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Are there any small breasted petite women out

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Are there any small breasted petite women out

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Are there any small breasted petite women out

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I can be witty, but not when it's demanded of me. Because if we didn't, what on earth would we talk about.

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. I have really small boobs I don't mind my small boobs, but I'm just wondering what guys think about them. Are they a turn-off? Do guys make fun of girls with small boobs in a group of guy friends? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Chris Send a private message. I ONLY like women with small boobs. Also i like intelligent women. To me the perfect girlfriend is a best friend. And sometimes i like to see more of her mental qualities and less of her sexual qualities. Also women with small boobs seem cuter. And last but not least i am attracted to the whole women especially to her face because her facial expression is the expression of her inner self. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

This reply was removed by a moderator. Bellacully Send a private message. Bc I have an A cup and I have always been shy to let my partner see them and it gets me feeling down and I start to cry and think he will just laugh. What do I do? ReaperKitten Send a private message. As an added bonus it's said that smaller boobs are more commonly prefered to guys who are financially stable and by guys who are not super sex hungry such as many teens Another bonus to you is that in smaller boobs is your nerve endings packed tighter together which means that everything will feel even better.

Think2much Send a private message. Let me tell you a little something. First let me just say that I'm an attractive dude, I'm 6' so not the tallest but I'm in great shape and yadda yadda, I catch women and guys looking at me quite frequently. Basically, I'm not a shlub who would take any woman because I need attention. For a while I was really into big breasts, it was a borderline fetish. I would even be into disgustingly large ones. But about 6 months ago, I met this beautiful woman at work who seriously has almost no boobs, but she is so beautiful to me.

She is almost my height, strong, smart, sexy, I could go on all day. I don't care so much about her height because if she was shorter honestly, I would feel more confident haha. Sometimes she intimidates me. But what im really getting at is her breast size and my attraction to her, I'm basically obsessed with this woman, thinking about her constantly, she has absolutely small breasts, and I would kill myself to make sweet love to every inch of her body.

So for me, if I'm attracted to the woman because of her combined qualities and not just one or two for this matter , then I am all in, no questions. SmallBoobLover Send a private message. Show me your boobs, I won't laugh or make fun of you in anyway. FinallyFoundTrueLove Send a private message. Also girls us guys go through it too. We grow up thinking every girl prefers men with the biggest penis and those of us who are average become quite insecure.

With maturity and experience we discover that it is very much an individual preference and some girls can't physically cope with them if too big. Cody Send a private message. Yeah girls if you find out your guy has a small penis don't make fun off it.

Well, as a guy I prefer small breasts -- in fact, I tend to adore them: I know most dudes are infatuated with large breasts which actually tend to turn me off. I maybe be not the "norm" as most movies portray but to be honest what I am most attracted to in a woman is a sweet personality, and I can see by your letter that you have that in spades. Any man, like me, who cares enough about you is more than willing to accept whatever slight body flaws that you may have perceived.

Never mind the fact that men are equally disturbed with a "set" area, too For the most part I don't think too many people, if they are honest, are immune from thinking that they are inadaquate in some way or another.

Don't be scared to show your small boobs off to a guy. Some guys like me adore small breasts and personally I find big breasts really quite ugly. I have only once slept with a girl bigger than a B cup and couldn't wait to finish, they were big, heavy, nipples although actually quite big looked too small. My view is big boobs need to be perfect otherwise once the bra is off they are very disappointing B and smaller for me and hopefully very big nipples.

My gf was seriously close to having a boob job until she met me and now thank who or what ever she has now come to realise just how sexy her a cups boobs with amazing big nips really are. She couldn't believe how many guys had their eyes glued to them and even noticed 3 or 4 getting a buldge in their trousers. She was as turned on as me after and now she adores her cute little boobs and is confident being braless all summer X A guys preference can change as he gets older but if like me I have always known my preference and stuck with it.

I think you should try get him to be honest and then you have a choice - if you are adenterous then he could have his fix by having big boob girls join you in bed doesn't have to be sex just find a couple who also like making love with another couple watching or doing it next to a couple - that's our thing as we just love one another too much to sleep with other people and if honest the thought of having another girl doesn't turn me on at all Or you find a guy that adores the body you have.

There are a huge amount of us that adore small Over large boobs so please don't believe the myth that all men like big ones. Do avoid changing your body for a bf. That is huge and what if it doesn't work out and the man of your dreams like small?!?

Love yourself for who you are and what you have. The grass is rarely truly greener As a guy and if yours I would feel so lucky to have a gf with such small sexy boobs You will be shocked at the outcome I promise.

I think young guys under 30 are still more influenced by society for sexual preferences. As they get older they become aware and confident with own likes. That's in general and clearly not the case for all. Not all flat chested women think they are disgusting! I have a flat friend who never talks about her cup size, and honestly doesn't bash anyone with a size above hers. You're bashing flat chested women, a portion of the female population, for a reason they can't change.

This is a sick kind of discrimination. Not all men like small boobs, but the men that answered this do, and this isn't all men! You can't say they're lying because you don't know that they are, maybe cause they actually like small boobs.

Quit discriminating, you're only putting down flat chested girls. And the reason women get boob jobs is because a portion of men said "hey, big boobs are hot" and they ran with it, not even knowing that a different portion of the male population likes them how they are! I mean really stop puling each other down. The media does a pretty bad job already. I simply signed up to say Stop the bitterness.

And as far as the breast size goes. Well i am a pretty avid reader and the studies I've come across all say most men look for proportions i. But one feature does not make or break anyone. Yes decent sized boobs are traditionally feminine but so is clear skin, lighter complexion, wide hips, nice butt, big eyes small nose, curvy thighs, pretty feet, etc the list is long. Don't get hung up on one thing. Enjoy what you've been blessed with.

Imperfections make us unique and Love makes everything beautiful. This reply is hidden because of its low rating. Click here to show.

This would be my second and final post. If you want to assume that go on. Secondly I am not deluded. Whatever i said are what multiple studies suggest. Majority of men do prefer average. If u cant swallow that i am sorry. Research studies where identities remain anonymous Staring and actually preferring is different. I love looking at hairy men. Its sexy to me. But the thought of actually having to kiss a chest with hair Its you who is assuming it.

Breasts are a sign of puberty so are pubic hair. So what do you say men liking bald genitals are pedophiles.

Why Do Some Guys Prefer Small Breasts? Here’s Every Scientific Theory - MTV

A nice handful is perfect. More than that is overkill. I've been with women who had large and small breasts. I find those with smaller boobs tend to be better in bed. And they taste better, during oral sex. Okay can you chill for a second?

Who are you to call a part of the female population ugly?! How sexist and objectifying can one woman get! So what if a portion of men like girls that aren't cookie cutter curvy like you want them to be, what about diversity? Are you condemning these women with small chests to a life where they aren't listed after? Do you want all flat chested women to seem ugly to all men and that's the way it should be? Your views are disgusting! Some men like girls that don't have too much up top, and women shouldn't have to get implants to meet your sick and distorted standards.

I kinda get what you're saying, that we're talking about external beauty and it doesn't have anything to do with a personality. But then, you're wrong too. Let's pick Kendall Jenner, she barely has got any tits and, say, Nicki Minaj. Whom would you prefer? And many of my guy friends agree with me. So, busty tits are not necessarily attractive than small ones. And stop calling small boob lovers pedos. That's just not true.

No guy agrees that small B cups are more attractive than being busty!!! No man has ever said he prefers a b cup! I actually saw a photo yesterday where a female tried to get out of a ticket and show her boobs. The cop said "only in high school are b's acepted" its f unny and true meme.

Nikki was as flat as Kendall! If we want to talk about models, who is on mens magazines??? Kendell does have a pretty face, so does Evon Wahab who ppl say is a gorgeous version of kendall! I hate to compare women because its degrading! I don't know why you're being so jumpy.

And FYI, not all flat chested women are insecure. I know many girls who flaunt their small chest and get equal attention from men. Maybe YOU like big busts, and that's okay. Maybe someone else likes small busts, and that's okay too.

An ideal body varies from person to person. Your ideal body is with a big big bust and small waist. There are guys out there who prefer small chests. If you like vanilla and somebody hates vanilla and loves strawberry, would you call them a liar and fake? You can't speak for the whole men population. If you, your circle of friends like them, doesn't mean the whole world likes only big busts.

Seriously, how can you think you know what every single person in the world likes? You said you like big busts, okay, point taken. Enlightenedmind likes only big busts. Thank you for your opinion.

Let others say their opinion. You made me laugh srsly. I guess idiots always stay as idiots. You don't talk about fake accounts. You're probably creating so much more fake accounts to pretend and say men hate small boobs. Anyway, everything you said only made me laugh. Never seen more stupider comment than this. You keep dreaming of big breasts and I'll just love my awesome life. Now you're going to say I'm masking my hurt self by saying I don't care..

Ive seen people like you, and I don't give a shit. I have an awesome boyfriend and cool friends and I can't be more happier. Oh sweet God, please bless this deluded little 12 yo kid who thinks the whole world revolves around him and that people waste time creating fake profiles just to argue with DamselInThisDress the Great. And please watch over him that he doesn't get humiliated more and more like he got called a 'flat ass' by George in that other thread because he couldn't keep his holy wisdom to himself.

And make him see that some guys love petite women while some love busty ones. I've got nothing more to add. Oh, and my boyfriend says he will pray for you too. Thank him for his prayers, honey. Its fun to see this thread is still going on.

Seriously girl I m with you on the prayer thing lol Its hard for her to understand that for every marilyn monroe there is an audrey hepburn.

I gave up after just 2 posts. Anyway nice to see some sisters are coming up trying to make her understand. But i feel its no use.. You take care girl cheers!! Actually you are the only one shouting here being all frustrated. I pity you really. And are you really that free dont you have like college or a job. I came here after so long cause i have other things to do than fighting someones preference. And are you unable to read or something. I had said most preferred size is average according to the studies I saw.

You dont agree cool. Why all the bullshit hate filled posts. Yes I came back for the thread has really blown up. And I didnt even talk to you I was just supporting another girl who said you need prayers and I agree You've been arguing over this for so many days now. Is this your passion in life Here we go again. Have you even seen me. Am i flat or just a friend or someone who is or a mother perhaps or none of that.

You seem very rigid and are literally breathing fire over everyone here lol So many posts over something like this. I wonder if you are as passionate if the elected president is not to your liking. Not everyone will agree with you or the men you know. Its better to accept that otherwise keep going. Someone might find time every now and then to entertain your posts. Audreycitylights Send a private message. The f is your problem?

You need to be put on medication, who ever said I have been married or have kids? Take a chill pill loser. EfervellDrake Send a private message.

I enjoy being an Afrocentric Miliant Negro. Thank you for the compliment. I'm positive it's a cracked guy who's begging and rolling for attention. Probably he's lost it cuz he's been turned down by too many girls. Hmm, like I said, let's just pray for That pathetic one. And, of course, we come up, what are sisters for? Let's just hope no girl feels bad about herself reading all the stupid posts of DITD. Though I think everybody would know he's a dumbass reading his posts.

He's making it clearer and clearer in each post. You take care, too! It's okay, honey, pray to God daily and hopefully you'll recover one day. Look at most of the models, you'll find them having a small chest. And I believe they are famous, or just not famous enough for Your Majesty to know.

Open your eyes, Hun. You've been in the dark for so long. Don't worry, I'm praying for you daily. You really had to struggle to find that! Big breasts are the majority of Playboy. Even I know that. The second photo is average! Men like big boobs! Just because youre flat doesnt mean you can deny reality! Edited on March 28, at Does little kiddiepie want a candy? Does kiddo here want me to join him in Kindergarten? Aww, honey, just grow up a bit, you'll be ready for preschool!

Amanda Send a private message. Flat "boy-chest"i call flat short skinny chicks wit a man chest is not a turn on. I love my big boobs. Men like to be breast fed too. Just how it is. Can't do the same,nor same feeling as big busty women. You're entitle to your man-chest lady. Women who are with some height on em, long legs. As my man say same too. I love my big breast. Fab04 Send a private message. You're my kind of woman.

I have small boobs. I wish they were bigger, but they're not. Actually contemplated surgery because it's sexier.

Men can't help but to prefer such. We just want to feel beautiful. I think these women, as well as myself, need to learn some self love. But you sir are absolutely right. Truth hurts, fucking sucks donkey balls! But boobs, bigger preferred, I know men are just happy to experience and explore all different boobs. Or mean that where the woman came from, the women there evolved smaller breasts. Anyways you can't evolve silky hair, that's not something that changes with estrogen balances.

Sure it means more estrogen to some curvier women, but that's something you can't change. So what you're saying is, you want small chested women to be unloved and die lonely, cause you are upsetting a lot of people. Don't you CARE about other people feelings? Nah, he just wants attention. Smaller breasrs are better breasts. JVBA Send a private message. I am so sorry women are made to feel their self esteem is tied to large breasts.

The means to which women go to achieve them is awful and in the end oversized breasts look unnatural and unattractive. I am as macho as they come, and love women, especially women with smaller breasts. I think there is nothing more feminine, sexy and beautiful than a woman with small breasts.

I don't think women realize men are not looking for breasts size they are looking for a woman with a beautiful soul. If a man is attracted to your breasts you had better run the other way. Men don't like shallow women that are tied up with how they look. I will take a woman with a mind and soul over a shallow woman, no matter how beautiful, any day of the week. I came across this thread only because I wanted to find out what men thought of small boobs. I'm a small b cup, I started reading comments that made me feel a little better still keeping in mind that MY bf in particular has been primarily with busty women and trains fitness models and competitors a lot with huge breasts Then reading A LOT of hateful comments really made my heart hurt from a very real place, reading your comment was enlightening, even though I've never brought the subject up with him, it sounds like something he'd say Thank you for rising up to the role a man has to respect women.

I appreciate you and the men on here who have proven they hold a woman's worth to a much higher standard than their breast size. Anonymous - you are also quite petite actually you sound perfect and v much like my ex wife who is also Asian.

Just find the right man and like others say don't get them enlarged. I have only met one guy that preferred enlarged to small and he was a very odd boy indeed. You're honestly playing Hitler here you know. Saying one can't be attractive, or nobody can find them attractive. And only your standards matter because you, some full of herself bitchy airhead, are the body police and think men should only like curvy girls no matter what. I'm a teenager and I'm a 36 B I love my breasts and I do agree that smaller breasts are so much better, they are so natural and they give you a pleasurable sensation.

To all the guys saying they like big breasts Hate me if you must but im just being truthful. That's from a real man.

LucasNT Send a private message. To be honest to women's out there that have small breast to me of what I think the look of a women is not that important to me she don't have to be perfect as long as you love that person from the deepest part of you then everything that is outside is not important if someone out there think that maybe life need for guys to be cool is have awesome looking women with them no you don't need that the important question is do you love that person or not you don't just married them for sex or fold their boobs you married them because you love them you want to be with them.

Like me in my life there only one thing I regret the most is let go the person I have love the most she don't have big breast or beautiful but I love her becuz she really nice to me she always love me and she do everything I love I love her from the bottom of my heart once but because of one day that one day I ruined everything and I regret what I did so guys out there if you want a women with big breast doesn't mean that person love you as long as you both love each other and never let go or don't do any mistakes I have do I regret my whole life for that day.

Who cares what guys think, they are a bunch of shagging idiots. Fredro Send a private message. Small boobs are sexy. Yeah the immature ones do. A lot of people on this site not all agree that small real ones are better than big fake ones. Or maybe, how about, instaid of saying guys who like small boobs are pedos, lets look at this logically! Maybe guys that like small boobs have an overactive part of that instinct saying "hey she cuuuute, you should hit that! Men like what've they like, and for every flat chested woman, there is a man that likes the women small up top.

People evolved in different ways around the world. Africans got darker skin, Cambodians got small chests or whatever the hell youre trying to reference.

It all depends on their lineage. Some Asians have small breasts, ergo some Asian men like small breasts. Think about it, before you call someone a pedo for having a preference to smaller chests. It just means they have different genetics. And I'm pretty sure 12 year olds don't have pubes or hips. But what I'm trying to say is, every man has his own definition of a pretty face. A pretty face for you is not always a pretty face for every other human in the world.

Same goes for boobs. The perfect boobs for you is not always the perfect boobs for every other human in the world. Talk about your opinion. Don't talk like you know what every single fuckin human wants. Jeez, you're stupider than I thought. Damselinthisdress Send a private message.

Don't you see, honey? Nobody's gonna believe you if you keep up with this raving. Nobody's going to bother about what you've got to say about EffervelDrake.

They KNOW you're retarted. Don't worsen things for yourself, okay? It'll do these people hell lot of good. Dkellem Send a private message.

I prefer small boobs, I'm not against bigger breast, but I find a smaller cup size to be more attractive. Guys generally don't make fun of a woman for her breast size, fact is every man loves any boobs they can see. Anthony Send a private message. I love small boobs, to tell you the truth. I don't like them big, just nicely shaped small boobs. Andy Send a private message. Pineapple Send a private message. I know this is an old post, but I would love to see the statistics of girls wanting enlargement compared to girls wanting reductions.

But if your mouth looks inviting OMG. OneGuysView Send a private message. I like girls with small titties and small nipples. I really like them to be symmetrical. Most important though is the girl always has her smile with her. I like small titties with cute small nipples. I don't like sagging boobs.

I also like symmetrical boobs. I think their is a wide range of what men prefer. My main preference is a girl who always has her smile with her. I really like small boobs. I wish you were not anonymous, so I could ask you out on a date. Although we wish those gurls that we're compatible with to be something of our dream girl. The young lady I'm dating she is Latina like 5'3 petite built but has some flat chest Barely "A" cup and a very round little behind that I adore with legs to match her physique built structure.

I'm more of a Booty man and small Boobie with a cute pretty face that draws me. I've been drawn to small bobbie and big round booty thick thigs female structure since my High School ex GF. Although this girl im seeing is not built like my ex in the lower area,but I still am drawn to her built.

Just thinking of her I always get a Hard One ,specially since we've been seeing each other for 2months. I am absolutely obsessed with small breasts, and it really is my only preference. You are probably adorable and perfect! Tried being with a D size once, I just don't like it when they are bigger. Robin Send a private message. I am glad to know that not all men go for just women with big boobs.

I myself am an A cup. I am also short and petite. I went to a plastic surgeon to discuss implants. I want to do it. I don't feel there is any hope of me finding a man and at my age, which is Should I take the risk? Edited on June 11, at I LOVE small boobs, truly. Small boobs are better anyways better chance of not having her lose her boobs to cancer.

You keep saying that these men are bashing on busty women, but you just called flat chested women ugly. Anyways, flat chested women aren't all stupid, I have plenty of flat friends that are engineers and mathematicians, scientists as well. You can't say all flat women are dumb, and you can't say all busty women are smart.

It's statistics, not individual testing. You are obviously an outlier to 'busty women are smarter' because you are dumb as shit, I know this because idiots discriminate when they feel threatened. And a few men saying they like small chests is obviously so very threatening to you. You literally just insulted flat chested women, trying to say you shouldn't insult busty women. You can't change how much estrogen your body will produce during puberty, because every woman is different. What you see as a "deficiency" in flat chested women during puberty might have been the normal amount for THEIR body.

Just like some people have a higher or lower body temperature and white cell count, some women, a good portion of women actually, have a lower estrogen level by nature. No woman is created the same, and you can't bash one party for something you have and they can't get. And let me ask you this: That doesn't sound so secure to me, does it sound secure to you?

Honey you are badmouthing others right now. How bout you take a field trip to hell so you can be acquainted with your place in life. This is a fabulous answer. I asked her a question similar and she couldn't even answer which is very sad. She's like a racist. You can't argue with them for they will completely disregard any facts you throw at them. I said youre LIKE a racist not an actual one. I'm done with your bullshit. Hun, stop posting the same shit again and again.

Manners, honey, don't get your ass kicked! U make online threats cuz ur mad ur flat!!! Mad men dont give ur dusty flat azz the time of day so u take it out on others. Men dont like u! I actually told my coworkers about this thread and they all laughed and called you "bitter" I bet youre not even an A cup!

MenloveBigboobs Send a private message. You are totally wrong, Men Like Big boobs. Only guys who are insecure would prefer a girl with no boobs because they are scared of the attention she is going to get. Same way why guys prefer to be with an obese woman, and they get ANGRY when that obese woman loses weight.. And they have even done studies on men who claim to like small boobs.

Because small boobs are not attractive overall, so that female "in the males mind" wont leave or stray! The only reason you brag about your breast is because your so insecure about your appearance Well, you have a point there buddy.

Again, I am tiny, so my tiny breasts match my body type. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Tarik Send a private message. On one condition tho.

If you got a handful boobs, I will always appreciate that. Double DD are the best. Girls with small tits tend to have a nice ass, and I guess you to. If this is the case, dont worry your fine.. Some men just like girls that aren't too topheavy. Are you trying to say men shouldn't have preference? I know a great guy who likes girls with booty but not much up top. It's all preference, man can't change what arouses them to meet you standards. I bet you're only on here putting down women with small breasts because your only good quality are your large boobs.

No guy is going to marry a girl just because she has a nice rack. I've been with plenty of women and seen plenty of boobs big and small. I'm a male in my mid 20's now and honestly I do not care how big a girls tits are. I've seen enough to know, no two pairs are the same and all boobs are beautiful.

Majority of the girls I've been with who have had big boobs have been too insecure to even remove their bras, however it's rare I sleep with a girl who has small boobs that won't remove her bra and honestly confidence is a turn on.

The only thing a guy cares about is whether or not you're confident with your own body. There is nothing wrong with a girl who has small perky or saggy boobs, just like there is nothing wrong with a girl who has big saggy or perky boobs.

I do not choose who I'm attracted to by looking at their boobs, I look at their face and their personality. The only guys who care about boob size are young boys in high school and guys who are delisional thinking that all women should have boobs that look like those they see on their computer that are fake and almost never natural.

I would rather date a flat chested women who was intelligent, kind and funny than a women who had a large nice rack, pretty face and a bitchy personality. The researchers stressed to us that the breast sizes in the study can't be compared to actual bra sizes for several reasons, including that 3D computer-generated images may not translate to real-life people.

The sizes from big to small "are relative descriptive terms. You've heard the saying "men are pigs" or "men are dogs. But humans are definitely still animals, which means we evolved largely based on mating preferences -- and the more preferences, the better our chances of survival.

To Jason Young, an evolutionary psychology professor at Hunter College in New York City, every breast size preference makes equal sense. Some guys want to mate with women who have bigger boobs, some smaller boobs, and that's possibly why our species didn't go extinct back in the days of saber-toothed tigers.

Guys, your ideal size isn't necessarily set in stone. In fact, it may change based on your employment status or even whether you forgot breakfast. According to British researchers Dr. Viren Swami and Dr. Martin Tovee, men's levels of "resource security" -- how comfortable they feel about their ability to survive -- predict what kind of boobs they like.

The researchers' experiments found that wealthy guys, as well as guys who had just eaten, rated smaller breasts as more attractive. The less dough a dude had, or the hungrier he was, the more he found larger boobs attractive, "as large size would be an honest signal of access to resources.

Men who strongly prefer a woman with large breasts might not always like the rest of her. Of course, that doesn't apply to all men with that specific preference; it's correlation, not causation. In some cases, though, being a boob guy could be the opposite of being a nice guy.

Buy Vince Camuto Women's Double Breasted Wool Coat and other Wool & Pea Coats at Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns. Trashy Diva review- beautiful dresses for big breasted and hourglass figure women. A girl who sees her lack of assets as a plus. Flat chests are usually associated with the young, and a girl with Petite Pride will play this up as much as she can, usually to make herself seem cute and also avoid many symptoms of D-Cup Distress, and have an advantage in playing sports where big breasts might get in the way.