Wednesday, 28 March 2012

UII Conference Lineup

Here is the Full Line up for the upcoming UII Conference.

Announcing the full Úll lineup
It's with great pleasure that I announce the full Úll lineup.
Veteran tech blogger and journalist Andy Ihnatko will join us to provide his unique insight, presence and sense of humour. 
Hot off his recent and hugely popular NSConf talk, we cant wait to learn from Renaissance Geek Aral Balkan and share in his inimitable style.
Including local speakers was really important to us, and who better than Des Traynor. Des has spoken at some of the most influential conferences in the world, and now he's speaking at Úll.
Finally, Gareth Jenkins, who spent some time consulting in Dublin, will return for a talk about iOS game design.
We've also added tons of details about the sessions on the Úll website.
You have no reason not to register now, but if you did...
The Úll Banquet
We're still putting the finishing touches to dinner plans, but here's a little preview.
Catering is massively important to us. We're just a little bit fanatical about food, and we want to share that with you.
The Úll banquet will be a one-of-a-kind dinner, with a menu designed by Ross Lewis of Chapter One. One of Ross's more recent assignments was cooking for the Queen of England.
Our caterer has told us to expect a menu celebrating the Holy Trinity of pork, apple and caffeine.
There are still tickets available.