Thursday, 12 April 2012

The First Tuesday Award 2012

The First Tuesday Award 2012

- Are you building UK's most promising technology company?

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Deadline Tueday 17th April 2012, 6pm

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Previous winners and finalists includes companies like and when they where making their way up! Are you the next big UK internet success story?

How it works:

The First Tuesday team will screen and shortlist 3 finalists. Each business is assessed based on the robustness of their business model (incl degree of innovation, USP vs competitors), market size/company growth, technical execution and quality of the team. The 3 companies indexing the highest on these variables will be the finalists that will be forwarded to the jury. The finalists will pitch to the jury live on stage at Internet World Tuesday 24th April 3pm in the main Key Note Theatre.

Meet the jury:
Jury Chairman, Sean Phelan
London-based angel investor and serial entrepreneur. 
In 1995 Sean started the internet mapping site as a bootstrap start-up and built it into one of the 10 most popular British web services. In December 2007 the company was acquired by Microsoft for £30 million.
Sean is now an angel investor in 12 UK start-ups, and a member of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group Advisory Board at Imperial College Business School.

David Keene
Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, UK and EMEA,
David is a technologist at heart with a passion for disruptive media and web innovations that have the power to revolutionise business. He has a rich history of product development and enterprise transformation at some of the most innovative global software companies. believes that social media is changing, not just how we connect and share our personal lives, but also, increasingly, our businesses. Weaving social context into business is becoming a prerequisite for everyone’s business success and a table stake for all.
At, David has responsibility for social and marketing at UK board level and leads the organization driving change to take’s marketing, web and social execution to new levels to connect employees and customers in new and powerful ways. In addition, David supports the business across EMEA to drive social and marketing strategy across all regional markets.

Eze Vidra
Head of Campus at Google
Ezequiel (Eze) Vidra is supporting and strengthening the European startup community at "Silicon Roundabout" in Shoreditch running Google Campus. Previously Strategic Partnerships Development Manager at Google, responsible for the launch of Google Shopping Spain and establishing business relationships in the commerce space across EMEA.

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Deadline Tueday 17th April 2012, 6pm
FREE to enter! Done in 15 MINWIN exposure on Sky News Tech Talk!