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Was atop Was attentive Was attractive to Was attractive? Was audibly impressed Was aware Was aware of Was aware that doing some Was beaten by Was bedbound Was behind Was behind MP coming in for one downtrodden Was behind schedule Was beholden to Was benefactor hosting immoderate dance?

Was biased Was blinding Was bossy? Was bothered if 30 seconds late, we hear Was bright Was bright, as the sun Was broad on the boards Was busy Was canned Was capable of Was changing partners in order to get partners for life? Was charitable Was charmed, with "out" Was China developing a device for a power cut?

Was familiar with Was far from respectful Was faulty? Was favored Was fearful of Was first Was flipping struggling to get gold Was flipping way in also way out? Was hesitant, displaying sporting trophy Was hesitant, displaying this sports trophy Was hot Was humbled Was humiliated Was hurting Was idle Was ill with Was imaginative Was imminent Was immobile Was impatient to do something Was in a bit of bother, owning up Was in a blue state Was in a choir Was in a meet, maybe Was in a no-win situation Was in a play Was in charge Was in charge of church and farm Was in charge of counter price in retail Was in debt Was in front Was in knots Was in management, invested in soccer club to get some of the old money Was in misery Was in no way happy Was in on Was in pain Was in session Was in the arms of Morphe Was in the hole Was in the loop Was in the movies Was in the red Was in the running for Was in, as a class Was inactive Was inactive, it would seem, in wild west show Was incoherent Was indebted to Was indecisive Was indignant about unopened gift at end with no name Was indisposed Was informed and could tell you the state of the game?

Was informed audibly, say, ignoring article giving information Was informed of Was inquisitive Was interested to follow cricket scores: Was laid up Was last man dismissed for sex act? Was late to an appointmen Was likely to produce second skin Was logically consistent Was lost in thought Was loud Was made Duke, keeping leader of Lords fixed to the spot? Was married to an Amazon?

Was meddlesome Was mentioned Was messing with the bandage Was misaligned, finding rear end of van parked in ditch Was mistaken Was monarch left without son? Was more than miffed Was natural and unrestrai Was no dummy Was not cooped up Was not off one's rocker Was obliged to lock me up, when previously guilty Was obsequious Was obviously displeased Was obviously impressed Was obviously in pain Was of importance Was of the opinion Was of use Was off Was off base Was OK'd by Playtex?

Was one of a team of surgeons? Was out Was out for a bit Was outstanding Was over Was overly nice Was overrun Was patient for Was perpetually dishonest Was personally meaningful Was philanthropic Was positive Was present Was present in Was present wrapping from artist cared for?

Was presidential Was printed Was proven innocent Was quiescent Was radiant Was rarin' Was ready to blow, say Was really agitated Was really awful Was released Was remunerative Was responsible for past words of wisdom Was restless Was revolting Was rotten Was rude about accepting uniform no longer current Was rude to Was SAS single-handedly apprehending killer? Was seated Was second-best Was senile chap after party? Was shown Was shy Was sick Was sincere Was sluggish?

Was snail-like Was sociable at a party Was sociable, in a way Was son left outside? Was sore Was sorry about Was stertorous Was subjected to Was subservient Was successful in Vegas Was successful on "What's Was successful, slangily Was successfully disguise Was sulky a basic form of transport? Was supine Was suspicious Was sustained by Was sweet on Was sweet on Was sycophantic to Was sympathetic Was taken in Was taught how to do some Was terrified by Was the coast clear when it came to this body's demands?

Was the designated one? Was the leader - having gagged Brown - made to take responsibility? Was this good to see with Hope and Crosby's co-star? Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships? Was threatening, like a drunk the following morning? Was transported Was transported and heaved breast, say, or shoulder Was trilling Was two under Was unkind to Was unsuccessful Was up Was up for Was up on back of bronco in riding exhibition Was up to date, with "out Was upset about an inflamed rash?

Was upset and then some Was used up Was vagarious Was very bright Was very expensive Was victorious Was victorious, but not b Was vindicated Was visibly irked with Was well-versed in a will Was wet Was wistful Was, in Latin Wasatch County resident Wash Wash out Wash - clean Wash - siren Wash again, as the floor Wash against Wash against, as the shor Wash away Wash away, as soil Wash cycle Wash gently against Wash gently against, as t Wash legs and arms initially, then beneath Wash lightly Wash lightly without soap Wash oneself Wash or dry cycle Wash out Wash out bottom of basin during getting-up process Wash out to sea Wash up Wash up under care of one of same 14 or 16 Wash very hard Wash whitener Wash with water Wash without audio aid?

Wash's partner Wash-up spot Wash. Washington chopping down Washington city Washington city on the Co Washington city or county Washington city, river or Washington daily Washington denizen Washington dingbat? Wasn't on commission Wasn't paid up at the bar Wasn't passive Wasn't quite a ringer Wasn't quite on schedule Wasn't quite vertical Wasn't rebellious Wasn't serious Wasn't silent Wasn't silly Wasn't sociable Wasn't steadfast Wasn't steady Wasn't straight Wasn't straight with Wasn't the only entertainer to fashion hoods etc Wasn't turned inward Wasn't up Wasn't upright Wasn't vigilant Wasn't worried Wasn't yellow?

Wasp homes Wasp's home Wasp's nest site Wasps' home Wasps, perhaps, stick round a minor route Wassail alternative Wassailer's song Wassailers' times Wassailing choice Wasser in the winter Waste Waste away Waste 11 with slight convexity around top of handle and upturned lid Waste a lot of time in prison Waste all on spare power source Waste allowance Waste allowance of old Waste away Waste channel Waste comes from river Waste container Waste damaged material Waste from river flowing up over most of island Waste gases, e.

Waste holders Waste large satellite's power during repair Waste line Waste maker Waste maker, in a proverb Waste maker, proverbially Waste material Waste matter Waste not Waste of a meal Waste of a sort Waste of an election? Waste of some stock, wide and soft jacket pockets Waste product Waste products Waste receptacle Waste recklessly Waste reservoir Waste time Waste time - glue on Waste trimming Waste watchers' org. Waste, as time Wasted Wasted a month with Eniac - showing early form of this?

Wasted gas Wasted in pub bar, beaten boxer's packed it in? Wasteful university employee left institute by entrance Wastefully extravagant Waster intently seeking pub heads for Strand Wastes Wastes no time Wastes, so to speak Wasting shillings when in France, Ireland and German capital Wastrel let loose in banking sector Watch Watch a kitty Watch a monitor, say Watch a policeman detaining man Watch a shaky Japanese mo Watch again Watch amorously Watch and follow closely how this cosmetic is made Watch and record celebrity welcome Watch and respect Watch as snake moves around in Canadian territory Watch at a strip club, ma Watch attachment Watch bearing Watch bottom with round bits protruding Watch brand Watch carefully Watch chain Watch chains Watch closely Watch cuckoo line nest Watch Diana?

Watch display, for short Watch driver have prang - I'm worried about insurance Watch ever so unreliable, black inside Watch face Watch feature, perhaps Watch for Watch Frank about to turn up something revealing Watch from a hidden posit Watch from the sidelines Watch furtively Watch game engaging millions on the quiet, we hear Watch handle Watch in disbelief Watch intently Watch it!

Watch Kelvin, stuck in toilet, unconscious Watch like a wolf Watch location Watch mechanism Watch muscle gets into condition Watch name since Watch notch Watch on the beach, maybe Watch or clock Watch orator, perhaps, that's rich Watch out Watch over Watch part Watch part of scene with me, and tap excitedly Watch patient eating date capsule Watch pocket Watch posted on risky boundaries Watch readout, briefly Watch readout, for short Watch readouts, briefly Watch readouts, for short Watch rims Watch secretly Watch set round British wood Watch slyly Watch sound Watch spot Watch start of court proceedings on outside broadcast Watch Sweden's contestant Watch the figures?

Watch the kids Watch things Watch things, briefly Watch things, for short Watch through binoculars, Watch unit: Watch with a flexible wri Watch word Watch word? Watch's innards Watch's sound Watch, maybe, to send back Watch, perhaps, to send back Watch, say Watch-crystal holder Watch-pocket places Watch-step connection Watchdog agcy. Watchdog on the payroll Watchdog org. Watchdog's greeting Watchdog's warning Watched Watched and did nothing Watched carefully Watched closely from a di Watched match and thought it OK Watched things Watched United compete to get on top Watched warily Watched what was wolfed Watched, as a TV show Watched, in a way Watcher Watchers Watches Watches for Watches for, perhaps Watches in astonishment Watches, as a store Watchful Watchful one Watchful pair Watchfulness Watching Watching assistant as most of Copperfield act's fantastic Watching leaders leaving, doing as instructed Watching Letterman or Con Watching over sign that's crooked, balance initially maintained Watching over Warsaw's na Watching people Watching point or person Watching struggle by faction Watchmaker since Watchmaker with the first Watchmaker's sci.

Watchmaker's unit of thic Watchmaker? Water current in the same Water down Water engulfs two parking signs in prominent feature Water fleas, barnacles, e Water flow control gate Water follower, commercia Water for Juan Water from a fountain Water gate Water gate?

Water growth Water hazard Water hazard? Water in dry getting response from bird Water in practice area raised temper Water in the air Water jug Water level indicator Water locator Water logs? Water skimmers Water slide, e. Water small bunch of flowers Water softener Water softener brand Water source Water sources Water sources current doctor found in province Water sport Water sprayer Water sprite Water storage tank Water store Water supplier de-ices marsh fluidly with gang in support Water supplier, e.

Water tortoise Water tower? Water transport Water under the bridge Water under the Brooklyn Bridge 2 wds. Watergate-era White House Watergate: Watering holes Watering place Watering requires tons, not gallons — that's a bother Watering's always in season Watering-hole Waterless Waterless area Waterless laundering Waterlogged Waterloo Waterloo commander Waterloo locale Waterloo marshal Waterloo singers Waterloo's place Waterloos Waterman products Watermelon discard Watermelon part Watermelon rind, e.

Watermelon throwaways Waterproof again Waterproof boots Waterproof boots - shorebirds Waterproof cloth Waterproof container for toiletries, etc Waterproof cover Waterproof fabric Waterproof is not suitable when going outside Waterproof jacket Waterproof overshoe Waterproof overshoes Waterproof shoe Waterproof wool used for Waterproofing material fo Waters Waters and Mertz Waters around river rising north spread Waters between Corsica and Sicily Waters fed by the Amu Dar Waters fields Waters naturally Waters of Hollywood Waters of jazz Waters off Hong Kong Waters on stage Waters one teacher brought up with hot main Waters seen on Broadway Waters south of the South Waters, informally Waters: Watershed dividing line Watership Down author Waterside accommodations Waterside plant Waterside plant does climb?

Waterside plants Waterside tree Waterskin Waterspout Waterspout habitu Waterspout trajectory Watertight coating Waterway Waterway having reduced soft trickle Waterway is able to dock everything Waterway link Waterway named for a talk Waterwheel Watery Watery constituent of milk Watery discharge Watery ditch is to the rear of sheep fold Watery expanse Watery fluids Watery grave doesn't have one Watery hue Watery part of milk Watford's county Watkins Glen, e.

Wave catchers Wave excessively, shortly before getting it on with a fresher Wave function symbol Wave function symbol in p Wave function symbol in q Wave going over as two loose packs in the hold Wave hats in races Wave hits Bond's head in submerged vessel for future generations Wave in the style of Russell? Wave with a foaming crest Wave, as a weapon Wave, e. Harden up with instant injection Waves at, perhaps Waves back?

Waves from canoe Waves often accompany the Waves on garments Waves on l'oc Waves to a wahine Waves wildly Waves with long wavelengt Waves you might have in your hair? Waving flags found in prop containing English chart Wavy Wavy design Wavy line marking flow of water across lake Wavy lines, in the comics Wavy pattern Wavy pattern on fabric Wax Wax and massage with happy ending Wax attacker Wax collector Wax eloquent Wax insert, perhaps Wax light Wax lights Wax makers Wax producer Wax producers Wax remover Wax removers Wax theatrical Wax things, for short Wax unit?

Wax's opposite Wax, perhaps Wax-coated cheese Wax-coated cheeses Wax-covered cheese Waxed Waxed bombastic Waxes Waxes former girlfriend, quietly and slowly at first Waxing alternative Waxing offerer Waxy bloomer Waxy fat Way Way a European embraces preacher Way a family member shows inactivity Way a fern reproduces Way a good sort nurses Rowan, perhaps Way about in a manner of speaking Way anger about ecstasy is unproductive Way animal enclosure shows lack of pretentiousness Way around Way around in comic books Way around London, once Way around Paris Way around Shanghai Way around town Way back when Way below half of 13 yen Way belowdecks Way beneficiary reported brigand Way between floors Way between seat blocks Way convict goes around a prison camp Way cool Way death is dealt with, quietly concealed Way dictator primarily augments ability to maintain power Way down Way down, perhaps Way down?

Way English teacher originally let it remain Way for the wind to blow: Way home from a bar, mayb Way in Way in front, athlete 23 Way in Montr Way in or out Way in Qu Way in the past Way in which a good man catches a plane, for example Way information is suppressed by large-scale promoters of disease Way into N. Way into the bathroom at Way it's done Way less traveled Way men master rage Way Mountie gets man from elsewhere Way of acting silly with feet in a pickle Way of addressing man about Northern Ireland politician Way of approach Way of describing crater?

Rocky, say Way of doing something Way of expressing interest about part on stage Way of France Way of handling professional item of kit limiting source of complaints Way of life Way of looking at things Way of moving packet over the radio Way of old Rome Way of operating Way of seasoning Way of speaking Way of speaking not unusual in one country Way of speaking slowly Way of standing Way of the East Way of the world? Way of thinking Way of turning Way of walking Way of working Way of working recalled in development of organic farmer's market may be so described Way of working with journal contributed to intimate, universally relevant study?

Way off Way off base? Way off shore Way off the highway Way on or off a highway Way one brags about article? Way out Way out in space Way out in the country Way out involving Apollo, disregarding odds?

Way over the line Way over there Way overcharges for Way overdue to take off? Way overseas Way pass Way past ripe Way peacekeepers use tasers, for example Way sharing fish upset ladies? Way to await something Way to back popular king with a currency Way to completely defeat English Way to cook potatoes required game inside Way to cross by tube Way to cut turkey that's wrong - it'll scatter bits Way to deliver a barb Way to dismiss active staff Way to drone Way to encourage Scottish politician Way to enter big forts made awkward in battle Way to fill out a form Way to find your way: Abb Way to fitness Way to fly Way to follow sailor overseas Way to gag Yankee with elastic Way to get a job Way to get around penniless down-and-out Way to get around somethi Way to get home Way to get noticed Way to get off Way to get one's message Way to get through Fathers and Sons Way to get to N.

Way to get to the top Way to get untreated stable bed? Way to glean poisonous mushroom Way to go Way to go about home system Way to go on dates Way to go! Way to go, in Paris Way to go: Way to incorporate wood in old instrument Way to indicate mistakes Way to infiltrate difficult meeting in secret Way to learn, after "by" Way to look back?

Way to love fashion in Warehouse Way to move computer text Way to one's heart Way to pay for recording when around Yorkshire town that accepts it Way to pay someone back Way to play with voice, capturing large bird Way to pray Way to preserve food fres Way to provide security and alert local criminal Way to reduce spending Way to refuse Way to repay Way to Roosevelt Island Way to rotate and walk unhurriedly Way to say what Boatman did?

Way to see the big pictur Way to send docs. Way up the slope Way up, maybe Way up? Way uphill Way with strays? Way writing fluid makes nasty smell Way, track Way, way back Way, way humble Way-off Way-out Way-out method of predicting elections? Wayne or Lee Wayne W. Wayne, Denver or Elton? Ways Ways a love goddess will inspire ecstasy Ways around Chi-town Ways around: Ways in Ways in and out Ways of access Ways of Caesar Ways of Charles de Gaulle Ways of forecasting election results that are on the way out Ways of life further south Ways of walking Ways off Ways to adopt old quality arousing pity Ways to avoid traffic jam Ways to conceal old quality arousing pity Ways to get inside hip jo Ways to get round old feeling of pity Ways to go Ways to go: Ways to handle blows long protecting daughter - manages to avoid first Ways to make a big splash Ways to make lefts and ri Ways to reach the next level?

Actress is confused about answer Ways to secure love in a pitiable state Ways to the Web: Ways up Ways up the slopes Ways: We run chariots We say he disposed of rubbish We should seize opportunity in conflict? We'll be seen in almost black coat and garments for retirement We'll join crew member leaving European capital, bound for America?

We'll speak about a ramble when we're out! We're beaten - in fact I'm panicking We're disgusted — and some shrug helplessly We're suspicious of cleaners seen around one half of street We're talking about returning afterwards We're told more than one source of protein satisfies We're told sea bird shows a bit of a habit We're told stable food recipe - covered in sauce, it's magic!

Weak brew Weak excuse for missing h Weak heart, for example? Weak hit Weak in health Weak one Weak ones Weak passage including unfinished term Weak point Weak poker hand Weak sides leaving embarrassing 17 Weak spot Weak spots Weak through age Weak tripe dished out at end of month of feasting? Weakens Weakens, as support Weakest animal in a litter Weakling keeps small coin of necessity Weakling, say, losing heart, is initially strong inside Weakly attracted by poles Weakness Weakness of female, unwell Weakness of rider catching cold Weakness of the old Weal's opposite Wealth Wealth of foreign couple, it keeps being oddly ignored Wealth of Roman coins bearing head of Tiberius Wealth, luxury Wealthier Wealthiest losing millions - one refuses to face facts Wealthiness Wealthy Wealthy hyph.

Wealthy boyfriend, perhap Wealthy Cayman Islands re Wealthy figure, artist, at home with Charles' mother - it entails minimal effort! Weapon made by man, a belligerent politician Weapon made by two Englishmen down under Weapon maker hasn't succeeded, another having mightier armoury Weapon making you ache and buckle Weapon of antiquity put on battlefield Weapon of old Weapon of Royal Artillery atop bridge support Weapon seen around church function Weapon since Weapon smuggled in dodgy deal making one this?

Weapon store Weapon swung by a gaucho Weapon that can cross the Weapon that Reagan called Weapon that's thrown Weapon theoretically destroyed Earth within 24 hours Weapon threat? Weapon, a touch in fashion Weapon, e. Wear that's worn Wear the crown Wear thin, possibly becoming bare Wear ties knotted oddly, so to speak Wear well Wearer of a famous ring Wearer of a half-inch gol Wearer of a half-inch str Wearer of a triple tiara Wearer of a wraparound cl Wearer of an orange coat Wearer of pointy-toed sho Wearer of the Yankees' re Wearer of three stars: Ab Wearer of una corona Wearer of uniform 37, re Wearers of eagle insignia Wearers of four stars: Ab Wearers of jeweled turban Wearers of wool coats Wearied by tedium Wearies Weariest jockeys, in a way Weariness Weariness in report of how one with nothing to drink but urine survives?

Wearing Wearing a costume, say Wearing a disguise, infor Wearing a hairpiece? That's rough Wearing a long dress and Wearing a long face Wearing a small crown Wearing a wig and shades, Wearing away Wearing black, perhaps Wearing clothes intended to make one look drop-dead gorgeous Wearing down French sculptor, say, all round Wearing dunce's hat, I'm a little bit slow Wearing frock, a friend of Dorothy gets to overindulge Wearing kit, regularly apply for 14 after school Wearing less Wearing more satin that's for evening out Wearing nothing except for smile, ultimately Wearing of clothes designed to give an impression of authority Wearing one's birthday suit Wearing retro Levis or elegant clothes Wearing ring that's mounted and embedded Wearing shoes dirty on the outside and badly made Wearing something black for Halloween?

Give us a twirl! Head down south Weary sound Weary spymaster returns with warrant Weary walker Weary worker's cry Weary worker's wish Weary workers' exclamatio Weary-looking Weasel Weasel family member Weasel in brown Weasel out Weasel out on Weasel relative Weasel relatives Weasel word Weasel-like animal Weasel-like mammal Weasel-like mammals Weaselly Weaselly creature losing head?

Weasels' cousins Weasley family owl, in Ha Weasley family's owl, in Weather Weather announcement Weather caution for motor Weather changer Weather Channel topic Weather condition broadcast around noon Weather conditions in a local area Weather conditions providing illumination around the beginning of night Weather feature Weather forecast staple Weather forecaster's tool Weather forecasters united: Weather forecasting and o Weather graphic Weather indicator Weather influencer Weather info: Weather instrument Weather line Weather London is famous Weather map area Weather map line Weather map lines Weather map numbers Weather map symbol Weather may affect them: Weather newsmaker Weather of a region Weather permitting, wearing garment created from recycled material made in Jersey?

Weather phenomenon Weather prefix Weather report abbr. Weather science Weather station's need Weather stats Weather that's damp, nothing less Weather that's turbulent in gale Weather vane turner Weather warmer Weather whipping boy Weather, in a way Weather-affecting current Weather-resistant fabric Weather-resistant wood Weather-stripped item Weathercast figure Weathercaster's pressure Weathercaster's tool Weatherman Al Weatherman Scott Weathermen caught in a flurry of sleet Weatherproof clothing father used around sailing vessel Weatherproof coat a nosy person talked of?

Weatherproof headlight Weatherproof jacket Weathers Weatherspoon of the W. Weave's partner Weave, in a way Weave, shag or braids Weaver Weaver as lowest of the low?

Weaver of myth Weaver's apparatus Weaver's bobbin Weaver's frame Weaver's supply Weavers briefly disperse in disarray Weaving apparatus Weaving device Weaving frame Weaving machine Weaving tires poor Bottom Weaving willow Web Web access program Web address Web address component Web address ender Web address ending Web address lead-in Web address punctuation Web address start Web address, for short Web address: Web addresses Web addresses, for short Web auction site Web before its inception was large organisation's joke Web browser button Web browser entry Web browser subwindow Web browser's aid Web browsers Web code Web connection means Web conversation Web crawler brought up account of smoker's requisite Web creations Web designer gives one a turn Web designer toured Ipswich, being shown around Web designer's creation Web designer's tool present in labouring Web destination Web developer enters PIN that's incorrect Web developer?

Web forums' ancestor Web listings for an old w Web mag Web mags Web of global proportions to detain space traveller Web page Web page feature Web page header; flag Web pop-ups, e. Web presence Web programmer's medium Web programs Web recreation Web search result Web site Web site address ending Web site address part Web site address starter Web site clutter Web site for Charlotte Web site for cinephiles Web site offering Web site sect.

Web sites Web sites? Web spot Web surfer Web surfer's need Web surfers' annoyances Web trade developed? It's designed for retirement Web user's need Web user's woe Web video gear Web visitor, e. Webzine Wed Wed on the run Wed secretly Wed. Wedding belle Wedding broadcast Wedding cake feature Wedding cake layers Wedding ceremony, e.

Wedding dance Wedding day sight Wedding declaration Wedding dress fabric Wedding dress material Wedding dress, e. Wedding entertainers Wedding exchange Wedding expenses Wedding figure Wedding fling? Wedding flower girl, mayb Wedding gown fabric Wedding gown material Wedding guide Wedding helper Wedding helpers Wedding hiree Wedding invitation encls.

Wedding invitee Wedding locale in a Crosb Wedding man lookin' at th Wedding march skipper Wedding memento Wedding notice word Wedding offering to the b Wedding or baptism Wedding page word Wedding parties?: Wedding party Wedding party check in here Wedding party member Wedding party members, of Wedding planner Wedding proclamation Wedding proposal? Wedding reception centerp Wedding reception cry Wedding reception figure Wedding reception groups Wedding reception hirees Wedding reception need Wedding reception partici Wedding reception party?

Wedding reception rental Wedding reception ritual Wedding reception staple Wedding reception V. Wedding reception, say Wedding rental Wedding rentals Wedding response Wedding ring Wedding ring's gone missing on street - everyone get out Wedding ring? Wedding seater Wedding shower? Wedding site Wedding sites Wedding staple Wedding vow Wedding vow 2 wds.

Wedge Wedge driver Wedge drivers Wedge in a bottleneck? Wee Tina, drunk, plunged into river Wee warbler Wee wave Wee wee? Weed Weed at the waterfront Weed brings illness and bereavement Weed end of patch, near tree Weed eradicator Weed in pool Weed killer Weed killer? Weekend hot spot Weekend ice cream treat? Weekend outdoor event Weekend show, for short Weekend start? Weighed in Weighed out prescribed food?

Weight allowance Weight allowances Weight considerations Weight factors Weight gained from pie and mash mixed with bit of sugar Weight having hit maturity Weight in gems Weight is borne by wood floor Weight lifter Weight lifters' units Weight lifting maneuver Weight loss plan Weight measure Weight not charged for Weight not counted in pri Weight of a lorry Weight of a stone Weight of diamonds Weight of some trucks Weight or freight Weight put on first magnet Weight putting horse in mood Weight thrown about, feeling irritated, tense Weight training unit Weight unit Weight unit for gems Weight, e.

Weight-loss drug combo fe Weight-training exercise Weight-watcher's drink Weight-watcher's order, m Weight? Well, I'm a big-boned beast! Weightlifter's action Weightlifter's companion and I might ring last orders Weightlifter's count, inf Weightlifter's helper Weightlifter's lift Weightlifter's maneuver Weightlifter's rep Weightlifter's unit Weightlifters build them, Weightlifters' lifts Weightlifting exercises Weightlifting move Weightlifting set Weights Weights abroad, informall Weighty book Weighty books Weighty issue?

Welch's product Welch's soft drink Welcome Welcome abroad Welcome at the door Welcome cry for the seasi Welcome forecast Welcome forecast for Sant Welcome giver Welcome indicator Welcome investment of money into on-line support Welcome January 1, say Welcome legislation enshrining central European parliament's principal elements Welcome monarch and roguish chief priest Welcome offer to a dishwa Welcome one's guests, may Welcome return for a girl Welcome sight Welcome sight after a big Welcome sight after a shi Welcome sight for a casta Welcome sight for a marat Welcome sight to the parc Welcome sign for a produc Welcome site Welcome sites Welcome smell Welcome that's not so wel Welcome things on hectic Welcome to one Welcome to one's home Welcome to paradise?

Welcomes Welcomes at the door Welcomes brother into European clubs Welcomes European writing about support Welcomes huge numbers Welcomes warmly Welcomes, as a caller Welcomes, as a guest at o Welcomes, as a new year Welcoming Welcoming a temp initially, father mocking work Welcoming back to prison, more angry one might cause disturbance at night? Welcoming customers Welcoming home girl getting pardon Welcoming or parting gest Welcoming party Welcoming speech head of economics provided for institute Welder's tool Welder's wear Welding bands?

Welding gas Welds Welfare Welfare act of old Welfare advocate: Welfare grants Welfare of man on drug having convulsions Welfare payments, e. Well down field crew takes helmsman's lead Well dressed Well feature Well fixtures Well follower Well has a leak after being overhauled Well I never! Well in credit, Henry invested Well in ground provides source of energy Well in hand Well known Well known; registered Well lit?

Well protected Well protected, gumshield and all? Well, senators could be such obstructive people! Well, what might have me beatified? Well, you shouldn't be on it Well-armed predators? Well-balanced Well-balanced person Well-balanced person? Well-balanced whichever way you look at it Well-behaved Well-behaved hospital attendant Well-being Well-bred Well-bred chap Well-bred gentleman has an advantage Well-bred horse Well-built Well-chosen Well-coordinated Well-cushioned and very overweight but not American Well-defined Well-disposed Well-done Well-dressed fellow Well-dressed, photogenic Well-equipped place to ring a relative Well-executed Well-fed baby in a multip Well-founded Well-gotten gain?

Well-groomed Well-groomed male observed guards Well-grounded Well-heeled Well-informed Well-informed about Well-intentioned grp.? Well-kept Well-kept secret, for som Well-kept small trading centre Well-knit tales Well-known Well-known hymn Well-known maker of two-b Well-known maze traveler Well-known opera endlessly touring Missouri Well-known public school rejected by duke Well-known storyteller supporting female friend in Paris Well-known Tokyo-born sin Well-known TV evangelical Well-known type of room for water board?

Well-known whale Well-known, but not well- Well-known, like a musical score? Well-made chair finally installed in workplace Well-mannered Well-mannered girl broadcasting Well-mannered gymnast? Well-oiled Well-oiled Indian bowling team Well-padded backing applied to weak barrier aboard ship Well-paid middle-class professionals with a lifestyle to match Well-paid pro in confusion after rise on 4th of July Well-planned Well-proportioned Well-proportioned worker on unknown amount Well-protected Well-provided places for those with boring occupations Well-put Well-read Well-read people Well-read pig in charge of wars?

Well-regarded Well-rehearsed Well-related Well-running group?: Abbr Well-said Well-schooled Well-spoken Well-spoken European set about man heartlessly Well-spoken lot 24A upset Well-structured study covering this place and time Well-suited Well-suited for an office Well-suited? Well-thought-out Well-to-do Well-tossed pigskin Well-trained company? Well-tuned Well-turned-out ox, for example Well-used footwear? Welsh mountain range Welsh mountainside hollow Welsh national emblem Welsh national symbol Welsh or Saxon captured English invader Welsh place's royalist leader returning to increase drama Welsh poet, d.

Went Went "blah-blah-blah" Went "tap tap tap" on a k Went for Went off Went through Went with Went - radically inclined Went 80, say Went a round Went about reorganising, over deputy's head Went after Went after houseflies Went after some shocking Went ahead Went airborne briefly Went all the way, as a sm Went alone Went along with Went ape Went around Went around in circles, p Went around in circles, s Went around in circles?

Went at Went at it Went at it alone Went back and forth Went back on Went back on stage Went back to Edward with the bass voice Went back to find plant embedded firmly Went back to the buffet, Went back to the top Went back up tree, say, where children play with branches Went backwards to a great extent Went bad Went ballistic Went bankrupt Went before Went beyond Went big-game hunting Went blank in the head Went boldly Went bonkers Went by Went by bus Went by dugout Went by horse Went by horse and by boat, as stated Went by plane Went by Raleigh, say Went by Saturn, say Went by train Went by, as time Went congering Went down Went down a firehouse pol Went down a slope Went down pole, given cover Went down the easy way Went down to second?

Went down, in a way Went downhill Went downhill fast Went easy on Went far too slowly durin Went fast Went faster than by foot, Went faster, full of impudence, then went wrong Went first Went flat-out Went for Went for a bite Went for the cuspidor Went for unhesitatingly Went for, at an auction Went free, at least for n Went from apes to humans Went from bank to bank?

Went from second to first Went gaga Went in Went in ankle-deep Went in haste Went in separate directio Went inside Went into first, maybe Went into hiding Went into seclusion Went kaput Went like a leadfoot Went like a shooting star Went like a shot Went like the dickens Went like the wind Went long Went mad Went nowhere Went nuts Went off Went off at an angle Went off at first light?

Went off on Went off on a tangent Went off the beam? Went off the deep end? Went off, as a bell Went off, in a way Went on Went on a dinner date, e. Went on a horse, say, in northeast Germany Went on about trivial thi Went on and on Went on and on and Went on and on and on and Went on horseback Went on horseback before old cowboy show?

Went on journey, you say? Took boat Went on strike Went one better than Went one-on-one Went out Went out with Went out with old hat Went out, as a fire Went out, as the tide Went out, in a card game Went over Went over again Went over completely Went over the hill?

Went over the limit Went over the same ground Went over the top, in a w Went past Went past an end time Went past the mark Went pffft Went purposefully Went quickly Went quickly by horse Went really fast Went running back when late Went scubaing Went slowly Went smoothly Went sniggling Went sour Went through Went through again Went through carefully, a Went through channels?

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Western settings Western shooter Western shooters mentioned here? Western tribe Western tribe member Western tribesman Western U.

Wet attribute of weather Wet Australian politician occupying study Wet bar, maybe Wet bar? Wet beam placed outside home Wet behind the ears Wet blanket Wet bottoms Wet cement mixture Wet chamois tends to gather Wet feed for pigs Wet floor Wet floor? Wet forecast Wet hero is to get changed or else! Wet lowland Wet mascara worry Wet midair weather? Wet weather in Derby? Drop by place to get stuff dry Wet, as morning grass Wet, in a way Wet, weatherwise Wet-weather gear Wether report?

Whacked Whacked on the head Whacked plant Whacked, in the Bible Whacked-out mental state Whale extract is found after morning on floating ice, right? Whale group Whale gutted by nasty insect Whale hump nursed by princess Whale of a captain?

Whale of a film? Whale of a movie? Whale spotter Whale watcher Whale's location? Whaler's wear Whaler, for one Whales the tar out of Whales, at times Whales, elephants, etc. Whalesucker Whaling adverb Whaling spear Wham! Wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am Whammy Wharf Wharf fare? Wharf locale Wharf pest Wharf workers' org. Wharton degree Wharton degs. Wharton grad Wharton grad's aspiration Wharton grad, maybe Wharton hero Wharton novel Wharton offerings: What a brass band has?

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Many of them died quickly, some within a year of their captivity. A large number of visitors attended these exhibitions in each city daily. For example, the Parisian World Fair featured a human zoo that exhibited Black people, and 34 million people were drawn to the exhibition in just six months. Below are three additional photos showing the horrible reality of Black people who were forced to live in human zoos. In the above photo, a black girl is on exhibit at a "Peoples Show," in Brussels, Belgium.

The child was fed by white spectators. Above is one of France's many "Negro Villages. Here is another Negro Village in France. It was called "The World Fair," where nude or semi-nude black women and children were presented in cases.

Black Africans are shown participating in archery in in St. Louis at an event whites organized and called "The Savage of Olympics Exhibition. In a small village hidden in the rainforest, forty kilometers from the Gabonese capital Libreville, I met Augustine Bendome. She takes me to a deserted road, adjacent to a dilapidated wooden house with no doors or windows. Here, Augustine found the body of her four year-old daughter with no heart, genitals or tongue. Every year around thirty ritual murders are recorded in Gabon.

The actual number should be much higher, because many of these murders are not reported or are misidentified. Ritual murders are committed primarily to children - their body parts - tongue, heart, lips and genitals - are removed and their blood drained. This occurs while the victim is still alive. It is suspected that especially politicians and other senior officials are ordering this kind of killings - they would then use the organs in ceremonies to strengthen their political or economic position.

The crimes are organized according to a pyramid: At the top politicians give the order for the murder of recruiters from the middle layer, which regulate people from the bottom layer to commit the murders and to supply the organs.

The ultimate killers are usually poor people who are paid. About the exact origin of the rituals is little known. It can be compared to the killings of albinos in Tanzania, where people also believe in the magical powers of body parts.

He is serious and stiff - no trace of a smile on his face as he shakes my hand. Soon I understand why. Ebango Ondo had ALCR established after the lifeless bodies of his twelve year old son and his friend were found on the beach in Libreville, maimed, nine years ago. Since then he fights for justice for survivors and the fact that the perpetrators are often able to kill with impunity.

He says that the number of murders is increasing especially with elections or ministerial reshuffles, "because politicians want to get ahead and think that this is the way to increase their chances. The government refuses to publicly respond to the killings and takes no action to address the problem, so the perpetrators may continue in total impunity. The most notable thing so far is the conviction of an offender in He accused the Gabonese Senator Gabriel Eyeghe Ekomie top photo above of having given him the organs after he commissioned the murder of a twelve year old victim.

The senator has still not been prosecuted, the perpetrator got a life sentence. The offender is often someone known to the victim. That means he has easier access to the child, but in doing so, the effect is supposed to be stronger because the body is of a loved one. Augustine suspects her ex-boyfriend in the murder of her daughter. A few hours later he had not returned, and then I went out to find them.

I found Catherine dead on my way to his house ", Augustine says with tears in her eyes. Since that day, she never heard anything from her ex-boyfriend. I am guided to a spot behind her house, where she has had the grave of her daughter be built. With a wooden cross. In a classroom of an elementary school, I listen to the story of the mother of the seven year old Atsame Astride. March of last year, Atsame's body was found among the rocks by the sea.

Her mother often told her story to the police and other authorities, but more than ten months after the murder, there is still no investigation. The murderer of my daughter is still at large.

The people who should help me are themselves involved in the process. My faith in everything and everyone is completely lost", she says with a breaking voice. Until recently, it was a taboo in Gabon to talk about ritual murders. The establishment of the ALCR has changed that. More and more people dare to make their voices heard and to fight against the phenomenon in public. Thus they are silenced.

Now more and more people refuse the money, to make their story public instead", says Ebang Ondo. Last May, there was a huge march against ritual murders in the capital, where thousands of Gabonese participated. Anonymous did the same online by spreading a shocking film and hacking the Gabonese government websites. Marie Van Brittan Brown created the home security system. She was assisted by her husband Albert L. The couple is credited with creating a system including a camera that showed images on a monitor viewable by homeowners safely inside their home.

It was the first closed-circuit television security system, the forerunner to the modern home systems today. Marie also patented her invention. The Brown's also invented an intercom and the remote control door lock.

Martha "Patty" Cannon circa — May 11, was the leader of a gang in the early 19th century that kidnapped slaves and free blacks from the Delmarva Peninsula and transported and sold them to plantation owners located further south.

Later accounts of her life refer to her as Lucretia P. Cannon, although there is no evidence to indicate she used the Lucretia name in her lifetime. She was indicted for four murders in and died in prison while awaiting trial, purportedly a suicide via poison.

Cannon was the wife of local farmer Jesse Cannon and was widowed at some point in or before. She lived near the town of Reliance, Maryland, U. Cannon and her husband had at least one daughter, who twice married men engaged in the criminal slave-stealing trade.

The daughter's own name is unknown, but her first husband was Henry Brereton, a blacksmith who kidnapped black people for sale. Brereton had gone to prison in for kidnapping, but escaped from the Georgetown, Delaware jail. Brereton was captured, convicted of murder, and hanged with one of his criminal associates, Joseph Griffith.

At some point after this, Cannon's daughter, now a widow, married Joe Johnson, who became Cannon's most notorious partner in crime. Their band included white criminals, black men used as decoys, and Cannon's own husband before his death.

In addition, a relative of Cannon's daughter's first husband, a Robert Brereton, continued to be involved with the gang as late as at least Victim accounts printed in the abolitionist journal the African Observer state that captives were chained and hidden in the basement, the attic, and secret rooms in the house. Captives were taken in covered wagons to Cannon's Ferry now Woodland Ferry. At the ferry, they would sometimes meet a schooner traveling down the Nanticoke River to the Chesapeake Bay and on to Georgia slave markets.

The gang's activities continued for many years. Local law enforcement officials were reluctant to halt the illegal operations, given the lack of concern that most people in authority felt for blacks in those days, and may have been afraid of the gang's reputation for violence.

When Patty Cannon learned the police were coming, she would slip across state lines away from local police forces. According to depositions from victims who fought their way back to the north, Joe Johnson kept the captives in leg irons. He also "severely whipped" captives who insisted they were free. His wife, Patty's daughter, was overheard saying that it "did [her] good to see him beat the boys. Johnson was not referring to male children. A year-old free black woman named Lydia Smith testified that she was kept in Cannon's home before being moved to Johnson's tavern.

There, she was held for five months until she was shipped south with a large lot people being sold into slavery. The Reverse Underground Railroad is the term used for the pre-American Civil War practice of kidnapping free blacks from free states and transporting them into the slave states for sale as slaves. The name is a reference to the Underground Railroad, the informal network of abolitionists and sympathizers who helped to smuggle escaped slaves to freedom, generally in Canada.

In the ss, John A. Murrell, who led an outlaw gang in western Tennessee, was once caught with a freed slave living on his property. His tactics were to kidnap slaves from their plantations, promise them their freedom, and instead, sell them back to other slave owners. In , Murrell was sentenced to ten years in the Tennessee State Penitentiary for slave-stealing. John Hart Crenshaw pictured above with wife was a large landowner, salt maker, and slave trader, from the ss, based out of Gallatin County, Illinois.

Although Illinois was a free state, Crenshaw leased the salt works in nearby Equality, Illinois from the U. Government, which permitted the use of slaves for the arduous labor of hauling and boiling brackish water, from local salt springs, to produce salt. Due to Crenshaw's keeping and "breeding" of slaves and kidnapping of free blacks, who were then pressed into slavery, his house became popularly known as The Old Slave House and is alleged to be haunted.

Russell Smith created the night life in Seattle, WA. He was also a feared millionaire in the 's who owned an array of businesses, he was also a successful high roller and bootlegger. Russell "Noodles" Smith, above-behind the wheel so named because he always kept enough money for a bowl of noodles after a night of gambling, is considered to be "the father — of Seattle jazz and the creator of Seattle night life.

With a mind for business and a keen eye on the purse strings, he amassed a fortune from gambling, real estate, and bootlegging and he dominated the nightclub scene that formed the backdrop for Seattle jazz from the s to the s. The list of people who stayed and played in "Noodles"-owned establishments include some of the greatest names in jazz—Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Louis Jordan and Eubie Blake, to name a few.

In he opened the Entertainers club with yet another partner. In the basement of that club in he and "Blackie" opened the Alhambra, eventually named the Black and Tan because it admitted whites and blacks. At the height of his power in the late s and early s, Smith was part owner of various businesses in the city. He retired from the nightclub business in and spent the rest of his days as an elder statesman of the community, helping convicts, bankrolling amateur sports and paying off jail fines for the less fortunate at Christmas.

Darron Glass's parents are both deceased and he was a ward of the state in He had lived with her for less than three months before her disappeared on September On the day of his disappearance, he went downtown to watch a baseball game, then returned home at 4: He left the house again after only a few minutes, and Smith assumed he had gone out to play.

Shortly afterwards, Smith got an emergency phone call from someone claiming to be Darron, but he hung up before he was able to speak to her and never called back. Darron has never been heard from again. Investigators believe Darron may have been a victim of the Atlanta Child Killer, the nickname for a serial killer thought to be responsible for the deaths of over a score of African-American children, teens and young adults, mostly boys from poor families, in Atlanta in the early s.

The listed victims' ages ranged from seven to twenty-eight and they were killed in a variety of ways. Some were missing for months before their remains were found, but of the presumed victims, only Darron has never been located. Wayne Bertram Williams, a music promoter and freelance photographer, was convicted of murdering two of the oldest listed Atlanta victims in He maintains his innocence in all of the cases.

The presiding judge at his trial allowed prosecutors to bring in evidence linking Williams to the other victims. After his conviction, the police closed the files on the 22 other deaths, concluding that Williams had killed those victims as well. A photograph of Williams is posted below this case summary. It is worth considering, however, that there are doubts about Williams's guilt and many suspect the Atlanta Child Killer was actually several serial killers operating independently of one another, or even the Ku Klux Klan.

One of the police officers on the task force that arrested Williams stated he did not believe Williams had ever killed anyone at all. Nonetheless, Williams remains in prison and all of his appeals have been rejected. The investigation into five of the Atlanta child murders was reopened in , but it was closed again in without any new indictments being handed down or new evidence being uncovered. Smith described Darron as a immature but streetwise child who had many friends.

It's unclear whether he had a history as a runaway; some accounts maintain he was a habitual runaway, and others say he had never run away from home.

Smith stated he stayed close to home and often brought his friends over. He had lived in another foster home for about a year before moving in with Smith. His status as a victim of the Atlanta Child Killer is tenuous; he was listed only because he fit the profile. Darron's case has never been closed. He remains missing and foul play is suspected in his case due to the circumstances involved.

In , six crewmembers on board the Soviet Salyut-7 space station witnessed something incredible. A flash of bright white light blinded all the cosmonauts on board for a short time. After a few seconds when they could see again, the cosmonauts saw silhouettes of seven figures outside the station. The silhouettes looked like humans, but were huge, at least 90 feet. They also had large wings and luminous halos above their heads, the creatures looked like angels.

The Angels kept pace with the space station for some minutes before vanishing. Later in the mission, some days later, the crew were joined by another three cosmonauts from the Soyuz T spacecraft: Shortly after joining them, the Salyut 7 was once again visited by the Angelic beings. All cosmonauts on board the Space Station related the same story, in detail, and all were profoundly moved by the experience. After this strange incident occurred,some of the crew stayed on the vessel for another days before abandoning it.

Safely back on Earth at the end of their mission, all the Cosmonauts were subjected to vigorous psychological and medical tests, which found no abnormalities at all. The incident was quickly classified Top Secret by the Soviet Union, and the entire crew were cautioned never to speak of the event publicly. Many US astronauts on board NASA's space shuttle, and the International Space Station have also encountered angel-like beings, and strange creature's while on missions.

As with the Russian encounter, Astronauts are unable to relate their experiences, under the threat of death in some cases. Yesterday, George Jacobs top pic was quoted in the Jeanne Carmin article. Jacobs revealed that people assumed he and Sammy Davis, Jr. Davis was very distant towards him. By the same token, he mentioned that Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner made up for it because both women were extremely black friendly.

He became Marilyn's confidant. Published in , Mr. George Jacobs wrote a tell-all book about his time in Frank Sinatra's employment. Kennedy, then a United States senator. Most revelations centered on Sinatra, who died in at There were the luminous women he chased: He caught many of them. There was the specially constructed underwear he wore in public, which kept what Mr. Jacobs describes as his considerable natural endowment discreetly suppressed.

Jacobs wrote, could be abusive. Sinatra once hurled a spaghetti marinara dinner at him because he had failed to cook it al dente, Sinatra is portrayed with sympathy — a tragic figure who continued to pine for his second wife, Ava Gardner, long after their divorce.

George Emanuel Jacobs Jr. After serving as a Navy cook, he settled in Los Angeles, where he landed extra roles in a few Tarzan films. Jacobs was married and divorced three times. Besides his son Mr. Jagger, his survivors include three other sons, George Jacobs Jr.

Three other children, Guy, Brenda and Rene Jacobs, died before him. In later years Mr. Jacobs worked as a carpenter. He was Frank Sinatra's valet, traveling companion and pal, a gentleman's gentleman who poured the Jack Daniels at cocktail time and stayed all night to play poker.

In Palm Springs and Bel-Air, he cooked the pasta, pressed the suits, found the girls. Sinatra cried on his shoulder about his lost love, Ava Gardner. Marilyn Monroe cried on his shoulder about Sinatra. The product of a rough-and-tumble background, Jacobs got up close and personal with global figures.

He had a spirited talk about women with John F. Kennedy while giving the future president a massage. Sinatra's mobster friend Sam Giancana joked about trying to hire him away; Jacobs later observed that Giancana, the late Mafia boss accused by conspiracy theorists in the JFK assassination, "had the most perfectly manicured hands and nails I had ever seen.

Jacobs, 86, died in his sleep Saturday at a Palm Springs nursing home, said his son, artist Snake Jagger. Born in New Orleans on April 29, , Jacobs spent days with his mother, a cook for a wealthy family in the city's Garden District, and nights with his father, the owner of a honky-tonk called the Joy Tavern. His Creole grandmother had other grandchildren. A grandfather and a great-grandfather on each side of his family was Jewish. In , the trim, handsome Jacobs joined the Navy, trained as a ship's cook and became an aide to an admiral.

While on an aircraft carrier off Korea, he was told that his father had been fatally shot in a robbery. Back in New Orleans, he learned that his dad was killed by gangsters squeezing him for money with the aid of police. Disgusted with his hometown, Jacobs moved to Los Angeles and took a series of odd jobs — gardener, process server, an extra in "cheesy MGM 'Tarzan' knockoffs" — and wound up working Hollywood parties for a caterer.

He sat back in the back seat of the Rolls and started whistling "Dixie. When Sinatra hired Jacobs three years later, the legendary singer and his new valet hit it off. A prankster, Sinatra sent Jacobs to Tijuana to load up on cherry bombs that he'd explode in toilet bowls.

Sinatra had a famously insatiable sexual appetite, whether for well-known actresses or cocktail waitresses. More than once, Jacobs wrote, he'd have to drive Sinatra's conquests home in the middle of the night after his boss deemed their perfume excessive.

At one divorce hearing, an exasperated Jacobs threw a trash can at news photographers. They followed up the ceremony with a trip to a brothel and an all-night drunk on kosher wine, Jacobs wrote. The next day, Sinatra and his entourage vanished by the time Jacobs got out of bed, leaving him without cash and no one to call for help. In , Sinatra campaigned for Kennedy and, after his victory, prepared his Palm Springs home for presidential visits. He was devastated when family patriarch Joseph Kennedy ruled that Sinatra's unsavory associations made his home off-limits for the president-to-be.

Jacobs said his boss was wailing — "like a little kid and nearly in tears. Calla Records was a small, New York City-based independent black owned Soul record label run by Nate McCalla only black man pictured above and active c. McCalla was an associate and bodyguard for Morris Levy the White Suge Knight-pictured above-fifth from the left who headed Roulette Records which had known ties to the mob. Artists recording for the label include the Emotions, J. Jackson, and the Persuaders, etc.

Nate McCalla was so feared, that white artists were scared of him. He murdered with guns and baseball bats and when you saw him coming, you knew someone was going to get injured or worse. I should have said Ed Sullivan. So I did "Shindig. McCalla was a decorated war hero who had fought in Korea. He told pop singer Tommy James: They taught me to kill people and that's what I do!

When McCalla wasn't running a record label or being a mob enforcer, he was running guns through the Caribbean. He was an outlaw among an outlaw. Authorities found his throat slit and his body decomposed. He was also shot in the head and tied to a chair. This was the first record to use the work "funky" in its title. Dyke did session work for Bill Withers and the Watts rd St.

At the time of his death, he was preparing for a tour of Europe and working with Barry White. Dyke, was sitting in his car when One-Eyed Clancy fired upon him, killing him instantly.

As for One-Eyed Clancy, who was allegedly a police informant, he was set free after a jury ruled he acted in self-defense. A coroners report showed no alcohol or narcotics in Dyke's system. Paul Williams went from drinking milk on an daily basis to drinking hard liquor on an daily basis. It's always been rumored that he "may" have been murdered by his mistress's boyfriend; that's the reason he was found in his underwear.

This theory has never been proven. Paul Williams met Eddie Kendricks in elementary school; supposedly, the two first encountered each other in a fistfight after Williams dumped a bucket of mop water on Kendricks. Both boys shared a love of singing, and sang in their church choir together. Williams suffered from sickle-cell anemia, which frequently wreaked havoc on his physical health. In love with Brown but still devoted to his wife and children, Williams was also depressed because Cholly Atkins' presence now made Williams' former role as choreographer essentially, but not completely, obsolete.

Life on the road was starting to take its toll on Williams as well, and he began to drink heavily. In the spring of , Williams and Brown opened a celebrity fashion boutique in downtown Detroit. His health had deteriorated to the point that he would sometimes be unable to perform, suffering from combinations of exhaustion and pain which he combated with heavy drinking. Each of the other four Temptations did what they could to help Williams, alternating between raiding and draining his alcohol stashes, personal interventions, and keeping oxygen tanks backstage, but Williams' health, as well as the quality of his performances, continued to decline and he refused to see a doctor.

Otis Williams and the other Temptations decided to resort to enlisting an on-hand fill-in for Paul Williams. Richard Street, then-lead singer of fellow Motown act The Monitors and formerly lead singer of The Distants, was hired to travel with The Temptations and sing all of Williams' parts, save for Williams' special numbers such as "Don't Look Back" and "For Once in My Life", from backstage behind a curtain.

When Williams was not well enough to go on, Street took his place onstage. In April , Williams was finally persuaded to go see a doctor. The doctor found a spot on Williams' liver and advised him to retire from the group altogether. Williams left the group and Street became his permanent replacement. In support of helping Williams get back on his feet, The Temptations continued to pay Williams his same one-fifth share of the group's earnings, and kept Williams on their payroll as an advisor and choreographer, and Williams continued to help the group with routines and dance moves for the next two years.

By early , Williams made his return to Motown's Hitsville USA recording studios, and began working on solo material. However, after Williams' death was ruled a suicide in August , Motown decided to shelve the sides, because the song "Feel Like Givin' Up" was just too literal to bear and the single was not released. On August 17, , Paul Williams was found dead in an alley in the car having just left the new house of his then-girlfriend after an argument.

A gun was found near his body. His death was ruled a suicide by the coroner; Williams had expressed suicidal thoughts to Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin months before his death. Williams' funeral was held on August 24, with his family and former bandmates in attendance. He was survived by his wife, Mary Agnes Williams, and five children: The circumstances surrounding Williams' death caused the Williams family to suspect that some form of foul play was the actual cause of Williams' death.

According to the coroner, Williams had used his right hand to shoot himself in the left side of his head. In addition, a bottle of alcohol was found near Williams' left side, as if he had dropped it while being shot. The gun used in the shooting was found to have fired two shots, only one of which had killed Williams. Both of his solo recordings were later released by Motown on Temptations-related compilations in the s and s.

The group was already in distress over Williams' death and this illegal act added insult to injury. Over 2, people attended Williams' wake and funeral, including his wife and six children.

The East Cleveland home is a sore sight inside and out. A peeling, putrid shade of yellow on the outside, on the inside the living room looks like a rummage sale has exploded, casting old VHS cassettes and magazines in every direction.

A large Sony TV is so old that it's hard to make out what's on the screen. For now, it will have to wait. Johnson has just crawled out of bed on a Saturday morning and perched himself at the kitchen table next to an open box of Cheez-Its, clad in a Day-Glo blue robe and a bright red do-rag.

He is a somber, at times despondent man. But things weren't always this way. Destitute and desperate at age 58, Johnson spends his nights working the front counter at the Hot Sauce Williams barbecue joint on Superior Avenue and East rd Street, just a couple of miles from his home.

But for 40 years, Johnson was the personal assistant to — and later a heralded performer with — the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. He traveled the globe performing alongside the hardest working man in show business. Today, he clings to a box of tangled laminates that once provided him all-access privileges in venues around the world. A faded press kit from includes a photo of him dancing alongside the legend himself at a tour stop in Mexico.

The home's dreary walls are dotted with photos of Johnson posing with a variety of celebrities: Old concert posters list Johnson as the opening act on James Brown bills. They are yellowed reminders of the life he once led, a ramshackle shrine of frames all hung haphazardly, as if an earthquake once rattled the house and no one bothered to straighten them again. Five decades ago, Johnson was plucked from the Cleveland ghetto and ultimately promised the Godfather's throne.

When Brown died unexpectedly on Christmas Day , Johnson's dream of succeeding the master died with it. The Godfather of Soul had no Cleveland show on the schedule when he landed at Burke Lakefront Airport one spring day in This trip was all about shopping, and Cleveland at the time was as fine a place for it as any. Johnson was a student at Oliver Wendell Holmes, but he found his passion as an usher at Leo's Casino, already an historic Euclid Avenue club.

There, the boy became accustomed to meeting big-name soul stars; today, he cherishes a framed photo of himself standing next to a young Marvin Gaye. But James Brown would leave a far more lasting mark. Johnson had befriended a group of disc jockeys from WJMO radio, and they were charged with meeting Brown at the airport to chauffeur his adventure that day.

Dressed sharply in gray tweed pants and a turtleneck, Brown took an instant liking to Johnson, who shared with the singer a precocious affinity for fashion, often wearing ties and sport coats to school. When Brown asked Johnson to hold his brown leather coat, the boy eagerly obliged, making no fuss about the pistol he found in its pocket.

I thought, 'This man wants me to hold his coat. Nobody gonna get this coat from me. I'm going to guard this coat with my life. Their spree led them to King's Menswear in the Lee-Harvard shopping center. I grew up at st and St. Clair in the '60s, in a big apartment building with mice, roaches, and whatever.

That's exactly what everyone thought I did. James Brown wasn't in town. He wasn't doing a show. So why would I have run into him? I was so pissed and hurt that nobody would believe me. It's like a fairy tale. It just doesn't happen. Prior to the show, Brown had a radio appearance at the Giant Tiger department store parking lot. When they delivered Johnson to him, Brown offered a word of advice: Perhaps it's no surprise that Brown connected with the boy.

Raised by an aunt after his parents separated, Brown grew up amid extreme poverty in South Carolina. As an adult, he was always gracious to young children, and he singled out Johnson for his manners and appearance. I was very sharp. It was just a habit.

I didn't like to be dirty. I didn't want kids putting their dirty hands on me. I always found a way to put a tie or something on my neck. I would dress very colorful. Several years later, with his GED in hand, Johnson contacted Brown and started promoting his albums and concerts throughout the region and beyond.

He bought a Greyhound Ameripass and rode the bus around the country, dropping off James Brown albums at radio stations. They were a little apprehensive at first about playing it, and then they were like why not? He wrote that song in like an hour and got some kids from San Francisco to sing backing vocals on it. He took all the colored people and made 'em black on that record. Nobody wanted to be black back then. That was a bad thing. But he certainly changed that.

In , Brown assembled what would become his most famous backing band, the JB's. His profile higher than ever, Brown left Cincinnati-based King Records with whom he had signed in and inked a major deal with Polydor; he even started producing acts of his own on a Polydor subsidiary. Polydor purchased his back catalog, reissued it, and gave Brown his own office at its New York headquarters.

Landing the cultural icon was a major coup for the label. But Brown made sure his supporting cast remained intact. When the singer performed in Zaire in in advance of the historic fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, Johnson was there with him as a traveling companion.

I saw his performance from a distance. He enlisted Johnson to sell ads. The show lasted only a year, a casualty of the changing times. Albums such as 's Mutha Nature and 's Jam s tried to incorporate disco-friendly production techniques, but ultimately fell flat.

The action cooled, though not for Johnson: It's like Lucille [Ball]. She would do all these new shows, and nothing compared to I Love Lucy. In the same breath, nothing James Brown did was comparable to what he already did. That's when he decided his live performance was more important. Then Brown's album Gravity became a surprise hit. It featured the song "Living in America," a patriotic tune that soared thanks to its inclusion in Rocky IV.

The song went on to win a Grammy. By this time, rappers were starting to sample Brown's beats and drum breaks, offering reassurance that Brown remained relevant.

His induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in , its inaugural year, only confirmed his place in history. As Brown's career was resurging, so too were his demons. He was renowned for his foul temper around the many women in his life.

Though he married Velma Warren in , by the end of the '60s, they were divorced, and by that time he'd reportedly had seven children with various women. His infidelity was exacerbated by his addiction to marijuana and other drugs. Johnson admits he bought Brown's pot: Adrienne was the one who turned him on to PCP. In , reportedly high on PCP, the singer hit rock bottom. After allegedly brandishing a weapon at an insurance seminar taking place next door to his office, Brown led officers on a wild car chase.

While trying to dodge a police roadblock, he had his tires shot out. Thinking they were harassing him, he led a chase from Georgia into South Carolina for which he ended up serving more than two years in prison. I don't know about the PCP, but I think he was on painkillers, and he had probably smoked some weed. While Brown was incarcerated, Johnson fell off his payroll, so he picked up odd jobs around Cleveland doing manual labor.

He collected food stamps and sold a bit of pot to make ends meet. It was a work stoppage. When Brown returned from prison, he put Johnson in charge of his wardrobe — a task he gladly accepted. Room was often booked in his name for weeks at a time. Brown would enlist Cleveland designer Curtis Gibson to fly to Augusta and come up with costume ideas. But once they were made, Johnson was the guy who kept track of them.

He's known for dressing. His wife Adrienne couldn't do it anymore. I stepped in, and he always says I took the job because I saw her struggling. Once I picked up that iron, I never put it down. When I started packing his clothes, I would load up at least ten personal suits and five or six different boots, an assortment of ties and scarves. For the costumes, you had to piece everything together. I was the only one who could do it.

I would take at least two costumes for each show because sometimes he would change during the show. To celebrate his release from prison in , Brown put on a star-studded pay-per-view special that included guest appearances by Quincy Jones, Gladys Knight, and comedian George Wallace.

Johnson was right there at his side, costumes in tow. A lot of artists and stars came to the concert that was James Brown's coming-out [of prison] party. I did make one mistake: I sent him out onstage with a leather jacket on that still had the tag on it. He was walking onto the stage and popping the tag off at the same time. He was all over the television too. Even after Brown's office burned down in , after an employee reportedly stole from him and set the place on fire, Johnson would stay there, watching old episodes of The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy while sitting by the phone in case Brown needed anything.

Eventually, Brown came to realize his longtime associate deserved more than life as a wardrobe man. By , Johnson found himself separated from his longtime girlfriend, a Cleveland woman he had dated since the mids. Together they raised a son and daughter, both of whom were adults by the time of their split.

Johnson says he wasn't anywhere near as promiscuous as his boss, but he admits that life in Brown's entourage made fidelity a constant challenge. When that spotlight is on you, it's going to happen. You mean he can sing like that? Then we had to go in the studio. Produced by Brown, it's a traditional soul ballad in the vein of Marvin Gaye or Otis Redding, featuring a '90s synth sound. On it, Johnson croons about how he will do anything to keep his woman happy.

The track got radio airplay in the South, but didn't make a dent elsewhere, even though Johnson would often sing it during James Brown performances. He would hand me the microphone, and whatever song we were doing, I would take over from there. There was a spot on the stage where he wanted me to stand and would say, 'That's why I got you over there — because one day you're going to be over here. For ten years, Brown's backing ensemble had been known as the Soul Generals. By his own admission, Johnson never was an official member; he was a backup singer and a personal assistant through it all.

But it was clear Brown thought highly of him as a performer. Soul Generals' drummer Robert "Mousey" Thompson joined the band in He doesn't remember that specific incident, but he does remember that Johnson and Brown were close friends. And he had his own stuff he'd play too. James Brown created a bunch of leaders in his band, and he would tell everybody to try to keep that legacy going on.

He would always carry around James Brown's heavy trench coat that had all his personal belongings in it. But he did so much more than that. He also had a role onstage too. I don't know how he did it. Five people should have been doing all that he did. Shortly before Christmas in , James Brown made an appointment for tooth implants. But when the dentist heard wheezing in Brown's chest, he suggested he see a doctor first.

Brown, it turned out, had caught pneumonia from the recent Moscow tour. He died on Christmas Day. He was 73 years old and still doing two-hour shows. He was still singing and dancing and sweating. He would wear us out. I had my stuff packed and ready to go. I was going to fly on Christmas Day and go to his house and pack his stuff. I didn't know what to think. I thought about me and what I was going to do. It was such a numbing feeling. You go from way up high to way down low in a heartbeat.

That's exactly what it was. From the time I got that phone call, it's been downhill. It's like, how do you go from rags to riches to rags and deal with it? And then, suddenly, it was all gone.

With Brown's death, so too died the Soul Generals and Johnson's spot on the stage. And so began the many questions about who would carry on the great singer's legacy. In his wake, Brown left a dizzying number of potential heirs. In an extensive article he wrote for GQ on the James Brown estate, reporter Sean Flynn noted Brown left behind "14 children, 16 grandchildren, eight mothers of his children, several mistresses, and 30 lawyers," all of whom have tried to get a piece of Brown's fortune.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. One lawsuit led to another, and eventually the singer's inner circle wound up on the outside looking in: People like Johnson and longtime Brown associates David Washington and Charles Bobbit, his housekeeper and manager, respectively, were left out in the cold.

Ross, a Chicago attorney who was one of James Brown's lawyers for 15 years, can't recall whether Johnson was named in one of the wills. But he adds that he wouldn't be surprised if he were.

Brown was a big fan of R. But once a South Carolina court appointed an impartial executor to sort out matters regarding Brown's will, Johnson's chances of getting a piece of the pie diminished. The family argued among themselves. I did almost all his entertainment agreements, and I've never been contacted once by the executor. I've asked to be contacted. I've gone through other parties, and apparently most of the people who surrounded him were of evil intent and either went to jail or their motives were not pure, and so what I'm told is that I was thrown in with the rest of the them.

Johnson sued the Brown estate shortly after his death, but wound up with nothing. So in , the stars stubbornly fading from his eyes, he took a job as seasonal help at Malley's Chocolate. Two years ago, he started working at Hot Sauce Williams and moved into a friend's house, where he pays rent only if he's got it.

More times than not, he doesn't have it. He's setting up a website to show promoters that he's for real when he says he wants to tour as "R.

And there are other possibilities brewing. Johnson recently met with Snoop Dogg about a potential TV special. He's talked with Shaquille O'Neal about possible financing. If a mass audience could just see him do his thing, Johnson insists, the band would be able to tour again. It's about keeping his music alive.

His music is steadily dying. James Brown stood for so much more than music. Brown's iconic stature isn't lost on Neal Israel, the Hollywood writer-director whose credits include Bachelor Party. He has expressed interest in making a movie about Johnson's life, centering on the way that Brown retrieved him from Cleveland's ghetto and took him on a wild ride around the world, all because he found someone he could trust to hold his coat. It's that image that really struck Israel, who heard about Johnson through a friend and flew him to Hawaii a couple of years ago, signing him to a contract that gives away his "life story rights.

If anyone will tell Johnson's story, it will be Israel. I really just need a script to get started. Through it all, Johnson has struggled with depression, though he thanks his year-old son and year-old daughter for their support. They've been helping me out. I ain't mad at him. What did he do? I wouldn't trade a minute of it. I am not saying I was entitled to anything. There's no reason [his band] shouldn't still be performing.

Hell, the Count Basie Orchestra is still playing, and he's been dead 30 years. So why can't we go back to work? I want to get the band to perform again. We miss each other. It's like a team that's been broken up. We're waiting to come back together and play again. Ross says there is no reason the band can't tour playing Brown's music.

In the meantime, Johnson can be found at the East Cleveland Hot Sauce Williams, serving up Snack Packs of fried chicken and fries to customers who have no idea where he's been. Dressed in a white apron and wearing glasses so he can see the cash register, he does the job without any of the flash he exhibited for so many years.

I should be onstage wearing a fantastic outfit, not in a white apron with chicken grease and barbecue sauce all over me. That's just not cool. When Rosa Lee Ingram and her two sons received the death penalty in for murdering a white landowner in rural Georgia, civil rights activists from across the nation rushed to her defense. The Ingram case represented an example of the emerging Cold War politics of racial protest and helped trigger local challenges to Jim Crow in the southwest corner of Georgia.

In November , Ingram was working on the land she sharecropped near the small town of Ellaville, Georgia when John Stratford, a white neighbor, angrily confronted her about some livestock that had roamed onto his property.

Later testimony suggested that Stratford threatened Ingram sexually. Stratford died from several blows to the head and local authorities soon charged the three Ingrams with murder. A one-day trial with an all-white jury resulted in death sentences for the three, while a fourth son, Charles, was acquitted in a separate trial due to lack of evidence. The Ingram case received national press attention during the post-World War II era when the southern justice system and Jim Crow itself were under new scrutiny.

The Civil Rights Congress CRC , a left-based organization, also became involved in raising funds for the Ingrams and publicizing their cause but also generating tensions with the NAACP which harkened back to the political splits seen in the Scottsboro cases of the s. When the Ingrams appealed in , Georgia courts reduced the death sentences to life imprisonment but refused to take further action. At this point, female activists emerged as a critical political voice on behalf of Rosa Lee Ingram and her sons, often working across traditional alliances of race and class.

Other groups such as the Sojourners for Truth and Justice linked the Ingram case to the failures of the southern legal system, calling upon President Harry Truman to take action. He'd go into a club and people would say, 'Here's Jo-Jo!

He loved to dance. Joseph Tynes, known to everybody as Jo-Jo, worked with a number of musicians and musical groups as stage manager and general factotum, including Teddy Pendergrass, the O'Jays and the Three Degrees, traveling around the country and overseas.

His last dance was Sunday night, when he went to a local tavern. He had a dizzy spell on the dance floor and collapsed. He was taken to a hospital, where he died. He was 71 and lived in West Philadelphia. Jo-Jo got a shock in April when a woman was shot to death in front of him. Jo-Jo was getting something out of the car's trunk and Taaz was taking out her house keys when someone who had been hiding in bushes shot her. The bullet killed her instantly.

The crime was never solved story below. It was then that Jo-Jo became involved with the Three Degrees, an all-girl trio formed in Philadelphia that was popular in the '60s and '70s. They had gigs in Europe and Japan, and Jo-Jo got to do a lot of traveling in the late '70s.

It was where Jo-Jo met the group and began working with it through its numerous hits, many of them recorded in Philly, and on stage shows. He came to Philadelphia in his teens and began hanging out with entertainers at local clubs. He met Sammy Davis Jr. Davis offered him a job, but Jo-Jo thought he was kidding and blew him off. When Sammy hired another man for the job, Jo-Jo realized the singer hadn't been kidding.

He loved being with people. He didn't like being at home. He loved to sit around and tell jokes. However, he first had dizzy spells in and was hospitalized. He received a stent in his heart and was fine after that, Kim said.

Taazmayia Taaz Lang 1st pic, far left was an extraordinary African American woman. She even intimidated white businesswomen. She drove a Mercedes, dressed in designer attire and mentored young black girls. She was a mover and shaker who partied with Patti Labelle and Phyllis Hyman and took European shopping sprees. She also traveled by private jet on occasion. She also loved cigarette boating in Miami. Under her management, Teddy Pendergrass's finances were in order.

She had diversified his holdings and was expanding his portfolio. She was brilliant and an skilled negotiator. Although Taaz's business was legal, the illicit Lauryn character money launderer in the Ballin series is based on her financial savvy. Taaz was an entertainment powerbroker YET someone wanted her dead!

He considered her as every bit as unique and exotic as her name. She was the ex-wife of Philadelphia Eagles fullback Izzy Lang and she was a well-known businesswoman in her own right. In , Pendergrass moved into her beautiful home. He quickly saw that she had impeccable business sense and he hired her to keep a eye on his finances.

On April 14, , Pendergrass was at his office getting ready to leave that night for his next concert date. Taaz was tending to business but got back to Philly in time to say good-bye before I left. We promised to talk the next day.

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