Friday, 20 April 2012

Startup Weekend Mega - Robots

Belfast event 18th May 2012 - wait till we get Robot building.

SW Mega: Robots Attack! 

Startup Weekend Mega brings a new life form to the Bay! Turns out they are really friendly! (And know how to party!)

There were all kinds of awesome robots joining us at Startup Weekend Mega that did everything from turning your smartphone into a autonomous mini bot, to shooting whiskey (right into your mouth)! A great article from Tech Cocktail highlights each of the unique robots that were in attendance and a couple that were built in the weekend. Check out the varying personalities of our newfound robot friends. There was even an awesome party robot! Videos included!

The Windows 8 team also joined the Mega event and one of own core team members had a run in with Sphero, the colorful spherical robot.