Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sometimes its the buzz that makes it all happen

Rocking the Buzz at the Tech Village Meetup, Dublin 2012

Seeing the 2000+ people attending the Tech Village event in Dublin promoting the startup tech community in Ireland, and now the AngelMeetup today, you can see why Dublin has got the buzz around it. The buzz sometimes helps generate a wider spectrum and media interest,

If you have a great idea, product service or can garner the medias interest then you can go Global. A good example is CoderDojo. It has become a beacon for the revolution in coding for young people. An amazing idea, quickly executed and now garnered by the media (correctly I might add)

This buzz can help get people thinking about starting there own startups. Ireland is now a hot bed of new startups. It has its own Rock stars too. Paddy Cosgrove, has a great address book now of every key International tech entrepreneur, he can now bring together anyone from the world stage to speak to the Irish entrepreneurs assembled.

In real terms this has happened relatively quickly and the pace has picked up recently, in some respects because of Google, Zynga, Microsoft and Twitter to name a few their arrival in Ireland has helped make it a focal point and a buzz has been created around it.

The key is now to see this buzz spread across Ireland, to other centres, not just in Dublin, there are many startups in these areas, but Dublin unfortunately is the focal point.

So it is good to see the involvement of so many from across Ireland, who traveled from all over Ireland to be at the event.

With the launching of tickets for Web Summit in October, Startup Weekend in Belfast in May and Angelmeetup today, Startup Bootcamp Dublin and the many other programmes, we hope to see the buzz continue. From this we can build long term tech growth for businesses across Ireland.

Long may the buzz continue.......