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Any women from Bulgaria here

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Any women from Bulgaria here

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Any women from Bulgaria here

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I knew nothing about its inhabitants. And — most importantly — I knew nothing about the women. In fact, having seen most of Europe, I would say Bulgaria is undoubtedly one of the poorest countries on the continent. After checking the data, I realized that Bulgaria is actually 10 on the list.

Plovdiv, the second biggest city, is more pleasant, but outside the historical old town, the city is no better than Sofia. During the reign of Soviet Union, Bulgaria was widely considered the 16th republic of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had 15th republics, but because it had very strong ties to Bulgaria, the country was considered an unofficial part of the Soviet Union.

Rumor has it that the Soviet Union took a lot of wealth in the form of natural resources and agriculture from Bulgaria, but may have provided some infrastructure back in return. The jury is still out who benefited whom. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria became a democratic nation and held free elections.

In , Bulgaria, along with Romania, joined the European Union. As a native Russian speaker, I could read Bulgarian and even pick up some of the words and expressions. I assume that, as with the case of Serbian, it will take around months to become conversational in Bulgarian if you already speak another Slavic language.

Since Bulgaria is in EU, English is spoken by the younger generation 30 and under —especially if they lived or studied abroad. From what I gathered, many younger Bulgarians studied and lived in countries like Germany and Denmark. Forget using English if you want to reach an older audience 45 and plus. In that case, Russian may come more in handy.

The first thing that you notice about Bulgarian women is the amazingly dark, jet-black hair the girl below is very typical Bulgarian. In Spain and Italy, most women have the predictable combo of olive skin and either dark brown or black hair, a combination which I love; in Bulgaria, many women were light skinned but with jet black hair, a strange combination pointing to a mixing of genes.

This is similar to how women and men dress in neighboring Romania, Ukraine and Russia. Dressing like an Eastern European means, for the most part, also having an Eastern European mentality, which in turn means that the women are extra feminine and the men are, well, very manly.

No feminism and metro-sexuality here. My first guess would easily be Greek, with a bit of Turkish thrown in. In other words, more Balkan than purely Slavic. I spent enough time in Bulgaria to understand that Bulgarian women love their fellow Balkan men. Of course, they love other Bulgarian men. The other thing I noticed that is that some Bulgarian girls like Russian guys.

Many Bulgarian women showed interest right away probably because I was from a big and famous city, and that may have meant I also had some money on me.

As soon as I mentioned I was from Russia, women began showing their interest and asking me questions. I also think that Bulgarian women—just like other Balkan people—prefer Southern Europeans such as Spaniards and Italians. When I was in Barcelona, I met a good share of Bulgarians who made the city home and had Spanish boyfriends. If you see a confident, well-dressed woman, chances are she has a serious boyfriend. On my second day, I met a very cute girl on the Sofia metro.

Another girl I met in a coffee shop told me she moved to Sofia from a smaller city to be with her boyfriend. This is something I can mitigate in Ukraine and Russia, but I would need more time on the ground to learn the optimal game for Bulgarian women. The flip side is that fewer quality girls are always single and ready to mingle. Telling girls that I was an American from New York would elicit a lukewarm response.

Perhaps being an American is becoming more and more generic than a novelty. I experimented by telling them I was a Russian guy from Moscow and received slightly more interesting reactions. For a poor, Southern European country, Bulgarians speak surprisingly good English. One interesting fact is that most girls are also studying or already speak Spanish. During one date with a very cute girl, we were literally speaking 3 languages: Like in most of Eastern Europe, smiling and eye contact directed at strangers is generally a sign of weakness.

I look Southern European for the most part, and, as a result, received almost no eye contact in Bulgaria. Most Bulgarians easily thought I was Bulgarian or even Greek, so relying on eye contact is a poor indicator of interest. Balkans is one of the most conservative regions in Europe when it comes to dating and courtship.

I would aim for at least a solid two weeks, but, as usual, the more the better. When I was in Sofia, I spent a good share of my time approaching women on the streets. As you would expect, these women were generally much more receptive to my approaches. You can grab her contact information and try to build something later on. Although I approached everywhere and anywhere, the best luck I had was actually in the Sofia malls.

It seemed that Bulgarians love their malls, so the women were naturally much more relaxed there than in pretty much any other setting. Sofia has it all: American-style bars, expat bars, local bars, live music, jazz venues, and regular nightclubs. Bulgarians love going out and love drinking. Just like in the rest of Balkans, the alcohol is strong and the guys can be aggressive. I remember one night I was in a club in Bulgaria.

I had been there for about 30 mins when I spotted a cute woman alone at the bar. I approached and started talking to her. Not even ten minutes had passed when I was suddenly surrounded by two guys dancing next to us. They were trying to chat up the girl and block me at the same time. While I knew what was going on, I was a bit lost and confused because nothing like this happened before.

The Balkans are different. Other than that, the nightlife is great and you can easily meet the woman of your dreams if you pick the right venue. Just stay away from drunk and rowdy Bulgarian guys. There also might be local sites where you can meet Bulgarian women. The first city you should visit is Sofia, the capital.

In many ways, Sofia reminds of a 2nd or 3rd tier city in Russia or Ukraine. Nevertheless, Sofia is the very best that Bulgaria has to offer, so you have to visit it and see it for yourself. Plovdiv was another city I visited. I spent about a week there, just hanging out, getting some work done, and approaching women.

The third and final city where I spent a lot of time in was Burgas on the Black Sea coast. After about a month of living there, I was pretty done and finished and was ready to move on. The right approach is to visit all three cities and decide for yourself. Like the rest of Europe, Bulgaria has very hot summers and cold winters.

I had the fortune of experiencing Bulgaria in both winter Sofia and summer Burgas. During the winter, I experienced heavy snow with the temperatures hovering around -5 — C degrees. During the summer, it was around 30 C, so I spent many days inside air-conditioned malls. One of the benefits of visiting in winter is that there are much fewer tourists, especially by the coast.

Maybe on my next trip, I will do my research as to where to go in order to have the very best culinary experience in that country. Bulgaria was only my second exposure to the Balkans Serbia was the first. I definitely need more time on the ground to learn more about this interesting region and its beautiful women. That should all change this summer when I return there for a longer and more deeper exploration.

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Bulgaria was my first experience in Eastern Europe. I lived here for close a year. Beautiful women who are similar to Bulgarian girls in many ways. However, the religious shaming in the semi-Islamic culture definitely creates a type of war here between the sexes I was not quite familiar with. Middle Eastern girls are actually as horny as the next woman but the culture adds a new layer of headache. May 31, at Plus, by the way, there are quite a lot of blond girls also maybe more in the Eastern part of the country.

Bulgarian stereotypes | National Stereotypes

Like anywhere, not every girl you look at is an oil-painting. But BG just seems to have more than its fair share of what the British would call top totty. What an American would call hot chicks. Or what an Australian would call great-looking Sheilas. Just why, I couldn't tell you. Something in the water, perhaps. Or, more likely, the product of millennia of genetic mingling at the very crossroads of East and West.

Bulgarian women dress to optimise their womanly goodies. It can in fact be a little daunting for the foreign man first setting foot on Bulgarian soil, confronted with an ocean of hips and heels, bellybuttons and boob-tubes. Looking around at those swivelling, swaying, perky, curvy bits, you could be tempted to think "Blimey, that's a bit much. Put those away, love". But then it's remarkable how quickly the eye becomes accustomed to the seething mass of Bulgarian eye-candy around you.

And then you go for a week back home in Middlesbrough and you're dismayed to see what a load of heifers the hometown talent consists of. While your expat bloke cheerfully zig-zags down Vitosha Boulevard rubbernecking at the local ladies, Bulgarian men seem not so easily distracted. Kids here grow up on chalga BG pop videos, after all. Have you seen them? They're unofficial, televised "sexy education" for BG boys and girls.

So, fellas, you're here for a while and you fancy snaring a Bulgarian girlfriend? There are a few things you should know BG girls, as a general rule, don't drink. But conveniently, they seem prepared to accept that you, as a man, do. Same goes for other manly pursuits like football, and food.

You wonder how BG ladies keep those trim figures? Well, buddy, it isn't by throwing down loads of banitsa and tripe soup every day, that's for sure! BG women eat like birds; or more accurately, rabbits.

Take one out for dinner and she'll politely peck her way through half a small bowl of lettuce over the course of two hours. She had a huge lunch. At least two or three of those little pretzel-stick things. One thing you should bear in mind is that those babes you've been trying to make meaningful eye contact with in the nightclub are probably either too young for you, or married. People get hitched pretty young here, and there's a reason.

BG blokes are, from boyhood, spared the ignominy of domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning. This preserves their sense of machismo for a lifetime, but also tends to make them a tiny bit dependent on women for such tedious day-to-day necessities as eating, and wearing clean clothes.

So when the canny young BG man is ready to move out of mum and dad's, he doesn't waste any time latching onto a good little homemaker, and And even if you are fortunate enough to snag one of these Balkan goddesses, inevitably the dreaded "cultural difference" will take a bite at you sooner or later.

You can forget reminiscing about the good old days. And don't make her watch your collection of Monty Python DVDs, because she will fear for your mental health. Also, Bogomila, you are wrong: John Atanasov was not born in Bulgaria. Your writing is very defensive and I do not see why… The article is funny and while there are some moisconseptions, the majoity of it is true….

And being against stereotyping, why do you stereotype the life abroad? You are declaring that you are getting ready to live Bulgaria — isn't this stereotyping the life you expect to live abroad? So, they clearly have their heroic side. But, unlike their neighbor Hungary, not a major contributor to music, science, or mathematics.

My boyfriend breakup with me because he see another girl at his church and told me he is no longer want me and live me in pain and heart break. And you can also reach him on facebook Harry Masuka or Skype Lord masuka. There are good and bad people all over the world… lets face it,this world is not exactly a paradise…people have been displaced from their homelands through wars and violence perpetrated by leaders of barbaric war mentality and greed driven reptilian brained mindset over thousands of years… and the trauma and anxiety stays in the genes passed down for generations….

I feel so sorry to read about your experience with us and if there is a way to apologize somehow on the behalf of the Bulgarians citizens, I would do it now. Our feelings control us most of the time and we say what we think. We were years under the power of Ottoman empire, so we are very rebellious and this rebellious spirit was formed during those years of injustice, exploitation, mockery and suffering.

If you go now to Bulgaria and meet some of the old people in the mountains or on the sea yes we do have mountains and sea you will understand how friendly we are.

We actually will always say hello or goodbye with a smile on our face and will welcome everybody , even a stranger in our home. We — the women are very loyal and friendly, we usually work , take care of our children and clean the house and cook most of us a great cooks , we do respect our husbands a lot and believe that we should support them because they are the main source of the financial stability for our homes.

Our husbands on the other hand are hard workers, they know that their wife and children depend on them , so they are responsible and go and work twice as hard to provide for the family enough. We usually admire them for that and help as much as we can.

He will expect you to cook and help in the house this is very important quality. He will think that he is the head of the house and he will be correct but when he needs to make a decision, he will always ask you first about your opinion and usually will do or make whatever you want just to make you happy: If you date a Bulgarian girl , you should be aware that she will expect you to provide enough for the family, because she will know in her instincts that she needs to take care of the kids the house and everything else, so if you are resourceful, she will love you and support you, stand up for you and will never leave you hungry.

You should visit Bulgaria one day and see all beauties there. People are handsome and nature is beautiful. I really don't know what kind of people you've met and how did you get your opinions about us -the Bulgarians. It's true that we are very emotional and straightforward. Actually if I can use one label to define us it will be "the sufferer".

We — the women are very loyal and friendly, we usually work , take care of our children and clean the house and cook most of us are great cooks , we do respect our husbands a lot and believe that we should support them because they are the main source of the financial stability for our homes. I would like to mention that this has nothing to do with mercantilism or whatsoever, we love our husbands but we usually don't hire a nanny or daycare help for our children, we grow them alone some of the parents help.

We and our children depend on our husbands a lot and we don't mind that. We most of us don't have the ambitions of proving ourselves or showing our husband how good we are. So if you date a Bulgarian guy , you should keep in mind that he will not feel satisfied if he doesn't earn enough money to support you.

He will think that he is the head of the house and he will be correct, but when he needs to make a decision, he will always ask you first about your opinion and usually will do or make whatever you want just to make you happy: So it's up to you whether you want or not to mess with us.

However, I really don't understand why you people are so mean and talk nasty stuff about us. You should visit Bulgaria one day and see all the beauties there. We don't hide anything, we are natural and most of the time say what we think. Bulgarians are nice people, very intelligent and are interesting to talk to.

I enjoy talking to them,anybody from Bulgaria want to keep in touch feel free to add me. Just think how old is Bulgaria and how much our nation saw… we are Bulgaria since We never change our name we never lose a flag in a battle..

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Some good some bad some good and bad. Take a look in the mirror and a small part of every society will be reflected. Unless your born with mirrors instead of eyes. It is ignorant and closed minded to say that all bulgarian men are terrible and what not. I have dated my bulgarian boyfriend for quite awhile now and could not complain.

He is the most gracious, loving, and sweet boyfriend a girl could ask for. Yes, he does have some old-fashioned qualities…. In fact, never have loved a man as much as I do him. I met him after, wounded and depressed and he definitely helped me repair my self-confidence and sadness.

However, we both know better. Of course every culture is different with dynamical people of diverse personalities. All countries have possessive, vulgar people as well as remarkable and amazing people. I honestly can say this- so far I've met good people from your country. They're very nice to me as well. Made me feel as Im not a stranger but someone closer.

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My advise to all foreigners is if you fear it then stay away, for those that are brave, go and enjoy yourself. I hope you did as well, if you decided to give Bulgaria a chance! So apparently women are the same everwhere and men are the same as well.

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Some more of Mexican Stereotypes. The key to maintaining our enviable shape other than regular exercise is small portions. Natural beauty is not something we do, not really.

I know it might not be your thing, but still try to respect the effort gals put into themselves. I promise not all Bulgarian women are foundation on foundation on foundation kind of people. When it comes to style, even those of us that try not to go overboard will probably look more dressed up than the Western girls you are used to.

We love our high heels yes, even in winter when the sidewalks are covered with ice and a simple trip to the grocery shop can be a life risk , skinny jeans and plunging necklines. Bear in mind that even though some girls dress borderline slutty, this has 0 correlation to how easy she is.

In fact, we are more about teasing, than the actual pleasing. Bulgarian women are anything but lazy, entitled hotties, even if the stereotype sometimes portrays us as such. Case in point, I have had boyfriends that make less than I do and it was not even something that remotely bothered me. Most Bulgarian girls think this is only fair since her tighter budget makes it more difficult to afford things that you can easily pay for if you are more well-off.

We are also a lot about developing ourselves and having an independent career, even when married. There are very few Bulgarian girls that intend to become housewives, so we are driven and value education very highly. That last one might hurt your image in front of a Bulgarian not only girls but in general — if you are not college-educated there is some stigma and people might look down on you.

Then again, this depends on the Bulgarians that you hang out with, but is usually true for the type of people foreigners usually meet. Try not to be offended, and I am sorry in advance if you do.

Honesty and humility are two qualities that if missing can be an easy deal breaker for us. More than anything we are put off by boastfulness, since we avoid to boast about our successes, too. I have mentioned already in the guide to Eastern European girls that we are quite conservative in terms of what we want. A nice house, a few adorable kids, and a decent husband is probably what most Bulgarian girls see in their future.

So should you give up your hopes of smooching a hot Bulgarian, if you are not prepared to propose, yet? Nope, but there are some tips and strategies. The chances of meeting local girls are slimmer as well. Yes, these discos are not anything special or idiosyncratic, but they attract a friendlier, more relaxed and open crowd. Try not to get clingy, a lot of gals like to do casual hookups — usually nothing further than 2nd base — but it does not mean that they will want to grab coffee with you the next day.

Girls that want relationships are into casual hookups without a date to follow?

Beautiful Bulgarian women are very unique and exotic in appearance. They have appealing figures and age gracefully. They do not try to compete with men and are more than happy being women. Bulgarian women are extremely feminine and enough cannot be said . Women in Bulgaria are European women who live in and are from Bulgaria. Women's position in Bulgarian society has been influenced by a variety of cultures and ideologies, including the Byzantine and Ottoman cultures, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, . Dark and enchanting, Bulgarian women are a mix of Russian, Turkish, Greek, Macedonian and other cultures around, intertwined by a common history, and our exotic features allow us to keep our emotions to ourselves if we choose to, while you admire our flawless exterior.