A "pick" pocketing a day's pay. A few days later, a surprise. My wallet by mail anonymously arrived. Everything in place, minus cash. Minus stamps I knew were there. Then on the envelope I spied The postage I myself supplied. Don't be careless in a public place, But carry stamps, just in case. He snatched it and staggered away. I sped to a nearby coin shop only to have the owner dismiss my findings as junk, and hear him mutter to his assistant, "The drunk just got another one. The upscale, it seems, care only for their own.

At dinner I read your article — too bad I didn't read it a bit earlier! Since my letter was published, three people have offered to send me their copies two actually did and one woman asked if Letters for this department should be ad- dressed to Letters to the Editor, New York Magazine.

Please include a daytime phone number. A family car that seats 5 with room to spare. Room that in- cludes luxuries like 6-speaker stereo with cassette, power windows and door locks, and plush uphol- stery. Now you're talking major value. And when a family sedan has Nissan technology going for it, you get even more than room and luxuries.

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And that takes it way be- yond transportation; all the way to Major Motion. Actual mileage may differ de- pending on speed, trip length and weather Highway mileage will probably be less. For reservations and information, see your travel agent or call ; in N. State ; in N. Southampton Princess, The Princess. Represented by Princess Hotels International, Inc. Your response to our Holiday offering of a free mattress plus free delivery in the 5 borougtis and lower Westchester with every Chicago platform bed celebrating the opening of our new store in Chicago was so overwhelming.

Another woman called from Florida to sympathize. I am simply and gratefully amazed.

Full text of "New York Magazine"

A new campaign presented Dr Pepper as "the most origi- nal soft drink ever in the whole wide world. But too many of those adven- turous souls still thought of Dr Pepper as a "change-of-pace drink, not something to drink on a regular basis, like a cola," says Albers.

The "most original" cam- paign trumpeted all that Dr Pepper wasn't — it wasn't a cola, for instance — but didn't adequately explain exactly what it was, a unique blend of "23 fruit fiavors.

The Pepper persona was someone who was self-confident, willing to stand up and be counted — a persona that would, it was hoped, start a veri- table stampede. Pied Piper-style, of a target audience heavily influenced by the yearning to be "in. Twoyears later, DrPepper passed 7-Up to become the No. By , however, Dr Pepper's sales had stalled, then plummeted for the first time.

The recession was a factor, but so was the similarity of Dr Pepper's ads to those of its competitors. Should yo run to the rustic, there's fishing, sai and more. All just outside the city Have fun discovering our Old Work culture, after all our heritage is quite definitely Rrench English is spoken but go ead and try a friendly "bonjoi anyway.

America borders ontiie magnificent Quebec City, Canada Come on up for an unforgettable visit ihis year make it Quebec. Mail this conpon today to: HE'S told it countless times, and it's about the Lubavitcher rebbe in Brooklyn. They number about 15,, and their leader is the rebbe.

New York's poli- ticians have trooped to the rebbe's home, in Crown Heights, to seek his support, which is important because the Lubavitchers are said to vote monolithi- cally according to the rebbe's wishes.

As Koch waited to pre- sent his case to the rebbe some years ago, a young rabbi regaled Koch with tales of the rebbe's wis- dom. He told me about the poet who had heard the rebbe read his own poem and about how extraordinari- ly beautiful it was. And the judge who was so im- pressed that he declared the rebbe a brilliant jurist. But he doesn't say a word. The rabbi and about a thousand students who had been in the building all come running up to me.

And they ask, 'What did he say? What did he say? So 1 said, 'My God, what that man knows about politics. But it did not make it into the final, bound version of the mayor's Mayor.

Well, says Koch, "an Or- thodox supporter of mine said to me that I'd be better off not having it in there, so I deferred to his wishes, [but] in no way [does the story] denigrate the rebbe. Koch boasts orally, and throughout his book, that he always tells the whole truth, "warts and all," that "complete candor" is his guiding princi- ple, that he wrote Mayor in the middle of his tenure because he wanted his "recol- lections to be published without the ben- efit of hindsight revision.

Making book with the mayor. A powerful labor leader like Victor Got- baum, for instance, whom Koch has called "the pits," is handled with the kind of kid gloves one thought Ed Koch never wore. The powerless — who in- clude some of Koch's closest aides in the sense that their power derives wholly from him — are too often the victims of gratuitous slaps.

Ed Koch has been a good mayor of New York, perhaps even a great one. He's helped save the city from bank- ruptcy, instituted managerial changes that have made the bureaucracy more efTicient, and, in ways that are subtle and intangible, caused most New Yorkers to be prouder of their town. Too little of this mayor, however, makes it into print. New Yorkers are used to his ofT- the-cuff, one-line slurs. They seem hu- morous when he says them; they seem petty and meanspirited in print — the more so because a book is a reflective product.

There is time and opportunity to reconsider, something Koch seems to have avoided in Mayor, except when he fears electoral retaliation. Whoever has crossed Koch is skewered in his book — for a purpose. Koch has always been most fascinated by him- self.

He is like the narcis- sistic Hollywood director in the old story who says to a friend, "Enough about me. Let's talk about you.

What do you think of me? This is something that's really vicious in me. Koch complains about as- sociates who are upset by the double- dealing common in politics. That's the way it is, he says. Each is dated, limited to a 30'day firing period, and capped with a lid of German polished pewter. It is available to U. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Hand- numbered in gold. Decorative handle on both mugs.

In Illinois, call Ask for operator Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Credit Card No Exp. FW Milwaukee, WI affected by these slights, so the central theme of his book is his toughness.

No matter how tough someone else is re- puted to be, Koch wants us to know that he is still tougher. No better proof of this strength can be found in Mayor than the ease with which Koch fires those who work for him. But I am one who will get rid of people. The politicians he rails about can take care of themselves, but the mayor's friends in government, his personal staff, are in another class.

Koch long ago described his City Hall staff as a large, quarrelsome Jewish fam- ily — a group that argues behind closed doors to reach a consensus, which it then loyally presents to the outside world without dissent. In Mayor, Koch implies that loyalty is a one-way street. He devotes an entire chapter to the re- organization of his administration in He could have simply listed the demotions and title changes among his personal staff, but Koch won't let it go at that.

We learn that Robert Milano, a deputy mayor serving the city for only a dollar a year, broke down and cried when the mayor relieved him. So, too, did Ronay Menschel, another deputy mayor, who was permitted to stay on in a lesser capacity.

And Diane Coffey, Koch's chief of staff, was "absolutely crushed," says the mayor, when he changed her title. Must we know more than the fact of these changes? Why hurt or inconvenience some- one unnecessarily even if it would be true to recount that they took rough news poorly? Their near-univer- sal criticism was simple: A good many people had slaved for Koch for years. They'd worked loyally and quietly, and they were the ones who would calm journalists concerned with the mayor's underside.

Now their only mention in Koch's memoirs depicted them as weak sisters unable to accept the mayor's ac- tions gracefully. The solution was footnotes. All through the reorganization chapter. Fully five people who are treated poorly in the body of Mayor are described in foot- notes as "still a good friend. Associates derided in the text are praised in captions beneath their photographs. Cumulatively, the foot- notes and captions seem to alert the reader to the fact that Koch had his arm twisted, and that one should stick to the text to discern the mayor's true feelings.

Politically, even the politicians sav- aged in Mayor believe the book will be a plus for Koch. But, frankly, I don't think he wrote it just to let it all hang out. I don't think Ed Koch would have published it if he didn't think it would help him politically.

Koch himself "doubts" his revelations will impede that ability. The book is full of conversations we thought were private. He not only re- lates them in detail but makes fun of us for having been naive or dumb, as he perceives it. Of course I'll be more cir- cumspect.

I don't want to be chewed up in 'Mayor 11' for simply having given advice I thought was in Ed's best in- terests. Koch says he didn't dwell on the real achievements of his administration al- though a few are recounted , because people "wouldn't read the book. What Koch has done instead is take the easy way out, and the lasting achievement of Mayor may well be the creation of a new verb for Bill Safire's Political Dictionary: Now you can enjoy the matchless luxury of the finest leather furniture at prices that will be a most welcome surprise.

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A lot of my friends — people who've ' been helpful to him in the past — are getting tired of the guy. She's got the right kind of image. She's got the women, and she could probably get the blacks. If Bellamy plays her cards right, she's going to have some surprising people behind her. Almost everything he publishes is bound in black. He has fiercely unusual taste "totally foreign to the American eye," his friend Diana Vreeland says , which you'll be seeing when he starts his monthly magazine, FMR.

The Magazine of Franco Maria Ricci looks as if it was born to linger a few months on a marble table. Inside its luxurious pages might be an alchemist's manual, a seventeenth- century tapestry, gravestones from the Limoges cemetery, the inside of a Turkish harem, room by room, Elton John's eyeglasses — all seen with the eye of Ricci, one of Italy's best graphic designers. Interspersed, there is a bit of dignified text, perhaps by Borges or Italo Calvino, but Ricci says he does not expect most of his subscribers to actually read it.

FMR is pronounced like the word "ephemere" — ephemeral, that is — and Ricci is both that and practical, always described as an aesthete and a businessman. Though Italian, he is the perfect English eccentric: He has a country house next to a piggery, with a swimming pool on the roof.

Now he has ten stores around Italy created to sell only his publications. Ricci, a bachelor, lives in splendor, mostly in Milan, the last in his line of a grand old Parma family.

He has shipped 8- million copies of a sixteen-page version of the magazine here from Italy. The problem has been that high-speed printers produce low-quality, computer-style -type, while letter-quality printers are too slow. But the Epson LQ- 1 , which can create characters in a wide range of typefaces and sizes, does top-notch printing at 67 characters per second and computer-style drafts at characters per second.

The LQ- also offers italics and graphics capability. I hadn't even taken off my scarf. It was so refreshing not to find a single enemy in the room of course, there was no one I knew that I stayed. Fortunately, the newly and half-built place was unspeakably loud, so I didn't have to make talk. An awful white rawness emanated. Then a sliver of rather rare snapper on radicchio that hid but not enough a red grapefruit wedge or two.

All my hates conspiring. Earl Mack, who reminds me so of Helmut Berger on Dynasty, passed by and gave us a hard, thrilling look. I hate this place. Sometimes I really hate what I do," said a cookbook publisher.

Meanwhile, everyone ate like doctors. No egg yolks," said a chef. As I left, I heard the clink of very fast spoons. How nice, I thought, to have been with a set that insults only the vegetables. How much kinder it is to pick on a potato than a hostess, abusing her room and questioning her origins as she drifts by softly smiling and aspiring.

Warner told me this was the third small dinner they had given in twenty years. Since he does everything so big, I felt impelled to see what "small" meant. It's always hard for me to go to the LeRoys', because I am always the poorest person in the room, even at a dinner as small as this. But now, since I am even poorer than everyone on the nouveau riche Knots Landing, I decided to go.

Don Hewitt, the producer of 60 Minutes, Warner, and lane and lann Wenner were standing in the vast doorway. I cast a green eye on Hewitt's new thinness and Rio tan. Jane Wenner wore flat brown boots with scuffed toes, jeans, a black sweatshirt, and a diamond bracelet.

She looked just right. Vast chandeliers and vast paintings hung over a vast table with a vast platter of salmon and my vast beaker of bourbon. Every party, of course, has a purpose, and I figured out the purpose of this one immediately. Certain people there were The Purpose and certain were The Camouflage. In the better parties, like this. The Purpose is usually hidden as deeply as the vinaigretted grapefruit under my radicchio, a sometimes ugly surprise. Tonight, as ever, I was Camouflage, though I aspire to be Purpose someday.

He had no idea who I was, though I had once wasted an entire night's charm at table with him. You were making Sophie's Choice," I said. TTiat's why I resigned eight years ago. I kept taking jewish and black people there until they called my father on lupiter Island and said I was bringing too many guests and wasn't 'obeying the rules,' so I resigned.

As Warner poured the Chateau Lafite, Victor Gotbaum got to his feet and said, "Bill Haywood once said, 'Nothing is too good for the workingman, therefore nothing is too good for the workingman's representatives! He said Tom had turned in a page outline that was very funny and full of everyone we all know. He was going to write it in serialization, like Dickens. The central character is a writer who lives on Park Avenue all of whose friends are richer than he is.

Warner was taping King Lear on the vast Mitsubishi in his bedroom. The Pakulas stayed in the bedroom watching terrible things happen to Michael Jackson's face as the moon slid away from the clouds. Though she's still short of cash, she has become a neighborhood celebrity, particularly at the "hash house" she frequents, where she often signs autographs. Today, she says, she can't walk down the street without someone recognizing her.

Next week, I'm going to a 'nuclear party. No doubt you've seen the picture: Clearly, an image with the power to haunt. And even inspire wonder. Who buys these things? When in doubt, Bloomingdale's. On a chilly Thursday, with the store open late and the weekend ahead.

Young, athletic, and very knowledgeable, the women cluster around the Calvins. They have come not for the underwear in the ad but for the sexier string bikini with the no-frills white banding on top. This bikini is not available, so they buy every pair of Calvin's Briefs in sight. A regulation-model Yuppie sets her briefcase down: But are these not androgynous little items that may repulse more men than they delight? That's the frisson — buying the Calvins is a leap of faith, a shot in the dark.

Interesting, then, that in two hours not a single man ambled over to buy a pair for a lady friend. More surprising was a September 23 birthday- party photograph of the elusive Matthew "Matty the Horse" lanniello, the Genovese-family associate suspected of being the mob's financial genius.

The feds have been striking out with surveillance trucks. But when I peered over the front seat, I discovered the driver was watching a miniature cordless TV perched on the dashboard. His attention was roughly divided between Julia Child and the traffic. It turns out this isn't so. A representative of the Taxi and Limousine Commission said, "That's interfering with the driver's line of vision. There's a regulation against it. It seems that with the ever shrinking size of TVs, more and more taxi drivers are taking their sets on the road.

Such people should be reported to the commission at We humbly start this new adventure with two gentle reminders: Chacun a son gout, and De gustibus non est disputandum. Wait until she gets a look at Kinski! The action takes place in , and the film opens February 10 at the Waverly Twin 2. Young female hearts are throbbing, and parents are being cajoled and threatened for the price of admission.

At right are Arthur French, a friend of the protagonists', and Joan B. Pryor, one of the erstwhile dancing sisters. Drenched by a torrential thunderstorm the first night, the star sang bravely on before finally capitulating to the elements. The weather was fine the next night, but bands of marauding youths turned the post- concert hours into a night of thuggery.

And when the costs were finally totted up, there turned out to be no money for the playground Diana Ross had promised the city. How did it happen? The answers to these questions are coming to light now only because the city demanded a full accounting from the promoters.

That financial statement provides a rare and tantalizing peek into the economics of s show business and a taste of the imperial style and spending habits of superstars like Diana Ross. The original idea for the concert was simple enough. Ross offered to perform free to help build a children's playground Onstage In Central Parii: The city would get all receipts from the sale of T-shirts and 7. When the first accounting arrived in December — three months late — it turned out that the concerts had raised hardly enough money to put up a seesaw, let alone build a play- ground.

Ross said she was "shaken and unhappy," and promised to raise the money for the playground somehow. It's not for anyone else but the children of New York. At first, Ross took her idea to Ron Delsener, the man who promotes most of the live Central Park concerts. When it became clear that a concert alone couldn't raise the money for the playground, Ross decided that a televised broadcast was necessary. Television, however, is expensive to produce.

Delsener stepped aside, and Paramount Pictures stepped in to help support the project until income from the live broadcast began to come in. Though Delsener continued to advise on the project, Ross's Anaid "Diana" spelled back- ward Productions and Paramount became co-producers and share the responsibility for overseeing costs.

They asked Ross for a piece of the profits. We decided that we should be entitled to a percentage of the profits, just like anyone else involved in such projects. In other words, there aren't any profits from which the city can take its 7. What had happened, of course, was that the city had joined countless other show-business neophytes in chasing the net in search of profits. By the time it was over.

Ross's project had turned out to be not only the most expensive concert ever mounted in the park but the least profitable to the city. Diana Ross's people said she was too busy to be inter- viewed for this article. Spokesmen for Ross and Paramount attributed the escalated costs principally to the rainout the first night.

In general, according to its original accounting statement. Superstardom, as well as thunderstorms, can drive up the cost of a concert. But members of the production staff and vendors who worked on the project said the rainstorm was only part of the problem. The real explanation, these insiders said, lies in Ross's own expensive style and the generally chaotic nature of big-concert financing.

And the hints of trouble were there days before the first raindrops fell. That's when she tells me that the ante for the show has doubled. I said that was crazy. And here she was getting ready to spend a quarter of a million dollars just for the staging and production.

That's when I backed out of it. And if I had to back out of one of these concerts, then I think I backed out of the right one. Without her, of course, there would have been no concert. But, as a star, she has acquired certain prerogatives. In part, that's what makes her special and her shows unique. If she wants musicians flown in from the West Coast or Las Vegas, then the musicians are flown in, even though there are perfectly fine musicians available in New York.

She wants the best cameramen, the best musicians, the best of everything. The telecast, supposedly the key to making money, was a major reason for spending it. An elaborate electronic city was Pholographs: Some of us had to fly back and forth several times because of other commitments, but, in this business, a star like Diana Ross knows what she wants, and there aren't too many people who are going to say no. Besides her musicians and directors and arrangers, for instance, Diana wanted her own wardrobe woman, and she was flown in from Los Angeles.

I know, in addition, that the three sound engineers she wanted were flown in from London. And when the services and supplies did show up, they in- t variably cost us five to ten times as much as they should have. I finally threw them away. I called the guy to complain. Then the guy tells me it had been rented for a week, not two days, and that one of the people in our production was going to take it to another concert for the rest of the week.

That kind of stuff was going on all the time. What's more, it now has to build a playground for three or four times the amount of Ross's gift— and it has to name the place after her New York, the Beverly Hills, and the Chateau Marmont, in Los Angeles. He does that at most of the rock concerts. It's part of the union contract that they get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The union gives the workers chits that they turn in for meals. There was none of that kind of stuff with Ross.

To me the cost seems excessive, especially when you realize that the parties after the concerts were not even held at the site, where we were working in a foot of water, but at the Top of the Park restaurant.

Most of the money, according to the producers, went to bolster interest in the television shows. We launched technical stories and statistical sto- ries and press releases'intemationally.

We provided an un- relenting barrage of publicity. It was like we used Central Park as a launching pad and sent out publicity missiles all over the world. Franklin Weissberg, an entertainment lawyer, said the attitude toward accountability is so casual in many show- business circles that there is little confidence in the industry that even a blockbuster will return a profit.

Chairman Barry Diller said he was outraged at the city's attitude. We'll supply them with every bill. This is manipulation by Com- missioner Stem of the media. What's more, it is now committed to building a playground that its planners never recommended, at a price estimated to be three or four times the amount of Ross's contribution.

And it has to name th? From all accounts, Ross never imagined that her dream would turn into such a nightmare. She just kept smiling at me and at the fans flocking around her and saying 'Wonderful,' 'I love you,' 'Bless you all. Many of our luscious milk and dark selections, with their enrapturing; fillings, owe their graceful flavors and consistencies to exclusive Belgian recipes. Even our gracefully sculptured shapes reflect the patience of Europe's artisans of pleasure.

It's no wonder why Godiva' Chocolates hring moments of elegance to people throughout the world. I wanted a series of expressions. So many burning brows. So many throbbing bones. Fierce flus and lingering colds have left some of my hardiest friends on an unac- customed daytime horizontal, prompt- ing a rash of emergency chicken-soup missions across town. When the epidem- ic nasties finally got to me three weeks ago, icing feet and hands, igniting fevers, I, too, drifted in and out of sleep till aspirin and nostalgia fueled a craving for homemade chicken soup.

Ideally it would be. Funny how fevers revive sensations of childhood vulnerability. At my house, being a little bit sick was always a treat. It meant lots of plumped pillows, coloring books, soap operas, healing sips of Mama's po- tion. Now, with fever cooled but still feeling fragile, I dispatched a visitor for not just good chicken soup but — 1 was curiously ravenous — chicken-in-the-pot.

Frankly, this soup was far from perfection. The bird could have been moister, the broth more intense; the soggy carrots and peas were an in- sult — but they arrived stowed in their own little plastic cup, and were instantly dumped into the garbage. Fully recovered a week later, I de- cided to survey the chicken-in-the-pot- to-go scene as a public service. Jewish to be a "Jewish mother," the two friends who volunteered to drive around town collecting the contenders claimed serious ethnic pedigrees as tasters.

I've included their comments, though the ratings are my own. Four red crosses would have indicated the ultimate old- world perfection we didn't find. All of the sources are open seven days a week and will deliver free within the area noted; each will deliver farther afield if you pay the cab fare.

The matzo ball was a classic — not effetely light, not lethally lumpish. A great thicket of decent noodles led one taster to observe, "No noodles is good noodles to me. Noodles are not what they used to be when Grandma made them by hand. You can substitute kasha or rice. The pitiful peas and carrots went into the garbage, as always. In almost two decades of chicken-potting here, I have never been offered coleslaw, bread, or a pickle.

Still no pickle, but if you're really sick, can you handle a pickle? Maybe the 2nd Ave. Deli's broth was tastier, with its nice accent of root vegetables, but the Carnegie's broth had its own special charm — a haunting of celery, a serious yellow hue — though perhaps it was a little salty.

And the chicken was better than most — too cooked, yet still tast- ing like chicken. But the grainy, tasteless matzo ball and the soggy vegetables were unforgivable. The Carnegie, Seventh Av- enue, near 55th Street , de- livers free within a five-block radius. Deli IS AN institution, a beloved bastion of kosher soul food. Kerry Bootie, of Wilhelmina.

Hair and makeup by Creg Creiner. Soup bowls, plaiet, and spoons counesy of James II Galleries. My recipe for a soothing, gentrified version An hour later he called, as anxious as any Jewish mother: But the chicken wasn't very tasty, and though the giant matzo ball was above aver- age, the tacky vegetables — com, peas, carrots, limas — tasted canned.

And Mom's broth might be as sweet, her carrots as real, her matzo ball as light and as headily perfumed with chicken fat. But her chicken could never be so dry and list- less. The cover popped off the plastic drum, and two cups of very good broth spilled into the plastic bag. By some miracle, the bag was soup-tight. Disaster averted, we dumped everything into a pot for reheating. The stock had a promising glow, with its gleaming telltale chicken fat, good-tasting carrots, and peas that were astonishingly green but tasty — yet the insipid chicken was not worth eating, and the matzo ball was tasteless, too.

Kaplan's at the Delmonico, 59 East 49th Street , delivers free between 49th and 69th Streets, from Third Avenue to the Avenue of the Americas. And the chicken looked so juicy, too. But it wasn't, and the broth was feeble. The matzo ball had an odd ofF-taste, and the plastic-domed aluminum carryout tray flipped open en route. Madison Delicatessen Restaurant has its passionate champions. I've always had the idle fantasy that the Jewish De- fense League might go after it.

Now, in carryout competition, the worst was confirmed. All flavor had been cooked out of the chicken disintegrat- ing and the carrots badly peeled , but none of it had gone into the soup, and the matzo ball was dense, and dry at the heart. Madison Delicatessen Restaurant, Madison Avenue, at 86th Street , delivers "free" as long as you order something worth at least an addi- tional 75 cents between 63rd and 96th Streets, from Fifth Avenue to the East River.

Get a stewing chicken, prefera- bly kosher, preferably with feet, even extra feet. But if you want to try a de- licious, slightly gentrified version, here's my recipe: Combine first eight ingredients in large soup pot. Bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer. Cook partially covered for 90 minutes. Strain out vege- tables if you wish. Add thigh and leg quarters. After 15 minutes, add remain- ing carrots; simmer another 30 minutes, or till chicken is just done and juicy. Then chill in re- frigerator; remove congealed fat and keep for matzo balls to make them, use the recipe on the Manischewitz matzo- meal package.

This soup improves with age. When it was freshly made, my friend the ethnically qualified taster pronounced it "too Waspy. Some of the troops will be pinned down in combat and unable to listen; others, battle-scarred, will snicker at the gap between message and harsh reality; and everyone will think that only one thing really matters: So, to all those tenants of New York City on the front lines, here are the latest bulletins since this magazine's last tenants' rights update, in June The potential benefits of a new, unified, state-run administrative unit are great, but strong emphasis must be put on the word "potential.

It had to go. In taking over the huge job in New York City, the agency will double in size overnight, adding hundreds of em- ployees to its stafF. And this unified administration will end a lot of confusion: After April 1, there'll be one agency enforcing all four state rent-regulation systems. That's a beginning step toward a single statewide rent-regulation system that gives tenants much more substantive protection.

Also, the new law will add some real enforce- ment teeth to the administration of the rent-regulation laws — that is, if the D. Given the magnitude of the task, says one housing expert, this could mean the D. Tenants who are neither rent-stabi- lized nor rent-controlled are not within the jurisdiction of the D.

Apartment hunters were forced to pay broker's fees to Sopher even when they found their apartments on their own — through newspaper ads or by walking into apart- ment buildings around town. Sopher al- legedly would not let prospective ten- ants sign leases without paying broker- age fees, despite the fact that the com- pany had not really provided any brokerage services. This is illegal, ac- cording to Abrams.

Sopher also collected brokerage fees from rental tenants in buildings in which it served as managing agent, another violation of New York State law. Complaints may date back as far as March Perfected year after year, it is probably the most thoroughly proven luxury car engine in the world. On the Jaguar family tree can be found some of the most famous high performance engines that ever powered a car across a finish line. The engine that moves Jaguar's XJ6 sedan is a sophisticated descendant of this proud heritage.

Ignition is almost instantaneous, even in very cold weather, for the car is equipped with an electronic cold start fuel enrichment system as well as advanced electronic ignition and fuel injection. The engine is very strong. Its crankshaft is supported by seven bearings. Itisan in-line six with the simplicity of twin overhead camshafts designed to enhance the precision of valve timing and elimi- nate the wear of push rods and rocker arms.

The result is a smooth, unflagging and unflappable power plant that has proven its capabilities in literally mil- lions of miles of testing, racing and pleasure driving. The XJ6 engine is backed up by equally strong and well proven han- dling and suspension technology. Precise power rack and pinion steer- ing guides the can Four wheel in- dependent suspension and front antidive geometry insure that the car is surefooted and balanced in turns, level in braking. The car's brakes are power assisted discs on all four wheels, for Jaguars must stop as confidently as they go.

Outstanding performance, ride and handling are only a part of the many pleasures available to Jaguar owners. While writing its name in many a track record book, Jaguar has also set standards for automotive luxury The leather is supple.

The wal- nut is hand matched for graining. The best Jaguar ever built might just be the best car you've ever driven. Discover that for yourself. Call this toll-free number for the Jaguar dealer nearest you: When an eviction plan be- comes effective, non-purchasing tenants can stay on as renters for three years before they must find new places to live. Disabled persons — nar- rowly defined as those demonstrably, permanently handicapped who cannot work — also have this right.

If they weren't, the Goodman-Grannis law gives these ten- ants the right not to "be subject to un- conscionable increases beyond ordinary rentals for comparable apartments. Those whose buildings were rent-stabilized or rent-controlled remain under rent stabi- lization or rent control; those whose buildings were non-rent-regulated may not be subjected to unconscionable in- creases.

If you are a renter in a co-op building that was not rent-regulated be- fore the conversion and your rent sud- denly soars into the stratosphere, get in touch with the attorney general's Real Estate Financing Bureau, Forty-Eighth Floor, 2 World Trade Center, New York, New York The same managing agent re- sponsible for the rest of the building must provide building-wide services for these tenants as well, giving "non- purchasing tenants all services and facil- ities required by law on a non-dis- criminatory basis.

If someone else has bought your apartment, you may have to sue him. When a plan fails, a new one may not be offered for a year. Such in- spections can be invaluable in assessing the condition of the building and the fairness of the sponsor's offering price.

Under the new law, these units must be purchased either by tenants or by outsiders who declare that they or their family intend to occupy the apartment when it becomes vacant. According to Jane Ro- senberg, an assistant attorney general in the Real Estate Financing Bureau, sales to outsiders claiming an intent to oc- cupy will be carefully scrutinized. This is to protect tenant owners by providing funds for making capital re- pairs, replacements, and improvements to the building.

A landlords' group is now challenging the law in court. So far, they've lost, but the case is being ap- pealed to the state's highest court. Until that court rules otherwise, the law is in effect. Ryp to forbid sixteen tenants of a Greenwich Village apart- ment building to flip their apartments. The tenants had arranged their flip- overs prior to closing on their own apart- ments.

The sponsor pointed to language in the co-op offering plan and in the signed subscription agreements that purported to bar these transactions. But Justice Ryp found that the tenants could agree in advance to flip their apart- ments, despite the bar, as long as they subsequently bought their apartments and occupied them, for "however brief a time. The sponsor in this case, said Justice Ryp, was simply seeking "to monopolize all profits in a rising cooper- ative market and deny any profits to tenant-shareholders.

But eviction can be an overly harsh remedy, espe- cially when the tenant is willing to cor- rect the violation once a court finds the landlord's claim of breach to be valid. Two years ago, the Legislature di- rected courts in "holdover" eviction proceedings to give tenants, after they are judged to be in violation of the lease, ten days to correct the problem.

The law Section of the Real Property Ac- tions and Proceedings Law makes the ten-day grace period mandatory, not discretionary with the court.

Because certain types of eviction pro- ceedings may not be covered by this law, you should consult a lawyer if your land- lord notifies you of an alleged violation of your tenancy obligations. The landlord claimed that the business use of her home constituted a substantial violation of the lease, which prohibited any non-residential use of the apartment.

Leo Milonas observed that "most peo- ple engage in a certain degree of busi- ness activity in their home. What is cru- cial is not whether a tenant conducts some business in his or her apartment but that the extent of that undertaking be maintained within reasonable bounds. Following a public outcry, the State Legislature proclaimed that "unless corrective ac- tion is taken.

Instead, a lease signed by one tenant permits occupancy by the tenant, the immediate family of the tenant, one additional occupant, and dependent children of the occupant. This protects live-in lovers straight or homosexual and, more broadly, room- mates who wish to live together, for whatever reason. This does not mean you can invite the Green Bay Packers to live with you.

The law speaks of only one additional person and his or her children. Furthermore, if two individuals sign a lease, that lease can prohibit them from bringing in any additional occupants except for im- mediate family members. Should one of the two lease signers move out, how- ever, the remaining tenant may then bring in an occupant, even if he or she is not a family member. The additional occupant you invite in does not acquire any rights to stay in the apartment should you move out, or to buy it should it go co-op.

To oversee the transition from illegal no certificate of occupancy, no minimum health and safety standards to legal, the Legislature created the New York City Loft Board.

Its nine members and 24 staffers have been busy crafting regulations to govern the rights of landlords, residential ten- ants, and commercial tenants during the transition period. In the last year the board has taken up some controversial issues, such as the heat, elevator service, and other min- imum services landlords must provide, and what rent increases are allowable.

You can get a free copy of the regula- tions from the Loft Board, Nassau Street. New York, New York You can also get specific information about your loft building, including whether it is within the board's jurisdic- tion. Generally, says executive director Bill Bernstein, the board's power ex- tends to buildings once used for com- mercial purposes that have three or more units, lack a certificate of occu- pancy, and lie within a zoning area that permits residential use.

There are other requirements, too. Bernstein says the board will soon take up the controversial question of the value and disposal of fixtures that many tenants have put in lofts at their own expense. And part of the board's efforts are directed at preventing the illegal conversion of any more commercial space into lofts that do not meet estab- lished housing-law standards. Many owners got ten-year 42 1 -a property-tax exemptions when their buildings went up, in ex- change for giving their tenants rent-sta- bilization protection.

Once the ten-year period expires — as it does this year for buildings constructed in — stabili- zation expires, too. A tenants' coalition has formed to keep essential rent-stabilization protec- tion in place. Joan Beranbaum, chair- man of the group, known as the -a Tenants' Coalition, plans an intensive letter-writing and lobbying campaign in the coming weeks to support remedial legislation sponsored by Assemblymen Pete Grannis and Steve Sanders.

Al- though the Assembly is generally recep- tive to tenant concerns, Ms. Beranbaum is most worried about what will happen in the State Senate, where tenant con- cerns are viewed less favorably. The -a coalition now has a city- compiled list of buildings that are doomed to lose stabilized status. If your building is in the midst of a non-eviction-plan conversion when it loses its rent-stabilized status, you may be in a better position than other -a tenants.

Once the conversion is effective, the Goodman-Grannis law requires that the sponsor let you remain as a tenant at no more than the market rate, according to jane Rosenberg. But that market rate may mean a substantial rent increase. The Human Rights Law was amended to add age to the list of prohibited factors in the sale or rental of housing the others being race, creed, color, national origin, sex, disability, and marital status.

State Attorney General Robert Abrams, who proposed the bill, said that it was in- tended particularly to help senior citi- zens who might be denied rental hous- ing by landlords planning co-op con- versions.

Because senior citizens cannot be evicted even in an eviction plan, such landlords have reason not to want them in their buildings. The law preventing landlords and real-estate agents from discriminating against families with children Real Property Law, Section was, on At- torney General Robert Abrams's recom- mendation, strengthened by allowing parents to sue violators for damages, an injunction, and their attorney's fees.

Previously, only the attorney general and local district attorneys could bring legal action to enforce this right. The law provides that landlords and agents may neither refuse to rent to families with children nor set discriminatory conditions for rental — they may not, for instance, require separate bedrooms for two siblings. The law does not, however, apply to apartment sales. The primary victims, according to Mr. Abrams, are single-parent families es- pecially where the parent is female and minority families.

Unfortunately, the at- torney general's office cannot handle in- dividual complaints from families unless they form part of a pattern or practice of discrimination. The burden therefore falls upon parents to bring lawsuits un- der the new law. It is not yet clear whether parents who are discriminated against will, in fact, sue.

The legal delay, cost, and frustration involved may be too much for these overburdened parents to contend with. When these seemingly benign institu- tions act as landlords, they sometimes become as heartlessly dollar-oriented as any profit-minded city landlord.

In , the state courts discovered a gap in the rent-stabilization law that ex- Only Pan Am Flies Only Schedules subject to change without notice. So why teike a chance? Be sure of flying a comfortable to California on Pan Am.

According to Edith Kamiat, head of the Coalition of Tenants of Non- profit Institutional Landlords, many such institutions started telling longtime tenants that they might not be offered renewal leases, or that they could not count on staying on as tenants, no mat- ter how long they had been living in their apartments, or that their rent would be drastically increased.

The Legislature responded to these tenants' plight by closing the gap in the law's coverage and limiting the rights of such institutions to evict long-term ten- ants. The tenant is entitled to a renewal lease except 1 when the institution re- quires the premises for non-residential use or 2 when the institution needs the space for housing people affiliated with it or for other purposes connected with its nonprofit mission and the existing tenant's occupancy began after the in- stitution acquired the property.

Under this clause, long-term tenants those liv- ing in their apartments since before July 1, who were never notified of the possibility of non-renewal cannot be evicted. Institutions violating this law are sub- ject to treble damage awards, liability for tenants' attorney's fees, and payment of court costs.

The tenant must begin his lawsuit within three years from the date that the nonprofit institution "recovers" his apartment. This pro- vision was inadvertently omitted from the law last July when legislators in Albany were revising housing legislation while rushing to adjourn the legislative session.

Tenant groups, like the Metro- politan Council on Housing, reported this event with much relief, since the personal-use eviction, according to the. Tenant, was often used "as a ploy to evict a long-term tenant and gain a higher rent for the apartment.

Exceptions protect tenants over 62 years old and tenants who are permanently disabled. Practice your skating on the same ice that Olympic competi- tors practice on. And maybe some of their style will rub oft Skyrink's public ice skating ses- sions run weeknights from 8: So even if you're not a gold medal contender, you can warm up by skating circles around us.

For phone orders, call If you suspect your landlord of using the personal-use claim as a subterfuge, you can challenge the eviction in court. But, says Manhattan attorney Kent Karlsson, it is hard to prove false some- one's stated intention.

Nevertheless, it has been done. In one case, a tenant resisting eviction was able to show that his landlord was a real-estate speculator falsely claiming that he needed the tenant's apartment for his year-old mother.

The tight real-estate market in the city may well create a plethora of landlords with homeless mothers. If the landlord's story sounds im- plausible, see a lawyer. You may, given the law's stiff penalties, find the landlord losing interest in your home.

Rent-controlled tenants enjoy ex- tensive protection from "personal use" evictions. Only if they prevail administratively can landlords bring eviction proceedings in court. Tenants who decide to stay on as renters in a non-eviction-plan co-op or condo are not subject to personal-use evictions.

The council found widespread abuses by landlords who, knowing about and long condoning the ownership of pets, suddenly threaten to evict tenants on the basis of "no pet" clauses in their standard-form leases. To rectify the problem, the new city law says a landlord must act within three months to enforce a no-pet clause when he knows the tenant owns a pet.

After the tenant "openly and notoriously" keeps the pet for this time, the landlord loses the right to sue under the lease to evict the tenant or his pets. The law does not say what the faintly scandalous phrase just quoted means. But you can best protect yourself by not trying to hide your cats and koalas from the super when he comes to fix the sink.

The law's protection does not apply when keeping the pet causes damage to the premises, creates a nuisance, or substantially interferes with the health, safety, or welfare of other tenants. As Anthony Gliedman, commissioner of housing preservation and development, has observed, "with a 2 percent housing vacancy rate, many bona fide New York City residents are unable to move into rent-stabilized units held off the market by people who rent them as a convenience.

They stay in them occasionally when they come to the city, and some even use them for storage. This alone does not guarantee that an apartment in the city will be ruled to be a primary residence. But the absence of a city tax return is prima facie evidence of its not being your primary residence.

As far as the city is concerned, if you don't pay taxes here, you don't live here. The guidelines for the period October 1, , through September 30, , are: New legislation has eliminated the three-year lease. Landlords now must give tenants a choice between lease terms of one and two years. Although tenants lost the option of signing a three- year lease, they got one bonus: This year, the Rent Guidelines Board may not in- crease rents by authorizing various surcharges e.

Rent-controlled tenants will pay a 7. Fuel passalongs still exist and vary with the type of fuel used. In addition to the standard allowable increases, landlords have the right to apply for extra rent based on their mak- ing "major capital improvements. The increase will depend upon the cost of the improvements, amortized over a number of years and divided among all rental units. Rents can also be increased for im- provements within your own apartment. If, for example, your refrigerator must be replaced, your landlord need only install a substantially similar one in good working order.

But if you want the latest-model high-tech fridge installed, he can get an increase in rent, the amount again depending on the cost involved, amortized over time. You are entitled to turn down a new model, though, if you don't want your rent in- creased.

To calculate the allowable legal rent, you must know the rent history of the apartment. Stainless steel linked and encircled with 14 karat gold Electronic quartz. Also available in all 18 karat gold. So while there's no luff in the workout, there's tots of fluff afterwards Like saunas, steam rooms, showers, dressing and makeup areas.

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