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Any headhead or wormtown girls here

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Any headhead or wormtown girls here

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M4ww m4mw all ok. I will trade pic for pic, so include one if you want a reply. Im a good looking fit tall 21 year old guy who lives in the Lawrence area. Any real people.

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Any headhead or wormtown girls here

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You also have the none ladies that look better in person with a great personality but most get passed up because ppl put there all into. I commented on your hair cut and how todays outfit flattered it.

Im clean always smell good. I'd like an unattatched guy because normally they're a little less crazy. I consider myself to be a very laid back dramafree type of person. Missing romance older woman 40.

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I'm a handsome guy, five foot eleven, 245lbs, six and a half inches cut. I am seeking for someone that thinks they would be a bit compatible to me based on my description.

I'm seeking for friends, but also a relationship.