Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Irish company, Go2mobile, launches Go2Webtext

Go2mobile Corporate Messaging Solutions

Irish company, Go2mobile, launches Go2Webtext an online SMS service for Sports Clubs, Societies
and Associations Group Messaging Requirements.

Over 3.23 billion text messages were  sent in the last quarter of 2011, up  6.3% on the
previous quarter

i. The Irish mobile  subscription base in the last quarter of 2011 was  4,906,352 (excluding
mobile broadband subscribers)

ii . There are over 2300

iii. GAA  clubs throughout Ireland.
There are over 200 affiliated tennis clubs in Ireland with over 80,000 members

iv.  There are over 431 golf clubs in Ireland with 128,852 fulltime members, and  182,988

v.There are over 280 Irish Athletics Clubs with approximately 30,000 members

vi.84,351 people play rugby in clubs throughout the country

vii.The Inland Waterways Association of Ireland has 21 branches with 3,500 members

viii .This  information  proves that with such  extensive network  coverage mobile devices can be a cost effective, simple and direct communication  tool if targeted at sporting, association and activity

A solution is required to maximise the potential so they can  inexpensively contact their many
thousands of members nationwide.

Research indicates that the key elements sought  when contacting members is accessibility, cost and
reliability. Go2mobile has engineered a solution that achieves this

This can be accessed on any web browser be it on a tablet, laptop or PC.

This pay as you require service is a benefit to those who have irregular or seasonal use and to their
understandable demand of controlling expenses

- There is no sign up fee

- Pay for packs of messages using PayPal as they are required

- Unlimited groups and Unlimited Members per group- Scheduled messaging, so messages can be set in advance

- Set the Sender Id. to the Users mobile number so that all replies come back to that phone

- Personalise each message by including members first name in the message

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