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Any dark skin girls into Bahamas guys

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Any dark skin girls into Bahamas guys

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Any dark skin girls into Bahamas guys

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One Any dark skin girls into Bahamas guys or on going if we want.

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I dug into the archives for this one. I actually wrote this piece in Indeed they do- Monday through Sunday. I want to note a few things in this post. I have never witnessed a group of light skin women having a conversation about how guys are infatuated with dark skin women. In fact, I know plenty of guys who date primarily dark skin girls, i. What am I saying here? Now I will say, some guys have a preference and some guys have a complex. But the men need to address this issue within themselves, and DO NOT need the peanut gallery assisting them.

And for a brief moment of a wider thought, do we have any idea what the skin complex has done to our race for hundreds of years? And honestly, does the thought that someone has a light skin complex or preference ever come from them, or the peanut gallery?

I will say that in private everyone discusses preference, but that goes both ways and different ways. People all have preferences; some like dark, light, tall, short, skinny, chubby, plump, big breasts, big booties, athletic builds, athletes, intellectuals, and the list goes on and on like the BBE.

Last thoughts, looking at the spectrum of video hofessionals, a great deal of the famous ones are dark skin. Melyssa Ford, Karrine Stephens Superhead , the girl from the video, and many more.

I do not even have to ask what you think, because I know you have thoughts. Ladies, answer the question for us fellas. I already know a certain ray of Sunshine whom I want to hear thoughts from. I'm light-skinned, I don't think I've had anymore or less fun than my darker skinned sisters. I distinctly remember one night when we were in a restaurant, two of my darker skinned girls said, "Chele, you order.

With the skin, the hair and the boobs, we know we'll get good service! This sparked a debate that continues to this day. They swear I get better service, more attention from men, nicer attitudes from melanin-challeged folks primarily because of my skintone.

I seriously don't see it in my interactions though it cannot be argued that the light-skinned long haired girlies are all up and through the video, tv, movies, etc. My least favorite example — in a less visual world Jill Scott would rule and Alicia Keys would be her backup singer… just sayin'. Perhaps, as an experiment some of the lighter toned persons reading this site should spend some extra time soaking up some UV rays. I do not mean to offend, I am only stating that if anyone feels there is no difference, try it from the other perspective.

If nothing changes, oh well, but if somethings do change well then that would be something worth writting about. It may sound a little cliche, but I can clearly recall California summers spent under the sun near the pool or on the beach.

These summer days resulted in a darkened complexion and hearing things like " Oh you're pretty for a dark girl". This issue has exsisted for a long time and will always be around. I have a friend from the Phillippines that happens to be the dark one in here family, but she is very light and has what most would consider a glowing tan. I met a young man once who is Puerto Rican he is also the dark one, he is two shades darker than my Phillipino friend.

This issue is not very important to me, except when someone tries to deny it exsists. It does, it will still be here tomorrow and it is exhuasting. Better yet, why not consider the other spectrum, where you have a group of people, from you're own race, excluding you because of their resentment for something you had no choice, or took no part in, other than being born a certain way.

People perceive lighter, as an advantage, thus anyone who has this advantage over them, automatically begin to believe that you see it as well and will presume you will hold it over them. If i'm happy with the way i look, and dare to even feel good about myself, i'm immediately viewed as another arrogant and conceited light skinned girl. So dare i should utter any positive feelings about my attributes, i'm the villian, the fake white, the sellout , or whatever else titles i've heard many blacks utter.

I don't showboat, i don't put others down, or feel i'm particularly better.. Love yourself people, stop worrying about who might have it better or worse, get over it, you can't change somethings about yourself, so learn to embrace them and have the GRACE to not make other people feel bad because of you decided to remain bitter…..

Dark or Light it's how you are on in the inside that determines your true worth. I meant to say the most glaring example is Jill Scott and Alicia Keys. Everyone knows Jill and Angie Stone for that matter can sing circles around Alicia. I love me some Jill … but you think the extra 50 lbs between the two might come into play a little more than the skin tone?

SBM, that's what I think. Even though skin tone is an aspect of who to sell in the media more, and me being the racially aware chick that I am, I honestly think weight trumps it on the list of priorities. Unfortunately, talent is dead last on that list…sometimes it's even nonexistant. I think Jill and Alicia both have great talent. I do think society does see one as more talented or would get more media attention because of the weight issues and Jill's more natural appreance.

Even though Alicia dresses down comapred to most she is still seen as the societal if thats a word standard. Also Alcia can play the piano and vocally i think she is great too.

Now we should say what if Beyonce was dark skinned? And yes, I first realized it when I moved to Atlanta. Light skinned women are much more highly valued than dark skinned women. I know a lot of people who will go for a light skinned 7 over a dark skinned I know people who don't believe dark skinned 10's exist, because their concept of beauty IS light-skinned.

Don't let photoshop fool you. Remember the Beyonce Covergirl ads. Hell, Gabrielle Union looks light skin in some of her pictures. I've met Melyssa Ford too. She's so far from dark, it ain't funny. And I've seen the superhead porn with Mr. Marcus, who you could argue is brown or dark skinned.

They ain't the same color. Jessica White and Gabby I'll give you as brown, but superhead, no. This is a debate that I've been through countless times. Being brown skinned and coming from a family of "mutts" I don't think that light skinned girls have some kind of advantage.

I have come across some people like what Brandon St. Randy described but that was mostly in the south where color complexes are still very much a part of society. I've do come across people who tell me that I'm the "prettiest brown skinned girl [they've] ever seen" and this compliment[? But honestly those are few and far between. Omg… Tell me what this happens to me all the time…If you are pretty and dark skinned, you just have to be some exotic mix.

I'm Haitian and Jamaican, but so if every other girl from miami… I have a lot of spanish, mixed race friends who are very attractive, but when we are all out together, I never feel less sexy, beautiful or wanted…I guess it boils down to a confidence issue.

So what if a rapper prefers to bust one on a light skin face appose to a shade like mine…shoot, let her have it…lol…jk. I will cosign this ALL day and night!

I've been told I look like I'm from India to Lima. I have also been that 'exception' to some guys who prefer light skinned women and long or relaxed hair. Instead of feeling flattered, I feel offended. I've been told that I couldn't possibly be just black or I'm pretty for a black girl. The latter statement folks won't say to my face. I have never had a preference but outside of my first relationship which was with a brown-skinned young woman, all after have been light-skinned.

Most of the time it was not my choosing. I had one girl I was involved with say I had a type. Which I don't think I do, I give most people an opportunity and if they happen to be light-skinned then so be it. I didn't have a choice in the matter. Now I know people who will only date light-skinned women or sistas who only do dark-skinned brothas. I think it is all about preference.

You like what you like. I do think light-skinned women get more attention from white guys though because they are of a fairer skin tone. Just a side note. I used to think this, but now, I'm seeing white guys with darker ladies more often. And some of those times, her hair is natural. Hey, I love 'em all. If you fine, you fine. Light,dark, brown or latin, it doesn't matter.

As for what I observe from others, I do notice that there seems to be a preference around here Detroit area for light-skinned sistas though.. Men black and white will stare at you like you are a mirage. I was on Broadway downtown once at a parking meter and I overheard two brothers coming up the street arguing about my ethnicity.

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I do not want to baby sit either. Squirters are a huge plus. Otherwise, you might be a fake or something. A WEBPAGE OR LINK WILL GET YOU DELETED.

In fact, I know plenty of guys who date primarily dark skin girls, i.e., the VP, and no one goes up to him and says, you have a dark skin girl. You might notice a sea of beautiful, fair to light brown skin, men and that a girl with a buzz cut and brown skin was crowned Miss Haiti? By the. Celebrity News · Black Women in Music · 'Yes, Girl! . What we wouldn't do for an afternoon of basking in the sun on a those sultry dark eyes and lusciously full lips add up to one striking man. Rolle can take us back home to the Bahamas with him any time. Girl, in those tights he scores a touch down!.