Tuesday, 3 April 2012


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With only 65 days left until the Leaving and Junior Certificate exams, second level students are beginning to step up their study with many going to study over-drive during the upcoming Easter holidays.

With this in mind, three transition year students, Ellen McCrossan, Helen MacMahon and Nicole Brennan of Seamount College, Kinvara, Co. Galway have just launched their range of innovative study stationery designed to help fellow students through the Junior and Leaving Cert. Made up of ‘Revise Me’ bookmarks and ‘Remember Me’ stickers, NerdMe study aids are revolutionary new learning tools which aim to increase organisational skills, avoid students over-highlighting, encourage focus on examinations and also aid students struggling with dyslexia using specific colours to highlight important information.

Each ‘NerdMe Study Aid’ pack comprises of 56 ‘Remember Me’ stickers in four colours which allow students to highlight the section of the page they need to revise and eight ‘Revise Me’ Bookmarks which allow students to highlight the section of the book they need to revise, index the accompanying ‘Remember Me’ highlights, have a tick box option for students to check once they have finished revising and also act as flash cards in the run up to the exams.

NerdMe co-founder, Ellen McCrossan, hopes the new study aids will help students leading up to exam time, “While studying for the Junior Cert last year, we all found that keeping notes organised was very stressful and highlighting all our notes took too much time. Our stationery ensures you know where all your notes are, what is essential learning and exactly what quotes and formulas you need to know for exams”. The three teen entrepreneurs initially set up ‘NerdMe’ as their mini-company as part transition year studies however, due to the huge success and demand from local schools and after winning first place at the Galway Student Enterprise Awards, they decided to take this revolutionary idea from the classroom to the business world to help students become more organised in the lead up to their exams.
Ellen continues, “We carried out a lot of research before manufacturing the product. We heldfocus groups and found people wanted to stay away from the luminous colours and pink, blue and green were the most popular colours on the colour chart we offered them. We also wanted to add in orange as from research we found that orange is a colour associated with memory and used to aid people with dyslexia. Nerd chic is very fashionable at the moment with televisions such as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ growing in popularity – so we decided on the ‘nerd’ style glasses for our logo. We also feel that this is a brand that we can develop and roll out other study material, revision books, pencils etc.”

The products have been designed by students for students and these revolutionary study aids are sure to make studying more effective in the lead up examinations and class tests.  NerdMe Study Aids are priced at only €3.99 and available from www.nerdmestationery.com and from a number of local retailers nationwide. For more information on Nerdme, log ontowww.nerdmestationery.com or www.facebook.com/nerdme.ie.