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Alpharetta wife fucks

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Alpharetta wife fucks

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Lauren Patrick is a native Southerner and the editor of Pretty Southern. Down here, there is no Pepsi. Even Pepsi is called Coke. In Northern states, iced tea is served with a box of sugar packets because Yankees are too lazy to actually blend sugar into the hot liquid to make sweet tea. Life below the Mason Dixon line is so sweet, just like our tea and Coca-Cola.

Southern accents over time have developed their own vocabulary. These words tend to come out with even more zest if the Southerner has been drinking bourbon. And by the way, if you live in the South, that construction is going to take five years just to pave two lanes. Same thing for I in the Carolinas. Honey, that thing is called the changer or the clicker.

I live in northwest Indiana a half hour from Chicago and my mom says dumb as a box of rocks. My family has always lived in the north with no southern ties at all. Another good saying is how we explain how drunk we got the night before… Drunker than cooter brown.

Fucked up as a soup sandwich or fucked up as a football bat. Those always get people going. Our family is from PA and all used dumber than a box of rocks, and I now live in NC and hear it used hear as well. In my opinion, TX has thicker, deeper accents with more throaty drawls. TN is a bit lighter with wider syllables.

So yeah, Texas has a heavy Tennessee Influence. Even Sam Houston himself was from Tennessee. North east Texas is Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. We have an entirely different dialect than people in Austin or Houston or Dallas. Hell Texas is a whole country. We say that here In M. My mama grew up in south Georgia. Arkansas is not In the south. Only in the South. Arkansas is VERY Southern by the life style and has been for years and years especially the deep South where the cotton grows.

Northern AR could possibly belong to a different state, however. I was born in mobile, Al, but have lived in Rochester NY for 30 years now and they do say huntin and fishin. Rochester is almost on the Canadian border, I live in cow country with farms.

The people here are totally different than in the city. Such as buggy and clicker. I think that might be it though. Yea, I Believe you are. Obviously, the errors were the result of your anger stroke, bless your heart. Bless your heart … so how long have you had that brain tumor, sweetie?

Elizabeth this is on older post I believe. I am from a bloodline in rural South Georgia that founded a small and still unincorporated community predating the War Between the States.

Your post indicates a prejudice, naive, uneducated mind. Any person from any state or culture can recognize you as someone unqualified to contribute quality intellect in most certainly all topics.

In particular your post is an ironic perversion of how southerners are misrepresented. You are no different than those embarrassing confederate boasting southern pride people who do not understand the true cultural identity of being a pedigree blooded original settler. My southern love has no respect for anything other than my ancestral histories and pride in the morality and tenacity of what it took in character to settle untamed wilderness while maintaining a civil tradition you and those blights of humanity who believe some shameful war has any bearing on us and our obligation to create a better future for all do not have.

My best friend is a gay man and I am a woman. I am friends with people my ancestors once owned, to my disgrace, but those times are long gone.

Educate yourself and seek guidance for your narrow simple mind. Good luck and please, be quiet. My roots are southern. I use oh honey a lot to the beggin of my sentences. I was down here barely 3 months…. Let me tell you something about southern drivers.

See, we Southerners actually have quite the way with the English language, and have even produced a few much beloved wordsmiths over the years. We may play with her, but there are fixed and fast rules even in Southern English.

Of course there are folks here dumber than a box of rocks, but evidence I recently perused leaves me to believe that is true of any location, honey pie. You have a good day now. We learned correct and proper english… its boring, and who wants to listen to robotic speech? Much to the same affect of if you visit another country you speak their language…. I wonder if that is a Jersey thing?

So, so deeply ironic that your attempt at poking fun of southerners is filled with more spelling and grammatical errors than an autistic spastic could produce with their off hand.

Your more than likely more southern than most people here and are just attempting to troll. I got nuttin wit dem nordern folk. In de north all u folk do is work awl day. You are one dumb ass, provinicial Northerner and I come from the North. You obviously should seek therapy! You are condescending, obnoxious, and totally rude. You are obviously not from a good family. Other than being a rude uncouth, foul mouthed, poorly raised individual?

Please tell us what you truly feel , than carry your rude self back north with the rest of your little gangster friends. The [shift] key is useful.

Woah there lil horsey. Dont yall be makin fun my southern people. We would NEVER consider anything like that … our dialect is colorful not ignorant … the rules of grammar regarding subject and verb, pronoun and verb agreement, sentence structure are pretty solid, alive and well and living south of the Mason Dixon Line. I also live in Ohio — the northern Cincinnati suburbs and have heard all but one of the sayings on this page my whole life. I am extremely proud of my Southern roots. My people have the biggest hearts and finest character of anyone you could ever know.

No question about it … you, my friend, are southern!!!! You hit the heart of what makes me love the south big hearts and character…. I really feel for anyone learning English as a second language LOL. I live in Kansas we say that tons of times, granted its southwestern Kansas but when we drop by Kansas City, Topeka, or Wichita people use that saying. They are just plain ignorant. Been away much too long. Carolina would be the right place to continue my retirement.

Please tel ME, how we so arrogant. Choose your words wisely because if you come down here and say that, just know we all sleep with a shotgun under our pillow and we all got good aim from hunting. And we can hid e bodies in our dog pins. Southerners once again proving they are, in fact, dumber than a box of rocks. Yankee, on a southern page? Get yo yankee ass back across the Mason Dixon before the south gets hold of u and stomps a hole in your yankee ways.

My mamas from the south. I like south better then the north. I rather not be A yankee. I was always in the south, I grew up in a semi. I live in Wisconsin right now. I was always in either Florida or Georgia when I was growing up.

I think your right Yankees think they know everything there is to know about the South……asses go back to where you came from. Better check your blood line. Oh wait, I forgot, the redneckers lost that war. The south only LOST cuz we ran outta bullets.

Words Only Southerners Say - Pretty Southern - #LoveTheSouth

The stereotype fits, yallllz. We tell people who are especially rude. She made made enough to feed the entire world and anyone else who might drop by. You are not merely irritated. Nor did something merely make you laugh. I live in Tennessee and if your from the north come on down for a good ole nice visit. The south is my place and livin on a farm is quite great and livin on acres is awesome and not havin to worry about stupid city limits is also great.

It is not your from the north. Lebanon, TN is pronounced Lebanin. Maury County is pronounced Murray County. Maryville is pronounced Marvull. Shelbyville is pronounced Shovelvull. I blame the institutions of higher learning for advancing those that cannot read and write.

For the record, a Yankee is a person from Maine. My step mother is from Boston and still just calls it a winger hat. No, a toboggan and beanie are two different things. A toboggan is a winter hat and is so long you fold the bottom of it back up. A beanie is short and for style, not protecting your ears from the cold. To baggage is a knitted winter hat in SC. However younguns is reserved for the wippersnappers. Another thing we have are those little pearls of wisdom or just random bullmalarky like: Is it just me or does talking about being Southern make you want to talk with way stronger of an accent?

This one is a bit rare. My family says it all the time, but I get odd looks from some people. People from Tampa pronounce Lutz as Lutes or Loots. Bob Lutz use to run Chrysler and he said his last name rhymes with guts. I remembered hearing this saying and since its a long running joke about the darn nut. I asked the guy sooooo.

I got my cake;. See i peee can! I am from Texas where the state tree is the pecan tree… Until I left Texas I had never heard anyone, not on the TV, pronounce it any way other than puh-con. Moreover, what traits are inherent to an Ohio native? North Carolina, for example, is not southern to the deep South, because anything with the word north in it is not southern! I beg to differ on that one. I have lived in NC all my life and there are some pretty backwoods kinda places.

I was raised in one of them places and we have our city parts but overall we are pretty southern. My family served with distinction in the Cofederate Military as Officers and enlisted and in the Confederate Government. I am very proud of my Southern heritage. I forgive you anyway. I always figured that would be reversed. Ohio most certainly is Yankee.

It shares a lake with Canada, for crying out loud. There is very little true Southern culture left. They will give you a detention for it. Makes me want to say it even more. I am from the deep south. I stay literally about an hour from the gulf. If you do not eat crawfish or do not live in a place where the humidity is always over 50 percent throughout the summer and there is never snow…. Yankees always irritate me so much thinkin yall are the only ones who know knowledge! With that said, no where above Virginia is considered part of the South.

Northern Florida is Southern. We have taken to thinking of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas as Southern states. My family was Georgian prior to the Revolutionary War. You need to go back to school, and take a history lesson. Other states joined after that point.

We will Defend our southern way of life till death if need be. God Bless Oklahoma, Texas and our Southern heritage. Mama is another to point out. I had 5 living grandparents but not one grandma or grandpa. I said, well, Gen. See my post above about Virginia. The District of Columbia is not Southern even though it is placed geographically in the South. It is an anomaly, like South Florida.

Traditionally, Virginia is more of a border between dixie and northeast. Northern Virginia is not the south.

Southern Virginia, along say.. As times have changed, so have outlooks and politics. Richmond has become very cosmopolitan and diverse, Norfolk-VA Beach and towns adjacent are heavily influenced culturally by the Naval Stations and the transient population there. We are essentially Chicagoans. Nearly everyone has a relative that lived in Chicago at some point or your family still works there. If not you moved here to work at the steel mills and again everyone has some family member that worked in the steel mills.

We are generally on the poor side while the rest of Indiana has some dough. Absolutely no family history in the South. Why do you answer your own questions, as a yankee would say!

Grew up in NH, moved to southern LA. Yes I did move back north, but I still talk like a coonass. I would say I have the best of both worlds and consider myself a coonyank! The further down you go the more you hear it.

There is just something delightful about the word cattywampus that I just start smiling when I hear it. Having any accent doesnt make you better or worse than anyone. I too am from NJ. I have lived in the South for almost 10 years. I still feel the resentment. Even at church, there is prejuidice. When I first tried to vote I was given a hard time.

Why do I stay, because you all want me to leave and you are not going to win. The Yankees show up on a forum about the South to irritate us. Go the hell away. They enjoy putting us down. We live better than they do. We know how to cook, fix things, and take care of our own kind. They come on here just to be idiotic pests. Making fun of us is their way to boost their egos. They want to change us. Maybe you can explain why they move away from the North and then try to turn us into what they left.

We love our history and most of us will defend it to the death, but I hope you make some lifelong friends here! So why did they move here? Old feelings are hard to change. I am sorry you are being disrespected. You should move to Coastal SC. Finally, a yank is startin to make sense. Hey, you want some southern hospitality?

Yall come down here, to South Cackalacky. By the way, i kinda like joysey accents. South Carolina is a beautiful state, and has so many advantages for Retirees that it is in the top 5 or less places for Seniors to retire. We would love to have you. That phrase puts us on the defensive….. Residents of the remainder of Central Jersey and all of South Jersey speak with a Philadelphia accent which, ironically, has actually historically shared—and to a certain extent, still shares—a few elements of the Southern accent—particularly both the drawl and the Southern Appalachian-sounding twang and at least as often as not, the Southern pronunciation of the long I sound.

Maybe you should just give me a ride there in your car. SoundS kind of rude. It may just be where your mamaw grew up.

My family, both sides, have been in Florida for well over years! I was born and raised in Miami, and if you strayed into Homestead, there were plenty of Southern accents to be heard. My relatives in Ocala would definitely beg to differ. Besides which, I do seem to recall that Florida was part of the Confederacy…. I agree FL is the south. I am a third generation native floridian on both sides and while I live in tampa and we do have a lot of yankees and snow birds, if you go out into any rural area and you will hear a lot of southern colloquialisms that I use too.

When I went up to Tallahassee for school I was finally comforted that most of the native Floridians from up there have southern accents and use southern words. My sister lives in AL and it took her no time flat for her southern accent to come out in her. Some people say taters for potatoes lol. I have family from Arkansas and I live in Texas so I get some sayings from both places lol.

I am from north atlanta in the suburbs. I live in the alpharetta area. Would I be considered a southerner? My speech isnt southern and we dont really say or do southerner things. It is a region. I am from a middle-class home as well, but I know good and well that I come from a southern home. The southern region is known for several reasons, we have our food, our vernacular, and our traditions.

However, living in the southern U. Though i do hate damn yanks. The South is a proper name of a region, dagnabbit! You can live in Georgia, but if your parents are Yankees, then you are being raised in a Yankee home.

Lots of people in Metro-Atlanta are Yankees. The social class of a person does not determine, if a person will have southern grammar or not. My mom is a teacher,so I am not allowed to use slang. It has more to do with education than anything else. I grew up in an educated, musical family. As I grew into an adult, my accent became more and more Southern…not hillbilly or redneck…just Southern. Really quite beautiful without the nasal twang of some regions. I know lots of highly educated, professional people with heavy accents.

It wraps around you like velvet. Only Yankees say that. I actually find it comfortable speaking with several of the southern words despite the looks I get. I will say we talk slow and try to speed It up by dropping some letters. Cory, you sure are making a lot of grammatical errors to have more common sense than us Southerners. You make no sense. You are the idiot, ya damn yankee. Go fuck your yankee-ass self. I 2nd that, Lousiana Belle!

Miss Madi give your shotgun back to your daddy before you hurt yourself and not only yankees drive electric cars. Well go on and get, take you ass somewheres else. No one told you to come down here so stop whining about it put ur big girl draws on and see yourself out. Bless ur heart sweet heart have a swift and speedy trip back up to yank land. In fact, after several brushes with these strange creatures, I go out of my way to avoid them! Part of the problem is that they seem to waste most of their energy on being very judgmental, insincere extremely fake manners and false charm , suspicious, nosy, competitive especially with other women , manipulative, and downright nasty.

I was born in Oregon. I make jewelry, I read about a book a day, and I cook all kinds of food. Knowledge does not necessarily equal intelligence or wisdom.

Maybe only the retched southern Females are attracted to that hideous personality you just clearly advertised. I beg to differ. I read 6 news Web sites a day. Love art and paint and do crafts. I am involved in the music ministry at Our church. I can discuss lots of topics ESP. I have far better things to discuss With people than others.

I know several ladies just like me. You apparently hang out with the wrong people. Find a good church full of love and Laughter and you will find those women. Speak for yourself DWK. Sounds to me like referring to Southern women as a group having narrow interests and being conversationally-impaired, you are the one with a narrow point of view. You are painting the canvas with a very broad brush. Southern girls may be covered in sugar, but they will whup yo damned yankee ass before you can say Hahvid Yahd.

Who the hell can understand your damned accents, either? You should try it. Here in NC we say drop cord, not extension cord. We also say carry my car to the shop, not take my car to the shop. We also like soda, not pop. Barbecue is a noun pork or chicken not a verb.

Just a few, but there are many more. Well, unless you are in Oklahoma or Texas west says pop more than soda , but we mostly just say Coke…but here, we often mean Dr. Pepper, the nectar of the gods. Pepper since the 80s. Pop comes in bottles and cans while soda comes from a fountain. I live in new Orleans and I totally agree with the coke thing.

I also say cold drink. Also, people from new Orleans really hate it when people say nawlins. We never say that. Also, we say neutral ground, the grass in between streets.

It amazes me how a lot of southerners do really judge and stereotype people just because they are not from the south Yankees. Alot of southerners have never even left the south and I think that has a lot to do with it. I myself have lived all over the US from Alaska all the way to nyc. But not in a million years would I trade anything for my mamas fried chicken and cornbread. I hate that yanks now say memaw and papaw.

Well, crud, there sure is a lot of animosity about this. I thought this post was supposed to be whimsical. The females there were not as friendly and jealous and not as thoughtless. Bad table manners and rarely thanked you, said excuse me,or said bless you.

Southerners are a whole lotta fun! Is it because we are below the mason Dixon? Or because we are close to more widely considered southern states?

My cousins from Nebraska always tell me I have a southern accent but I never thought I did. I always thought of it as the northern most southern state and the southern most northern state lol. I am from Georiga. I am still from Georiga though. So would I be considered a Yankee. Also I must say, do sountherners not believe in the letter g? If you were a true southerner you would know that. How much southerner can you get?

FL is one of them stars on the bars! Anyways what about twiced… More than once…I done told you to get washed up for supper twiced, now get to it before I make you go pick a switch… Switch..

Kinda like the Yankees that drive in Florida… Really they must drive for months gettin back home! Hold your breath… Its not happenin.. I have some fam. Fl seems like an odd mash of southern, New York Jew, and Cuba lol. Florida was the Bread basket of the Confederacy. TY, Dear Southern Lady. I think you are mistaking the intro word-wse.

I drink sweet tea. For all yall talkein about whats north or not. Countrys a way of livin. Im from indiana abd i aint seen nobody more country then me. Used to be, southerners moved up north to get a better payin job. Now northerners have moved down south to get a job becus agh the guud payin jobs ar down south.

Hear in Tennessee , this is the nu north. Tennessee is the New North. But suthern hospitality is still hear. Yu kin always till a southerner , because they often spek ta strangers and ad very friendly. Peepl frum Texas ar tha saam waa. Tru native Asians, orientals, are same waa. They mite visit America cuple weeks, but will return to their native countries to live there.

If they stay in America, they ar still family, but ar counted as outcasts to their family and ad treated differently with less respect. Becus thay ar leevin centuries of family cultures. Are you fo REAL!? You can spell cultures but not to. You MUSTa been in pawpaws white lightnin. You know those little sticker things that get stuck on your clothes when you walk through the grass? Most people call them Hitchhikers We call them Beggarlice.

Yep, beggerlice it is. We understand that yonder is over there, and yander is a little bit farther over there. I also remember some other relatives using this word, too.

Does anyone else use this word? All the words you use or are saying, we use way up here! Want to raise my children up right by being around people who are friendly, not always friendly around here. My sister has lived in TN the last 15 years, I grew up in N. Um…you might get shot. Just summin to chew over. A polite cuss word. Born, raised and lived here all my life. So have all my family. We LOVE sweet tea! We just call it a remote control or remote.

And a lot of folks here in the South, like me, probably have British ancestors. Some words we Southerners may have made up ourselves. Ever heard of discombobulated meaning confused or disorganized? Or how about funktified? Hell yeah, this sites right on the money. I live in Ga too, heard and say all them words put in that little essay thing. According to a friend of mine from up north, this is only said here… Do what? Well, im from charleston, and they say thing like bless you heart.

BTW, I only like half of you, you half-damned half-yankee. To the southern side of yall, i say, ey bo.

Cory the fact that you think Yankees are superior than Southern folk shows how uneducated your are. As for Jersey girl im sorry you fill that way about the South hope you find your place somewhere else. A lot of this just sounds like Northern stereotypes. Im a redneck girl and damn proud of it. By the way, we say all damn yanks are idjits and need to actually go into Harvard instead of just parkin ther car in its yard.

Crick, waller, hollor, mator, tator, skift, this here, aiming to do that, bull hockey, reckon, bleeding like a stuck pig, the Good Book, mad as a hornet, doodley squat, polecat, mountain out of a molehill, knee-high to a grasshopper and on and on.

Just for an FYI…. That is my pet peeve with Yanks — well, that and always having to tell people that yes.. West Virginia is really a state, we split with VA in like Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. And I am with you on the state split. I am originally from South Dakota and it is a state.

I moved to GA 13 years ago because I fell in love with the people and the Southern Hospitality but so many other people have moved down here since the Olympics that the Southern Hospitality is hard to find now. Having people mock my accent was a daily thing. You aint a true southerner, and you need a good whuppin to knock some sense into ya.

You give a bad name to the south, idjit. Now, you are a southern lady. Whatever your family and education background some equate academic education with intelligence, can be but not always , intelligent, clear eyed and humanistic. Thanks, I am reading this site for the first time and beginning to wonder about SOME of my southern sisters. A whole lot of hate and prejudice on both sides. Good people are good people no matter what their accent or where they live, the same for not so good. Born and raised in rural Alabama.

Then again, these words come from many southern states. Not just the south east. I grew up in East TN. Course, I was a cute little whippersnapper gal too. Snarky things said with a smile. Like the one used to water your garden. Most of my friends down here are not from the South but there are a couple and they use ALL of these phrases.

Especially in the Metro area. Personally I perfer my tea ice cold and strong with no sugar at all. My neighbor is a born and raised Georgian and she makes some damn good sweet tea! Well theres lots of folks down here in Georgia that have been invaded by the rich northerners and changed.

Then ya got downtown Atlanta and you better have a gun on ya cause theres a good chance ya could get robbed. Places like buckhead where ya got 4 story houses on every corner. But I live right by the flint river and we say yall, I reckon, over yander, and its pacan not peecan and its just sad see in all the good southern culture go away. The general IQ of the south has increased with migration from the west and north….

We will keep Thumping Our Bibles.. Now we have Gays in our Schools teaching our Children. That shows your ignorance. It was built by the Yankee Government, after , called Reconstruction.

Awesome way of life, none to compare. I was fortunate to be raised that way. I asked my mom, who confirmed that people actually say that she grew up in TX and moved up to MN after she graduated highschool 30 yrs ago. I guess tension is to be expected though in places that used to have slaves. As for racial tensions, the south has no monopoly on that, the United States for that matter nor of recent history.

This is the opinion of a 60 year old white woman, take it for what it is worth. One nation under god stop bickering like children and grow up! There are more important things going on in this world. Why do you think the rest of the world makes fun of us! I have Iived in NC for 10 years and never a problem. Loud enough for my daughter to hear. I have only heard this in context of run down cabin. Is this a southern expression, and what does it mean?

Ugly as homemade sin. How many southerners you know who retire in yankeeland? Hi all my name is Brandon Smith. I say soda not pop I tend to say mother like mutter and at times like mud Der I say Baltimore like balda more maryland like marlin Baltimore county like Balda more Cow nee water wood er some examples.

I jus wanted ta pop in n say hi. Born in Louisiana n raised in Oklahoma. Ignorin all the bullhonkey thats written above me. Jus wanted to tell ya it was awesome to laugh at everyone. My family is country… so alotta da sayins I hear errday.

But im native so am more use ta hearin rez talk. Again this was jusntoo damn funny to not comment on. We have coke and Pepsi up here. And coke is better. We make sweet tea with the sugar in it.

And we call the remote control the flicker dicker in my house or just flicker. Damn Yankees always got sumin to say when grown folks talking. Let me get in here! After reading many of these comments I feel compelled to share my thoughts and experience. Definitely, I have Southern roots. Yes I capitalize the words Southern and South.

Cannot seem to help myself on that! Hunting, fishing, missing teeth, hicks, rednecks, weird dialects … all exist here too. The South does not have exclusivity on any of these. Likewise, there are many sophisticated aspects to the South and Southerners as there are to New England and the North. Great people exist in all these places. Explore them and accept them as they are.

Observe and blend in … as much as possible. Then, I try the clam chowder. And … as for that war of years ago. To the tards who think southerners say pop. If i hear someone say pop the first thing i think is u dang yankee!

Dont come tellin the southern beauties what we say! Before the Civil War Natchez, Mississippi had more millionaires than any other place in the country.

We have more former Miss Americas…. I am from Alabama, I for one do not say clicker or changer. It is called a remote. I also do not call all sodas coke.

I call them by their name such as sprite, dr. What is this word: I have never heard that. I call a purse a purse. Have a good day sugar plum. We decided on Charleston, SC.

After reading all the posts I got the impression that if we are polite and respectful, we will be fine. My concern is this: There is not a lot of support for veterans and the military. We are looking forward to getting away from the self-centeredness and rudeness up here. There is very little sense of community and helping someone is rare. Honestly, what do we need to know? Best I can tell you, get plugged into a good church. Finding a good church is excellent advice. Charleston has a long history with the military.

Many Navy and Air Force personel are retired around the area. The South has a tradition of military service as well. If you have not moved yet or are now there, get in touch with veteran groups or organizations, they can give you lots of support and suggestions. Good luck and thank you and your husband for your service. We say POKE instead of bag. Also, from all of the yankee posts here I would ask you, If the south is so bad why is all the migration from north TO south instead of the other way around?

Us rebels may not sound to educated but u bet ur ass we dont try to be nothing more than who we are. When do rebels ever go up north to retire or vacation? I was born in the South and raised in both the North and South. I grew up with Southern Traditions and Manners!! Ice Tea should be so sweet your teeth hurt!!! People in the North, get off your lazy butts and make the simple syrup and sweeten the tea right!!! Sugar packets are for sissies!!!!

Unsweetened tea should be illegal!!! The level of ignorance in every single comment from a southerner on this page is extremely astounding. I hate to prognosticate, but I would garentee that most if not all of you had no idea what I just said.

OK dumb ass…go up north to live in an area that your obviously low class, uneducated self can afford and see how well you are treated there. I live in Ohio. I also say sweeper, rather than a vacuum. After reading all these posts, not sure if it would be safe for me to speak lol. I hate the fact that I even used that word. I love the accents, I love the family oriented culture, and slower way of living.

I know northerners, have a bad rap in the south, but I hope my family will have a great time. I came here out of curiosity and wound up reading so much nonsense. The article was interesting to say the least! I guess I just wondered how I wound up with such Southern sayings in such a Northern albeit out in the sticks, but still area. We say, Dang it, a lot. Over yonder, fixin to, Bless your heart, Pop, for Coke or Pepsi etc.

Tators, and many, many more. I find reading these posts very sad. I was born and raised in SC. As an adult, I lived a year in Europe. No one could believe I was from the South. I do use few southern terms and do not have a strong accent. Most place me from Boston. I am proud of the growth of our state. Unfortunately, racism goes many ways. It is not confined to southern states. We are a country of differences. Southerners against Northerners, races against races all races , high class against low, etc.

They take our southern hospitality as fake and therefore they cannot enjoy it for what it is…just that…southern hospitality. I am sorry that they are that way. Yes, there are cliques and groups but no place is utopia. I am on here to research names for a new business.

Reading these posts just made me sad for those who are so hateful and close minded. So my search continues. Have a great day! Pretty sure I out southern most southerners. I was born in southeast Michigan, technically a Yankee. I go down to visit frequently, and still listen to Patsy Cline and Hank Williams.

I had 3 uncles and a grandpap that died for the Confederacy, and my Rebel flag flaps in the wind gracefully. She grew up in the same town as the Judds, Ashland Kentucky. The south is my homeland;beautiful, cultural, and damn does the air smell better than the industrial bullshit and not to mention the blasphemist northerners up here. And for any yanks reading this callin me a betrayer or some bull, we will rise again, and this time we will win.

Well, Justin, your mamaw and papaw are Southerners, so you have a foot in. If your heart is in Dixie, you might just as well bring the rest of you on down, too. My son has told me that he never wants to live anywhere but here in Alabama. Born in AL, raised in TX. When asking for a coke we had to clarify what kind of coke Sprite, Dr.

We were always told not to forget our grinds and lockets, usually in reference to bathing, and I still have no idea what those are. I reckon, be there directly and shake your tail were familiar as well. And to touch on one vulgarism, males fart but females poot. Enough said for now. We would fix a mess of peas, collards, etc. Also, favorite expression of my mother: In the south we offered funeral cake, funeral casserole, etc. I know traditions spread as people move around and we are, after all, more alike than different in most things.

First off, its the other way around. Southerners blend the sugar into the tea because they are too lazy to open a small sugar packet workout, I know right! A buggy drives on the road and occasionally gets smashed by a foot. Apparently, you were TOO lazy for grammar.

Well Bless shake head …. This is when something is so off the wall or sad in what you see, you can not even come up with words to express. In a name of a town the v is heard, the illegal is kind of all lumped together… Like Abbeville.. Oooohhhh girl, she is about to have a hissy fit 5. Southern Sunday lunch is a weekly function to attend. Those whom are not ther know they will be topic of gossip OR receive phone calls to find out 1. Who is sick 3. College football is very serious, it can divide a household for months.

Just because the women talk sweetly, do NOT mistake this for that they are dumb or not strong women. A mess is not clutter in the house, but a group of vegetables to cook 9. Dag nab it… Case Quarter, a real quater and not other change to make up 25 cents.

Waving while you are enjoying time on your porch is acceptable behavior, even to strangers. Smiling and talking to someone while you are in line is also acceptable, one never knows when a stranger will become a friend. Polite is never out of style You still write thank you notes…. It shows them the respect if they took the time to think of you, you show them the same in return. Also, your mom will haunt you…even if she is living….

That brings me to the end do my southern charm by saying, now come on by and sit a spell ye here? I love the north and the south , I live in the south but have lived in the north the first half of my life. Up north we call everything coke as well , we love cola cola and not so much Pepsi. I love saying ya all. We use pocketbook up north too. Some if these words are a matter of history and not area.

I love reading posts on slang words. I always enjoy talking to people about old sayings and such from the south or north. Has anyone found any good books on old sayings? Southerners are also infamous for operating shady businesses and ripping people off. Any time I ask which is where, I get no straight answers. For example, Is this your alls book? How is your alls day going? Like when talking to more than 1 person. I heard it so many times, I started saying it too.

Im from the finest state in the US of A,kentucky we say well i declare or yall and drank sweet tea im a southren belle and we u mono grams and us cheveron a lot!!! How bout we secede again and kick some yankee ass. I was just visitin the north in baltimore and everywhere I went people made fun of the way I said things. Like buggy, clicker, ice, and whenever I asked for tea they never gave me sweet. The South must Secede again. Down with the North. Then I might detail the fallacy of relying on prejudices and uninformed stereotypes to categorize any human being or their culture.

Anyone trying to figure out what a Southerner means probably needs to listen to tone. I know my friend from Kentucky always made up words because of her lack of a good education. You can say this word while mad at someone, or you have been waiting for a good time to talk. I live in the south, and my family and I have always made a point out of speaking and communicating with PROPER grammar and enunciating and pronouncing our words correctly so we do not sound like poorly educated country hicks.

The unfortunate and embarrassing dialect of the south alone is enough to make us move back to New York, where my great grandfather and great grandmother lived before moving to Texas unfortunately in their thirties.

And, even though they did increase their fortune by moving, they still could have been just as wealthy by now if they had just stayed in their Upper East Side brownstones. Off like a herd of turtles! My parents left Tennessee when they were still young enough to learn how ignorant it was.

We world visit my grandmother some times. I remember the people seeming so dumb, that It was like they were drugged on downers; but I loved the accent. I am from the north. Love my country music and grits.. I am not a slob as someone said. I earn good money and own a big beautiful home.. I hunt, fish,drive a nice chevy pick up! I love the expressions in the south..

We all live in the USA. This country actually needs us all! All of our industries are important! And i like Pepsi and coke!!! I also say dumb as a box of rocks!! And i can bait a hook! Jan 10, Member: Subbed, moving money around now and seeing where I sit. BabyTaco , Sep 16, Jan 27, Member: Jonathon Raleigh NC Vehicle: A lot of badassery in here.

RaleighTaco , Sep 16, Mar 28, Member: Craig Bucks County Pa. HomerTaco , Sep 16, Apr 15, Member: You want a PM with all our info? BeaverYota , Sep 16, Jan 5, Member: Skinny Rogers , Sep 16, I'm totally in for this.

Jun 6, Member: StealthTaco , Sep 16, Just to be clear, there is no limit correct? You just need 15 people to start it but 30 people could get in on the deal? Jul 16, Member: Simon Jacksonville, FL Vehicle: Feb 6, Member: Doug Alpharetta, GA Vehicle: Do these configurations look right?

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