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Acapulco at downtown hotel looking for some company

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Acapulco at downtown hotel looking for some company

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Acapulco at downtown hotel looking for some company

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Acapulco is located on a deep, semicircular bay and has been a port since the early colonial period of Mexico's history. Acapulco is also Mexico's largest beach and balneario resort city. The city is one of Mexico's oldest beach resorts, which came into prominence in the s through to the s as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. It is the deadliest city in Mexico [5] and the third-deadliest city in the world , [6] and the US government has warned its citizens not to travel there.

The resort area is divided into three parts: The seal for the city shows broken reeds or cane. By the 8th century around the Acapulco Bay area, there was a small culture which would first be dominated by the Olmecs , then by a number of others during the pre-Hispanic period and before it ended in the s.

Olmec influence caused the small spread-out villages here to coalesce into larger entities and build ceremonial centers. Later, Teotihuacan influence made its way here via Cuernavaca and Chilpancingo. Then Mayan influence arrived from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and through what is now Oaxaca. This history is known through the archaeological artifacts that have been found here, especially at Playa Hornos, Pie de la Cuesta and Tambuco.

In the 11th century, new waves of migration of Nahuas and Coixas came through here. These people were the antecedents of the Aztecs. In the later 15th century, after four years of military struggle, Acapulco became part of the Aztec empire during the reign of Ahuizotl — It was annexed to a tributary province named Tepecuacuilco.

However, this was only transitory, as the Aztecs could only establish an unorganized military post at the city's outskirts. The city was on territory under control of the Yopes, who continued defending it and living there until the arrival of the Spanish in the s. There are two stories about how Acapulco bay was discovered by Europeans. The other states that the bay was discovered on December 13, by a small ship named the El Tepache Santiago captained by Santiago Guevara.

In , a number of Spaniards, most notably Juan Rodriguez de Villafuerte , left the Oaxaca coast and founded the village of Villafuerte where the city of Acapulco now stands. Villafuerte was unable to subdue the local native peoples, and this eventually resulted in the Yopa Rebellion in the region of Cuautepec. The province of Acapulco became the encomendero of Rodriguez de Villafuerte who received taxes in the form of cocoa, cotton and corn. Soon after, the area was made an "alcadia" major province or town.

Galleons started arriving here from Asia by , and in that year thirty Spanish families were sent to live here from Mexico City to have a permanent base of European residents.

This trade would focus on the yearly Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade, which was the nexus of all kinds of communications between New Spain, Europe and Asia. In , the port was granted the monopoly of the Manila trade. The galleon trade made its yearly run from the midth century until the early 19th.

The Fort of San Diego was built the following year to protect the port and the cargo of arriving ships. The fort was destroyed by an earthquake in and was rebuilt between and However, not long after, the Mexican War of Independence began. Acapulco's importance as a port recovered during the California Gold Rush in the midth-century, with ships going to and coming from Panama stopping here.

After an unsuccessful week of fighting, Santa Anna retreated. In , revolutionary forces took over the main plaza of Acapulco. Impressed by what he saw, he recommended the place to his compatriots in Europe, making it popular with the elite there. Much of the original hotel and trading infrastructure was built by an East Texas businessman named Albert B. Pullen from Corrigan, Texas, in the area now known as Old Acapulco. In the mids, the first commercial wharf and warehouses were built.

The economy grew and foreign investment increased with it. Former swing musician Teddy Stauffer , so called "Mister Acapulco", was a hotel manager "Villa Vera", "Casablanca" , who attracted many celebrities to Acapulco.

From a population of only 4, or 5, in the s, by the early s, Acapulco had a population of about 50, It became an archdiocese in During the s and s, new hotel resorts were built, and accommodation and transport were made cheaper. It was no longer necessary to be a millionaire to spend a holiday in Acapulco; the foreign and Mexican middle class could now afford to travel here.

However, as more hotels were built in the south part of the bay, the old hotels of the s lost their grandeur. In the s, there was a significant expansion of the port. The Miss Universe pageant took place in the city. In , singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel wrote the song "Amor eterno", which pays homage to Acapulco.

The song was first and most famously recorded by Rocio Durcal. During the s, the road known as the Ruta del Sol was built, crossing the mountains between Mexico City and Acapulco. The journey takes only about three and a half hours, making Acapulco a favorite weekend destination for Mexico City inhabitants. It was in that time period that the economic impact of Acapulco as a tourist destination increased positively and as a result a new type of services emerged like the Colegio Nautilus.

This educational project, backed by the state government, was created for the families of local and foreign investors and businessmen living in Acapulco who were in need of a bilingual and international education for their children. The port continued to grow and in , a new private company, API Acapulco, was created to manage operations. This consolidated operations and now Acapulco is the major port for car exports to the Pacific.

The city was devastated by Hurricane Pauline in The storm stranded tourists and left more than dead in the city. Most of the victims were from the shantytowns built on steep hillsides that surround the city. The main road, Avenida Costera, became a fast-moving three-foot-deep river of sludge. In the 21st century, the Mexican Drug War has had a negative effect on tourism in Acapulco as rival drug traffickers fight each other for the Guerrero coast route that brings drugs from South America as well as soldiers that have been fighting the cartels since A major gun battle between 18 gunmen and soldiers took place in the summer of in the Old Acapulco seaside area, lasting hours and killing 16 of the gunmen and two soldiers.

Gang violence continued to plague Acapulco through and into , most notably with at least 15 dying in drug-related violence on March 13, , and another 15 deaths on January 8, Among the first incident's dead were six members of the city police and the brother of an ex-mayor. On February 4, , six Spanish men were tied up and robbed and the six Spanish women with them were gang-raped by five masked gunmen who stormed a beach house on the outskirts of Acapulco, though after these accusations, none of the victims decided to press charges.

Several politicians have been targeted by drug cartels operating in the area. Investigations are under way, but no arrests have yet been made. The city, located on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Guerrero , is classified as one of the state's seven regions, dividing the rest of the Guerrero coast into the Costa Grande and the Costa Chica.

Another forty percent is semi-flat, and the other twenty percent is flat. Altitude varies from sea level to 1, metres 5, feet. There is one major river, the Papagayo, which runs through the municipality, along with a number of arroyos.

There are also two small lagoons, Tres Palos and Coyuca. The warmest areas are next to the sea where the city is. Tropical storms and hurricanes are threats from May through November. The forested area tends to lose leaves during the winter dry season, with evergreen pines in the highest elevations. Fauna consists mostly of deer, small mammals, a wide variety of both land and sea birds, and marine animals such as turtles.

As the seat of a municipality, the city of Acapulco is the government authority for over other communities, [3] which together have a territory of 1, The area has a population as of [update] of , Tourism is the main economic activity of the municipality and most of this is centered on Acapulco Bay.

About seventy-three percent of the municipality's population is involved in commerce, most of it related to tourism and the port. Mining and manufacturing employ less than twenty percent and only about five percent is dedicated to agriculture. Industrial production is limited mostly to bottling, milk products, cement products, and ice and energy production.

Agricultural products include tomatoes, corn, watermelon, beans, green chili peppers, and melons. Acapulco is one of Mexico's oldest coastal tourist destinations, reaching prominence in the s as the place where Hollywood stars and millionaires vacationed on the beach in an exotic locale.

The original Acapulco, where hotels like Hotel Los Flamingos, owned by personalities Johnny Weissmuller and John Wayne are located, is on the northern end of the bay.

This area is part of the traditional zone , anchored by attractions such as the beaches of Caleta and Caletilla, the cliff divers of La Quebrada, and the city square, known as El Zocalo. The heyday of this part of Acapulco ran from the late 30s until the 60s. Starting in the late 50s, and with development continuing through the 80s, the main area of Acapulco bay grew into what is known as the Zona Dorada or the Golden Zone.

This is where the boardwalk and main square are and today the area is filled with modern Mexican and internationally branded hotels, with nightclubs and restaurants within walking distance.

This area also has the highest hotel occupancy rates. The south of the bay, connected by the highway La Escenia , holds the newer constructions, including high-rise hotels and condominios. In this area, all along Boulevard de las Naciones , almost all transportation is by car, limousine or golf cart. Acapulco's reputation of a high-energy party town and the nightlife have long been draws of the city for tourists.

Despite Acapulco's international fame, most of its visitors are from central Mexico, especially the affluent from Mexico City. For the Christmas season of , Acapulco received , visitors, most of whom are Mexican nationals, adding million pesos to the economy.

Eighty percent arrive by land and eighteen percent by air. While much of the glitz and glamour that made Acapulco famous still remains, from the latter 20th century on, the city has also taken on other less-positive reputations. Over the years, a number of problems have developed here, especially in the bay and the older sections of the city. The large number of wandering vendors on the beaches, who offer everything from newspapers to massages, are a recognized problem.

It is a bother to tourists who simply want to relax on the beach, but the government says it is difficult to eradicate, as there is a lot of unemployment and poverty here. In the last decade, drug-related violence has caused massive problems for the local tourism trade.

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Once you get to town cabs are cheap and plentiful. You should all fit in one collectivo! The rate is per cab and tipping is generally included in the fare. If you feel a tip is due, then 10 to15 percent is the norm.

Both taxis and collectivo from the airport are safe. The collectivos are safe by all means, they are run by a reputable company and usually if you have only carry on luggage it is a snap- although they do not charge extra for luggage unles excesive!!

Depends on how many will be in the collective and their location, if they will be delivered first or after your stop? I usually take the collectivo, but for parties of more than 2 I'd recommend emailing some of the drivers listed under "arranging for private transportatioin" on the right side of the forum's main page for some rates to compare.

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Taxes, fees not included for deals content. To read more about editing your posts, please follow this link: Do not travel due to crime. Armed groups operate independently of the government in many areas of Guerrero.

Members of these groups frequently maintain roadblocks and may use violence towards travelers. Jane - In all fairness to the OP, she's right in that the U.

They've recently revamped their whole advisory system To the original poster Here's a direct link:. We are here now. Been here for a month. Be back for Feb in a few weeks. Like any city you visit there are areas where you can go and others that area a no go. Live here full time.

Go shopping, to the beach, to the Costera to dine, etc. Hasn't affected my lifestyle one bit. I have gone both single with Friends and with a Girlfriend. I have never been robbed, threatened, or accosted, or felt unsafe. The local people I have met have been so amazing and the Mexican Hospitality is second to none.

I stay in the Tourist area, go to well established places, I do not do, or buy drugs and I drink moderate with Alcohol. I suggest you stay at the Copacabana Hotel, perfect secure central location, right on the beach, amazing food and quality. I have walked the Costera at 3: Please let us know where you stay and go the people on this Travel Forum are all very nice and experience Acapulco people, of all ages and backgrounds. Every city has areas that need to be avoided, although in Acapulco you'd have to go pretty far out of your way to find those areas.

Innocent music fans right on the main strip 58 people dead and injured. I too am planning to travel to Acapulco in February Due the the heightened Travel warning to a Level 4 for 5 states in Mexico this past week I am truly now concerned as to whether or not to go.

Answer 1 of After doing some research and talking to my travel agent, last week I issued a DO NOT TRAVEL advisory to Guerrero, including Acapulco. To the original poster for whatever it's worth, look down a few threads and take I suggest you stay at the Copacabana Hotel, perfect secure central location, right. Additional features available in some rooms include whirlpool tub, work desk, Meeting rooms and function space are available for corporate travelers, as is a business center. The Gran Plaza Hotel Acapulco is a five-minute drive from downtown . Hotel search; Mexico; Guerrero; Hotels in Acapulco; Gran Plaza Hotel. Colectivo bus from the Acapulco airport (ACA) to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Golden Zone or to any other hotel in or near the downtown area The collectivos are safe by all means, they are run by a reputable company and private transportatioin" on the right side of the forum's main page) for some rates to compare.