Friday, 20 April 2012

April 25th Build a brand seminar

Build a Brand Customers Love.  A One-Hour Small Biz Brand Bootcamp

Want to turn your business into a brand that customers love? We'll show you how in just one hour, at the Vocus One-Hour Small Biz Brand Bootcamp webinar on April 25th.

Your instructor is Jim Joseph, President of agency Cohn & Wolfe (North America). He's helped clients like Kellogg's, American Express and Walmart build their brands, and now he's going to help you.

Based on Jim's new book, The Experience Effect for Small Businesses, this session includes:
  • Creating DIY 'brand experiences' that keep customers coming back
  • Easy research techniques to help your brand connect with customers better
  • How to out-brand your rivals with some easy competitive analysis
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