Monday, 30 April 2012

YouGov poll shows the majority of the UK is in favour 'Opt-in' when viewing porn.

YouGov poll shows the majority of the UK is in favour

The Daily Mail is throwing its weight behind a campaign to ensure ISPs employ an "opt-in" system when it comes to viewing online pornography. And today's headline is that two-thirds of the public back the paper's stance on the matter.

Specifically, a survey conducted by YouGov found that 66 per cent of people supported calls for an "automatic ban" on adult material. Opt-in means that porn would be banned by default, and the user would have to contact the ISP to enable it.

All this stems from two weeks ago, when a cross-party committee of MPs pledged its strong support for an opt-in filter system, citing that "many children" are now easily accessing porn, and that it's having a negative effect on their views on relationships, sex and body image.

We don't doubt that's the case, but as many ISPs and rights groups pointed out, an opt-in filter is a dangerous step down the censorship road when it comes to the web. And parenting is what's really required here - proper supervision, the set up of parental controls, and awareness of what kids can get up to on the net.

At any rate, the government has apparently given the nod to an "active decision" system, an opt-out scheme whereby an ISP asks the account user whether he or she wants to filter adult web content, or not.

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