Monday, 23 April 2012

Martha Lane Fox Targets SMBs With Go ON UK

Martha Lane Fox Targets SMBs With Go ON UK

Broad partnership aims to get remaining eight million online
On April 23, 2012 by Steve McCaskill 0

UK Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox has launched a new partnership, Go ON UK, which aims to improve the IT skills of SMEs, charities and the remaining 8.2 million adults who still do not use the Internet.

Founding partners, including Lloyds, the Post Office and the BBC, will pool together resources, expertise and networks in what has been described as a “radical cross-sector partnership” to boost the digital capability of the country.
Broad partnership

“The UK leads the world in most indicators of digital capability: the internet contributes more to our GDP than to that of any other G20 county and is predicted to grow 11 percent a year to reach £221 billion by 2016,” said Lane Fox. “However, many individuals and organisations still struggle to exploit the broader benefits of technology, a problem that is particularly acute for our small businesses, older people and charities that are currently at risk of being left behind.”

“Go ON UK has an exciting vision to make the UK the world’s most digitally capable nation where no one – old or disadvantaged and no organisation – even the smallest – is left behind,” she added.

A recent Ofcom report revealed that half of those aged 65 or older did not see the need for an Internet connection, but the campaign aims to introduce them to the social and financial benefits that it can offer, claiming that 81 percent of computer literate older people say they feel more part of modern society.

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